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This is the second thread in my ongoing running commentary on the OIG report. I’m trying to keep these below massive, and the first one has 62 tweets in it. This is the link:… I’ll continue my commentary as I have, adding tweets as I’m reading.
I’m just going to drop this here and let you read it. Any commentary I wrote about it would include foul language. I’ll just say this. Really, FBI? REALLY!?
Page 104 “The SSA told us that he believed Combetta should have been charged with false statements for lying multiple times;” Ya THINK?!?!?! And yet he wasn’t. #PardonFlynnNow
There are no words. No words at all.
This is so ridiculous it’s laughable. First he told them the emails were on the server. So, they showed him proof that they weren’t on the server. Then he said, I don’t know who deleted them. Then they showed him his own emails proving that he did it. So he asked for immunity.
Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. No one would believe you.
Can you say unequal treatment? C’mon, I Know you can. Say it. Say UNEQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW.
This requires a little background. I was in computer security for almost 20 years. I did numerous forensic exams of suspected and known compromises. I also did numerous captures for litigation. I knew, and everyone in my department knew, that you DON’T destroy data when that data
had even the remotest possibility of being used in a court case, civil or criminal. Yet Combetta KNEW that and deleted the data anyway. AND WAS NOT CHARGED WITH A CRIME.
Page 113 A glimpse into the ego of a DoJ attorney who was irked by Lisa Page.
Page 115 McCabe did the same thing Comey did. (Like father like son?) He didn’t tell DoJ lawyers about something he did, which pissed them off when they found out about it. These guys are a hot mess. Totally off the reservation.
Page 116 this is how pissed the DoJ lawyers were. They sent this to Carlin regarding McCabe: “AAG Carlin told us that the prosecution team asked him to call McCabe and “deliver a message that this is just not an acceptable way to run an investigation.” Gee, ya think?
.@vabelle2010 is right. McCabe is an asshole.
Page 126-127 Comey totally threw DoJ lawyers under the bus. I’ll bet they just love him.
Page 127 Comey is NOT a leader and has no balls. Speak up boy, or step aside and let a man handle this.
This is an excellent piece, as usual, from McCarthy.
Here’s a thought. The FBI acted with “incredible urgency” to wrap up the Clinton investigation before the election (they have rules about not doing investigations close to elections), yet they had no problem whatsoever opening up an investigation into Trump before the election.
I suppose there was no bias in that decision either, huh? Hurry up. Finish MYE. The election’s coming. Oh, and BTW, get that investigation on Trump going ASAP. Nah, no bias at all there. This report gets more disgusting by the page.
Page 128 “Extraordinary sense of urgency” (to close the Clinton case.)
Page 129 Strzok and Page texts about the urgency.
Page 131 No bias, right?
No bias at all.
Page 132 You think Lisa Page knows something about Clinton’s mercurial temper?
Page 133 We’ve found an honest lawyer in the FBI. When shown the Strzok-Page texts re: “loaded for bear”, he said “that should not be a consideration in, in determining the right investigative step to take in the investigation” Fire him now, before he infects the team.
Page 133 Strzok ““I am certain I made no decision based on anything [Clinton] might be or become.” When I stop laughing, I might comment. But right now my side hurts.
Page 133 Strzok “you don’t want the president thinking you’re a bunch of clowns.” Whoops! Too late for that.
Page 137 Clinton said she believed her staff knew not to send her classified material in email. She was SoS. She had one email server. Is she really going to claim that the SoS NEVER gets classified email?
She also said she thought retention meant forwarding her emails to her staff who had State Dept email accounts. This is an admission that she had no retention system on her email server. If that isn’t gross negligence, what is?
Page 137 “Clinton told the interviewers that she did not agree that the information contained in the email was classified, because it described information that was already in the press.” This has come up several times in the report, from several different people.
Here’s the thing. Information doesn’t get declassified because someone leaked it to the press. Laws have to be broken for that to happen. Unfortunately, nobody in DC seems to care that classified info is constantly leaked. Hopefully that will change.
A sobering assessment of the report from someone who knows.
Page 145 Agent 1 sent text messages about the MYE: “September 2, 2015, to Agent 5: “Have a really bad feeling about this...this case...situation.... No control and horrible decisions and chaos on the most meaningless thing I’ve ever done with people acting like fucking 9/11.”
“September 25, 2015, to an FBI employee: “...I dont care about it. I think its continued waste of resources and time and focus....”

“October 26, 2015, to Agent 5: “Its just so obvious how pointless this exercise is. And everyone is so into it....”
Page 146 “January 15, 2016: Responding to a question of when the investigation would be finished, Agent 1 stated, “[M]y guess is March. Doesnt matter what we have, political winds will want to beat the Primarys.”
“February 1, 2016: “This is the biggest political shit show of them all. No substance. Up at dawn – pride swallowing seige. No headset and hermetically sealed in SIOC.”
“May 6, 2016, to Agent 5: “pretty bad news today...someone has breathed some political urgency into this.... Everyday DD brief and once a week D brief from now on.”
Page 147
Page 147
More from Agent 1. A guy lies is ass off, but nobody even discusses whether or not he should be charged with lying. This is the premier law enforcement agency in the world, right? Right?
Page 148 “In this part, we provide our analysis of whether the investigative decisions taken in connection with the Midyear investigation that we reviewed were based on improper considerations, including political bias.”

Now watch this.
“In undertaking this analysis, our task was made significantly more difficult because of the text messages we discovered between Strzok and Page, given the critical roles they played in most of the decisions made by the FBI “ IOW, covering for these guys was really really hard.
Page 148 “That these employees used an FBI system or device to express political views about individuals affected by ongoing investigations for which they were responsible was particularly disappointing” You think YOU’RE disappointed? Wait til Americans react.
Page 149 footnote “We concluded that we did not have confidence that this decision by Strzok was free from bias.” How kind of you. I conclude he was thoroughly biased and should have been fired immediately.
In my continuing effort to document the OIG report, I have included articles that I think are relevant. This is one such article.…
At this point in my reading, I’m headed toward at least one solid conclusion regarding this clusterf**k. The FBI had a serious lack of leadership under Comey. Agents ran amok without proper supervision. Whether that’s still the case remains to be seen.
The Inspector General’s Whitewash Of FBI Crimes
At this point I think there are two potential outcomes; either these crimes get punished or the second Civil War breaks out.
Disgraceful: I.G. Report Finds @FBI Officials 'Improperly' Received 'Benefits' from Journalist for Leaks
Page 190 Priestap writes “I believe it’s equally important for the Director to more fully explain why the FBI can, in good faith, recommend to DOJ that they not charge someone who has committed a crime (as defined by the letter of the law).”
So, they believed Clinton committed a crime but thought it was reasonable not to charge her with that crime. Gee, I wonder why? {{bangs head against the wall}}
Page 189-191 Two months before interviewing Clinton, they were already discussing the language of Comey’s public statement exonerating her.
Page 192 “The June 7 draft included two other significant changes. It removed the statement that the sheer volume of information classified as Secret supported an inference of gross negligence, replacing it with a statement that the Secret information they discovered was
“especially concerning because all of these emails were housed on servers not supported by full-time staff.” The draft also stated that it was “possible,” rather than “reasonably likely,” that hostile actors gained access to former Secretary Clinton’s server.”
It’s hard not to come to the conclusion that they were working overtime NOT to charge Clinton with a crime. (I’m being polite here.)
Page 199 “He recounted hearing that FBI employees not involved in the Midyear investigation hated former Secretary Clinton and had made comments such as, “[Y]ou guys are finally going to get that bitch,” and, “[W]e’re rooting for you.” So much for the impartiality of the FBI.
“Messaging thoughts: Workforce Qs: (1) If I did this, I’d be prosecuted; (2) Petraeus, Berger, etc. were charged; (3) Overwhelming conservative outlook.”
It’s clear they were aware of the disparity in not charging her. They didn’t care. She was going to be POTUS. SHAME, SHAME.
Page 203 Bill Clinton displays a clear lack of ethics in his decision making. He never even thought about the inappropriateness of meeting with Lynch. Never crossed his mind. Because that’s not how he thinks.
Page 204 It’s incredible to me that as overtly concerned as everyone was about the political significance of the Clinton investigation, it never occurred to Lynch that it might be bad optics to be meeting privately with her husband. These people don’t have ethical radar at all.
Page 209 Lynch’s staff new immediately that the tarmac meeting was a bad idea. They think like normal people. (This is bad. She shouldn’t be doing this.) But Lynch? No clue. Clinton? I think he knew exactly what he was doing. He says he didn’t, but I think he’s lying.
Reading page after page after page of Lynch’s recusal decision. It was so simple. After the tarmac meeting, she should have recused immediately. They considered all sorts of extraneous bs reasons for yes or no and completely missed the most important one. Our leaders suck.
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