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1) Why are millions of people, including teenagers, talking about the Flat Earth theory, and how does this relate to the new Space Force? -

2) Almost everything we know about the Earth, space, the Moon, and every photo and video of our planet comes from NASA.
3) NASA is associated with the moon landing hoax. We've noticed such things as a breeze on the moon, no stars in the sky, astronauts being yanked up off the ground by wires, and the fact that all of the photos of Earth are composite images that NASA admits to piecing together.
4) NASA stated that the images are indeed CGI, and that “they have to be”.
5) To be an astronaut, you must be a member of the Freemason Society, who are known for making pledges to secrecy.
6) NASA also tells us that despite the fact that the moon landing footage would be the single most important footage NASA could have, they've “lost all of the footage, and destroyed all of the technology necessary to do it again.”
7) Most of us have believed our whole lives that everything in existence stems from a magical event that we have no actual proof for. Two atoms collided and created something bigger than a galaxy. It’s a theory, as is gravity. Just a theory.
8) From a religious perspective, the Bible tells us that there is a firmament, or dome above us. Science tells us the universe is 80% dark matter, but no one can explain for certain what that means.
9) Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “that the Earth is a pear-shaped spheroid", and NASA shows us CGI photos of perfect 'blue-marble' spheres.
10) Flat Earth theorists question the probability of the Earth being a plane surrounded by an ice wall in Antarctica, and the Arctic is the North that all of our compasses point to.
11) Three things that give this theory some credibility are that in the late 1950’s, there was a treaty signed by the most powerful countries in the world, not to let anyone freely explore Antarctica. In order to do so, you must be monitored and are limited to where you can go.
12) Second, the United Nation’s map is a map of the Flat Earth model surrounded by the ice wall known as Antarctica.
13) Third, airplanes are not allowed to fly over Antarctica. All flight paths take airlines away from Antarctica. The flight patterns on a globe often don’t make sense until you see them on the Flat Earth map. Some pilots will confirm this.
14) This video, shown to me by high school students, is Shane Dawson’s brother explaining why young people are interested in the Flat Earth theory. Our future voters may be on to something,
15) Shane’s brother explains how we live in a materialist society that keeps us focused on working hard for the things we are told we need. This keeps us paying taxes for the globalists who control us, like their slaves, keeping the rich-rich, and in power.
16) He points out that we willingly put phones, and smart TV’s, and “little machines” in our homes that do everything for us, including telling us "what purchases to make next".
17) Elon Musk believes that we live in a simulation theory. He stated that, “Obviously this feels real, but the odds that we are in a base reality is one in billions.”
18) The Tesla that Musk sent to space showed a round Earth, then the video glitched and exposed a green-screen. Was he attempting to tell us something?
19) Why is this important? After all, who cares if the Earth is flat or a globe? You might even say, “What difference does it make?”
20) If we are being lied to on a scale of this magnitude, wouldn’t you want to know?
21) If the rich and powerful want us to believe that we are an insignificant speck of dust on a flying rock through the universe, without purpose, it would be so much easier to control us. We are already convinced that we don’t really matter.
22) “The best way to control people is to create conflicts, and to make us care about the things that don’t really matter to our existence. -
23) They will call you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to make you look crazy, to discredit you, and it works. Who would trust anything you say, once they know you believe the Earth is flat?” – Shane Dawson’s Brother
24) He was right when he said, “As soon as we hear "conspiracy", we stop looking at it.”
25) He points out that the government created a website called the Flat Earth, and it is used solely to discredit the theory and make anyone searching for truth stop looking by publishing obviously false information. If it's fake, why would they bother?
26) The Flat Earth model is more of an ideology to most people who are embracing the theory. It suggests that we are here by design, and that everything has meaning. It’s understandable why we would want to believe that we all matter, when those in power believe we don't.
26) This is what the Great Awakening is really all about.
27) Why did President Donald Trump say, "At some point people are going to say, "How did we do it without space?"
28) What did President Trump mean when he said, “We are RE-OPENING NASA”, and “We are GOING TO BE GOING to space”. Did he say, “Space Farce!”? Did he create a dome with his hand gestures?
29) This Space X photo is obviously using a fisheye lens. Why?
30) Both NASA and Obama said that we can't leave Earth's lower orbit.…

31) NASA's Earth Now map is missing something...
32) There is no way the Globalists could keep such a huge
secret a secret, or is there?…
33) Thirty-three. Hmmm. Is Trump creating a Space Farce to protect the firmament? Well... is he?
34) "I thought politics would bring us together. It turns out it's going to be space." - President Donald Trump
35) Why does Jim Carrey give a snow-globe to the lost man in this trailer?
36) Why can't we explore Antarctica? -
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