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🌞🙃 Sunscreens I've tried 🙃🌞

In this thread, I'll share my experiences with these sunscreens.
‼️ Disclaimer ‼️

As always, your mileage may vary. Please remember that my experiences with these products are personal and may be different for you. Just because it does/doesn't work for me, does not mean it will affect you similarly 🙏🏼
At the end of each mini review, I'll say which skin type would most likely enjoy the sunscreen but take it with a pinch of salt. Ultimately, it depends on your preference and your skin.
Note: My skin type is normal to combination and I sweat easily during the day.
How I use sunscreen:

(after cleansing)
- hydrating toner
- hydrating essence
- *sunscreen

- micellar water
- hydrating toner
- sunscreen

*I use a two-finger amount every time with my middle finger as a measuring unit. I apply one layer first, then a second.
The recommended amount is 2 fingers' worth for adequate protection, with reapplication every 2-3 hours.

Reapplying is important to ensure your skin is well protected at all times, especially since UV levels differ by the hour.
Let's start with my current sunscreen:

☀️ Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence ☀️

A gel type sunscreen. Quite thick but spreads nicely on my skin and absorbs well. I notice a cooling sensation, presumably from the xylitol. It has a mild citrusy/chemical scent but it goes away.
This sunscreen makes me a bit greasy after the second layer but it's ok after I blot with tissue, and it doesn't make me greasy anymore after that, which is good. It's also quite moisturising for my skin.
I noticed that if I don't spread the sunscreen evenly throughout my face, some spots with a thicker layer are harder to blend out and look like white spots. But it's easy to overcome, I just have to continue spreading the sunscreen around.
I've been using this for about a week now and I haven't experienced negative reactions bad enough to make me want to stop using it. Then again it could be because I'm immune to "bad" reactions from sunscreen by now. Doesn't bother me anymore 😂
I have two new tiny zits on my right cheek but I think I'm gonna get my period soon so I can't say if the sunscreen is making me break out. So far, my existing acne doesn't look worse.
Apart from acne, I've also noticed some CCs (closed comedones) and whiteheads form along my jaw, but frankly I'm not very bothered because overall, my CCs don't look as bad as before, especially on my cheeks.
I would say this sunscreen suits those with normal to combination skin. It might be greasy for oily skin types and not moisturising enough for dry skin.

BUT, I believe @skinnyondinie uses this and she has oily skin, so of course, it depends on what you like.
☀️ Bioré UV Perfect Protect Milk ☀️

I think this is the best sunscreen for my skin so far. I barely experienced negative reactions with this one. It's very light on my skin even after two layers and helps me stay matte without drying me out.
Nonetheless, I do recommend hydrating properly before using this sunscreen because it can feel dry if you don't.
It's a thin white liquid, really like milk. It spreads and absorbs very well on my skin, leaving a smooth and silky finish.
My only "problem" with this sunscreen is, it's so small 🙈 One bottle lasts me about two and a half weeks and honestly I malas repurchase balik2. Also, it's only PA+++ and my paranoid arse prefers PA++++ 🙊
This sunscreen would be great for oily skin types because it really helps with oil control without going overboard. Combination skin may like this as well, but like I said, hydrate!!!
☀️ Bioré UV Perfect Milk ☀️

I was hoping this could be a "bigger" version of the Perfect Protect Milk but it feels different and I'm not a fan.
It's more drying than the PPM (Perfect Protect Milk) and it makes my skin feel so powdery, I don't like it. The PPM has a powdery finish as well, but it absorbs better. This PM (Perfect Milk) kinda just sits on top of my skin 👎🏼
It also claims to be more sweat resistant and suitable for sports/outdoor activities but I disagree (for me). I sweat easily and when I wipe my sweat, I can feel I'm wiping the sunscreen away too.
This one is also a milky liquid texture, but it feels more licin than the PPM, possibly because it has more silicones.
Oily skin types may like this. It could also work for combination skin.
☀️ Senka Perfect UV Gel ☀️

I was excited for this because I wanted a gel sunscreen and it's a good size. You should know by now I don't like small sunscreens 🙈
The texture is more like a gel lotion and is thinner than the Bioré Aqua Rich. It also spreads and absorbs well, but this one has a tendency to pill whereas I never experienced pilling with the Bioré one.
Once the sunscreen dries/absorbs fully, I get white flakes in my eyebrows and along my hairline....... It doesn't look like pilled product, it looks more like dandruff.
This is a hassle for me, especially when I do my midday routine and need to be somewhere afterwards. Ya girl has no time to worry about dandruff-looking flakes 🤦🏻‍♀️
Overall, I do feel that this sunscreen is a bit drying for my skin even though it has hydrating factors and is a gel type. I like the satiny finish but I prefer the Bioré Aqua Rich.
I noticed my skin developed tiny dry patches when I wore this sunscreen, as well as CCs and whiteheads on my jawline. Now that I've switched to Bioré, the dry patches are subsiding.
Oily skin peeps would probably like this sunscreen. It could work for combination skin too with proper hydration. I'm not sure if dry skin would like this but hey there's no harm in trying - you might like it!
☀️ Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence ☀️

Another gel type sunscreen. In terms of texture, I'd say this is slightly thicker than the other gel sunscreens I mentioned earlier. It has a yellowish tint, similar to the Bioré one, and a similar citrusy scent.
This one is too greasy for me but honestly other than that, I quite like this sunscreen. It didn't give me any noticeable negative reaction. This is great for dry skin, especially since it's alcohol-free.
☀️ Aiken Daily Sunscreen ☀️

This is the very first sunscreen I tried when I began using sunscreen religiously about two years ago.

The ingredients changed a bit somewhere down the line (last pic is the latest one that I know of).
I actually finished one whole tube of this and repurchased two more 😂 The only other sunscreen I ever repurchased is the Bioré PPM.
I really liked this sunscreen when I started using it because frankly I malas cari and try others. When this one didn't ruin my skin, I thought, ok I can use this forever.
Buttttt I started noticing this makes me quite greasy and I wanted something lighter for my face. Now I use this for my body because it's very moisturising, makes my skin feel good and smells really nice!
Dry skin folks would probably like this (for face). I do recommend this for body and I think it would suit most skin types.
☀️ Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen ☀️

I REALLY like this sunscreen but this is the one that ruined my skin to begin with 😩
This one caused my massive CC outbreak. I only used it for three days but already I developed tiny bumps all over my face fjcjfjsjdnsns 💔💔💔
I like this because it's a lotion that spreads and absorbs very well, with no whitecast and greasiness whatsoever, but it doesn't make me dry. It really is the perfect sunscreen 😩 But not for my skin 😢
I've been thinking about what ingredient made this sunscreen react so badly for my skin. At first I thought it was the paraben or chemical filters. I was wrong and right 😅
I don't think it's the paraben that made my skin react badly. It's more likely that it was the chemical filters, more specifically Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, or avobenzone.
I thought I was allergic to chemical filters in general, but now that I've tried a few sunscreens and compared the ingredients, I'm almost entirely sure I can't use avobenzone.

@ImanAbdulRahim goes into more detail about chem filters in her thread 👇🏼
Oily skin might like this sunscreen because for me, it lives up to the "dry touch" claim.
☀️ LipHop Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion ☀️

I got this because I felt like my skin was too sensitive for any other sunscreen. But I kinda hate this one 🙈
First off, lemme explain that if you feel your skin is too sensitive to handle sunscreen, try kids' sunscreen because they're milder.
BUT you should also be prepared for major whitecast, greasiness and a heavy feeling on your skin, because kids' sunscreen is not cosmetic grade. It was made purely to protect, not much for aesthetic purposes.
That said, this sunscreen was..... all of that. It felt heavy on my skin, was very greasy for me and the whitecast ya Allah tahap silau 😩
Oh and it smelled like peanuts???? idk idk
I don't even think I should recommend this dhdjdhsjs but dry and sensitive skin could consider this as an option.
☀️ Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Essence ☀️

Another one I like but doesn't work well for me. It doesn't give me any bad reaction but it pills like CRAZY.
So I've mentioned pilling a few times now. In case you're wondering what that is, here's a brief thread with links to better explanations 👇🏼
Back to the sunscreen: texture wise, it's very similar to the Bioré Aqua Rich but it's lighter, which is why I liked it so much when I first tried it. It absorbs fast and doesn't make me greasy, plus it hydrates well.
But when I apply the second layer, everything starts pilling. And I mean everything 😪
I've tried several methods to stop or even minimise pilling but nothing works for me. So I had to accept that it just isn't meant to be :')
Combination skin would probably like this sunscreen and dry skin too, but of course hydrate hydrate hydrate. For oily skin, it might be slightly greasy.
☀️ Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Watery Gel ☀️

This was highly recommended by quite a few people but alas, it doesn't suit me. That's why you cannot simply believe any recommendation. Everything reacts differently for different people.
It's a thin gel-type lotion and it does go well on my skin but like the other Sunplay sunscreen, it pills like crazy. So I've concluded that this brand just doesn't work for me 🙈
This one is more drying than the essence, though. My skin feels a bit tight after only three hours and I can sort of see white powdery lines. Not a fan of how it feels on my skin.

This would probably be good for oily skin.
☀️ Banana Boat Ultra Protect Sunscreen Lotion ☀️

I looooooove the smell of this sunscreen! It smells like cocoa butter 😍
Although it claims to be "sheer" and "lightweight"......... I don't feel it is. It's more sheer than the LipHop kids' sunscreen (whitecast for this one is not so bad) but it still feels pretty heavy on my skin and makes me greasy.
Then again, Banana Boat sunscreens are more like performance sunscreen, meaning they're the kinds you should wear when you spend more hours under the sun like when you're doing sports/outdoor activities.
Cosmetic-type sunscreen, like Bioré, are designed to be more lightweight and comfortable because they're supposed to be for regular daily wear and also to pair with makeup.
It's worth keeping this in mind when buying sunscreen 😬
☀️ Pure Beauty Protective Sun Gel ☀️

(The ingredients list is on the box and I threw the box away before taking a picture and I tried Googling the list but couldn't find it I'm sorry 😩)
This makes a good body sunscreen because it's very moisturising and actually absorbs quite well but for some reason, it's very greasy on my face.
I've tried using it a few times sbb sayang, masih baru but I just can't, it's too greasy for my face.
My experience with this sunscreen taught me something, though:
This sunscreen would be great for oily skin! It smells nice too.
This is the end of this thread. For now 🙈

All sunscreens were bought from Watsons/Guardian and are all under RM50.
Here's some extra info on midday routines, courtesy of @caveofbeauty 🌞 She's the reason I do it!
My midday routine is typically:

- micellar water (Garnier pink)
- hydrator (Hada Labo hydrating lotion)
- sunscreen (currently, Bioré Aqua Rich)
- eye cream (Hada Labo)

settle 💯
Astaghfirullah I meant DRY skin!! The Pure Beauty sunscreen would be great for DRY skin. Kalau oily skin pakai boleh goreng ikan kot djdjdhshsbs
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