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Taegi AU where the name of your soulmate and your greatest enemy are visible on your wrists, but you don't know which is which.

Kim Taehyung has the name "Min Yoongi" on both of his wrists.
Taehyung wants to meet his soulmate for, like, never. Because isn't it natural to be wary and scared, to know that your soulmate, whoever Min Yoongi is, is his greatest enemy as well?
But of course, the universe hates him, and he ends up meeting Min Yoongi in the most unsavory way possible.

It doesn't help that the other is a mob boss, really.

Taehyung hates him.
He gets tied up and almost tortured all because his relative got into debt and shoved it all to Taehyung.

He's just a struggling college student, dammit! He doesn't want to get into this mafia drug dealing mumbo jumbo, much less dying because of his relative.
But then, to figure out that the boss of these men that dragged him from his home is his soulmate/enemy? Taehyung wants to laugh and he does exactly that.

His heart doesn't flutter at the fact that he meets his soulmate. Definitely not.
On another hand, Yoongi is both endeared and terrified. He's ripped Taehyung's wristbands off of him to check his wrists the moment he figured out the young man's full name, and to see his own name on both wrists...
It's a bit disorienting to see that he's apparently his soulmate and greatest enemy as well-- while from his own wrists, only one Kim Taehyung exists on his left wrist, while Park Jimin is written on his right wrist.

It's undeniable then, which is which.
The fact is this: Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung are soulmates.

And while Yoongi's fated enemy is Park Jimin--

Yoongi is Taehyung's.

The universe is funny like that, don't you think?
Taehyung doesn't want to stay close, but Yoongi is adamant on having his soulmate close to him.

"You have my name on your wrists," he'll reason. "People will find you and hurt you to hurt me."

"That's why wristbands exist," Tae will bite back, even though he falters +
at the sight of the gummy smile on the other's face.

He doesn't understand. Yoongi seems to be genuinely happy that Taehyung is his soulmate but--

Yoongi is Taehyung's fated enemy.
It doesn't mean that Taehyung will kill Yoongi-- he's no barbaric, and Yoongi /is the mob boss here, not him.

But it does mean that at some point in time, he'll grow to hate his own soulmate.

(But hasn't he, already?)
To love and hate your soulmate at the same time--

Taehyung doesn't want that.

He wants a normal relationship, dammit.
He hates Yoongi already.

Hates that he's a mob boss. Hates that he met because Yoongi's men were about to torture him for money. Hates that Yoongi is not a good man in society's eyes. Hates how happy Yoongi looks when he sees Tae. Hates Yoongi's gentle caresses and gummy smiles.
He hates that Yoongi is his fated enemy.

Hates that he has to hate this person.
He loves Yoongi, sometime after.

Loves his smiles. Loves his breathy laughter. Loves how he cares for Taehyung's well being. Loves how his eyes turn soft and gentle when he sees Tae. Loves how Yoongi loves him despite knowing that he's Taehyung's enemy as well.
Loves how Yoongi is his soulmate.
A variable that Yoongi doesn't expect: for Park Jimin to be Taehyung's best friend and perhaps considering his fate as Yoongi's enemy, the dance major student is also Yoongi's greatest cockblock.

He expected his enemy to be a hitman or something but.... Well.
Jimin is a menace. Not enough that Yoongi wants to make him disappear forever (Taehyung hates him enough for existing, he doesn't really want to make him hate him even more) but enough to annoy the heck out of him.
The boy tends to be Taehyung's voice of reason, because Taehyung apparently shares everything to Jimin (and he's not jealous.. Really. He's... He's not)

"He's a mob boss, isn't he dangerous? Taehyung, do you want to get involved in that world? It's not right, stay away from him"
Yoongi wants to tear his hair out.

Maybe when he's half bald, Taehyung will see him as funny and endearing instead of intimidating and dangerous. Whatever.

His right hand man, Hoseok, certainly laughed his ass off when Yoongi mused about it out loud.
Here's something that both of them don't know yet:

Yoongi is Taehyung's enemy because of how Taehyung despises the crime lifestyle, mostly because he's a good boy.

He's Tae's soulmate and he'll come to love him. But he'll always hold apprehension toward Yoongi's occupation.
It's also possible for someone to be an enemy simply because they function as a cockblock. Case in point: Park Jimin.

The "enemy" name simply points out who will be a person you'll have a hard time accepting into your life, after all.
It takes awhile until Taehyung truly warms up to Yoongi.

(It takes lots of flowers, plush toys, hand written love letters, gifts, games, dinner dates, retelling of his life story and Yoongi skinnydipping to freezing seawater).
But when he does, it's like the most amazing thing in Yoongi's life ever. He gets rewarded with Taehyung's laughter and boxy smiles, his adorable blush and caring nature.

The civilian may forever wish not to be overly exposed to Yoongi's job, but gosh, he loves him.
It takes awhile for Taehyung to believe that Yoongi is not as bad as he seems to be. But after that skinnydipping session (he still bends over in laughter whenever he remembers the boss' yelps and shouts over how his balls were freezing), he thinks Yoongi is a bit adorable.
And after managing to convince his bestfriend that no, he won't be a drug dealer or some shit simply because his soulmate is a mafia boss, Taehyung finds it easier to accept Yoongi and perhaps.. Love him.
If you think this is going to be a sad au then jokes on you bc yoongi is a lovestruck fool and he jumps to the sea naked bc tae asked him to

Hes a sOFT mob boss when it comes to tae

Anyway hit me up, gimme feedback. Scream abt taegi and its recent selca
forgot to say [END].

will probably write it in detail on ao3.
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