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in which Jimin has a twin sister Jihee. Jungkook and Jihee go to the same uni and Jk has a crush on Jihee so he asks her out. But when he goes to pick her up from her apartment, he sees Jimin and his lil gay heart explodes.
(1) so it begins

the park twins are inseparable best friends

jungkook is a vocal performance major at Seoul Arts U and does photography as a hobby

bros before hoes :(

Jimin stalks jk’s instagram before going to Jihee’s to see if he’s as ugly as he sounds...


advice from Yoongi hyung

jungkook’s friends

what did kook see??? 👀
just some extra pics of jimin and jihee so u can picture them :)
ok that’s it thank u back to normal updates now

(all pics of Jihee are from the insta account pvrplevelvetcake)


a conflicted kook and a sleepy yoongs

jm: didn’t seem like your type though...

[she screenshotted it and added to her story ok]
(14) couple days later jk texts jh

“you remember my brother right?”

jm is an artist it seems...

jk is going to the lake

jm is going... to the lake?

snap updates

jm stops responding...

sharing is caring

“I have sinned.”


“he’s so cool hyung”

the wrong thing.

the next day, jk talks to jihee.

yoonkook snaps

yoongs wyd

so he found jimins insta

jm has been a busy boy huh

some of the posts jk saw

like I said he’s a busy dude...

(the last one is jm and jihee, but jk doesn’t know)


“is jungkook coming”

it’s the day of the art exhibition and kook goes to pick jihee up
“let’s go find jimin!” jihee said as they entered the huge art gallery bustling with people admiring the best artwork in the country.

jk didn’t have time to protest as jihee grabbed his hand and led him through the crowd of people as she searched for a familiar face.
after searching for 15 minutes, the couple finally landed their eyes on him.

jimin was sitting with his legs crossed on a chair near the corner of the room.

he was dressed in fitted black pants and a white collared shirt tucked in to reveal his slim waist.
jihee ran towards her brother, happy to finally see him. but jimins gazed seemed to be fixed on the boy behind her.

jh pulled her twin into a hug while jimins almost predatory stare remained on his target.

“sorry we’re late min-ah, it took us a while to find you” jihee said.
“what the hell min-ah, why is you’re painting still covered up?” Jihee asked.

“oh I was just waiting for you guys,” jimin smiled sweetly.

“Wait, I’m just gonna head to the washroom real quick. I’ll be right back jungkook,” jh turned her head towards jk as she spoke.
with jihee gone, jk had gone into hiding mode.

he had no intention of having a conversation with the boy who could make him melt from a single look.

so instead, he pulled out his phone and texted a friend.

dying and crying
“so, are you going to talk to me or will I have to entertain myself,” jimin said standing up with his hands in his pockets.

jk hesitantly put his phone down and looked at jm.

“that wasn’t too bad, was it jungkook-ssi?” jm said with a little smile tugging at his lips.
jk said nothing.

“would you like to see my painting?” jm asked him.

“Jihee-“ jk started.

“would you like to see it, jungkook?” jm repeated.

jk only nodded yes, not sure what the right answer was.

jm smiled at him and pulled his chair over to be in front of his covered art.
jk obediently sat down in the chair jm had brought him.

jm stood at his side and moved his hand over his shoulder as he snaked around to stand behind him.

jm could feel jk tense up under his touch and smirked at his adorable reaction.
now that jm has jk exactly where he wanted him, he stepped over to his art and pulled off the cover.

jm turned around to look at jk’s reaction as the sheet fell.

jk looked up at the masterpiece presented to him. his lips automatically parted and his eyes widened in complete awe
jm, pleased with the reaction, resumed his place behind jk.

this time, with one hand on his shoulder and the other gently petting through his soft hair, he leaned down to his ear and whispered so only he could hear,

“do you like it, jungkookie-ssi?“
“It’’s..” jk was finding it hard to say what he felt.

the huge painting in front of him was majestic. most of the canvas was a vast expanse of the night sky, a perfect harmony of dark colours, littered with thousands of twinkling stars that instantly lit up the room
and at the bottom of the canvas was a quiet, still lake surrounded by a forrest.

on the shore of the lake were two figures. one was sitting on the ground holding a sketchbook looking at the other figure. and the other was looking at the sky through a camera in his hand...
these details could have been missed by anyone who stopped to look at the painting, as they were most likely transfixed on the glittering sky.

but somehow this seemed intentional. as if the artist didn’t want everyone to see it, as if it was made only for certain eyes to notice.
“hyung I-“ jk wanted to say something. Anything to show his gratitude.

“let’s talk later yeah? You can tell hyung what you think about it,” jimin said as he leaned his body over jk’s shoulder and slid his hand inside his pocket to retrieve jk’s phone to enter his number.

tell him to stop

tsk tsk jungkook

oh no

jungkook is about to cry.

jm somehow got jk to apologize lol he sneaky
(55) I fucking want him

*meet namjoon, the only person that knows about jm’s secret
(56) i guess jm is soft for him perhaps

*hoseok and kyungsoo are his fuck buddies lol

a date



oh jimin

jimin wyd

jk can’t say no istg

calling you
“hello?” jk picks up on the last ring.

“jungkook-ssi~~” jimins smooth voice reaches jk’s ears, a shiver travelling up his spine as he hears it.

“what happened baby, cat got your tongue?” jm said when jk didn’t respond.
“n-no, why are you calling me, hyung?” jk said as best as he could, trying not to let that ‘baby’ effect him.

“I needed to hear your voice. You have a really nice voice, has anyone ever told you that,” jm said.

“not really...” jk said blushing.
“good, only hyung can say that, okay?” jm told him.

“o-okay,” jk responds, face completely flushed.

“hmmm, im so tired jungkookieee,” jimin whines.

“you should sleep, hyung,” jk advises.

“but i have to go out soon,” jm says, wanting to hear jk’s reaction.

“Oh...with who?”
“a boy”

“a boy? You don’t know him?”

“not really, why?”

“why are u going out with someone you don’t know?” jk said getting a little annoyed.

“why not?” Jm smiles.

“what if he’s dangerous??”

“i think I can handle him”

“what if he’s mean??”

“I’ll tell him”

“but what if-“
“jungkook, should I not go?”


“why not, baby?” Jm says, heart beating fast as he anticipates jk’s response.

“because you said you wanted to talk to me! How can you talk to me when you’re on a stupid date with a stupid guy,” jk blurts out all at once.

“I-I mean, um,” jk was embarrassed, really fucking embarrassed.

“Ok I won’t go.”


“If jungkook-ssi tells me I can’t go, how can I go??” Jimin laughs into the phone.

This calms jk down as he joins his hyung with giggles.
“but now that hyung did you a favour, I think you owe me one in return,” jimin said when they stopped laughing.

“what kind of favour?” jk asked timidly.

“sing for me, jungkook-ssi.”

the line was quiet for a while. jm got a little worried, hoping he didn’t scare him away.
“jungkook? are you there?”

“sorry hyung, someone called me...”

Jimin knew exactly who called him.

“Jihee right?” he said.

“Yeah” jk said quietly.

“Well, maybe I’ll get to hear your pretty voice some other time then, yeah?”

“n-no, hyung, I can sing for you...”
“if you insist,” jm said, holding back his smile.

jk started off quietly:
“I am tired of this place, I hope people change, I need time to replace what I give away.”

the song was by troye, one of jm’s favourite artists, but honestly he already loved jk’s voice more.
in case u don’t know what jimins ears were blessed with:

jk finished the last word of the chorus.

“hyung?” jk called out when he didn’t hear anything.

“how are you so perfect, so beautiful in every fucking way” jm finally said.


“can I ask you a question?” Jm said suddenly.

“o-of course.”
“why did you hang up on my sister,”

“O-oh, well, you blew off your date to talk to me, I thought I should be respectful to you hyung...”

“that’s the only reason?”


“jungkook-ssi, you know I don’t like it when you lie to me,” jm said in a condescending tone.
“I’m going to ask you again, and this time I want you to tell me the truth, why did you hang up on her?” jm said firmly.

“I-im not lying! I-“

“Why jungkook??” Jm said louder.

“I told you! I didn’t want to disresp-“ jk said on the verge of tears.

“WHY?” Jm basically yelled.
“BECAUSE I LIKE YOU! I LIKE YOU OKAY? I WANT TO TALK TO YOU, NO ONE ELSE,” jk cried into the phone. Tears flowing down his cheeks.

“ sorry babyboy. Hyung shouldn’t have yelled, I’m sorry.”

“W-why do you hate me so much,” jk said still crying and sniffling.
“Fuck jungkook, I don’t hate you. I could never even think about hating you,”

Only sniffles were heard on the line.

“Shh, baby please stop crying I’m so sorry. I, I got carried away. I just needed to hear it from you because. Well because I like you too, so fucking much.”

“jungkookie?” Jm called.

nothing. he had hung up.

Jimin put his phone off and collapsed on his back on his bed.

‘what the fuck have I done,’ jm thought to himself.

that night jm gets a text from joon


well then
should I make jungkook suffer

what did she tell u jimin

just a little

the next night:

it’s not right hyung!


kook was about to leave but
jm had just finished setting up a canvas and easel for his “student” when the doorbell rang in his apartment.

he opened the door to find a smiling jk with a box of Oreos in his hands.

“jungkook-ssi” jm returned the smile.

“I brought Oreos!” jk said as he presented the box.
“I see that, here I’ll take them, come inside,” jm said.

Jk entered the apartment and took off his shoes. He didn’t really know what to do, was he supposed to sit on the couch?? Wait for jm??

“Don’t look so scared baby, here come sit,” jm said as he took jk’s hand and led him.
“Thanks for bring something jungkookie, you didn’t have to,”

“O-oh, it’s ok I wanted to! Plus I really love Oreos,” jk said.

“Hmmm, the sweetest cookie for the sweetest boy,” jm smirked.

“Hyung! Stop, you’re so embarrassing...” jk said looking away to hide his reddening face.
“If hyung is so embarrassing maybe he shouldn’t teach you how to paint then hm?” jm teased him.

“No! I want to learn!” jk panicked.

Jm’s smile grew as he stood up and ruffled his hair.

He bent down, hand still buried in his hair and whispered, “then be a good boy for me yeah?”
Jimin walked away from the couch, Jk automatically pouting at the loss of his touch.

“But first, Oreos?” Jm called from the kitchen.

“Yeah! Oreo time,” jk giggled getting up.

Jm handed him one.

“Why do you look so cute, you’re just eating a cookie but I wanna take a picture,”
Jk giggled again, splitting the Oreo in half and displaying it for the camera. His hair was sticking up in every direction bc of jm’s ruffling but it only made him more adorable in jm’s eyes.

“hyung, do you want half?” jk said.
“stop filming me! who are you even gonna send it to?” jk said.

“nobody, this is for me and only me. Nobody else gets to see you.” jm said casually looking down at his phone to save the video.

Jk was stunned. How did jm say this kind of stuff and expect his heart not to explode?
“come on, let’s go get started,” jm said walking towards his art studio. A room just around the corner where he had it all set up.

jk quickly stuffed the cookie he was eating in his mouth and scurried after his hyung, super excited to learn from him.

“what am I gonna paint??”
“mmm I was gonna start off with just playing around with the brushes, so you can feel how they move on the canvas,” jm said.

He pulled out the stool for jk to sit and he stood beside him, handing him the first brush.

“so,, I just-“

“Just pick up some paint and move it around”
the couple were busy in the studio, jk fascinated by how easily the colour blended as he spread them out on the canvas. Jm had a proud and happy smile on his face, nobody has taken interest in his passion before, his past relationships were always physical.
the couple were so busy in fact, that neither had looked at their phones since they had started.

jm’s was still in the kitchen, where it was beginning to light up every time he received a notification,, which was a lot.

a lot of the notifs on jimins phone were from one twitter account:

jm was sitting on a stool beside jk now. One leg crossed over the other with his head resting on his hand. He was quietly watching jk, pressing his lips together to try to hold back his smile.

“I can feel you judging me” jk said.

“I’m not! It’s beautiful,” jm defended.
jk was attempting to paint a tree. jm had even sketched it out for him.

“no it’s not, I suck at this...”

“You don’t. You just need practice. Here,” jm held jk’s hand with the brush in it and guided it across the trunk of the tree to smoothen out his lines.

“See?” Jm smiled.
“wahh, how do you just- you made it so much better! you’re amazing hyung, “ jk beamed at him.

For the first time ever, jimin was flustered.

He didn’t really get compliments like this from anyone, everyone just expected him to be great.
His face suddenly turned warm and he avoided looking at jk, not saying a word.

“Hyung are you ok?” Jk said genuinely worried.

Jm turned to look at the boy, who’s eyebrows were furrowed and mouth frowning. How did he get so lucky.

“Im fine jungkookie,” jm said laughing.


well shit
it was quiet in the studio. with jk focused intently on painting and jm leaning his head on jk’a shoulder watching his tree come to life.

“I think it’s done,” jk said.

“I think so too, you did so well jungkookie”

“really? You think so?”

“I wanna keep it, is that ok?”
“No! This was just my first painting, I want to give you something better hyung” jk said.

“This looks perfect to me, but fine, as you wish. Let me at least take a picture,” jm said as he got up from the stool and ruffled jk’s hair.

“Hmm, where did I put my phone,” jm said.
“Maybe it’s still in the kitchen?” Jk suggested as he signed his name at the bottom of the canvas.

“I’ll be right back,” jm said.

When he laid eyes in his phone, a million different alarms went off in his head. He felt like throwing up, like crying, like screaming...jihee.
Jimin went into complete panic mode, these messages and tweets were from 20 minutes ago! If she really was coming over, she would be here any second. He couldn’t let her see jungkook here it would crush her

He was so consumed in his thoughts he didn’t even hear jk walking to him
“j-jungkookie...” jm looked absolutely terrified.

“Hyung! What’s wrong?? What happened?” Jk ran over to him and cupped his cheeks, looking right at his eyes.

“jungkookie, you- you have to leave I can’t- s-she’s coming,” jm was shaking now, all the stress finally showing.
jk was absolutely stunned. He had never seen jm like this before, so vulnerable, so fragile.

it made him want to take all his troubles away, protect him from everything.

he didn’t understand what jm was mumbling, all he knew was that he wanted to make it stop. Make him smile.
jk was never impulsive, he always thought things through.

But this was different, jm was in pain and he needed to take it away. So he leaned down and pressed their forehead together, still cupping his cheeks. He looked at his tears eyes and his quivering lips. Just as he was +
+about to gently press his lips against his hyung’s the door flung open.

“Jiminieeee-,” a voice said from the door.

jk quickly pulled away. But it was too late. she had seen everything.

jm stayed silent, it was all too painful he physically couldn’t say a word.

jihee looked at jimin. back at jungkook. then at her brother again. her face was unreadable, Sadness? Shock? Confusion?

Finally she settled her gaze on her ex. “Y-you...” she spat out.

It was pretty clear what she feeling now. Pure rage.
jihee loved her brother more than anybody else in the world.

He was her other half, her best friend, her blood. She knew he could have never done anything to hurt her, it was impossible in her eyes.

“you fucking, y-you, how COULD YOU?” she yelled at jungkook.
“I guess I wasn’t good enough, so you went after my brother?? What the FUCK Jungkook?”

“No! N-noona, you don’t understand, I’m so sorry,” jk pleaded with her.

“Hee-ah listen-“ jm was finally about to speak up. But before he could even finish his sentence, jihee+
stormed up to jungkook, tears filling her eyes, she raised her hand to strike jungkook across the face.

it had all happened to fast.

jm saw her coming towards them, but before he could grab her hand, it was too late. she had hit him.
jk said nothing. he kept his head down and brought his hand to his reddening cheek, but said nothing.

“Jungkook!” jm screamed. He was standing in front of him, hands cupping his cheeks, with one hand over jk’s.

“Baby oh my god,” jm whispered trying to make eye contact with him
“i-it’s ok, I’m fine, it’s ok” jk whispered back.

but jm could tell he wanted to cry, he was pain and he wanted to cry. this was enough for jm to be set off

He turned around slowly to face a crying jihee, who looked completely distraught.

“Get the fuck out. Now.” jm commanded
“but, min-ah he-“

jihee was cut off by her brother taking her hand and dragging her to the door. he grabbed some change from his pocket and put in her her hand.

“Take a cab home. Now. And dont even try to fucking call me or text me or come here. And stay away from him,” jm said
once jihee was gone. jm ran back to jk, holding his face again.

“Jungkookie, does it hurt a lot?? I’m so sorry baby, i should have stopped her it’s all my fault, I should’ve protected you,” jm said.

Jk just sniffled, clearly too confused by everything to say anything.
he brought jk over to a chair in the kitchen to inspect his cheek. It was mostly just red, but jk flinched as jm touched it.

“Let me get some ice,” jm said.

He returned with a bag of ice and held it to jk’s cheek.

“Hyung, please don’t be mad at noona” jk finally spoke up.
“What? I’m fucking furious jungkook, she had absolutely no right to touch you. She was out of control,” jm said angrily.

“But hyung, WE were the ones who hurt her. She was so upset because of us! How would you feel if you found jihee noona with someone you just broke up with??”
jm fell silent. he removed the ice pack and inspected his cheek again.

he sighed and put the ice on the counter. He placed his forearms in jk’s shoulders and rested his forehead on his, still standing over him.

“why are you such a good person huh? You make hyung look bad,”
jm was looking directly into jk’s eyes.

“I-I’m not, I just think you need to talk to her. She was drunk too! It’s not her fault hyung, she’s in a lot of pain because of us...” jk said.

“I know you’re right jungkook, but I don’t know if I can forgive her for hitting you.”
“well it’s not your choice. I forgive her,” jk stated.

jm didn’t say anything, just looked in his eyes, then moved his head upwards and placed his lips on top of jk’s fluffy hair. jk automatically closed his eyes at the feeling.

“I’ll talk to her,” jm mumbled through his hair.
jm pulled his head back, his arms still resting on jk’s shoulder.

“jungkook-ssi, may I ask what you were doing to do before jihee came over?” Jm smiled.

“w-what, I don’t know what you’re talking about-“

“Jungkook-ssi...” jm glared at him.
“Hyung!” jk suddenly said.


“My cheek! It- it still hurts! What are you doing you’re supposed to take care of it!” Jk made his excuse.

“Ahh really? Maybe I should fix it huh? I know a really good way,” jm stepped closer to him, standing over his lap.
“Hmm, let’s see,” jm said as he scanned jk’s face.

“Ah! here first,” jm said, moving his face closer to jk’s and planting a soft kiss right above his ear.

“H-hyung, what are you doing,” jk said all flustered.

“Healing you like you asked?Hmm maybe here next,” kissing his jaw.
next, jm moved to his left cheek, then to his nose. with each little kiss, jk wanted more and more, squirming in his seat. He loved the way jms lips felt on his skin but he needed more

finally jm reached his bruised cheek, he gave him the most gentle kiss there, barely touching.
“there, that should do it,” jm pulled back and smiled at him, “feeling better jungkookie?”

“hyung I want..can you..” jk was desperate for his hyungs lips in his, there wasn’t anything he wanted more in the world right now.

“what is it jungkook-ssi? hyung’s kisses didn’t help?”
“n-not there, I want it, here...” jk said.


Jk took his hyungs hand that was still resting on his shoulder, and guided it to his own lips.

“Here!” Jk said, annoyed.

“Ahh there? All you had to do was ask babyboy,” jm smiled as he leaned down to jk’s level.
as jm leaned down, jk stretched upwards, trying to reach his hyungs lips as fast as he could. and when they finally pressed together, jk felt his heart melt.

jm’s lips really were as soft as they looked, he thought.

jm hugged jk’s neck as he deepened the kiss,
his tongue presses against jk’s mouth, asking for entrance, when jk complied jm smiled into the kiss.

dominance wasn’t really a question here, it was pretty obvious jm was leading.

but jk didn’t care, he liked it when jm led him, took care of him.
after a while, jm finally gave jk a break as he pulled away.

both of them were breathing hard, foreheads pressing against each other’s.

“better now?” jm asked.

“Fuck yes,” jk said. Jm had never heard jk swear before so he burst into laughter, leaning his whole body against jks

he wants his Jimin hyung...and perhaps some oreos

not answering
jm rang the doorbell, knocked, yelled her name, but jihee didn’t answer. either she wasn’t home or she didn’t want to talk.

jm had a key of course, they both had each other’s bc they came over so often.

he unlocked the door and stepped inside

“hee-ah! It’s me I’m coming in,”

it’s a twin thing

he saw her
jihee was sitting on a bench under an arch of roses. she was sitting on her hands and looking at the ground, thinking.

“Jihee” jm said, standing near the bench.

she tensed up at the voice she heard, but kept her gaze downwards.

“Hee-ah, please we need to talk,” jm said.
jm sat on the far end of the bench.

“I knew I’d find you here,” jm said looking at the beautiful rose garden in front of them.

jihee didn’t say a word.

“15 years and nothing has changed huh,” jm said, trying to get his sister to look at him.
“I think the last time we came here together was on mom’s-“

“What do you want Jimin,” jh cut him off, finally looking at his face.

“I...I wanted to explain,” jm started.

“Explain what? You and jungkook fell in love while we were dating, he broke up with me to be with you+
+and you lied to me. It’s not that hard to understand,” jh said.

“I- I shouldn’t have lied. Hee-ah I’m really sorry about that but you know I only did it so you wouldn’t get hurt..” jm explained.

Jihee scoffed, “and look how that turned out.”
“I wouldn’t have been as hurt if you just told me how you felt. Both of you obviously feel the same way and it’s not like I was in love with jungkook or anything. But why did you have to hide it like that?? And pretend to comfort me when it was YOU that he left me for...” jh said
“Well what about you?? You had no right to touch him jihee! I know you were drunk but what the fuck! He really was hurt, even if he didn’t show it,” jm replied, getting angrier as he recalled jk’s bruised cheek.

“You don’t think I know that! I’ve been feeling like absolute shit+
since last night! I haven’t stopped thinking about him, about how much of a fucking monster I am.” jh said choking up on the last word

Jm knew she wanted to cry but was holding it in. Jm knew her better than anyone. He moved closer to her on the bench and took her hands into his
“Hee-ah look at me, please,” jm said.

Jh slowly lifted her head up, eyes bloodshot and glossed over, she hadn’t slept at all.

“You’re not a monster ok? We- we hurt you, a lot and you have no idea how sorry I am. I should’ve told you how I felt as soon as I knew, I messed up,”
“And jungkook. You need to apologize to him in person, he will forgive you trust me.” Jm said.

Jh just looked at him and burst into tears. She covered her face with her hands as she cried out loud, letting it all out. Jm pulled her in close, bringing her head to his chest.
Jm hated seeing his sister cry, every time she did, he would end up crying too. This time was no different, jm still held jh close, but let out silent tears with her while rubbing calming circles in her back.

“Please forgive me hee-ah, I need you, p-please,” jm said softly.
The twins just kept crying, holding each other until there were no more tears to let out.

Jh pulled away first, rubbing the last tears from her eyes.

“Jeon jungkook really fucked us over huh,” she finally said.

Jm burst into laughter, “he really did,”
Jh looked at her brother and raised her hand to wipe his cheek with her sweater sleeve.

“I forgive you,” she said.

Jm had a small smile on his face, eyes full of love and gratitude towards his sister.

“I can’t believe we cried here, out of all places,” jm said.


come !!

jk opened the door to a smiling jm with Oreos in his hands.

“I brought Oreos,”

Jk didn’t say anything, instead he suddenly pulled his hyung close to him and crashed his lips into his.

Jm’s eyes grew wide with shock but eventually he melted into the kiss, dropping the box.
jk finally let go and stepped back a little.

“jungkook-ssi! what was that for,” jm said breathlessly, his lips swollen and red

“u-uh, I, I don’t know! I missed you, s-sorry...” jk said fiddling with his hands, all his previous confidence gone.

jm laughed.
“should I be expecting this every time I don’t see you for a few hours??” jm stepped closer to him.

“I-if you want,” jk stuttered.

“Hmmm, I want,” jm said as wrapped his hand around to the back of jk’s head and pulled him in to give his cheek and gentle kiss.

Jk blushed.
“Why’s your hair all wet?” Jm said as he removes his hand and stepped inside.

“I just took a shower,”

“Just now? Yah! You should’ve dried it, it’s cold outside and you could catch a cold,” jm scolded him.

“It’s fine, just come in,” jk said walking into the living room.
jm collapsed onto the couch beckoning jungkook to come sit with him.

jk sat on the ground in front of the lying down jm, back leaning against the couch.

jm started playing with jk’s hair, still worried it was too wet.

“why don’t you get me a towel?” jm basically demanded.
jk knew jm wouldn’t give up until he dried his hair so he went to the closet to get one

he started drying his hair as he walked back.

“I said get ME a towel. Here come sit,” jm said sitting up on the couch and spreading his legs apart to make a space for jk to sit on the floor.
jk sat down with his back to jm, “hyung I can do it myself, you don’t have to-“

“just give it to me, it’s easier this way,” jm cut him off and grabbed the towel from him.

Jm leaned in and started drying jk’s hair, softly moving the towel over his fluffy brown locks.
jk immediately closed his eyes.

whenever jm ruffled his hair or pet him, he always felt at home, safe under his touch.

the couple were silent as jm diligently removed the water from jk’s hair.

when he was done, he wrapped his arms around jk’s neck, pulling him in closer.
jm leaned his head down and rested his cheek against jk’s newly washed hair, hugging him tight.

jk’s eyes remained closed, as he leaned back into his hyung’s embrace.

“hyung?” jk said sleepily.


“love you.”
jm’s eyes went wide, but he didn’t move from his position.

“I-I mean! I will probably grow to m-maybe love you, you know,, in the future!” jk tried to cover is up while attempting to escape from jm’s hug.

“where do you think you’re going,” jm said in his ear, his hold tight
jm readjusted his cheek on jk’s head and slowly rocked them side to side with jk in his arms. Jk relaxed again.



“Love you more,”

jk tried to hold back, he really did. but he gave in and broke jm’s embrace and practically jumped into his lap, burying+
his face in his hyung’s neck.

jm laughed and wrapped his arms around jk’s back. they stayed like this for awhile, almost falling asleep.

“I have to tell you something,” jm said.


“I finished all your oreos...”

jk immediately lifted his head.


he mad 🐰

thanks so much for reading!! this was a wild ride but I’m glad it’s all done, lemme know what you thought of it 🌟💫✨
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