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1/What really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK?
How does this relate to assassination attempts on President Trump, Treason and Human Trafficking?
~~ Buckle up!
2/We all heard about it and heard the official version: FBI agents storm JetBlue plane at JFK after hijacking 'false alarm'…
3/Now let’s read Q to know the truth. First we need to look at some important background information supporting the reasoning for this solution:
4/Those who are familiar with Q’s writings know Q is going to lead us to the truth through a riddle we will have to solve. ~ Why?
5/Because he has to comply with National Security regulations:
Q1127 Our comms must be this way.
Refer back - the ‘Why?’
NAT SEC laws.
6/Going through the Q board, we can identify the components of the riddle we need to solve and figure out what happened in that JetBlue plane. Here is the riddle:
7/P1: Q is re-posting the JetBlue image he used in the [1308-1310] riddle. This riddle was solved in previous posts..
8/and found its epilogue in the riddle 1408-1414.
9/In this last riddle, it was established that bad actors were using strategies to alter technologies in foreign countries (China in this case) to secure their comms. It was also established Q developed countermeasures that allowed him to circumvent these illegal manipulations
10/Very important: the riddle [1408-1414] was the “Messages sent” riddle because it ended in these terms:
Messages sent. END. Q.
11/For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, we can gather the 2 past riddles & summarize our findings in this one image:
12/Consider these: Apparently our very friendly ally, China, is using military grade lasers to shine into our pilots cockpits. There have been 2 injuries resulting from this to our pilots already…
13/Despite the accusations there seems to be no tension between Trump and President Xi (yet). Though China has recently started to move their Navy in a show of force into the disputed South China Sea. Link.…
14/Then, we learned the UN sanctions data base was hacked. Almost instantly we have NoKo raising their hand saying "Not me!" Before any accusations could start 2come in Kim Jung Un made sure 2deny any involvement of this…
15/What are the odds that within 24 hours we go from China is our ally and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is now respectable in the region, and in Trump’s White House to China are laser killers and Kim Jong Un is a vulgar hacker?
16/This does not pass the smell test. Something is going on. Is the Deep State trying to derail Trump’s successful diplomatic moves in the region? We know they have infiltrated all governments, and of course the UN.
17/Sen. Marco Rubio plans to introduce legislation targeting China’s tools of economic aggression & would ban the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities
18/Hong Kong… China… North Korea… Apple Park… sensitive technology sale ban… cargo… UN hacking?
19/Anons SerialBrain2 & Tee1020 figured out the pictures Q dropped were hinting at the fact that the cargo contained Apple tech that was being used to hack the UN and blame North Korea
20/This, in conjunction with the feud w/China, was a ploy at stopping peace between NoKo & the US before President Trump & Kim Jong Un meet face to face. Q was not having it & showed them they had all the evidence and it would not work!
21/We know frm Wikileaks they can simulate a computer hack &make it appear the attack came frm wherever they want u 2think. It seems the equipment in the cargo was the hardware/software, w/the right hacking configuration, heading2 Hong Kong 2simulate an attack of the UN from NoKo
22/Marco Rubio probably knows more about this than it seems. Why would he out of the blue talk about banning the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities?
23/Speaking of blue… Jet Blue. Why did Q zoom on the plane? He wanted us to see it was a Jet Blue plane. Maybe to scare the enemy. But it may also be another clue. Jet Blue?.. JB?.. Jeb Bush? ▶️ Let’s look him up.
24/It seems Jeb is very aware, very concerned, very interested and very well informed about what is going on in the South China Sea, on 04-24-18 he tweeted:
25/Jeb wants a cyber war against China…
26/Jeb wants an aggressive American policy against China…
27/Jeb seems to hate China, but he also loves China. He has rich buddies there:
This Chinese Business Mogul just made a Massive Donation to Jeb Bush…
28/Inside Jeb Bush's Shady Business Dealings With China…
29/And some of Jeb's Chinese friends would have loved him to be our President…
30/We gather from this Jeb has a love/hate relation with China = a Deep State love. But here's the cherry on the pie = Jeb Bush loves Apple products.
31/RE: the 8 pics Q posted tell: what really happened in Las Vegas=MS13 mission to assassinate Trump; How Obama terminated NASA Space Shuttle program in 2011 to weaken the US & empower foreign countries to facilitate a future invasion of the US!
32/How HRC sold access to her private server hosting NASA tech, Missile tech & SAP docs in return of contributions to her foundation. We know from the Wikileaks Podesta emails that Obama was aware of the existence of the private server and used it.
33/Why HRC was in NZ; that US Dignitaries still hold their security clearances even if they are out of Office!
They can use their still valid security clearances to access, view & even retrieve classified documents! Yes!
But it’s worse:
34/When they use their security clearances in one the other 4 Five Eye countries, there is no log, no flag and no record of their interaction with classified material!!
35/Clinton Fnd stopped rec'g donations after the election becuz HRC could not offer access 2classified info. So she went2 NZ, 1 of the other 4 Five Eye countries & frm there can log in2 the US classified info system, retrieve what she wants 2retrieve w/o being detected & sell it
36/Donations to the Clinton Fnd done in exchange of the supply of children? /Transactions w/the Rothschilds through the UK & Australia /The children of Haiti, smuggled out? ‘Adoption’ process. Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?
37/This is where we go full circle & understand the connection: Pope – pedophilia – HRC. Now, why the owl? Most of you already know the occult significance of the owl & its relation to child sacrifice: Q188, Q189, Bohemian Grove…
38/Another attribute of the owl: its extraordinary night vision capabilities.
39/From this, we deduce Q is letting us know that even though HRC went dark through the external Five Eye system, he was still able to see her, in HD
40/Conclusion: The purpose of these 8 pics is for Q to send the message to the bad actors that despite their efforts relative 2adding unregistered security features 2their devices & hide behind the external Five Eye surveillance layer, he was still able 2collect all their comms
41/Through the infiltration of the very factory where these additions were made, Q was able to hijack these devices. This secret technical operation enabled him to conduct constant global surveillance and achieve 3 things:
42/1-The gathering of the intel that made the Las Vegas assassination attempt unsuccessful. Let’s notice Trump let that attempt happen so that the Saudi Crown Prince would go home determined to do his purge without hesitation
43/2-The gathering of the intel on how classified material and Special Access Program tech was retrieved and sold to third parties;
44/3-The gathering of the intel on human trafficking and the supply of children within the international pedophile network.
45/Q is essentially sending this message: We now have everything to charge you for Assassination Attempt on a Sitting President of the United States, Treason and Human Trafficking. Pick a crime. Any crime.
46/For a full explanation of the 8 pics Q posted see the incredible work by Anons SerialBrain2 & Tee1020
SEE Q's Slickest Move:…
47/Now back to What really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK:
Q re-posts the JetBlue image used in Q1308-1310 riddle. We can gather the 2 past riddles & summarize
48/P2: Q is re-posting the picture from Q1497 where he thanks the USSS for their protection service.
49/P3: A picture of a plane taxiing for takeoff taken from a cockpit. We know it is taken from a cockpit because of Q1599 frame of shot. The angle of the shot and the non-vertical piece of metal on the right part of the frame show...
50/the picture was not naturally taken from a passenger window which have vertical frames. Here, Q is signaling cockpit access. Confirmation: Q1599 Access to cockpit
51/P4: Picture of Shanghai, focusing on its port and industrial zone.
52/P5: Same area in Shanghai zoomed out. We now see a residential area in the vicinity of the port/industrial zone. Using Q posts 1588, 1599 and 1600 to guide us through
53/The first important information we gather is that what happened in the JetBlue plane was the result of an attempt from the Deep State, despite the messages sent to them in Q1414:
Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made. Averted.
54/Then, immediately after saying this, Q inserts Rosenstein:
Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made. Averted. Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?
55/Random? Has Q lost his rhetoric punctuation manners? No. Notice Q thanks the USSS in P2. But he also thanked them in Q1497 and Rosenstein was all over the place.
56/From this & Q1589 we now have proof the Rosenstein case is at the center of all this. The Deep State has made attempts in the past but the Rosenstein case has accelerated everything for them: they know if Rosenstein is fired, the house of cards collapses.
57/They really need to pull off something. Quick. Something with maximum magnitude. Something like 9/11 or even more deadly and spectacular.
58/You see it now? Q has purposely pulled the USSS in the middle of the Rosenstein conversation to let us know politics have moved to the TERRORIST/FALSE FLAG BATTLEFIELD.
59/So we now know the motivation behind the JetBlue incident: a major false flag organized by the Deep State to deflect from the current political issues.
60/Now let’s go back to the components of our riddle & focus on P1. As stated earlier the key information here is how bad actors alter communication technologies to stay under the radar & how it is made possible by less strict law enforcement processes in foreign countries.
61/But Q1599 says to expand our thinking. If we do, we see the bigger picture of the national security problems we may get from the externalization of all manufactured productions. When we see things through these lenses, the P1 picture of the JetBlue plane flying away from...
62/the Apple HQ releases all its symbolic potential. This bigger picture leads to not only consider high tech but to also bring manufactured products into the equation. Just like Q is doing here, with steel:
63/Q855: What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken? What if Hussein knew and authorized?
64/Did you know vast numbers of counterfeit Chinese electronic parts are being used in US military equipment?
Bogus U.S. military parts traced to China…
65/Another article. Read the entire article, it’s unbelievable.
China fake parts 'used in US military equipment'…
66/ss-fake parts in military equipment.jpg
67/If counterfeit parts can make it through our military inspection process, do you see the tremendous operational & political consequences? Now you understand why Q is asking the following question:
68/And why his answer, Q1069 is this:
You have more than you know. Steel. Tech. America for sale. Systematic weakening of the US. U1. Cash flow funnel. Inside job. Traitors. $ We are in control. Those awake can see.
69/This is one of the most disturbing revelations from Q’s board: people in the US Military are dying because politicians made the deliberate and treasonous choice to weaken US military equipment though covert alteration made possible by purposed externalization
70/What is the direct consequence of these poor choices? What if the fake electronic parts could b remotely controlled? A US pilot could lose control of his aircraft. The person controlling frm a distance (a Vault7 DeepState operative in China or anywhere in the world) would be..
71/controlling a giant drone with humans inside and that could be used like a guided BOMB! - You now understand why a US SUBMARINE can randomly launch a missile & cause a major diplomatic incident or even a nuclear war.
72/You now understand why our military aircrafts are randomly crashing while Trump is fighting the Deep State.
73/RECAP: selling fake parts has 2 purposes: Money and Security Leverage. The private company selling the parts takes the money, the Deep State operative allowing the transaction takes the security leverage.
74/Now that we know what’s going on in the Military, let’s take a look at commercial planes: FAKE PARTS EVERYWHERE. Did you know that JetBlue was in the list of at least 17 commercial carriers which were unaware they were using unapproved parts until the parts failed?!
75/Did you know that despite FAA Cease-And-Desist-Order, private companies continued to sell these fake parts?! May 17, 2017 article: CA Company Continued to Sell Bogus Aircraft Parts Despite FAA Cease-and-Desist Order…
76/These companies are protected by powerful politicians from the DeepState. Just like NK was a nuclear facility used by the DeepState for leverage, the whole commercial airline fleet is an ARMADA in the hands of the DeepState that can be activated at any given time! Unless...
77/something was done about it.
Fortunately, something was done about it. By Who? The US Secret Service. Read on...
78/Now that we know all this, we ask: is Air Force One secured? Fake parts in Air Force One?
THE ANSWER IS YES. We know there was in 1995. They hide it with the complicity of Mockingbird media but it’s right here:
79/As a Q reader, you know why it took them 16 years to start an investigation and why they picked NoName to conduct it. Air Force One HAS ALWAYS BEEN COMPROMISED. It was part of the Deep State leverage against a sitting POTUS.
80/Air Force One was compromised, just like the White House was compromised when Trump got elected. Q tells us this early on, on 11-01-2017
81/Q30: Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected? Fantasy right?
82/This is the reason why they had to do the so called renovations: The White House Renovation Reportedly Cost $1.75 Million…
83/How is this relevant and how is this connected to the JFK JetBlue plane?
When the President’s security is at stake, who is in charge?
Who does the USSS report to?
DHS Secretary.
Who was Trump’s first DHS Secretary?
General Kelly.
And there you have it.
84/Read Q14 dated 10-31-17, from the 3rd day we ever heard of Q !
Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?
Was Trump asked to run for President w/assurances made to prevent tampering?
How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?
Who is helping POTUS?
85/General Kelly is in the network of trusted military people who asked Trump to run & who are helping him. Kelly first stopped at DHS to clean the Secret Service & prepare Kirstjen Nielsen (someone he trusts) for his future replacement.
86/When this job was done, Kelly then moved to the White House Chief of Staff position & started his silent war against Rosenstein. Kelly’s stop at DHS allowed the USSS to really work on Air Force One & secure it just like they did with the “White House Renovation”.
87/General Kelly was sworn in as WH Chief of Staff on July 31 2017, the “renovation” started 4 days later on August 4 2017. Coincidence? NO. Kelly was continuing the work he started with the USSS when he was at DHS.
88/For Air Force One, it is safe to say the USSS has created countermeasures to protect the Aircraft, inspect the integrity of all its parts and subsequently detect any possibility of an electronic hijack before it occurs.
89/Now it is time to take a closer look at the USSS picture Q provided where he is thanking them. As you can see, the aircraft is not Air Force One, it is in fact a United Airlines aircraft. What is Q saying here?
90/Why is he thanking the USSS while showing a commercial aircraft? He is saying the countermeasures the USSS developed to secure Air Force One have been implemented on all commercial flights operating in the US!!
91/Wow! Now if you are the Deep State and do not have this information, you would try to electronically hijack an aircraft right? Well, that is exactly what happened with the JFK JetBlue plane and that is why Q thanked them again when the incident happened.
92/Now you are equipped to solve the riddle in its entirety.
Again, here is the solution, read carefully:
93/Despite Q’s Messages sent in Q1414, where Q is informing black hats that he has taken countermeasures against their attempt to secure their comms, the Deep State tried its luck hoping it could activate its bomb network of commercial jets to deflect from the Rosenstein issue.
94/Unfortunately for them, the USSS quietly did its job and new protocols they were not aware of helped preempt their attempt. The Deep State is now learning about Q’s comms. The hard way.
95/So what is next? Now that Q has shown he has complete control of the commercial aircraft network, what do you think the Deep State will try? Q told us, right here:
Be vigilant.
These people HATE America.
97/ALSO remember: Hackers can remotely take complete control of a vehicle; engine, steering, acceleration, breaks, lights, etc.
98/What is the common theme when bad news is about to break against them?
In ref to tweet #34 & 35 in this thread:
Q1336-Former dignitaries hold Sec Clearance (HRC)-Five Eyes-NZ no logs/no flags/no records
Q1668-Five Eyes=bad actors & WE HAVE THE SERVER <DNC> !!
💥Nunes Refers 10 current&former 🐍Obama Officials 2 Hs Judiciary…
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