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1. I have a few things to say about the IG report expected tomorrow. We have long been waiting for this report, so I’d like to do a quick prep for what I think it will contain, what I think will happen, and how I will interpret what does.
2. It’s been reported that this first installment will be appx. 400-500 pages. As someone who has read lots of these, I’d like to give perspective. I read the Fast and Furious report. It was 515 pages.…
3. When I read it, I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t as hard hitting as I expected. I left feeling underwhelmed. THEN- I realized a few things. The report was issued in 2012. It was likely completed before Horowitz was sworn in.
4. I’ve covered in detail why it is that an Obama appointed IG is actually a good thing for us. First, it removes the Democrat and establishment ability to claim partisanship. Second, under Obama, the IG was handcuffed - unable to do his job.
5. Holder and Obama made it so that Horowitz had to ask them permission for docs and information they needed to provide their oversight. Well, what’s the point of that?! So, Horowitz went around them and worked with congress to change all of that through legislation.
6. Horowitz has an axe to grind. He wasted more money to do next to nothing and the relationship between he and the Obama administration was horribly strained. He’s free now. The office is free.
7. I knew that this was, in fact, the case when I read the 40 page report on McCabes ONE LEAK to Barret of the WSJ. I’ve spoken at length about how meticulous, how detailed, how sharp, how THOROUGH, and how WELL DONE that report was.
8. In comparison to Fast and Furious, it was a BREATH OF FRESH AIR. You could FEEL the difference in the report. Placing them side by side was “Dark” to “Light”. Remember, the OIG Report that brought a criminal referral and cost McCabe his job was literally a report on ONE LEAK.
9. The rebuttals were magnificent. The case was made air tight. There were even hints in there that gave us more information than most would pick up on. The MSM didn’t pick that thing apart the way indies did. I personally spent almost 16 hours dissecting 40 pages.
10. @hfinch61 did a 50 tweet thread on it. We found things that would lay a foundation for everything to come. It was a VERY important report in more ways than one. It showed us what we would be getting out of these DEMOCRAT requested IG investigations.
11. It’s been a long road here, but let’s go over what we know. We know that Sessions very silently appointed a US Attorney to work with Horowitz on these projects. We know that THIS DID NOT LEAK UNTIL HE TOLD US ABOUT IT. The US Attorney serves several purposes.
12. For one, the complaint you’ve oft heard out of both politicians and pundits hysterically yelling at cameras “Horowitz can’t interview people who have left the department!!! THESE PEOPLE ARE WASTING OUR TIME” is completely MOOT.
13. Horowitz refers to Huber, and Huber brings them in for questioning or to testify in front of the CRIMINAL GRAND JURY he has impaneled, right now, as we speak. This has been confirmed on numerous occasions by Goodlatte, and Rosenstein. You just had to listen to hear it.
14. The existence of this GJ was (and still really is) SECRET. NO. LEAKS. When you hear people yelling they haven’t gotten docs or info, I make the argument it’s because they are a part of an ongoing criminal investigation that CAN NOT BE CONFIRMED OR DENIED.
15. Huber has at his disposal 400 attorneys, investigators, staff, etc. In effect, HE IS A SECOND SPECIAL COUNSEL. Everyone screaming that we need another SC doesn’t understand how many full steps BACKWARDS we would be moving should we go that route.
16. I’ve always wondered why people just ignore the information in front of them, but I finally am near certain - they need you pissed. They need you angry. They need you screaming for arrests. You can’t roll up some of the most high profile politicians of our time without that.
17. One more point - lots of folks ask why Huber didn’t indict McCabe. Remember, the report we got on McCabe was a spin off report from the INSD. I don’t believe Horowitz was assigned the scope to use Huber for anything that wasn’t listed in his directive.
18. Sound familiar? It’s just like a special counsel, eh?
19. Now, what do I expect to play out in the coming days. I expect a DAMNING report to drop tomorrow. My gut tells me to expect few redactions, and to be able to figure out what the redactions are. If something is heavily redacted, I expect that after We the People make noise
20. It will be promptly unredacted. I expect that we will learn details about what’s happened in our government over the past several years, specifically surrounding the Clinton Email investigation, that will make us more sick than we have been thus far.
21. I expect there to be reference to other “spin off” reports we can anticipate in the near future, found while digging through the cesspool our nations capital became under the last admin and several before it.
22. I expect the MSM to read the report on a cursory level. I do not expect real reporting on it or deep dives. You will need to come to us for that information and we will need to share the ever living hell out of it. Legit.
23. I expect talking heads to try to downplay the report and make it seem like nothing, and I expect that YOU ARE SMARTER THAN TO FALL FOR THAT CRAP. I want to see calm, measured, thoughtful responses from our group, and anger where warranted. DO NOT FALL FOR MSM GARBAGE
24. The Fudge Rule should be in FULL EFFECT. Do not let them sway your hearts and minds. Find researchers you trust and disseminate information. We are the media now. Remember that.
25. In terms of action? I do NOT expect heads rolled up on a platter tomorrow, or Friday, or even next week. If we do not get arrests immediately after this thing drops, DO NOT GET HYSTERICAL. Please, I beg of you. There will ABSOLUTELY be criminal referrals and even indictments.
26. I am nearly certain there are already indictments ready and waiting. There has not been a GJ working for all of this time for no reason. These things take time. Horowitz testifying in front of congress is a necessary part of his work.
27. However, while Congress can recommend that the Justice department make referrals, it doesn’t make them. Watch the public testimony, but don’t let it be your end all be all.
28. Understand, we are looking at criminality at levels of power the likes of which this country has never publicly seen. And this is just the beginning. There are STILL several more of these reports to go- on and on all through Russiagate.
29. So, in closing- get angry. Get loud. Get passionate - but don’t give up hope if things don’t happen on YOUR timetable. We are all so sick and tired of this, but it’s moving.
30. I KNOW I don’t speak only for myself when I say that I have been waiting for this to drop for almost 16 months now. I’ve studied every last piece of publicly available information getting ready for this day to come.
31. I can assure you, myself and DOZENS of other researchers are going to pull this report apart down to the letter, and we will not stop until we have dissected it bare bones and three times over. I will be threading, writing, making videos, consistently over the coming days
32. I know all of you will too. You will be reading this report to do your part to get the information out there and raise public awareness so that the people doing good inside of our institutions can execute their plans to put these people away.
33. Together - family - together we will get through this thing. I love you all, and hang tough. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” #MAGA
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