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Oh hey I see people linking this tweet me along with the #StealthJeffHoax hashtag.

Apparently, some people think I've always been a Trump supporter.

Far from it!

In fact, let's take a walk down memory lane and remember just how Never Trump I was back in 2016.
OK actually, let's start in 2015. On Sept. 14, 2015 I wrote THIS for my blog:…
Yep. I'll put my Never Trump bona fides up there with anybody else who was Never Trump at that time.
I was TERRIFIED Trump was going to essentially hand the Presidency to Hillary and then she was going to finish America off.

THIS was also 1 of my greatest "Never Trump!" hits!…
And then there was this, my last forlorn attempt to save Ted Cruz's candidacy in April, 2016. 😬…
When I wasn't blogging against Trump in 2016, I was making fun memes like these:
Yup. This is me in 2016, folks. Making anti-Trump memes.

At first I was convinced Trump's campaign was a publicity stunt.

Those of you who followed me back then - around 30,000 of you - saw me tweet this stuff a lot.
Flipping back through my archives, I can pick the exact moment I quit being Never Trump. When he won the election.

I had given up. I was 100% convinced there was no way he was going to win and that Hillary had it in the bag.
Now understand: In Nov. 2016, I'm FAR from being pro-Trump.
I just quit being NEVER Trump.
He's going to be President now.
So my position became "Hoping for the best while expecting the worst."
During the transition period of Nov 2016 to Feb 2017, I was mostly enjoying watching the Progressives/Democrat/DNC Media freak out.

I fully expected Trump to be an absolutely horrible President.

But then he started doing things that surprised me.
By the time I wrote THIS column in Feb. 2017, I was warming up to how Trump was actually doing the job of President.…
And probably one of the best columns I ever wrote, in May 2017, at the end of it I detail how a lot of the attacks of Trump & his supporters for being racist were 100% dishonest:…
By tying Trump to people like David Duke, people tried to give the impression his presidency would be a never ending clown show. By May of 2017 I was seeing that this was groundless.
I turned the corner in June 2017, exactly a year ago.

I went from just being HAPPY Hillary didn't become President to realizing Trump actually seemed to know what he was doing, that he had a plan. And had brought in the right people & was letting them do their jobs.
So if people think it's incredibly awkward or something for them to point how rabidly Never Trump I was in 2016, maybe it is for them but not for me.

If they think I'm faking my Trump support over the past year, hey it's a free country.

Believe what you like.

I don't care.
The people spreading this #StealthJeffHoax stuff are the same one's who've been shrieking for a year that Trump is about to be ambushed by an out of control DOJ under Rod Rosenstein & the Mueller 'Dream Team'.
They are picking up their attacks because their narrative is falling apart.
It's becoming increasingly apparent Mueller's 'Dream Team' had it's fangs pulled long ago as far as Trump was concerned.

And Trump doesn't feel threatened at all by Rosenstein, who still has his job.
We just found out Mueller has had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR people stripped off his 'Dream Team' and placed under investigation by that supposedly 'out of control' DOJ under Rosenstein.

And that's 4 that we *know* about. So far.
So it's gettin' hard out here for a I mean, for panic mongers selling a narrative Mueller is in any way a threat to the President himself or his family.
You know what that out of control Rosenstein guy is also doing? Leading criminal leak investigations that cover the entire breadth of the federal gov't and it's legislative bodies, it's LEO agencies, it's Intel Community agencies.
You got a major peek at what's coming down the pike soon with the Wolfe indictment. Guy investigating multiple members of Congress & key Senate/House staff for criminal leaking of classified documents is reluctant to give these committees more classified docs, you say? 🤔
That's right. Rosenstein has been leading a criminal leak investigation of key Senate & staff and MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who sit on these oversight committees endlessly screaming for him to hand over more documents to them.

US Attorneys building these cases report to him.
When people look at bare facts on the surface, and then sell you the WORST POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION of those facts, they are basing everything on their own biases and prejudices.

It's a free country. They can do that & you are of course free to listen to them.
These people selling you on the WORST POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION of what's going on don't LIKE it that I provide you with an alternative theory based on not only the same facts, but many facts and public info they deliberately ignore or didn't know about.
Narratives spun based on premises Trump's been outsmarted, he's ignorant, he can't see the traitors, or he's powerless to act against the traitors, etc. etc. argle bargle barf barf BARF I don't buy them but hey if you love constant panic and fear, dive right in!
How about having a little faith in this guy you support? Maybe he HASN'T been outsmarted? Perhaps he is not blind or powerless to act?

Perhaps most of what's being put out by this administration is DISINFORMATION to fool it's enemies? And that means fooling surface skaters?
I'll give you just ONE example you'll remember well before I close this thread.

Remember the absolute CHAOS the White House was in for 2 weeks when Sean Spicer quit and Trump brought in Anthony @Scaramucci to replace him?
Literally EVERYTHING you and the media saw in those two weeks as disinformation.

Scaramucci was brought in by Trump to be a HATCHET MAN.

This is the guy you bring in to make major changes, such as FIRING top people & changing policies. Then he LEAVES.
For a hatchet man strategy to work, the top guy who brings him in to shake things up has to HIDE the fact the guy is only a temp hire. He's supposed to the face of all the unpopular/chaotic changes occurring, then he takes ALL the fallout with him when he leaves.
The top guy gets none of the fallout because he acts like the temp hatchet man is the one doing all this. And so when the hatchet man departs, all the employees breathe a sigh of relief and the top guy has all the changes he wanted in place, none of the negative fallout.
So Trump deliberately courted the media laughing at him and mocking him for bringing a new WH Press Sec who only lasted FOURTEEN DAYS IN THE JOB before being FIRED by incoming WH Chief of Staff John Kelly.
Scaramucci was brought in for 1 deliberate purpose: to convince then- WH Chief of Staff and GOP elite class spy Reince Priebus to QUIT so Trump could bring in the guy he wanted all along for that job: General John Kelly, who was now done whipping the DHS into shape.
And Scaramucci accomplished the MAIN JOB he was given by Trump in like 3 days. The moment he heard he'd have to go through Scaramucci to communicate with Trump, Reince up and quit, which was exactly what Trump wanted.

HE didn't end up firing Preibus, you see. He quit.
Having accomplished the goal he was brought in to achieve, Scaramucci was then free to depart, which he did. Having saved himself $80 million dollars.

Oh you didn't know about that?

You can read about this here:…
So when you look back at the whole "OMG WH IN CHAOS TRUMP HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE'S DOING NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING IN THIS WHITE HOUSE!" media coverage realize one thing:

That kind of media coverage is EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP WANTED.

It *hid* what he was actually doing.
So when these panic mongers just skate long the surface of things, then weave a narrative giving things the WORST POSSIBLE INTERPRETATION and want to get you to panic over all the 'chaos' going on, keep this in mind.

A lot of what you are hearing is deliberate disinformation.
The deliberate disinformation being put out not only fools all of Trump's enemies, it fools a lot of this friends as well, but it can't helped.

As I've said many times, a disinformation campaign only works if nobody knows it's disinformation. That includes your FRIENDS too.
So as some people try to get you panic and freak out over how much danger Trump & his people are in these days....

just keep that in mind.

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