Yes, I'm going to Japan tomorrow and no I'm not at all prepared
I'm watching Takeover in an overpriced hipster bar at Heathrow airport in a Masashi Takeda shirt and the barman's name is Lenin
I'm in Japan, lads
Is it sad just how thrilled I am to have a bath as opposed to only having a shower at home? Because I am fucking delighted
Also sad: I'm now so used to not being able to swear at work that I just went to curse and said "Oh, word I can't say" instead.
Followed by "Oh wait yes I can say it, FUCK"
I was using foreign swears at work until a nice German family came and were frankly appalled
I've found Toru Yano's bar, lads
Shinya Hashimoto's rock album, anyone?
How badly do you want this, @oystersearrings?
I like that this bar is open 5 til 5 but last order is strictly 4:30
I'm very much back on my bullshit again
Also yakitori, @othergodiseven
I just tried mustard yakitori and now I can hear things like a dog does
I'm in a karaoke bar down the street and a very unassuming middle-aged man just stepped up to the mic and did Con te partirò
Also I have a highball made from Red Shiso Leaves and Sho-Chu and it's delicious
Have Japan won? There seems to be a particularly rowdy singalong
Also, it appears the proprietors of Tokyo are fans of @supremeber90's Twitter
I made it to Toshiaki Kawada's ramen shop. He's closed. Have to try again tomorrow
It's his normal opening hours too, knowing my luck he's probably on holiday as well
In better news I found @HARDCC in Higashi-Nakano and got the shirt I've been desperate for. ありがとうございます
Due to the Kawada trip not working out I haven't eaten today. You can guess the rest, @othergodiseven
That lil lot was 750 yen
I am at Korakuen Hall for BJW: Takuya Takes It All
Someone talk me out of buying a Shinobu shirt
This close, lads
Also, these were waiting for me when I collected my ticket. So thoughtful. ありがとうございます Takatsuka-san
Seki is being very playful this evening
The sheer number of faces he pulled while posing with fans is quite something
Many didn't realise until they saw the photo itself
Ueki is acting as young boy for the Young Lions match
Fuminori Abe is stealing the show
This is going to get very messy
Hercules Senga just stopped mid-match to read Weekly Pro Wrestling, caused the Brahman Brothers to spit on it then tore it up
The barbed wire is out and our Lord has returned
Abby just went thudding head first into the ring post
Everybody Conga da da da da da da dun
Look who's here and shocked that people are chanting for him
Speed of Sounds are so much fun
I met Fuminori Abe and told him that his match with GUNSO from J-Stage is one of my favourites this year and he responded "This makes me very happy"
Hama looks bigger than ever and is giving Seki death stares
(No, not that one)
It's time
Oh my fucking god Suzuki just PK'd Nomura in the face
Nomura can't stand up
I didn't see that coming at all
The spooky organ music has hit and the ring is being set up
*prior warning for blood, gore and violence*
*spoiler alert*
The fans are in genuine shock
Also, hey @stardust_idiot. Your boy said he is ok
A woman just handed Yuko Miyamoto her son so they could take a family photo
Jesus, I needed this after that match. I can't imagine how Takeda and Isami feel
ありがとうございます @BJWOfficial
This is one good looking shirt and the chair wears it better than I do
Also look at these cute Speed of Sounds drawings
I don't have any shows tomorrow so will probably take a punt at Kawada's ramen place again and go from there
May try and visit Toru Yano's bar too
In some ways my hotel is fairly basic yet in others it is very much not
I guess it beats a bible in the drawer
I think this may be my favourite photo I've taken so far
Well that's twice so far
I don't like to just give up and go home so I changed tack a little and went to the Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park then walked through Harajuku to Shibuya
Also paid a visit to the absolute best man
Autograph wall
I wouldn't like to doubt that the Abdullah The Butcher signature is real but I can't see Abby being able to climb those steps at that point of his career
Third time is the charm. I finally have my ramen
Menjarasuke was really cool, very quiet and relaxed with just Kawada and his wife and space for about six customers
The food was great and really cheap (850 yen for the curry duck ramen I had) and everyone was really friendly. Kawada was shouting to customers through the serving hatch asking if their meal was good and seemed really happy.
The entire place had such a family atmosphere. At one point I knocked my water over and didn't know how to let them know but a little girl at the next table just walked over to a stand and came back with some tissues for me. Later Kawada was joking with her and gave her a lollie
After the meal I noticed a box of old issues of Weekly Pro Wrestling and when I got my wallet out and asked how much, Kawada's wife insisted I take one for free
I love the quote from Kawada saying he had lost his passion for pro wrestling and how it had "made me a normal person" but that that isn't seen as him being reduced. He seems really happy
Also Toru Yano's bar may have to wait because I've just found Bull Nakano's
The place was tiny, just seats curving around a bar but really friendly. I speak very little usable Japanese and Bull not much English but we managed a conversation about joshi, the shows I was seeing and my trip.
Apparently on other nights Toshiyo Yamada, Etsuko Mita, Mariko Yoshida and Sakura fucking Hirota act as bartenders.
Bull also makes the strongest Suntory Highball I've ever tasted. As in, it knocked me back slightly
Wrestle-1 tomorrow may come off. I emailed asking about tickets but couldn't get much response. It appears limited tickets are available for 2500 yen on the door so to speak so I may just have to turn up and hope for the best
I'm now back in Suidobashi and in another bar and they're playing 2 Become 1 by The Spice Girls and I may be swaying in time to it on my own and one step away from growling it like Jim Trott
I've had two more highballs yet I can still taste Bull's over top of them
Now they're playing Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson and I want to know who is picking this playlist and dance with them and buy them booze
Now Everybody by Backstreet Boys. Is Ilja Dragunov curating this fucking playlist
Just got a Twitter ad for Suntory whiskey in case you wondered how bad the surveillance is
Updated yay vs. boo list:
•made it back to my hotel
•finally found the sweets I've been looking for at a 24 hour Family Mart across the street
•finally found the public laundry room in my hotel
•I might not get to go to Wrestle-1 tomorrow because they are likely to sell out before I get there
Boo yet yay:
•I'm quite drunk
•my planned earlier night has gone right up the fucking swanny because it's 1am and I just want to watch wrestling
•Minoru Suzuki gave me this earlier
•I'll be back in England then so can't go
Other wrestley food places to visit:
•Toru Yano's bar
• DDT Dropkick Bar
• Ribera Steakhouse
• BUSHI's Fried Chicken
• Bad Luck Fale's Tongan Coffee Shop
• 3 Count in Osaka (again)
No-one seems to believe me that BUSHI's Fried Chicken is a real place
唐揚専門 東京 丸武商店
Japan, 〒124-0001 Tōkyō-to, Katsushika-ku, Kosuge, 4 Chome−21, 9 21 4丁目
+81 3-3838-2402…
Ooo, did I also mention in the lovely wrestling promotion stakes that Gatoh Move DM'd me 4 days in advance of their show just to check if I knew how to get to their venue then gave me several photos with directions Photoshopped on to help me find my way
As it's #NationalSelfieDay and they've helped me have slightly more confidence (still next to nothing but any port in a storm) here goes
The second was c/o Hercules Senga because he nicked my phone but I'm counting it
I know, I'm blessed
That's one of the reasons I always like taking photos with wrestlers. Literally about 3 photos exist of me between the ages of 14 and 27, now I need a reason to push myself to take them and feel ok
Sure I like the photos and enjoy the interaction and it's a thrill meeting them but iit just lifts my confidence that minisule bit to see a photo of myself that makes me smile
Anyways, sleepish. Night 💚
Today I made the journey to Todoroki and wandered around Todoroki Valley Ravine for a couple of hours and it was gorgeous
On my way to Shinkiba to hopefully get a last minute ticket for Wrestle-1. Cross your fingers or whatever else you have handy for me please
Also repping Jiro 'IKEMEN' Kuroshio in preparation #GrapsShirtFriday
I've made it to Shinkiba 1st Ring, Kyoko Kimura is here with her food truck and there's already a queue for tickets
Thanks for all the info, @b3rt4
Also Hiromi Mimura appears to be working as Kyoko Kimura's assistant
Honestly I'm so pleased. Not only is it a great card but I've been wanting to see Masato Tanaka live for 16 years
There's a lil girl in a dress in the style of Jiro's jacket
I have food from Kyoko Kimura and I got to tell Hiromi Mimura how much I love STARDOM (in very bad Japanese) and she was lovely
MAZADA doesn't look well
Ganseki Tanaka is very loud and has a hell of a headbutt
The sleaze king is here
Kenichiro Arai is carrying a mask in his teeth
New dream match: Kenichiro Arai vs. Jetta @XWAUK
That was too quick but CIMA is over like Rover
Kaz Hayashi/Seiki Yoshioka vs. Zachary Wentz/Dezmond Xavier
CIMA is heeling it up something fierce
That was great
The hench boys are here
The fucking heat
This is molten
That was a motherfucking masterpiece
Ganseki Tanaka is going for T-Hawk
Jiro may have just broken Ashino's skull
I look kinda deranged but IKEMEN

ありがとうございます @IKEMEN_JIRO_W1
That was such a great show, the 6 man STRONG HEARTS vs. Wrestle-1 may well be the best match W-1 have ever put on and I got to see @davidemoretti90 again
Japanese convenience store food is 10000 times better than the US or Europe. It's 10:10pm and I just had a hot roast beef and scrambled egg roll and it was a fucking lifesaver
Jiro is selling his own brand of bolognese sauce for 500¥ because of course he is
Tomorrow is Ice Ribbon and HEAT-UP
I am at Ice Ribbon Battlehouse in Warabi, Saitama
The card
Look who's here, @oystersearrings
Tsukka/Guilia vs. Gekokujo Tag
Maika Ozaki is doing bench presses with Tsukka
The Lovely Butchers' entrance is quite something live
Akane Fujita and Miyako Matsumoto appear to be having a sumo match
They just announced Miyako Matsumoto vs. Akane Fujita vs. Hideki Suzuki for a future show
And Azure Revolution vs. The Lovely Butchers
It appears to be for the double shot in Hokkaido on 30/6 and 1/7
I can't wait until Luke wakes up
Akane Fujita is trying to cut a promo but Miyako Matsumoto keeps puffing out her cheeks and heckling
Tequila Saya is tearfully saying she hopes for a title match
Aoi Kizuki just burst out of a massive present
I met Gekokujo Tag
Kyuri is a great dancer
Miyako Matsumoto said she wants to come to England
Now it's pouring with rain but I have an hour's train journey to Kawasaki to dry off. Hope it stops by the time I get there
Lads, I'm very very wet. But thanks to a very kind and patient Japanese gentleman I am at Culttz Kawasaki for HEAT-UP
Great seat, ありがとうございます Leo-san @heatuppw
Everyone got streamers except LEONA
All ring announcing is in English
CHANGO has run off with the streamers and is currently battling a young boy for possession of them
Hiroshi Yamato is singing his own entrance music
Mineo Fujita has hit 6 different low blows so far
New champions
Tamura and some fans
Apologies, lads. My phone died and the bad thoughts started knocking on the journey home, even if I'm not sure why
I got to see 2 shows, met Gekokujo Tag, spoke to Tsukka and Miyako Matsumoto in about the best Japanese I could muster, saw Mitsuru Konno give an absolutely incredible performance, spoke to Riho (in English on both ends, although she appeared to mishear my name as Aaron somehow)
Maybe it was the 2 hours+ travelling, maybe getting horribly lost in a storm in Kawasaki, maybe that up until an hour ago I hadn't eaten all day. But w/e the reason I still feel like Penge sounds
Anyways, DDT and Gatoh Move tomorrow with very very minimal travelling.
Also I can't remember if I tweeted it earlier but
And look at this Miyako shirt I bought
Also I wondered why one side of my jeans seemed to be a little slack. Turns out it's because I had 4600 yen in coins in my pocket
For context that's about £31.50. It wouldn't get you into York Hall but it'll pay for my Gatoh Move ticket tomorrow with nearly half left over
I also saw LEONA live, which may not seem like much but when you take into account that he only has two fans and one of them is me still feels good
The other is @mvybien
Also new joshi meme photos for your perusal and consideration
Ice Ribbon was such a wonderful experience because all the wrestlers just seemed so happy, both during the show and at the merch tables later. They were laughing with each other and messing around, Kyuri was dancing, Mochi Miyagi was giving Akane Fujita piggybacks
They genuinely seemed like a bunch of friends having fun and were interacting and laughing with fans. It was lovely
The owner was helping put out chairs before the show and casually arranging photo ops and w/e. When he saw me he asked where I was from and seemed surprised to see a foreigner he didn't know
And it all felt really sincere, not like they were putting it on or just following orders. Everyone seemed to be really happy
Post matches they all sat in the ring and did a lil press conference/promo thing with everyone being given a chance to speak about their upcoming matches but again it all felt sincere rather than forced
They were messing about, teasing each other, Tequila Saya spoke believably tearfully about her hope of being good enough for a title match.
Miyako Matsumoto was behind Akane Fujita heckling her and puffing out her cheeks
It was just fun, unrushed and completely gentle
I told Tsukka it was a dream for me to be there and see her live and she excitedly replied "A dream come true" and seemed to enjoy the fact that I was excited
Miyako told me she wants to come to England, and @davidemoretti90 that she wants to go to Italy (for a holiday)
It was just really nice to see wrestlers being themselves and enjoying themselves without much of an agenda other than to have fun
Anyways this has been the WeAllFaulter Joshi Ramble. I hope you enjoyed it, you probably didn't. Over and out
I'm having a wonderful time in Japan and I just want everyone else to too
DDT at Korakuen Hall and Gatoh Move at Ichigaya Chocolate Square tomorrow
I am at Korakuen Hall for DDT
Look at Mizuki Watase's suit
UP UP GIRLS (FAKE) are doing a dance routine
Toru Owashi has been turned into a makeshift combined hat and umbrella stand
Danshoku Dino just wheeled Makoto Oishi and Super Sasadango Machine out on a trolley and promptly crashed into two different sets of ringside fans
D!DT from Dino
Fans appear to be chanting "We want ass please"
Yukio just unmasked Sasadango and sent him into Dino's arse
KUDO is the new Iron Man Heavymetalweight champion
That was so much fun
HARASHIMA just gave KUDO flowers to celebrate his 15th Anniversary
October 21st: Misaki Ohata/Makoto Oishi (and possibly their pet cat) vs. Joey Ryan/Laura James
Akito is so dreamy
Yuki Ueno just did the Tsukushi stomp
3 way No Cheating, Honest Death Match
DAMNATION have already broken the one rule 7 times
Pouting Daisuke Sasaki

RT if you agree
Shuten Doji just dragged DAMNATION from ringside
Fucking hell Irie
Higuchi had blood spatter on his leg. It appears to be from Irie's outer ear
Holy Christ what a finish
Corporate Dino has decreed it. Irie vs. HARASHIMA
And HARASHIMA's next challenger for the Extreme Title will be Antonio Honda
Antonio Honda vs. HARASHIMA for the Extreme Title, Bras As Blindfolds Death Match
I just spoke to Danshoku Dino and he rubbed my crotch and frankly I feel like I've been blessed
The DDT English commentator just approached me saying he'd been following my adventures on here. I feel so blessed. Thank you
Also Koju Takeda and his sweet smile
Should have tagged him. Arigato gozaimasu @misterhakusan
Ok, food then Gatoh Move
Akso, Pork Katsu Curry @othergodiseven
I am at Ichigaya Chocolate Square for Gatoh Move
Photos were not allowed during the matches but afterwards they gave everyone juice and held a ceremony for the English wrestler Juken who is retiring
Hikaru Shida also made a surprise appearance and read a message in English to describe her friendship with Juken
The show itself was fantastic with Suruga Mei and Yuna Mizumori particularly looking just amazing. Anyone coming to Japan should make sure to visit Ichigaya Chocolate Square
りがとうございます @gatohmove_eng @sakuraemi
And also りがとうございます @riho_gtmv @Mizm0ri Sugura Mei for your amazing performances and being so kind
So after Gatoh Move @davidemoretti90 and I both decided we needed food. Food soon turned into three hours at the izakaya. Thank you for all your help and friendship the past few days, have a safe flight and I'll hopefully see you debuting soon
Lads, I'm quite drunk. Isn't it wonderful?
Lads, did I mention how much I loved Gatoh Move because I really really loved Gatoh Move
Also polaroids!
I get to see them again on Friday
Marvelous tomorrow and Tokyo Joshi Pro on Wednesday and WAVE on Thursday and Gatoh Move on Friday and YMZ on Saturday. JOSHI WEEEEEEEEK
This may be my other favourite photo I've taken this week
These lil girls were jumping up and down screaming at every near fall and when Tamura won they rushed to him and bounced up and down shaking his hand
I also like this one
Me right now
Disclaimer: Yuna Mizumori is a LOT cuter than me, I look like a drunk foot
The card for Marvelous tonight will include:
Sakura Hirota/Miyako Matsumoto/Cherry/Pandita vs. Natsumi Maki/Yuu Yamagata/Tomoko Watanabe/Sahara 7
Leo Isaka vs. Tetsuya Ido
DASH Chisako/W-Fix vs. Mio Momono/NEW-TRA/Nyla Rose
That team in the first match is a murderers row of fun
Also the card for WAVE on Thursday:

Regina di WAVE: Misaki Ohata vs. Takumi Iroha
Tag Titles: Miyazaki/Nozaki vs. Hiroe Nagahama/Miyuki Takase
Street Fight: Mizumami/GUNSO vs. Rina Yamashita/brother YASSHI
Fairy Nipponbashi/Yako Fujigasaki vs. Sakura Hirota/Miss Mongol
BOSS TO MAMMY IMPLODES: Yumi Ohka/ASUKA/Himeka vs. Command Bolshoi/Mio Momono/Kaori Yoneyama
Card for DDT tomorrow night:

Takatimo Dragon/Hiratimo Dragon/Washitimo Dragon vs. Sasaki/ Takao/Shimatani
41 Year Old Danshoku Dino Is A Senior Who Follows Two Young People Aged 25 And 22 And Is Fighting Three People Match: Dino/Katsumata/Ueno vs. Sakaguchi/Toba/MAO
Mr. Maji Manji Battle: Makoto Oishi vs. Kota Umeda
KO-D Tag Titles: Daisuke Sekimoto/Kazusada Higuchi vs. Tetsuya Endo/Mad Paulie

Plus: Meiko Satomura will be making an appearance and has an Anytime/Anywhere Title Shot gauntlet in her possession
Tokyo Joshi Pro on Wednesday:

Maki Itoh/Mizuki vs Yuu/Reika Saiki
Saki-sama/Azusa Christie vs Yuna Manase/Yuki Aino
Up Up Girls (Fake) Shinjuku Battleball: Nodoka One-san vs Yuki Kamifuku
Rika Tatsumi vs Raku
Shoko Nakajima vs Hikari
Yuka Sakazaki vs Hinano
Miyu Yamashita vs Miu
YMZ on Saturday Lunchtime:

GENTARO vs. Psycho
Tank Nagai vs. Boso Hottie
Kaori Yoneyama/Cherry/Best Stretchman V3 vs. Yasu Urano/Tsubasa Kuragaki/Makoto

Plus: Kunio Toshima and the return of High School Student
I am at Shinkiba 1st Ring for Marvelous
Kyoko Kimura and Hiromi Mimura are here again with the food truck and raccoon hats
And I just saw Pandita going to the vending machine
ありがとうございます Sasaki-san @info_marvelous
As I got to the ticket table the lady immediately said "Ah, Marku" and had my ticket ready. Such great service
They were waiting for me 😭
New students
The students are holding a training session and Good Lord they're going hard
Takumi Iroha is their instructor and the wrestlers are all grading them
That was ferocious, I'm full of admiration for anyone who makes it through Nagayo-san's training
Now sparring with Mio
KAORU is clearly very emotionally invested.
This is an incredible spectacle
Now sparring with each other in succession. This is unrelenting
The honorary joshi Leo Isaka is here against Tetsuya Izuchi (not Ido, I mistranslated)
Team of my silliest dreams
Pandita is hanging langorously in the ropes
Arguments already
Miyako is corrupting the referee but just her hat
This is all going wrong
Sakura Hirota's theme song is such a bop
Combined NEW-TRA/Mabudachi music
Mio is teaching everyone to dance
Nyla Rose is Mabudachi and just press slammed KAORU to the floor
Unfair in the workplace
Uh oh
Mio is getting scrappy
That was wild
Nagayo is giving the students their judgments
Nagayo is still over like Rover
Can't believe I had the chance to buy polaroids with everyone and didn't realise until too late
ありがとうございます Sasaki-san @info_marvelous @chigusa8888
That was an excellent show and the training session before it was captivating if a little frightening. I got to see Mio Momono, NEW-TRA and two of my favourites from GAEA, Chikayo Nagashima and KAORU
I also got to speak to Nagashima and tell her she was my favourite and she signed my shirt
The building wasn't quite sold out but the fans were rabid yet really friendly. One man, seeing I was confused trying to find my seat, helped me then shook hands when I thanked him
DDT Maji Manji tomorrow
I also met a delightful child who kept prodding me then waving much to his mother's embarrassment
Somehow ended up on the wrong train. Now in Sendagaya I'm told. Very much not the first time
Late dinner, @othergodiseven
Whoever just put I'm With You by Avril Lavigne on in the izakaya: both good taste and WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU
Hey There, Delilah! now. This DJ is way off on time and place
Did I post this earlier? I can't remember
And this
Best of Mayumi Ozaki, motherfuckers
Look what I found, @mortenvh
Anybody want a Ryota Hama shirt? Speak now or forever hold your peace?
I bought a Great Kojika shirt and the gentleman gave me an Abby Kobayashi brand exfoliating face mask for free
Full card for DDT tonight:

Mizuki Watase vs Daiki Shimomura
Takatimo Dragon/Washitimo Dragon/Hiratimo Dragon vs Sasaki/Takao/Shimatani
Makoto Oishi vs Kota Umeda
Dino/Katsumata/Ueno vs Sakaguchi/Toba/MAO
Takeshita/Akito/Katsumata vs Ishii/Takanashi/Akai
Shigehiro Irie/Sammy Guevara vs HARASHIMA/Kouki Iwasaki vs Antonio Honda/Aaron Anders
KO-D Tag Titles: Daisuke Sekimoto/Kazusada Higuchi vs Tetsuya Endo/Mad Paulie
Shunma Katsumata appears to be pulling double duty
The eczema on my face has broken out bad and is painful and I'm feeling very self-conscious but I am at Shinkiba 1st Ring for DDT Maji Manji and I am repping the special boy @DirtyDragan
Anybody want a Smile Squash puzzle?
The sharp dressed man is back
Management are trying to find where Endo's gauntlet has gone so have stolen his bag. So far they've found toilet roll, vitamins, minerals and porn
Ohka just made the entire crowd stand and do a Ganbare chant with him, so much charisma
I want this hanging in my living room
Ohka has recovered from Mike Bailey literally kicking his arse
The Dancing Dragons are here
Washitimo Dragon is not flexible enough to do a headscissors
A story in three parts
Dino is on the rampage
Dino's Air Mattress Of Sin Death Match
Cassandra Miyagi and Meiko Satomura will be on the 24/7 show
I nearly just got levelled by the mattress
Masa is being very coquettish
On 24/7 ALL OUT vs. Satomura/Miyagi/DASH for the KO-D 6 Man Tag Titles
Antonio Honda has this lovely shy quality when he's not arsing about
Gon The Little Fox may have just committed an act of mutiny
I still wonder if Antonio Honda is the secret mastermind behind Bullet Club
No intermission apparently. Will have to merch the merch post show
Paulie is so pleased with himself
Good lord
Endo just called Daisuke Sasaki "Dai-chan"
First challengers: MAO and Mike Bailey
Daisuke walking away during the photos
Baby baby baby baby baby baby
Thank you for the amazing seat, @rekkatw
Dino is so sweet outside of the ring. He signed my mirror
Apologies, lads. My phone died and I've been at the gyoza and kahlua again.
The show was great and Endo/Paulie vs. Seki/Higuchi and Satomura/ALL OUT vs. Akai/Ishii/Takanashi were thrillers, I got to take a selfie with Danshoku Dino and meet @puroresueikaiwa irl and afterwards went to a new izakaya near my hotel and paid an entire 4500¥ bill in change
I don't know that the manager will welcome me back but on the plus side I no longer rattle when I walk
I also stand corrected, this may be my favourite photo I've taken this week
Shinjuku and Tokyo Joshi Pro tomorrow
Anyone have any advice for finding Shinjuku FACE?
These are great suggestions
Also, look at the shirt I bought today
Err, lads
Currently jumping up and down in my hotel room
My heart
Also I'm going to get to see Aoi Kizuki wrestle live on Friday
Shinjuku always confuses me. On one side of the train tracks you have Chuo Park and it's lovely and peaceful then the other side you have Piss Alley
Chuo Park to Piss Alley
I may have found it, lads
I am at Shinjuku FACE for Tokyo Joshi Pro
There's a lad in the crowd dressed as Hyper Misao
Pre-show nose flute concert
Up Up Girls (Kari) are here. Here's hoping for (Fake) soon too
She's so jolly
Misao is not best pleased
Up Up Girls (Bishiiki)?
Now that is a fucking entrance
That was fucking awesome
Miyu Yamashita is leading everyone in the Up Up dance
The lad dressed as Hyper Misao just got his picture taken with her
That's the wildest meet and greet I've ever experienced
I'm also delighted to announce the formation of the new idol group Itoh Itoh Girls (Mark)
Also Reika was very chatty and so warm and spoke to me in English. She said she's coming to London in July with Ladybeard
I spoke to Maki Itoh and said in Japanese that my Japanese wasn't very good and she said "Ah, my English ok". It wasn't, and after trying to make conversation for a minute we both burst into giggles and gave up
Reika's queue had been running for 45 minutes when I left. The way she handled it all and carried herself put me in the mind of Tanahashi or Io in that you can absolutely see why they're the biggest star, the ace and the marketable presence of their promotion
She came across as the ultimate professional who could adapt to different people and styles of fanhood, make everybody feel welcome and happy and not blink in the face of a 45 minute plus queue of people. She was kawaii but also admirable, respectful, intelligent and friendly
She was the ace
I also just popped to the 24 hour Family Mart on my way back to my hotel and picked up the new Weekly Pro Wrestling as it was being unpacked. I know they work fast but how did they know about Itoh Itoh Girls (Mark) already?
Match wise: Itoh Respect Corps vs. Reika/Yuu was my favourite but Rika Tatsumi vs. Raku was excellent too and I was very impressed with Yuna Manase
The lads
Also had an impromptu izakaya visit with @davidemoretti90. Thank you, dude
I love wrestling (and Kahlua)
Ueno and WAVE tomorrow
The card for WAVE:

Regina di WAVE: Misaki Ohata vs. Takumi Iroha
Tag Titles: Miyazaki/Nozaki vs. Hiroe Nagahama/Miyuki Takase
Street Fight: Mizumami/GUNSO vs. Rina Yamashita/brother YASSHI
Fairy Nipponbashi/Yako Fujigasaki vs. Sakura Hirota/Miss Mongol
BOSS TO MAMMY IMPLODES: Yumi Ohka/ASUKA/Himeka vs. Command Bolshoi/Mio Momono/Kaori Yoneyama
That Fairy/Hirota tag is going to be utter mayhem and I can't wait
It's depressing but utterly expected that I've been posting photos/updates on Facebook while I've been away (mostly so my family are reassured that I'm still alive) and really the only person who has commented on or acknowledged them is a wrestlefriend who is no longer on Twitter
I only really keep Facebook because I have a couple of people on there who I have no other means of contact for and really use it but still, me want attention
Laundry took longer than planned so Ueno may have to wait until tomorrow. Don't want to have to rush around it
Looking for a DVD store in Tokyo can be perilous because a not insignificant number will turn out to be porn
Anywho, DVD/CD shopping in Jimbocho Book Town
Success: I found a Boris album I didn't know existed and only two of the stores turned out to be porn shops
Only 850¥ too
I am at Korakuen Hall for WAVE and I've been upgraded to front row
This is already extraordinarily silly
Yako Fujigasaki's kiss was so poisonous it made Sakura Hirota spit red mist like Muta
Keisuke Goto just slapped Makoto Oishi and Misaki Ohata applauded
Mio Momono is the tallest on her team and she's absolutely thrilled
That was bloody stunning
Rina Yamashita is dressed like brother YASSHI
Fairy Nipponbashi just had to save me from being taken out by a flying GUNSO and Rina smashed my Coke over his head
Techno music has been played throughout like some kind of acid house New Jack match
Mio is checking on YASSHI at ringside
I think I speak for all of the wrestling worlds when I say "Oh, Rina"
That was shockingly great
I'm naturally so shy and awkward so when I get to talk to those I'm such a fan of it's such a joy
Hiroe Nagahama is a star
I've taken so many pictures of Mio
"Who wants to challenge first?"
Iroha has nominated ASUKA as her first challenger
That may be the best in-ring show I've seen since I've ever been here. Three matches that could easily make my year-end list
I've been at the polaroids again
Also, food @othergodiseven
Also more food, @othergodiseven, because I'm very very hungry
I keep seeing Var on the timeline. Is that Video Assisted Referee? Or a person? A var of piss? Throw me a fucking bone here
At least 4 wrestlers and a couple of fans commented on my shirt tonight @ProWrestlingEVE
This Marvelous flier
Ueno (I promise) and Gatoh Move tomorrow
Anybody know what Sakura Hirota's theme song is/where I can buy it? It's such a bop
I can't remember if I mentioned this but Hiroe Nagahama looked amazing tonight
Her match wasn't the greatest but she was by far the best part of it and looked more complete than ever before
I am back at Ichigaya Chocolate Square for Gatoh Move
So glad I got to see Aoi Kizuki wrestle live before she retires
ありがとうございます @Mizm0ri You are my favourite
Jun Akiyama vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri for the GAORA TV belt on July 15th at Korakuen Hall
Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kazusada Higuchi vs. MAO vs. Masashi Takeda, Falls Count Anywhere on July 3rd in DDT
Shigehiro Irie/Jason Kincaid vs. Jun Kasai/Daisuke Sasaki on July 24th
Should I do NOAH or HEAT-UP tomorrow? HU is closer to where I'll be and cheaper but I've already seen them this trip
Also NOAH have Alexander Otsuka booked
Either way I have YMZ at midday
Highballs that taste like bubblegum are bad
Lads, I'm quite drunk and I'd like nothing more than to collapse on someone's thighs. But I'm the only one here and that's difficult
I am at Basement Monstar for YMZ
The start music for the show was a Japanese ukulele version of Monkey Man by Toots & The Maytails
Now Kaori Yoneyama is heckling the ring announcer from somewhere behind the curtain
Kaori Yoneyama vs. High School Student, winner is the first to grab the trophy and moves on in the gauntlet
Kunio Toshima doesn't want to fight Yoneyama so he has sent a replacement
Yoneyama refuses to fight a child so they're having a life drawing contest instead
Yoneyama is now claiming bribery and corruption so is willing to wrestle
That was a masterpiece
Psycho vs. GENTARO was really fucking good
Kengo is after the soundman
Sorry lads, realised I broke the thread so OCD compelled me to go back, delete and redo
I have no earthly idea what is happening
I don't know any human way I could describe or rate that. I've got nothing
We have a draw so competitive hide and seek it is
Cherry has attempted to disguise herself as a pensioner so she isn't detected
Makoto appears to be selling sachets of coffee at the merch table
Great show as always, so much fun.
ありがとうございます @YMZnoMASAKI @kaori_yoneyama
🎵She got the way to move me🎵
I spoke to Yoneyama-san and she immediately said "You are Mark". She knew I was coming 😭
Everyone please support YMZ, they're fantastic
It's very hot and humid today and probably a terrible time to be thinking about getting curry but here we are
Anybody know if tickets are still available for today's NOAH show in Shinkiba?
Looking at their Twitter it seems to be the same deal as Wrestle-1. Wish me luck
I am at Shinkiba 1st Ring for NOAH: Ratels Produce
Show 13 in 11 days
The card is:
Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Junta Miyawaki
Go Shiozaki vs. Otokozakari (Alexander Otsuka)
HAYATA/Seiki Yoshioka vs. YO-HEY/Jiro Kuroshio
Hi69/Yuya Susumu vs. Hajime Ohara/Hitoshi Kumano
Daisuke Harada vs. Takashi Sugiura
How would one address Hi69? Would it be Roku-ju kyu-san?
The roving Kimura food truck is here again
I really want one of Kimura's hats
They're also giving out free NOAH fans and biscuits on entry
Those black metal RATELS shirts are so fucking cool
The lil girl in the watermelon dress is here to support Ikemen again
I'm shocked, the crowd is predominantly young women, some seemingly dragging their bored boyfriends along for the ride
Oh my
There are some looks here tonight
Tadasuke vs. SAKAMOTO was great
Tadasuke is very attractive
Look who's here, @stardust_idiot
That was very good too. Junta Miyawaki came out to White Riot and is very popular with a group of ladies of a certain age
Alexander Otsuka is here and he's not wearing much
Go Shiozaki just chopped Alexander Otsuka and Otsuka responsed by making a noise somewhere between orgasm and Granville with his dangler caught in the till
It's no wonder Kawada lost his passion
Imagine NOAH doing a Danshoku Dino style match and it being less subtle. No, go on. Imagine it. Nope
Takashi Suguira just came out to When Love Came To Town by B.B. King and I don't know that I can think of a more ill-chosen theme song
Harada vs. Suguira was classic NOAH style. Serious minded, brutal, heartfelt realism. Amazing contrast to the hard-hitting hot guy express and the abysmal comedy
That's not an insult. NOAH's product was behind the times when I used to watch it and desperately needed shaking up. And the "hard-hitting hot guys" as I put it had the best matches of the night.
I came in not really knowing what to expect and (other than Shiozaki vs. Otsuka) really enjoyed the show. It's nothing like it was and that's at least in part a good thing
The fucking sweat flying
Somebody link me all the YO-HEY matches pleeeeaaaase
Also somehow autocorrect tried to change 'pleeeeaaaase' to 'pre-deceased' because that's definitely a word
For some reason the curry place near my hotel closes at 21:55. It's 21:33 and I'm three stops away on the train. I really want curry
Ok, I have curry and Strong Zero. What should I watch?
Should I do Diana's dojo show, Itabashi Pro in the park or Wrestle-1 in Kanagawa tomorrow?
Ok, so GPS in Ryogoku KFC Hall at midday then (time dependant) either Itabashi Pro in the park at 3:30 or Wrestle-1 in Kanagawa at 5
Ok, Wrestle-1 is out as it would require at best an hour and a half train journey either way
Bad news: I had to forget GPS this morning because I woke up with a migraine
Good news: my face has cleared up and I'm on my way to Itabashi Pro
I am in Itabashi Peace Park for Itabashi Pro @ita_pro and it's 32°
They're selling Suntory Highballs!
Also loads of food and mask stalls
And the Kimura food truck is here again
I don't know 100% if he's a pig but he's definitely insane dressing like that in this heat
Natsu just flipped off several children
This is barely a PG show and Natsu has already humped Cutie Pika-chan's face
This may be the longest entrance in wrestling history. The ref is actively sunbathing waiting
Gabaiji-chan is over like Rover
A little girl just gave Gabaiji-chan her balloon
HAYATE is dedicating his Frankensteiner to so many people that Tetsuya is getting very bored
Buffalo is now holding Cutie Pika-chan for ransom
The queue to meet Natsu is about 4 times longer than anyone else
Wrestling, man
Oedi Tai, motherfuckers
@SMR_sptmber_luv ありがとうございます
Tomorrow is my last full day in Japan. What should I do?
Would def like to try and hit Yano's bar at some point but I've no other set plans.
The penguin cafe in Ikebukuro looks cool too
There are other music and film shops in Shinjuku I'd like to check out if I have time too
So record shopping took longer than I'd planned because I found 4 Disk Unions in Shinjuku, a place with an entire floor dedicated to hardcore punk and its variations and the legendary Recofan in Shibuya
I've definitely bought too many CD's but I got two deleted Wildhearts albums and a Dead Fucking Last one for 100¥ a piece, a Boris box set and some Melt Banana amongst others
Now I've got gyoza and a highball and I'm watching EVOLVE 107 with the commentary on mute. There are other things I wish I'd got done today but this isn't bad at all
Had a panic I'd miss my flight because my train stopped for 20 minutes+ one stop clear of the airport but thankfully Narita is Narita and I got to the gate in 18 minutes
I've never had a problem flying, I just hate airports but Narita is perfect for me. They're quick, efficient, pleasant, don't scowl at me because I'm running late, have free super fast WiFi and an ice cream vending machine at the gates
Now I'm going home I don't know what to say. Once again Japan has been a dream, home is the middleground and work is the nightmare.
Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip so amazing. All the promotions and staff who helped me get tickets and were so kind and thoughtful @YMZnoMASAKI @gatohmove_eng @info_marvelous
Gatoh Move DM'd me 4 days in advance of the show asking if I knew how to get to the venue then provided advice and photos with directions Photoshopped onto them.
Everyone has been lovely
Also thank you @davidemoretti90 for the friendship, guidance and izakaya visits
And thank all of you for indulging my nonsense and being interested. The response I've had on here has been so wonderful and sharing the experience with everyone has been lovely
And hey, if a crushing idiot like me can do it and thrive so can any of you
On that note if you'll indulge me once more I'm going to RT the shit out of the memories
I'm at Heathrow
Heathrow have posters saying "Next stop: your very own bed". Actually my next stop is Staines, which is not the same thing at all
My bed is one thing but I'm not laying claim to Staines
Missing some Tweet in this thread?
You can try to force a refresh.

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