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1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 30th, 2018.

Q posts can be found here:

My theme: "Conspiracy No More"
2) An anon posted a link to an article about #Qanon noting that he detected a hefty amount of BS in the story.

The author of the article is Brock Dorsey.
The article, like most written about Q, mentions Jerome Corsi.
3) Here's a link to the article.
It's worth reading.
4) Dorsey's article, unlike most anti - #QAnon pieces, doesn't attempt to delegitimize Q directly. Such attempts haven't worked in the past so Dorsey takes a different path.
5) Dorsey weaves a compelling story, acknowledging the corruption of the intelligence community and its need for reform. He correctly surmises that Trump is under attack from the intelligence community which necessitates the support of the military.
6) Dorsey tacitly acknowledges that #QAnon may, in fact, be working alongside President Trump. He suggests that the goal of Q and Trump is to strip the intelligence community and judiciary of their power, ushering in an authoritarian rule backed by the military.
7) Dorsey conveniently omits an important part of Trump and Q's mission—the reformation of the intelligence community. His thesis is that they will be cast aside and crushed under the all-powerful military administration of Trump.
8) If Dorsey had any real knowledge of #Qanon's mission, he would know that the wheels of reformation are already transforming the intelligence community under the guidance of people like Mike Rogers, Paul Nakasone, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pompeo and Gina Haspel.
9) Trump's backing by the military serves two main purposes. It's a safety measure necessary to keep him from being killed. And it's a means of gathering & assessing intelligence outside of a corrupt civilian intelligence community while it's being reformed.
10) Before deciding whether to take Brock Dorsey seriously, you might read this article by him.
11) In response, #Qanon dropped this bombshell.

They've been waiting for someone to ask POTUS to verify or deny the legitimacy of Q, directly.

Since no reporters have been willing to ask, they're considering forcing the question.
12) We've arrived at a critical juncture in the story of #QAnon.

What happens (in general and to the movement) if someone asks the question and POTUS confirms Q is working with him?
13) Here are some reactions from the anons who work beside #Qanon
14) #Qanon
15) #Qanon
16) #Qanon
17) #Qanon
18) #Qanon
19) #Qanon
20) #Qanon
21) #Qanon
22) #Qanon
23) #Qanon
24) #Qanon
25) #Qanon
26) An anon replied to #Qanon
27) #Qanon responded.
You might read this slowly a couple of times and think about what it means for you.
28) #Qanon says the "conspiracy" foolishness must end. There's too much at stake and too much important work to be done. The question must be asked and settled once and for all.
29) #Qanon wrote:
How do you remove evil in power unless you reveal the ultimate truth?
It must be compelling to avoid a divide (political attack/optics).
30) The revelation of the truly evil nature of the previous administration will be difficult but it must be done. Before we, as a nation (and world) can be healed, we must know how sick we are.
29) When John Huber drops the hammer on the elites which the world has idolized, average people will be left feeling lost, broken and disillusioned. It will be our job to guide them gently along the path to light, truth and freedom.
30) I know what my role is in the #GreatAwakening.
Do you know yours?
You might spend some time this weekend thinking about your role and how you can effectively accomplish the goals that you need to.
32) #Qanon
33) An anon pointed one potential problem with greater acceptance of #Qanon

(I'm sure Q and the team have a plan.)
34) @LisaMei62 pointed out another proof of Q from the most recent post.
This is a tweet from the @POTUS_Schedule (verified) account.

"The truth is spreading"
"We are the majority."
35) Here's a side-by-side graphic showing the @POTUS_Schedule tweet and #Qanon's latest post.

Note the common themes.
Note that Q posted the day before POTUS schedule.

36) An anon made this observation about POTUS.
37) #Qanon
38) #Qanon
39) #Qanon
40) #Qanon
41) Thank you, #Qanon

Thank you, anons.

42) #Qanon posted this with a link to a youtube video.
43) #Qanon's link.
Play LOUD.
44) #Qanon
45) #Qanon
46) #Qanon
47) #Qanon
48) #Qanon
49) #Qanon
50) #Qanon
51) #Qanon
52) #Qanon
53) #Qanon
54) #Qanon
55) #Qanon posted a long message with a Youtube link. I've broken the message into 2 parts.
Here's part 1.
56) Here's part 2 of #Qanon's message.
57) Here's the link to the Youtube video #Qanon posted.
58) #Qanon reposted a previous message which was a list of resignations and firings at the FBI & DOJ.
He asked us if this kind of thing is normal.
If it's not normal, why is it happening?
59) #Qanon reposted a previous message which was a list of people who have resigned or are not running for re-election.
He asked us if this kind of thing is normal.
If it's not normal, why is it happening?
60) An anon reminded #Qanon not to let John McCain [no name] off the hook.
61) #Qanon reminded the anons that a vote is coming to confirm a Supreme Court (SC) nomination and McCain will likely be present to vote.
62) An anon got excited about the possibility that Trey Gowdy might be Trump's nomination to the Supreme Court.
64) #Qanon said Trey Gowdy would not be Trump's nomination to the Supreme Court.
65) I believe there's another position Trey is being groomed for. In January, #Qanon suggested Trey might be stepping down from his position on the House Ethics Committee [HEC] to fill a specific role.
66) In light of yesterday's Antifa protests and riots, #Qanon posted a comparison of a banner from the 1933 German Communist party and a modern flag used by Antifa.
67) There are many similarities between the original fascists and Antifa:
Anthony Mueller observed:
They call themselves “anti-fascist”, when, in fact, more than any other ideology, fascism characterizes their own movement.
68) Democrat leaders are calling for ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to be abolished.
69) #Qanon points out that ICE is responsible for the enforcement of hundreds of laws.
70) The President has warned Democrats that a campaign to abolish ICE is equivalent to political suicide.
71) #Qanon noted that South Carolina Senator Tim Scott intends to recommend Trey Gowdy for the Supreme Court.
72) An anon was confused. Yesterday, #Qanon said Gowdy would not get the nomination to the Supreme Court.
73) #Qanon responded.
74) #Qanon added this.
Gowdy is /ourguy/
75) An anon was concerned to learn that the NSA deleted hundreds of millions of messages from its database.
76) Storing messages in a database is one thing.
Reading or listening to them and taking action on them is a different matter.
The NSA doesn't have the manpower (or need) to read everyone's private messages.
It's a good idea to purge the ones that are not needed.
77) #Qanon posted a couple of links to anti-Q propaganda.
80) Stay UNITED!
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