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Despite growing up relatively poor, my life felt quite magical. Practically, single-handedly my incredible mother did everything she could to push me and to make sure I went to college. Good things just happened and I naturally did well in school. But, this was all an illusion
I was a creature of comfort

In every facet of my life I was seeking comfort


My mother protected me from real work. My only concern was good grades and that came easy. I got away with this while in school but the bills came due as I entered the real world.
My mother filled me with a large amount of self esteem. The belief that I could be anything I wanted to be. My results at school reinforced this belief. This was an empty self-esteem not based on competence or work ethic.
This was a ton of love without discipline. I'm not blaming my mother for anything. She did all that she could practically by herself. My life is ultimately, my responsibility.
Being successful at school does not equal being successful at life. “Just good enough” doesn’t cut it in the real world. Not if you want to live an extraordinary life.
I was always concerned with doing the least amount of effort for the desired result.

I was an entitled.

I was soft.
School didn’t help. School as it is designed today creates followers. People waiting for instructions and approval. It discourages individuality and free thinking. It’s brain washing for the masses.
It’s not a place for entrepreneurs and I’m not too sure it’s even a place for humans. Let alone children.

Read @realjohngatto to learn more about the history and goals of compulsory schooling.…
I've since learned. Success in life is all about critical thinking, finding solutions, and believing in your vision. Taking initiative. Take action and not waiting for anyone’s approval and most importantly having the self-discipline to do what you to without a boss.
I have always been this strange mix of agreeable, but rebellious. If I really didn’t want to do something, I wasn’t doing it. The downside of this is that I wouldn’t even listen to myself when I should. I thought it was cool to be rebellious for the sake of being rebellious.
What I have learned is that in order to be a great leader, you first need to be a great follower. If I couldn’t even follow myself and keep my own word, why would anyone else choose to follow me?
I stopped thinking I was so special. I dropped the entitlement. I got to work. I started enjoying the process.

For the first time, I was doing things just for me. Not for anyone’s approval or adulation. Just for ME. I was tapping into my true being, my intuition.
It’s amazing what happens when you begin to do things that make you proud of yourself. When you can say “I did that” and it’s real it’s tangible.

You begin to believe your own words. You start to value yourself and the amazing thing is that others start to value you as well.
Something else also really helped. In order to clear my mind from stress. Sounds cliche, but I started meditating and felt significantly better. Eventually had a 90 day streak going of meditating everyday. This was one of my first mini-exercises in cultivating self-discipline
It taught me to be aware of your body and learn how to breathe. I don’t meditate as much anymore, but I remember to breathe consciously. To be aware of my body and to be present.
It started me on a journey to improve my overall health and taking care of myself. About a year later, I started running and ran my first 5K.
Soon after I worked up the courage to start lifting weights. I had literally lifted weights 1 time in my entire life before 30. I took advantage of the small gym at my job, and came in on a Saturday. I figured that I could learn what to do, while no one else was there.
If you want to start working out. Make it as easy as possible. Buy new gym clothes and making sure the gym is extremely easy to get to. Use a whiteboard calendar to hold yourself accountable and record when you go to the gym. Make it as enjoyable as possible.
The iron has become my teacher. The results initially came very slow, but I told myself that there was a lesson in the process. That I was practicing applying myself fully without any immediate result. NO immediate gratification.
Oddly, I started to enjoy the fact that the results weren’t as visible. Only I knew the effort I was putting in. The results would come when they came. I wanted to ingrain this way of thinking into my way of being.
It worked.

2 years of going to the gym regularly and I look better and feel better. In the last two months, I’ve had the first person tell me “your getting ripped!” others have asked for training advice, or make passing comments about how “I’m fit”.
This has been a surprise, but I’m grateful. I’ve always wanted to be the example, not the warning.
In the same time period my income has increased about 50% and in the last 5 years it has tripled. I’m not saying all this to gloat, I’m still no where near where I want to be. As @JakeVeigel told me after he shared his story. It feels like this story could be useful 2 others.
At work, I’ve become a true practitioner of my craft

product management

I love what I do, I'm damn good at it, and getting better everyday. There's more.....…
Also during this time I stumbled upon this wonderful community on Twitter of other men(mostly) on this journey of improving themselves everyday:
@edlattimore Taught me practical ways to gain confidence, not care what people think, and just how to be an overall great dude.
@AJA_Cortes Taught me how to untuck myself and what the proper approach was to fitness and life.
@tannerguzy & @WellBuiltStyle - Taught me the impact that how you present yourself and dress yourself can have on your own confidence and how others treat you.
@naval Taught me how to get rich(still working on that haha) How to be wicked smart but still be humble. What leads to happiness and what leads to success.
@pdmagnan Taught me the dangers of the western diet and the truth about nutrition and health. How to optimize myself hormonally and the dangers of high iron.
I have learned from them, stolen from their approach and taken it as my own. This has truly upped my game. 🙏
First through meditation and then through lifting weights the effects of self-discipline have rippled through the rest of my life.

Family, work, and my personal life.
There’s this innate feeling that your word is bond. You no longer question whether when you say something will you actually do it. You have done it and you will do it. This is powerful.
I’m truly grateful to be alive during this time. And as I said at the beginning, I’m just getting started. Momentum is the name of the game.

I will be releasing my 2nd digital product and have other ideas in the hopper.
I skipped a big chunk of my story about what happened after school, but I’ll save that for another time.

I’m still a work in progress, but self-discipline has changed my life. Responsibility and accountability have changed my life.
You can change. You are not defined by your past. You can recreate yourself and be the you were born to be. Humans are incredible.
Thank you for reading my first serious thread! I hope you gained something from my story. ✌️
Someone pointed out that my BMI #'s are off and I might be referring to fat percentage. Here I was thinking they were the same thing 🤣. Will be double checking.
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