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@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif 👈You were a Clerk in Bank of Oman Dubai in LC deptt. With a salary of Dh1800 not eligible to get family visa. Remember Al Wahda St Sharjah sharing room with4 ppl? On Zia Parchee U got job in BCCI Dubai as officer then U got wife Massarat aka PhoolaaN
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI In1984 when I'd invited IK & team to BCCI H.O. A/D, you were standing in a queue to shake hands & a pic to be taken with IK, remember? U were a bloody nobody then.
Ppl shud know I was Khawaja's Regional Manager & he used to stand in front of me like a Darbari. That's my office 👇
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI His last assignment was manager City Center Branch Abu Dhabi. There were 26 branches in the UAE. His Last salary drawn was Dh9000pm with furnished accommodation. He claims he's earning Dh50,000 pm since 1990.
Jhoota BC. My salary was Dh26,000pm & CEO's salary was Dh40K pm in 1990
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI Who could've given him that much salary? He was doing a lot of hanky panky business. If he's the son of Kh. Safdar he should talk to me face2face coward has blocked me because I know his Kuccha Chattha @UdarOfficial I'll tell you his illegal forex deals & embezzlement stories bro
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial He along with 5 ppl had opened an account in IndoSuez Bank Hamdan St br. ShamsuzZaman Khan, Pervez Shahid, Bashir Tahir, Arshad Malik, Abdul Jabbar. Abdul Jabbar & Bashir Tahir were Jailed for 3 yrs. Shams got a ❤️attack & died on the spot. Others ran away. The Business......
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial They started business... Shams was Head of Treasury BCCE, Parvez Shahid was Head of treasury BCCI A/D. He was brother of Bashir Tahir (BT) who was GM. Arshad Malik was BT's front man an outsider Jabbar was a UAE local also outsider. Shams used to take huge overnight US$ positions
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Next morning Shams used to ask the book keeper Saleem Daroowala, Saleem Vo $20 million ki position ka kya hua? Sir $800,000 profit may hai. Accha profit book kerlo aur ½ IndoSuez Bhej dou $10m unke thay. OK Sir. Next day, Saleem kya position hai? Sir 6lakh profit accha ½ unke hai
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Chalo $3 lakh transfer kerdo unko. Next day, Saleem kya position hai? Sir $2lakh loss hora, accha book kerlo loss. No ½ to IndoSuez. Basically every profit was shared ½ & transferred to their account in IndoSuez & loss was booked to the bank. This was going on for ages coz BT was
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial BT was GM koi audit nahi honay dee treasury ki. But one guy chief dealer noticed the pattern that ALL profits are shared & all losses were booked entirely to the Bank 💯% safe game. Reportedly Shams alone made $45m in abt 2yrs. So the dealer went to BT with all the deal sheets..
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Not knowing BT was involved as a party & Arshad Malik was his front man. He showed the sheets & his concern to BT
abt shady deals. BT assured him of taking action but asked him to keep quiet. They had a group meeting & Shams decided to quit the bank as he had made enuff $$
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial This Chief dealer was quietly transferred from dealing room to my deptt. He was told we are making big changes & we've fired Shams but not making public, so you keep quiet. The Dealer was hoping to be Head of Treasury in place of Shams instead he too was transferred to my deptt.
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial I was Regional manager corporate banking so I wasn't looking after Treasury & I wasn't aware of all this at that time. BT used to supervise & at times used to spend hours in dealing room. The Chief dealer was my friend & after a few months he told me Shams story i.e., when Shams
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Shams opened a new company with the UAE local Abdul Jabbar. Company name was National Investment Security Corporation LLC (NISCORP) Abdul Jabbar was Khawaja's friend & account holder in his branch. Shams thought he can make profit like he did in the Bank. But it was a diff ⚾game
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial NISCORP was a LLC and they were playing with public money but losing because there was no security blanket and yes Shams took his fav bookkeeper Saleem Daroowala to NISCORP & reportedly paying him a salary of Dh100K pa. But the magic wasn't working NISCORP was losing heavily...
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial There was public money involved, ppl went to Central Bank& reported Things were going outta control, Shams transferred his big chunk out of the UAE. But he became very tense when Jabbar was taken into police custody. Shams got a massive❤️attack & died before ambulance arrived.
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial By then BCCI crisis had also started & NISCORP office was sealed, Jabbar & BT were arrested. Parvez Shahid, Kh. Asif & Mahmood AllaRakhia chief accountant of BCCE ran away to Pakistan. Arshad Malik disappeared. When Asif's branch was audited a lot of irregularities were found...
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Asif had huge amount of outstanding bills to his name which he didn't pay. Blue Marine Boutique from where he took suitcases full of Armani Versace suits, Bally shoes total Dh750K & Al Manara Jewelry dh 3-4 mil worth of expensive watches & jewelry for women & no bills paid....
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial Since he was branch manager he was allowing excess over limit ie., allowing credit beyond his discretionary powers & NO audit was done coz BT was behind his back. Khawaja is a lucky bastard that he escaped prison. He didn't come back to the UAE till he was a Minister in PMLN govt
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial When he came back as Minister for overseas Pakistanis or whatever he was in charge of Bank Privatization, that's when he started making big money. Also, by then Jabbar & BT all had served 3yrs Jail & cases were closed. BT gained a lot of trust from Shkh Nahyan & he made BT CEO of
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial CEO of Dhabi Group that's Shkh Nahyan's pvt business which was in Billions. BT betrayed Shkh Nahyan in 2012, how? (That's another long story, I'll tell later, just a hint WARID if you know what I mean?) When BT was in Dhabi group I met him in 2002 we worked together for 8yrs &...
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial we worked on the same floor. I never knew BT was involved in any illegal activity until he was jailed. We had good cordial professional relations I used to travel all over the world as a corporate banker, attend courses, meetings in London, Geneva, Istanbul, Moscow, Beijing, Rome
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial He never said NO 2my traveling coz I was bringing a lot of business for the bank, I was a ⭐star performer. The President of BCCI Mr Agha Hasan Abedi used to make me sit next to him in conferences. Ppl like Kh. Asif etc were jealous. I was youngest member of management committee
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial BT was happy that I was attending @wef meetings seeing high profile dignitaries & bringing a lot of business & profit for the Bank. Anyway when I was coming to Canada in 2002 BT who was running UBL from behind the scenes offered me a Job in UBL as Head of Middle East operations
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef I declined by saying too much politics in Pakistani banks, he said, as long as I'm here, you'll have no problem. Even then I was not aware that BT was involved in any hanky panky business coz Shkh Nahyan made him CEO of his pvt business & I thought he was clean until 2012 WARID..
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef It was very good الحمدلله that I declined & cameback to Canada in 2002. In 2008 BT made Wajahat Hussain as Head of Middle East for UBL (Interestingly I got Wajahat appointed in BCCE in 1987 another long story) in 2014 Wajahat became CEO of UBL ppl said I made a mistake, I said NO
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef I said NO because I'm very happyالحمدلله I've a clean record & no stress. I may have made a few millions but the quality of life I'd enjoyed with my family is priceless. Check my twitter header picture I'm still the youngest among my batchmates. I'd have become a CEO 10 years ago
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef Money is important but its not everything. Once again الحمدلله Allah has given me enough Halal money & more than that I got respect from everyone. Even today I can go to the Ruling Family of the UAE & they stand up for me. Unfortunately BT & PervezShahid can't go to the UAE, sad.
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef Like ishaq Dar cannot go to the UAE after he forged Shkh Nahyan's signature on that fake letter head in which he claims Skhk Nahyan gave him £stg 8.4 million whattay Liar. I don't care about anyone except BT I always thought he was a good & honest man bro Pervez was always MEESNA
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef Guys @Bachkay read the thread I've written so much b4 about these crooks, I've told @SSEHBAI1 Saab also @Shahidmasooddr Saab as well but I'm really saddened to see SC overturned Isb HC decision on Kh Asif case on technical grounds. There's no ethics, no morality? @mariamsmadness
@SZeeshanHasan @KhawajaMAsif @ImranKhanPTI @UdarOfficial @wef @Bachkay @SSEHBAI1 @Shahidmasooddr @mariamsmadness My friends, followers
@Rav721 @nusrat_anis @BlueIceDesert
@AnwarLodhi @Nas_k27 @roy_komal @SorayaAziz @shaz_Insafiyan @Jalal_Ishaq
please read the thread & spread the word esp. abt Kh. Asif the crook who's been spewing Venom against IK hitting him below the belt on Umrah case
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