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Taekook AU where assistant Taehyung is sick and tired of the way his boss Jungkook treats him. When Jungkook gets in a car accident and loses all of his memory Taehyung decides to get back at him for the years of torture. “Who are you?” “I’m your husband.” #taekook #vkook #kookv
I’ve had this in my drafts from way too long I needed to tweet it
This is based off of the movie Overboard!!
There is a remake of this movie coming out this year with Eugenio Derbez and Anna Faris give them those coins!
Should I write this on here or make it a chaptered fic in ao3?
"Listen, I don't care if you had plans set up. I pay you to be here, don't come and you're fired." The young CEO says with an irritated expression. Taehyung puts his head down but doesn't respond to his boss. He swallows the harsh words he wishes to respond and nods, "Yes, sir."
Before I go any further (I should’ve done this before the last tweet oops)

- Taehyung is a young single dad.
- Side ships might occur later (either minjoon or Yoonmin)
- Angst (I will put warning before I hit any sensitive topics that come up)
- slightly nsfw
Taehyung had requested the day off almost half a year in advance. It was his sons birthday, who he promised he would spend it with but Jungkook doesn’t know that because he doesn’t care for any of his employees or their personal lives. Not even Taehyung’s who has been +
His assistant since his father handed him the company. Tae could tell you absolutely everything about Jungkook that’s work related and quite a lot of personal details. Like the fact that Jungkook is arrogant, selfish, and a closeted bisexual man in a homophobic business industry.
Namjoon, who is Jungkook’s business partner let’s himself inside of Jungkook’s office as Taehyung makes his way out. “Why does your assistant always look like he wants to throw himself off the highest floor in this building?” Namjoon asks chuckling, handing Jungkook some forms.
Jungkook ignores Namjoon’s comment, quite frankly never paying any attention to the faces Taehyung makes while he walks out of his office. “There are the analytics for the month?” Jungkook asks reading the scores from the fine print. “Yeah, they’ve gone up.” Namjoon states.
“Only by 0.8%.” Jungkook says sighing, letting the papers hit his desk. “Gukk, you’re the youngest CEO this company has ever had. The scores have gone up 30% since you became CEO three years ago. Give yourself a break.” Namjoon says, dropping any type of honorifics.
There’s a knock on Jungkook’s doors before he can respond to his friend. “Come in.” Jungkook says loudly. Taehyung walks in and bows quietly at both of the men. “You have a car waiting for you downstairs sir, your 2pm meeting is still in order.” Taehyung reminds him.
“Good, you can come with me.” Jungkook says. “Sir, I get off at 2-“ Taehyung begins to say and Jungkook slams his hand on his desk. “You’ve been giving me a headache all day Taehyung! You do as I say, when did you start questioning me?” Jungkook asks, startling Tae.
“Jungkook, calm down. Taehyung has a life outside of this fucking hellhole unlike us. Go home Taehyung, I’ll go with Jungkook to his meeting.” Namjoon says stepping in before anything else can be said. “What?” Jungkook asks and Namjoon looks at Taehyung with a reassuring smile.
Taehyung bows twice again before walking out of the room. Jungkook only glares at him and Taehyung shakes at his stare, knowing the man isn’t happy and could fire him at any second. “I hate him, I hate him so much.” Taehyung says walking into the lunch room where Jimin is sitting
“I know who you’re talking about and you don’t even have to say his name.” Jimin says laughing. “What’d he do this time?” Taehyung pulls a chair out and sits down in front of his friend. “He told me to go to his 2pm with him oh and he forgot I have tomorrow off.” Taehyung says.
“God he’s a fucking asshole, you asked for tomorrow off like last year!” Jimin says shaking his head in disapproval. “Not like he cares.” Tae says grabbing some of Jimin’s yoghurt. “Namjoon got me out of it today.” “I say we make a petition and make Namjoon the CEO.” Jimin jokes.
In Jungkook’s office, Namjoon sits with a pointed look, watching his friend scowl at him. “You have to stop being so harsh on your employees, especially Taehyung. That kids been with you since the beginning, no one could do his job better than him.” Namjoon says.
“Since when do you care about my employees, including Kim Taehyung?” Jungkook asks. “Since I know that if you fired him you’d be lost. One, you don’t have time to hold interviews and replace him. Two, you might not see him as such, but he’s your right hand man.” Namjoon states.
Jungkook stands up from his chair and straightens out his perfectly tailored black suit. He chuckles humorlessly as he makes his way around his desk, “Oh hyung, everyone is replaceable.” Jungkook says before walking out of his office, knowing Namjoon will soon trail behind him.
Once they get into Jungkook’s black Escalade they’re off to his meeting. “What even is your problem with Kim Taehyung?” Namjoon asks suddenly. “I don’t have a problem with him, he’s just another employee.” Jungkook asks shrugging. “Keep telling yourself that.” Namjoon says.
Taehyung goes to pick up his son Minseok from daycare the second he sees the escalade leave the building. “Say hi to the little booger for me! I miss him.” Jimin says with a smile and Taehyung chuckles. “He misses you too, come by this weekend. I’ll make food!” Taehyung says.
“Daddy!” Minseok yells as he watches Taehyung walk in through the doors of the daycare. “Hi buddy!” Taehyung says kneeling down to pick him up in his arms. “How was school?” Taehyung asks with an amused smile. “It was so much fun! We colored and played outside!” The small boy +
Says excitedly. “Really? Where you good today?” Taehyung asks and the little boy giggles. “Silly daddy, I’m always good!” The boy says with a finger in his mouth. “Alright, I believe you. Go say bye to your friends so we can go home.” Taehyung says putting him down.
It happens quite quickly but before Tae can even tell what’s happening the small TV playing the local news gets cut off. “CEO of Jeons Industrial, Jeon Jungkook and COO Kim Namjoon have both been a terrible car accident on the 101 freeway just now!-“ And Taehyung’s heart drops.
“Min, hurry up bub.” Taehyung says grabbing his sons backpack. Taehyung can feel his phone going off about a million times but he ignores it, not wanting to startle his son. “Why are we in a hurry?” Minseok asks innocently. “We have to go see someone on the way home honey.”
Taehyung drives as safely as he possibly can as he pulls up into the main hospital Jungkook has always been seen at. There is security all over the emergency room and they all recognize Taehyung. Tae carries his son in his arms, covering the small boy from seeing anything.
“Who’s sick daddy?” The boy’s asks curiously. “Just a friend baby, lets go find uncle Jiminie.” Taehyung says. “Uncle Jiminie is hurt?!” Minseok tells out and Taehyung blushes at the people who turn to stare. “No- not him honey.” Taehyung says calming him down.
“Taehyung, this way.” Yoongi says walking up to the man and his son. “Are they okay? Is everyone okay? Is he okay?” Taehyung asks and Yoongi takes the small boy in his arms. “Do you remember the emergency contract when you first joined as his assistant?” Yoongi asks. “Yeah?”
Minseok doesn’t protest as Yoongi carries him in his arms. The small boy plays with Yoongi’s blue hair and Taehyung is escorted into a private room. “Are you Jungkook’s family?” A nurse asks and Taehyung scratches his head. “Yes.” He responds. “Good, the doctor will be out soon.”
Taehyung only sits around for a couple of minutes before the doctor comes out of a room. “Family of Jeon Jungkook?” The doctors asks and Taehyung stands up. “Yes?” He asks. “I’m afraid Jungkook is suffering from amnesia. It’s too early to say how far back he’s forgotten but +
He does remember who he is. He has other minor injuries, no internal bleeding, and we will be keeping him for a couple of days to follow his recovery slowly.” The doctor announces and Taehyung really didn’t hear much after the mention of amnesia. “Would you like to see him?”
Taehyung is led to a private hallway with only two hospital rooms. Jungkook is being checked by a nurse and the man is quiet, something Taehyung has never seen him be unless he was deep in thought but he didn’t look like he was thinking, he just looked...curious.
“H-hello.” Taehyung says fumbling with the rings on his fingers. Jungkook looks to the door and his face still holds the same curiousity, “I’ll be back.” The nurse says before walking out of the room. He was expecting shouts, furious, demanding, screams from the man to find out +
Who had injured him and put them behind bars but he’s quiet. Taehyung knows he doesn’t remember certain things but no one knows how much he’s forgotten. “Hi.” Jungkook responds with a small sincere smile. Something Taehyung has never received from the man, suddenly Taehyung +
Recalls the years Jungkook ignored him and disregarded his feelings. “Where is Namjoon?” Taehyung asks turning himself around to ask security. “He’s in the room down the hallway, he’s not awake yet.” A man informs him. Taehyung steps forward and stands besides Jungkook’s bed.
Suddenly Taehyung hears tiny footsteps that he knows all too well. “Daddy! Where are you?!” A small voice yells running into the room. Minseok smiles brightly, and runs over to the bed. “Daddy?” Jungkook asks confusion and fright on his face. “Who are you?” Jungkook asks Taehyung
“I’m your husband.” Taehyung responds, and the look on Jungkook’s face reads empathy, as if he feels bad for not remembering Taehyung or their child. “Minseok, do you want to get on the bed?” Taehyung asks, and the small boys nods his head. He looks over to Jungkook before the +
Man sits up on his bed. “Hello.” Jungkook says lifting the small boy onto his lap. “Hi!” Minseok says smiling before he throws his small body on Jungkook’s giving him a hug. The boy doesn’t know what’s going on, but Taehyung would soon have to explain. “D-does it hurt?” The small
Boy asks pointing to a cut on Jungkook’s forehead. “Not a lot.” Jungkook whispers raising his eyebrow so the boy can see he can move his features. “Minseok!” Yoongi yells running into the room and the little boy’s eyes go wide. “Hide me!” He whisper screams as he goes under the +
Blankets. “Yoongi, you had one job.” Taehyung says chuckling. “He’s a fast runner, okay? Jeez Taehyung, what do you feed him for breakfast.” Yoongi says bending over to catch his breath. “Minseok, come here. Go with uncle Yoongles.” Taehyung says picking the boy up from the bed.
“I’m sorry.” Jungkook says looking at his lap, he almost makes himself seem small. “For what?” Taehyung asks. “I don’t even remember meeting you.” Jungkook says and Taehyung gulps, knowing he shouldn’t be doing this. “It’s okay, hopefully you’ll regain your memory soon.”
Taehyung says with a patient smile but he’s screaming inside that he never does. “What do you remember?” Taehyung asks sitting on the corner of Jungkook’s hospital bed. “I-uh remember graduating college.” Jungkook says scratching his head and he looks so innocent it’s weird.
“So you don’t remembering being the CEO of your dad’s company?” Taehyung asks. “I’m- what?! He handed me the company? I thought he would’ve handed it to my brother?” Jungkook asks frowning. “Nope, he handed it to you.” Taehyung says remembering the day the company key was given +
To Jungkook. He was small, and scared but he put up such a bitchy front to scare anyone away. Taehyung remembers every detail. “Wow, what are we going to do? I don’t remember how to run a company!?” Jungkook says sitting up more and taking Taehyung’s hands in his.
“Lucky for you, I followed your every step before. I know how you run the company, I could do it myself and teach you how you used to run it. That’s if you trust me.” Taehyung says, trying to hide the weird feeling of having Jungkook’s hands touch his own.
“I- you did? Of course I trust you, you’re my husband. I had to have trusted you to marry you. I might not remember our relationship but I can trust you.” Jungkook says licking his lips.

Taehyung gives him a small forced smile and nods his head. “For now, don’t worry about +
Anything until you’ve recovered properly. I’m going to check in on Namjoon, who was with you in the crash.” Taehyung says standing up.

“Oh, um, okay. I’ll be here.” Jungkook says suddenly not knowing what to do being left alone. Funny, he used to love being alone, Tae thinks.
Namjoon is awake when Taehyung walks in but has a neck brace on as well as his arm wrapped up.

“Knock knock.” Taehyung says standing outside of the room that has the door open. “Oh, Taehyung, come in.” Namjoon says with a friendly smile.

“How are you feeling?” Taehyung asks.
“I’m sore, and my arm kind of hurts. I just got some stitches.” Namjoon says looking at his wrapped up arm.

“How are you not as hurt as Jungkook?” Taehyung asks out loud.

“The impact was from Jungkook’s side of the car. I saw the car coming, and I tried pulling him down with +
Me but you know how stubborn he is.” Namjoon says shaking his head.

“You were able to protect yourself.” Taehyung says more so to himself.

“Yeah, my arm hit the car door and somehow got cut when I got on the floor but I was able to protect my head.” Namjoon explains.
“What was Jungkook doing?” Taehyung asks curiously.

“He was on the phone with his dad. Does he have a cut on his head?” Namjoon asks.

“I did see something on the right side of his head but I wasn’t sure, it was bandaged.” Taehyung explains. “Is he okay?” Joon asks.
“No ones told you?” Taehyung asks with furrowed eyebrows.

“I know about his memory loss and the small cuts and such but, is he okay as in his behavior? I know you know him to be an arrogant guy but he’s basically a kid and I know he’s a good guy underneath his act.” Joon says.
“He’s...a lot quieter, shy almost.” Taehyung says and Namjoon nods his head.

“Seems like a younger version of himself.” Namjoon states.

“Not to be that person, and change topics so fast but...what’s going to happen with the company?” Taehyung asks biting his nails.
Namjoon can’t really move his head so much with his brace on but he looks away from Taehyung.

“Taehyung, besides myself, you’re the only one who knows what Jungkook does. I can step in but it would be after I recover. The company will be closed for about a week anyways +
Because of the ongoing investigation that the police will do but after that, I think you should take over. Only until Jungkook recovers, it’s what the emergency contract states.” Namjoon says.

“Yeah...I know.” Taehyung says scratching his head.

Taehyung thinks of how to +
Bring this up but he stays quiet for a second, trying to gather his words.

“I told him we’re married.” He tells Namjoon.

“You what?!” Namjoon exclaims almost hurting himself.

“I just- I thought it would help. You know..since I have to basically guide him, I don’t know!”
“Taehyung, you aren’t married.” Namjoon says.

“I know! Okay! But you should’ve seen how he looked at me. He’s always been so mean, this could work! It would also mean we have to spend more time together and he could learn the ropes to the company again in case his memory is +
Forever lost.” Taehyung explains.

“Never, in a million years, did I think you would want to be married to Jungkook. He’s always treated you like horribly, what’s the point of this?” Namjoon asks.

“It’s to show him the type of life I live outside of work, so he can see how hard+
It is to work for him. If he regains his memory, I’m prepared to pay the consequences, but at least he’ll know why I would call out, and why I couldn’t change my schedule the same minute he asked me to. I want him to have a taste of his own medicine.” Taehyung says.
Namjoon is quiet, and it scares Taehyung. He doesn’t want to be fired, he just wants Jungkook to know what it feels like to have a responsibility outside of a company.

“I shouldn’t be okay with this, but I am.” Namjoon says suddenly making Taehyung’s eyes widen in surprise.
“Why are you okay with this?” Taehyung asks.

“Because Jungkook is lonely, and I know your life isn’t easy but you have a child and it could be a good experience for him in the long run. He’s never known how to live outside of that building, maybe you have a point.” Joon says.
“So you’ll play along?” Taehyung asks.

“I know you aren’t a bad guy Tae. Jungkook could only hope for someone as nice as you to actually fall for him so yeah, I’ll play along.” Namjoon says and Taehyung is in shock.

“Daddy!” Minseok screams running into the room.
“Uncle Yoongi got me some apple juice.” The boy says showing Taehyung a purple cup with a straw hanging out of it.

“That was nice of him, baby. Did you say thank you?” Taehyung says bending down to wipe the boy’s face. “Mhm!” The boy smiles.

“Who’s this?” The boy asks.
Tae is glad he hadn’t asked Jungkook the same.

“This is Namjoon, he’s daddy’s friend.” Taehyung says standing back up and leading the small boy over.

“Hello, uncle Namjoon!” The small boy says, being used to calling all of his dads friends, uncle.

“Hello!” Namjoon smiles.
It’s a while later after Minseok has sat next to Namjoon’s bed to watch TV with him that Taehyung takes the boy outside.

“Daddy has big news for you.” Taehyung tells him.

“Is it Thanksgiving yet?” The boy asks curiously, making Taehyung laugh. “No baby, it’s not.”
“What is it?” Minseok asks.

“Remember when I told you why you didn’t have a mommy or another dad?” Taehyung asks.

“Yeah, you said because you were still looking for the perfect mommy or dad for me.” The boy says.

“Exactly, but daddy thinks he might’ve found someone.”
“You did?! Is it Santa?!” The small boy exclaims excitedly. Taehyung laughs and caresses the boy’s cheek.

“No baby. Do you remember Jungkook, the man we met earlier?” Taehyung asks and the small boy gasps.

“I-is that? Is that my new daddy?” The boy asks, making Tae nod his head
“Can we go see him? I want to see him!” The boy says and Taehyung just smiles. “Yes we can, but you can’t mention he’s your new daddy okay bub?” The younger naive boy only says yes.

He grabs the small boy’s hand and leads him inside of the room. “Hi.” Tae says walking in first.
Minseok lets his hand go quite quickly before he runs to Jungkook’s bed. “Be careful Min!” Taehyung softly scolds, not wanting to hurt Jungkook.

Jungkook smiles at the small boy and picks him up to put him on the bed. “Hi sweetheart.” Jungkook says rubbing the boy’s stomach.
“Hi papa.” Minseok says before wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s shoulders.

Taehyung bites his lip hearing how endearing the words sound from his son, suddenly regretting putting him in the middle of this. “I hope this works.” Taehyung mutters to himself.
Jimin comes a while later to take Minseok home with him and it’s quite hard to get him off of Jungkook.

“Why is your son on that demon?” Jimin asks and Taehyung hits him. “I’ll tell you later, don’t mention anything to Min.” Taehyung states.

“Ow, Fine!” Jimin responds.
Once they’re left alone, Taehyung sits in a chair in front of Jungkook’s bed.

“He seems very attached to me.” Jungkook says quietly.

“Y-yeah. He is.” Taehyung mumbles.

“I understand if you don’t want to be here.” Jungkook says sympathetically.

“What do you mean?” Tae asks.
“I don’t- I don’t remember you. You’re probably very upset.” Jungkook says playing with his hands.

“It’s okay, I can’t be upset with you. It’s not your fault.” Taehyung says, putting his hands on his thighs.

“Y-your very attractive, if that makes you feel better. +
M-maybe that doesn’t. I shouldn’t have said-“ Jungkook says fighting himself over his words and Taehyung blushes.

He doesn’t know what to say, Jungkook’s never complimented him.

“It’s okay, we are married.” Taehyung chuckles, trying to avoid showing Jungkook his hands.
“I- I realized neither of us are wearing rings. Um- do we not-“ Jungkook is about to ask and Taehyung bites his lip.

“Oh, yours must’ve fell off during the crash. I have mine at home, I was washing dishes when I got the call.” Taehyung says, quickly making up a lie.
“Oh, that makes sense. I’m sorry mine fell off.” Jungkook says pouting.

“It’s okay, rings are replaceable, you aren’t.” Taehyung says and a small red blush creeps on Jungkook’s cheeks.

“Can you- sit on the bed with me?” Jungkook asks and Taehyung tries to act normal but +
His throat suddenly feels very dry. He didn’t think any of this through. If he says no Jungkook’s going to think somethings up.

“Ok- yeah.” Taehyung says walking over to the bed. He slips off his shoes and sits next to Jungkook who almost immediately lies his head on Taehyung.
“I’m sorry I don’t remember you.” Jungkook whispers quietly and Taehyung bites his bottom lip harshly.

Why was Jungkook being sweet?? He was never sweet before, Taehyung didn’t even think Jungkook knew how to be nice.

“It’s okay, you’re okay.” Tae responds before moving a +
Hand to run through Jungkook’s hair. He wraps one arm around Jungkook, letting him basically lay on his chest.

“Thank you for not hating me,” JK mumbles innocently. “My dad always hated me.” Gukk adds.

Tae is shocked at his words but then again, his dad never came to visit.
Jungkook gets released from the hospital the day after and Taehyung is given the keys to the man’s apartment but doesn’t use them, taking Jungkook to his and Minseok’s apartment instead. He gets some people to take some of Jungkook’s clothes to his house and other things.
Luckily for him, Jungkook doesn’t ask if they have wedding pictures, or family pictures. Taehyung had kept his apartment furnished with very basic things, never feeling the need to decorate too much. He did have a lot of toys for Min and little things that made the house seem +
Like a child definitely lived there. There were elephant and giraffe stickers on the refrigerator, mats on the table that were Spider-Man designed, and of course an Iron Man posted on Minseoks door. “We live here?” Jungkook asks stepping inside of the apartment.
He looks around curiously, his doe eyes taking in every corner of the room. Tae thinks he’s going to laugh, he expects him to tell him it’s too small, or it doesn’t fit his likes, even a grimace but Jungkook just smiles. “This does look like a home I would live in.” Gukk says.
“I-oh.” Taehyung says, perplexed. It’s like Jungkook became a completely different person without the memory of running a company, Taehyung can only wonder if its that bad? Is the pressure too much? Did something happen in those years that changed Jungkook?
“Come on.” Taehyung says softly, holding Jungkook’s hand and leading the boy to Taehyung’s room. “You should rest, you need lots of it.” Taehyung says, tucking Jungkook into bed. Jungkook finds it strange that Taehyung acts cold yet shy towards him. It’s like he’s always +
Confused after Jungkook says something and it only makes questions grow in his mind, was he different before the accident? Why does Taehyung always look like he expects a different reaction from him? Jungkook understands that maybe the idea of not being remembered might’ve +
Hurt Taehyung so he thinks that’s the core problem to everything going on. Jungkook finds himself staring at Taehyung and he doesn’t say anything as he observed the man. He’s very attractive, like insanely. He almost looks like a model to Jungkook. Taehyung is sweet besides +
Sometimes giving him the cold shoulder or quiet responses. Gukk sees the love he has for their son. Freshly graduated JK would’ve never thought he’d be married at such a young age so he knows there’s something special about Taehyung, and he’s excited to find out what that is.
I could learn to love him, Jungkook thinks. Taehyung brings him dinner to bed, a freshly made soup, gummy bear vitamins, and a glass of apple juice. “Your medicine comes after you’re done.” Taehyung says bringing a tray to the bed. Jungkook sits up, licking his lips at the +
Soup. Taehyung sits with Jungkook, both watching TV, not really engaging in conversation when Jungkook thinks that he could learn to love Taehyung. If he really loved this boy before his accident, he’s sure he can do so again. “Is it too hot? I know you don’t like it too hot.” +
Taehyung says quietly stirring the soup with a spoon. “No, no, it’s great. You did great, thank you.” Jungkook says with a small smile. Taehyung looks at the boy, suddenly in a trance and Jungkook blushes, “Uh, Tae?” Jungkook asks snapping out of his gaze. “‘M sorry, I was +
Just thinking about something.” Taehyung says forcing a small smile back. “I’m going to change into my pajamas, and I’ll take some blankets to the couch so you can get some more sleep after you’re done.” Taehyung says standing up and Jungkook let’s the spoon fall from his hand.
It makes a cluttering sound against the plate and the boy shakes his head. “No, this is your bed, please sleep here.” Jungkook says. “It’s actually our bed, but I’m not going to sleep in it when you don’t remember me. It’s honestly fine Jungkook, I’d expect the same if I were +
Ever in your shoes.” Taehyung says going to get some silk pajamas. He grabs his pink head band and puts it on, ready to wash his face. “Pink looks very nice on you.” Jungkook says, trying to suppress how cute he thinks Tae looks with it on, his cheeks look fuller, it’s adorable.
“Where’s Min?” Jungkook asks softly, a hint of worry in his tone and Taehyung really can’t believe Jungkook is the same person that had watched him almost die of a fever at work but told him to suck it up. “He’s at Jimin’s, I wanted you to get a good night rest. Min can be a +
Little loud in the morning when he gets ready for daycare.” Taehyung says when he notices Jungkook finished the soup. “Did you like the soup?” Taehyung asks, putting the tray to the side of the bed for Jungkook. “Yes, you’re a very good cook Tae.” Jungkook compliments.
“Yeah - well, a good friend of mine has a cook book, that’s where I got the recipe but thank you. I’m glad you liked it.” Taehyung says.

He reaches over to grab a bag with Jungkook’s medication and hands him two small white pills. “Here, take these with the juice.” Tae says.
“Apple juice is my favorite.” Jungkook says after swallowing down the pills.

“Yeah, I know. It’s Min’s favorite too.” Taehyung says giving him a quick smile.

“Sorry, I forget you probably know all of these things about me already. Can you tell me about yourself?” Gukk asks.
“For starters, I’m the only one who prefers orange juice from us three.” Taehyung says, causing Jungkook to laugh.

Taehyung had never seen a genuine laugh from him, his eyes sparkle, and he suddenly remembers that Jungkook is actually younger than him.
“I’m older than you by two years.” Taehyung says sitting across from Jungkook, facing him.

“I only buy vitamin gummy bears because the pills are gross.” Taehyung says popping one inside of his mouth from Jungkook’s plate, Jungkook eating the rest.
“Hmm, I really like soft materials, if I could live in my pajamas I would. And I wear glasses, but only at night, to read comic books to Minseok so he can fall asleep.” Taehyung says.

“Do I ever read him comics? I love comics! I saw his iron man poster, he’s my favorite too.”
Taehyung never would’ve took very serious and grouchy Jungkook for a comic book fan, it makes him smile.

“Yeah, you too are basically one.” Taehyung mumbles, causing Jungkook to grin.

It makes Taehyung wonder if Jungkook is liking the idea of this life he’s created for him.
Leaving Jungkook alone with Minseok is something Taehyung knew he would eventually have to do and it only scares him because Jungkook can’t cook and Minseok is a chef in training and he loves to tell people he can cook. He loves when they let him cook him something too so it’s +
No surprise to Taehyung when he gets home and sees the kitchen a complete mess. Oh and Jungkook and Minseok trying to clean with small giggles filling the room.

“Min!” Taehyung says and the small boy quiets down.

“H-hi daddy. I was cooking for papa.” Minseok says innocently.
He hides behind Jungkook who also gives Taehyung and innocent grin.

“You’re both cleaning this up.” Taehyung says and both of them nod their heads quickly.

When Taehyung comes out of the shower later, Jungkook stands near the door, looking at Taehyung. “Hey, sorry about the +
Mess earlier, we cleaned up the kitchen.” Jungkook says.

“What’d he try cooking for you?” Taehyung asks moisturizing his face.

“A peanut butter and jelly smoothie...” Jungkook says making a funny face, as if he’s barely realizing it probably wasn’t the best idea.
“A classic from Min.” Taehyung says laughing, shaking his head.

“I also ordered take out for dinner, what I tried cooking probably tasted worse than what Min cooked, at least it looked worse.” Jungkook says.

“I would’ve tried it.” Taehyung says and Jungkook gets closer to him.
They haven’t really had any physical interaction, and Taehyung wouldn’t be the one to start it either.

Jungkook hesitantly wrapped his arms around Taehyung and Tae bit his lip.

“I don’t think you’re happy with me, or at least the new me but thank you for still being patient.”
Jungkook says and Taehyung forces a smile.

“Jungkook-“ Taehyung starts but Jungkook shakes his head.

“You basically lost your husband when I lost my memory, and I’m sorry. I don’t know how I used to be, but I’ll try my best to make you happy.” Jungkook promises.
“You couldn’t have prevented that accident Jungkook. Don’t blame yourself, and you’re n-not that different from how you were before. I’m just a stranger to you - to the new you. But it’s okay, you don’t have to love me Jungkook, we’re all still a family.” Taehyung says.
He steps away from Jungkook’s embrace and holds his hands reassuringly. “If your memory never comes back - if this is - if it’s permanent, we’ll figure that out as we go.” Taehyung says and Jungkook has fear in his eyes, and Tae doesn’t know why.
Taehyung should be the one in fear because he didn’t plan for Jungkook to have his memory taken away permanently, but he also doesn’t know what he’ll say if Jungkook ever gets his memory back.

What scares Tae the most is that this Jungkook never hurt him, he doesn’t even think +
This Jungkook has a bad bone in his body, so what happens later on? Does he tell him? He doesn’t love Jungkook, does he just stay with him forever? Or will Jungkook find someone else to love and leave Taehyung and Minseok behind? Tae couldn’t be mad at him if he did that, right?
At work, Taehyung had signed an emergency contract at the beginning of his career. The contracted stated that Taehyung would help train the next person in line for CEO if Jungkook was to get hurt, but he gets to work in the morning to see no one in Jungkook’s office.
Namjoon is waiting for Taehyung at Tae’s desk though. “Hey.” Namjoon says with a smile and a cast on one of his arms. “You shouldn’t be here.” Taehyung says, seeing that he’s still hurt. “I’m not here to work. I’m here to tell you about the contract, lets go to Gukk’s office.”
“Until I regain my strength, you will be the CEO of this company.” Namjoon says and he chuckles lightly. “It’s kind of funny, you and Jungkook kind of switched lives after the accident. A company is a big responsibility but this will only be temporary until my arm is okay.”
“I-okay.” Taehyung says. “Do you have any doubts, questions?” Namjoon asks.

“What if Jungkook doesn’t ever regain his memory? He’s a completely different person now and not trying to talk down my own boss but he was so mean before and this Jungkook just isn’t.” Tae stutters out
“I meant about the company and being CEO but yeah, we can talk about Jungkook.” Namjoon says trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sorry I just - when I thought of telling him we were married it was because I thought he’d regain his memory in like a week but I read this can last.”
“Listen Taehyung, youve always been a great employee and you’ve always looked out for Jungkook even when he’s pissed you off beyond belief which is why I allowed this. In the moment, I didn’t think it all the way through either. Jungkook’s state of mind right now is pure +
Because he hasn’t been given the company. Because his dad hasn’t pressured him beyond belief and called him a disappointment repeatedly. He doesn’t have memory of it. You have to be careful with him, as I’ve told you before, Jungkook isn’t bad. He’s just been through a lot.”
Namjoon says and he takes a moment before continuing, “the Jungkook before the accident, he acted like he hated you, he was horrible and I know that but he never fired you, or let you go and you might think that’s because he couldn’t find another great assistant, because he can’t
But it’s also because you care and deep down Jungkook’s always just wanted to care and to stay. You could’ve walked out of this office repeatedly and given up but you didn’t. I’m sure Jungkook isn’t a reason why you’ve stayed but to him it did mean something. All I’m saying +
Is, if Jungkook ever does regain his memory, don’t let him push you out. He’s used to doing that because he expects you to walk away.” Namjoon says.

“What about this new Jungkook? He’s like a child but he’s so sweet and I don’t want to hurt him. You should see how much he +
Already loves Minseok.” Taehyung says pouting.

“Jungkook’s always wanted a miniature version of himself, I’m sure he’s having fun and you aren’t hurting him Tae. If Jungkook was at his own home resting right now he’d be all alone. 18 year old Jungkook didn’t push anyone +
Away. He would be confused as to why he lives alone, as to why no one visits him, as to why he’s lost contact with the few friends he had after graduating college. He wouldn’t like the Jungkook he became. You’re a good person and I know he’s in good hands, I trust you.” Joon says
“What if I hurt him? What if I mess up?” Taehyung asks.

“You wouldn’t hurt him purposely, I know you wouldn’t. Mistakes happen and they happen to everyone, don’t be so hard on yourself if something goes wrong. You can always text me and I can try and help.” Namjoon reassures.
“Okay, I think I’ve got this.” Taehyung says taking in a deep breath.

“You’re gonna do fine.” Namjoon says patting his shoulder.

Taehyung has a feeling of nervousness building in his stomach because he’s scared. He’s scared Namjoon is right and Jungkook will try and push him+
Away once his memory comes back.

Taehyung has actually grown pretty fond over this Jungkook. When Taehyung gets home the house is spotless with a tired Jungkook giving him a small smile. Minseok is drawing in his room happily and it all feels so domestic.
“Hi! I made pasta tonight because Minseok said it’s your favorite. It’s um- it might not be the best, so I can order something if you want I just wanted to make you something to show you that I’m grateful for everything, you’re really nice and my husband and I care about you +
And I just want to make this work-“ Jungkook rambles and Taehyung walks over to the stove, looking at the bowl of pasta.

“It looks delicious Jungkook, I can’t wait to try it.” Taehyung says with a smile and it’s genuine, it’s not forced or small it’s a big smile because Tae +
Has never had someone cook for him and the look on Jungkook’s face when he was rambling was filled with nerves, it made him want to coo at the smaller boy.

“Really? See this is what I meant by you’re so nice-“ Jungkook says and Taehyung laughs. He walks over and presses his
Lips to Jungkook’s cheek, shutting the boy up. Jungkook blushes and he fumbles with his fingers, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to overstep.” Taehyung says, realizing maybe Jungkook didn’t want affection but Gukk quickly shakes his head.
Jungkook doesn’t know how to tell Taehyung that he’s okay with the affection so he walks up to the older boy and puts his hand on Tae’s neck before bringing him closer and kissing his cheek, longer than Taehyung had kissed his and it was soft and full of meaning.
Taehyung is lost in a trance with how soft Jungkook’s lips are. Jungkook’s hand resting on his neck possessively but also endearingly holding him still.

“Ew! Papa is giving daddy a kiss!”

And that’s what snaps Taehyung out of his trance. Both Jungkook and Taehyung look at +
Each other and Jungkook has a small smirk on his face.

“Maybe we should give you some kisses too!” Jungkook says and Taehyung grins, watching Jungkook run over to the small boy and pick him up, giving him small kisses all over his cheeks. Tae joins them, giving their son kisses
One night that Jungkook can’t fall asleep he finds himself going to the kitchen for some water. On his way there he notices Taehyung isn’t asleep. He’s on the couch reading over some papers. He has his bunny slippers on, and pink hair band pushing his hair with a pout on his lips
“What are you still doing up?” Jungkook asks and Taehyung snaps his head to see the younger boy. “Oh hey, I’m just reading over some papers.” Taehyung says giving him a small smile.

“You should go to sleep Tae, you wake up early.” Jungkook says and he walks over to get himself+
The water he wanted but fills up to cups. He hands one over to Taehyung and the older boy thanks him.

“I’ll go to sleep soon Jungkook. Don’t worry about me.” Taehyung reassures.

“It’s about work isn’t it?” Jungkook asks looking at the papers. “Yeah, it is but don’t worry.”
“I’m sorry.” Jungkook says putting his glass down. He sits next to Taehyung and the older boy shakes his head.

“I know you don’t want me to think of this as being my problem but it is. You’re doing my work when it should be me stressing out over it, not you.” Jungkook frowns.
“All I’ve done is cause problems. You don’t even sleep in your own bed because of me, I’m sorry.” Jungkook says and he’s been feeling like a bigger burden recently even though he does try his best to help Taehyung at home.

“Jungkook, I chose not to sleep in my bed. I chose +
To fill your position until you’re able to go back to it. I also chose to marry you, and that meant to love and care for you no matter what, you aren’t a bother.” Taehyung says and Jungkook leans in to give Tae a kiss on the cheek. They’ve been sharing small kisses a lot lately.
“I have a doctors appointment tomorrow.” Jungkook says shyly pulling away from Taehyung.

“Can I come with you?” Taehyung asks holding Jungkook’s hand. The smaller boy stares at their hands and smiles.

“Could you? You don’t have to if you’re busy.” Jungkook says.
“I’m never too busy for you.” Taehyung says leaning and returning the kiss on Jungkook’s cheek.

“Are you sure? It’s just a check up, the driver from the company can take me.” Jungkook says and Taehyung vividly has deja vu to when he had asked Jungkook if he could go to the +
Doctors once and Jungkook had told him suck it up. His exact words being, “You can’t be that sick if you got out of bed Taehyung, but if you do leave I’m not giving you sick leave.” And Taehyung visibly shakes remembering that side of Jungkook.

“Don’t worry baby, I can go.”
Jungkook doesn’t say anything about the pet name but he can feel his stomach grow butterflies.

“Okay Tae.” Jungkook says and he finds himself leaning in, giving Taehyung a hug. The older man only sighs because yet again he’s reminded that this isn’t the same Jungkook.
“We’re going to be trying some exercises to try and regain your memory. Your friend Namjoon brought by some more recent pictures of you and activities you would do. Hopefully they can spark some memory.” The doctors announces and Jungkook frowns.

Why did Namjoon bring +
The pictures? Taehyung must have plenty of him but he doesn’t voice his question out loud.

Taehyung feels nervous about this but almost sort of happy, there’s a part of him that believes Jungkook won’t hate him if he regains his memory but that’s a long shot.
You decide
One night after a long day, Taehyung gets home pretty late from work. He checks on Minseok first, making sure the small boy is put to bed and asleep.

He goes to use the restroom after that and finishes up quickly when he hears whimpers coming from his room. He rushes in to +
See Jungkook thrashing around the bed. Throwing his arms around as if trying to protect himself.

“Hey! Hey - Gukk!” Taehyung yells and he gets on the bed before taking Jungkook’s arms in his. Jungkook wakes up and he lets out a deep breath before sitting himself up.
There’s sweat falling from his face, and his hair stuck to his face.

“It was just a nightmare.” Taehyung says softly, calming the boy down.

“I - it felt so real.” Jungkook says, and Tae doesn’t hesitate to pull him in closer, Jungkook lays his head on the older mans chest.
“What was your nightmare about?” Taehyung asks, softly rubbing Jungkook’s back.

“It wasn’t really a nightmare, it was just a dream but - but I was mad. I was in an office, and I kept yelling at a man. I told him he couldn’t do his job so I had to find someone who could.”
Jungkook says and Taehyung freezes because that wasn’t a dream, that was a memory.

Jungkook was remembering the first person he ever fired at the company, a receptionist who had messed up some paper work.

“O-oh.” Taehyung stuttered, not knowing what else to say.
Weeks pass by and Jungkook keeps having dreams with memories in them.

“Why was I so mad? Why was I always so mad?” Jungkook asks Taehyung once, wondering why he was only ever mad and not laughing or happy.

“I don’t know..” Taehyung says reading over some papers.
“You aren’t even paying attention to me! Don’t you care that I’m remembering?! Or are you mad none of my memories have been of you.” Jungkook snaps and Taehyung bites his lip from responding.

“I-I’m sorry, I dont know where that came from-“ Jungkook says, feeling his stomach +
Fall as Taehyung’s expression turns hurt but he quickly hides it, making a serious expression.

“I always pay attention. You might not see me in these memories but I was there to witness them all.” Taehyung says and he stands up, ignoring Jungkook’s sad expression.
Taehyung ignores Jungkook for the next couple of days. Only talking to him when Minseok is around.

“Tomorrow is my first day back at work.” Jungkook says nervously to Taehyung.

“Yup, Namjoon’s back so I think he’ll be taking care of showing you the ropes.” Tae responds.
“I thought you were going to show me?” Jungkook asks curiously.

“I was but um - it’s just more suiting for Namjoon to do so.” Taehyung says cleaning up the dishes Minseok had left behind on the dinner table. He washes the dishes carefully, focusing on them so he doesn’t +
See or feel Jungkook come up behind him, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s middle. He rests his head on Tae’s shoulder, Jungkook’s body completely pressed to Tae’s back.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I miss talking to you. I didn’t mean to snap the other day.” Jungkook whispers
Taehyung stays frozen to Jungkook’s touch. Never being this close to the man.

Jungkook places soft kisses to the back of Taehyung’s neck and the older man lets go of the cup in his hand, almost breaking it as it lands harshly in the sink.

Jungkook pulls away and steps back.
“D-do you still want me?” Jungkook asks Taehyung, a sad look in his eyes.

“Jungkook, you don’t even know me. You don’t have to be kissing me or touching me if you aren’t comfortable.” Taehyung explains.

“But what if I am? You’re the one who acts like a stranger is touching you+
I’m your husband. Did I not touch you before? Was I more touchy? Why don’t you tell me anything?” Jungkook asks and suddenly the boy gets a headache.

“Are you okay?” Taehyung asks, walking closer to him. “All of these memories I have only frustrate me, they’re always upsetting.”
“Yeah, yeah I’m okay.” Jungkook says and he takes a seat on a chair.

“I just want to have a nice memory. I want to remember you, our first kiss, our first date, our wedding, our honeymoon, when Minseok first came into our lives.” Jungkook says with a small voice.
“Y-you’ll remember soon.” Taehyung says and for the first time ever everything settles down on Taehyung.

He knows the second Jungkook remembers everything things will go back to how they used to be. He’s not ready to upset Minseok, he’s not ready for Jungkook to hate him more+
Than he already did. Small tears start to fall from Taehyung’s face and Jungkook stands up, taking Taehyung face in his hands and wiping away his tears.

“I’m sorry, I know this is just as hard on you. Don’t mind me.” Jungkook says and he presses a small kiss to Tae’s head.
It’s silent.

It’s a very silent morning when Taehyung wakes up on the couch he’s been sleeping in for months in and doesn’t hear a sound.

Minseok has spent the previous night at his best friends house but around this time Jungkook would already be up.
Taehyung walks to Jungkook’s room and he sees a well dressed Jungkook in front of his door.

He’s wearing a suit, his hair parted the way he did it for the past years Taehyung had known him. A fire in his eyes and all innocence gone.

“How long did you think you could fool me?”
“Welcome back.” Taehyung whispers. His voice cracks and he looks down at his feet, knowing what was to come.

“I always knew you had some type of romantic affection for me Taehyung but pretending to be my husband? That’s low, even for you.” Jungkook says coldly.
“You don’t have anything else to say for yourself?” Jungkook asks, slowly walking up to Taehyung.

“Not if you don’t realize why I did it, then I don’t have anything to say.” Taehyung says and Jungkook pauses.

“So you’re telling me it’s not because you’re in love with me?”
Taehyung chuckles but bites his tongue. “Same old boss.”

“Did you think I would go back to being the innocent kid I used to be? The one who everyone walked over? The one that everyone crushed? Should I apologize for the monster that I am, even though everyone made me this way?”
Taehyung heard a knock on his door and a voice runs through the halls.

“Taehyung, Jungkook?” Namjoon asks, stepping inside of the apartment.

Jungkook walks past Taehyung, without another look and walks to Namjoon who’s in the living room.

The second Namjoon sees Jungkook,
Once again dressed like the business man he’s been, Namjoon knows.

“You knew? You were okay with him lying to me after a traumatic accident?!” Jungkook screams and Taehyung is actually very happy Minseok wasn’t here.

“You okay Taehyung?” Namjoon asks, looking at the boy.
“You’re asking him!?” Jungkook asks.

“Yes, because you do irrational things when you’re mad Jungkook. Taehyung might’ve lied to you but he never hurt you, and trust me, he could have. He took you in, he made you happy for months, I’ve NEVER seen you so happy.” Namjoon says.
“You didn’t even give me time to do anything Namjoon. Why are you fending for him, he’s just a fucking employee! What about me?! He betrayed me, YOU betrayed me and you’re my best friend!” Jungkook yells.

“Take that back.” Namjoon says, and the oldest man looks red with anger.
Taehyung feels his heart break at Jungkook’s words but would else could have he expected from him.

“You hated who you were, you would get wasted on the weekends and sob to me about how lonely you were, about how much you hated being alone. Taehyung just wanted you to feel +
Apart of something. And I wanted you to feel happy again, even if it wasn’t true. I wanted you to feel something besides anxiety over running a company and pleasing your family. You never did anything outside of that office building. I did this for your own good!” Namjoon says.
“I know what he wanted, he wanted revenge because I never noticed him.” Jungkook says looking at Taehyung.

“I did.” Taehyung whispers before clearing his throat.

“I wanted revenge but not because you didn’t look at me but because you never treated me like an actual person. +
I wanted you to know what it felt like to fall in love with someone, to take care of a child, to live a life not just centered around yourself but also around someone else. I wanted you to hurt but that went away. I never knew you had already been hurting until I saw you cry +
About the constant memories you were having in your dreams. You hated this version of yourself. I never pushed you to anything, I never hurt you because I just wanted you to experience some happiness.” Taehyung explains with no emotion in his voice, knowing the Jungkook he liked+
Was long gone.

“I also agreed to this because you never took accountability for all that Taehyung does for you. Everything he’s given up so you could be who you are today.” Namjoon says and Jungkook looks between the both of them, confused and angry.
“What does that even fucking mean?!” Jungkook asks.

“Taehyung made sure for years that you were okay. He made you meals from home and brought them to you when you first started off because he didn’t want you to starve yourself. He took time to remember all the foods you love. +
That day we went to the meeting, when I told you that no one knows you like Taehyung, I meant it. Taehyung has a million reasons to hate you, to want to destroy you but he’s taken so many falls for you, you don’t even know half of them.” Namjoon says and Taehyung gulps.
“Namjoon don’t-“ Taehyung says, knowing what’s coming. What’s threatening to spill from Namjoon’s mouth.

“He even took in the child that you had with a random girl and decided to raise him like his own so that the company wouldn’t fall and crash under a scandal!” Namjoon snaps.
“W-what?” Jungkook asks, his voice barely above a whisper.

“WHY WOULD YOU TELL HIM THAT?!” Taehyung snaps at Namjoon.

“He deserve to know Tae. He had to find out eventually, he owes you a lot.” Namjoon says.

“Fire me.” Taehyung says looking at Jungkook with tears in his eyes.
“Fire me, punch me, humiliate me, do whatever you want to do to me but don’t take Minseok away from me. He’s my son, he’s my entire world and I raised him the moment his mother left him in the hospital.” Taehyung says sobbing, because Minseok is his entire world.
“You - I - have a son? Why didn’t anyone tell me?! Why did you accept? What are you trying to gain from this?!” Jungkook asks.

“Jesus fucking Christ Jungkook, did you just miss everything I said?! He doesn’t want shit from you, he’s just a good person! Those exist!” Joon says.
“I- I pick up your mail. I saw the letter the mother sent you. I put it on your desk to read but you threw it away. I open everything you throw away because that’s my job. Sometimes you throw away important things. You were so stressed that day, you kept repeating that nothing +
Could fuck up the rise of the company for you. The media was already on you about being bisexual, but I didn’t do it just for you. I did it for Minseok, he doesn’t deserve any of this, he certainly didn’t deserve to be raised in a home where no one loved him.” Taehyung explains.
“How do you know I wouldn’t have loved him?!” Jungkook yells.

“How could you ever love someone, you don’t even love yourself.” Taehyung says and that lands him a punch straight in the jaw from the younger boy.

“Fuck you Taehyung, you don’t know me.” Jungkook says.
Tae feels the blood rushing into his mouth and he presses his finger over the cut on his lip.

“Did you get it all out? I’m sure you’ve always wanted to do that, go ahead, take another hit. I’ve been your emotional punching bag for years, now I’m your physical punching bag.” +
Taehyung says with no emotion in his eyes, only tears.

Jungkook is about to step up to Taehyung, but Taehyung flinches. Any anger in Jungkook’s face suddenly vanishes, realizing what he had just done.

“You’ve done enough.” Namjoon says standing in front of Jungkook.
As if things couldn’t get worse, Taehyung hears a small squeaky voice yell out his name.

“Daddy! Papa!” Minseok says running into the room. The boy’s backpack is almost bigger than him as he runs with it on.

“I drew us a picture!” Minseok says excitedly, running to Jungkook.
Jungkook gulps as he takes the picture from the small boy and he sees the family of three that he’s drawn. He squats down to the boy’s height to see him.

“That’s me, that’s you papa, and that’s daddy!” Minseok says pointing at the figures.

“Oh and that’s uncle Yoongi!” Minseok+
Says pointing at the sun. “Because he hates the sun.” Minseok says giggling, as if he had just told the funniest joke ever.

“Daddy, do you have an owy? Are you okay?” Minseok says running towards Taehyung, pulling at his dad’s pant leg to pull him up.
“H-hi baby. Daddy’s okay, I’m okay.” Taehyung says, engulfing the small boy in his arms and holding him close to his chest.

For the first time, Jungkook sees how awful he is. He feels every word he’s insulted Taehyung with, he can only imagine how hard he’s worked to raise the+
Boy alone. He never complained to Jungkook. He never asked Jungkook for money, for extra time off. Taehyung came in every morning with a smile to offer and tired eyes but the smile never fell.

“Where is papa going? He’s all dressed up, like I did for the talent show.”
“Papa’s going to work honey, go say bye.” Taehyung says putting the small boy down.

“You’re leaving? I thought we were playing iron man today, it was my turn to be iron man!” Minseok says pouting and Namjoon is pacing in circles with tears in his eyes too because it’s too much.
“P-papa will be back soon baby.” Jungkook says and he takes the small boy in his arms, squeezing him tightly. “I love daddy and papa.” Minseok whispers, loving the tight affectionate hugs from his parents and that absolutely breaks Jungkook. “Make me something yummy for dinner +
Okay buddy?” Jungkook asks and he doesn’t even realize he’s crying until the small boy is wiping his tears. “Stop crying papa, you’ll come home soon and we’ll play.” Minseok says trying to cheer him up.

“Alright, I’ll stop crying. Let’s give daddy a group hug.” Jungkook says.
Jungkook carries Minseok over to Taehyung and the small boy wraps his arms around both of the men.

“I love my daddy’s,” Minseok whispers, only for them to hear. “I love uncle Joon too!” Minseok yells, causing Taehyung to laugh slightly.

He doesn’t see it coming, but suddenly +
He feels soft lips on his face, kissing the apple of his cheek. Jungkook lets his lips sit there for a second.

“Ew!!” Minseok says and Tae puts his head down, causing Jungkook to pull away. “Give daddy some extra hugs today for me.” Jungkook tells the small boy before leaving.
That’s how Taehyung and Minseok find themselves making spaghetti in the kitchen that afternoon because Minseok swore his recipe would come out just right and Taehyung couldn’t say no.

They put three plates on the table and Taehyung is tired and he’s not emotionally ready to +
Face Jungkook again but he’d do anything for his son, even if it meant sitting through this dinner with Jungkook.

As promised, Jungkook does return at 7pm and it shocks Taehyung to say the least. He expected Jungkook to not show up, or at least show up late.
“Here.” Jungkook says hanging Taehyung the key he had given him to the apartment.

“‘S fine. You might need it.” Taehyung mumbles and Jungkook feels a lump in his throat.

“Papa! The food is ready!” Minseok says and Taehyung was so used to seeing the old Jungkook genuinely +
Happy that it almost didn’t surprise him to see this Jungkook happy too. Until it hit that this was the same man who had thrown a punch at him earlier and called him just another employee.

After they finish dinner, Jungkook puts Minseok to bed while Taehyung showers.
When Taehyung gets out of the shower he throws on a pair of pajamas on and his pink head band on. Ready for whatever discussion him and Jungkook were about whisper/yell about while Min slept.

Jungkook is already in Taehyung’s room when he goes in. Jungkook takes a second to +
Stare at Taehyung’s red nose, and puffy eyes from all the crying.

“We need to talk.” Jungkook says, his eyes lingering on Taehyung’s bottom lip, where a small cut lay and a faint purple shadow threatening to appear.

“Ok.” Taehyung responds.
“I want to be in Minseok’s life,” Jungkook says and Tae’s heart drops, thinking the worst.

“But I’m not going to take him away from you. You’re more of a father to him than I could ever be. I’ve ruined a lot of relationships in my life but I won’t let myself ruin this one.”
“Thank you.” Taehyung says and his eyes begin to water.

“No, no more tears. Stop crying. I’ve made you cry enough today. The least I could do for you is let you keep Minseok, but I do want to see him. We’re so much alike and even before I knew he was my real son, I grew +
Attached to him. He might resemble to me physically, and we might share some traits but his personality is almost all you. He loves to cook because of you, he has the patience and kindness that you have, he could never get that from me.” Jungkook says.
“I want you to be in his life. He’s become so attached to you, I couldn’t do that to him.” Taehyung says and Jungkook smiles softly.

“You really have the heart of an angel.” Jungkook mumbles more so to himself.

“How do I repay you? For taking care of him these past years?”
Jungkook asks.

“There’s no way you could repay me, just let me keep raising him. Let him be my son too.” Taehyung says.

“Y-you could move in with me.” Jungkook says and Taehyung shakes his head.

“My place is bigger, you guys would live more comfortable.” Jungkook says.
“No, this is our home. This is where I spent years waking up in the middle of the night to cradle Min to sleep, this is where I changed his diapers, where he took his first steps, we decorated his room together here. This is home.” Taehyung says and Jungkook nods his head.
“It could be your home too.” Taehyung adds making Jungkook’s eyes connect with his.

“R-really?” Jungkook asks.

“Yes. I don’t want him going between houses, our place isn’t big but it’s home.” Taehyung says and Jungkook smiles slightly.
“You’re right, my apartment is cold and simple. This is your home, and I would be honored to call it my home too.” Jungkook says.

“But you have to take your room back, no more sleeping on the couch. I can take the couch. I’ll help you with rent too.” Jungkook adds.
They make some changes.

Jungkook moves in and Taehyung makes more room for him in his closet although Jungkook is keeping a lot of his stuff in his old apartment.

It’s late when they’re done moving some things of Jungkook’s into their apartment.
Jungkook is reading Min a comic while Taehyung gets himself ready for bed.

A while later Jungkook knocks on his door and steps inside.

“Just wanted to say goodnight.” Jungkook says and Taehyung sits on the corner of the bed. “Goodnight, Jungkook.” Taehyung says.
And he expects to hear Jungkook repeat it and close the door but instead Jungkook lets himself inside of the room and stands in front of Taehyung.

“I don’t want to apologize,” Jungkook says, causing Taehyung to look up. “I don’t know how to because a sorry isn’t enough to cover+
What I’ve done to you. You deserve a lot more than a pathetic excuse of an apology but I do want you to know that I don’t forgive myself for treating you the way that I did. I don’t just mean that because you’re Minseok’s dad. I mean it because Namjoon was right. You are my +
Right hand man. You’ve always had my back. When I first started at the company, everyone had it out for me. They wanted my father back, not the young kid. But you didn’t throw me to the ground and I ignored every effort you made because while you were being kind to me, everyone +
Else wanted me to fail. I remember you staying late nights with me to make sure I wasn’t left alone in the building. You did make me meals from home, telling me they were bought but I recognized your home dishes. You’ve done a list of things to protect me, and I owe you a lot.
You’re an amazing person but an even better father. I don’t expect you to forgive me, you’ve done that enough. I know I’ve crossed many lines, and I won’t hold it against you if you don’t want anything to do with me outside of work.” Jungkook says and Taehyung sighs.
“It’s been a really long day Jungkook,” Taehyung says with tired eyes. “Thank you for the nice words but I can’t even keep my eyes open right now.” Taehyung says and Jungkook nods his head fast.

“Of course, I’m sorry for keeping you up. Goodnight.” Jungkook says before leaving.
"He hates me and I'm in a really uncomfortable position." Jungkook says on the phone with Hoseok, his only friend aside from Namjoon. "Well of course he hated you, you're a dick. Also, you put yourself in this uncomfortable situation." Hoseok says, making Gukk scoff.
"I'm literally uncomfortable, as in i'm sleeping on the couch you jackass." Jungkook says making Hoseok laugh.

"Dude you're worth millions, the hell are you doing on a couch?" Hoseok asks.

"I'm trying to not be a dick, you asshole." Jungkook responds.
"That involves you being on a couch?" Hoseok asks and Jungkook only rolls his eyes.

"Papa?" Jungkook hears Minseok say as he waddles into the living room wearing his pajamas. "Hi baby." Jungkook says sitting up quickly and ending the call without any hesitation.
"What's wrong buddy?" Jungkook asks, placing the small boy on his lap.

"I couldn't sleep. Can you read me another comic?" Minseok asks with a small pout on his lips.

"Sure kiddo, go pick one out for me." Jungkook says and he lets the boy run from his grasp.
Jungkook finds himself thinking about the type of father he wants to be to Minseok. Jungkook's father might've gave him the company but that didn't mean he was a good father. The day he handed Jungkook the keys to the company he told the boy he wouldn't last a year.
Even as a child, he was always told he was never going to be good enough, that someone would always be better. Jungkook's only way of coping was to make people as miserable as he felt. He would never let Minseok grow up the way he did. Taehyung was right when he said Jungkook +
doesn't love himself, because he doesn't. But he'll make sure that Minseok does, he'll make sure his son has every ounce of happiness he deserves, and with Taehyung by his side, he knows that will easily be achieved.

"I got it!" Minseok says running in with a Hulk comic.
The next morning Taehyung walks to the kitchen but stops when he passes the living room, seeing a sleeping Minseok on Jungkook's chest, both of them fast asleep.

Taehyung smiles softly at them and takes the comic dangling from Jungkook's hand. He covers both of them with a +
blanket and closes the curtains, letting them sleep in. Jungkook only sleeps in about half an hour more before he lays Minseok gently on the couch and walks to the kitchen. The smell of food gets his attention and he sees Taehyung making pancakes.

"Feel free to grab some food+
I'm going to wake up Minseok and get him ready for daycare." Taehyung says turning the stove off.

"Why don't you let him sleep in, I can drop him off on my way. You can also come with me, if you'd like." Jungkook says pouring himself some coffee.

"I have some things to get+
ready for your meeting today. I can drive myself but could you drop Minseok off please?" Taehyung asks and Jungkook nods his head with a piece of pancake in his mouth.

"Tae," Jungkook says making Taehyung stop pacing. Jungkook wants to tell Taehyung how good his neatly+
blow dried hair looks, his glasses perched on his nose make his jaw look even sharper, and the two buttons not buttoned at the top of his work shirt are making Jungkook question the feelings that are suddenly pooling in his stomach. "Nothing, never mind, see you at work."
Taehyung gets to work early and he prepared the presentation room for the meeting. It was going to revolve around Jungkook being the CEO again.

Although Jungkook wasn’t Taehyung’s favorite person sometimes, he was definitely happy to have the younger man back in charge.
It’s known to everyone that the company does better when Jungkook is running it.

There’s a knock on the door and Jimin’s head peaks into the room. “Hey!” Jimin says and he walks in, hugging his best friend. “Hi Jiminie.” Taehyung says smiling.

“How is everything?” Jimin asks.
Having to tell Jimin about what had happened the past couple of days, both boys sit in the conference room. They’re interrupted by a frustrated looking Jungkook, he walks in but stops once he sees both of them laughing.

“Why aren’t you working? And why is your phone not being +
Answered Taehyung?” Jungkook asks with a scowl and Jimin stands up quickly. “Sorry sir.” Jimin says before exiting the room, Jungkook’s eyes never leave Taehyung’s.

“I was talking to Jimin about something. Sorry, won’t happen again.” Taehyung says quietly.
“Just because we live together, doesn’t mean anything changes. I’m your boss, Taehyung.” Jungkook says and Taehyung nods his head.

“Of course nothing changes, you never change do you?” Taehyung says stuffing his hands into his slack pockets and walking out of the room.
Jungkook can’t really explain why he did it but the small anger that flared in his stomach when he saw Jimin holding Taehyung’s arm while they laughed, pissed him off.

Taehyung sits on his desk and types feverishly on his computer. Jungkook walks over to him and everyone +
Around them watches Jungkook’s steps. Jungkook puts a hand on Taehyung’s desk and leans himself forward.

“Look at me.” Jungkook says, placing his other hand over Taehyung’s.

“What, boss?” Taehyung asks.

“I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean to snap.” Jungkook apologizes.
“Did he just apologize?”
“Oh my god”
“He literally spilled coffee all over him once and didn’t even look at him before telling him to clean it up.”

Jungkook’s head snaps to the people staring and he glares at them. “Get back to work, now!”

“Come to my office.” Gukk tells Tae.
Taehyung stands up and follows behind the young CEO.

“You don’t have anything else after your meeting today-“ Taehyung starts and Jungkook sits with his hands tangled on top of his desk.

“Good, I promised Minseok we would cook you dinner together. We’re picking him up at 5.”
“Why did you interrupt me and Jimin like that?” Taehyung asks putting his notepad down on Jungkook’s desk.

“Do you have a boyfriend Taehyung?” Jungkook asks and Tae scoffs.

“That’s none of your business.”

“It’s a simple question.” Jungkook responds with jealousy in his tone.
“You think I have time to date? I’ve been raising a child for the past couple of years. I haven’t even stepped inside of a club in years because I don’t have time to. Did you forget that my life revolves around yours? Ask yourself if you have a partner, that’s my answer.”
“I shouldn’t have asked.” Jungkook says, realizing that Taehyung’s life is very hectic. He doesn’t have time to find someone and that’s Jungkook’s fault.

“I’ll give you more days off.” Jungkook says but Taehyung shakes his head in disapproval.

“What did you tell me ten +
Minutes ago? You said this doesn’t change anything, you’re still my boss. Follow your own rules, you never gave me a day off.” Taehyung says before getting his notebook and leaving the office.

Jungkook watches him walk out and he rubs his forehead at their interaction.
That night when they get home, Jungkook and Minseok go straight to the kitchen.

Taehyung changes into more comfortable clothes and he sits on the table as he watches them cook.

Jungkook cooks in his suit but he doesn’t seem to mind, Minseok’s smile is too big to interrupt them.
“Papa! Try the sauce, you need my hat!” Minseok says taking off his white chef hat and putting it on Jungkook’s head.

Jungkook’s hair gets slightly messed up but he doesn’t mind it, focusing on their dinner results.

When they both agree on how good everything is, they set up +
The table, giving Taehyung his plate first. The older man takes one bite and he moans loudly, causing Jungkook’s jaw to almost drop but Minseok only laughs.

“Does that mean you like it daddy?” Minseok asks, a giggling mess.

“Loved it?! I want three more plates!” Tae exclaims.
The day Minseok gets sick, Taehyung sleeps in his room with him.

“What about papa? He can fit here too.” Minseok mumbles. His drowsy smile melts Taehyung’s heart.

“Papa’s at work but when he gets home we can ask him if he wants to cuddle you.” Taehyung says.
“Daddy, how come you and daddy don’t cuddle like Hansung’s parents?” Minseok asks.

Taehyung looks around the room for an excuse to tell the small boy. “W-we do baby. You just don’t see us.” Taehyung says running his fingers through the boy’s hair.
“Do you love daddy?” Minseok asks with wide eyes, the same big eyes Jungkook has. Taehyung sighs looking at the small boy who resembles to his boss.

“Sure baby. But I love you more, I promise.” Tae says giving the boy small kisses on his cheeks.

“Do you think he loves you?”
“I’m home. I brought medicine.” Jungkook says walking into the room with a bag of things.

Taehyung begins to get up from the bed but Jungkook shakes his head. “Don’t get up, I’ve got it.” Jungkook says opening a bottle of children’s medicine.

He walks it over to the small +
Boy and places it to his lips. “I don’t like medicine.” Minseok pouts with a red nose.

“Remember what I said Minnie.” Taehyung says and Minseok giggles.

“It’s serum that can make me as strong as iron man!” The boy says before taking down the liquid. Making Jungkook smile.
“I got something else for you.” Jungkook says and he reaches to pull out a comic from the bag.

“It’s spider-man! Daddy, look it’s the Spider-Man comic!” Minseok says sitting up and Taehyung laughs.

“I see it, I see it!” Taehyung smiles.

“Can we let daddy read it?” Min asks.
Jungkook nods his head and he hands it to Taehyung who’s still laying down on the bed.

Jungkook sits on the chair next to the bed and holds onto the small boy’s hand.

Taehyung starts to read the comic, showing the pictures to Minseok and Jungkook sits to admire them.
Jungkook can only imagine how normal this was for them. How many times before Minseok’s gotten sick and Taehyung rushed to finish all of his work early to come home and cuddle the small boy.

It makes Jungkook’s heart ache because he would’ve been there to help but he couldn’t +
Be mad at Taehyung for keeping it from him. If Jungkook knew he had gotten someone pregnant back before Minseok was born, his childish behavior might’ve denied the child.

Taehyung was right, he wasn’t ready to raise a child, but now he is and Jungkook’s glad he has Taehyung.
Once Minseok dazes off and falls asleep on Taehyung’s chest, Jungkook lets go of his hand, running his hand through the small boy’s hair, feeling his temperature already going down.

“You should’ve stayed home today.” Jungkook says quietly to Taehyung.

Taehyung gets up from +
The bed, placing a teddy bear where he was previously laying so that Minseok has something to cuddle.

“Every time Minseok gets sick I drop him off at Yoongi’s in the morning and pick him up at noon after work. It’s always been this way, you don’t give me extra days off.”
“Yeah Taehyung, that was before I knew you had a kid, that was before I knew the child is mine.” Jungkook says following the man out of the room.

“You said nothing changes. I’m following your orders.” Taehyung says turning around to face the younger boy.
“You aren’t doing this alone anymore Taehyung, things change at home. If he’s sick, we prioritize him.” Jungkook says.

“We? I got up at 6am to drop him off at Yoongi’s. I went to work at 7 when I usually start at 9. I finished everything by noon and picked him up before he even
Woke up at Yoongi’s. I’ve been in bed with him all day since then. It’s 7pm and you barely got home.“ Taehyung says.

“We don’t have the same jobs Taehyung. I run an entire company, you run my mail and emails.” Jungkook says and Taehyung sucks his teeth.
“I didn’t mean it like that-“ Jungkook says and Taehyung laughs.

“Imagine thinking that I only run your emails and mail. Imagine if I didn’t pay your invoices, because the accountant you hired, yeah the one you hired after fucking him, wasn’t horrible at it. Imagine if I didn’t+
File everything for the requisitions because you never hired anyone else to do it? Imagine if I didn’t come home and took the time to make you meals because you forget to eat? I do countless of things that aren’t in my job description but go ahead, continue thinking that all I +
Do is sit behind a desk waiting for your orders. I left work today before you even got there.” Taehyung says before walking to his room.

Tears fall from his eyes before he shuts the door behind him because he’s never asked for any recognition, never asked for any praise for +
Everything he’s done but he’s so tired, and nobody cares. Not one person and the only reason he gets up in the morning is Minseok.

He lays down on his bed and grabs a pillow, hugging it, quieting his sobs. The worst part is he can’t even escape Jungkook at home.
Jungkook stands outside of Taehyung’s door and his knuckles are ready to knock on the door until he hears muffled cries. He sighs and presses his forehead against the door.

Why does he even speak? Every time he tries, he feels himself failing even more. He didn’t mean to +
Discredit Taehyung. He knows everything that Taehyung does, he knows he should’ve came home earlier today too but to be fair, Jungkook usually sleeps in his office.

Taehyung doesn’t know that since he does come home to Minseok but Jungkook hardly ever slept at his apartment.
For one, Jungkook hated the bachelor pad he had. He got it when he was young and he never thought of how lonely it would be to have such an empty place to himself. Secondly, Jungkook doesn’t know how to do anything besides drown himself in work.
“Taehyung.” Jungkook says knocking softly on the door.

Jungkook doesn’t hear a response and he sighs, “Taehyung, I’m an idiot. Please open the door, you can punch me in the face.” Jungkook says, not knowing what else to say but Taehyung still doesn’t budge.

“You know that was +
A complete lie, right? I know how hard you work, I know how much you’ve had to do at home too. I’m sorry, I promise I won’t ever make another senseless comment like that again. Please let me apologize to your face.” Jungkook says.

When he still doesn’t hear a response, he +
Thinks he’s being ignored but he opens the door anyways, very cautiously.

“Tae?” Jungkook asks and Tae doesn’t respond. He’s awake, curled into a ball, hugging a pillow but his wet eyes are looking at the wall.

“Hey.” Jungkook says sitting on the bed gently. He hesitantly +
Puts a hand on Taehyung’s arm and the older man doesn’t move.

“I’m sorry, you’re amazing and I’m an idiot please don’t listen to me.” Jungkook says rubbing the mans arm softly, he cringes at how awkward he is but he swallows down his pride.

“I can’t be that great, maybe +
You’re right.” Taehyung says quietly.

“Now you sound as idiotic as I do. Actually - no - you’re much more than great. You might as well be a superhero with how much you handle. I could never do half of the things you’ve done. Our son, the one in the other room,” Jungkook says+
“You’re his very own superhero. He listens to us read all of those comics to him but he looks at you like he’s envisioning what a superhero looks like in real life because you have to be one. There’s no way you aren’t.” Jungkook says and Taehyung’s tears slowly continue.
“That’s not true-“ Taehyung says quietly and Jungkook doesn’t care what line he’s breaking, he kicks his shoes off and lays on the bed next to Taehyung before making Taehyung lay on his chest.

“If you don’t believe that our son might look at you as a superhero, then at least +
Believe me when I tell you that you’re my superhero. The company wouldn’t be where it is right now if it weren’t for you, Minseok wouldn’t be one of the happiest little boys alive without you, I probably wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you.” Jungkook says.
“You’ve saved me Kim Taehyung, because you are my superhero.” Jungkook says, his fingers softly tracing circles on Taehyung’s back.

He can feel the tears soaking his work shirt but he doesn’t move a muscle, letting Taehyung cry it out. He knows he’s awake, he’s clinging to Gguk.
“You okay?” Jungkook asks minutes later. He looks down at Taehyung and sees the man has fallen asleep on top of his chest.

Jungkook sighs, watching the mans tear stained face finally look a bit more peaceful.

“You’re beautiful.” Jungkook mumbles quietly at him.
“Father like son.” Jungkook thinks, remembering how Minseok falls asleep on his chest the same way as Taehyung.

Jungkook tries not to move Taehyung too much as he attempts to get out of his hold to change into pajamas but Taehyung only scoots in closer to him.
Taehyung’s head perfectly fits into the croak of Jungkook’s neck. The warm air that Taehyung breathes out hits Jungkook’s neck, almost making him shiver.

“Tae-“ Jungkook starts but Taehyung only gets closer, intertwining their legs together. “Great.” Guk thinks to himself.
That’s how Jungkook finds himself falling asleep in his suit, with Taehyung almost completely on top of him.

The next morning the first thing Taehyung notices is that there’s definitely someone under him and they definitely have morning wood.
Taehyung rests his chin on Jungkook’s chest and gasps quietly at how close they are to each other.

Then Taehyung remembers how he fell asleep, and he’s guessing he cuddled Jungkook all night, seeing him still in his work suit.

He feels bad for making the man sleep +
Uncomfortably so he tries to get up from the bed. But before doing so, he listens to Jungkook’s quiet snores and leans up quickly to give him a kiss on the cheek.

It never happened because Jungkook wasn’t even awake to feel it! - Taehyung’s thoughts.

Tae swings a leg over +
Jungkook’s waist to try and get off the bed but his foot misses the beds edge and his waist completely falls on top of Jungkook’s, his hard on rubbing against Taehyung’s now very awake member.

Taehyung cringes at how bad this would be if Jungkook was awake but the man isn’t +
A light sleeper. Taehyung takes a deep breath in, ready to try again when he hears Jungkook groan.

Taehyung bites his lip at the mans sound of pleasure. He’s about to attempt to get off again when he hears small footsteps in the hallway. Taehyung panics and lets his body fall +
On top of Gguk’s. Minseok peaks his head inside of the room and the boy’s smile widens, “daddy’s are cuddling!” He cheers to himself and Taehyung coos at him quietly.

The small boy walks back out of the room and as Tae is about to get up, Jungkook’s hand lays on his lower back.
“You sure are good at cuddling.” Jungkook says with a raspy morning voice.

“O-oh, good morning. I didn’t mean to cuddle you for so long. You couldn’t gotten up after I fell asleep.” Taehyung rambles on, feeling his face heat up. He quickly gets up from Jungkook making the +
Younger boy chuckle. “Chill Taehyung, I was warm. I wanted to cuddle you, even though I do wish I was wearing different clothes.” Guk says and when the younger man realizes he has a hard on he grabs a pillow to cover himself.

“The joys of being a man.” He says before getting up.
It’s a busy day at work when Jungkook and Namjoon walk in, quietly discussing things about the company. Taehyung is sitting at his desk, waiting for them to enter Jungkook’s office so he can interrupt them and tell Jungkook the messages he received. Gukk almost never looks at +
Taehyung as he walks in but this time, his eyes connect with the older mans, Namjoon is saying something to Jungkook but the CEO is lost in a daze as he stares at Taehyung. Taehyung blushes at the intense stare but it only gets worse when Jungkook sends him a wink.
“Was that a fucking wink?” Jimin yell/whispers to Taehyung.

“Please be quiet.” Taehyung says covering his face with his hands out of embarrassment.

“That was a wink!” Jimin exclaims, multiple people in the office turning around.

“Shut up!” Taehyung scolds him.
Namjoon’s eyes travel to where Jungkook is staring and he frowns.

“You’re not paying attention.” Joon says, snapping Jungkook out of it.

“Yeah - yeah, the percentages.” Jungkook says focusing again.

“How’s living with Taehyung?” Namjoon asks as they go inside of Guk’s office.
“It’s- um,” Jungkook starts but he pauses, staring outside of his curtains and staring at the older man, “it’s good. It’s new, I’ve never experienced something like it.” Jungkook explains.

“Are you uncomfortable? I heard you sleep on the couch.” Joon asks.
“Not every night.” Jungkook mumbles more so to himself and Namjoon doesn’t catch that.

“No, it’s alright, I’m alright. It’s really nice going home to a positive environment. My apartment always made me feel worse after a long day, now I get excited to go home.” Gukk says.
“I’m glad to hear that.” Namjoon says patting his shoulder.

Something catches the attention of the younger man though, he stares as the head of sales walks up to Taehyung’s desk.

The man has a cocky smile on his face while he talks to Taehyung and Jungkook glares.
“What’s that mans name? I know he’s in sales.” Jungkook says pointing at him.

“Minjae?” Namjoon asks looking outside of the office.

“Why is he talking to Tae?” Jungkook asks out loud, seeing Minjae shamelessly flirt with Taehyung, who’s smiling.

“Tae, huh? Since when are you +
Two close?” Namjoon asks.

“Joon, don’t be ridiculous, we live together, we have a son, of course we’re close.” Jungkook says.

“Yeah but it’s not like you’re in a relationship, you might have a son but Taehyung isn’t yours.” Namjoon states and Jungkook rolls his eyes.
“Never said he was.” Jungkook says, crossing his arms defensively in front of his chest.

“Okay, so stop ogling him every second he’s in a ten feet parameter.” Namjoon says raising an eyebrow.

“What did you say that guys name was? Minjae? Gotta talk to him.” Jungkook says.
“You’re deaf aren’t you.” Namjoon says watching the younger man walk out of his office.

“Hey baby.” Jungkook says smiling at Taehyung. The older man sits frozen at the pet name and Minjae stands up straight in front of Jungkook.

“Oh, sir. Good afternoon.” Minjae says.
“Hey, Minjae.” Jungkook says, his eyes glancing at Taehyung longer than intended, seeing if the man would call him out for the pet name. When he doesn’t, Jungkook continues.

“Sales has been lacking numbers lately. Maybe you should be spending more time at your desk, and less +
Time talking to Tae.” Jungkook says patting the mans shoulder.

“Yes sir, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” Minjae says before walking away, without another word.

“I’m sorry, I thought you look uncomfortable. I didn’t mean to call you baby, unless you liked it, nothing wrong +
With that-“ Jungkook rambles to Taehyung once Minjae is gone.

“It’s o-okay.” Taehyung says bowing his head down, not looking at Taehyung. At first Jungkook thinks he’s fucked up, that’s until he gets a glimpse of Taehyung trying to suppress a smile.
“You just- I can’t stand you. You’re so selfish.” Namjoon scolds Jungkook as he walks back into his office.

“I breathed.” Jungkook jokes, shrugging.

“Let Taehyung flirt with men. He’s sacrificed so much of his life to this place, don’t let his love life be another sacrifice.”
“What are you even talking about?” Jungkook asks with a scowl.

“Baby? Since when is he your baby? Since when do you look at him and smirk when you realize you’re making him blush? Cut it out, don’t string him along like that.” Namjoon says.
“You don’t know anything about me or Taehyung. You don’t know what we have, what happens in our home, you don’t know what I feel or what he feels, so stay out of it Namjoon. You can scold me for anything else but this isn’t something I’ll let you put your two cents into.”
“You’ve been tormenting him for years. I’m making sure you don’t hurt him any further.” Namjoon says and Jungkook sighs.

“We get it! I was a very shitty person, I still fucking am. I’m not good for him, you don’t think I know that? I took away any chance of him being a normal +
Guy in his twenties when I fucked some girl at a hotel. But something beautiful came out of it, Minseok came out of all this mess. I’m trying to be a better man Joon. Taehyung can tell me to fuck off and I’ll gladly do so, but let him speak for himself.” Jungkook says.
“You know you’re like my brother right? I watched you grow up, I watched you take this company and make it what it is now. I just hate myself for not stopping you from ruining yourself in the middle of doing so.” Namjoon says and Jungkook let’s out a deep breath.
“Not even you could stop me from becoming my fathers shadow. But I promise I won’t let myself become him, I won’t be the father he was. I won’t be the person is he is.” Jungkook says.

Outside of Jungkook’s office Jimin is still whisper/ yelling at Taehyung. “HE CALLED YOU BABY”
“Jimin, please breathe.” Taehyung tells his overly exited best friend.

“I love living a drama, what do you think it would take for Namjoon to call me baby?” Jimin asks and Taehyung almost chokes.

“N-Namjoon? You like Namjoon?” Taehyung asks.

“He’s so..perfect.” Jimin beams.
It’s later that afternoon when Taehyung walks into Jungkook’s office to tell him the news that his 4pm meeting is cancelled. He’s about to let himself in when he hears Jungkook shouting on the phone.

“Then why didn’t you give him the company?!” Jungkook yells and the look of +
Irritation and frustration disappears when he sees Taehyung outside. He hangs up the phone and waves for Taehyung to walk in.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt, or over hear.” Taehyung says.

“No, it’s alright. It’s not like you haven’t heard me and my father go at each other +
Before.” Jungkook says with a tight lipped smile.

“He’s always giving you a hard time about the company. I’m no business man, so maybe this doesn’t count for anything but I think you’re incredible.” Taehyung says and Jungkook feels himself perk up at those words.
“I mean- I uh- I meant you’re incredible at your j-job..because it would be inappropriate for anything else.” Tae says, softly putting a strand of hair behind his ear.

Jungkook stands up and he walks around his desk to get to Tae. He rests against his desk, with a space open +
Between his legs, his thighs perfectly bulging from his tight work pants.

“You think I’m incredible? That’s pretty cool coming from my very own super hero.” Jungkook says and Taehyung giggles, covering his face. His laugh is infection which causes Jungkook to break a smile.
“Should we do something about this?” Namjoon asks and Jimin sits in a daze watching the older man. “About what?” Jimin asks. Namjoon looks down at the smaller blonde boy and blushes when he realizes he’s gazing at him. “About that” Namjoon says softly, turning Jimin’s chin so +
He can stare at Jungkook’s office. Jungkook is against his desk with Taehyung standing in front of him. “I think they have potential.” Jimin comments, watching his best friend turn into a giggling mess.

“I want him to be happy. He has a stare in his eyes....I think he’s happy.”
It’s a pretty cold morning when Taehyung wakes up early to make some coffee for Jungkook and himself. He prepares Minseoks snacks for day care on the side while simultaneously looking for what to make for breakfast. Taehyung puts one foot on top of another, trying to avoid +
The cold floor from his house. “Good morning.” Taehyung hears and he gives Jungkook a smile. His hair is messy, and he has only one eye open as he walks to the bathroom.

Taehyung makes their coffees, knowing for years how Jungkook liked his made.
It’s about two minutes later when Jungkook walks back into the kitchen. He sees Taehyung looking cold and grabs Minseoks Winnie the Pooh’s slippers.

“Here.” Jungkook says, sliding him the slippers. “Ah, thanks.” Taehyung laughs. Taehyung can feel him walk up behind him but +
He doesn’t move. Jungkook leans his chin on top of Taehyung’s shoulder and looks down to the counter.

“Mmm smells like coffee.” Jungkook says softly. Taehyung almost shivers at his tone. “Yeah, this ones yours.” Taehyung says pointing at the black mug.
Minseok’s small feet are heard around the apartment until he’s standing near the kitchen. The small boy has a sassy hand on his hips as he stares at the two men.

“Daddies, we are going to be late! Stop being in love!” Minseok says before returning back towards his room to change
“When did he get that sassy?” Taehyung asks chuckling. “He got that from you.” Jungkook says with a cheeky smile. “Oh no, I think it was from you.” Taehyung retorts and Jungkook once again steps closer to him, but this time they’re both facing each other.
“Me? No, it has to be you.” Jungkook says smiling, they don’t really pay attention to just how close they are until Gukk accidentally steps on the Winnie the Pooh slippers. They both look down at their feet and then back up to each other before realizing how close their lips are.
Jungkook thinks it over. He thinks of how good their lips would feel together but he also thinks about what would happen after, what it could lead to between the two of them. His thoughts are only positive because he wants Taehyung, not just his lips, but him in general.
“M-maybe we should get-“ Taehyung stutters out, his breath landing on Jungkook’s lips and he’s suddenly in a trance. He looks at every detail of Jungkook’s face and his hand automatically holds Jungkook’s arm. The same arm that Jungkook raises to cup his hand around Taehyung’s +
Neck and bring him in for a soft kiss. It’s a long peck, is how Jungkook would describe it, it’s soft and it’s endearing but he wants to do it again, and again, and again. Taehyung doesn’t look at Jungkook after the kiss, instead looking at the floor. Thinking of what they +
Just did. “Should we have done that?” Taehyung asks.

“I would do it a million times more if you let me.” Jungkook says. The younger boy’s hand reaches Taehyung’s chin and lifts his head up.

“Do you regret it?” Jungkook asks, very quietly. Their eyes meet and Tae only sees +
A look of want, anticipation, almost nervousness, in Jungkook’s eyes.

“N-no. I don’t.” Taehyung says shaking his head. Jungkook shyly smiles and leans in but this time pecking Taehyung’s cheek. “Good, because I don’t either.”
With Jungkook holding one hand and Taehyung holding another, they walk Minseok into day care. They drop the boy off together and then get into Jungkook’s car, heading to work, together. Jungkook opens Taehyung’s door for him when they arrive to the building and they can both +
Feel the stares from multiple people.

“Since when are they a thing?”
“They’re dating??”
“Taehyung is probably using him for his money.”

“Good morning.” Jungkook says loudly, getting the people’s attention. He swoops his hand down and holds Taehyung’s in his.
“I’d prefer if you make no further comment about anyone’s personal life while you’re working. If I hear another comment, you will be suspended and possibly fired.” Jungkook says, his harsh words are cold and he looks at each person who had said something with a warning look.
When they get into the elevator together, Jungkook’s mean stare turns into a soft smile as he looks at Taehyung.

Taehyung wasn’t sure of what to say after his outburst so he stays quiet. When they walk into the office they let go of each other’s hands, having things to get to.
It’s kind of unexpected when Jungkook’s dad shows up to the office, by kind of I mean, everyone knew the man was there because he moves with body guards and assistants around him yet no one expected him to show up.

Jungkook steps out of his office and looks at Taehyung.
“Why is he here?” Jungkook asks.

“I don’t know...he usually calls ahead of time.” Taehyung tells him, which is true. Jungkook’s dad never just stops by to visit, he always goes with a motive to retrieve something, never just to talk or check up on Jungkook.
“Hello, son.” The man says stepping forward. Gukk crosses his arms in front of his chest but still bows. “Hello father.” He responds, before heading to open the door to his office.

“My assistants will join us.” His dad remarks, “Then so will mine.” Jungkook says, looking at Tae
Taehyung stands up and they all walk into Jungkook’s office.

“That’s fine, this involves him anyways.” His father says and a lump builds in Taehyung’s throat. He didn’t even know the man knew his name.

“What do you want?” Jungkook asks sitting at his desk.
“That’s not how you should greet your father.” The man says and Jungkook rolls his eyes.

“It’s not? You know I was in a car accident where I lost my memory, for months, you didn’t call once. Did you expect a hug?” Jungkook asks.

Taehyung never realized but Jungkook is right+
His father never reached out to him. Taehyung received multiple messages from people asking about how Jungkook was doing but none of them were from his father.

“I was in Japan, on business.” His father states simply and Taehyung’s jaw almost drops at how cold the man is.
“Do they not have phones in Japan anymore?” Gguk asks, a bitter laugh rising up.

“That’s not why I’m here you brat, I’m here because I was told that a tip leaked to a magazine that you aren’t living at your apartment anymore. You’re living with him.” The man says point to Tae.
“He, has a name. And it’s no one’s business where I live.” Jungkook says.

“I understood why you were staying with his at first, Namjoon said he was taking care of you but you’re obviously fine now. So why is your stay being delayed?” His father asks with a raised eyebrow.
“Again, that’s none of your business.” Jungkook says with a glare.

“Do you think I care where you live? Or what you do? Because I don’t, I’m asking for the sake of the reputation of this company. I didn’t run this place for 35 years only for you to run it to the ground.”
“Run it to the ground?! This place has never brought in so much money until now. It’s been at an all time high for the past two years because of me, I’ve ranked in over seven million US dollars every six months, it took you a decade to make what I’ve made in six months.”
“Don’t disrespect me you bastard, I’m the reason you even have this opportunity. Why are you living with a man?!” His father snaps at him.

“Because we have a son.” Jungkook says, enjoying the way his fathers face drops in shock and before he knows it, he’s being slapped.
Jungkook lets out a laugh as he wipes a drop of blood from his lip. Taehyung leaps out of his chair and helps him stand back up, but everyone else in the room is quiet.

“I sure hope you’ve made those assistants of yours sign agreements or else we’ll both know who’s giving tips.”
Jungkook says. Taehyung rubs his back softly as he stands the man back up on his feet.

“You son of a bitch, are you crazy?! You’re not even together, how on earth do you already have a son?!” His father asks, steam almost coming out of his ears.
“You don’t know anything about me father, especially not who I’m seeing.” Jungkook says and his hand traces down, before taking Taehyung’s hand in his.

“Taehyung has been raising a son I had and didn’t know about for the past couple of years. He’s been doing a great job, and +
I refuse to take him from Tae. So we’ll be raising him together.” Jungkook says, with pride in his chest because he knows he’ll always love and adore Minseok with every fiber in his heart.

“I’m- I don’t know what to say. You’ve really lost it. How do you expect the media-“
“That’s where I’m going to stop you, because I don’t give a fuck what the media thinks of this. I don’t care if they find out, the sponsors of this company are all great friends of mine, that won’t drop the sponsors because of this.” Jungkook states.
“Why can’t you do anything right?! You were supposed to marry a pretty girl-“ His dad starts and Jungkook smiles cheekily.

“Don’t worry, Taehyung is prettier than any girl I could ever like.” Jungkook says in the moment, and Taehyung is holding back from releasing a laugh.
“You’d be willing to sacrifice what we’ve built for decades over a man and a kid?!” His dad asks and Jungkook’s face turns serious.

“If people actually gave a big enough fuck about my life, yes, I would give it all up for them but this company will thrive and I’ll make sure +
Of it. It’ll thrive as much as my family will, and that’s something you just can’t stand the idea of. You had to pick, you actually couldn’t have both. But you chose wrong, and I won’t make that mistake.” Jungkook says holding Taehyung’s waist and bringing him closer.
“Get out of my office.” Jungkook says sternly and his father shakes his head at him.

“You’ve disappointed me to another level today.” His father says.

“There’s never been a day when I made you proud, I’m done trying.” Jungkook replies.
When the man and his entourage leave the office Taehyung turns to embrace Jungkook.

“Wow.” Jungkook says, his hands wrapping around Taehyung’s waist, hugging him back.

“You’re not a disappointment. Minseok and I will never think you’re a disappointment.” Taehyung whispers.
Jungkook feels tears rim his eyes and he holds Taehyung tighter to his chest.

“You’re all that matters now. You two are my world now.” Jungkook says and Taehyung pulls back, looking at Jungkook’s bruised bottom lip and gives him a gentle peck on his lips, making Jungkook melt.
That night during dinner, Taehyung and Minseok set up their dinner table. Adding Jungkook’s place while the man works quietly on some things he didn’t finish in the office. “Hey daddy.” Minseok says to Taehyung.

“What’s up?” Taehyung asks, placing food on the plates.
“What kind of cake are you getting for your birthday this year?” The boy asks, and this catches Jeongguk’s attention.

“Um - maybe vanilla? What do you think?” Taehyung asks, knowing how much the small boy enjoys vanilla cake.

“Yes! Good choice daddy!” The boy smiles.
So maybe Jungkook lies to Taehyung and tells the man that he’s going to lunch when he takes Minseok out of daycare so they can both pick out a present for him, or multiple presents.

“But don’t tell daddy okay baby? This is all a surprise.” Jungkook tells the boy.
“What about the cake? We can’t tell him about the cake either??” Minseok asks in despair. Jeongguk laughs at the small boy’s pout.

“No, not even the cake. Promise Papa.” Jungkook says and the small boy nods his head.

“Okay! I promise! But it won’t be easy. Daddy’s smart.”
With Taehyung’s birthday only a couple of days away, Jeongguk decides to surprise Taehyung after work with a date. He drops Minseok off at Jimin’s place for the night and he sets everything up.

“I don’t understand why you came to pick me up, my car is here, I drove.” Tae says.
“Because we’re going somewhere before going home and Yoongi can take your car home.” Jungkook says, opening the door to his Range Rover for Taehyung to get in.

“You’re so bossy, at least pay him more.” Tae says poking his chest playfully.

“Ok, ok, just get in.” Gukk laughs.
“Why are we at your place?” Taehyung asks, looking up at the tall building in the middle of Seoul.

“No more questions mister.” Jungkook says leading him out of the car and handing his keys to the valet.

“Only one more, where’s Min?” Taehyung asks.

“You’re such a good dad. +
He’s with Jimin. Now come on!” Jungkook says leading him to the elevator.

When they step inside of Jungkook’s apartment, Taehyung hears soft music playing, and the smell of food hits him.

“I’m going to take a guess and say we aren’t just here to pick something up.”
“I wanted to give you a proper date but I also didn’t want it to be at a packed restaurant or at home.” Jeongguk says and Taehyung’s stomach knots at him calling Tae’s apartment their home.

The reality is, Jungkook could call this place his home. This luxurious, spacey, place +
With a beautiful view, his home but instead he calls the small apartment with Minseok’s drawings hung up on the walls of their rooms their home.

“You must miss this place.” Taehyung says sitting down across from Gukk.

“This place never felt like home. You and Min are home.”
They eat with comfortable small talk between the two of them. Once they’re done, Jungkook pours them two glasses of wine. Taehyung stands up and gets closer to the big wall that’s just a window looking out into the city.

“The view...its so beautiful.” Taehyung says.
(Warning: hints at depression and suicidal thoughts)
Jungkook walks over to him and hands him a glass of wine. “It is, it’s one of the reasons I got it.” Jungkook says taking a sip from his glass.

“Why didn’t you like your apartment?” Taehyung asks looking at him.

“Because...this is nice until you realize you have no one +
To share it with. Until you drive yourself into a depressive state and look down at all of the cars and start to feel small. Until you start to feel like there’s no reason for you to be here when the world would go on in perfect harmony with or without you.” Jungkook says quietly
And Taehyung stares at him with pity, not for his thoughts, but because Taehyung always thought Jungkook lived such a glamorous life and he envied him for it.

“Do you still think that? Do you still think the world would go on in perfect harmony with or without you?” Tae asks.
“Sometimes, only in dark days.” Jungkook says taking another swig of his wine.

“I don’t believe it would. Maybe everyone’s world wouldn’t stop without you but many would. Namjoon’s world...Min’s world. They wouldn’t continue the same, they’d stop without you in them.”
To say the least, Jungkook is in a trance by Taehyung’s words as he brings him closer to him and gives him a kiss on the lips.

“What would I do without you Taehyung?” Jungkook asks quietly.

“Ah, you’d have to do a lot without me.” The man jokes.
They stay watching the view of the city with Taehyung’s back pressed against Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook has his arms wrapped around Tae’s waist from behind and they move slowly to the sound of the soft music in the back.

“You probably never pictured yourself with your assistant+
Did you?” Taehyung asks.

“I might’ve been a complete asshole to you before Taehyung but that doesn’t mean I didn’t think of you romantically before. But I thought you could never like me, no one usually does.” Jungkook says.

“You’re kind of hard to like.” Taehyung jokes making+
Jungkook laughs.

“Yeah, I know.” Jungkook says.

“But it’s okay. Years of working for you let me see many sides to you that you probably never thought I saw. I know you have a good heart, it’s bruised and damaged but it’s good.” Taehyung says, giving Jungkook small kisses.
They end up going back to their apartment. Somehow, they end up on the couch watching a movie when Taehyung starts to get sleepy.

“You can sleep with me....from now on.” Taehyung says shyly and Jungkook looks at him with wide eyes.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you-“
“No, I’d like it if you would. I’m not comfortable knowing you’re sleeping on the couch. Plus, Minseok’s been asking why you still sleep there anyways.” Taehyung says putting a stray hair behind his ear and laughing lightly.

“I-okay. Do you want to go to bed?” Jungkook asks.
The words sound so foreign because he knows there’s no sexual meaning behind it, it’s just him and the man he’s raising his son with, going to bed, probably to cuddle and that thought shouldn’t make Jungkook blush as much as it does.
The day of Taehyung’s birthday everything is set. The guests are invited, and the decorations are up. Jungkook took the day off to set everything up with the help of Minseok, Jimin, and Yoongi.

Taehyung thinks that Jungkook is in meetings all day and he will say he’s pretty +
Bummed that Jungkook has yet to wish him a happy birthday but he lets it go, knowing that Jungkook is a busy man and it only makes sense for him to not have extra time for Taehyung.

Taehyung curses as he kicks the ground in annoyance because he can only wish Jungkook would +
Care a little bit more. When he takes his key out to open the apartment he sees the light turned on from inside and curses to himself, “Did I forget to turn the lights off again?” Taehyung asks himself.

In an instant, everyone yells,
Taehyung almost drops the bags in his hand as he looks around to see all of his friends and loved ones.

“W-what??!” Taehyung asks, confused and overwhelmed to say the least.

“It was all Jungkook!” Jimin says and Taehyung’s eyes start to water.
“Aww, don’t cry baby.” Jungkook says approaching the older man and wiping his tears.

“I helped too! I even kept the secret about it!” Minseok yells and Guk picks up the small boy in his arms.

“Did you really? When did you become good with secrets young man?” Tae asks playfully.
Minseok giggles in his Papa’s arms and then grabs both men by the necks, pushing them closer. “Kiss!” Minseok says, making the majority of people at the party laugh at the small boy’s words.
Half way through Taehyung’s birthday party, Jungkook and Taehyung find themselves staring at each other. Small glances being shared between both of them, Jungkook only gives him small smiles and Taehyung blushes. It’s very noticeable to their guests and Yoongi is the first to +
Offer if they would like him to take care of Minseok for the night.

Jungkook turns a bright red at the mention of it and Taehyung nods his head, “want to sleep over at uncle Yoongi’s tonight?” Taehyung asks the small boy and he nods his head. “Yes!! He has the best movies!”
Jimin walks Taehyung to the kitchen and shakes his shoulder. “Oh my god you’re going to get dick tonight! Our bosses dick!! CEO dick!” Jimin whisper screams and Taehyung giggles.

“Please, be quiet!” Taehyung says smiling.
Warning: NSFW 🔞
“Boyfriend huh?” Taehyung asks, laying gently on Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook is still catching his breath from his climax as he blushes remembering what he had said. “Aish- I’m sorry. I wanted to ask you but it was in the heat of the moment and I do consider you my boyfriend, +
It’s okay if you don’t consider me-“ Jungkook is cut off by a kiss. Taehyung is basically on top of him, with his elbows gently pressing against Gukks chest so he can kiss him. “I would love to be your boyfriend. I didn’t know you wanted to label us yet which is why I didn’t +
Mention it but yeah these past couple of weeks have felt too domestic to not consider you mine.” Taehyung says giving Jungkook’s nose a kiss.

“I know you’ve watched me had flings with other people Tae....but this isn’t like that okay? I really want to be your boyfriend, +
And I really want this to work.“ Jungkook says holding both of Taehyung’s hands in his. “Ooh am I settling down one of Korea’s biggest bachelors?” Taehyung asks in a mocking tone. “I’m ready to settle all the way, baby.” Jungkook says kissing each of Tae’s hands.
“Are you sure?” Taehyung asks, getting more serious.

“What do you mean?” Gukk asks.

“I just dont want you to feel like we have to be in a relationship because of Minseok. He’ll love us either way, you don’t have to have a relationship with me to be in his life.” Tae reassures.
“Tae, look at me,” Jungkook says, gently lifting Taehyung’s chin in his hands “I want to be with you because of you. It’s great that our son loves you, but you’re so much more than just him. You have the best heart, the best laugh, the best smile, the best eyes, +
I could go on forever. I want you, I really do.” Jungkook says and both men sit quietly for a second to stare at each other. “Boyfriends it is.” Taehyung whispers before leaning in to give Jungkook a peck on his lips.

“And your lips, god, your lips.” Jungkook says rolling them+
Over on the bed as he tackles Taehyung with kisses, making the older man laugh.

Their laughs and kisses are heard all around the apartment all night long before they fall asleep, both of their bodies tangled with each other. A peaceful smile on both of their faces.
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