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Housing And Health: An Overview Of The Literature

@LaurenTaylorMPH 2018 @Health_Affairs #SDoH

Housing stability, quality, safety, and affordability all affect health outcomes, as do physical and social characteristics of neighborhoods. healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hpb…
Exploring the link between housing and health

#SDoH #HiAP #PEoH #IRoS @amyreports @Marketplace marketplace.org/2018/06/13/hea…
The @HousingACTION campaign has released a new fact sheet highlighting the role of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit in improving health outcomes for low-income families and communities. #SDoH #HiAP #PEoH static1.squarespace.com/static/566ee65…
The Severe Health Consequences of Housing Instability.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence peoplespolicyproject.org/2018/07/09/the…
Affordable housing investments are found to improve health and quality of life, and increase opportunity.

Neighborhood social, demographic, and economic characteristics have significant influence on health outcomes, especially for young children.

The Impact of Housing Assistance on the Mental Health of Children in the United States

@andyfenelon, @NatalieSlopen, @mhboud51 and Sandee Newman 2018 #SDoH #PEoH #HiAP journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.117…
Stable Housing, Stable Health: Addressing Housing Insecurity Through Medicaid Value-Based Payment

#SDoH #HiAP #PEoH @mishasharp @ne_myers uhfnyc.org/publications/8…
High cost of shelter is the single biggest squeeze on household budgets and a significant drag on wellbeing. It is forcing Americans to live on the street, substantially impacting health, and undermining our collective opportunity to thrive.

#SDoH #HiAP newdemocratcoalition-himes.house.gov/sites/newdemoc…
By bringing together the unique strengths of the health & housing sectors, we can collectively improve lives, impact wellbeing, and strengthen neighborhoods. #SDoH

Safe, stable, affordable homes anchor communities and make our collective power stronger.

Inclusionary zoning is one robust, viable option that can help city residents thrive. #SDoH #HiAP healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hbl…
“We need to start by pushing for policies that make it easier for health care to fund supportive housing. Health care can treat supportive housing as a service. Supportive housing creates more opportunities for people who rely on health care.” #SDoH #HiAP calhealthreport.org/2018/08/14/hou…
“The health systems we studied recognize that health care is often the dominant employer, the biggest business, and a major economic engine in their communities. They therefore know it’s essential to conduct their operations with a focus on equity.” #SDoH
Without a place to live, it is nearly impossible for a person to take care of basic health needs.

“Yet, even in the face of such overwhelming evidence, US society reflexively tends not to pay attention to homelessness as a health problem.”

#SDoH #HiAP healthaffairs.org/do/10.1377/hbl…
Housing First Enhanced with Antiracism Practices Can Improve Housing Stability

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence howhousingmatters.org/articles/housi…
Experiencing homelessness at any time during the pre- or postnatal period can negatively affect a young child's health, with cumulative effect on worsening developmental and wellbeing outcomes. #SDoH #HiAP

States Jumpstart Efforts to Integrate Health and Housing Policies

#SDoH #HiAP #PEoH @NASHPhealth @clary_amy nashp.org/states-jumpsta…
Many social issues stem from a history of unstable, unaffordable & poor-quality housing.

It’s critical that professionals in fields outside housing—including health, education & economic development, among others—understand its central importance. #SDoH howhousingmatters.org/articles/housi…
“Caregivers of young children in low-income, unstable housing are twice as likely than those in stable housing to be in fair or poor health, and they are almost three times more likely to report depressive symptoms.” #SDoH #HiAP barhii.org/wp-content/upl…
“...measuring outcomes for students with unstable housing captures more chaos than merely the effects of living in poverty.”

“It’s something beyond just poverty... It’s something about housing stability.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence seattletimes.com/education-lab/… @nealtmorton
One out of every 10 students lived in temporary housing during the last school year.

#SDoH #HiAP nytimes.com/2018/10/15/nyr…
Housing’s primary position in our lives, economies and the built environment makes it a natural site of intervention in the complex fight against systemic injustices.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence nextcity.org/features/view/…
“It is critical that our elected officials understand how these economic and social challenges are connected so they are able to enact policy measures that get at the root of these problems.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Advancing City-Level Healthy Housing

“...there is much more work to be done to ensure that all Americans have access to housing conditions which enable them to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence nlc.org/sites/default/…
"What if we gave organizations more flexibility so they could pay a beneficiary's rent if they were in unstable housing, or make sure that a diabetic had access to, and could afford, nutritious food?"

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“We’ve got an emergency on our hands in lots of states. Sometimes you have to go to a higher authority. We had to do that in the civil rights movement.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence governing.com/topics/urban/s… @teresawiltz
Homelessness and poverty kills.

“People often ask me what they can do to help the homeless and I always say, ‘Just look around you!’ When someone has so little, it doesn't take much to help. You can start by not judging the homeless.” #SDoH #HiAP yahoo.com/lifestyle/used…
Unstable, Unsafe Housing Harms Children’s Brain Development

Research is documenting the harmful effects on children when families must keep moving to find a safe, affordable home.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence medium.com/bhpn-crosswalk…
Low-income tenants are often outgunned when they land in court for an eviction.

Legal representation matters.

Evictions are connected with poor school performance among children, and an increased need for short-term housing in shelters. #SDoH #HiAP governing.com/topics/health-…
“In addition to providing accessible, affordable, permanent housing, increasing access to health care is crucial to improving the health and housing outcomes of people at the intersection of mental health disabilities and homelessness...”

#SDoH #HiAP americanprogress.org/issues/poverty…
“...part of a general consensus that the city ought to begin to mend the damage wrought in pursuit of segregation. Human diversity—which nearly everyone in this staunchly liberal city would say is a good thing—only goes as far as the housing stock.”
“There’s also a racial dimension to the inequality that exclusionary zoning creates.”

“In fact, single-family zoning might have even been invented for just this purpose.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence bloomberg.com/opinion/articl… @Noahpinion
"...after seven years of declines, the small rises over the past two years are a troubling reversal at a time when unemployment is at a near 50-year-low and wages are rising."

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence wsj.com/articles/u-s-h…
The Health-Housing Nexus: New Answers to Key Questions

The importance of housing to create health is increasingly proven.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence buildhealthyplaces.org/whats-new/the-… @cepollack
Facing Segregation: Housing Policy Solutions for a Stronger Society

Though many of the aggravating factors underlying this inequity have persisted & grown worse in recent decades, energy & attention devoted to them by policymakers has ebbed significantly.
“We know that to win we need stakeholders beyond the very well organized, committed & dedicated housing advocates. We need to build a coalition that is much broader & wider, & we think this is the moment where that message is resonating.” #SDoH nextcity.org/daily/entry/bo… @jaredbrey
The truth about homelessness in Delaware.

Debunking some of the biggest misconceptions about homelessness in the First State.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence delawareonline.com/story/news/201… @ChristinaJedra
“Homelessness & housing instability are urgent issues affecting pregnant and new parents that warrant the attention of policymakers and care providers in the US. However, they are often overlooked in conversations about maternal & infant health outcomes.”
“Through housing, we have a unique access point to reach our residents.

It's really great having actual neighbors leading this. It's a different connection that they can have with moms. It's easier to know what will work. And they really are the experts.”
Housing stability can shape future well-being and has a profound impact on the lives of all children.

The central importance of housing as a determinant of wide-ranging outcomes for the country’s youngest generation:

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“...a decade after the housing crash and financial crisis, another national housing crisis is brewing. A decade ago, the problem was egregious mortgage lending and overbuilding. Today, it is a mounting lack of affordable housing.”

#SDoH #HiAP #PDoH washingtonpost.com/realestate/wha…
We encourage widespread use of the Healthy Housing Outcomes Survey across the affordable housing field to establish a common set of measurable indicators & outcomes which can illustrate the power of prioritizing health in housing development. #SDoH #HiAP

“Community representatives including neighborhood leaders and residents also need a seat at the table to articulate the ways in which community transformation, affordable housing, and urban planning policies and programs could impact their daily lives.”
Impacts of Government Shutdown on Affordable Housing Programs

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence nlihc.org/sites/default/… @NLIHC
1. Unsheltered homelessness is on the rise.

2. Family and veteran homelessness declined significantly.

3. African Americans are overrepresented among several homeless subpopulations.

4. Natural disasters continue to destabilize communities.

#SDoH #HiAP howhousingmatters.org/articles/four-…
New Resources to Bridge health and Housing.

@EnterpriseNow and its partners envision a healthier America for all people, all families, in all communities.

#SDoH #HousingforHealth @EBALDC @KPShare @KPCommHealth
“With support from the Health Action Plans, developers who qualify for loans will target reductions in chronic diseases, such as diabetes and asthma, as well as solutions to issues like mental health, social cohesion and economic security.” #SDoH #HiAP enterprisecommunity.org/blog/2019/01/e…
"...interest in improving housing conditions in its areas underscores the rising importance of addressing social determinants of health, including food insecurity, transportation barriers, and other socioeconomic factors."

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence healthexec.com/topics/healthc…
“A deepening commitment to improving the health and well-being of people and communities through the power of home.”

#SDoH #HiAP #HealthBeginsWithHome enterprisecommunity.org/blog/2019/01/h…
“We have the resources to invest in proven solutions. What is missing is the political will to fund them at scale.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence opportunityhome.org/withinreachpre… @OppStartsatHome
Homelessness during pregnancy poses significant health risks for mothers & infants.

Homelessness and behavioral health disorders appear to be independent factors contributing to pregnancy complications and should be addressed simultaneously.

#SDoH #HiAP healthaffairs.org/doi/abs/10.137…
“...it became clear that this was a critical issue of equity in housing, health, and children’s well-being.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence shelterforce.org/2018/11/13/the…
It becomes clear that equitable community development has a meaningful role to play in addressing these root causes. The community development & mental health fields have a critical opportunity to work together...

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“...making sure primary prevention along the housing continuum remains a part of the overall housing and health conversation is imperative.”

- @EarleChambers #SDoH #HiAP howhousingmatters.org/articles/housi…
Finland approaches homelessness “as a housing problem and a violation of fundamental rights, both solvable, and not as an inevitable social problem resulting from personal issues.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence huffingtonpost.com/entry/homeless…
The Continuum of Care Racial Equity Analysis Tool can help identify racial disparities in your system, to help communities understand who is accessing their homeless service system & what outcomes those families & individuals are realizing.

#SDoH #HiAP hudexchange.info/news/new-coc-r…
Homelessness needs political solutions. But as temperatures plummet, communities are also finding a new way to both immediately practically help, and connect with, homeless people.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence opendemocracy.net/uk/stefan-sima…
“A critical step in the reboot is looking for ways that the affordable housing industry can enhance its solid reputation as a co-developer of infrastructure that supports community development & wellness.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence nhpfoundation.org/documents/aNHP…
“Investing in legal aid and a right to counsel for tenants is not only cost efficient for cities, as every dollar spent on legal aid for tenants yields an estimated benefit of $12.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence philly.com/opinion/commen… @RPhillipsEsq @CLSphila @PhilaBar
“Health and secure employment and secure housing are all inextricably linked. And to the extent that it is harder to make ends meet than it has been in many communities in America, that inevitably affects our health.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Housing Quality Is Key to Mental Health

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence shelterforce.org/2019/02/06/hou…
“Providing a house for someone who's struggling through health issues is one of the first and foremost aspects of getting them back to that place where they're able to participate in society in a productive way.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“...the current model of housing production in the United States is a failed model that cannot be tinkered with on the margins to address the deep inequalities US communities face, particularly low-income and communities of color.” #SDoH #HiAP
“...housing crisis has left hundreds of thousands of community college students either homeless or facing the threat of being homeless.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence sacbee.com/news/politics-…
“We’re seeing a lot of individuals and families who had a stroke of bad luck, and this is what they’ve been left with.”

“We … know that a vehicle is not a place meant for human habitation.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“Housing is central to economic stability, deeply intertwined with race, and a critical factor in climate change. In short, it is smack dab in the center of the issues voters care most about in 2018.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence dataforprogress.org/blog/housing @DataProgress
Promoting Health and Cost Control in States: How States Can Improve Community Health & Well-being Through Policy Change...

Improving Health for All: State Opportunities to Advance Health Equity.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence tfah.org/wp-content/upl…
“Also, we need to be paying attention to the cultural displacement issues... We need to be thinking about tools for anti-cultural displacement.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence shelterforce.org/2019/02/15/wha… @surlyurbanist
The foreclosure crisis, and more broadly, housing, will continue to affect the people’s health, including interdependent racial & economic disparities in health. Local Health Departments can play a key role in mitigating & addressing impact.

#SDoH #HiAP liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/he…
Cities advancing affordable housing to improve health outcomes

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence neighborworks.org/Media-Center/B… @Spechpolis @norman1729 @leahettman
“We need to… focus on prevention, rapid rehousing, mental health, and more permanent supportive housing — because while shelter solves sleep, only permanent housing solves homelessness.”

chcf.org/blog/theres-no… @CHCFNews @GavinNewsom #SDoH #HiAP
“Children hospitalized for asthma had 1.84 greater odds of a revisit to the emergency department or a rehospitalization within 12 mos if they lived in the highest quartile of housing code violation tracts, compared to those living in the lowest quartile.”
“Having a safe, affordable home is vital to making sure people have the best opportunity and most control over that opportunity to manage their health and well being.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence blog.sfgate.com/storystudio/20…
“...we do this work together, recognizing that no community can rebuild without thinking critically about its health.”
“Restoring economic and housing resources to populations affected by a natural disaster would significantly reduce the mental health burden in populations, particularly those with resource loss, after a disaster.”

The crises spawned by the spatial, economic, and social isolation of segregated communities are still generating consequences.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence theguardian.com/commentisfree/… #HousingForHealth
“Medieval” diseases.

This is all preventable.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence theatlantic.com/health/archive…
“We need to create strategies that work in diverse communities—and each community requires different approaches—while bringing residents into the decision-making processes.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence healthyplacesbydesign.org/a-conversation… @norman1729 @neighborworks @risajw @HPlacesbyDesign
Severe housing cost burden affects health and wellbeing. Across counties, increases in the share of households severely cost burdened are associated with more food insecurity, more child poverty, and more people in fair or poor health.

#SDoH #HiAP countyhealthrankings.org/reports/2019-c…
The healthiest communities in the U.S. are the ones where people can afford homes.

The 2019 @CHRankings assessment of the healthiest places in the U.S. found that a lack of secure housing is a pressing health issue.

#SDoH #HiAP #HealthBeginsWithHome
“Unless we can turn our housing crisis around, we will never have a health-care system that can deliver quality & cost-effective care to the American people.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Congrats to @E_DesignTeam on launching Design Matters, recognizing that #affordablehousing design is not just about appearances. It’s about building a better place to live.

#SDoH #HiAP #HealthBeginsWithHome enterprisecommunity.org/designmatters
A safe, secure home is where health begins. To build more equitable, healthier communities, we need to boost people’s ability to afford a good place to live.

#HealthBeginsWithHome #SDoH rwjf.org/en/blog/2019/0… @RWJF
“The promise of healthy housing and communities, however, falls short in the United States. Much of the housing in the U.S. is expensive, unsafe, and inadequate in supply.”

“...61% of people reported having to make at least one sacrifice in the past three years because they were struggling with housing costs, such as cutting back on learning activities for their child, nutritious food, or health care.”

buzzfeednews.com/article/mikeko… @Mike_Koprowski
“For millions of Americans, lower health care costs could mean eliminating the difficult choices between receiving a lifesaving treatment or paying the mortgage...”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Working to ensure an adequate and affordable housing supply is not only a matter of social justice. It also helps to support & improve people’s immediate & long term health & is fundamental to a society where people can flourish & realize their potential. health.org.uk/infographic/ho…
Adding to growing evidence on the interdependence between health and housing, as we continue the urgent push for health equity.

#SDoH #HealthBeginsWithHome
“This isn’t just a pocketbook issue, either. Areas with high housing burdens tend to score worse on a host of public health...” #SDoH #HiAP
From health, to economic mobility, to educational opportunity, to racial equity, and beyond, housing shapes families and communities.

#SDoH #HousingForHealth #HealthBeginsWithHome howhousingmatters.org/articles/impro…
“As the cost of housing has increased, wages in the US have stagnated. When accounting for inflation, the real average wage in the country now has about the same amount of purchasing power as it did 40 years ago.”

#SDoH #HealthBeginsWithHome weforum.org/agenda/2019/04…
Unlocking Opportunities to Create a Culture of Health in Housing: Lessons from Interdisciplinary, Community-Engaged Research

In combination with other community & economic assets, housing plays a key role in influencing our health & well-being. #SDoH interdisciplinaryresearch-leaders.org/building-a-cul…
“Without a housing champion, the will to invest in housing—which many in the health care field see as outside of a hospital’s purview—will fall to the wayside in favor of other, more familiar forms of community benefit work.”

#SDoH #HealthBeginsWithHome
“Health and housing security are the very pillars of anybody’s needs... All roads lead back to housing when it comes to our issues and the challenges we face today.”

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
“And it is feeding resentments and deepening inequalities, as healthier and wealthier Americans are able to save for unexpected medical bills while the less fortunate struggle to balance costly care with other necessities.” #SDoH #HiAP #PEoH

Homelessness during the perinatal period is associated with significantly poorer health in the first 2 to 3 years of life—longer than previously documented—with longer-lasting effects on asthma, health care use & spending.

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence
Unstable housing, which includes poor housing quality, unstable neighborhoods, overcrowding, and other factors, is a significant #SDoH for adults and children.

#PEoH #HiAP #Interdependence howhousingmatters.org/articles/late-…
This comprehensive research review from @SaludAmerica assesses the current status of housing, transportation, and green space in U.S. Latino communities along with proven & emerging strategies to improve health equity. #SDoH #HiAP #HealthEquity salud-america.org/the-state-of-l…
“Only by combining multiple policy solutions will we be able to increase the effectiveness of efforts to ensure families have enough resources to afford housing without forgoing other basic needs.“

#SDoH #HiAP #Interdependence #HousingforHealth tbf.org/-/media/tbf/re…
The devastating biological consequences of homelessness...

“A lot of money will be spent on this population. We can draw upon these data and learn how to spend that money wisely — or else we’ll just spend and still have lots of human misery.” #SDoH #HiAP nature.com/articles/d4158…
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