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🇺🇸 Good morning, Patriots

This thread may be of interest if you:
➤ want to learn more about Q
➤ are undecided about Q
➤ want to teach others about Q

Start with this video, 6 min.
In Dec 2017, the Q Clearance Patriot, known to us as "Q", informed us that our shared research had already reached 1.2 million.
Anons (those of us on the 8ch board who work with the Q messages, decoding, researching, sharing, archiving) know that citizens of many countries are participating in this Q Project. If USA is successful, there is hope for the world citizens who are fighting for LIBERTY.
On April 25, 2018 Q posted
USA Anons have had the personal experience of interacting with 8ch Anons from France, Germany, Spain, Canada, England, Ireland, and other places. We can confirm that "the world is watching". Exposing corruption and restoring USA will benefit the world. We're doing it together!
Initially on the 4chan, we moved to 8chan to create more cyber protections, but we have been under cyberattack from the beginning. Q's first post was 10-28-17. This is a post from 11-11-17. There are those (Deep State) who want to stop us from finding and sharing the truth.
Anons are skeptical by nature. So we repeatedly asked for proof that Q was legit. Sometimes we got 'winks about Q' directly from POTUS. Take a look at this. What have Presidents typically done? What did our #PatriotPOTUS Trump do?
NOT #45 as you might expect. 💥 #17 !!
ThanQ to @Venum84839107 who sent this re: The Netherlands
And Germany!
More confirmation that not only is the world watching, but ppl around the world are trying to share Q info with each other, as best they can given censorship and restrictions they may experience. A world-wide war on lies and corruption
Back to the Q Winks from POTUS
The next month, a second "17" shirt. Alabama's football team visited the White House on Tuesday to honor the Crimson Tide's national championship this year

*NOT* a coincidence.
What are the winks about? POTUS is quietly confirming the legitimacy of Q AND Q's close proximity to POTUS. Winks in many forms. This is where 8ch Anons do their magic. We have calculated and archived many verifications that we call "proofs". 💥 Q is close to POTUS
It's important to be organized with our information and transparent with those who want to learn more about Q or do their own research. Trust yourself and your own research. Anons have created several websites. Special ThanQ to all

Cleaning out the Deep State bad actors takes many forms. Some fired, some quietly encouraged to step down - or not run for office again. When you think nothing is happening, refer to this.

Anons create memes, pictures with no words or few words that convey a message. Anons have masterfully worked since Oct 2017 creating and sharing memes that capture themes about liberty, our POTUS, our mission. Here is just one site called...

You may ask how are millions of Q followers getting paid? There is NO PAY!
We are volunteers, each of us fighting for our countries. Vast majority are in USA.
Some ppl have set up Tube channels and ask for $. Some sell Q shirts. This thread is not about them!
Some on Tube Channels, Facebook, and Twitter are genuine. Appreciate their help. Some are sowing seeds of doubt and confusion. Be careful.

The link that provides you with a direct connection to Q is provided below
You are familiar with the term "Fake News". You know what it is when you see it.

There will be some who call Q:
- Fake News
- Conspiracy theorists
- Tin-foil Hat Cult
- Live Action Role Play (LARP)

💥 Efforts to discredit Q have already begun.
If Q is just a 'cult of conspiracy theorists spreading tin foil hat ideas and fake news', WHY is there so much time and effort spent to discredit Q and followers?

On 5-14-18, post #1361 Q gives a sampling of ((their)) coordinated effort to discredit. ALL of THIS for a LARP?
If you have been following the news & Congress, you know Deep State is in trouble: Obama Admin, DOJ, FBI, State Dept, Clinton Foundation, and others. As TRUTH is uncovered, they double down to discredit Q, Trump, and followers. MSM colludes by LYING and NOT COVERING the TRUTH
Q coached us to do precise work because our credibility would be attacked. Periodically Q warns us when attacks are expected to increase. Might be censorship, cyberattacks, or radical protests.

Recent post #1585.
"You, collectively, are a massive threat" the DEEP STATE
What are proofs?

A proof is EVIDENCE (numeric or graphic) that CONFIRMS something.
Before we look at any examples, please note a special website has been set up for our archiving and your reference.

A 'proof' can be a pic:
Photo of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore on 5/10/18. Then 30+ days later this is exactly where Chairman Kim was wined and dined during one of the events of the #TrumpKimSummit. WE KNEW a month in advance this hotel would play a role in the summit.
November 2017, POTUS trip to China
11-9-17 Q posted a shot out of AF1 window
Of all the CHINA TRIP pics POTUS could have tweeted five days later,
11-14-17, he chose a shot out of AF1 window
Q says all pics are originals and more will be coming.
Another proof is "Future proves past". This simple means that Q posts NON-CLASSIFIED info days/weeks B4 it hits the news. So we track current events and then research our library of Q posts to see WHEN Q told us about it. If the Q post came first, that's a proof. WE HAVE MANY!
A 3rd kind of proof is "Delta", relates to TIME.
Q sends a post with a particular word, phrase, or missing letter. Within minutes (sometimes days), a POTUS tweet will contain the SAME word, phrase, or missing letter.💥 If Q came first, that's a proof. WE HAVE MANY LIKE THIS!
Here's a fun "coincidence" re: the IG REPORT

6/05/18 Potus "changed report" ???
6/13/18 Q "modified report"
6/14/18 DeSantis "changed the report"
My friends, I could continue for another 30 slides. Instead, I will close things out with this: I'm an old bird with 50 yrs of earning a paycheck, much of it in public service to the citizens. Been blessed with research and analyitical skills. IMO, Q is the REAL DEAL. 🇺🇸
The heartfelt messages and responses we have received from Q have in them the kind of personal touch that we see @realDonaldTrump show people like Vets who have lost a limb and can't shake hands or our #AngelFamilies. We tell Q/POTUS of our sincere gratitude frequently.
Just as we rely on Q for information, Q relies on us for decoding, calculating, researching, sharing, archiving...and praying. Even the least-churched among us finds a way to hold brave "operators" in his heart and mind, as requested. Posts #104 -105, Nov '17, B4 tripcode
On Nov 5, Q said 🇺🇸 "Your President needs your help. He wants full transparency for the great ppl of this country".

Many of us have answered the call. Soon many more will discover "Q". I hope this thread helps them because "Where We Go One, We Go All"
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