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You already know everything I'm about to tell you. I'm asking you to lay aside the familiarity and look at it as though you had never seen it before. Thread.
2. Roughly half of the United States never hears nor sees the empirical, measurable, provable, factual truth about anything that is happening in our world, and particularly our nation.
3. They never see it.
Every TV program they watch is all lies. Literally all lies.
Every radio program they listen to is all lies. Literally all lies.
Liberals / Democrats / Never Trumpers / Independents all watch them and say, "How could they be so stupid?"
4. Just a tiny handful of people did this. Rupert Murdoch. Rush Limbaugh. A few carefully hidden "oligarchs" (really plutarchs, but our language has been butchered to the extent where accurate terms are incomprehensible.)
5. Especially Murdoch.
Everybody I know, without exception, says, "Fox News" as though some abstract entity, some impersonal corporation, had stolen our republic, but that's a sucker trap.
Rupert Murdoch.
And our overly optimistic but irretrievably flawed sacred First Amendment.
6. More on the Amendment later. Focus on Murdoch. Look at a few other names.
Look at Newt Gingrich. Newt was the man who taught Republican politicians to speak in the language of hate. Newt singlehandedly poisoned a public discourse that went back over two centuries.
7. This isn't some crazy Jeffie linkage. There is a paper trail. Newt wrote a document literally teaching Republicans to speak, only and always, in the language of hate, not the language of political debate. Here it is.…
8. Before that, Lewis Powell, who would become a Justice of the Supreme Court, nominated by Richard Nixon, wrote what has been called a "memo" to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It, too, was about language and message.
9. Language is one of only two means we have for transferring an idea, a thought, from one human to another.
Pictures are the other.
Every thought you have today is based on things you learned through language and pictures. And personal experience.
10. If every word you ever heard was a lie, and you had no way of knowing it was a lie, you would have different thoughts, different ideas, and different beliefs than you have now.
It can be no other way. We think with what we have learned. We must.
11. Rupert Murdoch came to this country with one, and only one, idea: to create a false reality in which he, personally, would have no limits on his ability to grasp and hold ever more wealth and power.
He did it with Fox News.
I am not kidding.
12. Rupert Murdoch single handedly destroyed the United States of America. With a total package of lies, half-truths, and attractive, scantily clad women.
I am dead serious.
Those Trumpers
Do. Not. Live. in the real world.
13. They *really believe* that Hillary Clinton is a murderer and has run child sex trafficking rings.
Do you really believe that Donald Trump put babies in concentration camps?
Nothing they believe about Hillary is any more horrible than that.
Our society cannot survive the lies.
14. How could those Trumpers be so stupid?
They live in an information environment in which THERE IS NO TRUTH. They have no way of knowing better.
They only really fell for one lie:
"Fair and balanced."
15. If in fact the First Amendment with its guarantee of unabridged free speech truly does guarantee the right to unabridged, systematic lies promoted and distributed as factual news and information, the United States cannot survive our First Amendment.
No, truth cannot compete.
16. Abe Lincoln is reputed to have said,
"You can fool some the people all of the time,
And all of the people some of the time,
But you can't fool all of the people all the time."
It turned out you don't have to.
You only have to fool 50% + 1 of the actual voters.
Or fewer.
17. The "Powell Memo" was about messaging. Spreading a message.
The GoPac / Newt M'f'ing Gingrich Memo was about messaging: the language of the message.
Democrats slept through the whole thing and went on with the same old boring blather.
Their media support system was gone.
18. Now, of course, pretty much all Democrats to is parrot the Murdoch / Gingrich / Guiliani / Trump message, and then say afterwards, "That's not right!"
Might as well jump in front of a train and get it over with.
19. It is not possible to have one nation with two entirely contradictory news streams, one based at least loosely on empirical fact, and one based entirely on systematic, psychological warfare-level lies.
20. Even if we had a decent message, we have no decent media platform to distribute it. The only outright honest program on TV is Rachel Maddow: 5 hours a week can't even make a dent in the bullshit.
21. I have proposed a message over and over. Approximately 0.00002575757% of Americans have seen it.
That is a real number: my 8500 readers divided by 330,000,000 Americans.
Newt's memo had a better reach.
So did Powell's.
And Murdoch ate America.
22. If we are not able to outlaw lies-as-news, return to the Fairness Doctrine that Ronald Reagan destroyed in 1987, there is literally no possibility that the United States America as we knew it, warts and all, can be restored.
23. I would point out that somehow the Fairness Doctrine and the First Amendment managed to coexist when we had a republic, before Lewis Powell, Ronald Reagan, Newt Gingrich, and Rupert Murdoch.
And Donaldovich Ivanovich Trumpov.
--jeff out.
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