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🔞 yoonmin au | yoongi has always thought of himself as straight, only had relationships with women, only sex with women... but now everything is from a new perspective because he’s dating his neighbor jimin, and he kind of really wants to have sex with him and that’s pretty gay
this is an addition to my compulsory heterosexuality AU, it's set a couple of weeks after it ended meaning the theme is mostly about insecurities about sexual orientations. you can read the AU here:

just in case if the 🔞 wasn’t clear enough, this is a nsfw yoonmin au featuring in depth talk about sex, sexual frustration and of course a explicit sex scene.

(pd: i have the boys blocked, but either way please don’t tag them on this kind of content)
• Jimin has a great ass. He really has.

Yoongi kind of already knew in a ‘no homo way’ that went a bit like “my neighbor must hit the gym a lot because he’s really fit” but now he’s aware of it through the gayest way there is: grabbing his ass while they make out on the couch
The thing with Yoongi doing freelance photography and Jimin only working on his thesis is that they have time, they have time while Yoongi looks for other jobs and Jimin waits until his thesis advisor sends him a correction. Time they spend together. Making out is their new hobby
Which is why Jimin is currently on top of Yoongi, straddling him, kissing and nibbling. The elder thought at some point that he was going to have trouble kissing Jimin since he was also a man but it was nothing like that, Yoongi loved the feel of Jimin’s lips on his, on his neck,
definitely Yoongi loved his hands on Jimin’s ass. He was a simple man. He didn’t even miss boobs pressing against his chest, not with how distracting and enticing everything Jimin does is. Like the way he archs his back, or how his breathing gets a bit desperate, that he bites
It was clear they were affected by the other so it was going to happen eventually, but even if he saw it coming Yoongi wished he would have been more prepared to feel a full hard on against his semi. He didn’t had much time to think about it, Jimin was already rolling his hips
And it feels good, really good, they don’t stop kissing, Yoongi takes advantage of his hands on Jimin’s bum to firmly ground him against his crotch, looking for friction again.

He’ll later regret acting on impulse because his actions only encouraged Jimin to grow more bolder
Because if they were grinding on eachother like teenagers -borderline dry humping- but unlike teenagers they lived alone and they were both adults aware of their bodies, it was obvious Jimin would think it was okay to whisper to Yoongi: “hyung, let me- want to make you feel good”
Yoongi knew he already was like 78% gay, obviously because he was hard due of his boyfriend grinding on him, but he could only handle one step at a time, he nervously blinked. He had to answer Jimin otherwise the younger would think Yoongi doesn’t want him

“H-how?” he asked
Jimin teasingly smiled, and Yoongi realized he had said the wrong thing, the younger got away from Yoongi’s body, he lowered himself until he was crouching near Yoongi’s crotch, and Yoongi could only watch him with wide eyes

“What do you want me to do with you?” Jimin asked back
The elder could think of many things he’d like Jimin to do, things he’d thought of the younger doing even when he was struggling with those feelings, things he fantasizes about now, with Jimin’s lips and his mouth, or his hands, but Yoongi wasn’t ready for it yet, it’s too soon
Jimin is waiting expectantly, the older man just looks around, he has no excuse- no ‘I have a paper to do’, no ‘I have a job interview’. He can only sigh and be honest, he doesn’t think Jimin will be disappointed-okay maybe he will get frustrated, but he won’t get mad

“Love, I-“
Jimin moves his head to a side like he does when he’s confused, it’s cute

“I- I’m not really in the mood,” Yoongi closes his eyes, “right now”

He’s such a loser, who turns sex down? who turns sex down with a person that looks like Jimin?

“Oh,” the younger seems taken aback
“But you’re hard” Jimin pouts, staring at Yoongi’s crotch

And he is, he terribly is and it’s getting uncomfortable inside his jeans but he can’t bring himself to go further, he’s panicking because he doesn’t want Jimin to think it has to do with him, it’s all on Yoongi but-
“It’s okay,” Jimin says, “I’ll just have to go jerk off because this,” he looks at himself, “isn’t going down.” Yoongi nods, he moves around the couch to sit down properly, Jimin is looking at him, waiting. “You can tell me if there’s something wrong, you know?” the younger adds
“Not that not wanting to get a mindblowing blowjob-“ Yoongi snorts because Jimin seems proud at his play of words “-from me means there’s something wrong, it’s just that maybe I’m rushing you and I don’t want that because you’re just getting used to us,” he whispers the last part
Yoongi sits closer to Jimin, close enough he can kiss his neck. From there he can speak without looking at his eyes, between pecks he whispers back, “I just need some time, I need to-” he bites and Jimin tense, “I want you, don’t think I don’t- fuck- I really really want you”
“Yoon-“ Jimin moans lowly when Yoongi lifts his hand to the younger’s neck to keep him steady and suck the skin there, leave some marks, “Ah- hyung don’t do that-“ Yoongi takes a step back and a flushed Jimin breathes “Don’t rile me up if then I’ll have to do it myself” he whines
“Sorry,” Yoongi breathes

“You just tell me when you’re ready, hyung, I told you I can wait” The younger grins and Yoongi can’t help it but kiss him, a quick open mouthed kiss, Jimin smiles into the kiss and he looks beautiful like that. “Now, I really have to go-“ he blushes
Knowing Jimin was jerking off just next door because Yoongi couldn’t do it himself was driving him crazy. He got inside the shower to clear his mind but ended stroking himself until he was fully hard again. It wouldn’t be the first time he thinks of his neighbor in this situation
The first time was probably one of the most torturing nights of Yoongi’s life, he and Jimin had just started to hang out and Yoongi couldn’t name the warmth he felt around the other boy, he felt so dirty when the younger’s pretty face came to his mind while he was masturbating
It was technically Jimin’s fault, he told Yoongi he liked how ribbed condoms felt inside of him, it was only natural that a visual of Jimin on his hands and knees haunted Yoongi while he tried to release stress. Either way he was disgusted by himself then

But now it’s different
Now it’s completely Yoongi’s fault. They are dating, they were just together, and if he wanted he could have had Jimin, but he can’t do it, and now he’s stroking himself as fast as he can with the thought of his boyfriend doing the same, and that’s just lame, he’s so lame
His mind brings images of Jimin, but Yoongi tries to reject the images of what he thinks Jimin’s naked body is like or images of Jimin’s cock. He can’t think of those. He cums instead with the thought of Jimin on his knees letting Yoongi fuck his mouth, eyes closed and lips shiny
Does he feel bad afterwards? yes, he kind of does, because he likes Jimin, he likes everything about him, but he freaks out as soon as he feels his boner and he can’t think of it either, and that’s a problem to Yoongi, because that’s like trying to ignore what’s between his legs
Jeongguk and Taehyung are coming over to Yoongi’s apartment, and as he has been doing since he befriended the younger boys he offered to make dinner.

He’s cutting vegetables when Jimin walks inside the kitchen, he had just taken a shower and was probably wearing Yoongi’s clothes
“Can I help?” Jimin asks as he hugs Yoongi from behind, his arms circling the elder’s waist.

“Get me the salad bowl from down there,” Yoongi gestures with his head. When he feels Jimin moving away Yoongi turns around to get a good look of his boyfriend wearing his clothes
Jimin is bending over, he wears one of Yoongi’s big sweatshirts, for some reason it looks bigger on Jimin, the black fabric covers up to his upper thighs, Yoongi stares at the contrast between Jimin’s skin and the fabric and he unconsciously walks forward leaving his chore behind
He touches Jimin’s inner thigh, slaps it softly only to see how firm it is, he’s had a fixation on his thighs for a long time. The younger gasps at the touch, his body tenses

“Your hands are cold” he complains, but Yoongi doesn’t take them away, he grabs forcefully, Jimin whines
Yoongi actually thought at first that he was drawn to Jimin’s thighs because he was jealous of the younger, because he had such pretty legs, full and formed, unlike his skinny pale legs, but in time he realized it wasn’t really jealousy but a strong desire to leave marks on them,
Having Jimin only in his sweatshirt and showing off skin wasn’t good for Yoongi’s libido,

“hyung,” Jimin is blushing, he still hasn’t moved, Yoongi is appreciating the view, he starts lifting the black fabric up, finding more skin, meaning that there is nothing underneath
“Ah- fuck,” he growls, dragging Jimin up to press him against the counter, Yoongi sticks himself to Jimin’s back, he starts leaving wet kisses to wherever he can access on his neck, “you’re doing this on purpose, trying to hurry me up?”

“No! I was going to go change to my place”
Yoongi is pushing against his boyfriend’s ass, lifting the sweatshirt up so his hard on rubs into Jimin directly, he’s so frustrated, it’s impossible sharing a space with Jimin for so much time and not getting horny eventually. He faintly thrusts into him

“Kiss me- Yoongi,”
He can't say no to that, not when Jimin asks so prettily. He takes a step back so Jimin can turn around and face him, Yoongi pushes into him as soon as he turns, licking inside his mouth, he has his hands next to Jimin caging him in, and they are kissing desesperately, panting
Yoongi tries to ignore the feeling of Jimin's dick against his leg, it makes him feel a little weird, it's not exactly an uncomfortable weight, but still- he decides he should focus on kissing Jimin, so he takes Jimin's lower lip into his mouth, sucking

Jimin's hands roam around
And then Jimin is grabbing Yoongi's ass

The elder moves away from Jimin instantly, the blonde boy looks at him confused but his little hands are still back there. "What are you doing?"

"We're kissing?"

"You're touching my ass"

"Yeah?" Jimin squints his eyes "You always do it"
"It's weird"

Jimin quickly moves his hand away as if they were burnt, but he's pouting, a frown on his face "Why?"

"You have a great ass, like-" Yoongi gestures round figures with his hands and Jimin rolls his eyes, "it's made for being grabbed, but I don't- mine is flat"
"It's not! Like, it's barely there," Jimin giggles, "but it is! It's-" the younger pursues his lips in thought "bubbly"

Yoongi stares at Jimin blankly but the younger keeps nodding, Yoongi then tries to get a look at it over his shoulder, Jimin chuckles, he's being ridiculous.
He throws /what he hopes is/ an intimidating gaze at Jimin "Don't touch it"

"Why?" Jimin looks so dissapointed, "it's cute!" Yoongi closes his eyes, his boyfriend takes a step forward getting into his space, "wait, your exes never grabbed your butt?" the younger gasps offended
"No! I grabbed their asses!" he explains, "Why would they touch mine if it's like a back? Girls have nice butts, well you do too-"

"Tae has a great ass" Jimin adds

Yoonig nods, "The thing is I'm the guy so I did the ass grabbing"

"Heteros are weird" Jimin scrunches his nose
The blonde boy hums and then he smiles slyly "...but under that dumb logic I'm a guy too, so I get to grab your ass"

"Stop it, Min" Yoongi scowls

"Aw, babe!" Jimin throws his arms around Yoongi's neck "Don't pout! I won't do it if you don't want to, but your logic is stupid"
Yoongi shakes his head but gives Jimin a peck on the lips nonetheless, "Go change before your friends arrive"

"Our friends" he corrects and Yoongi nods, before Jimin moves he whispers, "Yoon, when they leave, could we- umh maybe, keep going? I won't touch you there, I promise!"
"We'll see" Yoongi plays aloof

"See what?" The younger crosses his arms,

"If you deserve it"

"Ah- that's how we're playing now, hyung? What do I have to do to deserve it?"

Yoongi knows where this will lead to and he can't afford another make out session with Jimin right now
"First put more clothes on" Yoongi cuts it out and the younger deflates, but either way adds a bright "ok!" as he waddles out

Yoongi breathes deeply, what is he going to do? he can't resist Jimin but there's always something stopping him and it's starting to get bad for his dick
Jimin has his hand on Yoongi’s thigh while they are eating.

Taehyung is telling Jimin about a trip they will be doing to Busan. Tae is anxious about meeting his boyfriend’s parents but Jimin reassures him they are the nicest people ever ,from a not-their-son point of view,
Yoongi is so happy he met Jimin, he’s positive, always trying to help, he’s been so supportive of him and not because he likes Yoongi but because it’s the right thing to do, he’s behaving like everyone should, but they don’t.

Yoongi lowers his hand to rest in on top of Jimin’s
“Aw Yoongi and Jimin are holding hands under the table,” Jeongguk teases when he notices Jimin is eating with his left hand to be able to hold Yoongi’s thigh, “You’re like high school boyfriends”

Jeongguk is damned right because Yoongi feels as giddy and horny as a 15-year-old
“Aw, it’s true, so cute!” Tae joins the teasing

Jimin only eats, he doesn’t let go of Yoongi, “They are in that time of their relationship,” Jeongguk dreamily adds

“Like when we started dating!”

“When you forgot about my existence” Jimin corrects, Yoongi squeezes his hand
Taehyung pouts, “but you understand us now! You’re dating hyung so you know how it gets at first, that you can’t keep your hands off eachother” he gestures under the table where indeed they are holding hands, “and you two are so lucky! you have two apartments all to yourselves!”
Yoongi knows what Taehyung is implying by that and he doesn’t want the conversation to keep going, “unlike Gguk here that lives with that idiot of his roomate that never leaves us alone and obviously wants to suck his dick”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes, Yoongi only nods unimpressed
“Mingyu wants to suck your dick?? No way! Why am I just finding about this now??” Jimin is more agitated by this story, he even gets away from Yoongi’s hold

“Because he doesn’t and Taehyung is only being dramatic,”

“Well, you’re not his type at all,” Jimin sides with Jeongguk
“Jimin just because you two fucked twice doesn’t make you his type and-“ Taehyung slaps his own mouth, Jimin goes tense and Jeongguk’s eyes widen

Yoongi stares at them confused, but, oh- yeah- they are talking about his boyfriend having sex with other dude right on his table
“You’re eating my food, Taehyung”

“Yes, sir, I will shut up now,” The table is quiet for a moment, and Yoongi can’t help but think about how Jimin quickly took his hand away from Yoongi as soon as the other guy was mentioned- a guy that gave him what Yoongi hasn’t given him yet
Jimin brings back the topic of the trip the couple is doing but his hand doesn’t return to Yoongi’s thigh

Yoongi eats silently. His boyfriend is obviously desirable, they are at a time of their relationship when they should be all over eachother, even more than they already are-
and they have all the space and time, they are alone and it’s all just laid out for him but Yoongi is making dumb excuses inside his head to get away from Jimin

Why does he get so anxious with the thought of his boyfriend’s dick? It’s just a dick- it even must be a pretty one
Jeongguk’s roommate must have liked it, and from what Taehyung said they weren’t even dating so why can’t Yoongi -the boyfriend- go for it if this guy could? Any gay man with all his neurons working would want Jimin’s dick-

Yoongi is half a gay man, he needs to get it together
Yoongi knows Jimin won’t rush him, but he is only human too, and it’s obvious he wants it, he might act mature and selfless and Yoongi loves that he does, but he is also anticipating anything Yoongi will give him, and Yoongi also wants to give anything to Jimin. He is going to.
Yoongi is washing the dishes, he can hear Jimin and Jeongguk arguing outside, he’s about to yell at Jimin and ask him to bring the rest of the cups when Taehyung walks inside the kitchen with them, and- oh no, Yoongi knows it’s time for The Talk with the boyfriend’s best friend
“hey hyung,” Taehyung starts and Yoongi is already tense, “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable”

Yoongi turns around, “What? Why?”

The red haired boy looks anxious, his wide eyes looking around, “I forgot you went like- trough a lot before accepting Jimin’s feelings and I-“
“-talked as if you were on the same terms as us during dinner, it must have been a little inconsiderate from my part? I forgot your relationship with Chim is different from mine and Gguk’s because we didn’t struggle like you”

Yoongi blinks, of course he’s Jiminie’s best friend
“It’s okay,” Yoongi chuckles. He thinks it’s cute, because Taehyung looks so big next to Yoongi but he’s also such a nice soul like Jimin,

“Now I should tell you that if you hurt Jimin, Jeongguk goes to the gym daily and he could beat you”

Yoongi snorts, it keeps getting better
“I won’t”

Taehyung has a pretty boxy smile, it reaches his eyes, “Good then, if you ever feel like you might... You can tell me first and I’ll try to help”

Yoongi blinks. He really hasn’t spoken to anyone about what’s on his head, he thinks it’s too complicated for FaceTime-
-so he hasn’t asked Namjoon for help, and he hasn’t explained it entirely to Jimin, afraid the younger might feel it’s his fault somehow or that he might conclude Yoongi doesn’t want him

And unfortunately he only has Joon and Jimin, maybe it would be good, to have someone else
“This might sound dumb, but maybe you have a good advice, you seem like you do” Yoongi whispers and a smiling Taehyung walks closer to listen clearly, he looks expectantly at Yoongi, “Ah, well, I a- I am scared of,” Yoongi gestures with his hand, but Taehyung only looks confused,
“it” Yoongi finally manages

“It?” Taehyung asks, “the horror movie?” He scrunches his face

“Jesus, no!” the elder shakes his head, “It with Jimin” he hisses lowly

And Taehyung’s eyes widen, a small “Oh” goes out of his lips, and then a larger knowingly “oooooh, I understand”
“You do?”

“Doing the do! Diving inside! I know” Taehyung whispers, “that’s why you got so tense when I mentioned Mingyu fuck- Jimin’s previous relationships”

“Yes,” Yoongi adds dryly

“But Jimin is really soft? Why are you scared?” Taehyung shakes his head, “Ah, I forgot-“
“-you thought you were straight, yes yes, of course you’re afraid. You’ve seen gay porn?”

Yoongi is regretting wanting to be friends with Taehyung, “Yes. Once,”

“Well, it looks- it doesn’t hurt that much, for real, whats important is the prep- and hygiene”

”Stop- just, no-“
“It’s not about the pain?” Taehyung purses his lips

“No, it’s just about- the idea of doing it”

“You’re scared of the idea?” Tae grabs the wet dishes and starts drying them, Yoongi thinks it’s to ease him, he nods then. “Ah- thats different, that’s more complicated isn’t it?”
Taehyung is quiet for a while, then he starts, his low voice somehow soothing for Yoongi. “Were you scared when you had sex for the first time?”

“Nervous I wouldn’t last, excited most than anything,”

“Was it her first time too?”


“Was she scared?”

Yoongi blinks, “Yes,”
“You weren’t told to be scared, now did you? you weren’t the one risking it all, she was,” Taehyung chuckles, “you- you were told you were gaining something whereas she was losing something,” Yoongi nods slowly, “so you weren’t scared back then, she was, and now you’re scared”
“What have you been told about sex with another man other than you will loose your manhood or some stupid shit like that, there’s this belief that a man loses something if he’s intimate with another, so you’re afraid you’ll loose something now, the way she was afraid back then,”
“You’re not going to loose anything, hyung, it’s not going to make you less of a man, it wasn’t going to make her less of a proper woman either, people just talk bullshit-“ Taehyung smiles as he finishes drying the dishes. “Was she different after it? Were you different?”
“I bet the world just kept going, it didn’t stop because she seemingly lost something, the world didn’t change because she gave up her virginity to you because there is none, and you won’t be less of a man if you decide to share something special with Jimin, the world won’t stop”
“You know when the world stops?” Taehyung smiles fondly, a dumbfounded Yoongi can only nod, dying to know “When you realize you’re doing it out of love rather than pleasure, the world kicks you and you think ‘now I’m truly fucked”

Almost in queue Jeongguk runs inside the kitchen
He’s holding Holly, “Tae, I finally got Jiminie hyung to give me the dog, let’s run away right now with it- oh, Yoongi- hyung, we’re abducting your puppy”

Taehyung’s face lights up, and Jimin’s whines can be heard from outside, “Did you lock Jimin in the bathroom?”

“Eugh, you genius,” Taehyung celebrates Jeongguk’s doing and the younger boy smiles brightly, they all have such pure smiles, Yoongi thinks. Tae and Jimin and Jeongguk, like Tae said they haven’t lost anything really, at least not to the way they’ve decided to live their life
“You’ve locked my boyfriend in a bathroom, and want to kidnap my son, in my own house? under my roof?” Yoongi moves towards Jeongguk but the younger starts running and Yoongi has to go after him. It’s okay, Yoongi thinks as he tries to save Holly, he’ll be okay,
Yoongi whispers a quick “Thank you” to Taehyung when they leave. Holly is already sleeping, tired of playing around with Jeongguk, who promises will visit again even if Jimin is telling him not to, complaining about his behavior

As soon as they close the door, Yoongi holds Jimin
“Ah-“ Jimin gasps when Yoongi pushes him towards his room, his large hands on the younger’s waist, “Yoon-?”

Yoongi kisses him, he’s been wanting to for a long time, and Jimin must have wanted it too because he opens his mouth to let Yoongi lick inside, getting messy quickly
Jimin spreads his legs for Yoongi to settle between them, the elder moves from Jimin’s lips, to his neck, pining him on the bed, adding pressure with his body,

“Hyung, hyung, don’t be mean-“ the blonde boy complains between ragged breath

”Just let me- only a little longer”
Yoongi is back to kissing Jimin, love how his lips feel on him, the little sounds Jimin makes, the hands gripping his shirt, wet sounds filling his room,

Jimin lifts his legs up to circle them around Yoongi’s waist, bringing him closer, positioning him right where he needs him
The elder rubs Jimin’s thighs, upset that jeans are on his way of smooth skin, but he doesn’t stop, his hands roaming around as he keeps kissing Jimin, only stopping to take a breath and then back to sucking on his full lips, biting them

“Hyung,” Jimin whispers to Yoongi’s mouth
“If I get hard -and I swear I will if you keep brushing against me like you’re doing- I’m going to be so mad at you,” Jimin hisses, he pulls at Yoongi’s shirt like he’s trowing a tantrum

Yoongi chuckles, he moves his hands to next to Jimin on the bed, lifting himself up a little
He smiles when the younger pouts at the separation between their bodies, he tries pulling Yoongi down again but then the elder thrusts upwards, rubbing against Jimin, he does it again, and the younger closes his eyes in pleasure

“Do you want me to take care of it?”

Jimin blinks
“W-what?” Jimin whispers

Yoongi is slowly rubbing himself against Jimin, watching closely how the younger reacts to Yoongi’s firmness, “I want to take care of you,”

“Ah-“ Jimin gasps as Yoongi quickens the roll of his hips, he hides behind his hands, “Don’t be embarrassing-“
Yoongi lowers himself again, kisses Jimin softly, he takes a breath before going for it because he’s been particularly avoiding this and the only way to get over it is to just go for it.

He cups Jimin’s erection, spreads and pushes his hand against it, attentive to Jimin’s gasps
It’s different of course, but Yoongi shouldn’t think about it, why would he be weirded out if Jimin opens his mouth slightly in pleasure, if Jimin whispers a broken, “Your hand is so big, it feels g-good”

He just rubs Jimin through the jeans the way he would like it done to him
“What have you done to my boyfriend?” Jimin giggles, a sweet innocent sound accompanied by his cute eyesmile that doesn’t answer to the way he is rolling his hips searching for Yoongi’s touch, “I was starting to think he didn’t want-“

Yoongi lowers Jimin’s zipper to shush him
He realizes maybe a little too late that he’s not ready to see Jimin’s dick, he only surges forward to kiss the younger, “Is this okay?” he asks and Jimin nods enthusiastically, Yoongi goes back to Jimin’s lips and with the distraction he pushes his hand inside of Jimin’s boxers
Yoongi is not surprised that Jimin’s cock is small, he thinks it’s cute that he can wrap his hand around all of it even inside his briefs, he’s surprised by the amount of pre cum, can’t even imagine how turned on he must make the younger- considering by the blush and moans, a lot
Suddenly his fears are drowned out by a strong need to make Jimin feel good, to make Jimin squirm and shake, he’s crazy about the boy under him, crazy about the way he mewls his name, Yoongi doesn’t have time to think it’s another man’s dick on his hand when Jimin looks like that
He spreads the precum with his thumb, adding presssure to the head, Jimin hisses slightly, Yoongi only tries to think what he likes when jerking off so he plays with the tip, it’s a little dry to stroke so he only kneads with his fingers, Jimin closes his eyes, looks away quickly
Yoongi is grateful for the position, he assaults Jimin’s neck, biting and nibbing as he toys with Jimin’s dick, he thinks he could look down, see it, but then stops himself. He doesn’t want to be weirded out and stop, he wants to focus on pleasuring Jimin,

“Let me-“ Jimin says
“I want to touch you too,” Jimin whines, his hands fumbling with Yoongi’s pants, when Jimin rubs him, Yoongi stops moving all together, his boyfriend turns to see him and then his eyes widen, “Oh- is that not okay?” he looks- disappointed, which is something Yoongi strongly hates
“No, pretty, it’s- it’s okay, I just-“ It’s not the time to be having a crisis, Yoongi scolds himself, he has Jimin on his hand and he’s destroying the moment, he’s got to be honest, Jimin touching him as well doesn’t sound bad at all, it sounds great actually, “It’s okay”
“You sure?” Jimin tries again, his voice soothing and god, Yoongi is an idiot, he just had to make this awkward, “Babe, look at me,” Jimin demands, Yoongi still has his hand down Jimin’s briefs, and even if the younger is hard, Yoongi thinks he’s already ruined it, “Min Yoongi!”
Yoongi looks up and Jimin kisses his. cheek softly first, “Don’t force yourself to want it if you don’t, please” he carefully whispers

“I do want you, Jimin,” Yoongi doesn’t want him to think otherwise, “I’m hard as fuck, only from seeing and touching you, I want you a lot”
Jimin blushes, “I know you want me” his voice quivers a little like he doesn’t believe it, “but I don’t want you to be nervous”

“That’s going to be impossible, min” Yoongi reasons, “Of course I’m gonna be nervous, but more than that I want to make you feel good, so it’s okay”
Jimin moves Yoongi’s hand away from his dick, and Yoongi realized he truly had ruined it, the first time they were going to go further all because he’s an idiot, he wants Jimin but his head is still trying to stop him

“Why are you pouting?” Jimin demands to know

“I ruined it”
“Ruined what?” Jimin kisses his pout away, “It’s not going to go smoothly everytime, it’s okay, I- you may think you will always be nervous but then that means I’m also doing something wrong, because I should make this as comfortable as I can for you, and I’m not doing it right,”
The last thing Yoongi wanted was for Jimin to have this preoccupations

“No, you’re not doing anything wrong!” He holds Jimin closer, it’s weird because they are still hard but they are cuddling

“I feel like I am because you get so- scared of me, I feel like maybe I’m forcing-“
“What? No!” Yoongi is kissing Jimin’s face all over, “You’re perfect, I’m the one fucking this up”

Jimin laughs, and lets Yoongi pamper him with kisses, of course Jimin is also going through it, the relationship is between two. It’s not only Yoongi’s fears, they are also Jimin’s
Jimin had scold Yoongi, told him he wasn’t fucking anything up at all. Jimin kisses him softly, tenderly.
Yoongi loves the way Jimin’s lips feel on his skin, like silk, he can stay like this forever. “I like you so much,” Jimin whispers, “so much,”
Yoongi feels warm all over,
Yoongi thinks of apologizing because he couldn’t finish what he had started but he buries his face between Jimin’s neck and shoulder, he realizes he doesn’t have to apologize for taking his time

“Stay with me,” Yoongi mumbles

Jimin is playing with the elder’s hair, “To sleep?”
“Yes” Jimin nods. He kisses Yoongi’s forehead and stands up to change.

After Jimin turns the lights off and climbs on top of the bed, Yoongi feels calm, with the sensation of Jimin next to him. This is so much better than sleeping alone-

“Fuck. Holly is going to get mad at me”
“He usually sleeps in here,” Yoongi panics, “He’s going to think I hate him because I left him outside”

Jimin giggles, “I’ll bring him, okay? Can he sleep with us?” the younger stands up, stretches a little, “I have to hug something when I sleep”

Yoongi frowns “Hug me, then”
Jimin’s smile is bright, “Okay then”

He and Jimin have napped together, stayed overnight watching movies in the living room and woken up with sore necks, but it’s the first time like this, all night in bed. Yoongi thinks he’s showing himself vulnerable to Jimin, and it’s good,
Yoongi is a light sleeper, he wakes up in the middle of night, restless, agitated, specially since he moved to Seoul. He likes being alone, but he hates being lonely. And unfortunately he had no one. Holly helped, but Jimin sealed the deal. He has no trouble sleeping that night,
Holly tiredly curls himself small at Yoongi’s feet
Jimin’s arm is around Yoongi’s waist, hair brushing Yoongi’s neck. It should be uncomfortable, it should get a little too warm but they are in that stage of the relationship when they can’t let go of eachother
Yoongi falls asleep
Of course he’s pissy when he wakes up and there’s no Jimin and no Holly nearby

“Min?” he asks loudly, the door of his room is open, the sun filtering through the curtains, creating a dim yellow lighting for the room

“Your baby was crying” Jimin appears wearing Yoongi’s shirt
Yoongi rubs his eyes, trying to see Jimin clearly from where he’s standing in the frame of the door, “What? Are you okay?”

“Me?” Jimin moves his head to a side, then his eyes widen and he giggles, his body bends forward, he covers his mouth, “I meant Holly when I said your baby”
“Aish,” Yoongi cringes in embarrassment, making himself smaller under the blankets

Jimin walks forward, closing the door behind him, “That’s so cute, hyung! Don’t hide, it was cute! Once you called Holly baby and I thought you were talking to me! Don’t hide!” he climbs the bed
Yoongi peeks from under the blankets, he’s frowning but not for long: Jimin looks beautiful in the morning with an oversized shirt, the sunlight making his blonde hair look brighter and his skin glowing. Yoongi grabs the younger’s wrist and pulls him down, Jimin laughs softly,
“Holly was hungry, so I went to give him food,” the younger curls against Yoongi, “I cleaned my hands before walking in here by the way, I’m not nasty” Jimin is pouting a little as he speaks, so Yoongi kisses him, but pulls away quickly

“Shit, do I have bad breath?”
Jimin laughs “Nothing too bad”

“I’ll be right back” Yoongi stands up, and the younger plops himself down on the bed. Yoongi notices Jimin had closed the door when he walked inside, he makes a mental note to close it as well when he comes back, because it probably means something
Yoongi feels ridiculous giving himself a pep talk in front of the mirror, but it’s necessary. He looks good, it’s all good, under control.

He moves his hair around, “Don’t think too much about it” he says to his reflection, “Whatever happens, happens. You got this”

Such a loser
“Don’t think too much about it, Min Yoongi, you’re going to do good”
He speaks to the mirror, he chuckles at himself, he really is in this situation when there’s no reason to but since he’s already here he whispers to his reflection again, “You’re doing good” to calm himself down
Jimin dangling his legs from where he’s laying on his stomach on Yoongi’s bed isn’t as intimidating as Yoongi has painted him to be, the younger is looking at something on his phone, he’s only wearing briefs but he has pulled the shirt down to cover himself up, he looks cute
Yoongi closes the door, locks it just in case.

He doesn't stop staring at his boyfriend as he gets inside the bed, he asks Jimin to do the same. "What? You want to sleep some more?" The younger wraps himself with the blankets and gets closer to Yoongi underneath them, "lazyyy~"
"Let's stay here all day" Yoongi mumbles, and he moves to be face to face, chest to chest, with Jimin. He decides he'll be direct about this, so he lowers his hand to Jimin's thigh, lift it up to his hip, Jimin smiles, wraping himself around Yoongi with his arms as well

If every sunday could be like this then Yoongi wants everyday to be sunday, he's kissing Jimin lazily, his fingers going up and down, trailing lines and zig zags on the younger's skin, Jimin's hands have found Yoongi's hair, pulling and twirling, the sunlight paints them both
Yoongi moves to Jimin's neck, he leaves behind the soft touches to roughly grab the younger's bum. Yoongi can feel Jimin smiling even if he can't see him, "Do you want to?" Yoongi asks

"Do you want to?" Jimin asks back

Yoongi gets the tips of his fingers under Jimin's briefs
Jimin moves to kiss Yoongi's lips. In the middle of it, the younger lowers his hand to pull Yoongi's sweatpants down, and Yoongi lets him, rising his hips a little to get down enough so his erection is out, they haven't stopped kissing when he does the same for Jimin
The blankets are still covering them, but Yoongi knows he's exposed, he doesn't mind that much when Jimin's hand wrap around him, he's hard already but he jumps a little either way because someone else's touch always feels better than the own, he breathes into Jimin's mouth,
"Ah- you're bigger than I thought" Jimin confesses

Yoongi is thankful for the comment, not because of the boost to his ego but because he didn't like the tension that was building between them "What did you expect?" he chuckles, does the same Jimin is doing to him to the younger
"Mmh-" Jimin hums when Yoongi starts rubbing circles to the tip of his dick, "You're really skinny and not that tall, so I thought, ah- more like me, maybe?" the younger searches for Yoongi's lips, the elder decides he won't comment on it so he opens his mouth for Jimin,
They are still chest to chest, but their arms and hands are a tangled mess under the blankets, one hand on a shoulder, the other one squeezing the head of Jimin’s dick lightly, one hand on a chest, the other one on Yoongi’s base, on top of the blankets they are languidly kissing
Their touches have a similar rhythm, slow, careful, almost curious. Yoongi moves slightly so they brush eachother, Jimin bites a moan, the roll of his hips getting quicker at the new sensation. He moves closer aligns himself next to Jimin’s so he can wrap his hand around the both
It feels good, better than he expected, Jimin’s hard on and his little moans, it all turns Yoongi on even more, he spreads the little pre cum there is down Jimin’s shaft trying to make the slide easier. Jimin’s hands are both gripping Yoongi’s chest, letting the elder stroke them
“Ah- Yoongi, do- do you have lube?”

Yoongi stills a little, he calms down and keeps rubbing Jimin, he wasn’t planning on going that far today. “I- I use lotion when I’m in a hurry to jerk off but- I don’t know-“

“Or are you okay with spit?”

What? Yoongi think that’s painful
“Min, I don’t think-“

“It’s just that- there isn’t that much precum, isn’t that a problem for you?” dryness has always been a problem for Yoongi but he doesn’t care right not

“Ah, for that,” he squeezes Jimin’s dick and the younger squirms a little, “I’m okay, you like it wet?”
“If you’re going to ah- jerk us off together then it should be more wet, don’t you think?”

The elder is kneading the head of the younger’s cock, loving how his body shivers with every press, “I- I wouldn’t know, baby, I have never done this before”

Jimin kisses him, “It should”
“Okay, but the lotion is in my bathroom.” He rubs his fingers against the tip, Jimin is getting redder and redder

He whines though, “Ah- I don’t want to stand up!”

“Then no lotion” Yoongi kisses his neck,

“We need it, it will get dry as soon as you start,” Jimin pouts
Yoongi keeps adding pressure, playing with Jimin’s cock, “Ah- Yoon-“ He throws his head back a little, and the elder is only riled up even more, he wants to bring out more reactions like that from Jimin

“You want it wet then?”

“Need it, otherwise it won’t-“

“I’ll make it wet”
Jimin’s eyes widen, “You-“

Yoongi lets go of Jimin, and moves the blanket away, the younger closes his legs as soon as the cover is gone. Yoongi complains about how warm it has gotten and removes his shirt, pulls his sweatpants up, “Open your legs, baby, going to suck you”
Jimin is flushed all over, “Who are you?”

Yoongi may be faking a little of this sudden over confidence, but he’s come to realize he’s really fucking gay and what a way to prove if not with a dick on his mouth. His hands are on top of Jimin’s knees, ready to spread him open.
It’s kind of like Taehyung said, he thinks of his first time and it’s not like he knew what he was doing, it seemed natural to just go with because it was almost instinct, and his instinct right now is telling him to do this, it’s natural as well, it’s only him and Jimin,
He’s just going to do it the way he likes it done to him, through it he’ll find out if he’s good at it or if he even likes it. “Can I?” Jimin nods rapidly. Yoongi moves his knees away, exposing Jimin to him, he gulps, “Can you take the shirt off Jimin? I want to see all of you”
Yoongi doesn’t understand why was he so wary about sex the moment he sees Jimin on top of his mattress, cock flushed against his flat stomach, shy and flirty look on his eyes, beautiful blushed skin, arms thrown next to his head, what has been stopping him from having this?
“Are you sure?” Jimin basically whispers, Yoongi nods, “I’m going to sit down” the younger sounds a bit nervous, and Yoongi understands why he insisted in Yoongi being comfortable

“I’ve gotten my share of blowjobs, Jimin, I’m not going to bite you”

The younger blushes “I know!”
“Okay, then relax”

Jimin stares at him with wide anxious eyes when he sits in the border of the bed “If you don’t like it, stop, okay?”

“Of course,” Yoongi leaves a fleeting kiss on Jimin’s lip before he leaves the bed to kneel between Jimin’s legs, he holds Jimin’s hand
Just the way he likes it, he licks all the shaft from the base to the tip, then sucks on the head, pressing his tongue against it, to then twirl it around, Jimin’s other hand goes in an instant to pull at Yoongi’s hair. Yoongi’s other hand gets a hold of the base of Jimin’s dick
Yoongi is grateful for the size of Jimin’s dick, because when he takes it all inside his mouth it’s not an invasive weight, but something he can get used to. He bobs his head up and down slowly, tongue swirling tentatively, he doesn’t hate it but it‘s not exactly pleasing either.
Yoongi closes his eyes, unconsciously squeezes Jimin’s hand hard. He goes out for air after a couple of bobs,

“I suck at sucking”

Jimin giggles, he was going to say something but Yoongi is at it again, so the younger bites his words. Spit starts pooling around Jimin’s dick,
It’s getting messier than Yoongi expected, suddenly he admires his ex partners for doing it so well

Once his jaw has gotten used to the feel of Jimin inside his mouth, he takes his hand away from the base, gets ready before lowering himself until it hits the back of his throat.
It’s worthy by the broken moan that leaves Jimin’s mouth, Yoongi is eager to please, taking as much as he can with each bob of his head, licking when he can, everytime it hits the back of his throat Jimin makes the sweetest and desperate sounds, pulls Yoongi’s hair tighter,
The little “Ah hyung,” that is barely a whisper are enough for Yoongi, he wants to hear them more, but he needs air. He cleans the spit around his lips, and looks up to find a blushed Jimin, biting his lips. Yoongi tries to remember what used to throw him off the edge to do it
So he sucks on Jimin’s balls instead of taking his shaft again, Jimin hisses as soon as he licks them. He strokes him as he does it.

He’s also very grateful that Jimin barely has hair down there and takes a mental note to shave himself if he’s going to let Jimin near his dick.
He really hopes he’s not doing this all wrong, but by the way Jimin pulls at his hair he thinks he can’t be, he must be doing it right somehow.

He keeps sucking and stroking, spit getting everywhere, he moves his hand faster, quickens the pace, “Ah, ah, it’s good” Jimin mewls
The vocal reassurance was enough, the elder takes Jimin again inside his mouth, his hands both hold Jimin by the hip to stop the younger from moving,

“Ah I can’t wait to blow you, hyung” Jimin confesses and Yoongi almost chokes at the words and at the dick hitting his troath
Yoongi goes out for air, he coughs, “Don’t say stuff like that!” he scolds, but stops once he sees Jimin, deep blush on his cheeks, fucked out expression, he looks a lite guilty

“You look really hot down there, blowing me” The younger adds to make Yoongi even more flustered,
“Like really fucking hot- ah! Yoongi!”

Yoongi lifted himself up, and pushed Jimin onto the bed, crawling on top of him “It’s wet already, then you can give me feedback, now I’m going to jerk us off”

“I thought your dirty talk would be mor- ah! fuck! let me finish my sentences!”
Yoongi pulled his sweatpants down, and had his hand wrapped around them both again as fast as he could, because he was desperate to touch himself and make Jimin cum all over himself, he strokes them both slowly at first, can’t help but thrust his hips upward, Jimin under him,
He quickens the pace, he wants to kiss Jimin but he just had his dick in his mouth and maybe the younger doesn’t like that but Jimin drags Yoongi down to lick into his mouth while Yoongi is at it, however in no time the younger can no longer kiss, only moan into Yoongi’s mouth
“Ah faster,” he asks as Yoongi pecks him

“Close?” the elder whispers as he moves his hand faster, Jimin only nods, so Yoongi focuses on him instead, squeezing the younger’s dick as he strokes him, focusing only on the head, he flicks his wrist and all the stimulation built up
Jimin closes his eyes, making a what could be considered a pained expression but the loud moans and whimpers prove that on the contrary, it’s out of pleasure, he holds Yoongi closer, his grip on Yoongi’s shoulder tightening,

He cums all over himself, on his chest and stomach.
Yoongi might feel guilty afterwards for this, but he strokes himself at the sight, the image of Jimin with that fucked out expression and cum on his naked body, right under Yoongi, catching his breath, looks like taken out of Yoongi’s fantasies, so he strokes himself faster
Jimin looks directly at Yoongi, his eyes flicker down to where he’s pumping himself, fucking his own hand and then back to his face, he must also look like a mess, hungry eyes and lips shining with spit. There’s a silence question. Jimin nods.

Yoongi cums all over Jimin’s chest
“fuck, this is what I’ve been missing out” Yoongi complains when he lays next to Jimin, brushing the younger’s hair to tame it down, Jimin closes his eyes, leans into the touch

“I can’t believe my hot straight neighbor just came on me” he whistles, “It was great”

Yoongi laughs
He thinks he’s being crazy but it’s obvious that Jimin is a lot more clingier after their morning time alone. The younger had begged for them to shower together afterwards, had curled next to the elder the rest of the day, hugging him, nuzzling against his neck,

“You okay?”
“Yes, I’m just happy.” Jimin mumbles against Yoongi’s neck

The older man doesn’t comment anything about it because truth be told he’s grateful Jimin is clinging to him. He thinks that if Jimin were to leave right now he would feel like the younger took something away from him.
So he just hugs the blonde boy closer to his body, kisses the top of his head, mindlessly watching a soccer game sprawled on the living room couch.

“Did you like it?” Jimin whispers when Yoongi starts rubbing circles on the younger’s hip, slightly lifting the shirt he’s wearing
“That’s what’s been on your mind?” Yoongi wonders

“Well, yes! I’m just making sure because I know you’ve been worried about this, and I don’t know why- I want to do it right so if there was something you didn’t enjoy I would like to know because then we can not do it again”
Yoongi kisses Jimin, “It’s all good, I had a good time. Was it good for you?”

“Yes, of course,” The younger says like it was obvious

“Then we don’t have anything to worry about,” he smiles and turns his attention back to the tv, “thanks for asking though, it was unexpected”
“Unexpected how?” Jimin asks curiously

“I’m not a jerk but- it’s just that I think the only time I’ve asked a girl if she liked what I was doing to her was more like a ‘do you like that, huh?’-“ Yoongi lowers his voice to say the phrase rougher, “you know? In the middle of it”
“Oh,” Jimin looks away

“That’s more like dirty talk than actual concern, I know- please don’t think I’m a jerk.” He winces but the younger holds his hand

“I don’t think that, hyung. It’s okay- but you do understand why I’m asking”

“Yes, of course, and it’s great. You’re great”
“That means that if we do it again-“

“-when we do it again” Yoongi corrects his boyfriend and Jimin smiles brightly, lips his lips a little

“-that when we do it again, it is okay to try the same. And we can also talk about other things... that we want to do...”

Yoongi blinks,
The match seems to be getting interesting by the way the commentators are shouting, Holly runs out of the kitchen to bark at the TV but Yoongi only has eyes for Jimin, “is there something you want to tell me?”


The answer comes too quickly, Yoongi raises an eyebrow
“You can, of course, tell me”

“It’s nothing,” Jimin lifts his legs up to the couch, pressing his knees to his chest like he does when he’s anxious, the elder only squints his eyes harder, “it’s nothing, hyung, just- look japan scored!” his boyfriend gasps loudly, a little fake
Yoongi lets it slide. Why? Just some days ago he was afraid to tell Jimin his fears because of what the younger would think, maybe Jimin will tell him later on what he clearly wants to talks about but is currently hiding

Yoongi looks at the tv, they scored like 10 minutes ago
Yoongi doesn’t push it

But he’s curious, because Jimin seems to be someone that has everything in control and the way he wants it, so he’s usually assertive and would say anything to Yoongi. So yes, the elder is very curious. Jimin leans into Yoongi. He’ll think about it later.
Later is in two weeks. Yoongi is editing some pictures he took for a teenage girl that wants to become an influencer?
They were just photos of her with different outfits. She had a big peach sweater in one of them and Yoongi remembers Jimin telling him he thought it was cute
He should be finishing the color correction but his boyfriend floods his mind. Yoongi hasn’t seen much of Jimin lately, he had two days of shooting and now he’s editing and Jimin had gotten his thesis correction, they had seen eachother for like five hours in a week, it sucks
Jimin had jerked him off when they had coincided in free time which Yoongi was really grateful for, because after he had the real deal two weeks ago his hand didn’t seem as interesting as it used to be. Other than that their time together was only kisses and complains about work
He could be editing with Jimin next to him right now like they usually do but the younger had gone out with some of his friends from university to relieve stress before diving on his thesis again, he had asked Yoongi to come over but the elder had an Instagram feed to work on
An Instagram feed he currently can't focus on because his mind is somewhere else. Somewhere else being what is Jimin doing right now at the bar with his friends? what do kids that study performing arts in Seoul are like on bars? He doesn't think it's that different from Daegu
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