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yoonseok/sope text/social media au where hoseok is an idol and yoongi is a florist
who knows who:

~ Namjoon
~ Seokjin
~ Taehyung

(seokjin and yoon are roommates)
~ Jimin
~ Jungkook

(hoseok and jimin live in the same building)
idk I’ve never done this before let’s see how this goes.. maybe ignore timestamps/dates for the most part 😁
for yoongi, life as a florist hadn’t always been easy. especially in seoul where the greenest parts of the city are sparse.
but it had been good work, and he was able to be his own boss, run his shop, and make a fairly good living with it in his small and quaint shop in the center of the city
hoseok on the other hand lived a much more hectic lifestyle, his schedule consisted of getting up before the sun and dancing for hours on end or performing in the city he was currently in
and when he wasn’t touring or recording, people somehow still managed to find him, wether it was in his home of gwangju or if he was lurking the streets of seoul in the wee hours of the morning
hoseok exited is apartment, mask and hat concealing his identity as best he could, and began walking down the not so busy street into a more densely populated area
the crisp air of the blooming seoul winter pinched his cheeks as he found solace in the way his nose was protected by the mask

white headphones adorned his short ears as he strolled the streets, until he heard a screeching “j-hope!”
it didn’t take him long to realize that people had begun to follow him. his pace increased until he turned a corner and ducked into a small shop that to him, seemed pretty empty
he removed his mask and hat for a moment, not realizing that beads of sweat had formed around his hairline until that very moment
his eyes began to wonder around the store, the walls were covered in floor to ceiling in flowers, there was a small aisle in the middle of the store that was only a little taller than hoseok
hoseok had never been particularly interested in flowers, but the ones in the store were quite spectacular. there were entire sections of the walls where vibrant pinks and yellows were separated by the most beautiful red roses he had ever seen.
he heard a little charm and then a low voice. “can I help you?”

his eyes glanced over to the counter as he scrambled to get his hat and mask back on.

“relax,” yoongi said, “we have a heater, y’know?”
hoseok’s breath faltered for a moment “uh yeah, I know.” he took a long look at the stranger as he held his things in his hands.

yoongi’s platinum hair and small nose stood out the most to hoseok. his frame was small, but not too different from hoseok’s unless you got real close
a black apron adorned his body, a white sweater with little specks of green and brown covered his arms, the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, and a pair of large black gardening gloves concealed his hands.
meanwhile yoongi was taken by hoseok’s gaze, his outfit was mostly black, but with these old and clunky sneakers. though, overall his appearance was very.. expensive. that’s the only thing that yoongi could describe it as.
the way he stood, the aura of confidence, the disheveled black hair that somehow still looked perfect to yoongi.
they stared at one another for a moment before yoongi spoke again “so, what can I get for you?” hoseok stood there for a moment, trying to figure out if yoongi knew who he was.
getting impatient, yoongi huffed “listen, uh, I get it if you need to make something up to your girlfriend or whatever, but we’re actually supposed to be closed right now, so if maybe you want to take a look around and then holler at me, I’ll be in the back.”
yoongi set off to finish a bouquet before hoseok called out to him. “wait!” yoongi stopped in the doorframe, eyes locked with hoseok’s. hoseok glanced at the wall next to him, trying to keep yoongi in the room, “could you maybe help me?”
yoongi sighed, “um, yeah sure.”
usually yoongi wouldn’t have been so nice to someone who barged into his store at such a late hour (which really doesn’t happen bc Seokjin always remembers to lock the door before he leaves, but dammit this one time, yoongi curses to himself)
and yoongi doesn’t know why he lets the guy stay in his store, but something about hoseok lets yoongi place his gloves on the counter and walk over to him.
“so usually when girls get mad they want something sentimental, like red roses, they love those, they mean love and loyalty and all that shit.” yoongi deadpans. he normally doesn’t curse in front of customers, but again, he really doesn’t care.
and it’s not like yoongi knows if that’s actually how women feel, he’s known he’s gay ever since he started having fantasized about holding his best friend’s hand when they were in grade school
but in the moment it just seems like the right thing to say, which undoubtedly leaves hoseok in an awkward position, to keep on with yoongi’s assumption or correct him.
hoseok feels a blush come over his cheeks and he’s not sure why, maybe it was the assumption that he was actually dating someone, or maybe it was the smell of freshly cut flowers radiating off of yoongi

“actually, I’m single.” hoseok says.
yoongi raises his eyes, “well what are you doing here then?” hoseok chuckles slightly because he realizes that saying ‘I got chased by a group of teenagers’ is really, /really/ lame.

and yoongi feels a little heat fill up in his chest because ‘fuck he’s got a hot laugh’
“um, I was getting chased by people.” hoseok says, eyes refocusing on the wall until yoongi laughs quietly. “what? are you famous or something?”
hoseok slips the hat back on. “um yeah you could say that.” he looks at yoongi’s face, wonders if his skin is as soft as it looks

“cool. what would you like?” yoongi deadpans. hoseok furrows his brows, awkwardly laughs “what? aren’t you gonna ask who I am?”
yoongi stares at him again, trying to recall if he’s seen his face before. “no offense but I’m not too interested in celebrity gossip.” yoongi scratches his hands, feels a blister beginning to form on his pointer finger.
“do you want to buy them flowers?” yoongi says. hoseok gives him a funny look ‘/who is this guy/‘ “uh no,” he looks at the wall, his eyes land on some pink chrysanthemums.
“I’ll take these.” he points to them.
“Oh, chrysanthemums, those are my favorite actually.” Yoongi moves to get a step latter. “We used to have a big bush of them in front of my house.”

hoseok looks up to yoongi as he grabs a few. “how many would you like?” yoongi asks.
“um, I think what you have is fine.” hoseok says.

in fairness, he’s not quite sure what he’s still doing there either, or even why he’s buying flowers at almost midnight. but here he is
yoongi takes the flowers back to a small table behind the counter and cuts the ends off before tying them into a small bouquet. “here you go.” he smiles
it’s wide and gummy, and hoseok can’t help but smile back. it’s been awhile since he’s been able to have a normal conversation with someone, being constantly stuck in his ‘j-hope’ persona was tiring
he often didn’t have enough time to be jung hoseok, but this little moment with yoongi gave him a taste of an escape, even if it was only for a brief moment

“where did you grow up?” hoseok asked as he handed yoongi some cash for the flowers.
“Daegu.. what about you?”
“Gwangju, but I’ve heard Daegu’s nice.” hoseok makes eye contact with yoongi one more time, his eyes dart to his earrings, the lamps making them shimmer.
“It’s alright.” yoongi shrugs. hoseok looks down at the flowers, not quite sure what to do with them when he gets home. “well, thanks for the flowers I guess.”
“yeah, no problem.” yoongi smiles, wide and gummy again. and then just like that hoseok is slipping his mask on and he’s out the door.
jimin texts hobi
» yoongi texts jin and discovers who hobi is
people noticed:
yoongi and seokjin had been the best of friends since college. in many ways, they were very similar, like their passion for gardening and music. but they were also polar opposites.
like seokjin’s obsession with pop culture. he knew all of the celebrity gossip. so when a particular article about a particular rapper who was seen carrying a bouquet, seokjin knew.
“yoon!” seokjin called from the back room, he was currently sipping on coffee while yoongi put some more arrangements out.

“jinnie how important is this?” yoongi called from the front.

“very! come here!”
yoongi huffed and seokjin could swear he heard him mutter a ‘jesus christ’ under his breath before yoongi appeared in the doorway. “what’s up?”

“look at this!” seokjin handed yoongi his phone, studying his expression.
yoongi’s face was blank before scrunching his nose, and seokjin almsot missed the way the sides of yoongi’s mouth curled up slightly and then back to where they normally sat.

“what the hell am I supposed to do with this?”
“I don’t know! but isn’t it cool that he got photographed with you flowers?” seokjin paused, trying to gauge yoongi’s expressions was an art. but after their years together, he was getting pretty good at it.
they had been there for each other through good times and bad. and seokjin was there for yoongi when he opened his shop, and when he almost had to close it, and now when business wasn’t quite booming, but it was certainly on the upside.
“he’s just some dude who bought flowers from me, I could honestly give a shit if he was famous.” yoongi grabbed a pair of shears and went back out to the front

“but isn’t it at least, like kind of cool.” seokjin followed him to the counter, coffee still in hand.
“I guess.” Yoongi sat at his stool, going through the recent catalog of orders. “fuck me.” he groaned, earning a dirty glance from the older woman in the store.

he waved a small ‘sorry’ before looking back to his monitor.
“I don’t know how we’re going to finish all of these orders.” yoongi took seokjin’s coffee off the counter and took a small sip. “I think we’re gonna have to stay late again.”
he heard seokjin sigh next to him. “I guess so.” he gave yoongi a small pat on the back. “at least business is good.”
“I know,” yoongi looked around the store, he really built this place from the ground up. he often reminisces about his first night that he had the keys to the store. he stood on the sidewalk facing the storefront and cried, he cried a lot.
he bought on a whim, it had been a dream of his to open his own store, and he just so happened to have found the property online the day before, and there he was the very next day. it was /his/ store, and nobody could take that from him.
at first it was only him, and he was in debt for a /long/ time, and then it was him and seokjin
and then taehyung joined them, but he had quit recently, his photography career actually starting to take off, but he still occasionally dropped by to say hi and help out. yoongi missed him
“I just wish we had someone else here, now that tae’s gone it’s been so much harder.”

“yoon,” seokjin said. “cheer up a bit, yeah? I’ll help you finish the arrangements, maybe we could call tae and get him to come in. Hell, maybe even Namjoon would help.”
yoongi makes a face, his cheeks scrunch into the center of his face and his mouth curves down lightly.

“hey!” seokjin lightly smacks the back of his head. “this may be your store but you need to be nice to him! he always tries his best.”
“he never gets the arrangements right, jinnie.” yoongi whines, noticing the woman carding her hand over some pansies.

“give him some time, maybe we could even hire him!” seokjin grins. ‘always so fucking optimistic’ yoongi thought.
and then seokjin was walking around the counter and approaching the woman. “how can I help you?” he smiled
» seokjin texts namjoon
as sociable as hoseok was, he did often long for some alone time, especially after long days surrounded by crowds of people, or on this day I particular: a fansign.
hoseok liked them for the most part, especially when he, jimin, and jungkook had one together... but today was not one of those days.
he was sat at a table on a small stage with bright lights shining onto his face. one girl, he swore she could have only been maybe 15 told him that it seemed like he glowed

of course, that was probably just sweat
hoseok sits on his couch later that night, sweatpants on and a loose hoodie draped across his shoulders. he had meant to turn the tv on, but alas there he sat, staring blankly in front of him.
it had been days since hoseok stumbled into yoongi’s shop and for whatever reason he couldn’t get the brief interaction out of his head. he told himself to forget, and that it was stupid to get so hung up on it.
but he hated that yoongi didn’t know who he was. and he hated to admit it to himself but it was true. he had spent the last few years of his life building himself up to be this massive superstar and yoongi didn’t give a shit.
but he also liked that about yoongi. he brought hoseok back to earth for a few minutes, which hoseok desperately needed.
and that’s how hoseok found himself leaving his house again, identity concealed
yoongi on the other hand was hard at work with namjoon and seokjin, all of them were working up blisters on their hands and a collection of dirt and stains of green worked their way onto their clothes
they were taking a break, each of them a piece of pizza in their hand when seokjin finally spoke up. “yoongi we should listen to some of j-hope’s music I really think you would like him.”
yoongi gronaed as he placed his feet on top of the table in the back room. “can you shut the fuck up about him already.”

“no, let’s put some on.” seokjin connected his phone to the shop’s PA and then some song that yoongi had never heard before came on.
seokjin got up and started obnoxiously singing and dancing. yoongi couldn’t help but feel a smile creep up on his face. “I fucking hate you.” he looked over at namjoon whose phone was out
“If you record this you’re fucking dead.” Seokjin glared at him while continuing to move his hips.

“hyung I want to remember this later!” namjoon chuckled
yoongi quietly slipped out of the room and to the front of the store to grab something when he heard the door jam.

he looked through the window to see a shadowy figure. ‘great someone trying to rob us again’ he thought.
he was ready to walk over and tell the guy off when he finally realized who it was when he approached the door.
if hoseok was being honest with himself he didn’t quite know what he was doing, in that moment or in his life. the past few months he had begun to feel.. different, about his life.
sure, the fancy apartment and clothes and the trips around the world had been nice, but hoseok often wondered where jung hoseok ended and j-hope began

and maybe that’s why he found himself at yoongi’s shop again: searching for an escape, or maybe he was searching for himself
nevertheless there he was, quite stunned when yoongi suddenly appeared in the door. their eyes met, and hoseok couldn’t tell if yoongi remembered him or not so he quickly pulled down his mask and gave him a small smile
yoongi breathes a sigh of relief and unlocked the door, peaking his head through the door.

“more people following you?” he said.

hoseok scoffed. “um no actually... can I come in?” he gestured inside. yoongi tilted his head and looked hoseok up and down.
“we’re supposed to be closed actually.” he sighed. hoseok noticed that one of his songs lightly playing in the store, he considered turning around but the yoongi was opening the door for him. “but come in”
hoseok looked around the shop, still amazed by the walls of flowers. “my song is playing” he said.

yoongi snorted. “yeah sorry about that, hey seokjin!” he called into the store. “turn off the music!”

“No!” seokjin called back. “you need to appreciate j-hope’s glory!”
hoseok blushed slightly, but yoongi almost missed it as hoseok’s cheeks were already a light shade of pink from the air outside. but he was also slightly panicking.

“I’m sorry about him.” yoongi said, noticing the look in hoseok’s eyes. “you alright?”
“uh, yeah.” hoseok swallowed, “he won’t be.. weird, or anything, right?” he looked into yoongi’s eyes. his head shook, earrings dangling with it. “no he’ll be fine.” he glanced at the floor.
“so, what kind of flower emergency do you have today?” yoongi aksed. he could tell hoseok was a little nervous, he wondered why, but he wasn’t one to read into things.
he looked at what he wore today, it looked a lot more.. normal, than what he wore last time. and he smelt a little like sweat, but yoongi liked that. yoongi kind of liked how seemingly ordinary he seemed in this moment.
“I uh.. need some for my mom.” he sighed. “her birthday is coming up.” which was untrue, his mother’s birthday wasn’t for another five months.
hoseok has the courage to look up at yoongi. he had a small grin across his face (which yoongi didn’t realize)
hoseok could have sworn yoongi said something under his breath, but he couldn’t make out what it was.

“ok, we can ship it to her if you want?” yoongi started walking back behind the counter. hoseok followed.
“so,” yoongi began as he reached under the counter, grabbing a small laminated booklet. he slid it across the counter to hoseok, noticing the rings that adorned his slender fingertips.
“here are some of our bouquets, you can get one of these, or order a custom one, but those are gonna cost you more.” yoongi grinned, his face quickly falling when hoseok looked back at him.
hoseok leaned across the counter, elbows landing on the wood, his face ever so slightly getting closer to yoongi’s as he flipped through the pages. he flashed a quick smile up to yoongi before lookin at the book again.
“I’m not sure, all of these are really quite beautiful.” hoseok said. “thank you.” yoongi blushed slightly, he wasn’t quite sure, but hoseok certainly had an aura to him.
the thought surprised yoongi when it popped into his head because he thinks things like that are bullshit, but it was true. hoseok’s presence made yoongi feel a little lighter; warmer.
“holy fucking shit.” they both turned around to see seokjin standing in the doorway, mouth agape. “yoongi what the fuck why didn’t you tell me j-hope was here?”

‘yoongi’ hoseok thought, a name to the face. ‘a nice name at that’ hoseok thought
yoongi turned around on his stool. “hey! back the fuck off for a second!” he snapped. hoseok raised his brows slightly, surprised at the sudden change of tone. (although he wouldn’t admit that he found it kind of hot)
“yoon are you kidding?” seokjin came through the doorway. yoongi got up off his stool and pushed seokjin backwards to where they were just a few minutes ago. “namjoon can you please keep him back here for a few minutes?”
hoseok kept flipping through the little booklet. quite frankly he was amazed at how stunning the arrangements were. he had never really cared about plants or flowers of anything of the sort, but he could have looked at yoongi’s bouqets for hours.
“I’m sorry about that.” yoongi appeared at the counter again, this time leaning against it as well, just as hoseok was doing. he noticed the way hoseok’s ears curved into themselves against his hat.
without looking up hoseok shrugged his shoulders, “it’s ok.. happens more often than you think.” he says, turning another page.
yoongi’s heart breaks a little. “that’s kind of sad.” hoseok looks back up at him. eyes darting across yoongi’s face. “life’s kind of sad.” he says, letting it hang in the air for a moment.
it’s a bit of an awkward silence before yoongi shifts back onto his stool and faces his monitor again. “I’m sorry.” hoseok says, a slight chuckle in his voice. “that was stupid.”
yoongi pouts for a second, tilting his head. “I mean you’re not wrong.” hoseok looks at yoongi one last time. he wonders what kind of secrets he has, what skeletons are trapped in his closet, what kind of person he is.
he sees this large bouquet with its own page, it was filled with large yellow roses and other white flowers that hoseok didn’t really know what to call.
“I’ll take this one.” he points hard at the page. yoongi peaks over, his face widening “Oh! Big spender over here!” hoseok let’s out a proper laugh, a cackle, it fills the space and yoongi can’t help but let out a small chuckle too.
“Alright, let me place the order.” yoongi pulls up the site, typing in hoseok’s order as hoseok gave him the address.
“can I pay in cash?” hoseok asks. placing a bill on the counter. just as yoongi was getting his change hoseok stopped him, his hand lightly shelling away yoongi’s. “keep it.”
“you sure?” yoongi met hoseok’s gaze again, the two of them holding eye contact for another moment before hoseok nodded eagerly, a smile stretching across his face once more. “of course.” he said. yoongi could swear he saw his eyes twinkle for a split second.
hoseok stood there for a moment, wanting to stay but now having no reason to. he stuck his hands into his coat pockets before quietly speaking. “thanks, for not calling the paparazzi or some shit like that.”
“it’s no problem.” yoongi shrugs. hoseok’s face crinkled for a second and yoongi swore that hoseok was about to cry.

“no really. I uh, don’t get a lot of time to be a normal person, so thanks for not flipping your shit on me.. yoongi, was it?”
they stood a few feet across from one another, exchanging small glances and almost unnoticeable grins. “yeah,” yoongi says, “it’s yoongi.. j-hope?”
hoseok cranes his neck up to the ceiling and let’s out a groan. “oh my god please never call me that.” he laughs. he brings his head back down and reaches his hand out to yoongi’s.

“please,” he took yoongi’s hand in his and shook it, “call me hoseok.”
» seokjin texts yoongi
» yoon gets to know j-hope
» yoongi’s pov
» meanwhile: hoseok texts jimin
» time skip
hoseok’s mother once told him to keep a journal. he was 10 when she bought him the first of many in his collection of bound notebooks. it’s where he developed his love for writing, and it’s where he wrote some of his first songs.
but journaling also have hoseok a little time to reflect when he needed it. and lately he noticed that his entries were getting noticeably more somber
so there he sat, on his own bed after a month and a half away from home, going through his entries from the tour. there was one in particular entry that caught his eye:
““November 1st, 2018

We’re already done with the first two shows of tour. I can’t believe I’ve come so far; tonight’s show had 30,000 people in the venue.
“I wish trainee hoseok knew how my life is now, how quite surreal everything is, how people practically throw themselves at me. If I’m being honest, lately it’s been difficult for me to handle, though I’m not sure why.
“I’ve just felt that something’s been missing from my life, but what can the man who has everything be missing?
“I think after tour, once I have a break, I’ll go to the beach. The beach is quite a remarkable place, such a beautiful thing of nature, where the ocean meets the land. It’s almost like two separate worlds colliding into one.
“Which coincidentally is how I’ve been feeling about my life lately.
“If I could go tell trainee hoseok one thing, it would be to separate j-hope from hoseok as best you can, because I have not done a great job at that. The bigger I get, the more that j-hope feels more like a character than who I actually am.
“He’s this overwhelmingly happy guy who’s always get a pep in his step, the sun as his fans call him. Interviewers sometimes ask me how I can be so happy all the time and it takes everything in me not to tell them the truth.
“Anyway, it’s getting late and I should be getting to sleep. We fly to Osaka tomorrow so I’ll have to be up early. Hopefully this tour will be ok.

they say you’re supposed to find yourself when you’re a teenager, but for hoseok his teenage years were spent dancing for days on end and building up his brand.
and it was scary to him now that he was realizing that maybe the way people see him isn’t real at all, and that the friends he’s made along the way only know him as j-hope.
and maybe that’s how he finds himself walking along the streets of seoul at one o’clock in the morning on a bitter december night.
he found himself on a familiar street, and it’s only when he realized that the “min’s flowers” sign was approaching him that his brain went off of autopilot.
his eyes darted downward, quickly turning around. “jesus fuck Im so fucking stupid.” he muttered to himself, shoving his hands deeper into the pockets of his jacket, his feet almost stomping against the concrete

he was so focused on getting away before he heard a faint “hoseok?”
he stopped in his tracks, slowly turning around only to be met with yoongi standing at the door, a backpack lazily slung around his shoulders and his key in the door lock.
“um, hi.” he said quietly, not quite sure if yoongi could hear him through the mask. he stopped a little closer, eyes darting around the street there were only a few people out, bright neon signs decorating the asphalt.
“what are you doing here?” yoongi deadpanned, slightly sniffling.

“I don’t know if I’m being honest. I haven’t been home in awhile, and I just–just needed to go for a walk and this is where my legs’s took me.” he studied yoongi’s face, or rather his eyes.
“oh, well, I was about to head home.” yoongi spoke quietly with an extra rasp in his voice.
and even though he wouldn’t admit it to anyone, he actually liked hoseok’s music. though, he did still stay away from the gossip surrounding him. he figured if he was going to get to know hoseok, he should give him a chance to explain for himself.
hoseok’s face fell. “oh yeah I guess it is pretty late.” he chuckled. “sorry for bothering you.” he began to turn around and walk away when he heard keys being taken out of the door. “do you want to come in?”
his head shot around to yoongi who was now opening the front door to the shop, gesturing hoseok inside. although yoongi couldn’t tell, hoseok had a huge grin on his face. “um, yeah, sure.”
yoongi walked quickly through the shop and behind the counter towards the back room. hoseok followed at a distance, taking time to notice the sparse walls of the store.
he stopped in the middle. taking a moment to really take in the surroundings. this place amazed him to no extent. the way the wood floor had almost a bit of a bounce to it, the way everything smelled like the first day of spring,
the way the edison bulbs ran across the ceiling, only to be met with faint fairy lights around the border of the ceiling, it almost looked like something out of a movie

“hoseok.” he heard behind him. “you coming?”
he snapped out of his trance and slowly waddled his way towards where yoongi was sat.

this room was not quite as magical, but it still had a charm that hoseok couldnt quite put into words.
the room was bordered with white counters and black cabinets, a large refrigerator full of greenery and a gaping sink hugged the far wall.

he noticed where yoongi sat, at a refurbished wood table in the center of the room that barely fit between the counters.
”I can get you a tea or coffee or something if you’d like.” he said quietly staring at his hands, almost like he didn’t want hoseok to hear.
hoseok pulled out the chair directly across from yoongi. he noticed a box of tissues on the counter behind him, next to it was a small trash can filled with them.
he took a second to glance at yoongi, who still looked at his lap, and it was only under this new lighting that hoseok could finally realize that the apples of yoongi’s cheeks were blotchy and a deep rose color.
“yoon-yoongi?” hoseok was half worried he had remembered his name incorrectly. “is everything alright?” he tried to duck his head in order to make eye contact with the older only to be met with yoongi’s stare.
the veins around his irises were intensely red, and hoseok could still tell how wet yoongi’s lashes were.

“um, yeah, everhthings’s fine.” yoongi took a moment to pause and digest what he was about to say. he looked down once more.
“my mom is sick.” his voice barely audible.

hoseok’s mouth curves into an ‘o’ shape, and before he has a chance to answer, yoongi is already speaking again.
“she’s just been so weak these past few months, and now, she might-“ he sighs deeply, covering his face with his hands, shaking his head before wiping his nose. hoseok notices the first tear crawl down yoongi’s cheek.
“she might have cancer and I just don’t know how to fucking deal with it.” the tears start coming at a more rapid rate. “and my brother has been yelling at me to spend more time with her but I never listen, fuck, I never fucking listen to him even though I should jesus-“
“hey!” hoseok raises his voice slightly, catching yoongi’s attention (he knows when an anxiety attack is coming on). “listen,” he sighs, “I’m not very good with this, and we barely know each other, but just take a few deep breaths ok?”
yoongi glares at hoseok before slowing down his breathing and wiping more of his tears away, his shoulders shaking. “I’m sorry.” his voice wobbles. “she’s my favorite y’know?” he puts his elbows down on the table, tucking his head into the crook of his arm.
“I don’t know what I would do if she was gone.” he sniffled before continuing. “she’s the whole reason I own the place. she would take me out back when I was a kid and let me help her garden. of course my father fucking hated it but she didn’t give a shit.”
hoseok on doesn’t know why but suddenly he’s leaning across the table, placing his hand overs yoongi’s forearm (and he would be lying if he said that the slight touch didn’t send a wave of heat up his chest)
“I’m so sorry, yoongi. I wish I could tell you it’s all going to be ok, but I don’t know if it is.” hoseok tilted his head to the left slightly, meeting yoongi’s teary gaze. “but only worry about the present for now, ‘what ifs’ are pointless.”
“yeah.” yoongi sits up, losing the contact with hoseok as he places his elbows on the table and wipes hands across his face. “yeah you’re right.”
he smiles slightly, only doing it to assure hoseok that he was fine (he wasn’t). he takes a long hard breath, chuckles a bit before leaning is head back in the chair. “you know, I listened to some of your music.”
hoseok matches yoongi’s body language subconsciously, except he crosses his arms and gives an amused look towards the older. “is that so?”

“yes actually.” yoongi’s mouth curls upwards for a second. “you’re not half bad, I can see why all the girls like you.”
hoseok raises a brow when yoongi meets his gaze. “why would all the girls like me?” he tries not to sound as oblivious as he is. yoongi just shrugs his shoulders, “I mean, your music is good and you’re not unattractive. I can see why the would like you.”
hoseok tries to keep a small blush from forming on his cheeks as he bites back a smile. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“good, it was meant as such.”

and then there’s a silence between them for a quick moment, it only becomes awkward when their gazes meet.
hoseok is the first to break it. “I’m sorry I haven’t been by... just been busy.”

yoongi scoffs. “hoseok I know that you were on tour.” he grabs a tissue from behind him and blows his nose. “ugh, sorry that I’m gross.”
hoseok just grins. “it’s ok, really, to be upset. I understand.”

yoongi smiles back before his face falls once again and his gaze meets his lap. “I’m going to back to Daegu next week. my brother said that’s when they’re getting her test results back.”
hoseok isn’t sure what’s going on in his brain, maybe it’s the late hour, or the fact that he find the man across from him so attractive but he lets the words spill out of his mouth.

“can I come?”
yoongi’s head shoots up and hoseok wonders if he’s overstepped. “I’m sorry. I should give you space to be with your family and we don’t know each other that well-“

“why?” yoongi interrupts, tears drying on his face.

“why what?”
“why do you want to come?” yoongi asks and hoseok doesn’t know how to answer. there’s a moment of silence between them before hoseok speaks up again. “I just thought, I could use some time out of seoul, and... maybe you could use a friend.”
he’s worried yoongi will be offended but then suddenly yoongi is saying. “ok, you can come.”
» hoseok texts yoongi
» pt.2
» hoseok texts the group chat
» yoon panics
» yoongi texts hoseok + hoseok is spotted
yoongi sat at the gate, a book in his lap as he waited for hoseok.

“you might want to put your hat and mask back on.”
he heard from next to him. yoongi glanced to the old rubber seat next to him where his things were. he grabbed them and looked over at the person next him, realizing it was hoseok
his hair was concealed in a black hat, his ears curling down. ‘fuck that’s cute’ yoongi thought. hoseok had slipped a mask over his nose and mouth, staring forward.
“ok.” yoongi spoke. he felt hoseok glance next to him. “I’m sorry, I just don’t want people harassing you. You deserve privacy.” he crosses his arms across his chest. yoongi caught a glimmer of a ring on his pointer finger.
“thank you.” yoongi almost whispered, not sure if hoseok could hear him through the mask. “aren’t you supposed to have a security guard or something?”
hoseok tapped yoongi’s knee lightly with his pointer finger, sending a chill down his spine, pointing to a man in all black, then to another one across the gate.
“oh fancy.” yoongi deadpans. hoseok giggles. “they’ll be here until we board, then it’s just me and you my dude.” he smiles even though yoongi couldn’t see.
yoongi finally turns to hoseok and scoffs. “my dude?”
hoseok giggles again. “I don’t know I was just trying it out.” he looks at yoongi again, seeing his eyes crinkle a little.
“you’re so stupid.” yoongi laughs.
soon enough they’re boarding the flight. yoongi took off his mask and hat and stuffed them into his backpack before takeoff. he leaned back into his seat as he felt the plane start moving forward.

his breath hitched slightly as he scrambled to plug his headphones into his phone.
“are you alright?” he hears hoseok beside him.

yoongi’s eyes dart around the space, not knowing where to look. he gulps. “yeah I’m just a nervous flyer.”
hoseok looks across yoongi’s face, he pulls down his mask and leans over forcing the older to make eye contact with him. “do you want me to like, I don’t know, hold your hand or something?”
yoongi looks down at his lap, breath shaking. “uh, yeah sure.” he reaches over and grabs hoseok’s hand, intertwining the fingers in a tight grip until the plane is finally off the ground.
and when yoongi calms down, he lets hoseok’s hand linger in his for a moment. it’s nice, the contact. yoongi hasn’t had a serious relationship since before he opened the shop

he feels his chest ache when hoseok pulls away.
the flight is quick, and before either of them know it, they’re in daegu getting off the plane.

“hat and mask.” hoseok says. yoongi understands, slipping both of them onto his head and face respectively.
they stand silently at baggage claim, and yoongi doesn’t miss some of the looks hoseok gets.

he feels a arm go around his shoulders and tenses up until he hears “what’s up little bro.” being shouted into his ear.”
hoseok notices the way yoongi flinches and shrugs his brother’s arm off of him. “good god junki”

“I don’t believe we’ve met.” he holds his hand out to hoseok. “min junki nice to meet you. you’re hoseok right?”
hoseok returns the gesture. “yeah that’s me.”
they get their bags off the carousel and follow yoongi’s brother out to where his car is. hoseok thinks about the last time he was in a car where a normal person was driving, not one of his drivers.
they make small talk, hoseok mostly zones out and looks out the window though. piles of snow lined some of the streets, especially closer to where yoongi lived

and before hoseok knew it they were pulling up to yoongi’s house.
junki insisted on getting their bags for them. “no, really, it’s ok.” hoseok said holding onto his suitcase, a wide grin spread across his face.
yoongi lets them into the house. it’s quiet at first, the faint sound of a tv in the background being the only noise before a pair of footsteps shake throughout he house.
yoon!” his mother yells when she sees him. hoseok catches the look on yoongi’s face when she envelops him in a tight hug. it’s full of relief but also pain and fear, and hoseok wishes there was a way for him to help.
yoongi lets go if his mom and turns to his dad, hoseok could feel a bit more tension even from where he stood. but he didn’t have time to think about it because then yoongi’s mother was hugging hoseok.
“hoseok is it? thank you so much for coming.” hoseok places his arms gently around the elder’s back. “it’s no problem.” he says and she lets go of him.
“yoongi why don’t you show your friend up to the guest room?” his dad gestures, yoongi glares at his father before nodding. “yeah sure. hoseok lets go upstairs.”
the stairs are steep. and they lead to a small hallway where four bedrooms connect off of. “it’s at the end here.” yoongi has his hand on the last and final door. there’s a double bed with minimal decor, but there are some morsels of greenery around the room.
“sorry about some of the house plants.” yoongi speaks. “Mom has a problem with buying so many and not knowing where to put them.” he laughs. “and sorry it’s not some 5 star luxury suite-“
“it’s perfect.” hoseok grins, just now realizing to take his mask off. “you apologize a lot.” hoseok says. yoongi bites back the urge to usher an apology but instead goes for an “I know”
“my room is right next door, you know, if you need anything.” yoongi begins out the doorway. hoseok follows him into the most adorable bedroom he’s ever seen.
there was a huge poster of bigbang and then right next to it a poster of the parts of a flower, yoongi had many posters on his walls, mostly of flowers and of some art. (hoseok noticed van Gogh’s ‘irises’ painting above yoongi’s desk)
‘who is this guy’ hoseok thinks. the walls are a light grey, and the only color in the room seems to be the neglected house plants that fill up every surface.

“it’s embarrassing i know.” yoongi says. hoseok stares in amazement at the walls.
“um, this is fucking awesome.” hoseok says. he catches the little giggle yoongi lets out before hoseok joins him.
they calm down and then yoongi is nudging hoseok out the door. “alright, we should go back downstairs, they’re probably wondering why we’ve been up here for so long.”
later that night hoseok sat with them at the dinner table.
“so hoseok,” yoongi’s dad began, “what do you do for a living?”
hoseok looks at the man, he’s not sure how yoongi and him are related. the man is wrinkled, no smile lines or crows feet though (hoseok always looked at that, wether old people had crows feet, he always thought it meant that they had lived a happy life)
his arms are crossed as he waits for hoseok’s answer. “I’m a musician sir.”
hoseok would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous. and he realizes just how little yoongi and him know about each other. and how stupid it was for hoseok to just go across the country with him
“a musician! yoongi used to do that.” his mother chimed in. hoseok had noticed the large brown piano when he walked in, but didn’t say anything. he didn’t realize that it had been yoongi’s. “oh? I didn’t know that.”
hoseok looks over to yoongi, and he swears there’s a slight blush across the older’s cheeks. “I used to do underground rap.” he says quietly to hoseok.

“yeah but we know how that turned out.” his dad says under his breath.
hoseok almost couldn’t believe that’s what his dead said until yoongi’s mother elbows him. “that’s not nice.” she hisses under her breath before turning to hoseok. “what exactly do you do?”
he feels everyone’s eyes on him, a little self conscious. “actually I’m a rapper too.”
he’s surprised when yoongi chimes in from next to him. “yeah his music is very good.”
hoseok feels his heart pick up a bit, before he’s looking back down at his plate. “thanks.”
“hoseok aren’t you that j-hope dude?” junki says, his mouth full of food. hoseok just chuckles. yoongi notices how the apples of his cheeks become so full when he smiles, and he can’t look away.
“yeah that’s me.” hoseok says.
“oh that’s so cool!” jungki says. “Mom this dude is crazy popular, he’s like the most famous person in the country right now.”
yoongi catches the red on hoseok’s cheeks, still staring at that smile. ‘fuck how is he this cute’ he thinks.
“is that true?” his mother asks excitedly.
“um, yeah, I don’t know about the most popular in the country, but my music is really popular.” hoseok plays with his food.
“didn’t you play the olympic stadium in seoul last month?” yoongi asks.
‘how did he know that’ hoseok thinks.
“yeah, actually! that was a cool show.”
hoseok isn’t used to being so bashful.

after dinner, yoongi’s mom invites hoseok to hang out with the family, but hoseok decides to retreat to his room.
he pulls out his journal and begins a new entry. he mostly writes about how he hasn’t properly traveled in a long time.

but the last paragraph catches his eye as he rereads his entry.
‘as for my new friend, min yoongi, he’s quite mysterious, a self proclaimed asshole. but I don’t see it that way. he’s got a big heart, I can tell, even if he’s not ready to show me yet.’
“hoseok?” he’s snapped out of his trance, quickly closing the book and looking up to see yoongi standing at the door. “I’m going to bed.”
“oh, ok.” hoseok answers. yoongi scans across hoseok’s frame, eyes falling upon the bright green journal hoseok has cuddled against his chest.
“what is that?” yoongi points.
“it’s my journal” hoseok stares back at yoongi.
“oh.” yoongi says and hoseok doesn’t know how to read his facial expression. for a split second his brows furrow, but then his eyes soften.
“well, I’ll be in my room.” yoongi says, lingering in the doorway. there’s a bit of tension in the room and yoongi is about to leave before hoseok is calling back to him. “hey yoongi?”

the older snaps his head back into the room. “yeah what’s up?”
“come here.” hoseok pats the bed. yoongi’s lips pout for a second and then he’s sitting across from hoseok on the bed.
“am I, like, fucking crazy?”
yoongi snickered. “why would I think you’re crazy?”
“I don’t know, I did kind of impulsively fly with you to Daegu when we barely know anything about each other.” hoseok moves the journal to the night stand. yoongi looks down at his lap, he’s trying to think of something to say but hoseok beats him to it.
“tell me something about you.” hoseok says.
“what?” yoongi’s gaze meets hoseok’s. he stares at the younger, his vibrant red hair has started to fade just a bit, and the light from the lamp makes his skin look a bit darker, but yoongi likes that.
yoongi likes how hoseok’s skin is so clear and the light bounces off of it so perfectly that yoongi thinks he’s glowing.

“tell me something about you.” hoseok repeats.

“um,” yoongi glances around the room, trying to look anywhere but hoseok. “I own a flower shop.”
hoseok giggles. yoongi’s heart beats a little faster. “no tell me something that I don’t know, yoon.” hoseok lets the name slip by so easily that yoongi barely notices.
“I was almost an idol.” yoongi blurts out.
hoseok’s eyes go wide and he pushes himself off the pillows and closer to yoongi. “you what?” his voice was almost a whisper.
“yeah, um, you remember how I used to be a rapper? well I was a trainee for like, a year and then I decided it wasn’t for me and left right before my group was supposed to debut.”
“woah, that’s-that’s kind of crazy, hyung.” hoseok’s mouth is agape. “what happened to your group?”
yoongi laughs. “well, they debuted without me, did alright for awhile, disbanded after a year though.”
“that sucks.” hoseok says.
“yeah, and one of the dudes, he was like 21 when they debuted. he sacrificed his whole college experience to be a trainee... actually he called me a year ago asking for a job because he ran out of money.”
hoseok takes a deep breath looking down at his lap. “sometimes I wish I did that, quit I mean” he says quietly. “no you don’t.” yoongi’s voice is stern.

“yeah I do.” hoseok snaps back, making eye contact again. their brows are furrowed and hoseok is speaking again.
“it’s not as glamorous as you may think it is. I can’t even fucking go outside without people screaming at me. I mean it’s cool, you know, making music, but if I could just get one day to pretend like my life is somewhat normal I would take it in a heartbeat.”
it’s silent for another moment. hoseok tried to gauge yoongi’s reaction but he can’t.
“how about we do that then.” yoongi says.
hoseok chuckles. “what are you gonna do, change my face or some shit so people won’t recognize me?”
“no actually. this is daegu, hoseok. it’s all old people whose kids have moved to seoul or busan. we can do it.”

and then hoseok is smiling. smiling because /yes/ that is a fucking great idea. smiling because he hasn’t done that in so long, probably even before he debuted.
“um, yeah. yeah let’s do it.” hoseok doesn’t think he’s ever smiled that big in his entire life. and then yoongi is smiling too, gummy and sweet and hoseok just wants to put him in his pocket.
“great.” yoongi says. “now go to sleep, we’ve got a big day tomorrow.” and then he’s out the door.
the next morning, yoongi is waking up to the sunlight shining in his room. he misses it, home. the city didn’t allow for a lot of space to himself. but that’s what he liked about the shop, it was his little escape from the world.
he sat up on the bed, feet landing in the scruffy carpet, something he loved and hated about his childhood home. he realizes how outdated all of the decor in his room is, he probably hasn’t redecorated or taken down posters in eight years.
but then yoongi is pulling a hoodie over his small frame and steps out into the hall. he can hear faint chatter from downstairs, but he find himself walking towards hoseok’s room.
he knocks faintly and opens the door gently. hoseok is on his back, one hand over his head while the other rests on his chest. yoongi realizes that he’s shirtless and contemplated walking out of the room.
but then he’s standing over the younger, admiring his features, hoseok’s bangs hang just below his eyebrows and his mouth hangs open slightly. yoongi brings his hand to hoseok’s shoulder.
he’s warm, yoongi resists the urge to crawl into bed with him. “hoseok.” he whispers, lightly shaking the younger. hoseok’s hand reaches down and touches his face, “mhm.” he moans.
“do you want to get up?” yoongi whispers. hoseok rubs his eyes and yoongi isn’t prepared when hoseok’s gaze meets his, the soft sunlight bouncing off of his irises.
“yeah sure.” he scrunches his face inward, sitting up on the bed with his arms stretching over his head. the blanket falls down his torso and yoongi turns around before he can see anything.
“well, I’ll be downstairs.” he stumbles out of his mouth and then he’s in the hallway. he takes a deep breath and rubs his hands over his face before heading down the stairs.
hoseok puts a shirt on and heads down the stairs. it’s considerably quite until he hears a familiar shake of a tambourine and yoongi quietly singing “daydream, daydream.” while standing over the stovetop.
he pokes his in the doorway to the kitchen for a moment silently listening to yoongi singing along to his song until yoongi turns around, almost dropping the pan of eggs onto the floor. “jesus christ hoseok.”
he scrambled to put the pan onto the counter and stop the song, only meeting hoseok’s gaze once he did. a toothy side smile painted the younger’s face while yoongi thought of ways to make it seem less weird.
“I’m sorry.” he spills out. hoseok chuckles. “it’s ok if you like my music, hyung.”
“I know but it’s weird with you watching me make an ass out of myself.” he scoffs, sitting down with a plate of food and a coffee at the kitchen table.
“there’s food on the counter if you want breakfast.” yoongi says, and then it’s silent for a long while, hoseok looking around the kitchen, looking at yoongi. “where is everyone?”
yoongi swallowed a bite. “work.” he deadpans, staring at his plate. “you should probably eat.”
hoseok nods and gets up to make a plate for himself.
he tries not to ask if everything is alright, because he knows it isn’t. he knows that yoongi is probably wrapped up in his head about everything, because hoseok would be doing the same.
“you know,” hoseok starts, “if it turns out to be... that, I can find the best doctor in the country-“
“stop it!” yoongi drops his fork on his plate and it makes an ear shattering noise in the room. he glared at hoseok before whispering “just, stop.”
“okay.” hoseok whispered back, staring down at his plate, starting to eat. he grabs a cup of coffee, not looking back at yoongi, but hoseok can feel yoongi’s glare on his back. and when hoseok looked back, he caught the tear that yoongi quickly wiped away.
yoongi wiped his nose and sighed. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have burst out like that.” he got up and put his empty plate into the sink. “I’m gonna go get ready, we’re still going out today if that’s alright with you.”
“yeah, um yeah that’s fine.” hoseok took another bite.
“great” yoongi sighed. “do you want to leave in like, half an hour?”
hoseok nodded, feeling like he was dancing on eggshells. “yeah that’s fine.”
yoongi lingers in the doorway for a moment, and hoseok swore he was going to say something, but he doesn’t. hoseok has an apology on the tip of his tongue but when he looks up yoongi is gone. he finishes his breakfast and goes upstairs to change.
yoongi gently knocks on the door as hoseok fixes his hair, slightly parting it. “come in.” he calls.
yoongi almost giggles when he comes in. “are you /trying/ to get noticed?”
“why what’s wrong with this?” hoseok put his hands in his jeans. yoongi walks over to him, takes a gentil hold of the lapels on hoseok’s coat. “this is a bit much don’t you think?”

“this is how I dress.” hoseok says matter of factly.
yoongi glances at him. “c’mon you can borrow some of my brother’s clothes.” yoongi leaves the room. hoseok follows yoongi down the hallway to his brother’s room.
“yoongi what’s wrong with this?” hoseok sounds genuinely hurt, and yoongi’s heart sinks a little. “hoseok, I love these designer jeans and all, but they’re a bit flashy.” he opens jungki’s closet and finds a dull pair of jeans.
“here, my brother bought these for himself last Christmas.” he goes back into the closet. hoseok watches his hands move from hanger to hanger.
the tendons in yoongi’s hands moving as he does so until he lands on a black turtleneck. “I’ll let you keep the jacket, but put this on instead.”
hoseok groaned and carried the items back to his room, putting them on reluctantly.
he wasn’t going to admit it, but he actually did like the way he looked dressing down. he looked more comfortable, cozy even. he found a pair of boots to go with it and stepped out into the hall, surprising yoongi.

“is this better?” he gestured down to his clothes.
yoongi gives him a nod and a shaky grin. “much better, now let’s get going.” he started down the stairs.

hoseok wasn’t quite sure where they were going, and he would be lying if he said that he didn’t think yoongi was going to murder him at one point.
but soon yoongi was pulling up to what looked like an abandoned warehouse.

“ok for real are you trying to murder me?” hoseok asked seriously, clutching onto his phone in his pocket. yoongi chuckled. “no hoseok I’m not trying to kill you. this is where I used to rap.”
“oh.” hoseok relaxed. “are we going inside?”
yoongi snorted. “well yeah that’s kid of the point and it’s cold as shit out here.” yoongi lead hoseok into the building.
it was mostly baron, except for some old bar stools that were knocked over and a few empty condom wrappers here and there. “there used to be a stage over there.” yoongi pointed to the far wall. “but they tore down everything a few years ago.”
“why?” hoseok scuffed his shoes on the concrete floor. it somehow seemed colder inside than outside. “I’m not sure. but most of the people who used to come here ended up moving to seoul, so now it’s gone.”
hoseok shivered, tucked his face further into his scarf. “I wish I started rapping like this.” he sighed. “I actually wanted to be a dancer, and then I auditioned and said I had more potential as a rapper.”
“don’t you still dance though?” yoongi took a small step closer to hoseok.
the younger scoffed. “yeah, but I can do harder choreo than they give me.” hands digging deeper into his pockets.

“so do it then.” yoongi looked him up and down.
hoseok sniffed as his brows furrowed. “what, like right now?”
yoongi chuckled, “yeah right now, pick a song to dance to.” he started pulling out his phone.
hoseok rushed forward, hand landing over yoongi’s phone, the edges of yoongi’s fingernails just barely touching hoseok’s palms. yoongi shivered, but not from the cold.
“no really, it’s fine, I can just send you some old videos later.” hoseok pleaded, and yoongi almost considered backing off.
“hoseok come on, it’ll warm you up.”

hoseok grunted. “fine.” and then he was taking off his scarf and his jacket and handing them to yoongi.
“play something nineties and hip hop.”

yoongi scrolled through his phone, glancing up for a second only to see hoseok’s arms stretched above his head, back facing him. he could see the muscles stretched out through his shirt, the small of his back slightly visible.
hoseok brought his arms down and turned around, gaze meeting yoongi’s. “you gonna play something?” yoongi sniffled and nodded maybe a little too eagerly. “yeah, hold on.”
music started coming out of yoongi’s phone speaker as hoseok stepped farther away from him. the younger wasn’t really sure what he was doing, he hadn’t freestyled in a long time, too long in fact.

he took a deep breath and let the music take him away.
it was a bit awkward at first, but hoseok powered through it and before he knew it the song was over. he didn’t even realize how hard he was breathing until the air pierced his lungs.
woah.” hoseok almost missed the word fly past yoongi’s lips. they made eye contact for a quick moment before yoongi is nervously handing hoseok his things. “you’re really good.”
hoseok clears his throat, still huffing out a few breaths here and there. “thanks.” he puts his jacket and scarf back on. they feel too warm, and hoseok realized a sheen of sweat had formed on his back.
“how about we get out of here.” yoongi suggests and hoseok nods. they’re back into yoongi’s car before they know it. “you should do more of that, freestyle, I mean.” yoongi says as they drive through the city. the shadow of the clouds resting across the landscape.
“I haven’t really gotten the chance to. sometimes I try to in the company’s dance studio...” hoseok’s voice trails off. “but?” yoongi says.
“but I always get interrupted, either by my manager or someone else.” hoseok sighed. “that’s unfortunate” yoongi almost whispers.
hoseok looks over to yoongi while he drives. his platinum locks hidden under a beanie, earrings dangling as he drives, hand on top of the wheel while his elbow rests against the center console. he’s got an aura to him, hoseok thinks. maybe confidence, hoseok can’t tell
but then they’re pulling up to another building, an art museum hoseok thinks. he’s right apparently as yoongi explains to him. they spend awhile there. the exhibits aren’t spectacular, but the anecdotes that yoongi tells make them better.
they enter a spacious room with large japanese paintings on each wall. “oh I had my first kiss in here.” yoongi blurts out. hoseok chokes on his own spit a little. “oh?”

“yeah, he used too much tongue. nothing really came out of that relationship.”
hoseok doesn’t miss yoongi’s choice of pronoun. “he?”
yoongi just chuckles. “yeah, um, I’m gay.”
hoseok’s heart almost leaps out of his chest, and it seems like it’s just them in the entire museum.
he turns away from yoongi, staring up at the art. “yeah,” he clears his throat, “I am too.” he breaths out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in. yoongi comes up next to him and lightly hits his shoulder. “are you serious?”
hoseok gulps. “uh, yeah. but don’t... don’t tell anyone. I’m not really, /out/.”
yoongi make a little ‘ah’ noise from next to him as they stare at this one painting with peacocks and cherry blossoms. “don’t worry,” yoongi’s low voice fills the space, “your secret’s safe with me.”
they had planned to go have a picnic in this park that yoongi loved. he went there often as a teenager, especially in the spring time when cherry blossom petals would paint the sidewalks.
but on this particular winter day the sky had closed in and heavy droplets of freezing rain came down onto the windshield.
“fuck.” yoongi muttered. he groaned as he turned on the wipers. “I think we’re gonna have to go back to the house. we can’t really picnic in this.”
hoseok simply nodded and before he knew it they were back at the min’s. yoongi dragged his feet in and sulked into the kitchen. “I packed us lunch by the way.” he pulled two thermoses out of his backpack and handed one to hoseok. “it’s my mom’s recipe.”
and hoseok could notice the little crack in yoongi’s voice, even though the older was hoping he hadn’t. they stand across each other in the kitchen before an idea pops into hoseok’s head.
“wait, we can still picnic.”
yoongi is pulling two pairs of disposable chopsticks out of his bag, face scrunching. “what are you talking about.” he says as more of a statement than a question. but hoseok is already leaving the kitchen and sprinting upstairs. “come here!” his feet patter against the floor.
yoongi walk upstairs carrying both his and hoseok’s thermoses (he forgot his on the counter out of excitement). he sees hoseok’s door wide open and then the younger is in the hallway staring yoongi down. “can you bring a plant or two in here?”
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