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@JolyonMaugham Ok. I'll bite.
1. Respecting the result of the Referendum is what any democratic socialist party should do. Otherwise it is undemocratic. You may call it a matter of choice if you wish. Some would call it acknowledging that a vote was had and we Remainers lost.
@JolyonMaugham 2. There is a wealth of difference between what Labour would like to achieve from Brexit and what May and her cohort want to achieve. To boil it down to basics, Labour's is jobs-first and people first; May's is corporations first and tax-breaks first.
@JolyonMaugham 3. Tories at the time of Referendum, had an even larger majority than they do now. They could force through any legislation unimpeded. Lab have eaten into that majority sufficiently to have *some* influence, but still not sufficient to change key provisions in Withdrawal Bill
@JolyonMaugham 4. As a result, Lab can only react to what Tories say is happening by saying "not like that, we won't support that" and keep chipping away. Until there is either a change of govt. or sufficient Tories to defy the whip, Tories will win on all the votes.
@JolyonMaugham 5. My personal opinion is the reason May called GE17 was because she wanted full-on Erdoganisation, to push through extreme reforms to workers' rights, civil liberties and human rights unhindered. The pressure Lab have put on the mainly-lawyer Tory centrists has had an effect.
@JolyonMaugham 6. Your statement that the Pro-Corbyns can't win against the Pro-Remainers is a matter of opinion, based on your own "bubble". There are huge numbers who want to remain, but who see the only hope as coming from a Corbynist govt., which will address the grievances Leavers had >
@JolyonMaugham 7. < and bring the country closer together rather than splitting it further apart. Particularly in the post-industrial wastelands, once socialist policies start to have effect, many Leavers' reasons to leave the EU will evaporate. Their lives will get better.
@JolyonMaugham 8. However, for 7 to work, there has to be a change in national rhetoric, one which does blame immigrants and the EU for every ill in the world. Ironically, the anti-immigration rhetoric started under Blunkett, hand in glove with The Sun, in 2001. This must change.
@JolyonMaugham 9. Barnier has said in the past that if there were a change of govt., there would be an extension to the negotiating period - that's possible under Art. 50(3). Don't forget, Corbyn has allies in the EU - Tsipras, Costa, Sanchez are all PM's, plus others.
@JolyonMaugham 10. You talk of "Jeremy Corbyn's position". This is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the Labour Party functions (perhaps deliberate spin?). The Party's policies are set at Conference. Conference doesn't happen til Sept. He's no more able to change policy on Brexit >
@JolyonMaugham 11. < than he is to change policy on Trident. One might argue that he is not the one being "dishonest and hypocritical". He has personally stated that, were there to be another Referendum, he would vote Remain again:…
@JolyonMaugham 12. I happen to agree that a GE rather than another Referendum would be the right approach. We are still in margin-of-error territory on how people would vote if there was another Referendum. Until Remain is well in the clear, it is too big a risk…
@JolyonMaugham 13. Also, it fails to take into account the civil outrage on the part of those who won the Referendum, and the nasty tactics that would be used again, causing even more division in society. Those who voted Leave would see it as middle-class metropolitains usurping democracy.
@JolyonMaugham 14. Labour offers nothing on substance on Brexit because it is forced into a position where they can only react to the idiocies of the Tory party, while calling them out. I reiterate - it won't change until Tory centrist MPs put their money where their mouths are. They haven't.
@JolyonMaugham 15. So the notion that the only way you can achieve Remain is by harassing Labour and somehow frightening them into changing their position is a moot point. It makes no difference. The influence has to be brought to bear on the Tories and the DUP who shore them up.
@JolyonMaugham 16. Your sixth point comes back to Labour policy, and I will repeat: policy is set at Conference. Current policy is to respect the result of the Referendum but to limit the damage to country and its people as far as is possible.
@JolyonMaugham 17. Finally, you acknowledge that there may be a snap election. If Centrism was winning, the Lib Dems would be steaming ahead in the polls. They aren't. Chukka & his cohort might think they stand a chance setting up an SDP-a-like, but all that will do is split the opposition.
@JolyonMaugham 18. The Centrist backers are all big-money Blairites and centrist Tories. For the overwhelming majority of them seeing Corbyn in govt., and an end to austerity policies, is a price worth paying, and Tory Brexit will be collateral damage. That is what you are proselytising.
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