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1. #QAnon told us to re-read #Q's drops regarding the FBI leadership modifying their form 302 interview reports from the interviewing agents originally completing the forms, to changing them afterwards. The DOJ is now being forced by Congress to supply this info.

Targeting [RR]
2. #QAnon's point reveals that "McCabe was upset after hearing from the agents that they didn’t think Flynn was lying", therefor needed to change the report to say he was.…
3. #QAnon Horowitz has received referrals & is investigating.

@RepMarkMeadows said “There’s growing evidence that 302s were edited & changed to either not prosecute OR to prosecute”

#Q #SpyGate
4. #QAnon's tip points us to difference between the way the FBI handled Flynn’s case and the way FBI handled McCabe’s case.…
5. #QAnon Flynn was never told that he was being formally interviewed. McCabe was advised of the nature of his interviews on both occasions. Flynn's not told he's suspected of lying or given any chance to explain. McCabe was asked, whether he needed to clarify or change anything.
6. #QAnon So, Flynn was charged with 18 USC 1001, making false official statements, McCabe not.

7. #QAnon #Strzok's texts include smoking gun of plan to entrap @GenFlynn with conspiracy to manufacture the 302s. @JohnWHuber… #Q
8. #QAnon #Strzok and FBI Special Agent Pientka went to the White House to interview Flynn only 4 days after President Trump was inaugurated. #Q…
9. #QAnon The FBI agents informed Flynn that their investigation on him was closed & that they found no wrongdoing. #Q…
10.#QAnon The day before #Strzok visits Genral Flynn, he tells Lisa Page that,
“I can feel my heart beating harder. I’m so stressed out about all the ways this has the potential to go fully off the rails.”

11. #QAnon Flynn ends up having to resign on Valentine's Day 2/14/17. That day, Lisa Page asks Peter #Strzok, “Also, is Andy good with F 302?”.

Strzok responds affirmatively, that, indeed, Andy IS OK with it,



Good with plan on Flynn's 302.

12. #QAnon'd reminded us that IG started long before Huber started setting the stage, and Sessions told us Huber's been at work since last November.

Timing is everything.
13. One of #QAnon's very first posts (which first began last Oct 28) was on Oct 31 when he announced that Podesta and Huma would be indicted (under seal) 11/3 and 11/6. Interestingly, this was when Sessions said Huber started work on these cases, (and, #Q says, IG well before).
14. #QAnon Although much lost amongst hysteria over Special Counsel back then, Sessions announced then (before revealing it was Huber) that the investigations included #UraniumOne and the #ClintonFoundation. All done from Utah, outside #TheSwamp.

15. #QAnon cited IG report, attachments G & H, enumerating instances of FBI leaking selected intel to #Clown Media. Each line is a different agent relationship, and the numbers reflect the number of instances discovered.…… #Q
16. #QAnon It is no wonder that most of our media has become entirely corrupt with an amoral lack of integrity and dishonesty. Most mainstream outlets will not report IG's findings of graft and bribery between media and FBI.… #Q
17. #QAnon combined the IG's graphic with Wikileaks' list of reporters and networks who were colluding with the DNC/Hillary campaign to decide what to tell and what not to tell you over the media. Consequently, I would not trust what these journalists report, but, that's me. #Q
18. (List continued...) #QAnon explained that it was THE PODESTA GROUP
that was "the Bridge" between the media, FBI/DOJ, and Hillary Clinton et al.
Why'd Podesta Group close? When did it close? When did Huber start? When did #Q start?

November (end of Oct for Q)

Podesta art
19.#QAnon cites John Podesta and Huma's indictments, sealed in Novemeber, and asks

"Do they know?
Why did the Podesta group close [in Nov]?
Why no leaks?
Who else knows?
#HRC deal request?
20. #QAnon explains that IG cannot disclose evidence in pending criminal cases in public reports because it could taint/bias a Grand jury. Important. #Q
21. #QAnon has often emphasized both "the Bridge" and "GOOG". #Q indicates that the Google "op" has provided "undeniable proof". Q tells us that the entire Hussein admin used private emails, and that
"ES is KEY."
22. #QAnon has also indicated that the use of shared gmail drafts was not only a failed attempt to elude the NSA for comms between the Hussein admin members aimed at keeping their ops from the People, but also for comms with other regimes, eg., Hussein and North Korea. #Q
23. Interesting in this context that #QAnon told us that a North Korea #Clown takedown involved first Kim relieving his top Generals before President Trump could bring world peace, even though Hussein tried to call. #Q…

24. Most recent prior #QAnon thread is here:…
25. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:
26. #QAnon IG report revealed Comey was using private gmail for his comms with the others. So were Hussein, Loretta Lynch, #HRC, James Clapper, Schumer, McCabe, McCain, Rosenstein, Rice, Brennan, Huma Abedin, and Valerie Jarrett. No wonder THEY couldn't prosecute HRC for it! #Q
27. #QAnon: Why did Flynn take the rubber bullet?
Expand your thinking.

28. #QAnon's announced reschedule of the Question & Answer opportunity he'd planned for tomorrow, which will be forthcoming.
29. #QAnon: narrative change (border), IDENtity talking points, were critical to distract against the IG report, but false flag's prevented. Now we find 2 more at FBI, Agt5, Moyer, on Clinton 'filter team', & Atty2, Clinesmith "to prevent Trump's victory".…
30. #QAnon told us riots planned, but resistance far smaller than portrayed." Sam Lavigne, adjunct art prof at NYU created a database to harass 1,595 ICE employees publishing where they live & contact info. National Socialist…

31. #QAnon #BorderChildren "narrative change was to distract IG report / hearings / Korea", but, filing of Oct 2016 lawsuit reveals immigrant children in custody stripped naked, handcuffed with bags over their heads and beaten during Obama's presidency. #Q…
32. #Q #QAnon
Hussein's remarks on #BorderChildren:
33. #QAnon Each child alien smuggled in is worth big $$$ in the US child trafficking/smuggling market. #SouthwestKey #BorderChildren Must read:
34. #QAnon: "resistance far smaller than portrayed." Stephanie Wilkinson is Red Hen Restaurant owner in Lexington who asked Sarah Sanders to leave without receiving her ordered meal. “I would do the same thing again”, she states.… #Q
35. #QAnon told us, "Attacks will intensify." Because we, "collectively, are a massive threat."

Now we are to believe that President Trump is "disorganized, chaotic, nihilistic, and self-contradictory" because @jamesgilliganmd from @NYU said so.

36. #QAnon presaged the EO to release all. Now it moves toward it..

37. #QAnon “FBI Atty2”, Clinesmith, who's texting wishes he could've done more to stop @POTUS' election's interviewing the sheep-dipped #Mifsud/#Downer/#Halper "Patsy" #Papadopoulos, 3 week's after the President's inauguration…

38. #QAnon told us that,

"The 'server' brings down the house."

& Julian Assange's repeatedly said source for Podesta emails WAS NOT Russian gov. Now, we learn it's #Comey Who Personally KILLED Immunity Deal with JA -- Who Could've Revealed Leak Source…
39. #QAnon Meanwhile we learn that Hussein is traveling back to Kenya next month. #Q
40. #QAnon Meanwhile, turns out the limited immunity deal that might have temporarily freed the WikiLeaks founder @JulianAssange from a London embassy by was killed by BOTH @Comey AND @MarkWarnerVA not just #Comey.
41. #QAnon @MarkWarnerVA was actively working to assist the FBI plot to bring down @POTUS in reaching out to Christopher Steele, using Waldman as the bridge.…

42. #QAnon HO to @hfinch61 who's pointed out only explanation for why Warner helped Comey kill a deal that could've protected from the #Vault7 release: Both men're part of the coup attempt & that it could only stay hidden & continue if the deal died.
43. #QAnon had told us, in April:
"Seth Rich June Julian Assange"



Are we on schedule?


44. #QAnon'd told us to "Trust Sessions", though many've had their doubts.

45. #QAnon'd told us the reason why Peter #Strzok was in London for #CrossfireHurricane op against Trump, was because of "SIS". Interesting now @POTUS is advocating open hearings, total transparency, ahead of his UK visit. SIS motto: Semper Occultus #Q… #Q
46. On the subject of #QAnon, btw, this video by far, very professionally done, is the best so far for red-pilling family and friends who yet tarry in darkness.

47. Hats off to @johnbasham whose #QAnon efforts this week've been invaluable to the #QArmy!
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