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Sessions & Rod Rosenstein warned everybody to stop the leaks of classified information at the press conference where they both announced the formation of a new FBI leak hunting unit.

But nobody takes those guys seriously.
Great researcher @TheLastRefuge2 makes a convincing case leakers are being caught by being fed canary traps.…
I suspect LastRefuge2 is correct. We're watching the first stages of the rolling up of an ENTIRE LEAKING NETWORK.
They could've gone public with this indictment of Wolfe at any time over the past 4 months. They've had him cold for awhile now.

Why did they wait until NOW to spring the trap, go public and have him do his perp walk and court appearance?
I'll tell you why I *suspect* they waited until now.

The release of the DOJ's Office of the Inspector General's [OIG] much anticipated Hillary Clinton Email Report was the 'go' signal for unveiling the Wolfe indictment and the start of the rolling up of the leak network.
Do you remember what the FBI's entire original investigation of Hillary Clinton was about?

It was about the massive EXPOSURE OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION Clinton caused by setting up a private homebrew server to get away from required gov't oversight.
Ever since Trey Gowdy's House Oversight Committee stumbled over the existence of Hillary's illegal private server, DNC Media & Dem partisans have used every single trick in the book to try to pull your eyes off the ball.

The classified information she exposed.
Are you ready for a new wrinkle? I've studied the Clinton's since the 1990's. They are all about selling power, selling access, pay for play. They power and information brokers.

Who wants to bet there are emails/docs showing Clinton & cronies leaking classified information?
There was a REASON both James Comey & Andrew McCabe sat on the Weiner laptop for 3 weeks and didn't breathe a word about it until the NYPD forced their hand.
Washington DC was allowed to grow into a massive leak culture. The laws were not enforced so power & information brokers with security clearances made bank & got favors based on trading the nations secrets.
If you think HILLARY CLINTON & her top people were not playing the leak game, you don't know these people very well.
And they left a paper trail. Which Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz has been examining. For about a year and a half now.
Let me clear up a misconception a lot of people have about Horowitz's next report, which is slated to be released this coming Thursday, June 14th.

He's not just going to *critique* how FBI personnel followed proper protocols & procedures.
Horowitz and the several hundred investigators that work for his office have been *re-examining* the evidence from that Hillary Clinton investigation.

It's a do-over. This time without Comey or McCabe bending the scale to help the person who was *supposed to be* President.
All the emails that were examined during the original investigation, especially the ones that were found late on Weiner's laptop, Horowitz & his investigators have VERY THOROUGHLY AND EXHAUSTIVELY gone over them. Again. And they didn't miss anything.
After all, how thorough a critique of Comey & McCabe's investigation of the emails could Horowitz & his team give, to ensure all proper FBI procedures & protocols were followed if they DON'T look at the emails themselves?
While Comey & McCabe & Strzok bent over backwards to hide/dissemble/obfuscate the illegal activity Clinton engaged in, blathering about 'no intent', etc, Horowitz & his investigators aren't going to be interested in providing ANYBODY with excuses.
Massive exposure of classified information happened here. Clinton's unsecure server was never supposed to have classified information on it, she knew this and so she lied repeatedly about it while she was allowed to run for President.
And I'm certain when real investigators - not political partisans - dug into this once Horowitz launched his review back on January 12, 2017, they discovered plenty of evidence of coordinated strategic leaking by Hillary Clinton & her top people.
This has never been just about FIRING people.
This has never been just about plugging a leak here or there.

This has been about a massive criminal enterprise to fix an election, and failing in that, to cripple the incoming Trump administration.
And one of the biggest ways Obama/Hillary partisans still spread all throughout our gov't fight the 'good fight' against Trump is through strategic leaks, to thwart his policies and to place him, his family & his officials under suspicion.
Trump and his team KNOW this.

So they have had their counter attack ready.

Sessions & Rosenstein have spent over a year preparing traps for these leakers.

Oh you think they've been taking too long? Well tough. That's your opinion.

August last year:…
Remember what I said about Sessions & Rosenstein setting up a brand spanking new FBI counterintel unit tasked SOLELY with hunting down leakers of classified information?

This has been public info since last AUGUST.
After oh-so-very-carefully setting their canary traps and barium meals for the last year, Sessions & Co. are now ready to start rolling up the leaking networks that were SUPPOSED to cripple and paralyze Trump's administration.
They didn't want to just catch ONE leaker or TWO. They took their time, you see.

They went slow.

They watched these people.

They took very careful notes.

For almost a year.

They know who the leak brokers are, which reporters they use, which comms shops handed out $.
Just last November, Jeff Sessions said there were TWENTY SEVEN ACTIVE LEAK INVESTIGATIONS ongoing at the FBI.

Do you think Jeff Sessions just blows smoke?…
"Finally, here is what I want to tell every American today: This nation must end the culture of leaks. We will investigate and seek to bring criminals to justice. We will not allow rogue anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country any longer."
That's exactly what these leak brokers are: rogue political operatives with security clearances.

Well they better watch their backs.

There are serious, well trained counter intelligence agents looking for them. These are not people I would want looking for me.
Thanks to @themarketswork for tracking down the announcement of the creation of a new FBI counter intelligence unit specifically for hunting leakers of classified information:…
Here's the video and transcript of Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcing the formation of this new FBI Leak Hunting unit:…

I'm betting for the last 48 hours leak brokers and DNC Media reporters who thought they could play a role crippling the effectiveness of the Trump administration & are teleconferencing like mad about what do, wish they'd paid better attention to Sessions last August.
This is a FBI *counterintelligence* unit, people. They didn't pull the agents who comprise this new leak hunting unity out of the FBI mail room or the HR department.

These are the spy catchers. The best.
Spy catching/mole hunts/leak hunting is not a game you wrap up in 5 minutes.

These operations are long games that take patience. You don't wanna catch 1 spy and leave 3 behind because you were in a HURRY.
I was saying - and the record will reflect this - that when Brian Ross announced his big scoop of Trump ordering Gen. Flynn to speak secretly to the Russians BEFORE the election, that was a canary trap put out by leak hunters.
An even MORE obvious canary trap was the "Donald Trump Jr. Wikileaks email" story, where the reporters got the same WRONG INFORMATION from MULTIPLE SOURCES.

You know what I said? The sources actually ACCURATE REPORTED what they saw.

But what they saw was FAKE INFORMATION.
Those multiple sources - 3 sources, according to some reports - all SAW the same document.

But the document had the WRONG DATE on it. It said Dec 4, not Dec 14, which was when the real email was sent to Don Jr.
The leak hunters simply ALTERED THE DATE on a fake copy of the Don Jr. email and showed it to the suspected leakers. Who then RUSHED to leak it as fast as they could to their media contacts, thinking they had a smoking gun.
DNC Media then just shrugged, said "Ah well, somehow our multiple sources looked at the date on the email and all three of them got it wrong. Sorry!"

Well no.

They didn't get the date wrong. They fake document they were shown DID INDEED SAY the email was sent on Dec. 4th.
That is a textbook canary trap. Show a person fake information, wait to see if it leaks. If/When it does, you know exactly who leaked it.

Now try this on for size: the indictment of Wolfe says they confronted him on DECEMBER 15TH. That was SIX MONTHS AGO.
What do you supposed the leak hunters were doing while they were holding James A. Wolfe in their thrall for the past six months, hmmmmm? 🤔
This isn't just about catching one leaker.

This is about rolling up an entire LEAKING NETWORK.

They were sweating this guy for 6 months & when they were sure they had EVERYTHING HE COULD OFFER THEM, they gave him a deal & turned him over to the courts.
THAT is why Wolfe is only charged with 3 counts of perjury. The actual leaking of the classified info that the did carries FAR stiffer penalties than lying to the FBI.

All over DC & DNC Media people have been shitting bricks for the past 48 hours.
If you think this week was fun, wait until you see what unfolds next week.

The North Korea summit in Singapore is starting on Tuesday, Horowitz's report on the Clinton Email fiasco drops on Thursday.

And there'll be more leak news by next Saturday. I'm sure of it.

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