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"Wow all this leak info in the report & no investigations are happening! How do I know this? Because prosecutors won't talk about it on TV!" Wictor is right. TV has ruined humanity.
"Can't these prosecutors hear how loudly I'm whining for them to try their cases in the media where I can see it?"

You didn't know there was a HIGH LEVEL CRIMINAL PROSECUTION underway of a LEAK NETWORK *inside* the US Congress for over SIX MONTHS until a week ago.
I like to think I'm pretty 'tuned in' to current events. I research. I read multiple news sites. I follow researchers.

I didn't even hear a WHISPER about that Wolfe indictment coming before it dropped.

That's how serious these people are about NO LEAKS.
NOBODY got any warning whatsoever that indictment was coming.

"What? A FBI counterintelligence unit is rolling up a leak network INSIDE THE US CONGRESS & we only learn of it NOW?!"

I guarantee you people were collectively filling their pants all over DC that night.
Nobody's gonna hear a goddamn thing about what Horowitz handed off to John Huber the team of crack US Attorney's he's leading until they are good and ready to start unsealing indictments.

There will BE no whispers, no rumblings, no stirring of the wind or signs in the stars.
When is it going to sink in? These professionals doing very serious work have 0% interest in highlighting or talking about the cases they are developing in THE FUCKING MEDIA.

0% as in "ZERO PER CENT".

Sessions will graciously give a *brief glimpse* to you of them.
And you know what? Based on what I've seen since Sessions pulled that curtain back for just 1 second and revealed the existence of John Huber & the team of US Attorney's he's leading, I wish Sessions had kept his friggin' mouth SHUT.
After Stephen Boyd revealed the existence of a large team of US Attorney's working in concert with DOJ IG Inspector General Michael Horowitz in a letter to Congress last summer [of course you don't know who Boyd is, well google him] I knew all about this.
I didn't NEED to know the name of the particular US Attorney leading this team of US Attorneys working in concert with Horowitz.

But hey, Sessions was under a lot of pressure, talking heads on TV insisting he 'do something', so for 1 second he opened up the curtain
Sessions revealed the guy leading the large team of US Attorney's working with the IG was John Huber.


What good did that do?
People either instantly dismissed this as a lie or instantly assumed Huber is 'doing nothing'.

How do they know that Huber & his team are doing nothing'?

"Well I watch TV. None of these people are interviewed. None of them ever release any information. They don't TALK."

*OF COURSE* you don't see them on TV

*OF COURSE* you don't see them releasing statements about who they are pursuing/investigating or the status of those cases.

*OF COURSE* they don't talk or leak to the media.
Once again we end up being confronted by the fact that TV has ruined humanity.
@ThomasWictor is right again.

Only stupid/dumb/incompetent prosecutors try their cases in the media.

This is your FIRST CLUE this Huber team is not stupid/dumb/incompetent.
Take a moment and actually THINK about what you learned about a high level, serious leak prosecution just this past week.
That team of US Attorneys tasked with working with that crack FBI CounterIntelligence Unit to track down leakers inside the US Congress spent six months flipping/working SSCI Security Officer James A. Wolfe.

None of the US Attorneys OR members of that FBI Leak Unit leaked.
Even after Ali Watkins, a REPORTER learned she was being investigated & her records were being seized, how much of this was able to leak out?

NOTHING. Over a period of MONTHS.
You talk about SERIOUS.

You talk about PROFESSIONAL.

These people are not F**KING AROUND.
Don't you worry about Wolfe, he won't be getting lonely. More indictments will be coming soon as that leak network in the Congress is rolled up.
So no, people tweeting me about how 'useless' John Huber is because he won't drop any HINTS about what he's doing or who he's going after, you're impressing me at all except with a sense of how clueless you are.
So no, people tweeting me about how 'useless' John Huber is because he won't drop any HINTS about what he's doing or who he's going after, you're *not* impressing me at all except with a sense of how clueless you are.
"If I don't see details about what's happening being discussed by my favorite talking heads on my idiot box, then it's not REAL."

I get variations of this nonsense tweeted at me every damn day.
Well fantastic then!

According to this moronic standard, the Wolfe indictment isn't 'real' because no TV talking head was warning/hinting to you it was coming before it dropped like a bomb on Washington DC.
So listen up. Important message follows:



Huber ain't gonna say SHIT anybody until he's ready to start unsealing indictments & publishing his finished findings.

You don't like that?

I don't care.

Grow up and turn the fucking TV off.

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