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We will Join the Class action Lawsuits if my account isn't IMMEDIATELY Removed from any & ALL lists/algorithms that Restrict ANY of my RIGHTS on Twitter

@Jack you have been legally informed & have 14days Notice by law
Whoopi Goldberg dismissed Judge Jeanine off The View after Pirro correctly stated,

"when people who shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of American citizens"

Democrats don't care when illegal aliens murder Americans
Dear @WhoopiGoldberg,

Since you had a tantrum & kicked Judge Jeanine Pirro off #TheView when she talked about illegal aliens murdering Americans

Kate Steinle & Edwin Jackson were killed by illegal aliens. Kayla Cuevas & Nisa Mickens were killed by MS-13
Illegals should not be counted in the US census. This isn't controversial, this shouldn't even be up for discussion

If you are in the US illegally as a foreign national & have defied our laws, you don't warrant Congressional representation
Democrats new slogan is “for the people”🤔

Which people?

The illegal Aliens you want to pander to in exchange for votes?

The MS-13 animals you sympathize with via your anti-ICE actions?

The middle class who benefited from a tax cut you called “crumbs”?
Terms & Conditions of @Twitter do not allow 3rd parties to use or Censor users content without an owner's express permission. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) are required to designate agents for infringement of users
Twitter without explanation forced me to change my password & verify my account

@realDonaldTrump We The People Demand you take Legal Action to stop Twitter/jack Anti-American CENSORSHIP of 🇺🇸CITIZENS

Cc:@AjitPaiFCC @CivilRights
Twitter is working hard to silence the voice of Conservatives
Whether it is the QFD Shadowban or Suspending Conservative accounts, it is designed to keep our voices from being heard prior to Election day

Please contact your state Rep & Demand Law be Enforced NOW
I receive messages Daily from people telling me they no longer see my tweets

People also have to re-follow me when they’ve never clicked unfollow

Twitter is taking away people’s likes/retweets on my tweets

This is what Communism does, is this the intent of @Twitter @Policy ?
Millions of Americans wrote @FCC to comment on its effort to CENSORSHIP through #NetNeutrality & overwhelmed its online comment system
@FCC claimed it was a DDoS attack & agency's Inspector General says what we knew all along--this claim was bogus
(1) HUSSEIN Obama, clinton & #DeepStateinpanic (DNC) mid term election strategy is starting to materialize in front of Our eyes

Full on civil disobedience, incitement, violence & rampant suppression of opposition voices

Founded on ideology of Tyrannical communism
(2) This has been long in planning
1ST indicator was Obama/Jarrett setting up their HQ in DC
2ND indicator was Obama's takeover of #DeepState DNC, ejecting Keith Ellison, to give Perez full control
All staff were kicked out, presumably replaced by Obama puppets
(3) We have seen Obama's people activate their slaves in social media, as well as in the MSM, while courting Hollyweird & Netflix

Their task : silence all opposing voices, target & harrass President Trump supporters, as well as prominent voices

It's ALL Communist co-ordinated
(4) Hussein Obama already controls the cowards at Media Matters, who give media their daily narrative

What's new, however, is use of a private Terrorists, ANTIFA, to wreak violence against innocent 🇺🇸citizens

They will have a special role :violent suppression of Free Thinkers
(5) While the strategy is to whip up Dem vote by feeding lies, ginning up racial division & hatred of President Trump, it's Communists intent that ANTIFA causes fear in the #MAGA community, forcing them to stay home on Election Day

The good news? IT WON'T WORK
(6) People such as Sarah Jeong tell you all you need to know, about the Hussein Obama #DeepState cult

They're truly worst Criminals in America
Bottom of the barrel Communists

It's a weak movement, because it's NOT about improving lives of Americans
(7) This is all about feeding the insatiable narcissistic appetite of one man: Barack Hussein Obama #DeepState
What we are witnessing is Obama's ugly, narcissistic rage on full display. Freud called it 'narcissistic wound', see;

(8) You must remember that Hussein Obama is a VERY sick man

Not only does he believe that he is a unique historical figure, above the rule of law. barack hussein Obama considers himself GODLIKE
(9) barack Hussein Obama has repeatedly ascribed divine powers to himself

His entire Presidency was about maintaining that illusion
He gathered weak, cowardly apparatchiks to make sure it happened
President Trump didn't just break the mirror. He smashed it into a thousand pieces
(10) Do not underestimate the RAGE Obama has had ever since President Trump

Obama has been EXPOSED as a liar & cheat, who hates America & Americans

He destroyed Democrat Party between 2008-2016
How he tried to rig the 2016 election, will never be forgotten
(11) American Citizens are recoiling in horror, at what Obama is continuing to do to the Dnc

It's now the political home for kooks & leftist oddballs

I'm convinced that there may not be a Dem Party after the mid-terms
At least not how we understand it, now
(12) What may be spat out is a fringe party of leftist wackos, with ZERO political power
A fitting end. Obama's political funeral pyre
The good news?
You don't need to fight with these weirdos. Just ignore them. Bottom line? They're cowards #DeepStateInPanic
(13) There's no need for violence
You will get far more satisfaction giving Hussein Obama an uppercut - at the voting booth

It's the one thing he was never able to take from you
Your RIGHT as a U.S. Citizen TO VOTE
STOP #VoterFraud
(14) It's now MANDATORY to VOTE
Put it in your calendar
No excuses
#MAGA didn't end on Nov 8, 2016
It just started

We are tougher, smarter & more decent than Hussein Obama's #DeepState cult
On NOVEMBER 6, 2018, let's show these Communists what we are made of
If you have noticed people missing from your timeline recently due to Twitter’s shadow banning:
✅Make sure you Turn ON my Notification
✅Click settings
✅Click notifications
✅Make sure quality filter has NO √ in ◻

This is one way Conservatives are #Shadowbanned
.@kanyewest "They told me everytime I said I liked Trump that I couldn’t say it out loud or my career would be over. I’d get kicked out of black community because blacks — we’re supposed to have a monolithic thought, we can only like, we can only be Democrats"
Directly from @kanyewest
Thank you Kanye for finally speaking up & telling the truth about the judgements we supporters of President @realDonaldTrump deal with on a daily basis

We don’t have to hind anymore
.@RealCandaceO "ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization, just grew violent & attacked an all-black & Hispanic police force

Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast

Is this the civil rights era all over again?"
Video >
"@PhillyMayor, I went to Philly, City of Brotherly Love, in support of Our Police

When I returned to my car, all 4 tires were slashed

How does this inspire people to move to your anti-police sanctuary city?"
Artist in Hollywood made more @POTUS @realDonaldTrump Stars & placed them on the Hollyweird Walk of Fame

If California council votes to removes President Trump's Star, he has 30 more #MAGA 🇺🇸

Still #winning
TWITTER is literally Preventing me from #RETWEET my Own tweets!

This is more than Blatant CENSORSHIP, it is targeted violation of my 🇺🇸 Constitutional Rights

STOP illegal #ShadowBanning & Remove all my Restrictions
Cc:@AjitPaiFCC @FCC @CivilRights
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