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1/ Uranium One - a #qanon read.

Strap in.
2/ I had all my notes in front of me but as usual @CityPowerJhb turn off my suburb Lombardy East when they need a bit more juice for everyone else. Thanks guys - you suck.

So this is from memory on a laptop.

3/ In 2005-2006, WJC helped a small company break through to the big time in Uranium. The company was UrAsia Energy Ltd and the owner was Frank Giustra. Thanks to Bill's influence, UrAsia won a lucrative deal in Khazakstan.

4/ Around the same time, Russia was looking to spend $10bn on aggressively expanding its reach in global uranium markets.

5/ The following year, IIRC, UrAsia Energy was purchased by Canadian company Uranium One. Uranium One's chairman would also donate quite a bit of money to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2009, Russia decided it wanted to buy a 17% stake in Uranium One.

6/ Naturally this raised all sorts of national security questions. The US relied on imported uranium for 92% of its energy requirements. Having it partially under Russian control was disquieting to some members of Congress.

7/ And with good reason. We now know that the FBI was carefully investigating Russian corruption on US shores to do with uranium in 2009. In fact the FBI had an informant deep inside the Russian nuclear industry who was gathering evidence.

8/ But none of this would come out. Instead, HRC championed a 'Russian reset' which would allow Russia to take the stake in U1, among other things.

"Russia should be viewed as a friendly partner under Section 123 the Atomic Energy Act of 1954" - BHO, May 2010.

9/ The witness would be gagged and the FBI investigation drag on for another four years before being killed by Comey.

And the Russians would pay hundreds of millions of dollars to the CF. Pure coincidence of course.

10/ There were some sticking points: Russia was supplying Iran and NK with nuclear tech. But nothing that couldn't be worked around by agreements with the US to reduce arms and that sort of thing.

This will be very important later.

11/ The FBI's efforts to prove corruption was comprehensive. It got financial records and emails that proved Russian nuclear executives were doing their very best to illegally corner US uranium. A US State attorney was also investigating a subsidiary company in Maryland.

12/ But Russia's nuclear corruption was entirely unknown to Congress and the American people, even when in 2011, the Obama administration permitted Rosatom subsidiary Tenex to sell uranium to US reactors.

13/ In 2015, @peterschweizer's book Clinton Cash, would expose a lot of these dealings, especially the use of the Clinton Foundation as a pay-for-play vehicle.

And in 2016, #FBIAnon would tell anons to look for companies breaking in to the big time thanks to the CF.

14/ Then in October last year, The Hill broke the story with all the details: the FBI investigation, the witness, the gagging and the controversial approval of the deal despite all the corruption that was evident:…

15/ We also found out that, despite assurances to the contrary by Obama's Nuclear Regulatory Commission, US uranium left the country repeatedly between 2012 and 2014.…
16/ Which brings me to #qanon's drops. He spoke quite a bit about U1. For reasons that will shortly become clear, I think it was the most important information he imparted to us between Oct 28 and Jan 5.
17/ Senator Grassley (R) Iowa, meets in secret with the secret FBI Uranium One informant, outed by Roths-owned Reuters as one William D. Campbell.

Later #qanon would tell us that there are people who really really don't want him to spill the beans.
18/ @SaraCarterDC would get her hands on all of Campbell's evidence and write a superb story about it.

"Why was Sarah A. C. attacked (hack-attempt)?" - #qanon, Nov 12.

The reason was to see what she had and/or to get rid of it.
@SaraCarterDC 19/ #qanon would later note that she is now under protection because of this story.

Obviously very powerful people don't want the truth about Uranium One coming out.
20/ So what exactly is the truth about Uranium One? I believe it's at the heart of the biggest coverup in US history of the most monstrous crime in the history of the world.

21/ And #qanon told us very early on what it was: so that the elites could hold the world hostage with suitcase nukes.
22/ THE SUM OF ALL FEARS - great Tom Clancy book on a rogue group detonating a suitcase nuke at the Super Bowl.

U1 - CA - EU - ASIA - IRAN/NK.

That was the pipeline. NK had payload delivery but not the enriched uranium.

23/ Who was supposed to win in 2016? HRC. Why did the Pope, the Queen, BHO and others make public statements about Dec 25 2015 being the last Christmas? Literally - look it up.

Because they planned that it really would be the last Christmas on Earth.

24/ After nukes go off in a whole bunch of capital cities, killing millions and paralyzing the world with fear, the Council would have stepped forward and demanded allegiance to the NWO and its master, Lucifer, the final act to the 100 year plan to destroy the West.

25/ Ab chao, ordo.

Out of chaos, order.

What happened?

Oh yeah, that's right.

They never thought she would lose.

But she did.

26/ Russia's role in all this is fascinating. Putin and Russia HATE the global elites. They utterly detest them. Russia is a white, christian, proud, nationalistic nation with a very rich cultural heritage - everything the global elites want to destroy.
Putin is no fool.
27/ His plan is to corner the US uranium market so he can have leverage over the Clinton machine when the time comes for this appalling plan to be put into action.

Russia supplies NK and Iran with nuke tech already so he KNOWS something's up.

28/ But Uranium One under Russian control isn't quite enough for Russia to stop the secret export of uranium to Iran and then on to NK.

Russia is secretly bypassed by JT. #qanon hinted to us that this was the case.

>Why is the Canadian PM so important?
29/ POTUS wins on Nov 8. He is immediately called by a relieved Putin. The NWO will not be forcing Russia into a world war or letting off suitcase nukes all over the world.

@realDonaldTrump needs to clean up the U1 scandal. He turns to two people who were right there.

30/ One was FBI Director at the time, forced to look away while the Clintons made hundreds of millions of dollars sending uranium to NK and Iran.

Robert Mueller.

31/ The other was a US Attorney in Maryland, investigating Russian corruption of the US nuclear industry in his home state. His name?

Rod Rosenstein.

That's right. The current Deputy Attorney General.

32/ What was the VERY FIRST thing #qanon told us?

>Open your eyes.
>It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.

U1 is at the heart of everything. What are RR and RM investigating? Trump-Russian collusion. What are they REALLY investigating? U1.
33/ How do you investigate collusion between the entire Obama administration and Russia? You appoint people to investigate non-existent collusion between Trump and Russia, pulling in Obama appointees only too happy to help you, like PS.

34/ The Ds have only JUST figured out that RR is not on their side. They were literally frightened of his testimony the other day:

They've been played by the smartest strategist of all time.

35/ You want these evil sick bastards strung up. I want them burned at the stake. We all want to see some action. But consider: just the Clinton Foundation's role in this scandal alone has taken years to investigate, let alone the high treason and child trafficking.

36/ Then there are the other major players in all this: the international players like JT, the enablers like JC, JM, PS, NP, JC, EH and JB, and the relatively minor players like @elonmusk who provided NK with missle guidance for their ICBMs.

All will hang.
37/ Prosecuting this will take time. Things must be done in a specific order. They already have been progressing: two of the three major puppet masters are no more. One is being left alone to precipitate the final takedown.

38/ Global child trafficking networks have been wound up. Trillions in dirty money has been removed from the system. Death by a thousand cuts to the previous adminstration proceeds slowly and painfully.

Soon, The Storm will be here.

Happy 4th of July friends.

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