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*long sigh* Really, ARMY?
The first time was before debut.

Jin had just moved into the dorm with a group of boys that might become his bandmates. And he was a little worried.

Laying on his bed one night, he looked up frowned into the darkness. Maybe this was a bad idea. He missed being home, +
and he missed being around people he knew. He was living with strangers, and he had had a very nasty day.

Jin had come into the company very optimistic. Even though he hadn't been trained in dance or singing, he figured, why not give it a try, right? It could be fun.
He used to like the singing classes. The warmups, with their rising triads, the trills, the magic.

Then another trainee had laughed, calling his voice nasal. He stopped singing down the halls.

He used to like the dancing. Fast steps and a satisfying workout.
It should have been a natural thing, right? You hear a tune you like, so you dance or sing along.

But then another trainee had made fun of his dancing, and he stopped moving along with as much enthusiasm. It was becoming easier to take on that "cold" persona he had been given.
Maybe he should just go home. Quit now, before he wasted too much time and money.

But, he thought sadly, he WANTED to stay. He wanted to be close to the other members he was placed with. He wanted to get along.

He heard a sniffle from one of the bunks, and he froze.
Sitting up a little, he listened hard, trying to discern where the noise was coming from. They had all been placed in a very tiny dorm, and the room was filled wall to wall with bunkbeds.

The sniffling came again, and it was from Jungkook's bed.
Jungkook, who had joined BigHit around the same time as Jin. A quiet kid, very timid. He had moved into the dorms awhile before Jin, since Jin's family lived nearby in Seoul.

"Jungkook?" he called out softly. The sniffles stopped on a dime. "Is that you?"
"Sorry," he croaked. "I'm sorry, I woke you up."

"What's wrong?"

"It's stupid, I'm sorry, I'll be quiet."

"No, seriously, what is it?" Jin tried to soften his voice, but he wasn't sure how effective it would be. Leaning forward, he squinted into the dark, trying to see him.
Barely discernible in the darkness was the shadow of Jungkook's form curled up on his bare mattress. He seemed to be huddled up into a ball.

He waited, and wondered if Jungkook was ignoring his question. Namjoon's snores rang out unceremoniously above their heads.
Finally, Jungkook spoke.

"I just... Miss home."
Seokjin felt his heart squeezed tightly, as if in a vice.

Of course Jungkook would miss home. The kid was so young. What was he, 14? 15? And he barely spoke, just hovering around the edges of conversations, wide, bugging eyes that looked fearful and lost.
HIS family was all the way in Busan. Seokjin felt a stab of guilt in his chest. After all, he had seen his mother that morning, and he was already going to visit for dinner that weekend. Plus, he was older than Jungkook. He was practically still a baby.
"You have a brother, right?"

Jungkook sniffed hard again, a little sob escaping him. "Y-yeah. One hyung."

"It's rough. I'm the youngest, too." Jin didn't know why that was relevant, but it felt like it had the time. Jin stared at the dark shadow of Jungkook for a moment.
He lifted up his comforter, the blue one from his bed at home. "Hey, you wanna come over?"

Jungkook was silent, as if holding his breath.

Jin patted the sheet gently, knowing Jungkook could hear the sound. "Come on, it's fine. I'm feeling a little lonely too, actually."
Hesitantly, Jungkook slid off the edge of his mattress, hugging his pillow to his chest. " it alright?"

"Of course," Jin said, although truth be told, he wasn't used to sharing beds with other guys, he figured this case was a good enough exception. "Come on."
Jungkook slowly laid down on the bed next to him, and Seokjin threw the blanket over them both. Then, he shuffled up a little closer.

"You're homesick, too?" Jungkook said quietly.

"Yeah, I am," responded Jin.


"You wanna talk about it?"

"No, I just.." Jungkook paused.
Seokjin just waited patiently, letting the boy think into the quiet of the dorm room.

"I just don't want to be alone."

"Fair enough," Jin said. He could tell Jungkook was on the verge of tears again, so he acted nonchalant. "Big spoon or little spoon?"
Jungkook recoiled, as if in shock, then said, "L-Little?"

Seokjin threw his arm around the boy's waist, drawing him back and into him. He could smell Jungkook's shampoo and feel his nervousness, but they didn't speak anymore they night.

That was the first time.
3) Choose. You have two hours to pick.
The second time was in the living room of the dorm, when Jungkook was sick.

They had just finished practice, and the maknae was laying on the floor near the low table, a pillow hugged to his chest as he stared at the wall. Seokjin slipped out of the shower & found him there.
He smiled down at the boy, his hair still dripping wet and his skin still tickling from the steam of the shower. They had been doing better, lately. Jungkook still snuck into his bed once in awhile, silently cuddling up next to him. They talked quietly about their families in +
the dark, about what they missed from home. Focusing on gently helping Jungkook adjust to being away from home at such a young age was occupying a part of Jin's mind, enabling himself some calm, in a way. Worrying about Jungkook meant he had less time to feel sorry for himself. +
The other members were warming up to each other gradually, too. Yoongi and Namjoon seemed to have the most easy going rapport, sometimes just knowing from a glance what the other wanted to say. They had a similar work ethic, an understanding. Jimin and Tae still fought +
quite often, but more and more they were playing with each other and teasing, finally reaching a better understanding once Hoseok had reined them in with his sneakily powerful way.

And Jungkook? He needed more time. And that was okay, they had decided.
"Hey, Jungkook," Jin said. The boy looked up, And Jin noticed that his face was pinkened, cheeks flushed. He chuckled. "You look like you're blushing."

"Huh?" JK touched his fingertips to his cheeks, and frowned. "Oh, I feel hot."

The smile on Jin's face faded. He crouched +
down next to JK, feeling his cheeks. "Yeah, I think you have a fever, kid."

JK pouted, hugging his pillow tighter. "I'm just sleepy, that's all."

Jin shook his head softly, rolling his eyes. He grunted, laying down next to Jungkook and scooping him up in his arms, hugging +
the younger from behind. JK let out a little squeak of surprise, but went limp in his embrace. Jin reached up one hand to run it through JK's hair, hoping to make him feel a little better.
They laid there like that for quite awhile, until Namjoon walked through, an icepop in his mouth and a look of confusion on his face.

"What're you doing to Jungkook?"

"I'm cuddling him,"Jin said matter of factly. "Because he's feeling sick."

"Ah," Namjoon paused. Then came +
the sound of his feet padding softly on the flooring. "Should I, uh, join you?"

"No thanks, I think I've got this one," Jin chuckled.


Namjoon walked out, and the room went quiet. JK's eyes had fluttered shut, and he let out a little sigh. Things were still +
quite awkward and tense, the closeness of the dorms sometimes stifling, sometimes scary. But moments like this, although initially odd, seemed to settle down into something like comfort.

Jin shuffled in a bit closer, until his nose was buried in Jungkook's hair. He sighed.
They fell asleep that way, or at least, until Taehyung and Hoseok came back from an ice cream run and tackled the two of them on the floor.
Later that night, Seokjin went to remove his shirt for bed, and he paused.

He had caught a strong whiff of a smell that was not his own, and out of curiosity, he paused with the shirt halfway pulled over his face.

It took him a moment to realize that it was the smell of JK.
He smiled, indulging in the happy smell for a moment and then pulling his shirt off. Jungkook always smelled pretty nice, since he was a bit of a clean freak, and his smell hadn't blended in with the others as much yet bc he said he didn't like sharing clothes. +
He must have sweated quite a bit in his fever, with Seokjin pressed in close against his shoulders. Jungkook tended to sweat easily anyways. Seokjin threw the shirt into the hamper and got ready for bed.
4) Choose, you have ten mins:
The third time was on a very dark night.

Their debut stage, for Seokjin, had been awful as all hell. He had already been nervous, he was already stressed.

And then, during their stage, the most embarrassing thing had happened.

Seokjin's pants had slipped.
The mic had seemed too heavy, he thought. But no one said anything so he had let it be. They had wished each other luck, and the others had made some mistakes.

But Jin... Felt his loose waistband betray him, and the pants, weighted down by the microphone pack, had slide down +
to his thighs. He panicked, missing steps, the song thrown off. His face felt hot. He felt humiliated.

A couple of the staff reassured him not to worry. But Jin had cried. Maybe it wasn't the most manly reaction, but the buildup, the pressure, was so much.
Jimin was at his side quickly, touching his arm in reassurance. But if Jimin made even a minor mistake in choreography, he would practice it over and over again for hours.

There was no replay for this one.
A couple days later, his mother invited him out to dinner to celebrate their debut. Jin felt like he really needed this, a focus on the positive.

He hadn't talked about the incident since it had happened, avoiding it and acting like he was fine.
It was the day of and he was messaging his mother, and she said she was on her way, when he heard the fridge open, and a sigh. Seokjin looked up, leaning around the corner wall to peer into the tiny kitchen.

Jungkook was there, staring into the mostly empty fridge.
"Hey, what are you looking for?"

Jungkook whirled around, not knowing Jin was that close, and a tiny smile flickered across his mouth.

"Oh, I was just checking for leftovers..."

Jin hummed, not thinking much of it.

Jungkook turned back to the fridge, closing the door and +
turning to the cupboards. There were a few ingredients left over from Jin and Hoseok's attempts to feed the household, but money was tight for the members at this point, and allowance was scarce.
It wasn't until Jungkook sat down on the floor next to Jin, eating a half-finished bag of bonito flakes, that Jin realized the kid didn't have anything to eat.

"Jungkook? Are you hungry?"

JK was licking his fingers clean of the flaky powder & stopped. "Uh, I'm ok. I have this."
Jin stared. "That's not food, you brat. What about your allowance?"

JK's eyes flickered away, and he crumpled at the bag a little nervously, as though ashamed. "I... I spent it all already."

Jin considered for a moment, and then felt his stomach drop. Jungkook was still hungry.
"Hey," he said quietly, this time taking HIS turn at looking at somewhere else in the room. "I'm going out to dinner with my folks. You wanna come?"

JK's eyes widened, and that fearful, lost look came again. "Hyung, I didn't--"

"You didn't do anything, don't worry." Jin smiled.
It took a bit more convincing and a text to his parents to let them know, but soon they were on their way to the restaurant, JK sitting silent and awkward in the backseat with Jin and his older brother.

It hadn't been the first time Jin had brought a friend over for dinner +
because of this, and it wouldn't be the last, he was sure. But it felt a bit different this time. His parents were absolutely fine with it, and his mother asked Jungkook friendly questions from the front seat.
Dinner was at a nice restaurant, and Jin chuckled when he saw JK looking around in awe.

He patted the boy's shoulder when they were being walked over to their table. "Hey, cat got your tongue?"

"It's so fancy..."

Jin looked around at the crystal chandeliers and tablecloths.
"Yeah, this is the one we usually just go to on my birthday."

Jungkook whirled around, almost angry as he stared up at him.

He hissed, so that Jin's family couldn't hear. "I didn't know you were rich!!"

Jin blinked, then laughed.

"We're not rich, I promise. My dad just +
works at a good position in a good company, so we're well off."

Jungkook didn't talk for awhile after that, as if soaking in the information. They sat down, and Jungkook seemed to have no confidence in ordering, so Jin recommended drinks and an appetizer for him, which he +
accepted with a furtive nod. It was cute, really. Jungkook was the sort of person that just had to sit there silently, and it made you want to spoil him and look out for him.

When the food came, Jungkook seemed determined to balance polite manners with a ravenous appetite, +
and it amused Jin to sit next to him and watch the boy try to switch between paying his parents compliments and inhaling food as nicely as he could manage.

"Jungkook, you can relax," said Jin's older brother. "It's just us."

Jin chuckled into his glass.
Jin patted Jungkook's shoulder, which had already started to stiffen up, either from his workout obsession recently, or from his nervousness.

"It's nice to feed a dongsaeng," Jin said calmly. "Even if he has sauce all over his cheek."

Jungkook gasped, making the day of +
yellow sauce smeared across his cheek just look all the more endearing. Embarrassed, he wiped at it with his cloth napkin, and then turned to Jin for help.

"Did I get it?"

"Most of it, yeah," Jin shook his head. He took his own napkin and dabbed the rest of it away, holding +
Jungkook's chin in his free hand. Jungkook looked up at him with a painful expression, & Jin paused for a moment.

In the midst of their conversation, the time with his parents, the food, & teasing the youngest, Jin realized that he had somehow forgotten about The Mic Incidient.
They drove home in the midst of a dark rainstorm that clattered noisilu against the car.

"Thank you for the meal, Mr. and Mrs. Kim," said Jungkook, leaning toward the front seat, his voice light and happy.

"You're very welcome," said his father, glancing into the rear view +
mirror. "You should join us next time too."

And Jungkook nodded. And he would, and he would go to Jin's house often. Jin thought that the visits helped a bit with the homesickness, and expected that JK would sneak into his bed less often. But quite the opposite was true.
5) Choose:

(Get your mind out of the gutter, it's still early! )
The fourth time? It was Jin's turn.

It was an early morning, and Jin woke up puffy-eyed and exhausted. Things we're starting to pick up, and schedules were getting busier. They were doing variety shows, interviews, music shows, Twitter posts, practices, and more.
There had been ups and downs. A couple of times they had broke down crying, needing to work together as a group to figure things out, as one team. A few times, members had said they were going to leave.

But Jin was glad he stayed. No, really.
There were ups and downs, struggles and rewards. But Jin felt at home. Sure, he loved his family a lot. He still called his mother almost every day, his brother would still pick on him lovingly when he went home. Fan signs and concerts? Were so amazing. Jin felt like he was +
with his family, when he was with Bangtan on stage.

But some days, stress piles up, and there's no label for all the different contributing factors that leads up to it, and the straw that breaks the camel's back is such a miniscule and ridiculous thing.
For Jin, it was something as small as a text.
He woke up early, despite having only a few hours sleep, because Jungkook needed him. He was able to drive Jungkook to school, and he wanted to make sure the kid didn't oversleep. They didn't want him taking twenty years to graduate, after all.

Also, Jin is good at waking him.
"Kookie," he called, slapping a hand down on the boy's thigh under the comforter. "Kookie, wake up."

No sound. Jungkook slept like the dead.

It took six rounds of gentle nudging, to shoulder shaking, back rubbing, and finally a double nipple twist to get the youngest awake.
At last, Jin left him sitting up on the bed, hair stuck out in all directions, and went out to make them something to eat.

He knew that if left to his own devices, Jungkook would probably oversleep every goddamn day. Their schooling was flexible, too, but there was something +
like being punctual, either way, that was important. He made them some tea as well. Jungkook was breaking out in pimples across his whole body, and he was exhausted a lot. Seeing Jin meticulously take care of his skin ("I'm the visual, after all") , JK had kept complimenting +
Jin and saying how envious he was, until Jin had offered to do the same skin care routine with JK that he did himself. He gave the youngest a pile of face masks and oils and vitamins to help him, which the maknae used for approximately a week and a half before forgetting about +
them, which only left the herbal teas that Jin had splurged on, for them to enjoy together.

Jin sat down, waiting for the electric kettle to heat up, and checked his phone.
And then, he wanted to cry.

He had received a text from an old classmate, someone he had once gotten along well with, and had drifted from after graduation.

He would learn later that the old "friend" had accidentally given out the phone number for "Jin FROM BTS" and that the +
anti had used it to send the hate text, but at the time, he read it as if from a classmate, and the mockery and hatred in it made him choke from the unexpectedness.
Taunts about his looks, his hands, his dancing, his voice, they attacked everything. Called him useless, and hated.

It felt like a betrayal he would have never suspected.
"Hyung?" came Jungkook's voice. Jin looked up, seeing the blurry image of JK in his school uniform. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," he shrugged. "Just some stupid hater."

Normally, it wasn't something Jin would let under his skin. Perhaps that habit of impenetrability was +
what made Jungkook so worried, moving over to grip at Jin's shoulder. He didn't know what had been said, didn't know the friend that had texted or why each point seemed particularly aimed and accurately at his insecurities. But in that sense, Jungkook didn't seem to care much.
"Hyung," Jungkook said simply. He moved in close, his backpack slung awkwardly over one shoulder, as he leaned in and hugged Jin tightly.

"Hyung, don't cry, please."

Jin sniffed, then tried to laugh it off. Tried to tell Jungkook he was fine. But the stress of their schedule+
the last few weeks suddenly hit him, the need to rest hit him, and the way Jungkook so whole-heartedly clung on him just hit him, and he hiccuped out another set of big, fat tears.

"Hyung, don't let it get to you." Jungkook's words were so simple, but they felt sincere. "You +
know you're important to us, right? We love you, no matter what."

Jin blinked. A proclamation of unconditional love was not the thing he had been expecting, truth be told.

He hiccuped again. "What?"

"We love you and need you. You're important to us, so whatever it is..."
He drew back a little, and became the Young Jungkook again, smallet and uncertain.

"What makes you say that?"

"I dunno, I just.. when I woke up I realized you do a lot of little things, especially for me and Taehyung and Jimin."

Jin wiped the tear streaks from his cheeks.
"That's just normal hyung stuff," he shrugged. Even though it wasn't true. It wasn't just "normal" hyung stuff to him. He wanted to take care of them all. He wanted to be a part of things.

"You drive me to school so often," said JK with a smile. "And it's so early."
"It's fine," Jin said. "Education is good for you."

JK smiled. He stood up, taking Jin's hand. Wordlessly, he squeezed it, and Jin felt a thousand words that Jungkook wasn't very good at expressing being shot through to his heart at that one, little reassuring squeeze.
On the drive to school, they chattered easily, as usual, or sat in silence.

And as natural as could be, Jungkook held Jin's hand most of the drive, comforting him without words.

Jin realized that Jungkook was growing up, and so was he.
6) Choose:
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The fifth time, there was an accident.

Bangtan had EXPLODED. They went from when Yoongi handmade gifts for all their fans (with a little help, mostly from Jimin) to a point where they were filling up venues. It was amazing.

This world, this experience, was amazing.
But it wasn't without it's amusing and stupid points.
"Get back here!" Taehyung shrieked, chasing after a laughing Jungkook. The youngest had taken the extra burger they'd gotten from McDonalds, even tho Tae had tried to claim it. Jungkook had his face scrunched up in amusement, a blossoming & now comfortable man with his brothers.
"Hey!" Taehyung ran around the dining room table, then the couch. The new dorm was much bigger, but a large part of the main room was taken up by an enormous closet area, filled with clothes & half packed suitcases.

Seokjin was laying on the couch, watching TV, soon to be victim
Jungkook, still clutching the burger, leaped over the back of the couch, intending to land on the cushions and bounce right off.
Instead, he lands butt-first right on Seokjin's stomach.

"OOF!" Seokjin grunted, hands flying up to push off the offending body.
It was a couple second in when he realized that one hand was pushing against Jungkook's crotch, & the boy fumbled & fell off the couch in shock, tumbling to the floor. The burger rolled away.

"Sorry, hyung!" JK called out, flailing to his feet & running away, Tae close behind.
Seokjin laid on the couch, eyes wide, hair ruffled and hand still frozen mid-air.

That was weird.
Yoongi walked through the room, saw Jin's hand still up in the air, reached down for a wordless high-five, then walked out.
That night at dinner, Jin was watching Jimin hanging onto Jungkook, and he realized something. Jungkook was getting close to the age Namjoon was at their debut. Soon, they'd be celebrating the youngest's coming of age.

He was taller now, and more social with the others.
The easily intimidated young boy was melting away with puberty. He was taller than Jimin, had started to laugh louder than Namjoon, teased more than Tae.

Seokjin's heart was warmed by the thought that they had grown up together.
"Jin-hyung, are you going to finish this?" JK said, even as he was already stealing the extra chicken off Jin's plate. He let out an exaggerated shriek, as if he was angry, and it made Jungkook laugh. He wasn't really angry.
He went to go to bed, and Yoongi was there, writing out something on a notepad.

"Hey," Jin said. "I noticed today that JK's grown up a lot."

"Yeah," Yoongi muttered. "He's grown like a weed. So have Tae and Jimin."
"It's weird, right? They're not little kids anymore."

Yoongi snorted. "He hasn't acted like a little kid for awhile."

"Hm?" Seokjin pulled off his sweater, preferring to sleep shirtless on these hot nights. Yoongi glanced up, smirking and continued writing.
"I mean he's been stealing my gay porn magazines for some time now. Thinks he's really slick, too."

Seokjin stood still like a statue, looking over at Yoongi. "W-what?"

"Yeah, he really likes the smaller uke stuff. Softer stories instead of the sex-only oneshots."

"I know he really liked it if he keeps it for awhile. I think he copies some of the art down into his sketchbook."

Seokjin said nothing. "Well, I guess he doesn't hang out with girls very much, so..."

"You kidding? The boy's been bi-curious since the day he got here."
Seokjin pursed his lips together. "What makes you say that?"

"Count the number of the times the kid compliments a body part," Yoongi chuckled, "In a SINGLE DAY. He's been obsessed with your shoulders lately."

"Everyone jokes about them, though, to be fair. Even me."
Yoongi let out a noncommittal snort. Namjoon walked in, peered over at shirtless Seokjin, rolled his eyes and then turned to Yoongi. "Can I borrow your earbuds?"

"Only if you clean them off when you're done, you slob," said Yoongi. "They're in the top drawer."

Namjoon moved as if to leave, but then saw Seokjin still standing there, as if dumbfounded. "Something wrong?"

"Jin is just now noticing Jungkook's budding sexuality," commented Yoongi without looking up."

"Oh, he's been bi-curious since he got here," Namjoon said breezily.
Seokjin choked out a little. "You, too?"

Namjoon frowned at Seokjin. "We were roommates."

"Oh my god, they were roommates," Yoongi shot out automatically, rolling his eyes.

"He's not subtle, I mean, it's healthy for a kid his age." Namjoon just shrugged. "Goodnight."
"Goodnight," Seokjin said, sitting down on his bed. He sat quietly for a second, and then crawled underneath his sheet. In the living room, he could hear the fighting sounds as Jungkook stayed up late playing Overwatch.
Seokjin woke up partway through the night, his eyes fluttering open. In the light of a Mario Star-shaped nightlight, he could see Jungkook had crawled into bed next to Jin, mouth hanging open as he breathed a bit noisily in his sleep.
Jin stared at him in the dark, one hand tucked under his own cheek. JK's ankles were draped loosely over his own, but Jungkook had brought his own pillow (which he wasn't using, curled as close as he was, to lay on Jin's instead).

After a moment, Jin realized that JK's hand +
was laid against Jin's bare chest, tucked in close. Fingers splayed against one dark nipple so nonchalantly. Seokjin laid there for a moment, wondering if this was curiosity, or a kid seeking warmth in his sleep, or if it meant something.

Signals were confusing.
In the silence and quiet of sleep, in his own curiosities, Jin asked himself honestly, which answer it was that he hoped for. Should he be upset by it, if it meant something? Should he be putting JK in his place?

He didn't know.

Seokjin hadn't even had his first kiss.
He thought about how Yoongi said JK had been obsessed with his shoulders lately. In all honesty, Jin had noticed, and chalked it up to just envy. JK grew up in a house of pretty older men. He even cited the reason he worked out so much was to become more manly & strong like them.
It was probably just generic curiosity, Jin decided.

But his own? He didn't know about that.

What was his favorite feature on Jungkook, he thought? The first thing he had noticed was his big eyes, all wide and lost like a stray lamb.
Then, he had noticed his teeth, crooked and endearing. It used to be a real gift, to have instigated a true smile from him.

Scratch that. It still was.

Was it the cheek scar? Jin traced his finger along it. It ran in a little line along the apple of one cheek, barely +
noticeable when JK had to wear makeup. Here, with no makeup, face softened in sleep, the cheek scar looked prominent, as well as the acne scars he still had, little dimples and fissures in his skin that were just a part of him, like everything else.
Maybe the lips? That was supposed to be a focal point, if you were... 'curious,' right?

Seokjin turned to look at JK's mouth. The sharply angled cupid's bow, the little beads of sweat on his philtrum. Seokjin smiled.
He hadn't told the others he hadn't had his first kiss. It wasn't that he'd had no experiences or opportunities, but... Taehyung was right. He was a romantic at heart, goddamn it. He wanted his first kiss to be someone he trusted, someone he felt close to, felt something for.
Was Jungkook that person?


Jungkook muttered a little in his sleep, wriggling and adjusting his head on the pillow, lips pressing together.
7) Choose:
Seokjin reached out, his finger touching JK's lips. At first, it was a delicate touch, light as a butterfly kiss.

His lips were soft, and warm. Seokjin swallowed. Then, he crinkled his brow, and pushed somewhat roughly against JK's mouth, squishing his lips in +
until he could feel himself pushing back against the boy's teeth. He chuckled quietly, then wriggled his finger up a little north, wiping at the glittery beads of sweat there.

Still amused, Jin sighed. It wouldn't be right, to steal what would be both of their first kisses.
"You're too cute, Kookie," Jin whispered, his voice a little crackly in the night. "Hyung loves you."
8) Choose:
"Hyungie loves you," he said sleepily, nuzzling deeper into his pillow, and drifting off. He yawned. "Very much."

He falls to sleep, his breath evening out, as a very confused Jungkook opens his eyes and stares at his eldest hyung, utterly baffled.
Jungkook had been awake since Seokjin had shifted on the bed, finding Jungkook had crawled in. When Seokjin had touched his lips, he had almost puffed out his cheeks and sprayed spittle in his face, but then, Seokjin had whispered something sweet and kind, instead of +
teasing him or making fun of him in his sleep, and Jungkook was never sure of how to take THAT kind of thing.

He lay there, watching Jin's handsome face in the glow of the nightlight. Then, realizing there was nothing else to be done that night, he went back to sleep.
9) Choose which for Jungkook to do:
Things has changed now, although Jungkook wasn't sure why or how.

There wasn't much time to sit and linger on it during their comeback, but when they were given a few days off to go home, Jungkook started to sense the changes.

For one thing, even at their homes, all of +
the members seemed to spam the group chat, making JK roll his eyes at their ridiculousness.

JK also noticed that Jin didn't talk to him as much directly as he did during the last few months. It was odd, but he didn't know what to say or how to ask about it, so they ignored it.
Another thing JK noticed was how much his life had changed these last few years. He was able to gift his parents a car. A whole car! And they were living a safe and stable life. Suddenly, the late practices, the sweaty dance practices,the hours in the studio, made it worth it.
When asked by his relatives if he felt like he was under a lot of stress or if he would leave, though, he found himself saying that he would stay anyways, even if they weren't getting so popular.

Bangtan was too important to him, now.
It was late one night when Jimin asked the group to video chat. The only ones available were himself, Jimin, and Seokjin.
He sat in a closet so that he wouldn't wake up and disturb his sleeping family, an earbud in one ear as he tried to suppress his laughter as Jin and himself taunted back and forth with mean jokes.

JK called him old.
Jin called him a child.
Jimin laughed hard.
He had tears in the corner of his eye from suppressed laughter when they finally said goodnight. He shuffled out of his bedroom closet, and looked around. It felt like coming out of Narnia, sometimes, to be in his old room.

His phone blipped with a message.
Jimin had sent him a text, and all it said was, "You and Jin were ridiculous with your little flirting session tonight. Idiot."
Then, "you wanna go out for ice cream tomorrow? Hyung will treat you."

Jungkook stared at the texts, and mused.
Had he been flirting? He didn't really know what flirting was, unless you counted the way he had learned to ham it up on stage for ARMYs. Did that count? He wasn't sure.

Was he saying things he shouldn't to Jin?
He thought back to that night Jin had touched his lips, and said that he loved him.
JK reached up, touching a finger to his own mouth, and pondered. Was he hurting Jin's feelings unintentionally?

They all knew Jin's tendency to keep his struggles close to his chest. Sometimes they didn't hear until months after that he had been hurt by something.
Jungkook didn't know what to make of it all.

Maybe he was just over thinking things. He went to bed.
When they went back to the dorms to resume practices, Jungkook felt a weird sort of relief. It felt right to be back with the boys.

He wore a set of Daffy Duck pajamas he had bought in Busan, and the elders teased him for being too cute.
He sat up late, catching up with the others, and ended up getting tired. Namjoon had some new tracks he was excited about, all inspired from his days off reflecting. Hoseok was working on a mixtape now. Yoongi had finished all of Househunters on Netflix.
Jungkook didn't mean to fall asleep, but he did. Warm and comfy and surrounded by his hyungs.

Jimin snapped a pic, too amused.
He woke up at three am, and he was starving. Namjoon and Yoongi were still awake, sitting on the couch with a couple of beers and talking quietly.

"Where is everyone?" he asked.

"Asleep," Yoongi said, "As you should be."
"'m hungry," complained Jungkook, rubbing his eyes.

"I'll see if we have any ramen," Yoongi offered. He stood up, going to the kitchen.

Namjoon remained, shuffling his long legs around a bit & checking his phone.

JK looked toward the doors to their bedrooms, & turned to Joon.
"Hyung," he said quietly. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, kiddo, what's up?"

Jungkook bit his lip, and looked at the floor.

"Um... It's kind of embarrassing. And I might be wrong, but... What would happen if one of the members were fall in love?"
Namjoon arched an eyebrow. "You mean like date? Have you met someone?"

Jungkook flushed. "No, I mean. What if... One of the members... Have feelings for m-... For one of the other members? Is that weird?"

Namjoon tilted his head. "Well, I don't know? I don't have +
all the answers, Kookie. But I guess that depends on if you - uh, or whoever it is that this member has feelings for - have feelings for them back?"

Jungkook hugged his pillow tighter. "I dunno. Some things have just been happening between us. I don't know if I'm reading wrong."
Namjoon gave him that look, the look that suggested that he knew exactly who, and what, and when Jungkook was talking about, but was trying to stay calmly neutral on the topic.

"Well," he said slowly. "Change can be very scary. But it's often a good thing. I think you +
Should just try to figure out what your feelings are, first. And wait for them to say something."

Jungkook just nodded.

"Do you know who I'm talking about, hyung?"

Joon looked at him, opened his mouth to speak, but Yoongi came into the room again, then, & the subject changed.
Jungkook ended up going out into the darkness at 3am, needing the cool air of the walk and the movement to distract him from his confusing thoughts. A couple of the others went with him, and got snacks.
10) Choose:
Lately, Seokjin and Jungkook had fallen into a weird sort of habit.

Seokjin really, truly wasn't sure who did it first.

He just wanted to make sure his competitive ass did it LAST.
One could argue it was all just bros being bros, or at least, at first that's what everyone chalked it up to be. It wouldn't be a sausage fest household if everyone hadn't seen each other's dicks once or twice (Yoongi in particular was known for wearing as little as possible).
But there was some brotherly nipple twisting, there was platonic butt slapping, and then....there was what Jungkook did.

Seokjin was just laying on a little couch, waiting his turn for makeup and hair. Innocent as could be, he would argue.
Suddenly there was a heavy body leaping onto his legs, and Seokjin let out a surprised cry, craning his neck around to see Jungkook sitting there, faux-leather-covered legs pressing Jin into the couch. Like a playful kitten pawing at a new toy, JK leaned forward, smirking, and+
started a drum beat on both of Seokjin's ass cheeks, creating a rhythm that was mostly made to taunt and inflict pain than anything.

"Hey! Get off," Seokjin shrieked, trying to wriggle him away. But JK's thighs pinned him down, and he wasn't at a complimentary angle, so +
Seokjin sighed, and decided to ignore JK, returning to browsing his phone.

Jungkook continued to drum like his (soon to be short) life depended on it.
He figured the youngest would get bored of his game and wander off, but he didn't. A few minutes later, he was still drumming away, trying increasingly complex patterns with his palms smacking against the most fleshy part of Seokjin's buttocks. Jin glanced over his shoulder, +
giving a judgmental glance at JK. He was wearing his hair in that 'comma-style bangs' together, and the little curl was brushing against his nose as he scrunched it up, pleased and amused.

Jin went back to his phone, and JK upped the ante.
That was when, Jin would argue, it stopped being quite as innocent and obnoxious as it was slightly problematic and unusual.

JK stopped drumming, and suddenly tilted the heel of his palms down, kneading deeply down onto Jin's butt.
Seokjin felt himself choke a bit from surprise, but offered no other response, knowing that if he reacted like JK wanted, then he would only do it more.

But holy shit, he was really going at it. It HURT.

JK snickered, fingers clenching down spider-like and shoving haphazardly.
"Stop that," Seokjin warned in a low voice. JK kept going. It was like JK was searching for buried treasure. He HAD to know what that looked like. One of the technicians walked by, giving them a cursory glance and then continuing with a low huff. Seokjin blushed.
"Kook, I said STOP THAT."

JK just laughed again, squeezed and holding onto two handfuls of Jin's ass, like he owned the place. Jin wriggled around, glaring at the maknae.

"I'm warning you, Kook."
11) Choose
Without further ado, Seokjin leapt up from the couch, forcing JK to tumble back, and he reached frantically for JK's nipples.

However, the maknae got to him first.
"Ahh!" Seokjin yelled, drawing attention to the two of them as they thudded off the couch to the floor. JK's right hand was furiously twisting at Jin's nipple, even as Jin's left hand gripped hard at JK's nipple in turn. The boy was staring at his chest, laughing his ass off.
"Jungkook, leave him alone," Hoseok called out, moving to step over.

Seokjin, in a fit of fury, tried to throw off JK's hands and reach both hands for his nipples, but JK deflected each time.

"Jin, come on," sighed Hoseok. "We need to get ready."
At some point, Jin had pinned JK's chest to the floor with his knees on either side of the boy's stomach, and he managed to slap away JK's grip long enough to pinch hard. JK let out a cry, eyes squeezing shut even as he threw his head back, still-mid laugh as he wriggled.
That was when, as JK's hips jutted up to try and dislodge him,Jin noticed something. JK was hard as a rock.

He froze, bewildered, hands still locked on JK's chest like he was a mad scientist turning the dials to a machine suddenly beyond his control. And left himself vulnerable.
JK's hands slapped against the bonier, less protected part of Jin's ass cheeks, making a thunderous sound and actually knocking the air out of Seokjin.

A pause.

"AHHHHH!" Seokjin shrieked, his face going red as JK squeezed and kneaded at the now very reddened and stinging skin.
As Seokjin had said before.

A little taunting was normal, between guys. No homo and all that.

But Jungkook? Didn't seem to know when to stop.
"Jungkook!" Namjoon chided, walking into the room to find Seokjin fuming, JK proudly trying to instill more pain in his abused buttocks in the brief moments before Jin retaliated.

Then, something happened. One could call it, a misunderstanding.
As loud as everything had suddenly gotten, Jin was not at his most concise and enunciated. He gripped hard, twisting JK's nipples, and through gritted teeth said, "Do you want an ass-kicking, Jeon Jungkook?"

But when JK heard was, "Do you want an ass-kissing, Jeon Jungkook?"
The previously very cocky and teasing JK's face suddenly slackened in surprise, and his grip on Jin's ass abruptly loosened, his hands falling away almost apologetically.

"W-what? What's an ass-kissing?"

Jin blinked. "Huh?"
But before Jin caught up, JK was out from underneath him, moving to go back to the stylists and re-fix his hair. Confused and not wanting to be the 'loser,' Jin pouted, reaching up & reflexively slapping JK's ass as hard as he could.

It was hard enough that JK stumbled a little.
"Jin!" Hoseok snapped, tired of the childishness. JK sent Jin a strange look over his shoulder, almost like he was ashamed of the punishment. He walked out of the room.

"HE started it!"

Yoongi rolled his eyes. "He's just trying to rile you up, stop playing into it."
Seokjin looked around, furious. Was no one on his side? Had no one seen what JK did?

The stakes had risen.
After that point, Jin and JK were in an unspoken rivalry. It varied, from borderline malicious to flippantly playful. But Jin knew JK would always go for the butt, so he did the same.
While standing in line to board an airplane, Jin glanced down, seeing JK's pocket. Impulsively, he shoved his hand into it, squeezing one buttock. JK's shoulders stiffened, but he tried not to react.
While walking across a carpet for an award show, JK slipped his hand around Jin's waist, fingers blindly wriggling down to cup his bottom. Jin did the same. The cameras flashed, but neither wanted to be the first to let go.
JK was bold, and Jin was started to worry. Mostly because Yoongi told him to stop aggravating JK's exhibition kink, but still.

So he started to retaliate in the comfort of their home, whereas JK continued to do it on camera as much as possible.
"Seriously? He's too shy to say more than two words at an interview but he's about six inches away from being elbow deep in Jin's ass."

Seokjin froze, halfway down the hall when he heard Yoongi talking to Jimin.

"They HAVE been a little obvious."
Seokjin went back to his room. He wasn't sure what to do with this information. Things were getting weird, but in a way that made him want to avoid it directly.

Was there a way to just enjoy teasing each other without it getting complicated? He didn't know.
12) Choose:
Real quick choose a POV:
It wasn't that Jungkook was looking for trouble. He liked Jin-hyung a lot. He loved all his hyungs in their diff ways.

But something about Jin was starting to get under his skin, & like an open wound, he wanted to scratch at it fitfully until he had eradicated whatever it was.
He would see him sitting and reading his phone, and be overwhelmed by an urge. His response? Somehow get Jin's attention off his phone.

"HEY!" Jin snapped, as JK knocked the phone out of his hand, making it clatter to the floor.
He would see Jin laying on his bed, shoulders spread wide, and the urge would hit again, an itch under his skin.

"Ugh, stop it!" Jin cried out as JK flopped painfully down on top of him. JK got an elbow to the stomach, but it was worth it bc the itch seemed to subside.
He liked him a lot. Perhaps it was the unresolved Whatever It Was, perhaps it was his own restlessness, or perhaps (and this is what he landed on as the most likely explanation) he was just needy and wanted attention.
"Stop picking on Jin-hyung," Jimin would caution. JK snorted. As if Jimin didn't do his share of annoying, sitting in laps or taking selfies together or going shopping.
The day Jin's hair was dyed blond, JK felt the urge riding again, and he tapped his fooy very restlessly against the floor as they say and waited for the bleach to set. What it was that was bugging him, JK wasn't sure. Maybe they'd been too busy lately, and it hadn't sunk in.
"All done!" declared the stylist, walking Jin back to the chair. JK squinted his eyes. He looked...different. But wet scraggly strands of just bleached hair tended to be that way.

"How's it look?" Jin asked, tilting his head to look in the mirror.

"It looks different dried,"
explained Yoongi. He was considered the veteran hair-dyer in the household by far, especially such bright colors as they had planned this comeback. "Just wait a bit."

JK frowned, sipping at his banana milk and going back to trying to get a higher top score in Piano Tiles.
When he looked up a few minutes later, he did an actual, real, honest-to-god double take.

Jin looked like a whole different person. He smiled into his reflection, looking a tad nervous, but overall pleased. "I like it, it'"

JK got the urge again. He frowned.
"It looks great!" singsonged Jimin, chuckling as he grabbed Jin's shoulder. "Wow, look, Kookie, what a handsome guy, right?"

Jungkook looked up, offered a grimace, and went back to his phone. The urge was bubbling. He didn't think he could hold out against it.
He was quiet until they got home, at least. Most bc everyone else was distracted and because JK didn't look directly at Jin.

When they walked in the dorm door, Jin slapped JK on the shoulder.

"What do you think, Kook?"
JK pressed his lips together, and looked over at Jin.
"It makes you look pale. Like Franky from One Piece."

Jin choked. "What?!"

"Yeah, just odd and big shouldered and..." JK gesticulated aimlessly. "I dunno."
Jungkook frowned, and there was a change in his eyes, as it flashed.

"You're just jealous," Jin said, jutting his chin forward petulantly. "Because I look so damn good."

"That's elementary shit," JK laughed. "It really looks odd on you."
In the next moment, though, Jin (consciously or not) tapped into the thing that had struck JK and ignited the flame of restlessness in his belly. It had not been the hair color itself, but Jin's reaction to it. Jin ran one hand through his bangs, brushing it back, long, +
uneven fingers through his lightened locks, and sneered a little. Just the slightest alteration of facial expression. Then, he leaned in to JK's face, and grabbed a hold of a hunk of the younger man's hair, pinning him still where he stood in the hallway. JK inhaled sharply.
"Hey, stop being such a fucking brat to me," Jin chided in a low voice. But JK couldn't comprehend which words were tumbling from Jin's mouth, which was suddenly only inches from his own. His head stung from where Jin was holding him, like he was being punished. "I'm serious!"
JK felt his eyes start to water, felt the pull against his scalp as he turned his head to the side experimentally. Pink lips, blond hair, smooth skin. JK whimpered involuntarily.

Oh, shit.

He'd been found out.

Jin's eyes widened, and he released JK's hair from his hand.
"Are you okay?" Jin asked. "I didn't mean to pull too hard, I just needed you to stop."
14) Choose:
JK's eyes widened, and he licked his lips, thinking about how to get out of explaining this one.

However, before, he could react, he saw Jin's eyes follow the movement of JK's tongue as it wetted his upper lip, and this seemed to inspire the elder in an impulsive movement.
Jin smirked devlishly, finally finding a new and refreshing revenge. He took hold of Jungkook's shoulders, pressing a finger to the little curve of his Cupid's bow, and said, "Jungkook, don't say anything."

JK flailed backward, but only met the wall of the hallway, where the +
Others had abandoned him to his demise. He had nowhere to go, and Jin leaned in, pressing his lips to JK's in a kiss.
For a moment, they both froze stock-still, mouths against each other, as if processing.

Jin pulled back, eyes wide.

He blinked.

"I thought you were gonna try to escape or pull away..." Jin mumbled. "What the fuck."
"W-what?!" JK snapped, suddenly realizing that he hadn't really moved from his spot. Jin had only been trying to tease him. He shoved at the older's shoulder, and stomped down the hall. "What the fuck, Jin?"

He escaped into his room, and slammed the door shut.
15) Choose:
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