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Thread by @Akhrobatic: "A thread: Dajjal There hasn't come a trial greater from the time of Adam AS until the end of time. A trial more vicious, more harsher, more […]"

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A thread: Dajjal
There hasn't come a trial greater from the time of Adam AS until the end of time. A trial more vicious, more harsher, more deceiving than the fitnah of Dajjal. And Muhammad SAW says all prophets warned their people about Dajjal and I am the last of the prophets and you are the
last of the nation's so he will come amidst your time. Ad-Dajjal means the liar or the deceiver. And the worst and most dangerous thing he will have is the psychological deception. He is the One-Eyed Liar because one of his eyes is like a grape that has it's liquid sucked out
And it is wiped out. On his forehead it is written Kaafir (disbeliever) and every believer will be able to read it whether he can read or not. The Prophet SAW described him, his hair will be curly, his legs will be arched, he walks a little different, stocky, strongly built,
young in age, he's red skinned, he's not tall he's short, his face looks rough and his forehead is wide, his chest is wide, has wide shoulders and he cannot have children he is impotent nor does he get married. These are some of his descriptions from the Prophet SAW.
Before he comes, 3 years will happen like this. In the first year, Allah will order the sky to hold back a third of its rain so a third of the water of the rain will be held back. In the second year, two thirds will be held back. In the third year, there will be rain.
So famine and a drought will grip mankind. And then this man appears, Ad-Dajjal, with him a river of fire and a river of water. Muhammad SAW told us that Ad-Dajjal will cause fitnah to all people, with everything that Allah has given him of powers. He will make rain, whenever
he wants it to come and he'll deny it from the people he doesn't want to have rain. He can revive the land with crops and plantation and he can cause another land to be completely dead so no food for its people. And many other powers which Allah has given him to test the people.
Which is the final test of mankind towards the end of the last time/hour. Ad-Dajjal will reach every place in the world and occupy it except for 2 places. Makkah And Madinah. He will sit around it's borders and try to deceive the people who are in there because he cannot enter.
He will go to a dead person, tell a person, a Bedouin, if I bring your parents back to life would you believe that I am your Lord? He will say yes, and will rise 2 shayateen will come in the image of his parents and say son listen to him, he is your Lord. Do you see Imaan has
shaken to it's core, how do you not believe your eyes? And so the non-Muslim and the weak Muslims will follow him. He will tell the Earth spit out your treasures, and from the ground like bees will come out diamond and gold and silver and they will follow him.
Ad-Dajjal will live for 40 days, in the first day it'll be as long as a year, second day as long as a month, third day a week and the rest of the days normal. There will be one man, who will do something and Muhammad SAW said I know him and he is the best man on that day.
He will come warning the people saying, he is not God, he is not God! He is dajjal, he is the anti-christ. And the people will say what are you saying about out Lord and they will take him to Dajjal. And he will say I am God, look what I can do. And the man will say no
You are a liar, Muhammad SAW told us about you. So dajjal will bring a saw and he'll saw this man in half and he will walk between the 2 body parts and the man will come and rise and he'll come back alive again. And Muhammad SAW told us he'll be able to do that once, only once.
And Dajjal says to him now do you believe I am God? And then the man says now I believe more than you are not God. Say Subhaan Allah! And the man says because I know you will not be able to do this again and truly he won't be able to do it again. Dajjal will throw him in the fire
. Muhammad SAW told us that he will have something that looks like fire and something that looks like water. It is an illusion. The fire is his water and his water is his fire. Go to the fire to drink from it if you see it. The man vanishes And disappears and Muhammad SAW says
He is the best man on that day, who tries to convince people that this is not God but Ad-Dajjal. After the 40 days have ended, the Muslims will be praying behind Al-Mahdi, almost about to pray Zuhr Salah and they are praying in Ash-sham in Syria in a mosque called Al Minara Beyda
As they are about to start Salah, Isaa AS will descend by the will of Allah, his hands will be on the wings of two angels, he will be covered in 2 garbs, both tinged slightly yellow and his hair will be long and black and so will his beard. His cheeks will be reddened and he's
white in colour so Isa AS is a very handsome man. He will come and enter the masjid. And the Muslims will notice and Al-Mahdi will walk back so that Isa AS can pray as the Imam. He will say every nation has an imam which Allah has appointed and you are the appointed imam so
remain in your position. So Isa AS comes down for a different purpose and he prays behind Al-Mahdi. After that in the Hadith it says, he wipes the face of the Muslims that are in there and he informs them of their places in Jannah. They go off to Al-Maqdis to fight the army of
Dajjal. Dajjal will come with an army with him and he will not know that Isa AS is with Al-Mahdi and they'll enter and they'll find them on the borders of the temple of Solomon as you call it which is where Sulaiman AS had his kingdom built. They will exit and find the dajjal
with his arrmy, as soon as Dajjal sees Isa AS he runs away. The false messiah finally sees the real Messiah and Muhammad SAW said that he runs away and he begins to melt, literally melt. Before Isa AS follows him with a sword and kills him so he bleeds and he dies. Then Isa AS
says to the people if he is God then how can he melt and how can I kill him? At this time, we don't know if these people will be forgiven only Allah knows best because when the sun rises from the west the doors of forgiveness are closed. If there is a time of repentance only a
small number will be there to repent and Allah knows best. Isa AS will live, some narration say 10 years, some say 40 years but what I do know is that the narration tell us that he will outlive Al-Mahdi, Al-Mahdi will live for 10 years and will fill it with justice.
And Isa AS will die later in, so Isa AS will really die, finally. At the moment, we believe he was risen and he is alive and will return. They did not kill him nor did they crucify him but Allah lifted Isa AS to Him. In a way we don't understand, now whether it's at this time
or before this time, or close to that time we don't know. The main point is when the first sign appears the other major signs come after each other meaning there's not much space between them at all and we're talking like just maybe a few days, or the same day or a few weeks.
Allahu knows best. They comes after each other very quickly, signs after signs after signs. Keep in mind, minor signs are still going but more minor signs are happening and the major signs come after each other. Muhammad SAW described it like a bead, when you break that string,
And the beads come out one after the other so none of them come at the same time together but they come after each other but closely after each other. The world is coming to ends like a person on it's deathbed. The way you is the way you are when the sun rises from the west.
Tomorrow in Shaa Allah I'll go through the major signs of Islam. Today's story has ended. I hope this benefited each and every person that has read this. And in Shaa Allah we become those people who are with Al-Mahdi and Isa AS and not the people who go astray to Dajjal.
Jazaak Allah Khairun for reading and another thread tomorrow in Shaa Allah!
There will be no rain*
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