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1/ Hello friends welcome to lying class 101. Today we are entering into an alien world consisting only of pain, to find out how you can read strangers’ thoughts & how you always could, you just didn’t know
Follow along, we are going to have some fun and maybe learn a thing or two
First, here is the full unedited news story, for context. It is as about a cool sex person reading cool stories about being different to children so they will stop bullying hopefully, and it’s exactly what you imagine, whatever you think of such things. Boring and predictable.
We will not be discussing the obvious bait however, but rather, a side character that shows up in the middle of the story. The female librarian, interviewed at 0:58. Let's give her a closer look
A few literary notes to get out of the way before we get into the facial meat of the thing:

She is of course being edited in favour of a news-story line. We’re focusing in on her to separate us as much as possible from that context, and explore her from a more human angle.
This is possible, because she is on camera. It would be a great deal more difficult person-to-person.

Here she is all by her lonesome
For all the precautions above, the lady doth clearly still protest too much. The coverage is extremely pro-drag queen reading to kids. Why does she feel the need to *defend* it? Defend the validity of the entire, overarching philosophical groundworks for the *concept*?
This is two things:
1. The mental framing of ANYTHING sexuality or gender related in television/ internet, is that someone ALWAYS needs defending. This is a mindset that has been brought about by the news people themselves – if it bleeds it leads, and now everyone is drowing in fucking blood
2.People will always tell you what’s on their mind.
Note that it’s not “important” or “educational” or “good for the kids”.
When asked to explain her view of such matters, she stutters out: "Its- It’s real. Oh its definitely real."
"I mean, don’t even worry about whether I think its real or not, because I’m here to tell you, man, its so real you don’t even have to worry about it, dont even sweat it for a second"
This is insecurity about the story she's peddling. She's very insecure, she doesn’t actually believe these things are real. She is skittish, and I think likely feels a sense of peer pressure, either from colleagues or simply from being a nerd who reads the internet.
She doesn’t believe what’s she’s saying, but she wants to. This is key. This is what makes her feel guilty.
Please note that this is not supposed to be uncovering a mind conspiracy per se, but a crash course in mind reading in general.
There is a great level of detail we can go into in the precise moment to moment facial expressions, and I will add a picture of my take at the end. Before then, watch her again, focus on her eyes and lips. Try to notice how her facial expressions change when saying certain words.
The very first thing we see her do, is make a quick twitch with her entire head. It’s edited so that it’s less noticeable, unless you’re being a fucking nerd about it.
She’s putting on her camera face. It’s the physical equivalent to the actor meme of pulling your hand across your face to “put on the mask”. It is, however, likely not conscious. People have intense physical reactions to being put in front of a camera.
This makes stress heighten. She’s hyper-conscious.
When she’s at “issues of”, she pauses for creative thinking, looking away. She is genuinely wondering. Raises her eyebrows in a surprised reaction when she remembers “gender“, which then makes her give a split second smile, that is first genuine and then ironic.
I would like to use stills to illustrate, but you can only see it in motion.
Look at her eyes when she says “self acceptance”. Blink and you’ll miss it. HINT: her left (your right) eyebrow when she says “-ance”.

Saying "self-acceptance" makes her sad.
She has low self-esteem, and feels guilty about promoting self-acceptance despite not being able to feel good about herself.
Just before cutting away, after she has said “very very real”, she is grimacing. Look at her cheeks, under her eyes. She’s sneering. Its a social mimicking the physical reaction to “having a bad taste in your mouth”.
She is subconciously showing us, the other monkeys, to not eat the berries she’s eating, because they’re bitter. She is having a disgust reaction.
She was going to say more, but they edited her down. You can hear it in the tonality of her voice in “very very real”, there’s another beat to where she’s going, but it’s cut out for time and narrative. It makes her look pretty bad, probably worse than she is. Uncourteous editing
I personally don’t believe this establishment is doing what it’s stated goal is, due to the stated goal being some vague substance-less political platitudes, and not, in fact, a genuine attempt to help kids in any way.
If this is indeed a genuine consideration by the organisers, I think they consider anything gained by the kids a side-benefit.
I think, reversely, it is sacrificing the kids’ attention and time for the adults sake, there-amongst many of the parents themselves, to emotionally validate them by using children as therapy kittens.
If you can convince your own child of something, it’s mutch easier to believe it yourself, and people are using their children as proxies for their own personal epistemological crises.

I think the librarian is absolutely miserable, lying through her teeth, and very bad at it.
I am so sorry it has to be like this. I am so fucking sorry.
As an exercise, try applying the techniques you have learned today about extrapolating from facial expressions to these short clips.
There won’t be a hand-in, but we will discuss your findings next week and while it won’t affect your grade I advise you to consider this seriously, since one day, someday, somewhere - you *will* be tested.
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