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LIVE: Deputy AG Rosenstein & FBI Director Wray testify on 2016 election

Goodlatte is opening, voting on rules- now doing roll call vote
Jackson Lee questions the cause for the hearings, Goodlatte states its good cause and Jackson Lee is pushing back asking why. 17 Yay 13 No- Goodlatte sparring with Jackson Lee about why they are having the hearing.
Goodlatte ignores her and starts his opening statement. RR and Wray changes schedules to be there and testify in a reasonable amount of time after the IG hearings, and John Lausch is there as well - he is facilitating production of docs. They are being provided more quickly
Goodlatte talking about the Church committee and their findings which led to the "protection" of FISA. Notes that we are back in a bad way about privacy- he is speaking about power and how it corrupts.
My tweets werent being added- please check responses for last three. I hate twitter. lol
Goodlatte speaking about biases and the election- speaking about the hypocrisy and how the democrats are hypocrites because they would be up in arms about this if it were directed toward their time. He is going over the bias and its effect in detail.
Goodlatte speaking about the MYE and how poorly it was handled, and talking about them working on the Crossfire Hurricane operation. Speaking about surveillance abuses- stating it is right out of a novel.
Goodlatte speaking to their responsibility on oversight and why this is valuable- and why the information is important. Oversight has been hampered by the lack of timely doc production- stating it has significantly approved recently -
Goodlatte upset they havent received emails and communications between parties involved- including Lynch, WH et, al. Powerful opening. Love Goodlatte.
Goodlatte mentions Grand Jury again- Obvious GJ are empaneled- this is a good thing.
Nadler- Complaining about the hearing. Complaining about procedure. Complaining about the interview of Strzok. Nadler says they know FBI can not produce docs. States that they will be moving against RR- "The tired story of Emails and conspiracy theories about SC"
Nadler - "ripping children from parents arms, where is the emergency hearing on that? Russia was responsible- no emergency hearing for election integrity. Have we conducted oversight on the Trump admin?" Going after Trump on COI and emoluments clause.
Nadler: IG report demonstrates MYE was not effected by bias, makes this hearing about Clinton, but this hearing is about Strzok and the election. He is blaming Comey again, stating FBI worked to help Trump to get elected.
Nadler- Republicans know the DOJ cant turn over docs because they are involved in ongoing criminal investigations (speaking to SC) Nadler is accusing them of trying to tamper with SC and accusing them of providing to Trump and then Trump will leak them.
Talking about guilty pleas on SC- accusing Trump of conducting a criminal conspiracy- stating that Trump confessed he Obstructed Justice on Lester Holts show. This is so partisan and it is lying. Stating it has been a hard week for the majority. LoL. I beg to differ
Nadler: "When the SC work is complete and the enormity of what he finds is laid bare how will they judge your actions"
RECESS before Opening Statements. This is going to be a hell of a day.
As an aside-- if the docs that Nadler is referencing that the Committee wants are being used in criminal investigations, and Nadler is stating they are from the SC, what does that tell us about what the SC is doing given we know what those docs will likely show??
Interesting note: RR is up behind the panel and they are trying to block view- almost as though they don't want folks to see him trying to curry favor......
Off we go!!!!
They are being sworn in- under oath. Introductions. Wray up
Nevermind- RR up. "Today is not a happy occasion"
RR talking about bias and missteps-- deter future violations. Wray will describe what they are doing. DOJ is doing a mandatory training, and the confidentiality policies have been revised- trying to stop leaks. (Training isn't good enough people)
RR: A letter is being submitted explaining how they handle oversight- they are seeking details on CI investigations, and due to Trump transparency dedication - we are allowing access to thousands of pages of confidential docs, etc. Working hard to accommodate all requests
RR: Due to concerns we have, we are sending you all of the 1.2 m docs from Horowitz, because this is unprecedented. We are going outside of volume. We are having a hard time producing because of scope- redaction policy brought into question, RR understands, appounts Lausch.
RR: Concerns about speed are unfounded. RR has devoted 30 years to the country- don't make accusations until they have the evidentiary reasons. Done in good faith.
RR: "Ignore the tyranny of the news cycle and make honest decisions. We work diligently every day to keep America safe."
Wray up: Appreciate opportunity to discuss FBI response to actions in the runup to the 2016 election. (But, I though that wasn't out yet. The IG was about the MYE with a few suggestions.. That is weird to me...) Wray is stating he has been working for months with the committee
Wray: 100 employees working day and night to provide you docs. Although the IG report didn't find any evidence of bias impacting the MYE (Wray is on my nerves. I don't like the way he addressed that just now. Chalk it up to my personal opinion.....) he did find things wrong
Wray, again going through training and the stuff we have already heard about leaking, objectivity, etc. Bla. Bla. Bla. Recusals. Bla. Bla. Bla. Media policy, Bla Bla
Wray: I want to emphasize that this is focused on a few people and a certain investigation. (he is protecting the FBI, as he should be doing, but we have heard this before.) Rescued 1300 kids from child predators and arrested gang members- etc.
Beanz says: To rank and file at the FBI: The American people appreciate you. We just don't appreciate people at the top hijacking our country from us, and we know you dont either.
Desantis up: RR 8/8/16 text message about "We'll stop it" why wasn't it produced? RR explaining the technical reasons why it wasn't provided- RR says we aren't hiding things. Desantis stating its disappointing that FBI didnt find it and Horowitz did-
RR: Text was highly inappropriate. Desantis- Bias did effect the Huma emails- Strzok was biased in that. What did DOJ do to spy on Trump camp- RR: Not permitted to discuss classified info, but we are working to provide all relevant evidence to you to make that decision
Desantis asking about Mueller- You signed FISA warrant and wrote letter about Comey why arent you recused? RR: If it were appropriate to recuse I would, but it is my responsibility. RR: wont comment on what is under investigation by Mueller. Lots of speculation in media about
RR: I agree with findings of report and messages do indicate bias. Desantis yields back.
Lofgren: Could you state for the record what is the DOJ and FBI on commenting on any matter under COIN or CI. Does this apply to even congress during ongoing investigations. RR: Yes- we do not discuss either while ongoing- Wray: same answer.
Lofgren: These policies apply to SC too? RR: Yes, Lofgren: Seems to me we are pursuing release of information and I have never seen this happen before. Having the opportunity to read the entire FISA application, took all day- very obvious why the material should not be public
Lofgren: People could lose their lives if made public. Jordan accused RR of threatening the HPSCI staff if they attempt to hold you in contempt. Have you ever done that? RR: People make all kinds of allegations, we ask who is witness and how credible?
RR: No- I have not threatened anyone. Lofgren: Seems to me we are asking you to violate policy that you labor under. (Interesting this is the argument. Expect this from all dems with SC and Immigration peppered in. They are in so much trouble. )
Gaetz: Nothing in the report impunes current FBI employees. Mess in DC has nothing to do with them. to RR: Did any investigative activity occur before 7/31/16? RR: We are dealing with Intelligence Committee- I dont know any more info than what FBI has told him.
Gaetz: Are you aware of any payments made before 7/31? Roger Stone before then? Caputo? RR: Can only answer ? from FBI- have conveyed all questions from Nunes, will be able to answer soon. (This is really hard to live tweet)
Gatez: Last time I asked when you became aware that Ohr was working for FusionGPS- Do you know when you became first aware: RR: Fall of 2017, Ohr was never working on that investigation- Gaetz: We need a date when you found out RR: Defending Ohr- was a career employee -
Gaetz: List people who briefed you on FISA warrant you signed. RR: I am not commenting on FISA- Gaetz- You wont answer if you read it. RR: I dispute your explanation of what the FISA was FOR (interesting. Very interesting)
RR: Process for approving FISA- VERY INTERESTING responses from RR on FISA- Isn't what the public thinks it is.....
Jackson Lee: What two investigations going on in 2016 RR: I wont comment. JL: Can you comment on IG report RR: On a variety of misconduct in the DOJ 2016-17. JL: Did that investigation come to a conclusion in 2016? RR: Yes.
Again, Democrats deflecting towards the MYE, that they are trying to supposedly stop people from wasting time on. JL to Wray: Any comment on speaking about investigation, etc?
JL: Deflecting to Comey- asking more questions about what have you done to fix what Comey has done. It is clear the Dems are really trying here, but they are in a huge amount of trouble here.
JL: Do you think the delay on Weiner laptop was done to delay? Wray: My read of IG report is that he found that there were delays as a result of a number of factors. We are taking steps to stop this moving forward.
JL: mr AG, do you believe as trump indicated that the IG report has vindicated Trump with regards to collusion RR: ongoing investigation. No conclusion has been made but several charges have been followed.
Gowdy up: Strzok was picked to lead the FBI invest. into Russia. Gowdy mocking Strzok- talking about Page -"Can protect the country at many levels" ongoing repeats of what we know-- insurance policy et al.
Gowdy: IMO he seems to be wasting time, and not asking questions..... We need questions Gowdy- not 5 minutes of what we already know...
Gowdy: Democrats, please stop using a presumption of guilt and please stop fundraising off investigation. D's want to proceed with impeachment before Mueller has found anything....
Gowdy: If you have evidence that Trump did something wrong, just present it already- finish up because the country is being torn apart. RR: I share your views about the messages. I am offended by them. Regard to Invest. We need to finish it app. and reach conclusion
RR: No allegations made besides what has been made public in charges. Dont draw conclusion.
Cohen: Was Strzok the head of any of these investigations? Wray: He played a large role, but there were a number of people. Cohen: bias didnt play a role in conclusion Cohen: All we had was talk then (It doesnt seem Wray understands the IG report AT ALL. Dammit frustrating)
Cohen: Each of you were appointed by Trump, who appointed SC RR: I did, Cohen: 13 democrats running inves. as per Trump who is he talking about? RR: Dont know political registrations Wray: Not familiar with registrations.
Cohen: SC has gone on for a long time. because so much information? RR: Don't draw any inference about investigation. Cohen: Has anyone ever accused Mueller of being slow RR: I haven't and dont view it as accurate.
(I am interested to see what happens with D's after lunch break. Depends on how they think its going whether they hijack with talking points. ) Now talking about Mueller dedication to the country.
Cohen is going through Muellers history of prosecutions. (I really hope the gray hat theory is right. That would destroy these narratives) Cohen: Will you not leave your position and will you stay? RR/Wray: Criticism doesnt affect our work, Wray- no political pressure
Jordan: Why are you keeping info from Congress. RR: Dont agree with you Jordan: Seems to be alluding that he will be forced to comply. Swalwell trying to stop him from testifying. OMG this is insane.
Jordan: Why did you redact that Strzok and Contreras were friends RR: I am the DAG of the US- I am not doing the redacting. I have a team with me- just a fraction. I have taken app. steps to remedy them. My job is to make ure to respond to your concerns.
JL is interrupting democrats interrupting.
Jordan is asking why PS couldn't answer his questions, RR says that he didnt instruct him to do that. Heated- Why couldn't strzok answer if he ever talked to Simpson. Jordan: Did you threaten people on the HSPCI? RR: I never did that. I didn't threaten to subpoena calls/emails
RR stating that he never did that- Jordan and RR sparring. This is HEATED. WOW. .
Jackson Lee moves for Parliamentary inquiry and interrupting for point of order-- This is insane. I have never seen anything like this before. This is HEATED
RR will now respond. Team is doing their best to give documents, whether you vote or not- doesnt matter. We are going to give you everything you are asking for.
Johnson (Oh boy) : Majority is hurting the country with this emergency hearing based on allegations that political bias has somehow lead to an illegitimate decision on MYE (That isnt why they are there, and this is actually GOOD for the country. Dems have nada)
Johnson going on and not making sense. Investigating investigators, heart of investigations, etc. Bla bla bla.
RR: Doesn't pose a danger- we wont provide docs in ongoing investigations. Redactions were wrong, we will be fixing. Wray: We will be responsive- but we have an obligation to protect ongoing invest. GJ and Sources and Methods.
Wray is complaining about contempt citations... I just don't like this dude... :(
RECESS. 6:45s remaining in vote. Will reconvene.
It's clear to me we are getting lots of information today about who is under investigation right now, and who isnt etc.
At least a half a dozen times, RR has made mention that we shouldn't believe the press reports about investigative matters-- important
What I wouldn't give to be in the room right now listening to what is going on... I wonder what they are talking about in there while we are on break.
LoL.. As per @ScottAnthonyUSA "The hearing will resume as soon as the democrats stop asking for floor votes"
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We are back! I missed a few moments-
Point of order-- D's upset that Strzok testimony has been brought up from his hearing yesterday. Asking them to release the transcript
Democrats are badgering Republicans right now-- there will be a fight in a few with Democrats obstructing because they are in trouble here and any of their questions will implicate them.
I fully expect the D's now will read the testimony out loud in "protest".
I don't know where this question is going-- Strzok described conversation with Mueller- said that he was being removed because of the texts- but no one asked him about his intentions behind the texts. (This is actually an interesting way to get his testimony out to the public)
RR will not be able to answer this- but off we go. Asking RR now- What if anything has Mueller done to determine whether the actions taken were impacted by his clear hatred and bias of Trump.
RR can not talk publicly about investigation. He has taken appropriate steps to determine if any part of Muellers investigation was affected by bias. RR and Mueller learned about Strzok at same time. IG told them.
Nadler up: Talking about confidential human source- when he was voting, republican member quizzed RR about his identity today. Nadler wants protection for all of the spies that they inserted into the campaign. Asking Wray to explain.
Wray: Anonymity is important for good information coming to the FBI- if we lose that tool people will be less safe.
Nadler: Nunes is asking for all names of sources- are you aware? Wray- Haven't looked yet. (interacted with the campaign is important.... THEY PLANTED THEM) Nadler is trying to keep them secret because they would be screwed .
RR: I wrote a letter about turning over files and docs being used in ongoing investigation-- cant do that (I AGREE WITH THIS)
Nadler making the point that Republicans have shaped the Mueller narrative-( I would beg to differ.) Nadler: is it being done quick enough? RR: It is running as it is scheduled-
Chabot: Lady asked- what is your reaction to IG report, and how do you feel about bias, and where do you stand on holding RR in contempt? People are mistrustful and skeptical of high level folks in justice- a shame, but not surprising.
Chabot: Obama gave his opinion about IRS scandal, Lerner was held in contempt with no consequences. Now talking about bias issues, etc. Talking about investigation into Hillary vs Trump (he wasnt supposed to have won)
Chabot: Do you see why that lady may believe there is bias in the justice department? RR: Yes, I share your concern, and understand. One of the challenges we face is that the culture of the DOJ is one in which we make an effort not to be partisan.
Chabot: The American people deserve a whole lot better than what they have been getting.
Gutierrez: Attacking Trump, using 100%. Calling WRAY, WRY- He is asking about the 13 angry d's. Wray states he isn't on the SC investigation. He is asking Wray if he is a D or an R- Both are answering they are R's.
Gutierrez- 1. Was our country attacked by a foreign government to undermine election? RR: Charging doc from SC to Russians and IC report. Gutierrez saying that the purpose of this hearing is to undermine the DOJ and FBI. (I am so confused by this dude)
Gut. 2. Has anyone taken steps to undermine investigations? RR: They can investigate obstructions. Git: Is part of the investigation obstruction into the investigation? Wray, agree with RR. (This is so ridiculous)
Gut. asserts they want to get rid of RR to undermine Russia invest.
Goodlatte: Why haven't you produced docs pursuant to subpoeana. RR: We are trying to accomodate congress, and I welcome the opportunity to tell our side- important to understand we are going to do everything we can to be accommodative. Understand we need to fix.
Goodlatte: Any docs pertaining to MYE that werent provided to IG. RR: Wasnt around there. Goodlatte: No one has been held accountable for the spillage of classified info- does DOJ ever plan on holding anyone accountable for spillage of CI. RR: we need evidence
Goodlatte- what if you set up server? RR: I cant speak to investigation.. (Is there another one???)
Goodlatte: Is an affair unknown to a spouse a big vulnerability ? Wray: Offense code exists, but I can not comment on ongoing disciplinary measures. Goodlatte: In light of FISA investigation, are you signing FISA? RR: No. but there is no reason I should refrain from my resp.
Deutch: What is the purpose of the investigation? RR: Interference into 2016 election, and what is happening now and what will happen in the future. (Speaking to cyber intrusion...) Deutch is criticizing Mr. Gowdy saying "whatever youve got finish it the hell up"
Wray: We will do our investigations without political interference from either side, and expeditiously. Deutch: Please explain how it is that you have been cooperating with doc production.
RR: If they are voting on me, they would want to know the truth. You'd need to talk to the dozens of folks working hard every day, but it would take a very long time to produce documents- collecting, reviewing for GJ info, informants, personal information.
RR: We will do everything we can vote or no vote, pres wants transparency. Deutch: I take exception, vehemently so to Mr. Jordan. "who are we supposed to believe- our staff, or you who has lied" that is accusing RR of lying under oath.
Issa: Double standard- American people, vs "you all". (asserts that they make decisions on when to prosecute on crimes) will you allow a contempt case in front of a grand jury pursuant to the law or obstruct? Issa is talking about obstruction by Obama DOJ
RR: No sir I dont believe I am above the law. Issa: Comey came before us, and said nowhere in the FBI did you have capability to crack an iPhone- Mr Wray, do you have ability to crack iPhone? (odd)
Issa: Comey violated an NDA on IG report, will you look into this? Wray: Wont comment here whether we will open an investigation. No one is above the law. Issa: Strzok wouldnt answer questions about ongoing invest. is this Ok?
Wray: Can't speak to specific objections, but I will say it is a long standing principle that we dont discuss ongoing CI with congress OR the public.
RR is talking about contempt- The length of time it takes us to respond doesnt mean you are in contempt, there may be differences of opinion, etc- but we are not in contempt of this congress
Cicilline: Complaining about Republicans trying to get FBI to violate their policies- as an attempt to undermine SC and protect Trump. It is our hope and prayer that you stand strong to your oath no matter how much bullying you take.
Now stating- we are having hearing about MYE (NO - not what this is about) again going over all the more important things that we should have a hearing about. (I think that this is the most important thing we could ever be talking about)
Cicilline: Are foreign adversaries continuing to try to influence our elections. Wray: yes, plenty of info to show they continue to look for ways to divide us in democracy.
Cicilline is going down the same line about how the MYE report wasn't about the SC- We have heard this over and over I am not going to tweet
King: The public is never going to have confidence in the broader issue until sunlight- redactions are stopping progress. There is no info housed within the Executive that would forever be foreclosed from access.
RR: Certain types of information cant be released- King: but in the right format, congress must have access to all information available. RR: There is an executive privilege. King: What if POTUS issued order that all info is declassified, would you do it?
RR: What I regret you arent seeing is that we are in touch with Coates- King: but if POTUS declassified would you be abide? RR: Yes, but we would have to talk about what info is released. King: The only way that this may happen is for POTUS to declassify all. (WOW)
King: How many FISA judges are there? RR: I dont know King: How many diff judge have signed off on this? RR: I believe four different judges King: would their names be public? RR: I don't know? King: Who was in room with Clinton on 7/2?
RR: I rely on others to tell me- I want to assure you, we do think it is important the American people understand what is going on. We have worked with Nunes and we are making an effort to get him info- I know what he knows, and not more.. (WOW)
Bass: Want to disassociate myself with how you two have been treated. You service hasn't been respected. (She is talking about Black Extremists now, using her time to ask about that)
Gohmert: criticizing RR on stating that he wasn't responsible for a lot of the things that happened, taking him to task about skirting those responsibilities. Bringing in Bruce Ohr- didn't he work for you? RR: yes
Gohmert: Tricia Anderson and (cant pronounce other names) were they involved in drafting FISA Wray: No I am not aware. RR: I approved the filing based on what is publicly available?? Thats my job, Gohmert: Shouldnt you know what is a part of it?
RR: Is asking for a chance to explain- Gohmert is yelling and Goodlatte is asking him to suspend- Gohmert is getting pounded here and being rude, TBH- you said Ohr wasn't working on the Russia investigation to your knowlege. Asking if he knew he was getting info from Steele
RR: I didn't know that Ohr was doing that. Gohmert: When did you find out? (My ears hurt. I hate yelling and talking over one another. I sort of want to take my headphones out....)
RR: I completely understand concern about FISA- we don't talk about FISA- it illegal. Please understand in contect. What I signed was a renewal- it was signed under oath by an FBI agent- I assure you I will be just as offended as you to find out there was incorrect info.
Tashina Gahar and Tricia Anderson (Two names of people on the FISA warrants)RR: If there is any evidence of wrongdoing give them fair process. I understand FISA process is very unclear. RR is defending the FISA warrant-- mistakes on this one? Very thorough-
Swalwell: (here we go) This AM Trump tweeted when is Mueller going to list COI? RR: If there were any I would discuss with him and it would be discussed. I am not aware of any. Swalwell: Are you aware of an unindicted subject getting evidence where they were a subject?
RR: We wouldn't do that. Swal: Would you agree that 2016 Russia attacked our democracy? Wray: Yes. Swalwell: Trump said Russia said they had nothing to do with it. Wray: russia attempted to sew discord to influence the election, there is an indictment.
Swalwell: Has POTUS instructed you to stop this in the future. Wray: Yes and president chaired the meeting. Swalwell is attempting to make the case that Trump doesnt want that to happen.
Swalwell: Has the President given you an improper order? RR: No I haven't. Swalwell: I have read IG about Strzok, share belief that he acted inapropro- no finding that influenced investigation. Were you aware of Strzok setting up 7/9 meeting with Trump Jr.
Swalwell insinuating that Don Jr. wanted to have Russains hack our election. This is disgusting and he is ridiculous.
Collins: We just went to making crap up- one of the problems goes back to "before you got there" is there a standard to investigating a sitting president? RR: No not that I am aware. Collins: Is there guidance on how this sort of things should be handled?
Collins: Has there been discussion about Potus being indicted? RR: No- that press stuff has nothing to do with me. Collins: Strzok Security clearance has been revoked but I am concerned about process- what happens when we find this stuff out?
Collins: Strzok polygraph raised flags (this is new) would the affair come up in this polygraph? Wray: Have no idea what would have been raised Collins: Could he have passed the polygraph (seems he lied about affair with Page on Polygraph- dd he have an affair???)
Collins: If polygraph is out of scope- would they continue in their ability to stay inside investigation. Wray: I wont engage in hypotheticals. Collins: Strange that someone had issue with poly during investigation? You keep them on sensitive information when they fail?
Wray: No. Collins: His polygraph was off- sensitivity factor of lying and bias, how was he allowed to stay on? Wray: We will hold people accountable, and that doesnt include me talking about those measures.
This is the first we have heard about an issue with polygraph on Strzok- appears that he remained on investigation once that was identified.
Biggs: Going into MYE, Horowitz admitted that bias indirectly affected decisions. Wray: Letting report speak for itself. Biggs; Who wrote scope letter for Mueller. RR: I don't know who wrote it but I am responsible.
Biggs: have you provided an unredacted copy? RR: Can't identify people subjects of investigation- (That means there are other investigative targets listed in the redactions in the scope letter that Ellis looked at. )
Biggs: Sent a letter asking who has served on SC and what vetting was used for them. At least one person still remaining on team with bias. RR: We will review but would be reluctant to publicly name who is there for fear of retribution.
RR: I understand Presidents frustrations with what is reflected in report. My commitment is that everything we do is by the law and without bias.
Lieu: Ridiculous and stupid we are having hearing into MYE when kids are ripped away from parents (THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE MYE) he is calling it stupid and asking it be based on facts. The democrats dont even know why they are here.
I really dislike Wray.. I wish that weren't the case.
Leiu: Republicans have mischaracterize Strzok testimony and also his texts were misconstrued. Release the testimony. Calls president tweet "official". Is there a deep state at the FBI? Wray: I dont understand what that means. (WE DO. SEVENTH FLOOR)
Rothfus: Do you think Lynch should have recused herself especially after meeting with Clinton on tarmac? RR: No opinion. Rothfus: What level of interaction with potential Criminal witness is OK. RR: She consulted with ethics
Rothfus: I would hope if that happened to you you would recuse. (More talk here-- nothing too substantive) How is power of SC limited? Do they have same power of US Attorney? Can they be discharged by POTUS? RR: Can be fired by AG.
Rothfus: Who is the arbiter of who does legitimate oversight? RR: It wasnt meant that way. Question would be if a personal doc was held for a specific reason. Rothfus: We see things redacted that shouldnt be redacted, etc-
RR: FBI was following protocol on redactions, but we made mistakes. (I dont believe that-- the redactions cover a pattern and it is to avoid embarrassment. )
Raskin: Debating whether this is more like 1984 or Alice in Wonderland. (eye roll). Cant figure out why R's are so upset with the DOJ. Using RR political ideology as a reason for why they should be doing what the R's want while also arguing politics should stay out. HYPOCRISY
Wray: SC is not on a witch hunt. Raskin: SC has been successful- talking about guilty pleas, etcc
Jayapal: Dissent and displeasure that we are having a sham emergency hearing on this topic when we already had these hearings (The democrats dont care about this country). Complaining about breaking rules and emergency hearing.
Jayapal: (This is really sick, that they don't understand or refuse to admit how important this issue actually is. I am so done with all of the hypocrisy) Accusing him of being authoritarian, and talking up immigration- (cages, et al)
Jayapal: RR are you aware of letter written by 72 bipartisan former US Attorneys to end the "tragic and unsustainable" separations. (DISGUSTING DISPLAY)
Jayapal has taken her time to pound immigration and Goodlatte isn't amused. Enough is enough already.
And I believe we are finished for the day. What a HEARING. Goodlatte is repeating the concern about interview with Strzok. They reached an agreement with him and was subpoenaed and then was swapped back. FBI had counsel as well. Did not get answers to things they needed
FBI counsel asked him not to answer certain questions because of ongoing investigations. Was expected to answer in effect to his role in things- questions like has he talked to certain people like Steele and Simpson- this is critical to their investigation.
Being blocked by FBI - dismayed to find that someone had made decision to block communications within the dept related to these matters and now it will be resolved. We also have FISA investigation which is important to Judiciary committee-- we are interested in that info.
I dont think congress should be expected to wait for another 6-12 months for the IG report to be completed, our investigation needs to proceed simultaneously. We have no intention of interfering with Mueller. We have been criticized by people who want to dig in there
But looking at the problems cited in that report about bias, etc. but we can't judge if we cant ask a central witness about that bias. We need to have that resolved. Finally, we thank you. Mr. Wray you have done what a lot of people have said need to be done
in regards to personnel changes and RR, we agree that you are making a serious effort to change what was earlier on a big problem. Raskin: We want to be concluded Goodlatte: we will involve appropriate parties at appropriate time.
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