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JYP did a presentation explaining JYPE's expansion strategy: JYP 2.0! The full video is here and really worth watching - starting at 3:21:00. It's great that the company is prepared with a strategy that sounds really promising and exciting..
JYP presented a 4-step management strategy:
1. Company in Company
2. Globalization by Localization
3. JYP Music Factory
4. Creativity from Happiness

In the presentation, he went over the risks and advantages of each one, also explaining how they came up with each strategy
Company in Company- JYP explained that they tested this with Twice. When Twice debuted, everything was handled by one task force and it proved to deliver really great results. They're splitting their artists into 4 sub-labels who will each operate under this new task force system
He doesn't say which artists are grouped together but everyone will get a task force. So.. we can start expecting the JYPE artists to churn out content faster than ever before! -- are our bank accounts ready?? lmfaoo
Globalization by Localization - this was reallyyy interesting, and personally i think this is the riskiest, so hoping for the best! JYP explains that the first phase of globalization was adding foreign members to Kpop groups - Nichkhun to 2pm, GOT7, Twice..
The foreign members were key assets to entering foreign markets and this brought them good results but I guess its time to try a new approach. For phase 2, their new approach to successfully enter foreign markets is essentially taking local talent and training them under the JYP.
JYPE started testing this with Boystory - all chinese members, recruited from china, trained under the JYPE korean management system. Their next project is an all-Japanese girl group, to debut in Japan (+ global eventually) sometime in 2019/2020.
So i guess we can expect JYPE to continue debuting groups in other foreign markets with entirely local talent as well. I'm not sure how this will play out, they're basically stepping out of the definition of "K-Pop" that we know today.. risky but i'm very curious of the results..
3. JYP Music Factory - basically they've created a new system that ensures that they can continue to put out high quality content as fast as the market demands it. They've expanded training facilities, instructors, started training and recruiting producers, etc.
In the new JYP building, for both artists and trainees there will be:
9 dance studios
18 vocal rooms
7 producing rooms - in the same floor to allow for easier collaboration
11 recording booths
2 mixing rooms

This will be the biggest music manufacturing space in korea, ever!
4. Creativity from Happiness - I love how JYPE recognizes the importance of work-life balance, healthy lifestyle and mental health. JYP says the music industry is all about generating good ideas, and employees/artists cannot do that when they are tired and exhausted! *applause*!!
Prioritizing health and happiness being 1/4 of JYPE's new strategy really shows how much they value truly taking care of their artists and employees <3
The new JYP building will have an organic restaurant on the top floor for employees and artists. AND there will also be an organic cafe on the first floor that WILL BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. JYP even invites everyone to drop by lmao hihihi yay!
For Mental Care, there will be a handpicked psychiatrist team within JYPE to regularly consult and take care of artists and employees' mental health. Employees are also encouraged to bring up any any internal issues (e.g. with a direct supervisor) that can be addressed by the CEO
There is a new law in korea stating that companies can no longer work employees over 52hrs a week starting 2020 for mid-sized corporations like JYPE. From today til then, JYPE will start adopting that rule to test the best system that will work most efficiently for the company.
Idk if i explained everything well in these tweets, its just a brief overview of what he talked about - you should watch the video for more details!! There was also a Q&A at the end, some questions in english but most of it in korean though..
One of the audience questions was on how JYPE overcomes the glass ceiling on the korean stereotype in western media. JYP basically answers that the so-called glass ceiling is already cracked, the new generation is the youtube generation, they dont follow those stereotypes anymore
I dont want anyone to take what he says the wrong way but JYP says "they (the new generation) don't see color (anymore)", addressing how discrimination used to prevent korean acts from succeeding overseas but the market today is much more accepting of foreign acts
As an example he said that GOT7 is successful in the US, not just depending on an asian-american fanbase but also attracting non-asian american fans as well. He even mentioned their sold out tour and performing in big venues in the US this year!! :)
I think that is an important observation, that for kpop acts to really succeed overseas, they need to serve not just asian fans, but attract the attention of the entire market as well. Slowly break out of the korean stereotype and be truly recognized as artists.
JYP also mentioned that none of the success JYPE achieved so far would've been possible without global media platforms like Youtube and other SNS sites/apps. Spreading Kpop though the local media of various domestic territories would've been impossible.
The last question was the best tbh - Henry, an investor asked why JYPE only achieved success recently if they've been in the business so long already. JYP answered that, a few years ago, he saw how Steve Jobs' death affected Apple really badly.
Before, he was also doing so much at JYPE (WG/2pm era where he was literally producing, writing songs, choreo, managing artist, etc.) So he thought,"What will happen to JYPE if I die??" & he realized that he needed to change the company to make sure it will still run without him
He focused on training new composers, systematizing management policies, etc. They underwent a lot of trial and error testing out what what can be systematized, what cannot be systematized, what's better to be systematized, which ones are better NOT systematized, and so on...
As this went on, they checked the results and evaluated, took notes and after all that.. today he thinks they have a good system down, they've figured out most parts to make sure JYPE can operate on its own, and they will continue looking for ways to improve it.
from a business perspective, everything delivered in the presentation is great -hearing the history, what they've done so far, how they got here and how they plan on taking on the future. Sounds like there were lots of investors in the audience who were impressed too :)
looks like JYPE is on a good path, JYP 2.0 is promising and exciting. They're preparing for further growth, and as fans, we must be ready!! haha :))

P.S. JYP delivered the entire presentation in ENGLISH SO GO AHEAD AND WATCH IT :)))
We dont see kpop agencies sharing information like this, ever. I appreciate that JYP shared this much. By putting this out there, he risks losing competitive edge but it also puts them at the forefront of innovation and can also serve as a good example to follow.
This makes me proud to be a fan and I appreciate seeing what's of importance to the company - it all boils down to music, health and building a sustainable business to keep supporting the artists. I'm personally so emotionally invested in JYPE groups so all this assures me.
P.S. Please stop the discussion of "XXX's money made JYPE" in my mentions- that's not important. If anything, this pres highlights the importance of good mgt practices in the success of our faves. Also no need to bring up other companies in my mentions please and thank youuuu!!
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