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Pay attention: THIS is what the case is about...
🔹It's about: CARTER PAGE
🔹Information re: his IDENTITY & ACTIVITIES
🔹Said information is: SECRET & TOP SECRET…
Here's what SECRET & TOP SECRET mean, respectively.
Interested yet? That's how important Carter is...
We all know that REPORTER #2 is @AliWatkins. She broke the story that @carterwpage had "met with and passed documents to a Russian intelligence operative", which is a scummy way of reporting that Page "was a key witness to the US in its successful prosecution of a SVR Agent". 🤔
The Prosecution tells us that Wolfe talked to multiple reporters, but conveyed "information" (secret) about Page to TWO of them. The second reporter, i.e. REPORTER #1, is without question: @BrianRoss.
Page confirms thusly in his testimony to House Intel Committee...…
Here's @BrianRoss w/some ambush-journalism. This was Wolfe&Co's favorite tactic... aside from smearing innocent citizen's reputations, they'd also employ Scientology-esque surveillance/harassment techniques... but why? 🤔
Think I'm joking about "harassment"? Here's Wolfe & REPORTER #3, confirmed as @MariannaNBCNews, high-fiving each other after some COORDINATED HARASSMENT of an outed intelligence asset, Carter Page:
Why is Wolfe&Co focused on Carter Page?
Why is information re: Page TOP SECRET?
Why did FBI conduct a COUNTERINTELLIGENCE OP to safeguard this info?
Let's go back to beginning: In March 2017, Executive Branch Agency (likely FBI) provides a package to SSCI for purposes of their ongoing investigation....
🔹Wolfe gets SECRET docs 03/17/17
🔹Texts & talks to @AliWatkins 03/17/17
🔹Ali waits to publish bombshell until 04/03/17
🔹Publishing is coordinated to Wolfe via text before/after

Why sit 2.5wks on the biggest scoop of your life?
Note: Brian Ross coordinates/waits also. 🤔
Buried at the end of Ali's story is a clue as to the TIMING of her & Brian Ross: one of the Russian Spies "associated with Page" was due to be released from US prison COINCIDENTALLY only 48HRS EARLIER. 🙄
I'm sure the Russian Spy's release date was on schedule and it was all a coincide....…
According to @GrahamKates, "docs" cite "good behavior" as reason for early release of a Russian Spy square in middle of largest Russian Spy scandal in US history. Can we see those "docs" Graham? Looks like Bureau of Prisons don't wanna talk about them. Were they released legally?
Why was Russian-Spy/material-witness released in middle of #RussiaGate?
Who authorized it?
Why wasn't it covered w/fanfare?
Why did @AliWatkins & @BrianRoss hold scoops until spy was released?
Why are reporters hostile to Page and not RELEASE of SVR agent? 🤔
Let's go back to the beginning again, adding in some context: Executive Branch Agency (FBI) agrees to furnish SSCI with Carter docs "around March 2017". SSCI takes delivery on March 17th. What was going on around this time? 🤔
On March 4, Trump begins #SpyGate accusations which serve as genesis for the counter-investigation into #CrossfireHurricane proper. To say it caused an UPROAR is putting it mildly.
March 7: Nunes hoodwinks @AdamSchiffCA into being more than "HAPPY" to call for an investigation into Trump's claims. Schiff smells impeachment blood. What a fool/tool.
March 9: Nunes & Schiff send demand to DOJ for "any applications to the FISA Court, any orders that court released, and any copies of warrants issued by federal judges" relating to surveillance of Trump Team.

The deadline is March 13th. 🤔
March 13: Deadline is here and DOJ wants an extension of time. CNN goes out of their way to note that the SENATE Intel Committee has no such deadlines, and further that Richard Burr has got all the answers he needs from "conversations". 😂…
Nunes responds by threatening to serve subpoenas at THE BIG SHOWDOWN, which is the March 20th "House Intelligence Committee Hearing on Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election".
And THESE TWO will be testifying under oath, on March 20th...
It's critical to understand the timing of events as #CrossfireHurricane began to unravel just as Trump was launching his counter-attack, dubbed #SpyGate. Everything erupted in mid March 2017. The Wolfe indictment is key to the turning of the tides.
The run-up to March 20 testimony was chaos. IC wasn't responding to oversight. Democrats were threatening to subpoena Trump over wiretap claims. These morons seriously thought POTUS could be impeached for what they THOUGHT was a 'slander' of Obama. 😂👍…
March 15: Trump appearance w Tucker, asked about wiretap claims. Aside from clarifying that 'wiretap' is a catch-all for #SpyGate surveillance in toto, Trump states two times for effect: "WE HAVE IT BEFORE THE COMMITTEE. WE'RE SUBMITTING SOME THINGS."

Welcome to the Terrordome.
Now let's review the timeline:
🔹3/4 Wiretap Tweet
🔹3/9 Nunes/Schiff demand FISA apps from DOJ by 3/13
🔹3/13 DOJ asks for extension
🔹3/15 Trump hints at 'submissions' for 3/20
🔹3/17 Secrets re: @carterwpage arrive & are stolen at SSCI
🔹3/20 Comey/Rogers testify
After DOJ stalls the release facts to Oversight (a trend which continues to this day), a document containing SECRET & TOP SECRET national security info concerning @carterwpage is sent to SSCI at the last minute on Friday night before BIG SHOWDOWN on Monday the 20th.
As soon as Wolfe was in receipt of TOP SECRET information about Page, he contacts Ali to inform. Later that night, they discuss details over a half-hour long phone call.

The question remains, why did both @AliWatkins & @BrianRoss wait two weeks to publish?
I'm going to just lay out my theory of what's going on here, even though its wild and I can't prove all the connections... ready for this?
I believe its likely that Jim Wolfe, Ali Watkins, Brian Ross & Devin Barrett were coordinated (knowingly or un) by FBI Strzok/McCabe/Comey to unveil the existence of hitherto unknown illegal FISA warrants (i.e. POLITICAL SPYING) in the most favorable way possible to FBI.
Once Trump laid down Gauntlet with #SpyGate accusations, & subsequent calls/threats from Oversight over FISA, #CrossfireHurricane conspirators knew the jig was up. As is custom for Obama FBI, they preferred to disclose this info via a compliant press, vs routine legal channels.
Did I say Obama FBI leaking was "custom"? Duh. As detailed elsewhere that:
🔹Strzok/Lisa used @DevlinBarrett to shape info, push leaks out of FBI
🔹McCabe leaked for personal gain, & lied, & was charged for it
🔹Comey leaked classified memos for political ends (charges pending)
Here's the skinny on @DevlinBarrett (comments welcome, bro!) before we proceed in case you missed this chapter. Good read...…
So Devlin (a known, pliant leak-recipient) breaks story on Carter's infamous FISA warrant on April 11. He informs us that FISA apps contain "the most closely guarded secrets in the world".

But BEHOLD, Devlin has OODLES of those secrets to share w/us. 🤔
Here's Devlin cross-referencing @AliWatkins & @BrianRoss reporting. Good thing Carter's identity in the Burakov case was made public knowledge just two weeks prior!
More cross-referencing? 🤔
TOP: @AliWatkins, 04/03
BOTTOM: @DevlinBarrett, 04/11
Someone at the FBI REALLY WANTS YOU TO KNOW that this leaked Carter Page info is the REAL "CLEAR" EVIDENCE of super bad stuff.
🔹04/03: Ali & Ross break Carter FBI prior-case TSI, related to ⤵️
🔹04/11: Devlin breaks Cater Page FBI FISA-warrant TSI, related to ⤴️
🔹All 3 reporters are PROVEN, felony-leak recipients, all related to Carter 🔄
Almost seems like EVERYTHING WE KNOW about @carterwpage seems to stem from FELONY LEAKS of classified information intentionally shaped (i.e. parceled, separately distributed via leaks) by the FBI. 🤔 Don't ever forget: THESE FOUR creeps were still ACTIVE!
CONSIDER: the FBI's RESPONSE to Oversight demanding "any wiretapping applications, orders and warrants related to President Trump and Associates" was to coordinate a LEAK CAMPAIGN designed to DEFAME @carterwpage & COVER for (soon to be revealed) FISA.
If all FISA information was being turned over, why no crazy leak campaign targeting Manafort? Why risk smearing Page's name, but nothing on Manafort?…
FISA info was being turned over at end of MARCH, & a leak campaign to smear Page ensued almost immediately...
🔹Why was Manafort's FISA not even mentioned until mid-SEPTEMBER?
🔹Why does it get ZERO COVERAGE relative to Page and/or after disclosure?
CNN 'breaks' Manafort FISA story on 09/18/17 & that's literally the ONLY TIME its discussed in the news media. 🤔

Coverage of Page FISA dwarfs anything on Mana (see 04/17 reveal vs 09/18 vs FISA memos 2018). Reminder: Mana is sitting in solitary. Nobody talks about his FISA. 🙄
For more on the MYSTERIOUS SIMILARITIES between Manafort & Page contrasted against their POLAR OPPOSITE OUTCOMES via the Mueller investigation, see here:
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