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Conspiracy/Theory thread: Chanyeol, Jongin and Sehun have Kris, Luhan and Tao’s power and are trying to learn how to master it.
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Grab your notebooks sisters and brothers we are going on a ride. First conspiracy/theory thread I’m doing and after yesterday conversation with my mutual in a gc.... MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHMM.
First thing first: When EXO first debuted as a 12 member group, each member had their counterpart, I’ll call them “sibling” in the opposite subgroup.

Two of them are:

- Minseok and Junmyeon
- Baekhyun and Yixing

There has been moments in several EXO music videos where we could see the “siblings” in action.

Best example is in Lucky One with Minseok and Junmyeon where they make two glass of water for themselves to drink
But what about Kris, Luhan and Tao?

They also had counterparts in EXO-K but when they left, their “siblings” were suddenly left on their own. Who are they...?
Well in the EXO episode of Go Daku Expansion on Vlive they mention they six pairs of siblings in EXO and you discover that Chanyeol, Jongin and Sehun are the counterparts of KrisHanTao. Roll the clip!
So now that we got the “sibling” thing off. Let’s get into the matter at hand: What happened to KrisHanTao powers and why does it points that Sekaiyeol could be detaining those now.
My theory is: When Kris, Luhan, Tao left EXO and thus let’s say “die”, their powers went to the only person who was compatible with them and power... their counterpart. The “effects” were only to be shown later. Those “effects” are shown in different ways depending on the member.
Let’s start with Jongin. His power was teleportation and he’s the counterpart of Luhan, whose power is telekinesis. You can do a lot with that power. The first signs of him learning about his added power was in Ko ko bop.
Before we continue... here’s a small list of what you can do with telekinesis, we’ll comeback to that.

According to the power listing wikia, there’s also seven levels of telekinetic user: Minimal, Basic, Advanced, Expert, Master, Unlimited and Absolute.
So in the KKB MV, there’s been several moments where telekinesis has been used in a way. And in all those moments, Jongin was in the scene.

Let’s start.
1) This is pretty much a chain of reaction, Kyungsoo slams the car door and suddenly different things are levitating. Now, understand that Kyungsoo have Earth power, but he can’t make objects stay in air that long and note how Jongin rises his head before the levitation begin
My assumption is that from the moment Kyungsoo slams the car door, it shook the earth and thus probably frighten Jongin who then, activated his telekinesis power by ACCIDENT!
2) The car driving on its own around the members. I’ll need the list of things a telekinetic user can do to explain it better to you guys.
telekinetic users have several lvls when it comes to mass/strength. A car’s pretty heavy when it comes to mass which might indicate that Jongin could be mastering that power. It also could mean he’s at the level where he can control matter and energy by the bias of his brain.
The most possible option though would be that he’s limited still at the basic level and he’s just changing the directional course of the car.
3) Here we have Jongin levitating right... the thing is he’s levitating on a cloud. Let me explain.
While levitating is a basic level ability... Jongin created a cloud WITH MOLECULES! OUT OF NOWHERE! That’s transmutation itself. That means at that point of the MV, Jongin was already at the advanced level of a telekinetic user.
4 and 5) You can see things being thrown and flying behind Minseok but the most interesting part is the last second of the video, when Jongin somehow moves towards the door of the car... without actually walking.
This moment exactly. Let me explain.
The car is seen moving backwards towards Jongin. This is a normal telekinetic pull.

(PS: When the car was moving though while Jongin was dancing... that’s was an object manipulation... an advanced technique)
Mini conclusion: Jongin is pretty much in the advanced level of a telekinetic user, which means he can control matter and energy at his guise and with his mind. He did that in one MV.
Let’s continue with Chanyeol. His power is fire manipulation. He’s the counterpart of Kris who’s power is flight. Let me add that Chanyeol is called the phoenix while kris was called the dragon due to the MAMA MV where both fire creatures are shown.
Chanyeol was the first member to show signs of acquiring Kris’ power before Jongin and Sehun. The thing is that the signs were through his original power, fire... and through his hair colour. Yes, hair color. Let’s go back to pathcode era and go all the way to the COUNTDOWN era.
Unlike Jongin and Sehun... Chanyeol has become unstable after earning Kris’ power, the first sign was in his pathcode teaser when he burns an entire forest after creating a small ball of fire in his hands.
In a way, Kris could have a bit of control over fire due to the fact his sign was a dragon. But when the flight power came to Yeol... it overrides his own fire power and thus makes him unstable. And also, it makes him have Heterochromia. It shows up in several occasions.
But the direct signs of Chanyeol’s power being unstable was actually... Chanyeol’s hair.

To be more exact, on how his hair was showing the level of heat of his power.
There’s four type of fire/flame. Each type gets hotter and hotter until we reach the peak aka the blue flame.

Before Chanyeol acquires Kris’ power the highest level he could go was red aka level two. But after 2014... you see some really strange change...
His color hair kept changing in each comeback and thus his heat level.

2015: Gray/Silver (Level 3), Brown (Level 0)

2016: Red (Level 2), Orange (Level 1), Brown (Level 0)

2017: Cotton Candy (Level 1-2-3), Blue (Level 4), brown (Level 0)

2018: Silver (Level 3), ...
Continuous change can makes a power go unstable and that’s what happening to Chanyeol... and the peak happens during the COUNTDOWN teaser. And it’s also where you can truly see a sign of Kris’ power.
During the whole teaser of CY for the COUNTDOWN album, there was multiple allusions to dragons (Kris’ logo back in MAMA mv...) from images to even Chanyeol growing wings and levitating for a few seconds. But note how Chanyeol never seem in full control of it...
it even started his own power (sparks) out of nowhere. Chanyeol was pretty much fighting his own self in order to regain control of his mind, it made his Heterochromia come back for a few moments too...
Mini conclusion #2: Though he was the first to acquire a new power, Chanyeol is unable to fully control it without losing his self-control. He also can’t fully control his own power anymore.
And finally, Sehun. His power is wind control. He’s the counterpart of Tao whose power is time control.

Compared to Chanyeol and Jongin, Sehun doesn’t show much signs except in monster. Which means, that he probably doesn’t realize what he’s doing... yet.
Anyways, look at the car burning... actually if you look really closely... the fire is going backwards aka... time is reversing to the point where the car was in perfect shape. My guess is that Sehun did when they were in the van getting escorted to god knows where...
Another part is with the watch. Look at how everything around the watch comes back to perfect shape but the watch is going anticlock wise. My bet? Someone (Sehun) was trying to go back in time to warn the past EXO that they’re about to be attacked/that their base has been found.
Same thing is happening with the car... It is driving back to it’s starting point. Then again, it could mean that Sehun is going once again back in time to warn the past EXO of what exactly is about to happen if they go according the plan they had.
And finally, at the end of the MV, the car is back to normal, driving forward but the watch is speeding clockwise. Which obviously means by the way the MV ends that thanks to Sehun’s multiple travels in time, EXO managed to find a perfect plan in order to escape the red force.
Mini conclusion #3: Sehun might actually be aware that he can do something related to time but he didnt start to master it yet hes using it for a short period of time but sometimes he doesnt even know that hes controlling it (burning car) which could be a problem in the future.
IN CONCLUSION: Chanyeol, Jongin and Sehun will probably become key players in the future comebacks of EXO as they learn to fully master those powers. But, for two of them (Chanyeol and Sehun), it might be dangerous as one cannot control himself and the other doesnt know he has it
If I were to resume the order of acknowledgement of their new powers:

1. Chanyeol
2. Jongin
3. Sehun

But in terms of control:

1. Jongin
2. Sehun (doesn’t know fully and thus doesn’t use it)
3. Chanyeol (Unstable and dangerous)
And this is where it ends literally... maybe I’ll add things with the other comebacks maybe not who knows?

This took my fucking day to write, idk how y’all theorists be doing multiple threads.

Feel free to comment on the thread (please in quotes, don’t reply please)

-The end-
I didn’t expect that much feedback so um, thank you everyone for reading this product of drought, analyzing and free time. I won’t say this is a bulletproof theory but if it somehow made sense it’s cool. You can ask me question on my cc or @ me in a tweet, i’ll try to answer! 🙂
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