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Thread by @Hayleeee1848: "Remember this thread about Kate Andrews, ASI Com Manager / IEA News Editor / Republicans Overseas board member/spokesperson? She's a good ex […]" #Fakenews #NigelFarage

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Remember this thread 👇about Kate Andrews, ASI Com Manager /
IEA News Editor / Republicans Overseas board member/spokesperson?
She's a good example of the symbiotic relation between "revolutionized GOP" and Tory hard brexiters.
But not the only one.
To anyone saying "there is no link between Trump and Brexit", I invite you to reread this thread () -or to take a look at this picture where Brexit & "revolutionized GOP" strategists celebrate the New Year together. (Yes, it's a little weird).
So, let's take a closer look at a powerful couple linking Trump's GOP to Brexit -to the Kremlin/Eastern Europe.
Mr and Mrs Smith -oops, sorry: Elliott.
1st stop, Mr Elliott: former CEO of Vote Leave/Legatum institute senior fellow, a think tanks' fervent advocate/funder/regular speaker of, current Editor-at-Large of BrexitCentral, & now a Senior political adviser for Shore capital (which happens to be a massive Tory donor).
Mr Elliott explains here that according to him, think tanks can "set the political weather within the Commons" and "lobby hard to influence the parties manifesto".
And played a role in bringing Brexit to the UK.
Note: All Free Trade think tanks are part of the Atlas network (IEA founder's project)…
Funded solely by "voluntary gifts from indiviuals + (Oil/mining/tobacco...) Corps who want a "better world" (free of regulations good for you, bad for their profits).
Here is a practical example here:
A think tank delivering the "Will of the People" = spreading disinfo so said ppl will be convinced that, if a car w/o fuel can't run well, it doesn't mean the car needs fuel, but that is is broken and must be replaced.)
Now let's see how most of today's prominent Brexiters/ERG members and the Heritage Foundation of the Mercers (also involved in RW think tanks funding/Cambridge Analytica-AIQ-SCL, Breitbart #Fakenews, Trump's election...) closely worked together to achieve the "Will of the People"
Interestingly, Mr Elliott -a cornerstone here- also used to be an "electoral strategist for Eastern European political parties" -although no one knows which elections he worked on exactly.
(Although, er, it could be an "information of interest"?)
As Mr Elliott was also involved in the Conservatives Friends of Russia (today Westminster Russia Forum) where he became friend -unless they had met during Mr Elliott's Eastern Europe political activities? w/ S. Nalobin, expelled from UK as considered a spy…
Shall you want to know more about Westminster Russia Forum, you can look at this thread: )
And here is the conversation I had with the WRF and its Chairman, Nicholas Cobb. (Above all, do not look at his firm's website, it's a public website, but it's not to be looked at without a proper invitation.)
Anyway, these unfortunate event didn't not hinder Mr Elliott and Mr Nalobin's friendship. Here is Mr Nalobin sending congratulations to Mr Elliott for his engagement to Sarah B. Smith.
Mr Nalobin who sure has a lot of interesting friends linked to UK politics, and -of course -the Kremlin.
Nothing to be jealous of here, though, so does Mr. Elliott.
Like his good friends/WESS Digital political gossiper Guido Fakes/Paul Staines &Jag Singh whose company MessageSpace was paid by Russian Embassy to be involved in Russian propaganda's operations.
Now let's take a closer look at Sarah B. (Smith) Elliott.
According to comments on her Linkedin profile(,
"one of the most well-connected people in Washington DC"
"one of the most connected people in politics"
But what does that means exactly? 👇
Link to this 👆 interview can be found here.…
It also enlightens us on Sarah's job at the American European Business Association: organise off-the-record meetings between "transatlantic executives" and businessmen.
Please also note Sarah's involvement in the Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a US libertarian/conservative political advocacy group funded by David H. & Charles Koch. (As their primary political advocacy group, it is one of the most influential American conservative organization.)
Given their respective connections, I guess it's likely that Mr & Mrs Elliott met at a Tea Party party. (How tax-avoidingly romantic).…
Last but not least, Mrs Elliott also is the new chair of the Republicans Overseas UK.
Here is the conversation we had: She was very eager to state clearly that there is no money trail between her husband's think tank and the GOP/RNC/ ROUK - all being separate entities.
(As -as everyone knows?- The TPA is at least partly funded by anonymous American friends).
Back to the link btw the RNC and the ROUK, "No money trail" doesn't mean no link though. (Or maybe we don't have the same definition of the word "separate"?)
Now please remember that anti-NHS pro-hard brexit Kate Andrews is a ROUK spokesperson/board member
And please note that Mrs Elliott already met a "Number 10 govt relations team" in order to "strengthen political and cultural ties and reinforce the Special Relationship" -between Trump's"revolutioned GOP" and the Tories, I guess?…
Now, of course, sink the NHS so US private healthcare firms can make more profit can't be part of that Special Relationship, as it's not as if PM didn't rule it out or a brexiter is involved in a US clinic setting up in the UK post-Brexit...
Oh wait it is.
I'll end this thread on Mr & Mrs Smith -sorry, Elliott- by this beautiful picture taken the night of the Referendum right after #NigelFarage had said despite their tremendious work, Leave had most certainly lost.
Just look how devastated they are.
Also, last but maybe not least: cld anyone tell me why the profile of former Chief of Staff of the RNC/CEO of Convergence, a firm whose business is "data-driven elections winning" shows a picture of him in front of what does look like 10 Downing Street &a UK Conservatives banner?
In case it was needed (from Mrs Elliott's interview,…):
US/UK "revolutionized" Conservatives' mentality.
*Fight redistribution of wealth and wealthy's participation to society by all means*
(Calling that "detrimental to the economy")
A though here -about timing
The "welcome convergence" btw UK's TaxPayer's Alliance and US Tea Party movement already existed in 2010
In 2010 alos, the US elections when the Tea Party realised it couldn't beat the GOP, and had to infiltrate it instead -which they did through Trump
ATT, the future pro-Trump Mrs Elliott was working at Grover Norquist's organisations (take a really good look at her jobs definition. She was in charge of Tea Party's promotion w/ leaders, donors hunt +getting key jobs for TP ppl.)
Probably met Mr Elliott around that time.
Matthew Elliot who said (himself, on WESS Digital website) he worked as "an electoral strategist with political parties in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Maldives, Serbia and Ukraine". No date or info on that, but it had to be before the screenshot/2013.
In 2012, Mr Elliott was part of Conservatives Friends of Russia.
Trump's beauty pageant in Russia in 2013.
I don't know the TrumpRussia connections well enough, but wonder -cld the Tea Party&Kremlin have met thrgh UK's TPA/The Elliotts' connection?
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