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1. They say the leave side lied in the #Brexit referendum. As it happens, everybody did. That's what politics is. Lying. It's a fight between you, me and the swamp. It's always a battle for the disengaged middle. This is why Jacob Rees-Mogg lies so brazenly.
2. The man is no idiot. The man knows his lies are transparent to anyone with half a clue. But he knows his target audience doesn't have any clue at all. The image he projects has an air of authority. It's about getting people to believe in him.
3. He certainly doesn't give a flying fuck about the people he is using. The disengaged middle are just a political resource to be used for as long as is convenient. No lie is too big so long has he gets his version of Brexit.
4. Him an his cohort don;t even give a fuck about Brexit. Not Owen Paterson or any of the ultras. Superficially they might dislike the EU but they don't care either way. These are monied men with vision or agenda for Britain. This is just about having a firesale.
5. It's no coincidence that one half of the Tory think tank brigade is pushing for ultra Brexit while the IEA is pushing for NHS privatisation. Private health interests are funding them. Paterson especially.
6. Now don;t get me wrong, I'm no lefty and I actually do think we need to marketise a lot of NHS functions and Brexit will force that to happen one way or another - but these people don't care a jot how it is done. Same with Brexit.
7. My view is that if you want to achieve a policy objective then you need to have a long term plan and a means of getting from where you are to where you want to be without destroying livelihoods. But this lot don't care about that.
8. What they want is a crash out Brexit so as to force a firesale and they don't care who gets shunted out of the healthcare system at all just so long as they are in pole position to make money from it. You don't matter. Ukip nutters are just useful idiots to them.
9. This is why they all changed their tune immediately after the referendum. They all at one point cited Norway or Switzerland but now they are massaging the narrative that anything short of the WTO option is Brexit betrayal.
10. What so surprises me is how many otherwise intelligent people fall for it. I suppose that is a result of Brexit becoming a culture war in the wake of several attempts at sabotage. Leavers don't care as long as the remoaners lose.
11. When it gets to this point no amount of evidence is going to change minds. Too much as been done in bad faith for Brexiters to trust the establishment - but they are making a fatal mistake.
12. Just because the Tory Brexit wing are on the leave side doesn't make them anti-establishment and they sure as fuck don't care about the working class. They're just as bent as the rest of them. Half of their think tanks are sock puppets.
13. This is ultimately why they refused to have a Brexit plan. They don't actually have a long term agenda or any idea of what they want to achieve with Brexit because they are not remotely interested. They're working for their pals in the City.
14. Steve Baker is conkers deep into the BBA and the ERG is dancing to their tune. They want out of the EEA to evade financial services regulation. Fuck anyone in the regions who relies on engineering services or manufacturing for a living. That's all expendable.
15. This is why they will keep obfuscating saying that any businesses leaving or closing has nothing to do with Brexit - and there are people brainwashed enough to promote that narrative. They're surrounded by lackeys who actually believe it.
16. This is all shored up by a profoundly ignorant battalion of Ukip grunters who hate the EU so much they don't mind if they end up eating their pets so long as they can leave the EU. For them it really is all about immigration.
17. Many have described Brexit as an ultra right coup by ideologues. It's party that in that some of the Tory right see it as a path to install their own Francis Urquhart wet dream - but at its core, the Tory hijack of Brexit is a bank heist.
18. And this is why they hire telegenic doe-eyed girlies to go on question time to schmooze a sceptical public. It's a smart move because men drop all their critical faculties and suck up to them. Men are fucking pathetic like that.
19. This is why they get away with talking such utter bollocks. They can weaponise indignation when they are criticised - calling it sexism - but actually they are the product of sexism. Shop window mannequins for the agendas of cobwebbed tory lords.
20. This is all facilitated by a front of think tanks - at the centre of which is Matthew Elliott who has two talents: cooking the books - and talking old rich men into making large donations.
21. If for a moment you buy into the bullshit of Rees-Mogg then you've been had. You're being led up the garden path by a pathological liar. The Tory brexiters are completely insincere. Propped up by idiots like Hoey and Gisela Stuart.
22. Between them they can attract just enough AstroTurf support to make it look like they are authentic. This is why the Taxpayers Alliance exists. They suck in gullible prats like Artists for Brexit and Spiked Online.
23. This has all been in motion for more than a decade. They always planned to move in and own the referendum campaign. It was stolen from real Brexiters. It's one of the most effective propaganda operations in modern history.
24. This is why i have to laugh at Cadwalladr and chasing after Arron Banks - an unwitting fall guy for the Tories. She's barking up the wrong tree. This isn't Russian inspired. This is old Tory money at work. Aristocracy and finance. Establishment as establishment gets.
25. This bunch have been stalking politics since the downfall of Thatcher. It's the same old Tories and a new generation of self-serving crooks. We were always going to have to fight them. Now is as good a time as any. Hence I voted to leave regardless. The boil has to be lanced.
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