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Omega prince Jimin is the prettiest omega in royalty who has tons of suitors, but none have managed to steal his heart.

His personal body guard, Alpha Min Yoongi has one motto :

"If they want to get the fairest, they have to go through the fiercest."
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"YOOOOOONGIIIIIII-" Jimin grinned when he heard the sound of rapid footsteps came nearer and nearer.

An alpha in his usual dark suit appeared in the doorway of Jimin's grand luxurious room. "WHAT- WHO- DID SOMEBODY HURT YOU?" He was almost out of breath since he
literally came from the other side of the castle, not far enough not to hear Jimin's call but still far.

The omega just giggled. He fucking giggled. "No, but i have a problem." He held two necklaces up, a gold one and a silver one. "Which would look better on me?"
Yoongi's form visibly crumbled with frustration as he sighed. "You called me over just for that? We were in a meeting, Jimin."

"oops." The omega shrugged.

"But go with the gold one, it looks good on you."

Jimin held it out. "Put it on me, please."
It was such a simple gesture, an alpha wrapping a tiny golden chain to hang around his neck, but the omega quivered when Yoongi touched his neck.

"Y-your hands are cold." a lie.

Yoongi was in full focus while hooking the necklace. "Actually, i'm kind of thankful that
you gave me an excuse to leave that room." He chuckled. "It was so boring, i swear. They kept talking about the hedges in the garden as if i give a fuck."


"I'm not royalty, darling. You are. As long as that mouth stays clean, i'm doing my job well."
"How many today?"

Yoongi muttered a little 'finally' as he finally was able to hook the necklace on. "Around thirty to fifty, the queen wants you to meet as many as possible today since tomorrow you have ballet classes."

Jimin sighed. "I hate meeting them yknow?"
The omega spun on his heel to face Yoongi. "Some of them are really disgusting, pigs." Jimin shivered.

Yoongi frowned at the information. "I'm sorry i couldn't be in the room. The king thinks it would affect the way you and the suitor interact."

Jimin has been meeting
suitors for three days now. Some were princes from different kingdoms, some rich merchants and some who travelled from other sides of the earth to see him. Most were alphas of course.

Yoongi, his bodyguard personally didn't expect t h i s many suitors.
Hundreds would line up each day outside the castle to get a chance to speak and woo the omega but only few were given a real chance.

It was the same procedure, for every suitor. there was a table right smack in the center of a huge ballroom, an empty chair
at one side and Jimin with his crown on sat on the other side, they had a maximum of 10 minutes with Jimin to talk about whatever they want to talk about and hope for the best to win the omega's heart.

"Do you want me to talk to your father about this?" Yoongi's voice
was laced with concern. It was, after all, his job as Jimin's bodyguard.

"No, it's alright. I'll just yell for help. You have the camera right?"

"Always." Yoongi brought out his phone showing a live surveillance of the ball room. The maids were currently cleaning there.
"At least try to enjoy yourself. Your father wouldn't be glad if you fail to find a suitor you like."

Jimin nodded, though obviously not meaning it.

"Hey," Yoongi's fingers held onto the pendant on Jimin's necklace, a small golden crow. "Give that heart of yours a chance."
"Aren't you a bit.... small to be applying for the bodyguard position?" The king said as soon as he saw Yoongi. He almost laughed.

It only took one day for the word to spread out that the castle was looking for a body guard for the omega prince, preferably an alpha
since they were by nature the strongest. So many alphas wanted the position, once they looked at the applicants, being buff, big, and burly.

And then there was Yoongi, who was rather short and not heavily built.

"Your highness, if i were to buff up that would decrease
my speed as my muscles would weigh me down." He explained gesturing to the others. "And may i inform you that i have mastered a lot of skills such as karate, archery, sword-fighting, sharp shooting, i'm a master in self defense and hand to hand combat."
The king thought for a while. "You're rather impressive." He leaned in to whisper to his henchman. "Call Jimin, we have to know if he would like him."

"Will do, sire."

The henchman walked back a minute later, a bored prince with a huge blanket wrapped around him
followed the man as they entered the room.

"Son, a candidate to be your bodyguard." He gestured to Yoongi who had a blank expression.

The omega looked up from his phone to see Yoongi. He almost dropped his phone. He's never seen an alpha this /pretty./
He had an intimidating edge but all Jimin was thinking about was how soft his hair would feel under his fingers, what it would feel like to kiss his cheek-

"Jimin!" The king spoke and he snapped into his stance.

Yoongi didn't react the way the others did earlier,
trying to impress Jimin. All Yoongi did was spare him a glance and that was that.

"I-i like him."

That was the only confirmation the king needed. "You're hired. But we'll be putting you through more test but as of now, you're hired. Go with one of my henchemen to get started."
Yoongi bowed"Thank you your highness, i am extremely grateful." And stepped to follow the henchman

As soon as he passed in front of Jimin, he actually dropped his phone this time, but Yoongi caught it before it hit the floor

"Be careful." He handed it back. Jimin almost melted.
As soon as Jimin re-entered his room when he came back from meeting his bodyguard, there was an omega sat on the middle of his huge bed, on his phone.

"I saw your new bodyguard." Taehyung said when he saw Jimin. "I swear you better make this one last."
Omega Kim Taehyung is literally paid to be Jimin's best friend. The omega used to work as a kitchen servant but soon enough he and Jimin developed a close friendship, so the royal family ( by jimin's request ) just gives Taehyung a monthly allowance ( a huge amount tho )
just to hang around the castle and accompany the omega prince.

Jimin shut the door and locked it, thankfully his room was soundproof. "HE'S SO FUCKING HOT- YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HOW HE LOOKED AT ME."

Taehyung giggled, patting the space next to him on the bed
that Jimin soon laid on. "HE HAS KILLER REFLEXES." Jimin burried his face into a pillow to scream before raising it up again. "HE CAUGHT MY PHONE A SECOND BEFORE IT WAS ABOUT TO CRASH TO THE GROUND, HE HANDED IT TO ME AND HIS VOICE WAS SO DEEP I SWEAR-"
Taehyung watched in amusement as his blushing friend made a mess of the bed as he rolled around the sheets. "Does he smell good?"

Jimin looked up from where he was biting the edge of the pillow. "THAT'S THE CHERRY ON TOP OF THE CAKE. HE SMELLS HEAVENLY."
Taehyung laid down on the bed in laughter. "Do you think he likes you? I mean he probably does, everyone likes you."

"That's why my father picked him." Jimin, who was finally calm just laid next to Tae as they stared at the ceiling. "He showed no interest at all towards me."
"What a tragic, unexpected plot twist to this romantic comedy i like to call Jimin's Life."

"But i honestly need to calm down i don't even know the guy."

Taehyung playfully rolled his eyes. "Said the one who was drooling a while ago."

"Where are you from?" The king asked Yoongi who was stood in front of him getting his body measurements by the tailors to make his perfect suit.

"With all due respect, i don't like talking about my past, sire."

"Why not, young man? I need your background to know
that the Parks can trust you."

Yoongi was silent for a second. "I moved here a few months ago. I live in an apartment a few minutes away from the castle."

"You live in the same district? You must be well-off then."

"I suppose you can put it that way."
The king nodded when the tailors finished. "Report here tomorrow at dawn, we'll clear things up by then and you'll start your job."

Yoongi bowed "Thank you your highness, i look forward to it."

"And Min, your first job is to shoo all other applicants away."

"Will do, sire."
"Nervous?" Yoongi asked as he walked alongside Jimin on the way to the ballroom.

The omega nodded. "I know i shouldnt be, they're here for me after all."

"Remember, scream if you need me, or tap the table thrice so i can see through my phone and pop in."
Jimin laughed softly then, making Yoongi curiously turn to the other.

"Yknow, in fairytales-" The omega started. "they keep saying that it's the prince who saves the day. And as a child i always wondered who saves the prince."

Yoongi chuckled. "The bodyguard."
A moment of silence washed over them. It took a while to get to the ballroom since the castle was huge and the ballroom was at the east wing, as Jimin's room was on the west.

"I think you got something wrong with that story."


"if anything, you're the princess."
"That's true." Jimin giggled as he walked.

The pair passed by one of the longest hallways in the whole castle, they shared knowing glances at what happened in that exact spot a year and a half ago.

It was the first time Jimin was left alone with Yoongi.
His second day on the job. They were walking along the exact same hallway in silence, each too awkward to actually say anything.

Jimin was tasked to give directions around the castle. "And then we'd take a left here to get to my-" Jimin was cut off when the window they
passed in front of was suddnelt shattered pieces, three masked individuals dressed in black from head to toe hopped through it, surrounding them.

"WHAT THE SH-" But Yoongi was quick to react, the only weapons they had with them were guns. He wrapped an arm around the omega,
making Jimin press against the alpha's chest.

"wha-" Jimin's hands went to Yoongi's arms, gripping on the material.

Yoongi was full on growling by then, his scent getting more powerful. He was mad. Jimin could easily tell.
"Close your eyes." Yoongi whispered.

Jimin did what he was told, he felt Yoongi pull away from him. All he heard were grunts and voilence.

"Open." As soon as he did he saw Yoongi, a gun on each hand pointed ay the three who were in a heap on the floor, another gun
in the bac kpocket of his suitpants.

The alpha was fuming, breath heaving, so he was surprised when the prince started clapping behind him.

"Good job, Yoongi! That was your first test and you obviously passed."

"what?" The older looked at him confusedly.
The three took their masks off to reveal that they were actually part of the royal security unit that Yoongi had met earlier that day.

"You're scarier than you look."

Yoongi, finally understanding smirked and handed the guns back to them. "I get that a lot."
Jimin had a lot to scream about that night, Taehyung was surprised his own eardrums survived.


Yoongi faced Jimin when they got to the ballroom's entrance.

"Give yourself a chance." Yoongi spoke as he reached over to Jimin's chest, taking the crow, hiding it under his top.
Yoongi took his place at the entrace of the ballroom after he opened the door for Jimin.

The prince was sat on his spot, waiting, until his mother entered. "Good morning honey, how did you sleep?"

His mother was so bright, she radiated such positive energy wherever she went.
She was only wearing a simple blue dress, no crown on her head, completely different from her royal gowns but she still managed to look as elegant as ever. No wonder as soon as Alpha Park saw her, he knew she'd be fit for a queen.

Jimin beamed, smiling as bright as ever.
"I slept well, mama. It was cold last night though." He said as Omega Park hugged him tight.

"That's good to hear. There's a lot of suitors after you today, well, everyday." She laughed as she patted his hair. "Choose wisely. Choosing your future mate is no joke."
She cupped his cheeks in her hands and kissed his forehead.

"Had any of them caught your heart yet?" She asked.

"None." It wasn't a lie.

"Well maybe you'll meet someone today, or tomorrow. It's no rush honestly, we just want you to find someone you'll be happy with."
Jimin smiled up at his mother.

A second later, a servant entered with the jimin's crown on a velvet pillow and his mother had the honor the put it on his head everyday.

"Enjoy the day, darling." She kissed his temple one last time before she started to make her way out.
She looked back to send Jimin one last bright smile before the door was opened for her to exit.

Jimin was sat there, completely captivated in how beautiful she was.

They call Jimin te fairest omega in royalty but every time he looked at his mother,

he knew it was false.
Each time a suitor would enter the ball room, they would have to pass by Yoongi first.

Yoongi exerted as much effort as possible not to growl at the ones he knew had the wrong intentions. Being an alpha himself, he could feel what they felt, their desires just by how
they smelled.

"Ten minutes, the prince does not recieve gifts. After ten minutes you'll be told to exit, if you don't we will use force. Don't even think about laying a finger on the prince. Understood?" He stated to a young alpha who was well built, had brown hair
and bright eyes.

The young alpha gulped as he nodded, watching nervously as Yoongi gestured to the door. He pushed through it, entering the ball room.

The first thing Jimin thought about when the alpha entered the room was that he looked exactly like taehyung's type.
He looked young, possibly even younger than himself.

Not that Taehyung exactly had a type, if he had it would be this guy.

He watched the alpha stride over to him nervously and sit down on the chair.

He was cute, Jimin admitted to himself. Seeing him was a good
break from meeting old pigs.

"H-hello, Prince." By the way he was dressed and the crown on his head, Jimin could easily tell that he was a prince as well.

"Call me Jimin." The omega said. It wasn't usual for him to let suitors address him casually but this guy
was practically shaking out of nervousness.

The alpha gulped before he opened his mouth to speak again. "I'm J-Jungkook. Prince of Busan. It's an honor to meet you, o-omega Jimin, prince of Seoul."

He wasn't good at interacting with anyone else other than the
people around the castle, but Jimin tried to be empathetic. "My great grandparents lived in Busan. They said it was beyond beautiful." He also wasn't used to guiding the conversation but at least he tried.

The alpha, confronted by a familiar topic calmed a bit.
"Y-yeah. Busan is beautiful. Have you ever been to Busan?"

Jimin let out a breath of relief when he noticed the other calming down. "The last time was when i was young. I would love to return, though."

"You must, Jimin! You're missing so much-"

And the conversation flowed
naturally after that.

Of all the suitors he met, Jungkook by far gave him the most enjoyable exper even if it was only minutes of conversation.

The pair were in the middle of laughing at something when the ballroom door opened.

"Ten minutes are up." Yoongi's voice
boomed through the place.

Jungkook smiled sadly, getting up on his seat.

"w-wait." Jimin spoke up. "Can we have ten more minutes?"

The older looked at him with a confused expression. "Okay, go ahead." He said and shut the door.

Jungkook, still slightly confused
slowly sat back down on the chair again.

Jimin grinned at him when their eyes met. "So where were we?"

The other laughed. "You were saying something about having a crazy friend and a badass bodyguard?"
Yoongi was stood outside the ball room, eyebrows furrowed as his eyes were glued to his monitor, watching Jimin and the other prince interact.

There was chemistry.

Although he had no audio connection of the conversation, it was obvious that they were enjoying
each other's company.

He didn't expect this, considering that he saw how nervous the young alpha was.

"Can you come back tomorrow?" Jimin asked when he knew that only a minute was left of their time.

"Of course." Jungkook smiled
they sat in silence for a while, until the door opened again. "Ten minutes are up."

The two stood, Jungkook bowing before Jimin. "It was wonderful to meet you, you are an amazing omega."

Jimin winced at the last statement, but held his hand out for them to shake hands.
Yoongi saw the interaction from where he stood. Jimin had never let any suitor touch him before.

Yoongi's eyes followed Jungkook's form as he walked towards Yoongi and passed by him.

"See you tomorrow, badass bodyguard." Jungkook smiled before walking past.

"Jimin, it's lunch time." Yoongi spoke to the omega who was still stood in the ballroom.

The prince hurriedly went to where Yoongi was, crown almost falling. "Good, i'm starving."

The two were silent at the walk to the dining hall, which was odd. Jimin was no longer
used to silences when it came to Yoongi.

But Jimin didn't bother asking, it was bad to push Yoongi when it came to anything. He learned that ages ago.

"Do you have siblings?" Jimin was feeling hyper that night, maybe it was the chocolate cake he ate or maybe it
was because Yoongi was going to move into the room next to his that night. There was a secret door that opened up Jimin's room to Yoongi's room.

Yoongi was supposed to have his quarters at the south wing but Jimin insisted that this way he would feel safer.

"No, stop asking."
They were both in Jimin's room, the omega jumping on the bed while Yoongi was stood studying the books in the younger's bookshelf.

"What's your favorite color?"

"Black. You have so many questions tonight."

"Where did you go to school?"

"Somewhere with teachers."
"That's a stupid answer." Jimin huffed.

"You keep asking stupid questions." Yoongi rolled his eyes

"Who are your parents?"

Yoongi didn't answer that one.

"Where do you live?"


"Where did you come from?"


"Who were you before-"

Jimin stopped bouncing on his bed and just ended up sitting in the middle of it.

The omega's eyes were wide and threatening to spill tears. He had never been yelled at before.

"Are you going to cry? Oh shit."
Jimin turning away from Yoongi and laid on his bed, wrapping himself up into a cocoon with his thick blankets.

Yoongi cautiously stepped towards the bed. "Jimin? Oh fuck i'm getting fired for real- i swear i didnt mean to yell."

"Call Taehyung." was the only thing Jimin said.
"um... okay."

Conveniently Taehyung was just making his way to Jimin's room when he ran into Yoongi.

"Jimin is uh- he's calling for you."

Taehyung just nodded, entering Jimin's room and shutting the door.



Jimin suddenly burst out of his blanket cocoon.

"Wait, from the top, what the fuck just happened?"

Jimin never forgot everything that occured that night.
Yoongi only paid attention to Jimin when they got to the doors of the dining hall.

The alpha wordlessly reached over to Jimin's chest, pulling the golden crow from where it was underneath Jimin's top. "I miss seeing it." He explained before he opened the door for Jimin.
"Son! Just in time!" The king who was at the end of the table greeted when he saw the two come in.

"Hi mama, hi papa." Jimin took his usual seat next to his mother.

"How are the suitors? Did you meet anyone?" The queen asked while the food was served.
As the royal family's conversation unfolded, Yoongi slipped out of the dining hall to the security office at the basement.

"There he is!" An alpha cheered as soon as Yoongi entered the office. "We thought you were never gonna show up, we were going to start eating
without you." Hoseok, a red haired alpha swung his arm around Yoongi's shoulder as he guided the older to the table where food was set.

At the table was alpha Namjoon, sat scrolling through his phone but he looked up and saw Yoongi.

"It's only been half the day but
i can already conclude that it's shit." Yoongi announced as he took his seat next to Hoseok.

"Why?" Namjoon asked as they started eating.

"Jimin is fond of a suitor."

"How is that something shitty?"

Yoongi shrugged, not exactly knowing how to answer.
"Should have growled at him before he even went into the ballroom. He's a kid, Jimin's probably older than him."

Hoseok laughed. "Calm down son, there must be something about him that Jimin liked."

Nam joon spoke up. "Aren't you supposed to be happy for him?"
"The kid looks some bucktooth rabbit. I bet he's a brat." Yoongi said as he aggressively shoved food in his mouth.


"And plus- on his fucking way out, he had the audacity to call me 'badass bodyguard'" He hit the table with his fist and the plates flew a bit.
"I don't get why you have a reaosn to hate him, it seems petty." Namjoon chuckled.

Hoseok teasingly patted Yoongi's head. "Calm down you big baby, you're being so mean today."

Yoongi's fist collided with the table again. "i'm mean everyday."
Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi were the highest in rank when it came to the Royal Security Unit. Yoongi being the prince's bodyguard, Hoseok in charge of holding all keys to all doors, mapping secret passages and making more passages, he knew the ins and outs of the castle.
Namjoon was of highest rank, providing security directly to the royal couple. He was also on the technical side, taking care of cameras, surveillances, and constructing security plans of how to deploy men every time there's a royal event. Everyone in the RSU reported directly
under Namjoon,

except for Yoongi.

Yoongi had his own way of doing things, he always believed that Jimin was his main and only concern, so he gave no shits about anything else.

"You meeting was boring as fuck by the way." Yoongi said after they were finished with lunch.
Namjoon chuckled. "How was i supposed to know that the gardening department would barge in?"

Yoongi stood, fixing his suit.

"Your outfit suits you." Namjoon said before he burst into laughter.

"I knew there was a con of you dating omega Seokjin." Yoongi scoffed
before making his way out and brisk walking back to the dining hall.

Jimin was already stood in front of the doors when he got back.

"Why are you here?" Yoongi asked as he jogged over to the other.

"I want to go outside." Jimin simply said.
For Jimin, the only con of being royal was not being able to go outside on his own. He wasn't jailed in the castle, the family travelled often, but sometimes he craved for being out there alone, enjoying everything he wanted to enjoy.

Yoongi said nothing, but his eyes
never left Jimin's form who was gazing out of the huge window.

"If ever i go out by myself, you know the first thing i'm gonna do?"


"Eat a whole bucket of chicken wings in one sitting."

Yoongi, despite how grumpy he was earlier couldn't help but laugh.
"That's the first thing on my list. I have a list of what i'll do when i break out of these walls." Jimin fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a rolled piece of parchment paper.

"Why is it in your pocket?" The aloha started walking back to the ballroom again,
Jimin walking alongside him.

"I keep it with me all the time, i'll never know when i'll be able to get out."

Yoongi eyed the scroll in Jimin's hand. He knew what it felt like to be caged.

"later, 2am."


"We're gonna eat a whole bucket of wings."
And with that statement, Jimin had something to look forward to as he had to go through a whole new set of suitors that afternoon.

None of them were memorable enough so Jimin felt as if he was just saying goodbye to stranger after stranger. He couldn't even remember their names.
Jimin felt giddy, he needed to talk to Taehyung about this, just to ask him if it basically means that Yoongi asked him on a date.

Yoongi was good at keeping promises. Everyone knew that.

Jimin calculated the probability of their 'adventure' to be a reality.
There was a 90% chance. Yoongi knew his way in and out of the castle, if he didn't he could get help.

His parents hardly ever check on him after he announces that he's going to bed.

They knew Taehyung was sleeping over tonight, like he always did on a Friday night.
There was a 90% chance.

The 10%?

It was a Friday. Yoongi doesn't stay at the castle from Friday night to Sunday morning. He goes back to work at Sunday afternoon.

Jimin sat in the ballroom by himself as he waited for the next suitor to come in.
He carefully pulled out the small golden crow on his necklace, placing it on his palm and observing it.

"It's going to happen, right?" the omega muttered.

He hurriedly tucked it back under his top when the doors opened again.
After the last suitor of the day, it was already 5pm. Jimin's parents didn't like him having schedules beyond 5pm unless it was really necessary. They wanted Jimin to have a lot of his own time in his hands.

"Isn't it Friday?" Jimin asked as soon as he met Yoongi at the
entrance of the ballroom. The whole atmosphere around them felt different, maybe it was because they were both quite tired, especially Jimin. Or maybe it was the excitement that couldn't contain itself at the pit of their stomachs.

"It is." They started walking,
back to Jimin's quarters. The omega glances at Yoongi's hands, both in his pockets as they walked. He noticed that they never really touched that much.

Not that he wants Yoongi to touch him (even if he did), it just felt like something they should be doing.
Jimin didn't know why he craved for the physical contact now when he lived so long without.

Jimin forced himself to look away. He's worried his heart would urge him to do something that his mind would regret later.

"I know what you're thinking." Yoongi cut off Jimin's thoughts.
"But you know i can pull some strings and make magic." Yoongi snapped his fingers.

Jimin laughed, letting himself feel a lot lighter.

He trusted Yoongi enough to let his anxieties go.

Yoongi stayed an hour more which he spent packing things up in his room.
When the clock struck at exactly six p.m. Yoongi knocked on Jimin's door, he would just usually walk in but he knew Taehyung was inside with Jimin.

"Come in!" Jimin's voice called from inside. He already knew who it was.

He opened the doors slowly, not even
making a sound.

When it opened, Jimin was already stood in front of the door, looking at him expectedly.

Yoongi had his backpack slung over one shoulder. The most noticable thing about Yoongi were the earrings on his ears. He only ever put them on at this time.
"you're going?" Was a stupid question to ask but Jimin said it before he even though of it.

Yoongi only answered with a nod.

Even without a word, they knew what to do, it was a routine.

Jimin stepped forward, inches away from the other.
Yoongi's hands reached forward slowly, making their way to Jimin's nape.

This position would be odd, considering the close proximity and the way Jimin was staring up at him while Yoongi looked anywhere except the omega's eyes.
Yoongi took the hook that bonded the chain together, unlocking the necklace and unwrapping it from Jimin's neck, placing it on his palm then putting it in his pocket.

Goodbyes aren't meant to be exciting or pleasant but the best part of this farewell was coming
and Jimin's heart couldn't contain itself.

The goodbye was a routine. A routine they memorized, like a favorite song which lyrics you'll never forget.

Yoongi's left hand reached forward to cup Jimin's cheek, and the omega didn't stop himself from nuzzling into the hand.
"Take care of yourself, okay?" His voice was the softest at these hours, still deep but soothing.

"You too."

The euphoria was gone as soon as it came when Jimin had to watch Yoongi walk down the hallway knowing he'll have to wait 72 more hours to see him walk
through that hallway again.

Yoongi sent Jimin one last glace before taking the turn to another hallway.

Jimin even ran to his window, watching Yoongi's form walk through the palace gardens

It was 6pm.

Jimin had his fingers crossed and his heart on the line,


"Are you done?"

Jimin turned away from the door to see Taehyung still sat on the bed, holding back his laughter.

The whole situation of what just happened had finally settled into Jimin's mind and he felt like he was either gonna melt into a puddle or set himself on fire.
"Thought you two were gonna start making out or something. Is that the goodbye thing you've been telling me about?"

Jimin was silent, his face was slowly becoming red.

Taehyung braced himself for impact.

"SHHHHH, you're a prince, honey" An amused Taehyung said as he watched Jimin hit his tiny fists against the wooden doors of his room.

"BUT-" Jimin was cut off when there were frantic knocks on the door.

The two omega's eyes met and widened as Jimin turned the knob
and cautiously opened the door.

Alpha Namjoon was the one who was stood in the doorway. "Are you alright Prince? I know you have no bodyguard for tonight is something happening?" The alpha had just been making his rounds for that night, had heard the slamming of fists.
"N-nothing, everything is a-alright here."

Namjoon stared at Jimin with a blank expression not really buying it considering how nervous the price looked.

"Okay, your highness. But I will be out here in the hall if you need anything." Namjoon said and shut the door for himself.
The two inside burst into laughter as soon as the door was shut.

"Isn't that Omega Seokjin's alpha? The cool head chef?" Tarhyung ask when the laughter died down.

"Yeah. He's a friend of Yoongi's as well." Jimin took his place next to Taehyung on the bed.
"Damn everyone's out there pairing up with alphas and I'm here-" Taehyung threw a pillow at the wall dramatically.

A thought came into Jimin's mind, "Actually, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. I think you're gonna like it."

"I'm both scared and intrigued at the same time."
It was a quarter to midnight when Jimin fell asleep next to Taehyung.

In the whole six hours that passed, they'd already had dinner, watched movies and talked.

Of course Jimin didn't fail to mention their plans for that night in case Taehyung wakes up and freaks out
about Jimin not being there.


"SHHHHH." Jimin scolded. "but yes, he said it earlier after lunch."

Jimin giggled, with no more energy to run around and scream. "I have no idea how he's going to do it but he can work his magic."

It was 11pm by the time that Jimin and Taehyung where tired, laying down and staring up at the ceiling.

"Is he going to help you finish your list?"
Taehyung asked groggily.

"I hope so." Jimin said. He fumbled in his pocket for the list, realizing it was left in his other pants. He was wearing only socks, baby blue pajama pants and an oversized hoodie.

Right before he fell asleep, Jimin's phone sounded with
a notification. A text, specifically.

[ Yoongi <3 : 2am, I'll be there. ]

and with that, Jimin fell asleep even if he didn't intend to.

Two hours until the adventure starts, two hours til he gets out of here.

Being softly shaken awake at 2am was not something Jimin was used to.

"Wake up, Jimin."

There were arms wrapping around his torso, liting him up from his laying position.

"Jimin, wake up."

The said omega groaned, even trying to pry the arms off of his waist. "n-no."
Jimin opened his eyes partially to see the dim room, but as soon as the scent of whoever was talking to him hit his nostrils, he wished he never tried to pull away.


Upon the acknowledgment, Yoongi placed Jimin in a sitting position before he retrieved his hands.
"C'mon, we have chicken wings to eat." He said softly, careful not to wake up Taehyung.

The alpha stood up from the bed, taking out a set of clothes from his bag. "First you need to wear this." He said, holding it out.

"Your work suit?"

"I'll explain later, just do it."
Jimin took the clothes, standing up before yawning. He hears Yoongi chuckle at the action, making him look up at the alpha, an action he immediately regretted.

It was the first time he'd seen Yoongi in anything other than his dark suit. He was wearing ripped black jeans
and a plain white shirt, a black snapback on his head that exposed his forehead. He didn't forget to accessorize, his usual rings and bracelets together with his rolex adorned his wrists

"No time to lose, princess." Yoongi said before he went to his own room to let Jimin change.
Jimin wanted to scream, he needed to scream, but instead he kept it all to himself as he watched Yoongi walk into his own room through the secret passage through the bookshelf that connected their rooms.

Oh how he wished he could wake up Taehyung just so someone
can listen to him scream.

But he kept it all to himself.

He looked at the suit in his hands, it was obviously clean. But a thought came into his mind.

This was Yoongi's. Something Yoongi's wears.

It smells like him.

Jimin held it close to him, resisting all urge
to nuzzle into especially because it reeked of Yoongi.

His eyea drifted to his bedside table, 2:03am. Every second counts.

A minute later, he was dressed in the suit, it was obviously a size too big for him.

Jimin didn't forget to get his list and put it in his pocket.
He didn't bother bringing his phone.

Jimin stepped to the shelf, pulling the decoy book, opening up the passage.

"Yoongi?" He said as he stepped inside Yoongi's room.

He always held his breath whenever he came in, knowing he won't be able to take how powerful Yoongi's scent
is inside his own room.

Yoongi stood from where he was sat on his bed, scrolling through his phone. As soon as e saw the omega, he couldn't help but coo.

"oh. my. god."

Jimin wrapped his arms around himself shyly "w-what?"

The suit looked professional on Yoongi.
Jimin always thought Yoongi looked effortlessly hot in his work suit, but he had no idea what it looked on him.

"w-what?" Jimin flushed, shy because of how Yoongi was openly checking him out.

"you look.... tiny and cute." Yoongi said before shaking his head.
The alpha cleared his throat, Jimin flushed red, and couldn't help but notice that the other had tinted cheeks as well.

"Anyway-" Yoongi stepped over to a bare wall. "The uniforms is so that if ever the cameras catch you, they'll think that you're part of the security unit."
Jimin nodded, scanning the wall Yoongi was stood in front of.

"I'm only supposed to show this to you in case of grave emergency but...." Yoongi chuckled. "We need chicken wings and that's an emergency right?"

Yoongi held a framed picture hanging on the wall,
pushing it so that it was tilted to the right.

At that exact moment, the wall parted, opening up to what looked like a hallway that ended with a descending staircase.

"Hurry," Yoongi tugged Jimin's arm into the hallway and exactly a second after they were both in,
the parted wall slammed shut again.

Jimin, his heart pounding half out of nervousness of what just happened and half out of anticipation for what will happen. "How many secrets does this castle hide?"

"A hundred and one."
Yoongi lead the way up until the staircase. When they get to the staircase, he turned to Jimin. "You have to swear never to tell anyone about this. Never ever. This hallway has no cameras so nobody will be able to track it, no locks so that anyone could go into it."
Jimin was about to laugh, but by the look on Yoongi's face he seemed dead serious. "Yes, i promise."

Thas staircase was longer than it looked, it was close to a hundred steps. The whole atmosphere of the place was dark and cold, but bearable.

"i'm tired." Jimin complained
as they got to the very base of the staircase.

"I know you're not used to staying up this late." Yoongi laughed. "Get used to it."

It was a lot darker at the base of the staircase, almost pitch black.

The alpha took his phone out of his pocket, turning on the flashlight
"Hold this at me."

Jimin did what he was told, through the light he could see a door, there was something that looked like a scanner that was on top of the door knob.

"what's tha- OW." Jimin flinched when Yoongi reached out to plucked a strand of hair out of his scalp.
Jimin's fingers went to press against the spot the strand was pucked out of. "What was that for?!"


Jimin kept his complaints to himself. Yoongi placed the strand on the scanner, and in a few seconds, the red turned to green.

"It's because this is your exit.
this door will only open up if presented a sample of your DNA or mine."

Jimin was in awe of the technology. "Wait- why didn't you pluck out your own hair then?!"

Yoongi chuckled. "It's part of the experience."
With that, Yoongi pulled the door open. Of all the things Jimin expected it to open up to, there were leaves and overgrown grass everywhere, it looked like a literal jungle, all he can see was green.

The other side was lit only by the moon, the sounds of crickets
and other animals could be heard as their nostrils were filled by the smell of grass and plants.

"Let's go." The older said as he easily stepped on the damp grass.

Jimin was rooted to his spot.

"Hey," Yoongi called out. "Nothing's gonna kill you. Didn't you want this?"
Jimin didn't know what to feel. Every feeling and thought he's had about this moment were now all jumbling up together in his mind.

"Every second counts, y'know."

Jimin took a deep breath.

Was this was it felt like to be a second away from freedom?

He stepped forward,
pulling the door close behind him.

Was this what freedom felt like?

The omega took one more step forward, yelping when the slippery grass almost made him fall.

Yoongi held out his arm for Jimin to hold on to, and the omega did, wrapping both arms around Yoongi's
as they walked.

"Do you know where we're going?" Jimin asked after a few more steps.

"The city is just a minute away, don't worry." You could hear the grin in his voice. "What you should worry about is stepping on frogs."

Jimin squeaked at that. "YOONGI-"
It was quiet in that forest, only the sounds of animals could be heard. The whole situation could have been peaceful and calming,,,,,

if it wasn't for a certain prince screaming every few seconds. "IT TOUCHED ME - SOMETHING TOUCHED MY TOE-"

"You're wearing shoes."

Yoongi was amused by the whole situation of Jimin desperately clinging onto him ad he kept walking. Thankfully they were far away from the castle or anything so nobody could really hear Jimin's obnoxiousness.
"That was just a plant."

Jimin's eyes were wide, looking in every direction possible as he clung onto the alpha who was walking casually.

A few seconds later, when Jimin stepped forward he heard a squishing noise that made him scream again. "I STEPPED ON A FUCKING FROG-"
"Language!" Yoongi tried to see what Jimin really stepped on but it was hard considering that the younger was freaking out, jumping and screaming.

Yoongi knew there was no way this was going to stop soon, and they were only half way to the city.

Yoongi sighed, bending his
knees to make himself lower. "Get on, you big baby."

"huh?" Finally a break from the screams.

"So you'll stop freaking the fuck out, my ears are gonna bleed"

It didn't take too much convincing for Jimin to end up enjoying a piggyback ride from Yoongi.
Why do the euphoric parts of Jimin's life always end too soon? not more than a minute later, Yoongi stopped his tracks, they were still in the foresty part, but Jimin could easily see a road and buildings fifteen meters away.

"There aren't any frogs here, i'm sure."
Yoongi said before bending down and letting Jimin stand on his own feet.

Jimin wordlessly looked at Yoongi. The older got the bag that was slung over his shoulder (Jimin didnt even notice he brought a bag) and opened it.

"What's that for?"

"Stuff." Yoongi pulled out a black
face mask and a hoodie. "Now we have to make sure nobody notices you. Not many people are up at this hour, but we need to be sure." He said before handing the clothes to Jimin.

Jimin put on the hoodie first- fuck it smelled like heaven, he could cum to this scent alone.
His knees went weak when he pulled it over his head, but he didn't let it bother him that much. Then the mask.

"Do i still look like the prince?"

"Nah you look like you're gonna steal a chocolate bar from a convince store."

"Should i take that as a compliment?"

Yoongi started walking then, but he looked back to see Jimin exactly on the same spot. "Come one, we're literally fifteen meters away."

"I can step on 15 frogs in those 15 meters."

Yoongi sighed. "This is the problem with rich kids who have no experience of the
outdoor world." But Jimin ended up on his back anyways, as they throdded through the 15 meters.

Jimin kind of wished Yoongi didn't have a cap on. He would be able to smell his hair since his chin was literally on Yoongi's head.

Was this what if felt like to cuddle Yoongi?
Earlier Jimin thought of how little they touch.

He knew he wouldn't be having tha same thoughts again anytime soon.

Yoongi's scent was so good, so soothing, Jimin could easily touch his scent gland at the back of his neck if he wanted to,
but he had at least a little self control.

When Yoongi stepped on the cemented road, Jimin hopped off, dusting his shoes. "I've never seen a forest directly next to a city."

"That's understandable since you've been in a castle all your life."

"Hey!" Jimin huffed.
Yoongi shrugged. "Sorry."

Yoongi started walking to one direction while Jimin was preoccupied by watching a cat at the other side of the road, when he saw Yoongi a few meters away, he jogged up to catch him.

"You're supposed to wait for me!" He huffed.
"What if i died back there? Some kind of bodyguard you are."

"It's part of the experience you overdramatic princess." The alpha chuckled.

The street was lit by yellow lights that made everything look eerie. The place was quiet for a city, only a few cars passing
every minute.

Jimin felt kind of vulnerable. This may be his kingdom but he's certainly not streetsmart nor a city omega.

Yoongi noticed Jimin's silence when he was in thought. The alpha stopped walking, making Jimin bump into him.

"You're taking it all in aren't you?"
Jimin nodded. "It's... odd. It doesn't feel like my kingdom."

"Seoul is pretty weird honestly, but there's a beauty to it."

Yoongi held out his arm again, and Jimin wrapped his hand around it before they started walking again.
Jimin licked his lips, a question popping into his head, a risky one. "You're not from Seoul, are you?"

To Jimin's surpise, Yoongi shook his head. "It took me some time to adjust to it all. But it's not that hard to make a home out of Seoul."
The air was cold, Jimin looked up, aiming to see some stars somewhere in the dark canvas of the sky, but they appeared more like tiny dots.

"Do you know where we're going?" The omega asked a few seconds later.

"I always do." The older answered before stopping his
tracks in front of a place with a yellow neon sign that said 'Cluck'.

This was probably the chicken place, Jimin thought.

Just as he thought they were heading inside, Yoongi took off his cap, black hair immediately falling into his eyes and placed it on Jimin's head.
"A necessary safety measure. Also, don't talk much, they'll recognize your voice." Yoongi took a look at the street left and right, before he was sure that nobody was following them. "Ready to taste the best chicken in the world?"

"I doubt it's as good as omega Seokjin's."
Yoongi grinned. "Dont tell Seokjin, but this beats his any day." He said before walking them both inside.

They were immediately ushered to a seat by their waitress, Yoongi chose the private nook while Jimin kept his head ducked and his hand on Yoongi's arm
throughout the whole interaction.

The waitress left after the menus were given.

"Go choose." Yoongi said, looking at his copy of the menu.

Jimin stared at the menu with wide eyes, not knowing there were dozens of variations of what he thought was simple chicken wings.
"i-i can't decide." Jimin said honestly. The numerous choices were driving him crazy.

"Let's get two buckets of their best selling, is that okay?" Yoongi asked.

Jimin nodded.

The waitress came for the order and left saying it'll be served in ten minutes.
The whole experience was new to Jimin. He was always used to royal food.

The older watched with an amused expression as Jimin intently studied the glass of water that was served earlier. "Is this water?"

"Yes, it is."

"Is it safe to drink?"

Yoongi bit his lip
to hold back his laughter. "It is, of course."

But Jimin didn't seem too convinced, he took the glass, placing it in front of Yoongi

The alpha knew what this meant. Jimin was wary. Yoongi noticed that royal people for some reason alway think that they're going to get poisoned
So Yoongi took the glass, taking a sip from it before placing it back in front of Jimin.

Jimin took the glass, slowly taking it up to drink from it. "I feel like a badass." He admitted.

"That's just water, wait 'til the chicken comes, you'll feel like a whole new person."
"Mama and papa are going to be so mad if they find out i'm here." Jimin said, taking a few more sips of the water.

Yoongi laughed. "At least you're going to have the best chicken in your life."

"I'm going to tell on you to Seokjin!"

"You wont." The alpha chuckled.
"We have to wait for the chicken?" Jimin asked after a minute of silence.

"We do."

"Do you eat here?"

Yoongi nodded. "Often. That's why i brought you here, i love their chicken here."

Yoongi out side the castle was a whole different person. Jimin felt like he was meeting
someone else, as if this alpha hadn't been his companion for more than a year.

The chicken came after five whole minutes of conversation about Jimin's travels with the royal family when he was a child.

Jimin's eyes widened when the two buckets where placed on their table.
He wasn't used to seeing food that wasn't garnished enought o make it look as expensive as possible. But even if it didn't look like palace food, perhaps it had more of an appeal.

The plates and utensils were placed in front of them before the waitress left them.
"You can eat, yknow." The alpha chuckled at Jimin who was intently watching the smoke rising from the freshly cooked food.

"I... i just.... eat this?"

Yoongi laughed and shook his head, taking a wing with his bare hands then biting off of it.
"Y-you.... with... your hands?"

Yoongi licked his lips which had sauce on them. "It's part of the experience, don't be afraid to get messy."

So Jimin tried to follow Yoongi's lead, taking a wing in his fingers, bringing it close to his face to smell it.
It smelled amazing, that was comforting.

He had the juicy sauce on his fingers, but that was part of the experience right?

With his free hand, he lowered the mask on his face onto his chin, and slowly took the wing in his mouth, taking his first bite.
"MMMM" The prince's eyes widened, he immediately took two more bites.

Yoongi who had been watching Jimin the whole time couldnt help but laugh. "Is it good? You like it?"

"Don't tell Seokjin." Jimin swallowed. "But i'm never settling for his chicken again."
Jimin devoured the chicken at the speed of light.

Yoongi was personally surprised that a tiny omega like Jimin could eat just as much as him, or maybe even more. He was sure Jimin grabbed from the other bucket when the first one ran out.

When everything was finished,
Jimin sat back, licking his fingers before he burped. "'scuse me." He giggled.

"i'm gonna wash my hands." Yoongi stood up. "Stay put." He walked over the the nearby bathroom, washing his hands as fast as he could, leaving Jimin wasn't really the brightest idea.
"Here's your bill-" The waitress, an omega, said placing it on the table where Jimin was left. "you know, you look a lot like the prince."

Jimin was sweating, he didn't know what to do, what the fuck were bills anyways?

He just kept his head low, hoping Yoongi would hurry up.
She was just standing there, Jimin wanted to tell her to go away. But she just stood there as if her realization deserved a medal.

"Can we get a bucket for take out?"

Jimin let out a breath he didn't know he was holding when he heard the sound of Yoongi's voice.
The waitress just nodded, taking the bill back, and saying it'll be out in a few minutes.

"Wash your hands."

Yoongi knew not to leave Jimin anymore, so he stood in front of the bathroom door while Jimin was inside, not leaving his til they were back at the table.
Jimin put the face mask back up on his face again. "She told me i looked like the prince."

"Don't mind her."

"Will she tell on me?"

"No, don't worry."

Jimin yawned, his lack of sleep finally getting to him maybe out of being full. "What's take out?"
Jimin asked a second later. "You eat the wings out?"

Yoongi laughed. "Kind of. They give you the food and you can eat it home or anywhere you want."

The waitress came back with the bill and the take out. Jimin watched curiously as Yoongi put a credit card in
the bill and gave it back.

"Was that the bill?"

Yoongi nodded. "That's how you pay for the food."

Jimin'e eyes widened, hands going to his pocket, realizing he brought no money or anything valuable. "I-i left my money at the castle."

"It's alright it's already paid."
Yoongi laughed.

"you paid... for me?" Jimin asked, not exactly knowing how to react to that.

"I did, don't worry about it."

Yoongi stood,his bag slung on one arm. "Let's go, we have a long way to walk."

They walked out of the restaurant after giving their thanks to
the waitress and Yoongi getting his card back.

They walked slower this time, Jimin at some point wrapped himself around Yoongi's arm again.

The omega was getting drowsy. "What time 's it?"

"Almost 4am."

"Really?!" Jimin asked, it didn't seem like two hours already.

They walked in silence until they got to what Jimin liked to call the barrier between the forest and the city. The younger was already prepared to enjoy the piggyback ride, but to his surpise, Yoongi walked right past it.

"We can't go through there again. That's a one
way door. You can go out but never go in."

Jimin was too tired to be curious, his cheek was pressed against Yoongi's forearm as his eyelids started dropping.


Jimin said softly. It had been a minute of all walk and no talk.

"Will we do this again someday?"

Yoongi thought for a second. "Of course."

Jimin smiled, almost slipping off of Yoongi's arm. "Thank you, alpha." Jimin fell asleep right there and then, stood up and walking.

All he remembers was seeing the image of the road
slowly turning black, fighting his sleep til he couldn't anymore.


"Jimin! Jimin you absolute bitch what the fuck-"

The said omega opened his eyes, only to find himself in his own bed next to Taehyung. He was still in Yoongi's uniform. "What the-"

"Yeah, exactly,
what the fuck happened, what are you wearing?"

Jimin sat up on the bed, shaking himself awake. He stood up a second later, getting out of the uniform and back into his pajamas whike Taehyung asked a thousand questions in the background.

"-and i just wake up and bam,
you look like that. What the fuck happened last night? Not to mention you smell like-" Taehyung's eyes widened in realization, smirk spreading on his face. "Looks like someone kept his promise."

The other flushed red. "Shut up."
So Jimin sat on the bed, cheeks tinted pink as he told an excited Taehyung everything that happened.

"-and then we got take-out."


Taehyung rolled his eyes, pointing at the paper bag on the bed side table.

Jimin turned to it, taking it in his hands, there was a blue piece of paper on it, with Yoongi's handwriting.

'Enjoy this. I'll see you on Sunday.'

Jimin bit his lip to stop the smile spreading
on his face.

Taehyung got the container, opening it. "Woah, this is a lot. Must have cost a ton."

"He paid."

Taehyung's eyes widened, as he slapped Jimin's arm. "He gave you a dead animal, in some cultured that's already a marriage proposal."
Jimin rolled his eyes, but smiled anyway. "He was so sweet last night."

"You're surprisingly calm."

"'m tired." Jimin laughed, "Taste the chicken already, you'll see stars."

Taehyung may be practically living with the royal family at this point,
but he sure as heck knew how to eat chicken.

He took a wing with his fingers, biting into it. Jimin laughed, he was sure he had the same reaction. "Tell omega Seokjin i'm never eating his chicken again."

Saturdays were slow for Jimin. He spends Saturdays with Taehyung
He was usually closely surrounded with guards whenever they went out, since his personal bodyguard was off for the day. However those guards weren't allowed to make any interaction with Jimin or Taehyung. (Yoongi's orders) Unless truly necessary.

Jimin took a bath
while Taehyung finished half of the box.

Jimin made an effort to scrub himself clean, making sure no scent of Yoongi was left on his body, or else his parents would probably flip.

Usually the stylists would pick out his outfit and do his make-up in the morning,
however weekends were Jimin's free days to do whatever he wanted for himself.

He dressed himself in black jeans and a short sleeved white button up.

He looked at himself in the mirror, he craved to see the necklace around his neck,
but then remembering it was with Yoongi.

"Will king and queen wait for us at breakfast?" Taehyung had just finished showering and getting dressed as well.

"Nope. They had to go to the neighboring kingdom for some meet-up."
The day was slow, Jimin and Taehyung kept themselves busy up until Hoseok interrupted their fun.

"Prince, there's a suitor here to see you. He said you yourself asked him to return."

Jimin jumped up. "Taehyung, come on, i'm going to introduce you to someone."
"I swear if this guy is some big scary ogre i'm gonna beat your ass." Taehyung said as the two omega giggled on their way to palace gardens where the suitor was told to wait.

Jimin was red from all the laughing, as he held onto the railing of the staircase.
"Oh god- no, just wait I swear."

Hoseok's parental instincts were triggered when the two omegas kept laughing while running down the staircase. They were complete children.

Even the guards assigned to Jimin fr tht day sprang into action as soon as they saw the
omega run from inside the castle all the way to the palace gardens.

Jimin spotted Jungkook sat in the gazebo, watching a bird peck on the table.

"Tae! It's him, look!" Jimin tugged Taehyung behind a tree as they both peered to see the young alpha.

Taehyung was all wide eyes
"How is someone that gorgeous?" Tarhyung sighed dreamily.

Jimin was a whole laughing medd behind him, hitting his arm. "Don't drool, he doesn't even know you yet."

"Did you even inform him that I'll be here!? You ass what if he thought this was gonna be some date-"
"Stop panicking you absolute hoe, don't worry, I'm pretty sure he doesnt like me that way." Jimin informed.

Taehyung slowly became a cross of nervous and anxious. "I swear-"

"You don't have to swear, it'll be fiiiiiine-" Jimin dragged Tae from behind the tree as
the two made their way towards the gazebo.

When they were close enough , Jungkook looked when he saw someone's presence. He saw Jimin first, he immediately stood, he had something in his hands, Jimin saw that it was a bouquet of roses.

"Prince Jimin!" Jungkook called out.
He was all smiles, until his eyes drifted to someone who was walking a few feet behind Jimin.

"Prince Jungkook, this is my crazy friend, Omega Kim Taehyung."

Suddenly it was as if Jungkook never saw Jimin at all. His eyes were fixed on Taehyung, who was obviously
feeling the same way the alpha was. "H-hi." Jungkook said.

He was nervous again.

Jimin laughed, walking out through the other side of the gazebo.

He went to his swing set, not quite far from the gazebo, so he could still see them but not exactly hear what was coming
out of their lips.

"Didn't know it was gonna be that easy." He giggled to himself as he watched the two finally sit down after a few minutes. Taehyung seemed to be starting the conversation.

Jimin propped himself up on his feet, then letting go, forming a
momentum as the swing went higher.

This swing set has been his as his father's birthday gift to him on his 4th birthday. He had fallen off of it so many times, he even almost broke his arm when he was 10.

But that doesn't mean he would ever let his parents take that
swing away.

Right when he was at the highest point yet, his phone started to vibrate in his pocket, forcing him to slow down until he fully stopped swinging.

He took his phone out, not bothering to look at the caller ID.


"Hoseok told me that the brat came back."
"Hi Yoongi." Jimin said, completely ignoring the other's statement. They only talked through the phone only when completely necessary, so this was a pleasant surprise.

"Did he?"


"The prince suitor from yesterday, red hair, blue suit."

Jimin giggled. "Ohhhh,
you mean Jungkook."

"I dont care about his name, why is he there?"

Jimin giggled, pushing his feet against the grass lightly to move the swing. "Why do you care?" Jimin knew he would never be able to say that if he was face to face with the alpha.

Jimin looked down at his feet, biting his lip. If he knew how to tease, he forgot that Yoongi could beat him at his own game. His voice was all deep and raspy through the phone, the hair at the back of Jimin's neck stood.

"I wanted t-to introduce him to Taetae."
"Is that so?"

Jimin crossed his legs. It was a phone conversation but he could feel the alpha whispering in his ear. "Y-yeah."

Yoongi stayed silent for a few seconds. "Are they guarding you properly?"

Jimin looked around, seeing guards visibly watching him
together with Hoseok who was at the entrance of the palace gardens.

"Yeah, always."

"Did you eat the take-out?"

"I did. Although i still have no idea how i ended up in my bed when i fell asleep in the middle of the road."
That made Yoongi laugh from the other line. "You know i don't say secrets."

Jimin playfully rolled his eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Trying to find out why bunny brat is at the castle right now."

Jimin laughed, "You're so mean today."
"I'm mean everyday."

"Do you not believe me at all?! Come here and see for yourself you unbelieving ass."

Jimin heard rustling from the other line, as if Yoongi was moving. "Is that a challege?" Oh god he could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Maybe it is."
"The fuck are you doing here, isn't it Saturday?" Hoseok said as he raised a brow at the man in front of him.

"Duty calls." Yoongi chuckled, patting Hoseok's shulder before letting himself in the garden.

Jimin, who was kicking as hard as he could on the ground to swing
to the highest point possible stopped his actions when he noticed the alpha walking his way.

Yoongi nade his way to the swings, sitting down on the other swing next to Jimin, who's eyes never left the alpha's form. "You really don't joke around fo you?"

Jimin continued to swing, but was slyly trying to check Yoongi out.

He couldn't believe he was given the chance to see the alpha out of his uniform twice in a single day.

He was wearing all black from head to toe, from the beanie on his head, to his hoodie,
and to his shoes.

"So you were telling the truth." Yoongi said, eyes turned to the gazebo were the pair were.

"I'm a prince, honey. I was raised not to lie." Jimin said matter-of-factly.

Yoongi scoffed. "Says the one who's sneaking out in the dark."
"Says the one who sneaked me out in the dark."

Yoongi claimed defeat, raising his hands in the air. "I came here for fun but i feel so attacked now."

"I came here to be a good friend and help Tae get some action going but i've been stuck on this swing for like half an hour,
completely forgotten."

Yoongi's feet pushed on the ground, setting him into a slow swing. "You're always a dramatic princess."

Jimin started swinging as well. "You always call me a princess." He regretted saying the words as soon as he saw the smirk forming on Yoongi's face.
"Does it bother you?" He asked, turning away from the gazebo to look at Jimin, who immediately turned to look at his own feet. "Should i stop?"

Oh god it was as if he lowered his voice on pupose. Jimin was flushed red once again. "N-no."

"Alright, you overdramatic princess."
A few minutes later, Jimin and Yoongi looked up when they noticed that Taehyubg and Jungkook had stood.

They thought it was all over, however they were proved wrong when the two just started walking while talking.

"It's been a whole hour, do they not know that
they can meet up another day?" Jimin whined, stomping hard on the ground making him swing powerfully.

"Oh c'mon, you were the one who introduced them, you might as well be happy for them, and plus they might be soulmates or something." Yoongi spoke.
"HOBI," He called out to Hoseok's direction and pointed at Taehyung on and Jungkook who were walking. Hoseok nodded, telling guards to follow them.

Jimin huffed as he forcibly stopped his swinging. "What time is it?"

Yoongi glances at his watch. "Like 11."
"Great." Jimin said, jumping up from the swing seat. "I have ballet in half an hour."


"Um, a dance institute a few minutes from the castle."

Yoongi wasn't knowledgeable about Jimin's routine during Saturdays and Sundays since he was off the job.
The alpha stood from his seat as well. "Can i come?"

Oh fuck.

No. Was what Jimin wanted to say.

His classmates in ballet was one thing, and the skin tight dance suit was another.

Yoongi would see his every move,
it was the worst idea ever.

"With me?"


"To ballet?"


Yoongi was just looking at him, waiting for him to answer.

"Yknow you dont have to if you dont wan-"The alpha started.

"NO- i mean... n-no, it's okay."

Yoongi grinned. "Okay, lead the way."
Jimin lead them up to his room, he needed to change first of course.

Yoongi went straight to his own room, and Jimin in his.

Jimin could feel his heart pounding and his head floding with regrets as he slipped into his black one-piece dance suit.
It reached down to the middle of his thighs. It had long sleeves however the neckline practically revealed he entirety of his collarbones, and the whole suit was skin tight.

He looked at himself in the full length mirror, turning around a few times.

He kept pulling at it

He just ended up wearing a hoodie and sweatpants over it, he knew he would have to take it off sooner or later, but it would buy him some time.

Jimin knocked on Yoongi's door before letting himself in, Yoongi was laying on the bed scrolling
through his phone, his knees bent and hanging off of the bed.

The alpha didn't move, but his eyes went to Jimin. "That's your dance suit? Doesnt seem that elegant."

"Let's go, i might get late." Jimin started walking, wanting to keep a safe distance between them.
Yoongi had to jog after him to catch up to the royal limousine, and even there, Jimin took his seat as far away as possible from Yoongi, pressed against the window.

"What's wrong?" Yoongi asked after checking that the privacy window between the driver was up.

"You're acting weird."

Jimin huffed. "Dunno what you're talking 'bout."

Yoongi sighed. "Jiminie."

"I already said that it's nothing."

Yoongi kept silent, Jimin was obviously not going to speak.



"Can i see your list?"
Just then it started raining outside, not a light drizzle but a heavy pour.

"M-my list?"

Yoongi nodded. "You know what i'm talking about."

Jimin could never resist any request Yoongi would make especially when he was looking at him like that.
Especially when he was dressed like that, especially when he smelled like that.

So he reached into his pocket, taking the parchment out, placing it on Yoongi's open palm.

He knew Yoongi would never judge him, or question his choices.

But he couldn't stop biting his lip
nervously as the alpha began to unfold the paper.

After a minute, he gave it back. Jimin was relieved that Yoongi didn't react in any way.

"Thank you. I just had to know what we we're gonna do the next time." Yoongi said before he smiled at the omega.
Jimin fucking hates Yoongi for what he does to him.

In a flash they were all back. The butterflies, the blood rush, the pounding in his chest.

Yoongi held up his pinky. "I promise to take you out again next time."

Jimin couldnt help but smile, lacing his pinky with Yoongi's
But Yoongi wasn't done. "And-"

"and?" Jimin tilted his head curiously.

"I promise to help you finish every item on your list."

Jimin was suprised. "Really? It's going to be hard, you know."

But Yoongi's positivity didn't falter one bit. "I know."
Jimin only had four other classmates in ballet class, 2 of which were princes and two others who were descendants of the richest families.

"Who's he?" Minjun, an omega prince asked.

Yoongi was on his phone on a chair shoved in the corner of the room, together with
four people who were accompanying Jimin's other classmates.

The five of them were quite close since they had been dancing together for years now.

"Never seen him before." Junseok, the beta from the rich family said as they were conducting stretching. Everyone who
was already in their dance suit, stretching and warming up while Jimin was sat on the wooden floor, refusing to change into his dance suit.

Hyunwoo, approached Jimin, "Jimin! Where's your dance suit?"

"'m wearing it."

"Dance instructor is gonna come any minute! you should

Jimin wordlessly just hugged his knees to his chest, eavesdropping on the conversation going on between Junseok, Minjun and Taewoo.

"He's an alpha?" Taewoo asked

"Of course he is you idiot, look at him." Minjun rolled his eyes.

Jimin glanced at Yoongi,
the alpha was still on his phone, Jimin learned that when he was scrolling a lot like this, he was on twitter.

"Do you know him? Who was he with when he came?" Junseok said, not so slyly ogling at the alpha.

"He looks like a bad boy."

"Why are we not talking about
how good he smells?" Minjun said, even taking a deep breath.

"Look at his hands though." Taewoo bit his lip. "He can choke m-"

Jimin shook his head, standing up, not wanting to hear what was coming next.

This was exactly why this whole situation was a bad idea.
"Just approach him aleady, have you forgotten that you're a prince? Nobody can reject a prince." Taewoo said as he slapped Minjun's arm.

"He's too hot for me. I'm gonna melt." Junseok said, dramatically fanning himself with his hand.

Jimin was getting irritated.
He knew his classmates were always this thirsty from the stories they tell but it was the first time he'd seen it first hand.

"What will i even say?! 'Hi i want your knot'?!" Minjun said. Jimin was thankful Yoongi was far enough not to hear anything.
It was odd. He knew Yoongi was attractive, but what the fuck was this really the effect he had on omegas?

"Just say something, so he knows your interested." Junseok adviced.

Minjun rolled his eyes. "Okay okay fine, no obe rejects a prince anyway, right?"
He turned away from where they were huddled in the middle of the dance floor and started walking in Yoongi's direction. He even made a moved to adjust the neck line of his suit, so that it would expose his neck more.

Was he fucking serious? Right in front of Jimin himself?
Jimin stood up, brows furrowed, eyes never leaving Minjun.

He swiftly kicked hid shoes off his feet, took off his sweatpants, as soon as he pulled the hoodie off of his head, he saw Yoongi's eyes on him.

With the newfound ounce of confidence, he skipped over to Yoongi
before Minjun could get to him.

"Can you hold these for me?" Jimin asked, piling his clothes on Yoongi's lap.

Yoongi took the clothes, eyes never leaving Jimin even if he got close.

"y-yeah sure."

Jimin looked behind him to see the three in shock.
"Nobody ever rejects a prince, huh?" Junseok huffed was they watched Jimin and Yoongi converse.


"Jimin's got good taste."

Jimin skipped back to the group a few seconds later.

"You sneaky little rascal." Minjun said, nudging Jimin, who was just filled with giggles.
Yoongi was mesmerized.

It's not like he's never seen Jimin dance before, but it was never as serious as this.

He knew that dancers could communicate their emotions through he way they moved, and Jimin was a perfect proof of that.
There was passion and elegance in the way he moved, it was hypnotizing.

Yoongi never took his eyes of Jimin the whole time. He couldn't. The omega was too captivating.

After the five finished performing a song, Yoongi stood, clapping his gands together.
The dance instructor laughed at Yoongi's reaction. "That's our first standing ovation for that piece."

Jimin's eyes met Yoongi's and the alpha smiled.

Jimin couldn't believe how useless his anxiety was earlier.
"You were absolutely amazing." Was the only thing Yoongi managed to say after an hour when the session was over.

"Th-thanks." Jimin was used to getting kind words and compliments, but coming from Yoongi it was all different.

"Put this on though." Yoongi said,
handing Jimin his clothes.

The omega nodded, asking Yoongi to turn around and face the wall. (( Yoongi didn't understand why when he's literally just going to cover his dance suit. but he followed anyway)) Before Jimin put them on.

"Do you guys have like a recital
or something?" Yoongi asked as Jimin sat down on the empty seat.

"Yes, at the end of the year." When Jimin bent down to reach for his shoes, he winced, hand going to his left waist.

"Are you okay?" Yoongi's voice was laced with concern.

"I'm okay-"
The omega said, contrary to the look of discomfort on his face. "I fell a while ago. It still kind of hurts." Jimin said as he looked up at Yoongi.

The older bend down, one knee kneeling on the floor.

Jimin watched hin curiously "wha-"

Yoongi didn't answer, wordlessly
putting on Jimin's shoes on each foot for him.

"You should be more careful, you know." Yoongi said as he laced up the left shoe before the right and stood when it was done.

"i-i know." Jimin said before he stood as well. He couldnt help but notice his classmates,
especially Hyungwoo who was cheering and making kissy faces at them.

"What-" Yoongi looked back curiously to see what Jimin was looking at, but the four just pretended as if they were minding their own business.

"Let's go." Jimin tugged on Yoongi's sleeve. "i'm hungry."
As soon as they got back in the castle, Jimin saw Taehyung and Jungkook stood at the gates.

The pair were holding both hands, facing each other.

"Is this a dramatic farewell?" Yoongi asked, scooting closer to Jimin to see the two.

"Probably. Tae has the power of
making any situation dramatic and emotional." Jimin held his breath, Yoongi was so near, almost pressed up against him.

The driver dropped them off at the gardens, Yoongi got out first before holding the door open for Jimin.

As soon as the omega got off, he started walking,
not even bothering to wait for Yoongi since he knew he'd catch up anyway.

"Where are we going?" Yoongi asked after he jogged to catch up.

"Gonna steal Tae away from his alpha. I'm hungry and he probably is too."

Yoongi nodded. "After you eat i have something to tell you."
That statement made Jimin look up at Yoongi.

"What?" There was something about that sentence that made Jimin nervous. Did he do something wrong?

"I'll have to leave after lunch though, i have a meeting." Yoongi informed.

Jimin couldn't do anything but nod.
Sometimes he forgot that Yoongi had a life outside of his job. He would forget that Yoongi was more than a bodyguard. Yoongi was out there living a life with other people.


Perhaps Yoongi was living a life with an omega.

He could never forget that he knew so little
about Yoongi. The older was never that open, as if he never wanted anyone to break the walls he built around his heart.

"With who?" Jimin asked as he watched his feet as he walked.

He couldn't help himself.

Yoongi raised a brow at the question. "Just someone."

Someone Jimin didn't know. Someone who was special enough to have a personal meeting with Yoongi. Someone who was in the part of Yoongi's life where Jimin wasn't welcomed.

Someone who wasn't Jimin.

Jimin bit his lip. He remembered asking a risky question
last night. Perhaps Yoongi was generous enough to answer again. "For what?"

"I don't like questions, y'know." Yoongi said as they reached the gates.

It had only been a minute of walking, but in that minute Jimin felt his heart weighing him down more and more.

"i-i know."
Yoongi looked at his watch and his eyes widened. "Oh shit- I have to go, i have to go now."

Jimin turned to Yoongi, "Now?"

"Yes, yes i'm sorry." The alpha was already walking away, through the gates.

Jimin tried to go after him, but he was stopped by the guards
at the gates to go any further. "But what were you going to tell me?!" Jimin called out,

but Yoongi was already briskly walking away, too far to hear him.

The gates kept him where he was supposed to be,

never allowing him to go where he wanted to be.
Jimin watched Yoongi's figure disappear at the turn. He then felt a tap on his shoulder.

It was Taehyung, no longer with Jungkook.

"What happened? What did you do?" Taehyung asked

"I don't know what i did." Jimin said, turning to Tae. "But i know what i shouldnt have done."
He was late, Yoongi was swearing under his breath as he got into his car which he parked somewhere Jimin won't see.

He was never good with punctuality, Jimin was always the one dragging him to the right places at the right times.
He took his beanie off, throwing it in the back seat before he drove.

He didn't want to leave Jimin that sudden, even while he was walking away he was already thinking of ways on how to make it up to the omega.

Right when he was caught in traffic, his phone
phone started to ring.

He put it on speaker mode after he answered.

"You're late, Yoongi."

He scoffed. "What's new?"

"I'm just checking to see if you're alive, hurry up, asshole. I don't like waiting" The voice on the other line hissed.
"I don't like you, but we both never get what we want, do we?"

The line went dead, Yoongi chuckled, tossing his phone aside. "Fucking ungrateful dickhead."


He parked directly in front of the place, a bar.

Going to bars in the middle of the day isn't really
an activity Yoongi enjoyed doing, but he never expected more of the person he was meeting.

"You look like an ass." Junki said as soon as Yoongi took the seat in front of him.

"You are what you eat." Yoongi answered. He watched Junki take a drag from his cigarette.
Junki rolled his eyes.

Yoongi spoke up. "Can you get to the point of why you invited me to this bitchass date? This is a huge waste of my time."

Junki crushed his cigarette in the ash tray. "Your mother wants to see you."

"Since when have you cared about my mother?"
"I don't, but father told me to talk to you."

Yoongi stared at the man in front of him. He had always been like this, smoking, drinking and fucking omegas was the only thing he's ever done in his life.

He disgusts Yoongi.

"Tell my mother i'm doing good.
Good enough to never return. I'm not going back until i get what's rightfully mine." He growled.

There weren't much people in the bar, half because it was mid day and half because this was one of the least popular bars, exactly why Junki chose to meet him here.
Junki lit another cigar, Yoongi's nose scrunched at the smell. "Getting what you want would require kicking me out the picture. That's not going to happen, brother."

Yoongi stood. "Don't call me that. You are no brother of mine."

Junki laughed like a maniac.
"But what about your father? your mother? will i have to send them the disappointing message of their son refusing to return home?"

"Home is never where you are." were Yoongi's final words before he got out of that place, into his car and drove.
Jimin didn't want to talk about it while they were having lunch.

He didn't want to talk about it when they were walking back to Jimin's room.

He didn't want to talk about it while they were watching a movie.

So Taehyung just decided to tell his own tale, hopefully
to cheer the other up.

"He was so sweet." Taehyung sighed. "He told me he never met anyone like me."

Call Jimin anything, but he certainly wasn't a shitty friend, so he slowly forgot about what just happened to support Taehyung who was obviously a second
away from screaming.

"He said his father only forced him to see you just so he can find a mate, but it wouldn't matter whichever omega he wanted." Taehyung shoved his face into a pillow, his legs kicking on the bed.
Jimin laughed, hitting Taehyung with a pillow. "It's been a day and you're already whipped."

Taehyung said his head. "It's been like a year and a half and you're /still/ whipped."

Jimin rolled his eyes playfully. "Whipped for someone who isn't whipped for me."
Taehyung sat up, getting the remote to change the movie playing. "But i can't believe I went from witnessing other people's love stories to starting my own."

"You're weirdly calm about this." Jimin smirked. "Did he even kiss you?" He saw the other's face turn red in an instant.
Taehyung had to go home at 5pm, Jimin spent the whole afternoon meeting suitors. He was back in his quarters as he watched the suitors exit the castle through the gates, all defeated by their failed attempt at catching Jimin's heart.

The omega glanced at his phone,
no messages.

"I didn't know my little baby would grow up to break hundreds of hearts."

Jimin smiled when he heard the voice, turning to see none other than his mother standing in the doorway.

She entered the room, standing next to Jimin in front of the window,
draping her arm around his shoulders.

"Looks like that heart of yours is hard to please." She said, watching more suitors walk out.

"I guess. Even the most elite princes i've met have no appeal."

"Well, take your time. We've never rushed you before."
His mother had always spent these hours with him.

At times when Taehyung and Yoongi weren't around, she accompanies him.

"Mama-" Jimin gulped, not really knowing if it was the right time. But he knew his mother would understand. "I-is it alright for my mate to not be
of royalty?"

The queen looked at him, with an expression Jimin couldn't read. "Honey-" She started, it wasn't her normal cheerful tone of speaking. "You know your father would never approve."

He knew that. He had always known that.

So he didn't say anything back,
not wanting his own mother to raise her suspicions.

"I'm craving for cookies." She said, lifting the weight of the previous topic off of their shoulders. "Why don't we go down, steal the kitchen from Omega Seokjin and have some fun?"

His mother always knew what to say and
what to do at the perfect time.

"Me too." Jimin said.

The queen laughed, "Race you to the kitchen!" She said before she broke into a run,

Jimin, who was late to respond ran after her.

"LAST ONE THERE HAS TO WASH THE DISHES!" She said as she ran down the halls.
Yoongi was back on the job at Sunday afternoon.

Jimin found him sat in front of his vanity mirror when he came back to his quarters after lunch.

Seeing Yoongi back in his dark uniform was such a sight. He was pushing his hair back in front of the mirror, only for it
to fall back on his face.

Jimin walked in, plopping down on the bed and getting his phone.

"You're here." Yoongi said as he stood, turning to Jimin who was on the bed. "How are you?"

But Jimin paid no attention to him, playing a game on his phone.
Yoongi raised his eyebrow at the behavior, he said down on the bed next to Jimin, who turned to lay on his stomach.

"Jimin i asked you a question." He said, looking at the omega who kept on playing.

After getting no response again, Yoongi chuckled. "You're giving
me the silent treatment? What a princess."

Jimin's behavior continued until dinner. He had spent his whole day studying with his tutor, who comes and stays to teach him all day from Sunday to Wednesday.

"Are you really not gonna talk to me?" Yoongi spoke up
when they were making their way back to Jimin's room after dinner.

But Jimin didn't even spare him a glance.


Jimin turned to him by instinct, immediately cursing as he did. He could never resist it whenb Yoongi calls him that.

Yoongi saw how Jimin
had acted and he chuckled. "If you stop pretending like i don't exist, i'll take you out tonight."

They had just arrived at the room, Jimin had the doorknob in his hand.

The omega sighed before he dropped the act, and looked at Yoongi. "You're awfully good at this game."
"Where are we going?" Jimin asked when he looked up from his phone to the alpha stood in front of the window.

Yoongi had agreed to take him out at midnight, so they were both just waiting for the time to come.

"It's a surprise." Yoongi said before he walked to the door.
"I'll be back, have to take care of something."

"Okay. Be quick." Jimin said before Yoongi went out of the door. It was 10pm, he was already in pajamas, he curled up in his sheets as he yawned.


"No, not again." Hoseok said, not taking his eyes off the computer
where he was typing a document.

"C'mon Hoseok, don't be such a killjoy." Yoongi pushed.

The other alpha sighed. "I already helped you out once. You know we're both going to get slaughtered if Namjoon finds out."

They were talking in whispers in the RSU office.
It was true, Yoongi knew it was a huge risk from the start.

"What do we have to lose?"

"Our jobs, Yoongi." Hoseok said through gritted teeth.

Hoseok seemed like he was going to stick with his stand. But Yoongi had his ways.

"Come on Hoseok, help me out."
Yoongi hated pulling this card, but if this was what it takes, then so be it. "Didn't you say you love me? That you'd do anything for me?"

Yoongi felt guilty for bringing it up when he saw the way Hoseok flushed red. "Don't you dare use my words against me."
It happened a year ago.

Yoongi had blended in with the whole RSU as he was warmly welcomed especially by Hoseok and Namjoon.

That's what Hoseok told him one night, one Friday night when he was on his way home.

"I love you. I'd do anything for you."
Hoseok was so brave.

Brave enough to say words like that in a world where a relationship between two alphas is highly frowned upon.

Yoongi remembers how Hoseok looked that night, his face when he said the words. Truthful and desperate.

At that moment Yoongi wished
he felt the same just so he didn't have to see the disappointment in Hoseok's eyes.

"Don't do this to yourself." The words were cruel, but they had to be said.

Those were Yoongi's last words,

on the night that Hoseok promised himself that he'd stop loving the wrong people.

"Fine." Hoseok said, just wanting to shut Yoongi up. "But if Namjoon catches us, you're not going to drag me down with you."

"Thank, Hoseok." Yoongi said.

Hoseok looked up at Yoongi after a second of the other not leaving yet. "Also-" Yoongi gulped. "I'm not loved
by a lot of people. I've never given myself a chance to thank you for that. For the love." Yoongi made his way to the door, holding the knob.



"Good people like you always get a happy ending." Their eyes met, it was exactly like that night again. "Always."

Jimin was fucking screaming again. He refused to walk out of the door and had an iron grip on the railing of the staircase.

It had rained that day, and when he was just about to step out,
he heard a croak.

"SHHHH LANGUAGE." Yoongi scolded. "Stop screaming you absolute princess, someone might here you."

Yoongi didn't make Jimin change into his suit again, instead making him wear a completely black outfit.


"Will you calm down for one second?!" Yoongi sighed, stepping closer to Jimin and bending down, letting the prince get on.

He walked onto the grass before kicking the door close.

"The ground looks ew." Jimin said, placing his chin on Yoongi's head.
"Says the one who isn't stepping on it." Yoongi scoffed.

Yoongi didn't bother changing out of his suit, he's pretty sure nobody would see them anyways.

They got to the end of the forest faster since Yoongi didn't have to deal with Jimin's dramatic ass screaming
about stepping on a frog this time.

When Yoongi stepped on the cemented sidewalk, Jimin jumped down bedore he yawned. "I'm already tired."

To the omega's surprise, Yoongi was walking towards a car a few feet away. A jet black Lexus.

"Don't tell me you're gonna steal-"
Jimin was cut off when Yoongi pulled out the keys in his pocket, unlocking the car.

Jimin didn't know much about fancy cars, but all he knew was this one was pretty and it suited Yoongi so much.

Yoongi opened the passenger's door. "Get in."
If Yoongi knew that Jimin was this annoying during car rides, he would have just made him walk. (But if course he wouldn't do that because Jimin is a drama queen and would complain all the way.)

To be fair, it was Jimin's first time riding shotgun in a car, he had always been
in the back of the limo.

The omega was excitedly switching through radio stations, making the volume louder then lower again and again, and he seemed to be font of changing the setting of the air conditioning.

Yoongi was thankful that he got heavily a tinted car or else
people might see Jimin screaming song lyrics on the top of his lungs.

"We're here." Yoongi said as he pulled up.

"WAKE ME UP INSIDE-" Jimin was enthusiastically screaming.

Yoongi laughed, pressing the off button on the radio.

"CAN'T WAke u- hey!" Jimin huffed.
"You ruined my song."

"It's all part of the experience."

Jimin looked out from the car window to see them in a dark place that seemed to be occupied by a ton of other cars.

"Where are we?"

Yoongi killed the engine. "It's a garage. This is where cars stay when not in use."
Yoongi reached over in the compartment in front of Jimin's seat, getting a black facemask and his cap, placing them on Jimin's lap.

"This place looks creepy." Jimin said before he put them on.

"Oh trust me, it is. People here are like ghosts." The alpha spooked before
getting out of the car, making his way around it to open Jimin's side.

As soon as Jimin stepped out, it felt eerie. There was complete silence.

Only their footsteps could he heard when they made their way to an elevator, there was no down button and Yoongi pressed the up arrow

The door opened immediately, Yoongi lead them both inside before pressing the button to shut it.

The door opened again at the next floor, where five alphas made their way inside.

The pair gave way to them, ending up with them in the corner.
They smelled like smoke and alcohol, one even smelled like pre-rut.

Jimin held onto Yoongi's arm, not knowing how to feel about to situation.

They were going to the top floor, floor 41, while the alphas were heading to floor 39.
When they arrived at the fifth floor, they had started looking, at Jimin specifically. They could smell that he was the only omega there.

They reached floor 19 and the one smelling like pre-rut had moved, placing himself next to Jimin.

The omega squeaked as he
felt the alpha invading his personal space.

"Yoongi-" Jimin whispered. His grip around Yoongi's arm was tightening.

Yoongi was so close to growling but he remained calm, knowing he could easily take them on if ever they started anything.
Jimin suddenly felt a hand a hand wrappinga round his waist, it pulled him in, making him stand in front of Yoongi, facing the alpha.

His eyes widened when he felt one Yoongi's hands snaking around his waist and one on the back of his head, pulling him close.
The omega knew chances like this don't come often, so he look it, wrapping his own arms around Yoongi's torso as tight as he could as he leaned against Yoongi's chest.

He was once again reminded how much he loved Yoongi's scent. It had been the reason
why he chose Yoongi as his bodyguard and it will always be the reason why he'll keep choosing Yoongi over anyone or anything.

Jimin shut his eyes, not wanting to think about anything other than the present. He knew he'd look back at this moment soon, he might as well live in it
now, while he still could.

His eyes opened again when Yoongi moved underneath him. "We're here."

Yoongi pulled away, but left his arm around Jimin's waist as he guided him out.

It opened to a hallway and at the end there was a door.

Jimin was yawning as they walked
through the hallway.

He was surpised when Yoongi pulled something out of his pocket again.


"This is your house?" Jimin asked, somehow awake once again.

"Obviously." Yoongi said as he put the keys inside the knob. He then placed his thumb flat on the doorbell.
A green light flashed before the door swung open.

"So it is your house."

Yoongi guided Jimin inside before he shut the door behind them.

Jimin couldn't help but look around in the living room. "You live in a penthouse?"

Yoongi chuckled, kicking his shoes off.
"Am i not allowed to?"

Jimin let his own feet guide him. The place screamed Yoongi. There were abstract black and white portraits on the walls, a lot of technology for entertainment purposes, and the sofa looked comfortable as fuck.

"I've always wanted to see a penthouse."
"You literally live in a castle."

The place was very spacious with black marble tiles, but of course it's bed asset was it's view of the whole city.

"Woah." Jimin said as he pressed his hands against the glass. It was so pretty, how the lights contrasted with the darkness
of the night, how nobody was in the streets but everyone was still awake.

"Gorgeous, isn't it?" Yoongi said, standing next to the omega.

"Gorgeous." Jimin repeated.

Jimin's eyes drifted upward, he pressed closer to the glass, wanting to see more of the sky.
"Don't stress yourself." Yoongi said behind him.

Jimin felt the alpha's hand on his wrist, tugging at it, gesturing for him to follow.

They walked through the living room to the corner of the place, there was a spiral staircase that Jimin hadn't noticed.
Yoongi lead the way, not letting go of Jimin's wrist. He unlocked what looked like a latch on the ceiling. He pushed that part of the ceiling and it easily slid aside.

They climbed the remaining steps.

"Careful." Yoongi said, taking Jimin's hand to help him up.
And pretty much Jimin found himself on a very spacious rooftop.

Jimin felt the cold night air on his skin, there was the sound of the wind blowing by.

"Woah." Jimin said, he walked to the edge, placing his hands on the barrier, looking at the cars and buildings below.
Yoongi just kept watching him with a smile on his lips. "We didn't come here for you to look down. Look up."

Jimin did. "Wow." he spun in his spot, trying to take as much of it in as possible.

"Come here." Yoongi spoke,

Jimin turned to him to see the alpha sat
on a thick blanket with about a dozen pillows. In his hands was a telescope.

"You planned this so well." Was the only think Jimin could say as he sat amidst the pillows.

"Well it might be the first and last time you get to see this, might as well make it the best for you."
"The last?" Jimin asked and he laid down on the fluffy blanket surrounded with pillows.

"You know that i eventually have to take you back to the castle, right? And that i might never be able to take you out again." Yoongi laid down next to him, their eyes at the sky.
Jimin sighed, he didn't want to think about it in such a pleasant situation, but it was the truth. "I know."

They laid in silence for a while, Jimin had been looking at stars with the handheld telescope Yoongi had brought.


Jimin zoomed in on the brightest star in the whole sky, the one directly above them. "If you owned a star, what would you do?"

Yoongi thought for a second. "Give it to you."


"Owning a star would mean nothing to me, but it will probably mean the world to you."
It made Jimin want to giggle but soon he felt a warm tear sliding down the sife of his face and dripping to the pillow.

"Alpha." Jimin said, putting down the telescope.

"Yes?" Yoongi turned to the other.

"I don't want this to end."

Yoongi knew it will, they knew it had to
But maybe they can forget the ugly truth even just for a second. "It doesn't have to."

Jimin didn't respond, but he knew how sad it was that they had to lie to keep their little moment of happiness.



"What if all the stars suddenly just- disappear?"
Yoongi looked above, his eyes drifting from star to star, from the moon to the hundreds of lights surrounding it.

It was such a hard question to answer.

Jimin's head turned to look at Yoongi, and the alpha did the same, their eyes meeting.

"You'd still be my brightest star."
They'd been laying there in silence for what felt like forever.

Until Jimin reached into his pocket, taking out his list.

Yoongi turned to see what Jimin was doing.

"So we've finished two." The omega said, ripping the part of the paper where the two items were listed.
He crumpled the torn piece of paper in his hand.

"Make a wish." He said, holding the crumpled up piece of paper in his palm in front of Yoongi.

The other chuckled. "What for?"

"So that this wouldn't be the last time. C'mon, you just have to believe."

So Yoongi shut his eyes,
then opened them a few seconds later. "Done."

Jimin sat up, holding the paper then throwing it as hard as he could. The wind took it from him until it dropped down from the edge of the rooftop.

"Why'd you throw it away?"

"So someone else's wishes could come true."
The stars seemed to be even brighter, none of them were aware of how much time past or how much time they still had left.

"Yoongi." Jimin was staring at a constellation.


"The other day, who did you go to meet?" The straightforwardness was something new to Jimin
but he knew if he didn't ask, the question will still be there.

"You really won't forget that, will you?" Yoongi chuckled, but he stoppef himself when he saw that the omega was serious.

Yoongi sighed, knowing Jimin will just keep asking if he didn't answer sooner or later.
"My brother."

Jimin looked both relieved and surprised. "You have a brother?!"

"Can we save that question for another night?"

That's the only time Jimin dropped the topic.

Yoongi took the telescope from Jimin, looking through it until the omega spoke again.
"I wished on that paper, too." He said, looking at Yoongi, the alpha put the telescope down and their eyes met. "I wished this would never have to end."

"Stop saying that. The end comes nearer."

Jimin yawned, breaking their contact. He felt it, he felt everything now.
The tears in his eyes, the heaviness of his heard, the sinking feeling in his mind knowing it was going to end, the butterflies that have never settled.

"Sleep." Yoongi said.




"My mother used to say that the part of the day you'll remember the
most is the moment when you're half awake, half asleep."

Even if they didn't cuddle, they didnt even touch. Even if Yoongi didn't hold him that night, Jimin felt as if they were the closest at that moment, that Yoongi had managed to reach parts of his heart that other
people didn't even knew existed.

Jimin yawned, cuddling up into a pillow, his eyelids were giving up as they kept getting heavier. He struggled to keep them open as he fixed his eyes on the star right above them, the brightest one.

"Sleep so this will last forever."
The omega didn't know how he didn't saw it coming.

When he opened his eyes, instead of seeing the night sky, he saw his room's ceiling.

Taehyung was already there, arranging the contents of what looked like his school bag.

"Wut time's it?" Jimin asked, sitting up
and yawning. He was still in his clothes from last night.

"Like 9am"

"Why didn't you wake me up earlier?"

"You look like you've enjoyed your night so you might as well enjoy your sleep, too."

Jimin's mind flooded with memories of last night. It was true, he /did/
enjoy last night. A lot.

"Hurry up. I even asked tutor if we can start an hour late because you seemed tired." Taehyung said, getting a pillow and hitting Jimin with it.

Taehyung and Jimin had the same tutor, since Tae pretty much lived in the castle by then,
they study with the same teacher that comes four days a week.

Jimin dragged himself out of the bed, and in half an hour he was done showering.

He got the clothes the stylist had left for him, and he had to sit still for long enough to get his make up done.
"You meeting suitors today?"

Jimin shook his head. "It's a school day."

The stylist finished their looks and while Jimin was looking at himself in the mirror, sat in front of it, Yoongi finally decided to show up.

"Hi Yoongi." Taehyung said to the alpha in the doorway.
"Good morning." Yoongi grinned, walking over to stand behind the chair Jimin sat. "Forgot to give this to you last night."

Before Jimin could ask what it was, Yoongi had taken the necklace out of his pocket, puting it around Jimin's neck.

Their eyes met in the mirror
and Jimin was out of words, after everything that had happened.

"Th-thank you." The omega held onto the small golden crow.

"See you later." Yoongi smiled, walking out of the room.

Jimin's eyes were too busy following Yoongi to notice Tae who had been laughing.

The day went on normally,

well that's what Jimin thought.

"Son, come with me."

It wasn't often that the king himself would personally call Jimin to have some sort of 'talk' with him,

but when it did happen, it was always when Jimin screwed up. Always.

His eyes met Tae's
as he felt cold sweat drip from his forehead.

Tae looked anxious as well, he knew how Jimin hated talks like this.

"It'll be okay." Taehyung whispered as Jimin stood from where he sat, following his father to where they'll speak.

He remembers the last time this happened,

"N-no, father."


Jimin had just posted a picture he took of himself in front of his mirror. He had accidentally raised his arm a bit too high,
making his too ride up, showing the skin right above the waistline of his pants.


"N-no Papa." He teared up.

Jimin gulped. At that time he didn't even know that he had done something wrong,
he should be more afraid now considering he really /is/ violating the rules set for him.

His father had lead them to the lounge, the king sat on his usual chair and Jimin sat on the sofa in front of him.

"Do you know why i called you here?"

"N-no, papa."
"This is about your coronation."

Jimin didn't know whether he was supposed to be relieved or a lot more nervous.

He was only 21, and he knew he was too young for the crown.

His father got the crown when he was 29, when his older brother died.

"My Coronation?"
Jimin asked.

"Yes, we talked about this before right?" His father seemed calm, which let Jimin release a breath he didn't know he was holding. "Your mother and i have been talking that if you don't find a mate by 25, i'll hand the crown down to you."

Jimin had imagined it,
ruling Seoul with no mate by his side.

It felt sad. Wrong, even.

"Isn't that too soon, papa?"

"Are you saying you aren't ready to rule your kingdom?"

"N-no. It's not that-"

"THEN, you must have no fear of a bigger more valuable crown on your head." His father had a habit
of raising his voice to deeply emohasize something. It usually just startles people, but Jimin was used to it.

Suddenly, the question popped into his head again. He didn't know if it was the right time, or if there ever will be a right time, but this was a chance,
and Jimin knew how important taking chances were.


The king nodded for him to continue.

"What if-" Jimin gulped. "My mate is not of royal blood?"

There was silence, cold sweat was dripping on Jimin's nape. His father was never silent.

the king burst into laughter. As if what Jimin said was the most hilarious joke he's heard. "That's hilarious son, you must stop cracking jokes like that, i might not take it."

But his whole demeanor changed when he saw that Jimin was serious.

"How DARE you think



Jimin stopped fighting, eyes falling onto his own hands on his lap.
His father was exactly like the castle gates,

Keeping him where he thinks he must be and never letting him go to where he wanted to be.

The king slumped back on the chair. "I've lost all my energy to talk about this. You may return to your studies."

"Y-yes papa."
As Taehyung expected, Jimin came back into the room looking deflated, but this time, he was a bit more broken than deflated.

Thankfully their tutor was out for a while.

"What happened?" Taehyung immediately had his arms open for Jimin to crash into as soon as he sat next to him
Jimin leaned against Taehyung's shoulder.

He should have known better. He should have kept his mouth shut.

"I don't understand him, Tae." Jimin felt something warm rolling down his cheek. He was crying. "I know he loved me but why can't he support me for once?"
Taehyung runned Jimin's back as he let the other let it all out.

It was true, Jimin's father loved him, he was there for him and he supported him.

But when it came to royal aspects, he never lets Jimin say a word.

"Tae? What if he forces me to mate someone?"
The question made Taehyung think. If he was being honest, it was possible. "The queen would never allow him to do that."

Yoongi came into the room a few seconds later, he had just came back from a meeting.

The alpha's eyes met Tae's. 'What happened?' he mouthed.
'later' Taehyung mouthed back, as Jimin's sobs could be heard through the room.

Of course Yoongi wouldn't settle for that.


The prince slowly pulled away from Taehyung when he heard the voice.

Yoongi didn't understand the crushing feeling he had inside
as soon as he saw the omega's bloodshot eyes. He stepped forward, not really knowing how to act or what to do.

But as soon as Jimin started tearing up again, he wordlessly opened his arms.

Jimin stood, jumping into the alpha as soon as he could.

Yoongi held him so well.
He held him in a way that he never was held before.

He held him like he never wanted him to fall apart.

He held him 'til the tears stopped falling down, at some point Taehyung went out of the room, but Jimin didn't notice.

When the sobs stopped, Jimin felt Yoongi pull away,
only far enough to look him in the eye, but not far enough that he had to pull his hands away from Jimin's form.

"What happened?" Yoongi asked.

"I feel like i lost something i still have."


"I feel like all the stars in the sky just suddenly- disappeared."
They didn't go out that night, Jimin locked himself alone in his room right after his studies and didn't even come out for dinner.

"Give him some time." The queen said to the maid that called Jimin over and over again for dinner. "You know how kids are."
"Your son is 21, Madame."

"He's still a baby." She laughed.

Jimin didn't even let Yoongi go anywhere near him, so he attended to work in the RSU office.

"You've literally been sulking since you've got here, what the fuck is going on?" Hoseok said as he peered
in front of Yoongi's office cubicle.

The older alpha had been starring at his computer, playing pinball for the past hour.


Hoseok grabbed the mouse from Yoongi, clicking exit on the pinball game. "Talk." He said ad he dragged a chair to sit next to Yoongi.
"You know i'm not much of a talker."

"I'm not buying that because Jimin said you are." Hoseok countered. "He said you rarely shut up, and when you do it's scary 'cause you're probably pissed."

That statement made Yoongi turn to Hoseok. "He talked about me?"
Hoseok rolled his eyes. "He didn't just talk about you. You're the only thing he ever talks about."

Yoongi didn't know how to react to that, so he just pushed the thought away. But Hoseok wouldn't drop it.

"Speaking of Jimin," Hoseok continued. "I still have no
idea how you got him to warm up to you almost immediately. He has his last bodyguard for almost half a year yet he hated him the whole time."

Hoseok and Namjoon had been in the RSU for 4 years, but they already made it to the top. Together with Yoongi who was placed
at the top by default because of his position as Jimin's bodyguard.

Yoongi didn't know what to say so he just stared at the computer screen.

"And i swear whenever i look after him during Fridays to Sundays when you're off, he bombards me with too much information about you."
Hoseok chuckled. "I don't even have the heart to tell him that i don't care. It's so annoying, i even know that you broke your phone screen last week."

Yoongi couldn't listen anymore after getting weird feelings he couldn't understand in his chest. "Stop it, will you?"
"I'm just telling the truth. He's so fond of you." Hoseok chuckled. "If I didn't know better i'd think something was going on between you two."

Yoongi turned to Hoseok then, their eyes meeting as he forced out a laugh. "Yeah." he said. "He's a prince. He'd never settle for me."
Jimin finally told Taehyung about what happened in the morning when he arrived to the castle.

"No offense i know you have like half his genes but, your dad is kind of an asshole." Taehyung said, trying to be wary of his words knowing Jimin was still sensitive.
"I know he is." Jimin said, staring up at the ceiling. He woke up not feeling very well so he canceled their morning classes.

Taehyung looked down at Jimin sadly. "But what about Yoongi?"

Jimin had been avoiding the thought of the alpha, but when Taehyung just threw his name
out there where Jimin didn't want it to be, he felt himself break a little bit more.

He shut his eyes. He promised himself he would never cry for the same thing twice.

Taehyung was looking at him expecting an answer.
Jimin thought he ran out of tears last night.

"I'll just have to accept it. Anyways it's always been like that."

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "He's him and i'm just me." He was crying again all too soon.

"He'd never settle for me."
"Look, i don't know what happened a couple days ago, but you need to get over it and cheer up." Yoongi said on Friday morning when Jimin was sat in front of his vanity.

He had been so deflated the past few days, he felt like a ghost roaming the castle.
He looked terrible as well, his eyes had formed dark circles and his hair was a mess.

"What?" Jimin asked turning to Yoongi who was stood in front of the closed door.

"I'm don't want to see you looking that drained anymore. We need to put some light back into you."
"What are you talking about?"

Jimin had been keeping his distance from Yoongi the past days, responding at a mininal whenever spoken to, not even allowing Yoongi to touch him.

"I'm taking you out tonight, Jiminie."

Yoongi couldn't help but smile when he saw the younger
brighten up the slightest as he turned to Yoongi, eyes meeting with his.

"What are we going to do?"

Yoongi had it all planned out, just waiting for the perfect time to go. "You'll like it."

"Which one is it?"

"Don't tell your parents, but we're going to break some laws."
"A third time? Really?" Hoseok rolled his eyes at Yoongi for the hundredth time that day.

"You heard me."

"And when are you planning on stopping this? Never? or when Namjoon finds out and he'll-"

"And I'll what?" Namjoon stood in front of Hoseok's cubicle where the two were.
"Do you both think I'm stupid?" They couldn't read Namjoo's expression, they weren't even sure if he was mad.

Yoongi spoke up. "We never said that."

Namjoon stared them down for a second. "I'm watching you both. You know the consequences." And he walked out just like that.
Hoseok turned immediately to Yoongi after that. "You can't tell me that you still want to risk it."

"I do." Yoongi was a hundred percent positive. Jimin was already getting ready upstairs, and there was no was he was going to disappoint him.

"You're not getting my help."

"No, Yoongi."

"After all we've been through?"

"We can't-"

"It's just one night."


"Namjoon wouldn't kno-"

"OKAY SHUT UP, FINE FINE." Hoseok said as he banged his fist on his desk. "But this is the last time. You're going to have to do shit yourself."
Yoongi nodded, it was the only assurance he needed.

Yoongi was about to say his thanks, but then Hoseok's phone rang.

"Mine?" Yoongi read the caller ID of the phone on the desk.

Hoseok flushed red as he took the phone in his hand, answering the call.
Yoongi had a smirk on his face as he watched the other press it against his ear.

"Hello? Yes, i'll be there. Later. The kitchens? Okay. Love you too, see you later."

Yoongi's brows furrowed as Hoseok lowered the phone, the smirk dropped from his lips.
"I know that voice." The older said, staring straight at Hoseok.

The other looked anywhere exept Yoongi's eyes, avoiding the gaze.

"The kitchens?" Yoongi's eyes widened in realization. "Omega Seokjin?"

When Hoseok didn't respond, he knew he was right.
"I thought you learned never to love the wrong people ever again." Yoongi had no idea what to think of Hoseok at the revelation. "What would Namjoon think?"

"Stop it-" was the only thing Hoseok could say.

"Looks like i'm not the only one breaking rules."
"I still don't know why you told me to get my biggest bag but, this is my biggest bag." Jimin said, holding out a huge duffel bag that could fit even Jimin himself.

"That'd a huge bag, that's exacty what we need."

"And i'm not gonna put anything in it?" Jimin asked,
placing the bag down.

"Nothing, but you're gonna come home with that full of stuff."

Jimin sat on the bed. "Can't you tell me what we're doing?" The omega huffed.

"Remember your list?"

Jimin thought for a second before he turned to Yoongi. "We're going to steal
something from a convenience store?" He asked.

"Not quite."

"Then why would i need this bag?"

Yoongi grinned, "We're not going to steal /something/ from a convenience store."


"We're going to steal an /entire/ convenience store."
So after they were sure that Jimin's parents were fast asleep, they went down through the passage again.

And as soon as Yoongi opened the door and stepped out, Jimin didn't move.

"It's literally been two times Jimin."

"Yeah and you should be used to it by now." The omega
raised both of his arms, lookibg like a child that wanted to be carried.

"I'll stuff you in that bag, then carry you." Yoongi rolled his eyes.

"I'll tell on you to mama and papa."

"You are a child." Contrary to his words, Yoongi bent down anyway, letting Jimin climb on him.
"I can feel your heart beat." Yoongi said after a few seconds of walking.

"I'm nervously excited." Jimin giggled. "Can't believe this marks the night when i'm going to be a criminal and probably be put in jail or something."

"Oh shut it your princess. Your father can
bail you out with one gem of the hundreds he has on his crown."

It was a darker night, making Jimin wonder if the night really coped with what they planned to do. The omega watched the streetlights flicker through the car window as they passed by them.

"How far more?"
Yoongi laughed. "Rule one of being a criminal. You can never steal from a shop that's too close to where you live. It'll make you more of a suspect and easy to arrest."

"I'm starting to think you're really a criminal."

"I am." Yoongi chuckled. "I've stolen a lot of hearts"
After a fifteen minute drive, they stopped in front of a convenience store at the southern side of town.

"It's locked." Jimin pointed out.

The door handles were bound together with a large chain and secured with a silver padlock.

"Do you seriously think i didn't expect that?"
Yoongi said as he reached into the compartment in front of Jimin's seat, taking out two black facemasks.

"I can't have people knowing my identity too." He said as he put it on. He flattened his hair in front of the mirror so that it would cover his eyes.

"I don't know if
i want to jump up and down or i wanna throw up." Jimin said as he did the same as Yoongi. "My fingers are shaking."

"Remember, you're only a criminal if you get caught." Yoogi chuckled, putting on his black hoodie.

They were both wearing entirely black.

Yoongi asked Jimin before he reached forward to put on the hood of Jimin's hoodie.

"I'm going to throw up for real."

"Everyone's nervous when committing their first crime. It's normal, let's go." He reached for the door handle until he felt a hand on his wrist.
"W-wait." Jimin gulped. "What if we get caught?"

Yoongi laughed, turning to Jimin to hold both of the omega's trembling hands in his.

"But what if we don't?" Yoongi's confidence didn't falter. "Wait 'til we're done, all the stars will come back to your sky."
"Is there a rule number two?" Jimin asked as he was hugging the duffel bag to his chest as they crossed dark street to the front of the convenience store.

The alpha laughed. "Rule two, conceal identity as much as you can. And try to blend in with the surroundings."
When they arrived in front of the glass door of the store, Yoongi held the padlock in his hand, looking at it.

Jimin was getting more nervous by the second, anxiously looking around the street.

"Rule three." Yoongi turned to Jimin. "Always be prepared."
He reached to Jimin's hair, plucking a hairpin placed by his stylist that morning that he forgot to take off.

"I didn't even know that was there." Jimin said and shuffled closer to see what Yoongi would do.

"That's because you aren't aware of the third rule."
Yoongi put the pin into the lock's hole, twisting and turning it.

"That's not gonna wo-" Jimin's eyes widened when the padlock opened and Yoongi easily took it off the chain

Yoongi smirked, knowing Jimin was impressed



"Okay let's go." He pulled the chains off.
Yoongi pulled the chains off, holding it in one hand before pushing the door open.

He entered but Jimin was rooted to his spot outside.

"You absolute baby." Yoongi laughed as he wrapped an arm around Jimin's waist, pushing them both inside.
"D-dark." Jimin said, his eyes were wide, trying to make sense of anything around him, but the whole shop was completely silent and almost pitch black except for the glow of the streetlights outside.

The omega felt Yoongi's hand disappear from his waist,
and he spun in place trying to look for Yoongi, a second away from screaming when the lights all came on.

"Oh." Jimin said.

"Didn't know the princess was afraid of the dark."

Jimin flushed, silently thankful he was wearing a mask. "Shut up."
Yoongi chuckled, gesturing to the entirety of the large convenience store. "Go wild."

Jimin bounced on his heels, opening the duffel bag, as he started to walk around, placing things in. "Are we literally stealing everything from here?" He asked as he shoved
a huge bag of chips inside.

"Well whatever can fit inside your bag i guess."

Jimin's nerves and anxieties about this all disappeared when he was distracted by the many things he could put inside his bag.

"It's so quiet." Yoongi said, before he left Jimin's side.
Music blasted from the speakers in full volume a minute later, making Jimin drop the can of whipped cream he was holding.


"YOOOOONGIII-" Jimin called out, only to see Yoongi laughing as he ran to where the omega was. "You know i hate this song."
"Nobody can ever hate a masterpiece."

Yoongi picked up the can of whipped cream and handed it to Jimin.

"How did you make the music play?"

"Hacked into their computer."

Jimin put the can in his bag. "So not only are you a criminal but also a hacker."
Yoongi laughed. "I'm many things that aren't good or honorable."

They probably spent an hour in that store. Jimin had managed to make the tallest soft serve ice cream cone Yoongi had ever seen and Yoongi was able to eat 12 hotdogs in one minute.
"What the heck are these?" Jimin asked Yoongi who was opening a pint of ice cream.

Yoongi's gaze drifted to Jimin to see the omega holding up a box of 15 condoms.

"Am i not allowed to have fun?" Yoongi laughed as he ate a spoonful of ice cream.
Jimin playfully rolled his eyes. "I can't believe someone who's filthy rich has to steal condoms."

"You literally stole a cup of noodles, at least i steal the good stuff."

Jimin found Yoongi drinking a can of beer. "Do you want us to crash into a tree or something?"
The omega scolded.

"Princess this is just beer, i'm not lightweight unlike you who hasn't even had a single drop of alcohol meet your tongue." Yoongi took another sip from the can.

Jimin came closer, his eyes fixed on the can. "What does it taste like?"
Jimin was subconsciously reaching out for the can.

Yoongi took the can out of Jimin's reach and reached out to Jimin's hand with his, intertwining their fingers. "I may allow you to steal, but there is no way i'm letting you drink."

Jimin, distracted from the hand
holding his spoke up. "T-That makes n-no sense."


Jimin was sat on the floor, trying to zip up his jam packed duffel bag.

"Thought you were never going to be finished." Yoongi said as he saw Jimin. He bent down, opening the half ziped bag. "Hold this."
He handed Jimin the can of whipped cream before he was able to easily zip up the bag.

"Thank you." Jimin said as opened the can, squeezing the whipped cream directly into his mouth.

"Rule Four." Yoongi held a hand out to help Jimin up from the floor.
"Never leave evidence that you had been there."

The pair had look at the mess they made, there were things all over the floor, products falling from shelves, and even Jimin's tallest soft serve ever was now melting on the counter.

"Looks like we broke too many rules tonight."
"What about the lock?" Jimin asked, his hand was grasped around Yoongi's arm, he had noticed that Yoongi had just left the lock and chains in front of the door.

"Let it be, its obvious that it got raided anyway." Yoongi was carrying the duffel bag after Jimin had
complained that it was too heavy.

Jimin stopped caring about getting caught ages ago. He squeezed whipped cream directly into his mouth from the can. "'kay."

Yoongi shut the lights while Jimin yawned, depending on the hand he had on the alpha for support. He was sleepy again.
"Are you tired already?" Yoongi laughed as thy stepped out into the street.

"You know i get sleepy when i'm full." The omega said as he watched Yoongi pull the glass door shut.

Yoongi suddenly heard something, making his gaze drift from the door to the end of the street.
Jimin heard it as well, making his half shut eyes suddenly go wide. "D'you hear that?" He cupped a hand around his ear to hear better.

"I do, is that-"

Their eyes met, both widening to full extent.

"Oh shit." The pair said in unison.

TO JAIL-" Jimin said as they both broke into a run, heading for the car.

"HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!" Yoongi called back as the sound of 'wee woo wee woo' kept getting louder and louder.

"ITS ONE OF THE RULES- WHICH ONE I FORGOT-" Jimin kept pulling at the
door handle of the passenger's seat until it finally opened up when Yoongi unlocked the car.


The two shoved themselves into the car, Yoongi literally tossed he bag to the backseat.

Jimin looked like he wanted
to scream and cry at the same time, hands holding his can of whipped cream for dear life. "IM GOING TO JAIL-"

"STOP YELLING ABOUT IT." Yoongi finally pushed the keys into the car, making it roar into life.


Yoongi stepped on the gas as hard as he could.
It was a wild rush, the adrenaline had built up in both of them.



Both their hearts were beating the fastest, Jimin managed to eat whipped cream while
mumbling something about how he didn't want to sleep in jail.

"YOONGI-" Jimin was tugging at Yoongi's arm, pointing at the rearview mirror. "WE'RE GONNA GET CAUGHT WE'RE GONNA GO TO JAIL, IS THERE GOOD FOOD IN JAIL?!"

There was a police car blasting red and blue
lights directly behind their tail.

"JIMIN-" Yoongi said, grip tightening on the wheel. "PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON"



Jimin did what he was told, he was probably crying at this point but all he thought about was jail.

Jimin just held his can with both hands


Jimin held onto the door and the seat.

"RULE NUMBER FIVE-" Yoongi put his own seat belt on. "KNOW HOW TO DRIVE BETTER THAN THEM."
"BUT I DONT KNOW HOW TO-" Jimin cut himself off with the loudest scream he's ever let out in his whole life, his body had been pressed against the car door when Yoongi made the sharpest turn to the left, into a dark alley.

"I TOLD YOU TO HOLD ON." The alley seemed
to get narrower and narrower as they drove through it as the speed of light, Jimin's screams gradually got louder and only stopped when they got out of the alley and made a sharp turn into a main road.


The omega was freely crying at this point, tears running down his cheeks without him even noticing.

It was unfortunate that it happened to be a bumpy road as well

"AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa." Jimin screamed again as soon as he regained his breath.


Jimin looked at the rearview mirror, the car was back, and was getting closer and closer to their tail.

Wen Jimin finally stopped babbling in full volume, the radio filled the silence.


For a second, the pair's eyes met, both thinking the same thing.

"What the literal fuck." Jimin said, reaching to set the volume
on maximum. When it was defeaning, Jimin started laughing, not being able to see a thing as his eyes turned to cresent lines, throwing his head back and laughing his entire heart out.

Laughter was contagious, and pretty soon Yoongi was laughing as well, teeth all out
as he struggled to keep his eyes on the road. "DONt- MAKE ME-" He was cut off my his own laughter. "-LAUGH OR WE'LL FUCKING DIE-"

Jimin's joy didn't falter, until there were tears in his eyes for a whole different reason.

But in the split second that Yoongi noticed
how close the police car was, he made a huge risk.

"IF WE DIE- AT LEAST WE FELT ALIVE." He turned the wheel as fast as he could, making a u-turn, heading for the opposite direction then slamming the gas pedal as hard as he could, within seconds, the sound of alarms
could no longer be heard and the red and blue lights were long gone.

Jimin finally got ove this laughter, turning off the radio when the song ended. There was still a huge smile on his face that refused to leave.

Yoongi had started driving in a normal pace again.
A few seconds of silence was there before Jimin took Yoongi's right hand, the hand that wasn't on the wheel.

Yoongi glanced at him, seeing Jimin press it on his own chest.

"Feel that?" The omega asked.

Yoongi did. The other's heartbeat was racing.

"I've never felt so alive."
"What are we even going to do with this?"

Jimin had been forcing himself to come up with things to say just so he wouldn't get sleepy or fall asleep right there and then.

But it wasn't working.

Yoongi grinned as he saw Jimin yawn "Keep it somewhere in your room,
or somewhere in mine. You can use some things but we'll need most of that."

Jimin was leaning against the window, looking at the things that past, the dark road and the dim light, the trees in the wind. "For what?"

"Wouldn't be fun if i spoiled the surprise."
Jimin tried to stay up, but Yoongi seemed tired as well, the alpha's voice was a lot deeper as he talked to him and soon enough Jimin fell asleep. again.

When he woke up, the world was moving.

Well it wasn't really moving, he was carried in someone's arms.
It was one of those moments where you woke up yet fell right back asleep again, but in the moment he was awake, he cracked his eyes open to see the sky.

It was cold and they were outside, he didn't know why or how, but his mind didn't question it.

"Yoongi-" He spoke out,
eyes almost shutting again, sleep was still in his system.


"The stars." Jimin said, before his eyelids gave up, shutting before he nuzzled into the alpha.

"What about them?" Yoongi looked up at the sky.

"They're all back."

Jimin was asleep again.
It was a Friday, well technically Saturday by now since it was already last midnight.

But it meant that Yoongi had to go, their farewell routine had to take place.

But Jimin was sound asleep.

"Jiminie- Jimin wake up."

"Noooo-" The omega stirred on the bed, groaning.
"I'm going to go now, i know you hate it when i leave without saying bye."

It was the second time in the same night when Jimin experienced the drifting feeling of being awake even if sleep was still in his system.

The omega cracked his eyes open, only to see himself
back on his bed, Yoongi was hovering over him.

Jimin met his eyes as the alpha smiled softly.

"Hey there."

"Hi." Jimin giggled. He was laying flat on his bed, his hands went to Yoongi's chest since he was that close.

"I'm gonna go now."

Jimin nodded,
He raised his head the slightest, just enough for Yoongi's hands to unlock the chain and take the necklace off.

Their eyes were connected the whole time, faces so close and breaths practicaly tangling into each other.

"I'll miss you."

"It's not that long."

"Feels like ages."
Yoongi took the necklace in his hand, putting it in his pocket.

"I'll miss your annoying ass too."

Jimin laughed, lightly hitting Yoongi.

Silence fell down on them again, hearts beating so hard and so fast that nobody can deny the life in their veins.

Yoongi cupped
Jimin's cheek, carressing it.

"Bye Jiminie."

Jimin didn't know if it was just his imagination but Yoongi seemed to be leaning in, getting closer and closer.

He confimed that it wasn't all in his mind when the alpha shut his eyes, Jimin subconciously did the same.
The moment was gone all too soon when the doorknob started rustling, then it was pushed open.

They both turned to see what it was.

"Tae." Jimin said when he crept in in his pajamas.


Jimin didn't bother answering, but when he looked back, Yoongi was gone.
Taehyung didn't know three things:

first was why there was a huge duffel bag jam packed with things that Jimin put in Yoongi's room under his bed.

Second was why Jimin had a can of whipped cream with him in bed,

Third was why Jimin had been ignoring him and being grumpy
the whole time.

"Are you not going to change into your pajamas?" Taehyung asked when Jimin was squeezing whipped cream into his mouth while he was laying down next to Tae.

He got no response.

"Where did you get that?" He asked, pointing at the can.

No response.
Jimin suddenly stood up, from the bed, Taehyung saw his go into his closet.

"What are you doing?" He called out.

"Ignoring you."


No response again.

Taehyung was half asleep when he came back from the kitchens to get a glass of water to see Jimin
all confused and looking for something.

But he was fully awake now, knowing that Jimin was mad about something.

Taehyung got up, walking to the closet where Jimin was now dressed in pajamas.

"Did i do something wrong?"

No answer.
He followed Jimin until they were back on the bed, laying down.

Taehyung looked at Jimin, the other was facing away from him. "You look like you had a fun night."

Jimin huffed. "It /was/ fun and going well. Until /someone/ just came along and deprived me."

"Of what?"
Yoongi had mixed emotions as soon as he got back into his car to drive to his penthouse.

He's not even sure if he regrets it or not.

Jimin seemed to be okay with it though, the omega did nothing to object what could have happened if they weren't interrupted.

Could have.
His thoughts were cut off when his phone started ringing, he answered the call then placed the phone down on speaker mode.

"Sir Min." A familiar voice said through the line.


There was a laugh. "The place is absolutely wrecked. It looks like it was robbed."
Yoongi chuckled. "Well it was, technically."

"You took less than i expected you to take though."

"Have you computed the sum of everything? We took around 20 hotdogs too."

The voice spoke again. "I have. Did you like our little show at the end?"
Yoongi laughed over the volume of the radio. "Amazing. I have no idea how you got a hold of an actual police car, but i'm impressed."

Junho chuckled from the other line. "I told ya i'm a miracle worker. Anyways, cash or card?"

"Through your bank account.
Add the expenses for cleaning everything up."

"I'll text you the amount tomorrow."

Yoongi nodded, but then realized Junho couldn't see him. "Alright. Nice doing business with you."

"You too, sir Min."

Yoongi got a call again later while he was stood in front of the big window in his bedroom.

It was a few hours later yet sleep never seemed to get to his body.

He opened the window as he pressed the phone on his ear, the cold early morning breeze entered the room,
making his hair fly into different directions. He winced at the cold temperature, he was wearing nothing but a thin white shirt and boxers.

He didn't expect a call at this hour, let alone from the person who called.

"What the fuck do you want, asshole? Calling me this
early, i know the devil doesn't sleep bu-"


Yoongi felt like he was hit in the gut all of a sudden. He had to hold onto the bearing of the window to stop himself from falling, having to grip harder on the phone before it fell out of his hands.

He had no words.
He thought it would be a while until he heard her voice again.

And the worst thing was he was already accepting that he might never hear it again.

"Darling- i miss you so much." Her voice was so broken. She was obviously crying, you could tell from her voice.
Yoongi knew her so well. They knew each other as if they were the same person.

Whenever she started crying, she becomes loose lipped.

"I-i could never talk to you, i miss your voice. You sound so different." She babbled. "You've probably changed so much, I miss your
voice, baby. I miss talking to you. I miss you so much, darling. I hope you know that."

"i-" Yoongi's mind couldn't form words. He didn't know where to start. Soon enough there was a single tear running down his cheek, he wiped it away. He never liked crying.
"He would never let me talk to you, never. You cut off everything, darling. I would send you letter if i had to, but i dont know where to send them." She was full on sobbing. "I would come to you but i don't know where you are. He would never tell me."

Suddenly there were
more tears running down Yoongi's cheeks, more than he could wipe away.

He wanted to drop the call. Her voice made him weak.

He didn't like feeling weak.

"I just- I just miss you so much. I love you darling-" She was rushing her words now.

Yoongi realized that
it wasn't that he didn't know what to say,

he knew exactly the words she wanted to hear.

But he had so many words she had to hear that he didn't know how to start or how to tell her.

"-I need to go now, okay? He's coming back. I love you, darling. I miss you. I love you."
She was leaving again.

That was a wake up call to the alpha.

The feeling inside his chest was as if all the love he never received was thrown to him in one hit,

and now it was going to fade away all at once.

He had to tell her something.

"I-i miss you too."
The words were like shards of glass on his tongue, hard to say but he felt the slightest bit better when he finally got them out.

"Oh darling-" She was weeping again. "Your brother is a beast. Just promise me you'll come back, for me."

Yoongi was chocking on his words. "I-i-"
"I love you-" Yoongi started, having to pull the words out of his mouth as he watched a tear drop down to the floor.

"Promise me, Yoongi. I love you darling." The call dropped.

She was gone again.

Yoongi couldn't breath, he didn't pull the phone away, hoping that she's there.
But she was gone.

Yoongi was frozen for a while, until he managed to look at his phone. That was indeed something he didn't expect from a call from 'Junki the asshole'.

She was gone.

Yoongi knew how it hurt when he lost her once,

but losing her again was worse.
The cold breeze blew again, making his hair fly and the tears still on his cheek even colder.

He wiped them away. He never liked crying.

He reached out to close the window, but then the wind brought something in that flew into his room,
he caught it in his hand,

a piece of crumpled paper.

He opened it in his hands and read what was written.

'eat a whole bucket of wings

look at stars on a rooftop.'

Yoongi subconsciously smiled, he knew it was that paper Jimin threw, it had his neat handwriting.
He turned the paper in his hand, then realizing there was something else written behind it.

'It was once just a wish.'

It was the omega's handwriting.

Yoongi felt something break deep inside of him, but it was ironic that he was smiling.
He placed the paper on his bedside table, next to the one and only framed picture he had in his whole house,

The last picture he took with his mother two years ago.

He laid in bed, remembering what he wished for under the stars that night.

"I wish i could promise you, mama."

"There was a wild car chase at the neighboring kingdom." Jimin's mother spoke as they were having their breakfast with Jimin and Taehyung.

"I heard." The king said as he ate. "It's odd, that kingdom made strict curfews. So strict that no cars or people are
awake by that time."

Jimin gulped his food down nervously.

Taehyung was giving him odd glances.

"And Jimin-" His father called.

They haven't talked since the incident at the lounge. It was odd that he seemed so casual.

"I'm going to introduce you to someone today."
The queen looked half surprised half agitated.

"I thought we agreed on this." She said, taking a sip of water.

The king spoke again. "It wouldn't hurt. He's a fine alpha, who knows maybe Jimin will take a liking to him."

Taehyung and Jimin's eyes met, Jimin had a confused
expression, but Taehyung already understood what the king meant.

His mother was full on glaring at the king, but the king only shrugged.

"Give it a chance." He repeated.
"There's no need for him." The queen fired back. "You son is doing fine."

"Did you not understand what Namjoon said?"

"I did, but i don't believe it. If it was true, i would have heard something directly from my son."

That made Jimin furrow his brows.

What was this about?
"That's because he has our son all caught up in his spell."

The queen stood abruptly. "It's called having a healthy relationship. Is that not the bond of trust you wanted them to have?!"

"HE IS HIS GUARD. NOTHING MORE." The king slammed a fist on the table.

Jimin's eyes widened. Guard? Was this about Yoongi.

Taehyung had a hundred questions too.

What did Namjoon have to do with this?

"His guard is doing his job well. He's one of the best in the unit."
Jimin's mother spoke. "If you dare to replace his high class skill just because you think he's interested in your son then that's idiotic."

"Why are you talking about me like this? I'm your mate."

The queen rolled her eyes. "You became the brainless version of my mate."
There was a moment of silence, Jimin didn't even know where to look.

Taehyung felt the most awkward, he never liked fights like this.

"Boys, go back to your quarters, i'll talk to you later." The queen said.

The nodded and got up, walking out of the hall.
They walked in silence for a while, until Taehyung spoke up when thy started walking up the marble stairs. "They're replacing Yoongi?"

Jimin shrugged. "Do you think it's orders by alpha Kim Namjoon?"

"Do you think Yoongi will agree though?"

"Why would Namjoon think that?"
They were both basically just firing questions at each other.

What else could they do when they had no answers to everything inside their heads?

"But-" Jimin said was they entered his room. "Who is it going to be?"

"Yoongi will probably strangle him though, whoever he is."

"Hoseok?" Jimin called out from inside his room when he saw the alpha pass in front of the open door.

Taehyung was asleep on the bed next to Jimin who was sat. The other omega complaining that Jimin kept him up all night.

The alpha stood in the doorway. "Yes, prince?
Jimin gestured for him to come inside, and he did, closing the door behind him and sitting ng on the chair in front of Jimin's mirror.

"Can i talk to you about Namjoon?"

Hoseok's brows furrowed. He wasn't expecting that. "Of course, your highness."

"Let me get straight to
the point. Does he have anything against Yoongi?"

The alpha thought for a while. "Nothing, prince. The three of us have a good bond ever since Yoongi joined the RSU."

"The why did he tell my father to replace Yoongi?" Jimin asked, desperate for answers by now.
The realization came to Hoseok's mind like a wave. He sighed, knowing he had to tell Jimin or else the other would just push it. "The king told Namjoon to report to him whenever your bodyguard would form an interest on you. That's why all the other bodyguards didn't last."
Talking about Namjoon felt like such a sin to Hoseok.

He didn't know how he causually said the other's name when he would drown himself in shame whenever he would remember it.

"Do you think i'm stupid?" It was the second time Namjoon said that statement in a single night.
When Yoongi went out after he convinced Hoseok to help him once again, Namjoon came in.

With no warning and poison in his words.

"I'm not stupid, Hoseok. Stay away from my omega." Namjoon growled.

"But is he yours if he wants me?"
Maybe it was what pushed Namjoon to tell the king.

The thought that everyone else was getting a happy ending and his happy ending was slipping right past his fingers.

It wasn't a secret that Yoongi was fond of Jimin, anyone could see that.

Namjoon used to
turn a blind eye to that fact,

But he drew the line.


"I don't know why." Hoseok said. "Maybe something happened between only the two of them that i don't know about."

Jimin felt himself deflate. He bit his lip. "Is Yoongi really leaving?"

"Let's hope not."

Yoongi was receiving a lot of calls today.

It was a call that woke him up.

The alpha groaned, yawning as he stood to hrab his phone, pressing it to his ear as he walked out of his room and into the kitchen to grab a cup of water.


The floor was cold under his feet even if it was already noon and sunlight was coming through the glass walls.

"Hoseok?" Yoongi chuckled. "Did you miss me so soon? You never call me."

The other didn't even laugh. "You're in big trouble."

"I'm always in trouble,
whats new?"

He could practically hear Hoseok rolling his eyes. "Can you be serious for once?"

"Being in trouble isn't new for me so i don't really see how i'm-"

"You're getting fired."

Yoongi almost chocked on the water, placing the glass down. "I kind of saw that coming."

Yoongi cleared his throat at the mention of the omega's name. Nervousness shooting in his veins.

"Why? Did they find out?"

"No." Hoseok spoke. "Namjoon told crownhead that you have an interest on Jimin."
Yoongi started laughing like a lunatic, Hoseok was confused at the other line.

"That maniac. He doesn't even have proof." Yoongi said, wiping a tear from his eye because of all the laughing.

"You crazy dickhead, you know that if Namjoon says it, that airhead believes."
"Let him believe what he wants. I'd like to see them find someone as good as me."

"Cocky little shit."

Yoongi chuckled. "I'm speaking the truth."

"How are you not even the slightest bit alarmed by this?"

"My key secret is not giving a fuck."

Jimin didn't exactly know when his father would introduce him to the alpha he's referring to.

So when he came home after ballet with Taehyung and Hoseok, he wasn't quite expecting to see his father in the palace gardens talking with another alpha.
The alpha was tall and burly, he was quite intimidating to look at. His voice was deep and he had blue hair.

Jimin gulped nervously. The alpha did not look very friendly or approachable even when he laughed at something the king said.

"Ew." Taehyung said from behind Jimin.
It wasn't that the alpha was particularly ugly, he had his own charm and appeal but Jimin couldn't see it.

"Son!" The king cheerfully said as he saw Jimin a distance away. He gestured for them to come closer.

Jimin silently prayed that this alpha wasn't his new bodyguard.
When Jimin was close enough, he started to realize that the alpha looked quite familiar.

When the blue haired alpha turned to face Jimin, that's when the omega realized who he was.

"This is Kim Jiyoon, your new bodyguard."

A suitor.

Someone who Jimin already met a week ago.
He smiled at Jimin and the omega tried not to show his disgust in his features.

Jiyoon's features were so defined, he looked like the korean version of a Ken Doll.

"H-hello." Jimin forced out.

"Jiyoon here is skilled with fighting and the like, i'm sure he can do his job
just as well as that Min. Or maybe even better."

Jimin couldn't believe it.

One minute he was on his bed in his bedroom, almost kissed by the alpha he's been pinning for for over a year.

And the next minute he had to accept that Yoongi was going to be replaced.
"Hello, Jimin."

Chills came up Jimin's spine when his name was said, and not the pleasant chills.

It was so different from Yoongi. Jiyoon was practically the opposite.

"Your highness." Yoongi spoke, calling Jimin from the doorway of his room. He had never called Jimin his
actual name before, even if it's already been a week.

"Alpha Min?" Jimin said, standing from his bed to go to where Yoongi called him.

The alpha had never entered his room before, even if Jimin had insisted.

"Your mother is calling for you." Yoongi said,
stepping aside for Jimin to walk out.

"You can call me, Jimin. I don't like being addressed like that all the time."

"Okay, prince."

Jimin turned to Yoongi, only to see the other silently laughing. It was the first time he's seen Yoongi laugh.
"You're easily irritated, you know?"

Jimin rolled his eyes, turning back to where he was walking. "I know. I've been told, alpha Min."

"I don't like being called Alpha Min-" Yoongi formed quote marks with his fingers in the air. "all the time."
"I don't like being called prince or your highness all the time." Jimin fired back.

"Okay, okay." Yoongi laughed again.

Jimin looked at him when he laughed. It came out so natural that Jimin was convinced that this was what happiness sounded like.
"Let's make a deal." Yoongi spoke.

"What deal?"

"I'll call you your name and you call me my name."

It was Jimin's turn to laugh. "Normal people don't need to make deals for that to hapen."

"You're not a normal person, you're a prince."
Yoongi remarked, chuckling as he saw Jimin rolling his eyes again. "You get the point. Is it a deal?" He stopped walking, holding out his hand.

Jimin stopped as well, facing Yoongi. He pretended to think for a while. "It's a deal, Yoongi." He shook the hand.

"Deal, Jimin."
That was the first time Yoongi held him.

That instance was probably his favorite moment with Yoongi.

He remembers it so well.

How Yoongi's hand lingered in his longer than it was supposed to.

He liked to think that Yoongi didn't intend to let go.
Jimin doesn't remember falling in love with Yoongi.

Maybe it happened bit by bit each day, or maybe all at once. He doesn't remember.

All he remembers is holding Yoongi's hand that day, and realizing that it never felt like that with anyone else.
All he remembers is holding Yoongi's hand, then realizing how much it'll hurt to let go.


"Jimin will be the one to tour you around the castle. Consider it a bonding activity." The king announced.

Jiyoon nodded, grinning as he placed
his arm around Jimin's shoulders.

The omega shivered, feeling as if all the weight of the word had been thrown on his shoulders.

"Let's go." Jiyoon said.

The king was glaring, so Jimin tried to built up strength as he walked.

It wasn't the same.

He wasn't the same.
Jimin did the quickest tour he could manage, wanting it to be over.

It was so awkward and uncomfortable, especially since Jiyoon would touch him any chance he got. And he wasn't very sly about it.

After the tour, Jiyoon was instructed to go down to the office to talk
with Namjoon.

That was the only time Jimin could breathe as he made his way back to his room alone.

He ran into Hoseok on his way back, and the alpha couldn't help but ask if he was okay because of the look on his face.

"i'm fine." Jimin said. Hoseok continued to walk
with him since he was unaccompanied.

"I don't think he can replace Yoongi." Hoseok spoke up after a while. He didn't know if talking about Yoongi was the best thing for the omega to do now, but he couldn't stop himself from saying it.

"Nobody can." Jimin sighed.
Hoseok nodded. "Don't tell anyone-" He lowered the volume of his voice.

Jimin turned to him, nodding.

The alpha continued. "Your father agreed to let him be your guard because he won't be paid. Instead, his kingdom is paying your father for a chance to be with you."
For the first time, Jimin was mad. "So i'm basically some whore then? Being sold by my own father."

Hoseok looked at the omega sadly.

Jimin's hands were in fists, clenching them so tight that his palms ached.

"Next thing i know they're going to force me to mate with him."
"Calm down, prince." Was all Hoseok could say. He didn't really have the right words.

Jimin's whole face was red, out of anger and frustration.

"I talked to Yoongi." Hoseok said.

In an instant, Jimin had whole nee emotions in his veins as he turns to Hoseok,
silently asking him to continue.

Hoseok grinned at that. He felt so much pity for the young omega that he couldn't help but give him hope. "-And i'm pretty sure your alpha will come to save the day"

Jimin was red again. He wasn't expecting that. "Y-you know?"

"I know."
Yoongi was surpised at how much people actually cared about him when he received another phone call while he was in the grocery store. And unsurprisingly, it was from Namjoon.

He answered it as he scanned the shelf looking for a certain brand of chocolates.
"Fuck off, Namjoon. I know i'm getting fired." Yoongi spoke as soon as he answered it.

"Actually-" Namjoon started. "You're not."

"I'm not?" Yoongi straightened up, actually paying attention to the call now.

"Reassigned is the proper term. The queen wouldn't
allow you to completely disappear from the RSU so you'll stay. However you'll be my assistant instead of your current position."

"Oh great." Yoongi rolled his eyes as he thought out loud. "Assistant to the one who wanted me fired. How delightful."

Namjoon hissed. "Be grateful
that at least you're not getting fired."

"Why the fuck- y'all know i dont give a fuck about the money."

"I'll see you in work tomorrow afternoon. Be in your best behavior." Namjoon said, irritation in his voice.

"But wait-" Yoongi suddenly thought. "Who's Jimin's guard?"
"That's no longer your job so matters about Jimin is no longer your concern."

"Actually, contrary to the belief of that huge fucking brain of yours, it does concern me." Yoongi bit back.

"It shouldn't."

"Damn I know your life isn't the best but no need to be a bitch about it."
Yoongi chuckled, he was getting really steamed and now wasn't the proper time for that.

"You'll be moving your things out of the room next to Jimin's tomorrow. We'll be cleansing the room of everything that has to do with you, including your scent and your items."
Yoongi understood it now. They wanted to wipe every part of him out of Jimin's life in one go, and for some reason that irked him.

"Do you all think I'll just agree with all of this when Jimin is one of my closest friends?"

"You must. It's your job. See you tomorrow."

Jimin felt it as soon as he woke up in the morning, and confirmed it when Taehyung pointed it out.

"Wrong timing. Absolutely wrong timing." Tae said, worriedly looking at Jimin.

He was in pre-heat. He was probably a few days away but it was so evident in his scent.
His mother pointed it out as well, resulting in Jimin's plans getting cancelled for the whole day, and the only agenda on his list was to remain in his room with Taehyung, with the queen herself checking on him from time to time.

"It's your third right?" The queen said as they
walked back to Jimin's quarters. She had her hands wrapped around him as they walked.

"Uh- fourth."

"You smell so different. It's surprising how you were alright just yesterday. I'll make sure none of the alphas come near your room, okay?"

"Okay, mama."
The day was going well, Jimin spent it diverting his attention from the horniness within him. It was only his first day of pre-heat, it was still very tolerable.

"You're smell is so intense." Tarhyung said while they were watching a movie. "Wouldn't be surprised if alphas
would go into rut with just one whiff."

Jimin laughed, nudging Taehyung. "Should I take that as a compliment?"

"Perha-" Taehyung cut himself off, something catching his attention as his eyes diverted to the wall. "Did you hear that?"

Jimin paid attention to it too,
there was rustling in the room next to theirs. There was the sound of something heavy being dragged across the floor.


Jimin's eyes widened at the sound. He's know that voice anywhere.

"It's Yoongi." He thought out loud, repeatedly hitting Taehyung with a pillow.
Taehyung was laughing as he tried to steal the pillow Jimin was using to hit him. "Go talk to him, wuss."

Jimin burried his face in his pillows, legs kicking on his bed. "What am i supposed to say? What the fuck- what if i go into heat right there?"

"Are you saying there's
a possibility that that would happen? "

Jimin laughed, rolling his eyes at Taehyung. "You know full well how good he smells."

Tae stood. "So hurry up before you loose your man." He pulled on Jimin's ankles, making the boy almost fall off the bed.

"Okay, fine. Do i look okay?"
"Dashing." Taehyung laughed, taking something from inside Jimin's drawer, He turned back to Jimin, holding up the best tasting chapstick. "You'll need this."

Jimin was flushed red, grabbing it from Tae and applying it. "My delicious moisturized lips better get some action."
"You're surprisingly confident today."

"It's because i wanna get laid."

Taehyung hit Jimin with a pillow. "You're a prince."

"Yeah- and in heat." Jimin skipped over to the door that divided their rooms.

"Why is he here though?" Taehyung asked as he took his
place back on the bed, knowing Jimin won't be quick.

Jimin shrugged, fingers already wrapped around the knob. "Hopefully they've decided to fire Jiyoon or whatever his name is. Maybe this is the 'saving the day' part Hoseok spoke about." Without looking back, he pulled it open.
The scent flooded into the room immediately, it was impossible to deny the omega's presence.

Jimin stepped in, shutting the door behind him. The confidence he had at the other side of the door had all faded away in a second.

Because Yoongi was there.
But he wasn't there to save the day, or to be the night in shining armor Jimin needed now.

He was there to pack his bags.


The alpha was already looking. He knew Jimin was close to his heat, his expression showed it. But he didn't say a single word.
"Uh-" Yoongi looked at the door before turning back to Jimin. He was knelt down in front of a suitcase that was half filled with things. "I'm not supposed to talk to you."

Jimin's brows furrowed. "Since when did you care about what you're supposed to and not supposed to do?"
Yoongi chuckled, moving the place more things in his bag. "You're right. I don't. But I don't think i have much of a choice when they threatened to evict me from the kingdom."

"W-what?! They can't do that!"

"They already threatened to. I think you forgot that your
daddy is a king." Yoongi stood from his spot, walking the distance between him and the omega until they where stood only inches away. The alpha leaned in closer, never breaking eye contact.

Jimin gulped.

"And all because they think i have some huge crush on the princess."
Yoongi just came closer and closer as Jimin subconsciously moved back, up until he was pressed against the wall.

The omega was sure his face was so red as he felt the first pains of his heat in the pit of his stomach.

Yoongi leaned in, lips barely brushing against
the shell of Jimin's ear. "Later-" Jimin could feel his breath on his neck. "-I'm going to call you. You'll like what i'll have to say."

Jimin's hands went to grab onto Yoongi's arms.


Suddenly there were three loud pounding knocks on the door.

Yoongi had a smirk on his face as he moved away from Jimin, making the omega drop his grip on him.

"I have packing to do." He spoke, resuming to get things and put them in the bag.

Jimin was still flustered and flushed.
"Y-you're fired?"


Jimin didn't know if that should make him feel better.

"I still work here, just not as your guard anymore." Yoongi explained, zipping up the bag. "I'll call you later." The alpha came closer to Jimin again,
lifting Jimin's hand.

"Will i see you again?"


"How soon?"

"Soon." He placed something in Jimin's hand.

The pounding was back. "HURRY UP."

Yoongi closed Jimin's fist around the object, holding Jimin's hands in his for a while before letting go.
He slung his bag over his shoulder, walking to the door. He held onto the knob before turning to Jimin. "I won't need that anymore. Consider it a parting remembrance." Yoongi sent him one last smile before he was gone.

Jimin couldn't believe that the amount of
overwhelming emotions in him rooted him to the spot.

He couldn't believe Yoongi just slipped past him like that.

Jimin looked down on his hand, raising it and opening it to see what Yoongi left.

Because of the whole situation with Namjoon being an asshole, Yoongi and Hoseok found themselves closer than ever, even spending the whole night on the phone last night, talking about the shit Namjoon did.

It was in the same phone call that Yoongi couldn't hold
back from telling Hoseok the truth.

"Did you scent him? Oh fuck, his heat is such in wrong timing-" Hoseok kept babbling on in the office as soon as Yoongi came back.

Yoongi, who was rocking in his chair carelessly shrugged. "Don't have to."
"What the- Dont have to?! What are you talking about? Have you seen his new guard?"

Yoongi held a hand out to stop Hoseok's statement. "I don't give a fuck about the guard. It's not like he can force Jimin. And anyway, Tae will be there up until tomorrow night."
Hoseok was still not calm. "Yoongi! This is your omega we're talking about. In heat for fuck's s-"

"Shut up, i planned this a long time ago."

That statement got Hoseok to shut up. "Planned what?"
Yoongi chuckled, turning to face Hoseok "It's a long complex process, but one thing's for sure- I'm going to need you help, one last time."

Hoseok's eyes widened in realization. "I'm in."

Yoongi laughed. "That was easy."

"I'm not letting Namjoon ruin another happy ending."
"That was qui- what the fuck is that?" Taehyung asked when he saw Jimin dragging a huge black duffel bag from Yoongi's room into his.

"Just-" Jimin groaned at the heavy weight. "Fucking help me."

Taehyung sprang up from the bed, helping Jimin until the extremely
full bag was finally inside Jimin's room.

Jimin skipped to the door and locked it shut.

"Are you crying?" Tae stepped in front of Jimin, cupping his face to see him up close. "You are- what- what happened?"

Jimin raised his palm, showing Taehyung the golden tag.
"He's gone isn't he?" Taehyung was cautious with his words, but they all just spilled out.

"Reassigned." Jimin said, wiping tears that he didn't know spilled out in the first place.


"He's still working here- just not as my guard anymore." He explained.
Taehyung frowned. No wonder Jimin teared up about it.

Yoongi being gone for good would probably hurt him a lot less than the Alpha being here yet them being forbidden to interact.

"He said he didn't need it anymore." Jimin slumped on his bed, burrying himself
in the sheets.

Yoongi didn't even say a proper goodbye.

"well-" Taehyung laid next to him on the bed, patting Jimin's back in a failed attempt to make him feel the slightest bit better. "Maybe he doesn't need it because he wants to pursue a different title in your life?"

"Is he here?" The two omegas were looking out through the big window Jimin had in his room.

Jungkook was going to visit Taehyung, so despite his own heartache, Jimin picked himself up to be supportive of his friend.

It was an hour after the encounter with Yoongi.
"I'm going to fucking explode I swear- he's taking so long-" Taehyung had been bouncing on his feet for the last five minutes. Jungkook agreed to come at 3pm, and Taehyung had been babbling about how the alpha decided to ditch him as soon as the clock arrived at 3:01pm.
"THERE HE IS." Jimin said, seeing Jungkook literally sprinting through the palace garden. "and I think he knows he's late." Jimin remarked.

Taehyung's eyes widened at the sight of the other, a huge smile spreading on his face. "Let's go-" He started running to the door.
"I can't!" Jimin reminded him. His mother wouldn't allow him to exit his room.

"Oh right." Taehyung realized, stopping his tracks. "Will you stay here?" He asked.

"I have to." Jimin said, starting to get back into bed.

Taehyung smiled sadly. "I'll be back soon."
Jimin grinned back. "I'm alright here. You go enjoy yourself. Jungkook must have missed you."

Tae rushed in to wrap Jimin up in a hug. "Thank you." He whispered.

Jimin giggled and hugged back. "Have fun."

"You're still my first love." Taehyung laughed as he pulled away.
"Save the sappy shit for Jungkook, I already know that." Jimin shooed him away towards the door.

"Be safe in here." Tae said through the open door as he slipped out.

"I will. Enjoy yourself." Jimin winked.
Being Prince and all, it was rare that Jimin had time totally to himself.

His personal body guard had to be near him at all times, Taehyung was always there and practically living in the castle so Jimin wouldn't get lonely, and his mother was there to fill in the void
once Yoongi was off duty and Tae had would go home to his family.

Jimin was never an introvert, but right now he was in the mood to be alone.

His father had a conference with another kingdom, his mother was busy during Sundays, and as he knew his guard would
only start the job by tomorrow.

Jimin shuddered as he climbed into bed at the through of the blue haired alpha. He knew he didn't like him as soon as he good a whiff of his scent.

He has no idea how he would endure having to live day by day with Jiyoon having to be by his side.
After a few minutes of scrolling through his phone, he felt his stomach tightening. His heat was coming closer and faster then he expected.

He subconsciously crossed his legs, thinking he'd have to endure it until the wave subsided.

but then he realized he was alone.
Jimin didn't even have to think twice, getting on his feet to the huge mirror.

He peered over to see Tae and Jungkook sat in the gazebo again, looking like they were having a very amusing conversation. Jimin drew the velvet red floor length curtains shut, making the room
a whole lot darker.

As he was stepping back to his bed, Jimin unbottoned his long sleeved top all the way, however he didn't take it off.

As soon as he was laid back on the bed, he unbottoned his tight slacks, raising his hips from the bed to take it off.
Jimin stopped once he got them off, taking a second to catch his breath.

He looked around his room, just to be sure that nobody was there. It wasn't like they would install a camera or a in his room, that would violate his human rights.

Another wave washed
over the omega as he hooked his thumbs underneath the band of his underwear, then pulling it down.

He almost moaned at just the exposure. The room was always cold, he could already feel some slick oozing out of his hole.

He threw his underwear aside, changing his position
with his bum in the air and his face rested on a pillow. He parted his legs and reached down with his left hand.

"a-ah." It had been a while since he did this to himself. He forgot how much he missed it.

He slowly entered his middle finger and index finger at the same time,
biting his lip as he pushed then in knuckle deep.

It had been a while since he did this to himself, but he had the same thoughts as the previous times.

Jimin started to move them, letting out breathly little moans each time they pushed in all the way again.
It was the same thought in his head.

The same alpha.

Yoongi had nice hands with long fingers, the omega likes to imagine what it would feel like if the alpha's fingers take the place of his right now.

They would certainly reach much deeper.

The thought of Yoongi
eventually discovering him, getting familiar with him, knowing just where to lick, suck and fuck was driving Jimin mad.

"A-alpha~" He was moving himself against his own fingers, pushing them as deep as they could get.

Yoongi's voice was deep.
Jimin had imagined countless of times what it would feel like to hear the alpha moaning in his ear.

"Yoo- ah, Yoongi-" Jimin's legs began to shudder, barely holding him up as he continued to move against his fingers the quickest he could. He bit onto the pillow to
muffle his scream as he felt another wave wash over him. His legs gave in, the omega sprayed white streaks all over his sheets before ending up flat on his stomach, out of breath as the pleasure made his entire form tingle.

This would feel so much better if Yoongi did it.
The most awkward part of any sexual activity was probably when you have to get up from the bed, get yourself dressed and act as if you weren't in ecstasy just a while ago.

Jimin stopped himself after doing it only once, in the fear that his heat may approach faster.
He took his dirty sheets, placing them in the laundry basket before starting to get dressed again.

When he grabbed his pants, he found a piece of paper fall from the pocket.

It was his list, with only 3 more items there.

The next wave that flooded his mind
wasn't because of his heat anymore.

It was more of a depressing wake up call.

The list wasn't finished yet Yoongi was gone.

Jimin sat on the bed after putting his slacks on. It was so silent with no one around.

Jimin hated being alone.

He placed the list in his junk
drawer, where he places things that aren't of any use to him yet he can't throw away just yet.

His eyes drifted to Yoongi's golden tag. He held it, running his finger over the engraved letters.

He put the tag in the junk drawer too.

He has no use for wishes now.
When Taehyung came back to the room a few hours later, Jimin was fast asleep.

He was partially upset about Jimin being asleep, he had so much he wanted to share to the omega.

But Jimin seemed tired.

That was a thing about Jimin, whenever he has to deal with extreme
negative emotions, it easily burns him out.

Taehyung didn't bother waking him up, Jimin deserved the rest anyways.

He silently grabbed his things he's going to bring home, then left a note for Jimin to read when he wakes up.

Tae smiled at the sight of Jimin
deep in sleep before he shut the lights, exiting the room and heading home to his family.


Jimin was awoken by an irritating noise, and he was even more surprised when he opened his eyes to see his room nearly pitch black.

He hurriedly opened the lights
through the switch next to his bed. He knew it was Taehyung's doing. Taehyung, unlike him, loved sleeping in a dark room.

But when Jimin sat up, Taehyung was no where to find.

He yawned before reaching out for the source of the sound, his phone. "Hello?"

"Have you missed me?"
Jimin held his breath. In the midst of him sulking that Yoongi was gone, he completely forgot that Yoongi had promised to call him.

But Yoongi was here now.


"I-" He gulped. "I'm here."

"I am too."

There was only silence, only their breaths could be heard.
"Listen." Yoongi started, breaking the silence.

"I am."

"Are you in heat?" It was such a straightforward question. But Yoongi was never someone who sugarcoats.

"No- Not yet."

"I don't want your new guard to go anywhere near you. Don't let him."
Jimin had to bit his lip at that. Was Yoongi- jealous? Probably not.

"I-i wont." Jimin assured before he sighed. "I wish you were still mine." Jimin slapped a hand over his mouth as soon as it slipped out of his mouth.

There was a chuckle at the other line.
"I-i mean by g-guard. My bodyguard."

"Whatever you say, Jimin." Yoongi cleared his throat. "When do you think you're going into heat?"

"Um- Tomorrow or two days later."

There was silence again, as if Yoongi wanted him to say something. But he wasn't sure what.
Yoongi let out a breath, realizing Jimin wouldn't be the one to initiate anything.

It was a risky question. "Do you-" The alpha cleared his throat. "Do you want to spend it with me?"

Jimin audibly gasped.

Yoongi bit his lip, maybe he shouldn't have asked, it was too soon.
Jimin would be lying if he said that he never fantasized those words coming from Yoongi's lips.

He would be lying if he said he never imagined and hoped that Yoongi would help him through his heat.

Jimin would be lying if he said that he'd reject the alpha.
But 'yes' was not the word Jimin found leaving his lips. "H-how?"

Yoongi gulped, tripping over his words. "Uh- you don't have to say y-yes or agree, b-but if you do, I have it all figured out."

Jimin never heard Yoongi sound so anxious and nervous before.

Your mother and father have a three day long conference in a far kingdom, at least two hours away from Seoul." Yoongi started explaining. "Meaning they'll be gone for three days and two nights."


"They're not the only ones who'll leave the kingdom for three days."
Jimin didn't know what to feel, too much information was now shoving itself in his mind and so many emotions had to be felt.

"Did you really think we'd leave your list unfinished?" Yoongi laughed, he seemed calm again. "If you agree, i have a foolproof plan.
I'm not letting your wishes remain wishes."

Did he trust Yoongi? Certainly. Has he ever fantasized all his wishes come true with Yoongi by his side? Always.

Maybe that's why it took him so long to answer the alpha, because he wasn't sure if all of this was real.
It seemed like too much of a scenario in his dreams.

Jimin pinched his thigh, just to make sure he wasn't dreaming. "OW-"

"What? What happened?" Yoongi asked.

It was real. "Yes." the words felt like they came from the depths of his heart. "Yes, yes. I'll come with you."
The alpha let out an audible sigh of relief. "Oh my-" his other hand went to cover his face, he was heating up and flushed red. His heart was bursting out of his chest. "Is this real?"

Jimin was feeling much of the same thing. "Pinch yourself. That's what i did."
The omega laughed when he heard an "Ow-" from the other line.

"So this is real." Jimin spoke.

"So it is."

Jimin's cheeks were aching from the smile that he couldn't wipe off.

"Jimin, listen."

"I am."

"Here's what we have to do."

"Me and your father are heading off to a conference tomorrow, have I mentioned it?" The queen said while they were having breakfast in Jimin's room.

It was her idea for the two of them to eat at Jimin's room. She really wouldn't let him go anywhere else.
She didn't even bother to change, joining Jimin in his room while she was still in her polka dot pajamas.

"I think you've told me." Jimin said as he took a bite of his food, trying to hide the excitement in his voice. So Yoongi was right.

"It's going to be a
non-stop event for three days. So you'll have the castle to yourself the whole time." She was smirking, as if implying that the alone time during his heat could help Jimin take care of himself.

Jimin avoided her gaze, giggling to himself.

"Well, not completely alone.
you'll still have Taehyung and the staff-"

Jimin's turned to look at her. "The guard?"

The queen put down the bite she was supposed to take. "I suppose." She put her bowl down. "Just between you and me, the blue hair doesn't suit him."

Jimin didn't expect that
to come from her of all the things she could have said. "I think so too." He said before bursting into laughter, almost falling off of tye bed before his mom caught his arm.

"Woah- careful." She said, but she was laughing too.

Jimin wiped a tear from all the laughing.
Once the laughter died down, Jimin was the first to speak. "Don't tell papa." He warned. "But i hate him."

Jimin's mother laughed. "Don't tell your papa, but i still think Min Yoongi is better."

Jimin giggled.

"And i know you do too."

His mom never fails to surpise him.
Jimin blushed under his own mother's gaze. "W-what?"

She started laughing again. "The last thing you can do in this world is to hide your feelings from another omega. I know what finding your perfect alpha looks like."

He'd been scared of admitting it to his own mother,
scared of telling her that he fell for someone who wasn't of blue blood, but he never realized that he didn't have to tell her.

She composed herself after laughing. "Why would you think I fought for him to stay in the castle? I'm not gonna let my baby be a heartbroken heap."
Jimin bit his lip, shoving his face into a pillow, he was sure he was cherry red.

His mother was rather amused. "I was exactly like that when i was in love." She took a sip of her breakfast tea. "I'm already telling you, I like him. He's a good one."

Jimin raised his head from
the pillow, looking her expectedly


There was always a but.

"I'm also telling you right now that it would take a miracle for your father to like him." Her voice sounded like she was as disappointed as Jimin was. "It's not impossible but I'm not giving you false hope."
Jimin huffed, not really knowing what to say. He was sad and disappointed, but he had no words.

His mother sighed, placing her teacup down and reaching out to hold both of her son's hands in hers. "Minie, I would fight for you and your love for this alpha as much as I can,
but i have to draw the line when it comes to your father." She was serious, her voice all soft and soothing. "Your papa is still my alpha, and I submit to him by instinct and by heart. I may have my own stand and fight for it, but it's still all up to him."
Jimin didn't know if he was about to start crying again, but he shut his eyes to stop himself. He'd been crying so much, he's scared he might drain himself out.

"Believe me, I know what it's like to be young and in love- but i have no idea what it's like to have
a love that's meant to be in a world that's not built for you."


"It's up to you, Jimin." She sighed, somehow feeling the same pain Jimin had in his chest right now. "It's either we wish for a miracle or hope for your heart to heal."
There was only silence in Jimin's room after that. It was probably the first time there was ever silence when he was with his mother.

The maids came to take away the finished food and dirty dishes yet no words were spoken.

It was a few minutes later when his mom couldn't
stand the silence no longer.

"Do you fancy a suitor? You have hundreds. It's impossible not even one of them caught your eye."

That would probably easier. It would haven been easier if he had fallen for a suitor who was of royal blood.

No heartaches.
But maybe his heart was made to be broken.

Jimin shook his head. "They're all old and crusty and won't really love me."

The queen let out a hollow laugh "I guess that's the downside of being gorgeous. Nobody really searches deeper than your exterior."
Her eyes drifted to Jimin who was laid down flat on his back, blankly staring at the ceiling. "Well, in your case, someone did."

Jimin turned to her, finally having something to say. "Mama, what if someone told you that you couldn't be with papa ever? What if someone
tells you that when you know he's your one?"

A smile spread along the queen's face, she didn't even have to think twice of her response. "You know what i'm gonna do?" She said almost excitedly. "Love him and be with him anyways."

Those were the only words Jimin needed.

Hoseok had come to the office earlier to work on how to help Yoongi with the other's plan.

"Finally! You're almost late." Hoseok said when a sleepy Yoongi pushed his way into the office.

He pulled a chair to sit next to Hoseok in front of the computer.
"You look like shit. Did you sleep at all?"

"Spent the night on the phone with Jimin." Yoongi ran his hands through his hair, attempting to fix it as much as he could. "Had to tell him the plan somehow."

Hoseok rolled his eyes, "Whatever, listen, i've got everything sorted."
Hoseok explained how he changed the RSU employee's schedules so that they won't conflict with the plan, how he would edit camera footage and other aspects he's been working on.

"The only problem is-"

"There's a fucking problem?" Yoongi complained.

"It's the only one."
Yoongi groaned. "Is it Namjoon? Ugh, that asshole always ruining eve-"

"No, dumbass. Namjoon is going with crownhead and the queen. So he'll be out of our hair for the three days."

"Then what's the matter?"

"The guard." Hoseok spoke. "There's no way we can pry him off Jimin."
Yoongi felt dumb for not thinking about that in the first place.

"He was already informed by crownhead himself that he had to keep a close eye on Jimin while they're away." Hoseok explained. "And I don't think he'd leave Jimin knowing that he's in heat. He might take a chance-"
Yoongi's fist slammed on the desk. "Can we not talk about that now? Anything but that- i don't want to think about that, it places me in a really bad mood." He frustratedly pressed his fingers against his temple.

Hoseok let out a gasp, making Yoongi turn to him.
"What the fuck is with that dramatic gasp-" Yoongi was about to start laughing but Hoseok was looking like he made the discovery of the century.

"Yoongi!" Hoseok held onto the other's arm, then started shaking him. "You're Namjoon's assistant! In his absence,
you're the one authorized to replace him. He's not taking you with him to wherever they're going- SO YOU'LL BE THE BIG MAN FOR THREE WHOLE DAYS."

Thank heavens they had their own office that was soundproof. "OKAY- BUT WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING-"


"OH- SO THAT'S WHY YOU'RE SCREAMING." Yoongi pushed Hoseok away from him before laughing as he spoke again. "So, our problem is no longer a problem."

Hoseok nodded. "Wait- You're late for your rounds."

"Oh shit, you're right." Yoongi hurried out the office.
One of Yoongi's tasks is to make rounds, which is basically going around the castle to see if members of the Royal Security Unit are actually doing their job.

It was a tiring task, the castle was huge. And he had to roam not only the castle but the gardens as well.
It was harder that he has to deal with employees who aren't doing their job.

"What the fuck kind of excuse is that? You left the door open because you had to pee?"

"Y-yes sir."

"Shut the fuck up, laze around on the job all you want, but never let me catch you alive."
With the whole ground floor covered, Yoongi made his way upstairs to the next floor.

This floor consisted of rooms and more rooms. The palace pretty much had everything, a museum, a library, a theater, an art room, and dozens and dozens of other rooms.

His stroll was going
quite well until he took a turn to the hallway where Jimin's room was.

And there he saw him. Of course he wouldn't be mistaken. Not everyone in the world goes around sporting electric blue hair that doesn't suit him at all.

Memories of last night flooded into Yoongi's mind.
His brother was a master when it came to ruining people's mood.

"I'll see you, Jiminie." Yoongi had ended up laying on his bed, whispering words into his phone for the omega at the other line to whisper back to.

"I'm so excited. I can't wait, i wish two days would come sooner."
Yoongi glanced at his clock, it was already early morning, they've been on the phone for hours. "Sleep is a portal to the future."

"Are you telling me to sleep now?" Jimin said playfully. "You're not my mother and i'm not sleepy." Contrary to what he just said, is
the omega let out a big yawn.

The alpha chuckled. "Your body is more honest than your mouth will ever be. Let's both get some rest."

Jimin sighed in defeat. "Okay but- in case i didn't pinch myself hard enough, can you tell me if this is real?"

Yoongi laughed, this was
probably the longest time a smile has kept itself on his face which was the whole duration of the call. "I'm pretty sure this is real. Wait- Are you saying you dream about me?"

Jimin flushed red. "I-i do."

Yoongi didn't even expect him to admit it and it was his turn to blush.
"I dream about you too. Why do you think i follow you around all the time?"

"Because you're my guard?"

"Because my mom told me to follow my dreams."

Jimin's face scrunched up as he giggled. "I'm going to sleep now, so I can see you sooner."

"Goodnight, omega."
"Goodnight, alpha."

It was a few second of silence later but none of them made a move.

"Why didn't you hang up?" Yoongi laughed.

"You hang up first."

"No, you hang up first."

"You called, you should hang up." Jimim insisted.

By this point neither of them just
wanted to end the call, neither of them wanting to leave the moment, neither of them wanting to go back to the reality of being physically apart.

"Nobody hangs up on a princess."

"No omega hangs up on their alpha."

Yoongi's hand went to cover his face shyly again.
"Fine, fine. Goodnight, for real now."

"Goodnight for real, alpha. I'll see you soon."

It was a few seconds of silence until Yoongi finally found the strength to hit the 'end call' button.

Yoongi was just about to bathe in the sweet memories of what just happened
if it wasn't for his phone that started to buzz with another call.

The alpha groaned, one look at the caller ID and he didn't want to answer it.

But after last time's call with 'Junki the asshole' he couldn't risk rejecting the call.


"How are things, baby brother?"
Yoongi hates the sound of his voice, the mere thought that he was talking to someone like him was already disgusting.

"What the fuck do you want? I was having a rather lovely night but then you came along." Yoongi hissed.

There was a sickening laughter from the other line.
"Calm down, baby brother. You remind me so much of your mother."

"Don't you dare speak of her. How many times do i have to tell you not to call me your brother because it's the last thing i'll ever want to be in this worl-"

Junki rolled his eyes. "Just like your
pathetic little mama, you keep talking and talking and talking-"

There was a shot of fear that made it's way into Yoongi's mind. "What- What did you do to my mother?"

"Relax, /darling/" He spat the word out before he chuckled. "You're the only one i don't like in our
pathetic little family."

"We are not a family." Yoongi spoke, trying to hide the relief in his voice.

"50% of our genes are exactly the same, if your idiotic brain can't realize that that's what it takes to be family-"

Yoongi didn't have time for any of Junki's shit,
he rolled his eyes, pressing the 'end call' button before he placed it on his bedside table.

However, not even a minute later, it started ringing again.

"You're such a sour little baby."

"I don't have time for you shit, i don't want to have to listen to your voice."
Junki laughed maniacally. "I'm sure you'll want to listen after this little news i'll be telling you."

"And what makes you think that?"

"It's about a pretty little omega prince." He was disgusting. "You know who i'm talking 'bout, baby?"

Yoongi knew.

"I fucking know."
Junki was right, even if Yoongi was steaming right now, he was all ears.

"What do you want with him?" He said through gritten teeth.

"What if I want him?"

Yoongi stopped himself from growling. He knew his brother enjoyed pissing him off.

"It's not like you can get him."
There was a chuckle from the other line. "Do you really suppose that I haven't worked on that yet?"

What the fuck did he mean? Yoongi knew his brother was a combination of sneaky and sick, so whatever he had up his sleeve could either kill you, or make you kill yourself.
"I have someone, who's directly inside the castle. He's fun, like having my own little dog who does everything I want."

Yoongi didn't even want to open his mouth. Rage made him loose lipped. "Who?" He managed to say.

"Nuh-uh. It's not gonna be that easy, you baby."
Junki spoke. "I'll give you a clue, he's a pathetic little excuse for an alpha. Step son of reigning king. Came to be and begged on his knees for help, had to take pity on him."

Yoongi heard a lighter and then he knew his brother was exhaling smoke.
If Yoongi can't kill his brother, he's hoping the bad habit will. Even if it's slow, even if it takes a while. Just as long as he ends up dead

"He thinks i'm helping him get the pretty omega for himself." He took a drag of his cigarette. "Hell no. I'm going to use that princess.
Imagine how loaded i'll be once i sell him off to other alphas?" He chuckled.


He's so fucking disgusting.

Yoongi was outraged, biting on his lip until bled. "That's not going to fucking happen. You'll be dead before you lay one finger on him."
"Hm? What's this?" Junki said in a voice of mock surprise. "My baby brother protecting and taking interest in an omega? I have to say, you have good taste."

"I mean it. Don't touch him, don't look at him, don't even think about him. I'm going to make you regret it.
"Oh boo-hoo. I'd like to see you try." Junki teased.

"I will then."

"I'll look forward to it." He declared. "Also, next time you stroll into the castle, say hi to blue hair for me, will you?"

The line went dead.

Yoongi was wide awake, he sprang up from bed.
There was no way he could fall asleep with his blood boiling.

He went to his kitchen, reaching up to the top shelf for his bottle of the strong whiskey, he didn't even bother getting a glass and just drinking straight from the bottle.

The liquid burned his throat,
but he didn't wince one bit.

He was used to this pain, he was used to pain.

With the age he was in, he thought he had experienced it all, felt every emotion and done everything he could have ever done.

But it was the first time he found himself sat on his kitchen floor,
drinking until he couldn't feel anything at all.

Yoongi had his bad habit too.

Every time the liquor burned his throat, he thought about his mother and Jimin, the last two things he loved in this world.

He thought about the possibility of them being taken away from him,
he took a swig every time he felt his heart ache at the thought.

This was what Yoongi did when he's mad. He fights pain with pain.

To the point that he has enought pain in his heart to not feel anything at all.

Yoongi wasn't lightweight, but now he was surely drunk.
He picked himself up, struggling to balance on his own feet when the room felt like it was spinning, the bottle slipped from his fingers, colliding with the floor and soon shattering to pieces.

Yoongi groaned, leaning down and trying to pick each shard in the pool of liquid
that was all over his floor now.

He thought that if this was a mess, what more would he be?

He hissed when he held onto te shard in his hand, making him drop it by reflex, but it had already made a cut down from the middle of his palm. Red emitted from the cut,
trailing down from his palm and dripping onto the floor, mixing with the alcohol.

For a second he remained there, watching blood continue to drip.

It reminded him that he was alive somehow. But he also realized that alcohol did it's job, he couldn't feel anything.
Or maybe he was just too pained inside that the blood dripping from an open wound was practically nothing.

It was all a blur until he managed to reach his bed, getting blood all over his sheets, but he'll take care of that in the morning.

For the last time that night,
Yoongi thought of his mother and Jimin- the last things he loved.

He thought about being with the both of them, genuinely happy, no heartaches.

The pain came

The pain of knowing it was only a scenario in his imagination, hopes and dreams.

This is how he fought pain with pain.
It took Yoongi a glass of water and an advil to get over his hangover.

When he got to his living room, an he soon noticed his sofa had fur all over them, he chuckled knowing who the culprit was.

A fat gray cat was laying on his coffee table, fast asleep.

"How'd you get in?"
Yoongi smiled, lifting the cat off the table and cradling it in his arms. His eyes soon drifted to an open window, the ony way it could have entered.

The gray cat stretched in his arms before it opened it's eyes, meowing at him as a greeting.

"I have no idea how you're so
pudgy and heavy when you don't have an owner." He stroked it's head. "Or maybe it's because i feed you loads whenever you decide to sneak into my house."

With the cat in his arms, he made his way to the kitchen. His eyes drifted to the mess he left last night.
"Fuck." Yoongi placed the cat on his counter, careful not to step on the shards scattered all over the floor among the liquid which was almost dry by now.

"You know, cat." He said as he got a broom to clean the glass. "I'm still gonna go to work today."
He declared to the cat who was just staring at him with the most unamused expression.

"Even if i have to deal with this mess and my mess of a life-" He dumped the shards into the bin. "I'm still going to be productive because unlike your mother, my mama didn't raise a pussy."

Yoongi thought he grew immune to the pain, but seeing the head of blue hair made everything crash down on him.

"What are you doing?" Yoongi almost growled.

The other alpha had his nose pressed against the tiny space between the doorway and the door itself,
breathing in what could only be pheromones caused by Jimin's pre-heat.

What was more disturbing was that as soon as he faced Yoongi, his hands were cupped in front of his pants, and Yoongi didn't have to look closely to know what he tried to hide.
"I said-" Yoongi spoke througj gritted teeth. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"N-nothing." Jiyoon was sweating even if the castle was cool and breezy.

"Disgusting." His brother was the first thing he thought of when he said the word. "Just like the one who enslaved you."
Jiyoon looked at him with a confused expression.

"You've dug a grave for yourself. You're a dead man walking, and you don't even know it yet." Yoongi spoke, staring at him dead in the eye as he did.

Jiyoon would be lying if he said that there weren't chills running
up his spine with the sinister way Yoongi spoke to him.

"If i fucking see you like this again, i'm reporting you and you'd be lucky if you walk out of this kingdom with your head still attached to the rest of your body" Yoongi crossed his arms, stepping towards him.
"Fix yourself in the bathroom, i'll take over your spot in the meantime. Take too long and I'm going to personally rip your knot off."

Jiyoon, still confused and mildly creeped out just followed the orders, it's not like he's been desperate to release anyway.
Yoongi took his place in front of Jimin's door. He hadn't been in this situation in a year, he had always been inside Jimin's room with him.

Jimin must have not allowed him to enter, to Yoongi's relief.

Yoongi soon found himself facing the door, hand almost reaching out.
How would Jimin react?

If he saw him now it would be the first time laying his eyes on him with full knowledge that they shared the same emotions towards each other.

If he saw him now, would he be able to take Jimin's pre-heat scent?

If he saw him now,
he probably wouldn't know what to say.

If he saw him now,

He would remember the events of last night.

If he saw him now,

The pain may come rushing back to him all over again.

He stopped himself, hand dropping.

Yoongi was about to turn away when the door cracked open.
The door was open in the slightest, but the pheromones were all ready all over the place.

Jimin opened the door the slightest he could, enough so he could see between the door and the doorframe.

He was hungry yet again, he was always hungry whenever going into heat.
The omega was hoping for two things, one was that the blue haired body guard wasn't outside, and the next was that a maid would pass by so he could request something from the kitchens.

When he peeked out the door, instead of what he was hoping for,

he saw what he dreamed of.
The omega had to blink twice, thrice, just to make sure his eyes weren't deceiving him.

Yoongi found himself thankful for 1 things, one that he was smart enough to take suppressants that morning, and the other one was that the bodyguard was dumb enough to do the shit that lead
Yoongi to where he was now.

"Hi." was all Yoongi could say. It wasn't really awkward, more like they met each other again for the first time, neither of them knowing was to do or say.

"Hi-" Jimin responded, with the relief of knowing that the bodyguard wasn't there,
he pulled his door open, standing in the doorway in his yellow pajamas.

The last two instances that they were together both ended the same way, Jimin remembered the tension couldn't be mistaken for anything other than sexual.

Would it be too bold for an omega to ask
if thy could continue where they left off?

"I- How are you?" Yoongi tried.

"You know how I am." Jimin spoke, biting his lip and looking down at his feet, heart getting all giddy as soon as he remembered last night.

"Uh-" Yoongi cleared his thoat. "Do you need anything?"
Maybe it was his heat, or maybe the newfound confidence in knowing that Yoongi felt things for him, but Jimin found himself reaching out and holding onto Yoongi's wrists. "You."

Yoongi laughed nervously, subconsciously checking the hallway if anyone was there.
"Jimin- not now."

The omega wasn't used to not getting what he wanted he narrowed his eyes, then suddenly yanking Yoongi closer, the other wasn't expecting it so he almost fell of his feet, almost falling directly on top of Jimin.

They ended up flush together,
Yoongi's nose burrying into Jimin's neck before the alpha regained his balance, wrapping his arms around the other's waist and saving them both from toppling over.

Yoongi took a deep inhale and the omega squeaked as he felt Yoongi buried in his neck.

This was the closest
Yoongi had ever gotten to Jimin's neck, he would be lying if he said that he never caught himself staring at it from time to time.

He was so close. He could open and mouth and bite-

But he wasn't raised as two things : a pussy, and as an alpha with no self control.
Yoongi pulled away from Jimin.

It took the omega a few seconds to understand that Yoongi wasn't planning on doing anything else, Jimin huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Tease."

Yoongi chuckled. Of course he was down for Jimin now. Who wouldn't be down
for the prettiest omega in heat? Heck- there wasn't a time when Yoongi wasn't down for Jimin.

But he had plans, they had plans.

Yoongi chuckled, he always thought Jimin was adorable even when he was mad. He cupped Jimin's face. "Be patient."
Jimin was looking the eye, making it harder for Yoongi. Who could resist their omega pouting at them?

"When the time's right, it may be very soon." Yoongi leaned in, placing a kiss on Jimin's forehead.

The omega melted, face going red and arms dropping from his chest.
Yoongi grinned when he pulled away, seeing Jimin flustered.

Jimin convered his face, giggling into his own palms.

The moment was gone when they both heard someone clearing their throat, the pair turned to look, realizing they had left the door open the whole time.
They were both holding their breaths when they turned to look at the door, Jimin even had his eyes shut.

Too many things were running in Yoongi's mind, if it was Namjoon, he'd be dead for sure. If it was the king, he'd probably be executed on the spot.
The pair were praying that it was Taehyung interrupting them yet again, or just anyone other than people who's cause them a shitstorm.

Yoongi turned to see no other than the queen, standing in the hallway in her pink pajamas.

She had a hand over her mouth, just to cover
the obvious smile that was there.

Jimin found the courage to crack one eye open, seeing his mother there with an expression that looked like she was still in shock but couldn't stop cooing. "Mama-"

"Mr. Min?"

The queen's head suddenly turned to the end of the hallway.
"Oh- Your highness- queen."

The voice could only belong to Jiyoon, since it wasn't familiar to the both of them.

The queen's demeanor completely change, the way she stood made it look like she was worthy of the honor- even if she was in pajamas. "You started me-"
she spoke.

Jimin and Yoongi inside the room couldn't see anything except the queen who was stood in front of the doorway.

"I apologize." Jiyoon was probably still at the end of the hallway.

"Would you go on ahead to the kitchen and ask Omega Seokjin for snacks?"
Of course Jiyoon could never say no to a queen.

"Don't go on worrying about Jimin, i'll take care of him."

"Yes your highness."

The two in the room watched the scene im disbelief. Yoongi had to blink twice to make sure it was real.
The queen watched Jiyoon take the turn until he was out of sight.

Her stance changed again, laughing as she went into the room, shutting the door behind her. She turned to Yoongi. "You have around 10 minutes at least, the kitchen is quite far."

Yoongi turned to meet Jimin's
eyes. "Pinch me."

Jimin giggled. "This is real- trust me."

Yoongi didn't know what to do or what to say, turning back and forth from Jimin to the queen. "I-i-"

"Yoongi." Jimin said, holding onto Yoongi's wrists, snapping him into reality.
"I need to go." He spoke, not giving Jimin much of a chance to argue.

The queen was just watching the scene, excitement bubbling up inside her.

Jimin was about to pout all over again, but he knew the look Yoongi was giving him, he decided to play along.
"Will you come back?" He said, his tone almost a whine.

"I can't."


"Maybe, okay? A maybe is the only promise i can give you."

Jimin sighed, hand dropping from Yoongi's wrist into his own much biggest hand.

Yoongi looked down at their hands, smiling before he
stepped towards the close door.

"I need to go," Yoongi repeated, hand holding Jimin's tighter.


"Maybe." Yoongi's other hand went to the doorknob.

Jimin had one final request before Yoongi left, pointing at his cheek.

Yoongi chuckled, turning to the queen,
silently asking for permission.

She nodded rather enthusiastically.

Yoongi smiled, cupping Jimin's face before giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

The alpha opened the door, slipping out of it, eyes never leaving Jimin's as he moved out the room.
Their arms extended as far as they could, up until they couldn't hold on anymore, fingers slipping from each other's.

Even if Jimin knew about their plans, watching Yoongi disappear at the turn of the hall would never be less painful each time he watched it.
Jimin entered his room again, shutting the door silently behind him.

"I've got to say-" The queen started. "Me and your father never had as much zing as you and him."

"Zing?" Jimin laughed.

"A really strong connection. I could see it, you were talking with your eyes.
What i heard wasn't even a gist of what you both spoke about."

Jimin burst into a huge blush, hopping into bed and burrying his face in the pillows.

Did that count as his first kiss?

"I bet he told you he loved you." The queen teased.

Eventually, the excitement of the encounter with Yoongi died down as Jimin and his mother got caught up in a game of Uno.

"IM YOUR SON." Jimin frowned at the betrayal from his own mother as soon as she dropped her black +4 card.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T OBEY YOUR MOTHER." She laughed, relishing her victory as Jimin huffed when he added four cards to his hand.

It all went down from that point for Jimin, cards in his hand adding up until-

"UNO!" The queen yelled.

Jimin was getting
frustrated. It was the first time he played this with his mom, now he's questioning his skill in a game he thought he was good at.

Jimin narrowed his eyes at his cards, thinking about which one would cause the queen to loose.

He put down a yellow card with the number 1 on it,
fully convinced that it was a red card in her hands.

"I WIN I WIN I WIN-" She chanted as Jimin placed his card down, she placed her final card, a black +4 card.

"This isn't fair." Jimin huffed, throwing his cards into the air. "I always won against Yoongi."
The queen laughed, gathering up the cards into a neat pile. "Are you dense enough not to realize that he let you win all the time?"

"I want a rematch." Jimin demanded.

"You're on." The queen smirked.

There was a knock on the door, the queen rolled her eyes before
getting out of bed to open it.

"Your majesty, the king said that it's time to pack for your trip tomorrow." The maid politely said.

The queen nodded. "I'll be there, you go on ahead." then shut the door.

"You haven't packed yet?" Jimin laughed.

"I have, of course.
Your father was too lazy to do it and now he wants my help." She climbed on the bed only to give Jimin a kiss on his temple. "I'll see you later, sweetheart."

"Come back soon, mama." Jimin grinned.

"I will." She sent him one last smile before she walked out.
Jimin hopped off the bed as soon as she went out, stepping towards the door and locking it shut.

He then went to his closet, grabbing his big luggage bag, dragging it into his room.

The king and queen weren't the only ones who had to do some packing.
Jimin sat on the floor in front of his luggage he bag, then realizing he had absolutely no idea what to bring. He was sure Yoongi told him, but he forgot.

He grabbed his phone, not even thinking twice before typing out a message.
He received a reply almost instantly, he didn't even have a chance to place his phone down.

The quick reply made him wonder if Yoongi was actually working or not.
Jimin giggled at his reply, even if he told his mother to come back soon, he sure hoped she'd take her time.

Yoongi replied at the speed of light once again.
With that answer, Jimin sent a quick reply before getting to his feet, walking into his closet and staring at his great amount of clothes.

"Okay.... how am I goong to do this-" Jimin first rummaged through his clothes for the cold, since that was what Yoongi said.
His phone dinged once again, Jimin flushed, replying before he decided to end the conversation, any more talking to Yoongi and he'd probably never finish packing.

He sure wished Taehyung was here to help, Tae knew his way around fashion while Jimin depended on his stylist.
An hour later Jimin was getting irritated. He looked around his room, seeing clothes pilled and unfolded all over.

He hated folding clothes, and it's not like he could ask help from the maid, they would wonder why he had his own luggage.

"Fuck this." He decided to
worry about it later on, laying down on the floor next to his bed and in front of the open suitcase that had nothing in it except for his can of whipped cream.

Jimin got it, squirting some into his mouth. His eyes widened, realizing he forgot all about something else.
He lifted the fabric that draped off his bed, reaching under to grab the duffel bag underneath, pulling it out.

He realized he had never really looked through the stuff they stole.

Jimin opened the zipped, getting more excited by the second.
The first thing he saw was a ton of food, chips, cookies, biscuits, and even a bag of cherries that surprisingly aren't spoiled yet.

He saw a pair of convenience store underwear and a bunch of other stuff for hygiene.

When he dug deeper, his hands reached to a box, he
held it to see what was probably the only thing Yoongi stole, the box of 15 condoms.

Jimin bit his lip as he looked at the box, reading what was on it. He felt his cheeks turn hot. Had Yoongi planned this all since then?

There was a bunch of other things as well,
Jimin laughed as he saw them, remembering when he was basically just grabbing things off the shelves like crazy.

After looking at everything, Jimin's eyes drifted to the box of condoms again. He didn't even have any idea how alphas put this on, was it even effective?
He suddenly remembered what Yoongi said that night.

"You can use some of it but we'll need most of that."

Jimin was bright red once again. Did that mean Yoongi had the intention of using this?

Just before Jimin decided to feed his curiosity by opening the box,
there was a knock on his door.

Jimin fell into full panic, zipping up the duffel bag and his luggage at the speed of light, decideding to shove it both under his bed.

Now he just had to sort the clothes scattered all over the floor.

"Sweetie? I'm back!"

"Oh fuck me-"
With a thousand possible excuses in his head and his mother repeatedly knocking on he door, Jimin gave in. Avoiding all the clothes on the floor, he stepped to the door opening it.

His mother was as bright as always, the room immediately glowing as soon as she stepped in.
"Oh my- What happened here?" The queen said, looking around at the mess.

"I'm-" Jimin gulped. "Rearranging."

His mother narrowed her eyes at her son, Jimin held his breath, hoping she'd fall for it.

Just when he thought he was going to get caught, she dropped her gaze.
"Why didn't you ask for my help? Look at the mess you made." She spoke, picking clothes up from the floor and throwing them all on Jimin's bed.

Jimin let out an audible sigh of relief that was fortunately not heard by the queen.

"Why did you have to unfold them all-"
She said, picking up a shirt and folding it neatly. "I knew i shouldn't have raised you like this, now you don't even know how to fold clothes-"

Jimin laughed, joining his mom on the bed. "I know how to fold, mama. I was planning on taking them all out, then folding them
before arranging them."

"That would be a good idea, except you're an omega with a closet as big as your whole room to accommodate your wardrobe with enough clothes for everyone in a small country."

Jimin shrugged, laying down on the pile of his clothes. "Can't we get the maid
to fold them?"

"We're not gonna do anything all day," She said, showing a shirt into his lap. "Might as well get started."

Jimin huffed, folding up the single article of clothing then placing it aside.

"Good job." She said. "That's one down, 999 more to go."
"Your dad is in a good mood today." The queen spoke when they already went through folding a fourth of the pile, the amount of neatly folded clothes increasing on Jimin's bed.

"Is he looking forward to the trip?" Jimin was sat on the floor so he could work on a different pile.
"Seems like it. The king we're going to meet is a friend of his so i think he's excited for that."

"Or maybe he's just looking forward to travelling without his child for once." Jimin said, half joking.

"Don't say that, he's your father and he loves you."
Jimin was doubting that statement. "I know he does. I'm just saying there's an extent. A limit."

"That's not true-"

"He basically sold me to that bodyguard who's paying him just to be my guard." Jimin hissed, he wasn't even sure if his mother was aware of that.
The queen went silent for a moment, completely out of words. That was so unlike her. She always knew what to say.

Jimin was beginning to regret telling her.

"All i'm asking is for you to understand." She spoke. "We can't change your father overnight and he has his reasons,
let's just understand. He's still a good man, a good father and a good alpha."

"Good isn't always good."

"I know." Her voice cracked. "He used to be great, the best. I don't know why he changed himself to be just good. I don't know why he downgraded himself."
The queen never apoke about her alpha like this, it was all good things and their love story was full of joy,

that's what Jimin thought.

She shook her head, "Come, darling." Her hand patted on the space next to her on the bed.

Jimin knew that gesture his whole life.
His mother loved telling him stories, stories from books, fairytales, stories about dragons and dinosaurs and how pigs flew,

But Jimin's favorite stories were the ones she told about herself.

Jimin left the pile he was working on to lay down on the bed next to her
as she did the same.

Her hand was in his hair, fingers running through the locks before she spoke.

"He was a prince and I was the middle child in a family with 5 children." She started. "We lived in the poorest village, and almost every single omega i knew dreamed
of getting to have the prince as their alpha so they could live in the castle with him."

"Almost every omega?" Jimin asked.

"Almost." The queen let out a little smile. "I was the only omega who never really cared. I hated him. He looked so cocky when we watched
him through our tacky television walking around the castle with a crown on his head and his stupid looking velvet cape draped down his back."

Jimin giggled, yet kept himself attentive. He was pretty sure she'd told him every love story ever written except for theirs
"I remember having to spend time with my omega friends while they watched news about him on tv and i was bored to death."

"But you still ended up together"

"Shhh, i'm not yet done." She jokingly scolded. "When i was 18, they held a ball in the castle for his 21st birthday
and every omega of age was invited. I remember my two sisters screaming their lungs out while me and my two brothers ran out of the house with our hands covering our ears, only to find out that the whole neighborhood was full of screaming omegas."

Jimin pictured everything
in his mind, he imagined his mother when she was younger, she must have been as lovely as ever.

"I was forced to attend." she laughed at the memory. "It might have seemed obvious that i was forced to since my sisters were both glammed up, wearing huge poofy gowns
my mother managed to borrow from somewhere, and they even traded their allowance for half the year just to get their hair and make-up done."

"What about you?" Jimin looked up at her curiously.

Her mother began laughing again "I was wearing a simple long blue dress
no make-up at all, but at least i even made the effort to comb my hair twice as much."

That was the night his parents met. Jimin wasn't surprised that she managed to catch his eye considering how she described herself. No one can ever turn a blind eye to the
glow the queen possessed wherever she went.

"When we got there, every omega was on the dance floor even if the prince hadn't made an appearance yet. Most of them were just boasting to each other about how their expensive gowns were bound to make the prince fall in love."
"Let me guess-" Jimin spoke up. "They all had low necklines to show their necks."

"Indeed." She nodded. "Anyway, I found myself having fun filling my plate up with chocolate covered berries while everyone had their eyes turned to the grand stage, where they said the prince
would come out at any second."

Jimin was getting excited, a hundred thoughts of what could have happened started filling his mind.

"Then..." The queen stopped talking, staring at Jimin with a teasing smile.

"Then?!" Jimin asked, dying to know what happened.
The queen laughed at Jimin's pleading.

"Tell meeeeee-" Jimin hit her with a pillow.

"Fine, fine, listen." She hit him back with the pillow before she spoke again. "So while everyone's eyes were on the entrance, i was looking at my masterpiece of my mountain of choco
berries on a plate. Chocolate was only a treat we had during holidays and our birthdays so this was a really big thing for me."

"Is that why we now have a fridge allotted only for choc-"

"Shhh, listen." She hit him with the pillow. "I was just about to take a berry from the
plate, the biggest juiciest berry i placed on the top of the pile. My mouth was already watering while i looked at it. But before i could, someone had the audacity to stick their fingers into my choco berry mountain and take the biggest one and eat it themself."
"How dare they-"

"I was furious." She laughed. "I didn't even care if they were of royalty, i was ready to slap an idiot across the face, but when i looked up from my rage..." The queen stopped speaking, cutting herself off with the biggest smile. "I realized
should beg my mom to change our television because the prince looked waaaaay better in real life than in our tacky tv."

Jimin felt like he wanted to scream, getting giddy. "I thought you hated him." He teased

"I still hated him. I just liked his face, i guess." She flushed red
"What happened next?!" Jimin asked, just as excited as the queen was.

The queen looked back at the memory from what seemed to be ages ago, having to dig it up in the deepest parts of her mind.

But just because a memory isn't thought of in a while doesn't mean it's forgotten.
"Excuse me?!" The young omega of only 18 snapped, even after finding out that it was the prince himself who took from her plate.

"I wanted that chocolate fountain for myself. I should buy one for my room."

The young omega raised a brow. "Before you start buying
chocolate fountains maybe you should learn not to stick your fingers into someone else's food"

"You're awfully feisty for an omega." The young prince spoke, never taking his eyes off of her.

"That's because i don't like you." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not like them-"
she gestured to the omegas excitedly looking at the grand entrance every so often, oblivious that the prince himself was already in their midst. "Who would trample over each other for you."

An expression formed on his face that she couldn't really tell because of the
lighting in the room. "Why are you here, then? This is a ball they held to find a mate for me after all."

She turned her gaze back and forth to the prince then to her plate of berries. She took a berry, putting it in her mouth before licking the chocolate off her
fingers. "Isn't it obvious why i'm here?"

He pretended to think for a while. "Because you're secretly in love with me just like everyone else?"

"No, idiot." She rolled her eyes, but a grin was on her lips. "I knew there was gonna be a chocolate fountain."
"MAMA- YOU'RE BLUSHING!" Jimin teased, pointing at the queen's face as he laughed.

The queen hit him with a pillow, "You should have seen your face when Min was here! You looked redder than the strawberry your father took from my plate."

That shut Jimin up,
making him opt o just hit her back with the pillow. "How did the story go?"

The queen cleared her throat before the tale continued. "That night was what started it all. He was a huge jerk but i kind of liked seeing everyone's faces when we snuck out to the palace
gardens and he demanded privacy for us." The words were like chocolate on her tongue, so sweet that she probably was in a sugar rush by now.

"Did you dance?"

"He tried to convince me to dance with him the whole night, and i agreed around midnight. I stepped on him
every chance i got. You should have seen him, trying to act like it didn't bother him after the 15th time i stomped on his foot with my heels."

Jimin didn't understand, the story was all sweet and sunshine, where could it have gone wrong?

When did great become just good?
The queen sighed, the smile never leaving her face when she looked back at the memory. "He started courting me the very next day-"

Jimin let out a little gasp.

"- went to my house at least once a week."

Jimin giggled. "I bet everyone was jealous."
"Oh they were!" She laughed. "My sisters were the most. The actual prince was at our house and it wasn't for them. For the times he couldn't come, he sent me gifts and wrote me letters-"

"Letters?!" Jimin said, thinking letters were somehow prehistoric.

Jimin only knew of love letters from movies he watched. The concept had always been so endearing to him, someone pouring their heart out through words and giving you the fruit of their love. Jimin huffed. "I wish Yoongi wrote me letters."

The queen smiled rather sadly,
"All alphas have different ways of showing their love. Or maybe he hasn't given them to you yet."

Jimin looked up, eyes filled with hope. "Really?"

"Really." She smiled, looking at her son. Jimin reminded her so much of herself when she was younger, especially
at his state of being young and in love. People always notice their similarities in features especially their eyes and lips, but only they knew how alike they truly were.

Jimin smiled to himself, wanting her to continue the story. "Where's the happy ending?"
She glowed. Talking about him made her a bit brighter then she already was. This was when Jimin was sure her parents were in love. "Well i'm happy and i don't want it to end."

Jimin felt his heart leap at the words. He wished he had that love.
"He supported me until i finished my degree. I even studied law because i wanted to be a good queen."

Jimin's jaw dropped. "You're a lawyer?!"

"I am. People just know me more as the queen than as Atty. Park." She laughed, pushing up Jimin's chin to close his mouth for him.
While Jimin was still in a state of shock, the queen continued. "Honestly it took some time to get used to all of it. I never thought i would live in a castle or be the queen or even see the king in real life."

"But it all happened." Jimin stated.
"Just because it's unexpected doesn't mean it won't happen, because here i am now." She smiled.

Jimin watched the smile slowly fade from her face, he then knew this was the turn or events.

"Your father didn't just become king, he became so many other things as well."
"What things?"

She held up her hand to count on her fingers. "pressured, stressed, not to mention constantly anxious, too many more." She sighed. "He was so scared. Being a carefree prince to being a king wasn't really easy for him."

If there was anything Jimin knew
his father is, he's strong. And even with everything they've went through, he still looks up to his father as the strongest alpha he's ever known. "Is.. is he still like this?"

"Not anymore." She stated. "But i think that's when things took a turn for us."
She looked like she was going to tear up. Jimin never knew what pain was until he saw the brightest person loose their glow.

"Of course i was there for him when he was struggling. I helped him through everything, listened when he had something to say, and said what he needed
to hear. At that time, i wanted nothing more than for him to get used to all of this- to being a king and everything. You were still so young back then, a little angel running around the castle. You were the reason he wanted to be a good king."

Jimin was out of words as
he watched her head drop and a single tear fall directly from her eye to the pillow she held. It didn't even touch her face.

The sorrow was in her, but she never let is show.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, it hurt but she had to finish the story.
Jimin would never go to sleep in the middle of the story, he had to know how it ended, he had to know if it was a happy ending.

Looking back at it all now, at all the fairytales and stories about talking animals- thiswas the first story she ever told where
a happy ending was uncertain.

"Then- A few years later he finally was sure he got the hang of it. He knew he was a great king, and that was true. Everyone agreed. The people were happy with how the kingdom was but-"

Jimin's heart ached when her voice cracked and
the sadness finally got to her.

Shadows always come after the glow- but sometimes they catch up with the brightness.

"Mama- you don't have to tell me this."

"You have to know. It's the only apology i can give on his behalf for this storm."

Partially, Jimin blames himself
for putting her into this. She wouldnt have started if he could have shut his mouth for once.

Heck, he didn't even want to know how it ended. He could sacrifice one story if it meant he didn't have to watch his mother shed tears in front of him.
"I already forgive him. Don't-"

"You need to know." She insisted.

"How can you finish a story if it doesn't have an end yet?"

The queen fell silent, eyes falling on Jimin's form. If there was anything running in her mind, it was that she couldn't believe
how she raised Jimin to be someone this wonderful.

She didn't fight him anymore, just nodding and wiping away the tears.

"I don't want it to end, too. Don't tell me how it ends, i want to enjoy our story while i still can."

The queen suddenly broke into a smile.
"I can still see his greatness everyday. It's always been in you."

"But as far as the story goes-" Jimin breathed out, the air around them no longer thick and heavy. "I can only say that i want a love like that."

"Oh, i'm sure your own love story will be your favorite."
Eventually the sorrow died down, the clothes were all folded up and it was time for the queen to go back to the company of her alpha.

"I'll take care of putting them into the closet- don't worry." Jimin insisted. "Can you please just tell them to send me food?"
"Alright if you insist." The queen laughed as she headed to the door. "I'll tell them to send you your dinner right this moment. Don't laze off on your clothes!"

"I won't, i won't." Jimin convinced, opening the door.

She leaned in and kissed his temple. "Goodnight, sweetheart."
"Goodnight mama, wake me up tomorrow before you leave."

"Will do! Enjoy your night, love." She blew him another kiss before closing the door herself.

After the roller coaster of emotions, Jimin's pre-heat hardly bothered him, but now that he was alone the only
thing on his mind was what could happen tomorrow.

What if he went into heat before Yoongi could get to him?

Jimin pushed the thought from his mind. He had his clothes, his heat, the trip tomorrow, and so many other things to take care off.
Yoongi had his bag slung on his shoulder when his shift was done, he was supposed to stay a few more hours with Hoseok to work on the plan. But everything was prepared for tomorrow, except for Yoongi himself. He decided to go home on time to pack.

On his way out
he had to pass by Namjoon to inform him that he was going home.

"Aren't you stressing about the trip tomorrow a little too much?" He joked when he went into Namjoon's office. The other alpha was in front of the computer, looking at the schedule he made for tomorrow
for what seemed to be the hundredth time.

Namjoon looked back at Yoongi, they weren't on the joking basis after everything that's happened, but he wasn't that suprised when Yoongi didn't give a fuck. "Min- just in time i was going to call for you."
Yoongi chuckled. "Can you fucking stop calling me Min for professional purposes just to show that we're no longer on first name basis?"

"Do you know what you're supposed to do tomorrow?" Namjoon asked, completely ignoring the other's statement.
"I know i'm supposed to do what you do since you're not around. So my schedule for the next three days is to boss everyone around the whole day."

"Can you be serious for once?" Namjoon glared.

"I stopped taking you seriously when you decided to shove a knife down by back."
Namjoon stood from his seat, standing in front of Yoongi as he towered over him because of their height difference, but Yoongi didn't even wince.

"I'm going to tell you only once, just because i'm not here doesn't mean you can go and suck up to the prince."
Yoongi laughed, hitting Namjoon's arm as if ge just heard the funniest thing ever. "Oh fuck off Joon, i have no intentions of sucking up to Jimin tomorrow."

"That's goo-"

"I'd rather have him suck me off."

Namjoon put on a disgusted expression.
"I can report you straight to the king for that joke."

"How fucking scary. Want to ruin my life more than you already have?" Yoongi growled. He couldn't hold it all back anymore. "Can you stop being an asshole for once? I didn't do anything for you to stab me in the back."
"It's my job-"

"Well how fucking pathetic you are to think that what gives you money is more important that the people you considered your friends." He searched Namjoon's face for any sign of being offended or pain, but there were none.

Yoongi feared of becoming
like what Namjoon was now.


Someone who felt too much pain that his heart and mind were already immune.

Yoongi pities him.

"You know what-" Yoongi dropped his argument, somehow fighting with Namjoon seemed to hurt himself more than Namjoon.
"I know my job, you go do yours. I hope you'll arrive safely tomorrow."

Yoongi took one last look before he shut the door at Namjoon that night, but he still looked the same.


Perhaps he was numb to happiness too, maybe that's why he ruined someone else's.
It took Jimin yet another 2 hours to actually finish packing and to put all the other clothes back into his closet.

In the middle of packing he had to pull out another luggage since he was sure there was no way all of the stuff he had to bring were going to fit into one.
He was tired when he finally put the bags aside before moving to his bathroom to clean up before he sleeps.

For a second he really misses Taehyung. Two days were the most that they'd been apart, and knowing that he won't see him for another 3 days made him miss Tae even more.
He got out of his pajamas he wore all day and prepared his fresh pajamas.

Just when he was about to get into the shower, his phone started ringing with a call.

"You always come at perfect timing." He said to himself, looking at the caller ID of 'Best Bitch'
He got into the shower turning the water on, thankful that his phone was waterproof before putting it on speaker.

"I missed you." Was the first thing Taehyung said as soon as Jimin answered the phone.

"I was thinking the same thing. Also i'm in the shower
if that explains the sounds of water."

"I was going to tell you that Jungkook sent me a letter to my house today and it's-"


Taehyung laughed, expecting this reaction. "He sent me a three back-to-back page long handwritten letter. The dork even mailed
it with a stamp and an envelope and everything."

A smile spread on Jimin's face, heart overwhelmed by how happy he was gor his friend. "He could have sent a text."

"That's what i told him!" He could hear the excitement in Taehyung's voice. "Poor boy, his hand must ache."
"Oh shut up." Jimin teased. "I'm sure you screamed when you read it."

"You know me too well. My mom even tried to read it to know why it almost gave me a heart attack."

Even in his happiness for his friend, Jimin couldnt help but feel a tad bit envious.
"My mom told me that my dad used to give her letters too. I wish Yoongi gave me letters."

"Has he not given you any yet? Even after what happened this morning?" His voice was teasing.

Of course Jimin had sent Taehyung a full length text of the encounter that morning
together with what his mom did and how Yoongi was the sweetest.

The memory of the scene made Jimin flush instantly. "Sadly, not." The omega pouted. "I want three back-to-back page long letters too."

"Listen." Taehyung spoke. He hated it when Jimin was like this.
He hated it when Jimin would doubt Yoongi's feelings for him, he couldn't blame Yoongi for not being the most affectionate. But he also couldn't blame Jimin for being needy. He hated it when Jimin felt as if he wasn't worthy of things.

"What?" Jimin asked.
"Yoongi is out there writing something for you."

Jimin sighed. "The only thing he's writing is my daily schedule since it's part of his job."

"No. He's writing a whole thickass book about how much he loves you, it's just not finished yet so he can't give it to you just yet."
Yoongi woke up hours before the sun would rise. He couldn't go back to sleep, especially not with the excitement of today bubbling in his stomach.

He did a double check on the things he had prepared the night before. He needed this to be perfect for the both of them.
He was sure they would be able to execute the plan well, Hoseok was good at these types of things. And not to mention, Hoseok knew how to plan.

Everything was ready. Yoongi was ready, Hoseok was ready, the plan was ready.

Yoongi wondered if Jimin was as excited as he was.
After the encounter yesterday morning Yoongi's surprised that he was able to control himself especially when Jimin smelled and looked like that.

In the kitchen he took his suppressants for his rut, not wanting to loose control at any moment with the omega.
He took his phone in his hand, it was way too early to be making phonecalls but Jimin would probably forgive him. He pressed 'call' on the omega's contact.

"I couldn't sleep, i can't sleep." The response was almost immediate, as if Jimin had been
waiting for him to call all this time.

"Me too." Yoongi spoke. Jimin's voice was so soothing to him, even if Jimin didn't mean for it to be so calming, it was to Yoongi. "Are you ready? You know.... for today?"

Jimin giggled. Yoongi melts everytime he hears that.
"I've packed and stuff. If that counts as being ready. Why'd you call?"

"Should i drop the call?"

Jimin shook his head. "No, no, no. I was just wondering."

"I missed your voice." Yoongi was only ever honest to Jimin. "I'm getting jitters about today.
I needed something to calm me down somehow."

"My voice calms you down?" The omega sounded as if he was genuinely surprised.

"It does so many other things to me as well, but i just like hearing you."

"Other people's voices are more calming than mine."
Jimin stated matter-of-factly.

Yoongi was subconsciously smiling. Jimin had no idea what his effect was on him. "I just like your voice. It's my taste."

Jimin was red all over again. "You can't say stuff like that and expect me not to miss you even more."
Jimin fell asleep right after the call, he knew he would probably need the rest.

He was awoken a few hours after tye sun rose by repeated knocks on his door.

As he got up to answer it, Jimin niticed that he was still just in pre-heat, though he may be really close
to his actual heat.

"We're leaving in a few minutes." The queen said as Jimin opened the door.

"Can i accompany you to the car?"

"Of course, if you want to."

Jimin ran back into his room to put on his slippers before going out to his mother in the hallway.
The queen hooked her arm around Jimin's as they walked, already feeling as if they miss each other even if they're still together.

The queen spoke as they went down the stairs. "I assume you're going to spend the next three days in the phone in your room, eating and sleeping."
No. Jimin wanted to say. That was the exact opposite of what they had planned. "You know me too well."

"And avoiding the bodyguard as much as you can?"

"That too." Jimin laughed even if it wasn't a joke.

"I don't think he's going to be a problem in the next few days."
She turned to Jimin with a smirk on her face.

"Why do you think that?" Jimin asked curiously.

"Alpha Kim Namjoon is coming with us."

Jimin still didn't get what she was trying to say so she continued.

"Yoongi is going to take his place while he's away."
Jimin could feel the excitement in him with the new information. "But papa would kill us if he found out."

"He doesn't have to." She winked, making Jimin flush. "It's a whole three days alone with Yoongi, you should make the most of it."

"Are you telling me to get pregnant?"
"No!" She squeezed his arm hard.


"I'm saying-" She continued. "It'll all be okay as long as you don't leave evidence of anything that happens."

Jimin nodded, they were silent the rest of the way to the car. When they got to the gardens where the car was,
Jimin looked up to see Namjoon putting his own suitcase in the trunk and Yoongi looking rather bored stood next to him.

A chill ran down Jimin's spine at the sight of Yoongi, something about him today made him look better than ever. Even if he knew he was going to see him,
he still felt like he's never be prepared to see Yoongi looking this good.

Yoongi looked up to see the queen and moved to open the door for her. "Have a safe trip, your highness." He said as she slid into the seat.

The queen looked at Jimin who was just stood a few meters away
and motioned for him to come closer.

"I'm going to miss you, darling." She spoke before she tugged on his arm to make him lean down then kissing both of his cheeks.

"I already miss you and you're still here." Jimin said before wrapping her in a tight hug.
"Take care of him." She mouthed to Yoongi who was stood behind then while she hugged Jimin.

They pulled away when the king cleared his throat, making Jimin turn to him. "I'm going to miss you too."

That was the first sentence he's ever said since the time they faught.
Jimin wordlessly nodded, getting out of the way so he could get into the car.

He couldn't speak to him. Not just yet.

He didnmt even comment on Yoongi being there and so close to Jimin, making the omega wonder if his mom spoke to him about what they talked about.
Namjoon took one last look at Yoongi.

"I know." Yoongi spoke, and Namjoon seemed to be content with that as he got into the seat next to the driver.

There were four other identical cars behind the one his parents were in, all there to provide security.
The king pulled the door shut before rolling down the window for the queen to blow Jimin one last kiss.

"Bye, Minie!" She waved.

"Bye mama, bye papa." He continued to wave until the vehicle roared to life, until it drove out of the palace gates and until it was out of sight.
"Your guard hasn't come to work yet."

The voice made Jimin turn to the alpha, suddenly becoming overly aware that he was indeed still in his pajamas, with morning breath and bed hair.

But the way Yoongi was looking at him like he held all the stars in the sky.
"I-I" Jimin couldn't help but be self conscious in the slightest, no matter what happened, Yoongi was still the alpha his dreams, and nothing was going to change that.

"Let me take you back to your room." Yoongi held out his arm, where Jimin held onto as they started to walk.
None of them spoke up until they got into the castle. They trodded along the gardens while Jimin kept yawning and scratching his eyes, he only got 4 hours of sleep so far.

"You're not in heat yet." Yoongi stated.

"Not yet." Jimin spoke,
but his heat would surely come to pay a visit a lot sooner if Yoongi was this close to him.

Jimin was never allowed by his parents to take suppressants, saying that he should let these things come naturally.

The last time Jimin went into heat, the king let all alpha
employees take the day off, on the next day they focused on security, word about Jimin's heat got around quite fast and they were taking no risks with Jimin's safety.

Yoongi wasn't even allowed to take one glance at Jimin in those days, only coming back a week later.
Silence fell on them again. Yoongi was taking deeper breaths than usual, taking in all of Jimin's scent.

"Why are you so awkward?" Jimin complained, not being able to stand the silence anymore.

"I get loose lipped when it comes to you." Yoongi confessed.
Keeping his voice low in case anyone heard them.

"We never used to have silences"

Yoongi remained silent until they turned to the hall where they sure they were alone. "You used to not know that i like you too. I have to be the best me now."

"But i like you regardless."
"You're only saying that because you're in heat." The alpha said, for the sake of teasing Jimin.

"No-" Jimin said almost like a whine, stretching out the 'o' "I already felt jelly legs the first time i saw you."

Yoongi chuckled, Jimin had already told him about this,
but he continued for his own amusement. "You're only saying that to make me like you more."

Jimin dropped his hand from Yoongi's arm, huffing. "You're so difficult! I already-" The omega cut himself off when he heard the older laugh, suddenly an arm was around his
shoulders. Yoongi used a hand to move Jimin's head so he was facing him before kissing his forehead. "I'm kidding."

Jimin had no more words to say as he knew he turned bright red, heartbeat racing.

"I'm so excited for later, i've been waiting ages to have you for myself."
Jimin smirked, somehow always getting a huge boost of confidence whenever Yoongi showered him in affection. "You're only saying that because I'm in heat."

"I'd say it all the time if it weren't for the world trying to rip us apart."

The hand disappeared from Jimin's, waist
as they took a turn to the next hallway where there might be people.

Jimin hooked his hand around Yoongi's arm once again, not wanting to miss a chance at any type of physical contact.

They spend the eat of the time in silence, Jimin desperately trying to find words for
what Yoongi had said.

As sad as it was, it was true. And probably even after the next three days it would have to return that way.

Unless Yoongi found a way.

Soon enough they arrived to the hall where Jimin's room was, and there standing in front of the door was Jiyoon.
Yoongi didn't even a spare a place at him as he continued to walk Jimin to the door of his room.

Jiyoon looked at them, confusion evident on his face when he turned to the room them back at Jimin, all this time thinking the omega was inside.

"Prince-" Jiyoon spoke.
But one glance from Yoongi cut him off, it was a cold glare.

"I'll see you later, Jiminie." Yoongi said before opening the door of the room.

Jimin slid into the room, never taking his eyes off Yoongi but not quite knowing what to say.

Before Yoongi could completely
shut the door, Jimin blocked it, pulling it open once again. He reached out for Yoongi's hand, pulling him so that their faces were inches away.

"Can't you stay?" Jimin whispered, staring straight into Yoongi's eyes, silently pleading.

"I have a job to do." He whispered back.
Jimin pouted.

"No- don't pull that face with me. I'll be back later." His words were final when he pulled away, holding onto the doorknob and slowly watching the pouting omega's form disappeared behind the closed door.

When Yoongi turned, Jiyoon was still stood there,
watching everything happen.

"One word out of this, and I'll make sure you won't be able to step foot into this castle by breaking both of your ankles." He spoke coldly before walking off, going to the RSU Office to begin his job.

The quicker he gets things done, the better.
Yoongi wasn't lying when he said he had work to do, Jimin had to spend a whole hour inside his room before he started to get sick of it.

He'd already pleasured himself and came twice, there wasn't much to do anymore.

Surprisingly Jimin didn't notice his pre-heat much
even as it started to get stronger and stronger by the hour, being with Yoongi wasn't helping it slow down one bit.

Half an hour later and Jimin was fresh from the bath. While in the middle of choosing his outfit, a devious idea popped into his mind.
He was staring at himself in front of the mirror, he chose something simple. Not too elaborate and something he didn't spend much effort thinking of it, just demin shors and a sweater.

But the thing that makes it bloody cruel is that the sweater happens to be
light brown and oversized, so big on him that the sleeves draped over his hands and would fall off his shoulder whenever he moved.

But that was the whole point.

Jimin didn't get much chances to tease Yoongi, but now that he does, there was no way he wasn't going to grab it.
The omega slipped on his shoes, deciding to go outside to the gardens first, there was a bigger chance to run into Yoongi outside than get lost inside the castle.

Jimin thought twice while he held the doorknob in his hand. But finally deciding that if Yoongi
wasn't going to go to him, he would have to find him.

He pulled the door open and was surprised to be greeted by nothing but an empty hallway.

Of course he wasn't complaining that the body guard wasn't there, but if he was out of sight, he was doing a shit job.
The omega took the chance, shutting the door behind him before breaking into a run through the hallways to the staircase. Hoping not to run into any alpha employees of the palace.

But then again, they probably wouldn't dare touch him, his father would have their
heads disconnected from their necks as soon as they even lay an eye on Jimin.

Jimin was out of breath by the time he arrived to the staircase, having to hold on to the railing for support as he tried to catch his breath.

Just in time, omega Seokjin was climbing up the stairs.
"Seokjin-" Jimin called. "Have you seen Yoongi around?"

"He's doing rounds, hun." The omega answered, laughing when he saw Jimin out of breath. "What happened? Are you being chased by a boar?"

"No." Jimin wiped the sweat off his forehead.
"My heat is close, didn't want to run into anyone, you know what i mean."

Of course Seokjin did, the older omega gestured to his face. "Of course i know what it's like to be chased by alphas, have you seen this face?"

Jimin laughed, making his way down the stairs.
"I'm off!" He said as he passed by Seokjin. "Thank you, take care!"

"Bye, Jimin!" He called out, watching the other climb down the stairs. "Nice sweater by the way."

Jimin sniggered, as he continued on his way to the gardens, hoping he'd meet Yoongi there.
The omega ran across the grass, the morning dew on the plant dampening his shoes to his legs as he got to the gazebo as fast as he could.

He could have taken the pathway to the gazebo where he wouldn't have mud on his shoes, but where was the fun in that?
He sat in the gazebo so that he could see the gardens and the entrance of the castle where Yoongi might emerge.

The omega adjusted his sweater, he didn't need it falling off his shoulders just yet.

He looked around to see nobody but a few gardeners clipping the hedges.
Jimin huffed, surely wishing he brought his phone or something, but Yoongi was already doing rounds, he was bound to walk over to the gardens anyway.

Moments later, Jimin started to realize that he still lacked sleep, and all this doing nothing was tiring him out.
His eyelids started dropping as his chin was rested on his palm and his elbow rested on the table.

"Prince!" He voice called, startling Jimin and making him scream, he was wide awake by now.

The voice belonged to someone in the gazebo, Jimin's surprised he didn't notice him.
The omega looked up to see a mop of blue hair, and he already knew who it was.

Jiyoon was holding something in his hands, a blue box with a lid.

"What are you doing here?" Jimin spoke, hand still on his chest as he hasn't gotten over the initial shock.
The alpha sat down next to Jimin, incredibly close that the omega subtly tried to scoot away. "Went to the office to get you something, i know you're in heat soon so this may help." He put the box on Jimin's lap.

Jimin stared at it first, not really knowing if opening
it was the wisest choice.

He felt forced to do so when he could feel the other's eyes burning into his form. Jimin took the lid off slowly, then putting it aside to see that the box was actually filled with multiple objects.

"They're all for you."
There were chocolates and other sweet snacks. The contents comprised mostly of food but Jimin noticed that the contents all have the same scent to them, a scent he wasn't quite fond of.

"This is especially for you." Jiyoon took out the last item from the box, a blue oversized
shirt. Jimin felt half uncomfortable and half impressed that Jiyoon found a shirt that was the exact same color as his hair, or maybe he got his hair dyed the exact same color as a shirt.

The shirt was drenched with Jiyoon's scent.

As soon as Jimin thought he was out
of surprises, he spoke again "I'm courting you. I want to give you everything i can, i want you to be mine."

He was smiling so wide that it was more creepy than endearing.

"I-" Jimin didn't know what to say.

"I know being around an alpha's scent helps when omegas are in heat."
Jimin dropped the things back into the box, staring at Jiyoon in disbelief that someone had the courage to do something like this.

He couldn't believe someone was thing dense and oblivious of how much Jimin dislikes him.

Hate would be a much applicable term.
Jiyoon took the shirt in his own hands. "Why don't you put it on? Heats must hurt a lot and this will relieve the pain." He insisted. "I know you don't have an alpha yet, let this help you."

Oh. Jimin realized, he doesn't know about Yoongi.

What a dumbass.
Jiyoon was closer now, looking like he would slip the shirt of Jimin's head if he didn't do it himself.

In his panic, Jimin stood up, the box and the contents dropping from his lap. "I have to go-"

Jiyon got to his feet as well. "Omega, wait-"

But Jimin was already on the run.
He'd been doing a lot of running for 8 in the morning and this was the only running that was necessary.

He didn't look back, not knowing if Jiyoon was following him or not. Not knowing where to go but he knew he didn't want to be in Jiyoon's presence right now.
It was sick, Jimin felt like he was going throw up, overwhelmed by the scent he mow disliked the most. Hate would be a more applicable term.

He found himself running as fast as he could inside the castle, turning from hallway to hallway,

But as soon as he took the turn
to another hallway he crashed into something, making him stumble back and land on his butt, eventually ended up on hum laying flat on his back on the floor.

For a moment he just stayes there, not quite knowing what to do with himself.

"Oh fuck-"

It all settled to Jimin bit by bit. The disgust of what just happened and the pain of collision with the person and the floor.

"What happened?"

Jimin felt himself getting picked up by his arms, helping him sit up on the floor, as soon as he came
face to face with who helped him up, it all came pouring down.

"I didn't want to-" His voice broke, tears uncontrollably spilling from his eyes. "H-his scent is d-disgusting."

He wordlessly hugged Jimin, knowing it was the right thing to do until the omega calmed down.
Whenever Yoongi hugged people, he always made sure to be the last one to pull away. Because he would never be so sure how long they would need it.

Jimin sniffled before he pulled away, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

Yoongi stood first, holding out both hands
to help Jimin back up on his feet.

Just when Jimin felt as if he was going to fall again, Yoongi wrappd an arm around his waist, anchoring him.

"You okay?" Yoongi asked before he guided them to take the first few steps.

"I am now." It was true, Jimin never liked dwelling
in the negatives.

"Okay." Yoongi spoke calmly. "Now, i want you to tell me who's neck i'm going to break."

Speaking of neck reminded Jimin about his outfit, subtly trying to pull it down to reveal his neck, slightly disappointed that Yoongi hadn't complimented about it yet.
"I mean if you're looking that good, I doubt anyone can resist you." Yoongi spoke, turning to grin at Jimin. "I took an extra doze of self control this morning. But I still want you to tell me what happened."

Jimin, despite the blush creeping upon his cheeks opened his mouth
to speak, telling Yoongi everything that happened since he set foot out of his room.

"Then I ran." Jimin shivered in disgust as he remembered the events. "Then bumped into you."

Yoongi had been leading them somewhere as he listened, Jimin just wasn't sure where.
"That piece of shit." He could say more about him. He would never run out of insults for the guy who wants to have a taste of what was his.

But he had to focus on Jimin now.

"I'm going to make sure he stays away from you, okay?"

"Okay." Jimin nodded, not really wanting
to think about it any longer, he was with Yoongi now. And that was the only thing he wanted to have on his mind.

"Where are we going?" Jimin asked when he realized they where walking in a part of the castle he wasn't familiar with.

"To my office. I have something for you too."
The statement made the omega both nervous and excited at the same time.

What could Yoongi have for him?

"It would drive away all the dickheads trying to get to you." Yoongi explained before taking the last turn to the glass door. Jimin read the 'ROYAL SECURITY UNIT'
label on top of the door before he let Yoongi push through it and get inside.

It was Jimin's first time in the office and the first thing he noticed when he got inside was that the scents were overwhelming. Most members of the security were alphas, and Jimin got
dizzy as soon as he set foot inside.

"Don't worry," Yoongi comforted as if he could read his mind. "This isn't my office, we just have to pass by."

Jimin nodded, letting Yoongi guide them as fast as he could until they got to the end lf the isle with three other doors.
"This is Hoseok's," He spoke, pointing each door. "Then Namjoon's and this one in the middle is mine." Yoongi got a key from his pocket, inserting it into the door before opening it and letting them inside.

It was so tidy. From the paperwork to how Yoongi arranged
his computer set, to the clean chairs and not a speck of dust could be seen even on the floor.

Yoongi locked the door behind him and finally let go of Jimin once they were inside.

"You office looks better than my whole room."

Yoongi shrugged. "I just hate working
in dirty places. And i hate mess, i can't function."

Jimin, instead of sitting on a chair sat on the table pressed to the far right end of the room.

Yoongi's office was nice. He would want to come here more often.

It was obvious that Yoongi spends so much time here,
every inch of the room had his scent.

Jimin subconsciously started taking deeper breaths just to breath in as much of it as possible.

Yoongi reached for his bag on the computer chair before pulling something out of it.

"Is that what you're going to give to me?"
"Only if you want it." Yoongi stood in front of Jimin who was sat on the table, holding it out on his hands.

It was a comfy looking black hoodie.

There was no way Jimin was going to refuse that.

"I-i want it." More like he needed it. The thing smelled so much like
Yoongi that Jimin cohld already imagine wearing it during his heat. Being wrapped in it wold surely feel something like heaven.

The alpha couldn't hide the grin on his face when Jimin took it from his hands, immediately putting it on. It looked so big on him, making the omega
look smaller than he already was.

"You look so cuddly." Was all Yoongi could say when Jimin looked up at him with those bright eyes of his.

Once again Jimin was out of words, his mind quickly filling with thoughts of what could happen when when an omega is
behind a locked door, in an alpha's office while that certain alpha happens to be staring down at him with all the want in the world.

The huge rush of confidence was back in Jimin's system when he moved to wrap his legs which were dangling off the table around Yoongi,
pulling the alpha closer than he already was.

It was no secret that Jimin wanted this. Heck, he probably dreamt of this exact scenario in his mind, praying for it to come true.


"You're hypnotizing me." His hands went around Jimin's waist, eyes never leaving his.
"Stop doing that." Yoongi spoke.

"Doing what?"

"Hypnotizing me to do what you want."

Jimin giggled. "I'm not doing anything."

"I swear if you keep looking at me like that, I'm going to have to take 12 ounces of self-control and not just 2."

Jimin let himself wrap his
arms around Yoongi's neck. "Drop the self-control. Why would you need it when I want you?"

Honestly Jimin was surprised with how much they were able to control themselves, considering that Yoongi could already take him right now and he himself was inches away from heat.
"Your eyes are telling me the same thing."

Jimin was getting a bit frustrated by this point, Yoongi want lying when he said he had self-control. How the omega wishes he forgot about that even just for now.

"What are they telling you?" Jimin asked.
Yoongi laughed. "Something along the lines of 'fuck me'."

Jimin lightly hit Yoongi's chest. "You know, if I was bolder I'd be saying it now."

"You basically already did."

Jimin tried pulling him closer, but Yoongi didn't move an inch.

"Are you are you're not saying that
just because you're in heat?"

"I've told you that I'm sure. And if I have to tell you that I'm certain a thousand times again, I would do i-"Jimin cut himself off with a gasp when in one swift movement, Yoongi dove in, pressing a kiss on the spot right beneath his jaw.
"So fucking pretty."

Jimin subconsciously raised his head, giving the alpha as much access as he wanted.

"You wore that thing to rile me up, didn't you?" He pressed a trail of kisses down the omega's neck until he reached his collarbone.

Jimin had to bite his lip,
just to make sure no sounds come out of him.

Yoongi stood back up, pulling away from the omega's neck, licking his lips. "You know how to tease. But I'm going to let you know that you can't beat me in my own damn game."

Jimin shivered, words making him melt.
He looked back up at Yoongi, only to see that he didn't look away from him for a single second.

It was happening again, that feeling of seeing Yoongi lean closer and closer. It seemed to happen in slow motion, and Jimin was pretty fucking sure his world stopped right there.
He subconsciously shut his eyes, silently wishing he put on an extra layer of his best tasting chapstick if he knew this was how his day was going to end up.

He felt Yoongi moving closer. He couldn't help but slightly pucker his lips, he didn't know his first kiss
would happen in such an odd place.

In story books, the first kiss happens on special events, but Jimin was prepared to write his own odd love story right there and then.

All he needed was for Yoongi to seal the distance.
Instead of feeling lips against his own, Jimin heard chuckling, making him open his eyes.

Only to see Yoongi, laughing. "Damn, you're adorable." He said before pressing a kiss on Jimin's forehead.

In any other situation of getting a forehead kiss from Yoongi, Jimin
would probably implode.

But not now.

Jimin huffed, dropping his legs from where they where wrapped against Yoongi and crossing his arms over his chest. "I hate you."

Yoongi couldn't help but start laughing all over again, moving away from where he stood in front of Jimin.
"But that wasn't what you were saying just a few moments ago."

Jimin jumped off of the table, face red with embarrassment as he narrowed his eyes at Yoongi.

"So now you're going to be all grumpy again?" Yoongi asked, tapping Jimin's nose.

The omega groaned, rolling his eyes.
Jimin scowled, looking anywhere except for Yoongi's direction.

Yoongi wiped a tear from his eye from all the laughing, before wrapping an arm around Jimin's shoulder. "Just a little more patience, Jiminie. We've waited this long, just a little longer wouldn't hurt."
Of course Jimi couldn't resist him, especially when he sounded this sweet. "Will i be able to get what i want if i wait?"

Yoongi cupped his hand which wasn't wrapped around the omega's shoulder on the younger's cheek, making Jimin face him. "That, and so much more."
Jimin couldn't help but crack a smile, jokingly pushing Yoongi's hand off his cheek. "You're a tease."

"Don't say i didn't warn you." Yoongi started to walk towards the door, making Jimin follow. "Now let me take you back to your room. This time, don't leave, i'll come for you
when my break comes. And make sure that blue head won't even have a chance to breathe the same air as you."

Jimin huffed as he they walked out of the room. "It's so boring in my room, there's nothing to do. When's your break anyways?"

They walked out of the RSU office,
somehow trying to walk as slow as possible. Making sure to make the most of the time they had together.

"Lunch. We can eat together, i'll make sure to prepare something special for you." Yoongi smiled.

Jimin stared at him and disbelief. "You're going to cook?"
"Not quite, but i'm pretty sure you'll love it."

The journey to Jimin's room was going smoothly and all up until they passed the main hall of the castle, only to see Jiyoon running at full speed across hallways, obviously looking for where Jimin had ended up.
Jimin knew he was where he was supposed to be when he felt the arm around him pull him closer.

"Hold my hand."

Jimin reached up to the hand hanging around his shoulders and the alpha moved to intertwine their fingers.

"He doesn't know about us, right?"

Jimin nodded.
"Well i think he's in for a surprise."

Jiyoon's eyes drifted to the pair, both shock and confusion spreading on his face.

The two had shuffled closer, pressed to each other as much as they could as they walked.

They stopped their tracks and stood in front of the guard.
"A piece of advice, alpha to alpha," Yoongi spoke. "Make sure they actually fucking want you first before you go up shoving your scent up their noses." He pressed a kiss on Jimin's cheek before they began walking again, passing by the alpha just like that, leaving him baffled.
When they took the turn to the other hall, Jimin started giggling. He'd been biting his lip to keep his thoughts to himself.

"Why?" Yoongi chuckled.

Jimin of course noticed that Yoongi made no move to let go of his hand. "You're scary."

"You told me that before."
"Yeah but it's weird seeing both your sides now. It's like seeing The Beast with Belle for the first time." Jimin spoke, turning to look at Yoongi's face.

"Then you'd be Belle." Yoongi stated. "That's accurate, your name means beauty." He raised Jimin's hand in his to kiss
the back of his palm.

Yoongi never took his hands off Jimin until they reached his room.

"See you in a bit?" Jimin hoped, looking up at Yoongi through his lashes.

"You'll be tired of my face by the end of today. See you later." He spoke, watching Jimin get in his room.
Yoongi stood outside even after Jimin already shut the door, unable to hide the smile on his face. Was this how things started?

Jimin sighed, leaning on the door inside the room, heart feeling so light he may start floating at the thought of him again.

This was just the start.
There was still a couple of hours 'til lunch, but Jimin was already counting down on them.

He kicked off his shoes, jumping underneath his sheets. As soon as he was in bed, he buried his nose into the hoodie, something he'd been wanting to do the moment it was in his hands.
Honestly he was wondering when Yoongi would give him something of his.

His mother taught him about this even when he was still young. An alpha, when they're interested in an omega gives gifts to them. Clothes are a usual gift since they bore the alpha's scent.
Jimin had dreamed of falling asleep in Yoongi's arms, surrounded by the older's scent as he held him.

This was as close as he'd been and there was no way he was going to let himself miss out on something he'd been dreaming of.

Seconds after shutting his eyes, he fell asleep.
"I want him gone."

"The king himself-"

"I want him gone."

"You can't do-"

"I want him gone. If i have to live with the fact that his body a hundred meters near Jimin, that body better be dead."

Hoseok sighed, this had been going on for 10 minutes now.
Yoongi was pacing around Hoseok's office, venting about what just happened."He's appointed by the-" He tried.

"A thousand. Make that a thousand. I fucking want him gone."

"That's not-"

"I wa-"

Hoseok rolled his eyes when Yoogi finally got rooted to one spot, shutting his mouth and facing Hoseok.

"The king himself appointed him." He finally got the sentence out without being interrupted. "So you can't do away with him. There's no way to pry him off his spot."
Hoseok stood from where he was sat, moving to push Yoongi to sat down on it instead. "Chill out, crazy idiot. Don't you trust Jimin?"

"With my whole heart and other bodily organs, yes."

"Jimin's a strong omega, you know those ones could be even
scarier than some alphas. They're capable of crazy shit."

Yoongi was all ears by now.

"And plus, that omega stayed whipped for you for a whole year until you decided to reciprocate his feelings. I don't think anyone else would stand a chance."

Yoongi wanted to explain
that he knew that and that wasn't the problem at hand, but he was too amused with Hoseok that he let him continue.

"And have you forgotten that you're scary as fuck? If i didn't know you and liked your omega, i would surely consider finding another omega."
Hoseok may be a lot of bad things, a cheater, a liar and everything in between, but he knew how to be a good friend.

"After what you're planning for the next three days, do you really think there could be anyone else?"

"This is why you suck a little less than everyone else"
Jimin woke up a few hours later to a delicious smell wafting through his smell, and for the first time it wasn't Yoongi's scent.

He stirred opening his eyes to adjust to the light of the room, only to see Yoongi sat on the bed, looking at him.

"It's lunchtime." He declared.
Jimin sat up, stretching before he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "It's been a while since i've seen you in my room. Are you hungry?"

Yoongi nodded, taking his phone out of his pocket. "I have an hour for lunch, let's go."

Jimin, in his great desire to get back
at Yoongi made a move to kick the sheets off of his form entirely before spreading his legs in front of Yoongi. "Eat up."

Yoongi, as soon as he realized what Jimin meant immediately flushed red, "W-what.." He looked away from Jimin, not sure where to put his eyes.
"Not so confident now?" Jimin smirked, thinking he had the upper hand.

"It's not that." Yoongi shot back. "I already bought us lunch, i'll save you for dinner."

Jimin hit Yoongi with a pillow, caught off guard and flustered.

The alpha laughed, standing up and
holding out a hand to help Jimin down from the bed.

"I know that smell." The omega said as he got off the bed and sniffed the air.

"It's definitely what you think it is." Yoongi leaned down in front of Jimin who was lazily putting his shoes on to tie the laces for him.
Jimin grinned, watching Yoongi tie the laces. In order to pay him back somehow, as the other was moving to stand up straight, Jimin held him by the shoulders, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"What?!" Jimin hit Yoongi's arm when the alpha gave him a cheeky look after the kiss.
"Are you the only one allowed to do all the kissing?"

Yoongi laughed, shaking his head. "You just manage to surprise me too much."

Jimin was clinging onto Yoongi's arm as they walked out of the room. "Where are we going to eat?"

"It's up to you." Yoongi spoke.
They ended up in the garden picnic tables, to Jimin's request of wanting to eat lunch outside for once.

Jimin's eyes widened as soon as Yoongi pulled out the contents of the paper bag he had been holding.

"Three buckets?!" The omega exclaimed, seeing the great
amount of chicken in various flavors all in take-out boxes being set in front of him.

"Don't act like you won't be able to finish it, you ate the last two buckets like a starving wolf." Yoongi laughed, handing Jimin a plate.

The omega playfully rolled his eyes,
"You're right though. I can't believe i've lived this long without this chicken."

Yoongi handed Jimin a pair of chopsticks, only for the omega to shake his head.

"That's not how to eat chicken." Jimin reached over with his bare hands to get a wing, biting into it.
"You've learned well." Yoongi spoke, doing the same.

The omega's eyes were rolling to the back of his head as he moaned at how savory it was in his mouth.

"What the fuck-" Yoongi laughed at the sounds. "Save those for later."
"Are you ready? Have you packed and stuff?" Yoongi had been trying yo start a conversa for various times now, but Jimin was too invested in devouring the second bucket to actually make an effort to interact.

"Yeah." It was the first word he got out of Jimin.
"The duffel bag too, right?"

They weren't afraid of talking of things out loud like this, Yoongi had set his laws back when he was still Jimin's bodyguard.

Nobody was allowed to go near 10 meters of Jimin unless completely necessary. And it seemed it the employees
had gotten too used to that to change.

That was why Jimin had only been close to Yoongi ever since and not to any other employee.

"Of course. Leave everything else up to me."

Jimin nodded before immediately diverting all attention to his chicken once again.
Yoongi was so full by the time he finished one bucket, but Jimin still looked like he didn't eat for weeks as he worked on the other two.

"Are you sure you're an omega?" Yoongi laughed as he watched Jimin eat.

Jimin didn't even divert his gaze from the chicken.
"My slick producing butt says yes, my scent does too. But my appetite isn't quite sure."

Yoongi was enjoying watching Jimin eat though, he looked happy when he ate. He's surprised Jimin is so carefree about his diet considering the omega needed to maintain a good figure.
"Do i have o go through the plan again?" Yoongi asked, changing the topic.

Jimin shook his head, swallowing before he spoke. "I can handle this. My only problem is i have a total of three bags."

"What for?"

"Duh," Jimin rolled his eyes playfully. "I need
clothes and stuff.... and other stuff and other stuff."

Yoongi chuckled, letting him be. "You really are a princess."

"Never said i wasn't." Jimin remarked.

"Do you not realize that you'll want to borrow my clothes so you won't have to bring so much?"

"I would?"
Yoongi shrugged. "Aren't all omegas like that during heats?"

"I don- Wait." Jimin looked at Yoongi dead in the eye for the first time that lunch, dropping the chicken. "How do you know that? Have you been with another omega during their heat before?!"

"What are you-"
"How would you know that unless you've had a firsthand experience?!" Jimin wiped his sauce covered hands on a paper towel before he stood, slamming his small hands onto the table, leaning forward, face inches away from the alpha's, never breaking eye contact.
"Tell. Me. Who. That. Omega. Is."

Even if Jimin was already lashing out, all Yoongi did was laugh, moving to squish the omega's face. "I. Don't. Know. What. You're. Talking. About."

The younger groaned, pushing Yoongi's hands off. "I thought you like me."

"I do."
Jimin huffed, falling back on his seat. "I can't believe you talked about being with another omega in my face. What a turn off."

"Actually it-"

"So you've been telling lies then? Tons and tons of lies enough to convince me that you're really who i think you are?"
"No. No, not at all. I know that be-"

Jimin crossed his arms in front of his chest. "So what, i'm not good enough for you? That you fantasize about some other omega while i'm right here?"


"Is this just to prove that i have competition? Wow i knew that
from the start but you don't have to rub it in my face."

Yoongi had practically given up on speaking up, just letting Jimin babble continuously.

"- I mean i know you've probably been with someone else that's better than me and you just decided to settle on me now-"
"I gave you my hoodie."

Jimin went on, "I know there's other people out there better than me who might have caught your eye-"

"I took you stargazing."

"And i know you're kind of older than me by a like two years and you've experienced so much more."

"I kissed you."
"I know i may not be your first and i may not be as good of an experience as your first-"

"I bought you chicken and snuck you out." He's surprised Jimin had this much bottled in him.

"The time you left me because you had to meet someone, i know it was someone else."
The omega went on, all loose lipped. "-And i know i'm annoying and all and i'm a bit too clingy-"

Yoongi had enough of Jimin talking about himself this negatively. "Baby, i like you because of all those things and love you because of all those things."
"And i know-" Jimin's mouth seemed to stop producing words as his gaze drifted to Yoongi. "Wait- Did you just call me baby?"

Yoongi chuckled, reaching out to hold Jimin's hands in his. "I told you i loved you but you pay attention to the pet name."
Jimin giggled, demeanor completely changing. He intertwined his fingers with Yoongi's "Are you aware i haven't washed my hands yet after all that chicken?"

Yoongi, not liking the thought of bacteria present on his hands sighed. "Again, i like you because and i love you despite."
Jimin was back to clinging onto Yoongi's arm as they walked through the castle. (After a session of thorough handwashing.)

"I like you too." Jimin said out of the blue.

"What?" Yoongi asked, slightly surprised.

"I realized I haven't said it back." He giggled.
"And i loved the chicken, as expected."

Yoongi had a permanent grin plastered to his face ever since lunch. "Don't think i haven't noticed."

"Noticed what?" Jimin turned to look at the alpha.

"You slept in my hoodie, scented it even."

Jimin looked down at himself
pulling the sleeves up to reveal his hands. "What are you going to do about it?" He spoke, rather challenging.

"Take pride in the fact that you like me enough to sleep in my clothes. It means a lot to alphas, you know."

Jimin smiled, "Well it's way better than
the disgusting blue shirt. I'm this close to becoming a Victoria's Secret angel and i'm way to fashionable for that."

Yoongi laughed along, glad that the memory of the scene with Jiyoon no longer brought pain to Jimin.

When they got in front of Jimin's room,
Jimin stood in front of Yoongi with his back against the door.

"Why?" The alpha asked.

"Just wanted to thank you." Jimin said rather sheepishly. "For what you've given me and what more there is to come."

Yoongi wanted to say how Jimin didn't have to utter any
thanks. He was doing this solely to make the omega happy. But there was no way he was going to reject any aspect of Jimin, even his word of thanks.

"You're welcome." Yoongi spoke. "How did you know there's more to come?"

"Had a hunch." Jimin giggled.
They stood there in silence, stealing glances at each other and not really wanting to leave each other's presence.

Yoongi took a long look at Jimin. The next time he sees him would be the time they'll be nothing but young, wild, and free.
"I'll see you later?"

Jimin playfully hit his arm. "Why does that have to sound so much like a question? Of course we will."

Of course they will.

They'll see each other again when they're finally free.

Or free for at least three days.

"I'll see you later."
Yoongi was off to work once again while Jimin was bouncing in his room, physically unable to contain the excitement of what was to come.

The plan would start at 9pm, when employees head home after a long day of work and an hour after Jimin's bed time.
Those were the hours when the only people awake in the whole castle were the nighttime guards who aren't allowed to go into the castle, Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi.

When the clock struck at 6pm, there was a knock on the door of Yoongi's office.

"Why the fuck are you here?"
Yoongi spoke as soon as he saw Jiyoon at the other side of the door.

"Sir Min, Namjoon said i should tell you when i'm off the job."

"Why would he tell you to do that when i don't give a fuck?" Yoongi spoke before mellowing down. "Alright. A word out of anything that
happened today and you know the consequences."

"Yes, sir. I'll be on my way before i check on the prince." Jiyoon spoke obediently.

"No, you're not going to do that."

"Sir it's part of my jo-"

"I said no. Go home." Yoongi ended the conversation as he shut the door.
At exactly 8pm, Yoongi pressed his fingerprint onto the scanner, verifying that his shift was done for the day.

He got his things, taking off his suit jacket and draping it on his arm as he walked over to Hoseok's office. He opened the door, heading right in.
"I'm heading home. Have to get stuff ready."

Hoseok turned to him, nodding. He had three cups of coffee ready. It was going to be a long night for him. "I'm ready too. Just follow the plan and we'll have no problems."

In that moment, Yoongi couldn't express his
gratitude with any words. "Hoseok, i'd do the same for you, you know. I owe you a huge one."

Hoseok smiled, knowing the alpha speaking to him now was another side of who he really was. Yoongi was cold, but when he manages to be warm towards someone, you could feel the flame.
"I know. Go enjoy yourself."

Yoongi nodded, shutting the door softly before walking through the empty office, on his way home.

Jimin was watching through the bug window in his room when he saw Yoongi rushing out.

This was how it started.
Jimin watched the alpha get into the car, going through the road and disappearing in the distance.

Fingers crossed and his heart on the line, Jimin opened his drawer, retrieving the list he threw away.

With only two items left, he put it back in his pocket.
Fingers crossed and heart on the line, the omega prepared his bags, spent an extra long time in front of the mirror making sure he looked his best that night.

Fingers crossed and heart on the line, Jimin waited.

Waited to get that taste of freedom once again.
"Listen, here's the plan." Yoongi spoke through the phone that night.

"Is it foolproof?" Jimin giggled, wrapping himself in his sheets, enjoying the feeling of Yoongi's voice in his ear and the coziness of his bed.

"I told you to listen. Are you listening?"
"I am."

It was the night Jimin had agreed to spend his heat with Yoongi. The night when they finally decided to stop keeping their hearts in their chests.

"Your list, what are left?"

Jimin thought for a while. "The hotel and the highest point."

"Okay, here's what we're
going to do."


With the memory of the phonecall in mind, when the clock finally arrived to 9pm, Jimin got up on his feet.

- "You remember the secret passage in my room?"

"It's not your room anymore." Jimin argued.

"Anyway, go there. Your guard is off the job." -
Jimin, with his two luggage bags and the duffel bag behind him unlocked the door that connected to what used to be Yoongi's room.

He opened it cautiously, even with the assurance that Jiyoon was gone, he couldn't be so sure.

- "But the bag is heavy." Jimin complained.
"The duffel bag?" Yoongi asked through the phone.

"Yea. What more would it be like if i still had my own luggage to haul?"

"You have to work it out." The alpha insisted. "I can't go inside the castle again, it would cause suspicion." -

The scent of the room was
near unbearable as Jimin fully opened the door, dragging the bags in one by one. He used the hoodie he was wearing to cover his nose.

His fingers drifted to the wall, where the door was, feeling around for the latch until he managed to open it, revealing the
staircase that was pitch black.

- "Isn't the staircase dark? What if i can't make it down."

Yoongi sighed. "Jiminie, i can't fo inside through the secret passage, you can only go out but never in."

"Yoongi-" Jimin whinned.

"I'll be there. The staircase is
the only obstacle you'll have to go through i'll be there as soon as you put in a speck of your dna to open the door."

"Are you sure?" Jimin said in full uncertainty.

"I promise." -

The omega turned on the flashlight of his phone, dragging the bags with him as he went inside.
Jimin took a huge breath as he pulled the door shut behind him and shone a light on the steps of the stairs. "I swear." He spoke to himself. "If he's not fucking there after I have to go through all this shit, I'm dumping him."

- "Just be quiet." Yoongi spoke,
"It's important. Even if nobody can see you, they're not supposed to hear you as well. You don't have to be fast, I can wait." -

The night had just started and Jimin had already broken that rule.
After taking two steps down the staircase and reaching back for
his luggages and tugging them down, only for them to end up falling from the top of the stairs to the bottom.

"Oh shit." Was the only thing the omega could say when he was pressed against the wall so that he wouldn't end up falling with the bags. The banging and crashing
sounds of the luggages hitting the stairs didn't stop til they were at the very bottom.

"Well-" Jimin shrugged. "At least I don't have to bring them down" He couldn't help but laugh at his own situation as he held onto the remaining duffel bag, dragging it down on his way down.
Jimin underestimated the length of the staircase. Or maybe it just felt longer since he was alone in a pitch black long staircase.

He had gone down a quarter of the staircase when he decided that fast was the way to go. There were already goosebumps all over his body
and he couldn't wait to get out of that place.

He took a deep breath,

then made a run for it. "AAAAAAAA AAA-" The omega screamed his lungs out as he went down those stairs as fast as he could, a violation of the rule once again, but at least he got down alive.
He was catching his breath as he made his luggages stand upright, scanning them for any cracks or breaks. Surprisingly there were none.

Another thing about the staircase was that it was dead silent. There was no other signs of life other than Jimin's screams.
So when a rattling sound reached his ears, Jimin dropped his phone before he froze, the flashlight going out to submerge him into pure darkness. Jimin couldn't tell if his eyes were shut or not

He froze with a thousand thoughts coming into mind of what could possibly kill him.
Right when Jimin was about to start screaming again, his phone lit up with a call and his ringtone filled the emptiness around him.

In the little stroke of bravery, Jimin picked it us as quick as he could, not answering it first but pointing the light at
the source of the rattling.

His gaze drifted to the knob of the door as he shone the light on it. That was it, someone was jiggling it from the other side.

After identifying the source and knowing nothing could kill him unless he were to open it, he answered his phone.
"Yoongi this is the worst idea ever-" He babbled as soon as he pressed the phone on his ear. "- There's someone at the other side and they want to fucking kill me. They're trying to open the door and they want me dead i told you that you should have just-"

Yoongi interrupted. "Are you alright? Are you fine? Can you breathe?"

"I'm alive." Jimin confirmed by pinching his arm. "But not for long because there's someone who's gonna kill me. I'm in front of the exit and they're gonna kill me." He was quite offended when
he heard Yoongi laugh at the other end of the phone.

Jimin put his hand on his hip. "Excuse me? I'm gonna fucking get slain here and you're laughing?"

"You idiot." The alpha chuckled. "Open the door, and you'll get a pleasant surprise."

"I value my life more than surprises."
"Jimin, just do it. You're not gonna die." Yoongi insisted.

The rattling of the knob stopped, making Jimin brave enough to finally pluck a hair out of his head, placing it in front of the knob, seeing it shine a green light.

"It's open. If i die, it's your fault."
Jimin opened the door as slowly and as cautiously as he coul, little by little making the moonlight shine in the darkness of the place.

The omega was about to take a peek outside when the door was pushed open unexpectedly.

Jimin was about to start
screaming again, only to see Yoongi outside, a hand on the knob and his phone pressed to his ear. The alpha was laughing.

"I heard you screaming and thought you fell down the stairs and died or something."

Jimin saw the moonlight shine on Yoongi's face, realizing
he was relieved that this was the first thing he saw after being drowned in darkness for a while.

"Jimin?" Yoongi asked, snapping the younger out of his stance.

Jimin shook his head, putting his phone in his pocket. "I thought i was gonna die."
"Crazy rich people always thinking someone's out there to kill them." Yoongi laughed, lifting the duffel bag off the floor. "Let's go, no time to waste."

Jimin got one of his luggage bags and Yoongi got the other, rolling it behind him as he walked out to the grass.
"Oh no, no, no." The omega complained as soon as he saw the moist grass once again. "Frogs still exist."

Yoongi turned back to look at Jimin. "Seriously? Haven't we done this enough times for you to get used to it?"

"I'm never ever going to get used to frogs."
Jimin declared before raising his arms in Yoongi's direction. "Haven't you carried me enough times to get used to it?"

Yoongi sighed, hooking the duffel bag onto his shoulder so he had two free hands. "There's no way to convince you to walk, is there?"

Jimin ended up on Yoongi's back once again, the alpha pulling a luggage bag in each of his hands and the duffel bag hung on his shoulder.

"Why didn't i think this through?" Yoongi thought out loud as sweat dripped from his forehead despite the cold night.
"We're almost there, only a few more steps!" Jimin cheered him on.

"Easy for you to say. You're not the one carrying the whole world on your back."

Jimin started laughing, then realizing what Yoongi said. "Did you just call me the whole world?"

"No, i called you /my/ world."
Jimin jumped down from Yoongi's back as soon as they were on the concrete pavement.

"Fucking finally." Yoongi said as he dropped the bags.

Jimin saw a familiar car a few feet away from them and in ine glance he knew it was Yoongi's.

"Thanks, you're the best."
Jimin spoke before holding onto Yoongi's shoulder before placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I didn't know my services had payment in form of affection." Yoongi chuckled, getting the keys out of his pocket to unlock the car.

"Get used to it."

After putting the baggages
into the trunk, they got inside the car.

"So this is it." Yoongi spoke, a hand on the steering wheel and the other one reaching out for Jimin's hand and intertwining their fingers.

"It is." The omega repeated. In the exact moment he started to feel
the wave of his heat rushing in the pit of his stomach.

The car roared to life and they took off into the dark road dimly lit by the little streetlights there were.

"Are you ready?" Yoongi asked a few minutes later.

"I still don't know where we're going." Jimin giggled,
staring at his hand held in Yoongi's.

Yoongi laughed. "What if i didn't know where we're going either?"

The omega didn't even need to think before he spoke. "I'd still get in the car." He turned to Yoongi. "If i'm going to get lost, i want to get lost with you."
The night was young but Yoongi's heart was already full.

How could he have just had this now? Why could this kind of love not come sooner?

"If i'm going to get lost," Yoongi started. "I'd love to get lost in you."

"You won't get lost. Hold my hand and i'll show you the way."
It was quite a long ride, Yoongi was glad that it was a far distance from the castle, that way they wouldn't easily be tracked down.

Jimin snuck his hand into his pocket, retrieving the note. He let go of Yoongi's hand to unfold the paper.

The action made the older
momentarily look away from the road to glance at Jimin.

"Yoongi, where are we going?"

It was the only time Yoongi was willing to give a proper answer. "How many items are left on your list?"


The alpha furrowed his brows, "Isn't it three?"
Jimin looked to realize that it wasn't unfolded all the way and opened it to reveal all of it.

"Oh, three."

"Have you ever heard of the idiom 'hitting two birds with one stone'?"

Jimin nodded, turning to look at Yoongi.

"Well, we're going to be hitting three."
Jimin sat in silence as he watched the scenery through the car window. He knew he was happy as his hand was held in Yoongi's but that never took away the discomfort in his stomach, and the anxiety of knowing his hear was ever so near.

"You're near." Yoongi spoke,
as if reading his mind. "I can smell it."

Jimin's hand went to his stomach, clutching it. "Of all the alphas i met, you're the one with the most self control."

"That's all thanks to you, y'know."

Jimin turned to him in confusion.

"Well-" The alpha started to explain.
"Throughout the time i was your body guard, you had two heats, right?"

The omega nodded, listening attentively.

"All other alphas got their day off or aren't allowed to go near you, but i had to do my job. Do you think it was easy having to sleep in a room
next to yours when your room reeks of heat?"

Jimin remembered himself in those nights, unable to sleep as he pleasured himself in bed.

Heats were absolute shit for omegas, especially when they had no alphas to help them through it. It was painful and extremely uncomfortable.
They couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep in and everywhere felt hot.

"So i had to take suppressants twice as much but eventually i could control my desires very well."

"Desires?" Jimin teased. "So you wanted me even back then?"

"No one had ever laid their eyes on
you and walk away without wanting you."

"I could say the same for you."


They were driving through a road that seemed to be far from any form of civilization, there were thick trees and plants on either side of the road.

"Are we there yet?" Jimin complained,
no longer wanting to be cramped in the car seat.

"Near." Yoongi pointed at a building to the far right, enormous and standing taller than any structure Jimin had seen before.

The omega stares at it in awe. "Is that it?"

"Seoul's highest point happens to be a 5 star hotel.
Guess what room we're going to stay in."

The building was illuminated under the glow of the moon, it glittered under the stars.

"I just hope it's high." Jimin said.

"Just high?" Yoongi chuckled. "We have the one on the very top."
When they finally reached their destination, Jimin was getting more and more irritable because of his heat.

They pulled up into a parking space before Yoongi turned to Jimin.

"Do you want to come with me to the lobby or do you want to stay here? you'd have to wear
something to hide your identity though."

"I wanna come." Jimin removed his seat belt, even in his discomfort he wanted to get the full experience of checking into a hotel.

After Yoongi took the cap off of his own head and put it onto Jimin's, he pulled the hood of
his hoodie on the omega's head. Then handing him a face mask.

"There, now i can't tell who you are." Yoongi spoke, smiling at Jimin.

"Can we go now?" The omega complained.

Yoongi had noticed how he gradually became frustrated and easily irritated, but he didn't mind.
He knew it was part of the heat anyways.

Jimin was sweating as they walked into the building, his clothes starting to feel sticky as he longed to take them off.

Even in his frustrations with his heat, the omega couldn't help but admire how Yoongi looked now.
It had been a while since he's last seen the alpha in clothes other than his work suit and there's no denying that he's missed it.

Yoongi looked casual in his black shirt and leather jacket, his hair was messy from having been under a cap. Jimin wonders how he keeps
his white shoes completely clean, and he does everything to pry his eyes off from the black jeans that hugged his legs so well.

Even in the unruly hour, as soon as they got into the entrance there were a lot of people. Not only the employees
but there were also a ton of hotel guests all enjoying themselves.

Even with the cold night's breeze and the air conditioning inside, Jimin fanned himself with his hand as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

"You okay?" The alpha asked in concern.

"It's hot."
"Just a little longer, Jiminie." He whispered, kissing the side of his head before guiding them through the crowd of people in the lobby.

"The Penthouse." Yoongi spoke to the lady behind the counter.

Jimin took the time to look around in the place as Yoongi worked out the

His eyes casted over all the people, all the minimalist designs and furniture in the lobby. He started to wonder how pretty this place must be if this many people would want to spend a moment of their lives here.

Chills went up Jimin's spine as soon
as his eyes saw how people were turning their heads to look at his direction. He hurriedly clung onto Yoongi's arm, ducking his head.

Was it possible that they figured out who he was?

"Why?" Yoongi was alarmed at the omega's sudden action.

"I think they know me."
Yoongi turned back to see a lot of people looking in their direction.

"No, they don't." Yoongi comforted. "They can smell you."

"But I'm already wearing your hoodie" The omega whispered back.

"Just because they aren't approaching you doesn't mean they're not interested."
"Here are your keys sir, enjoy your stay, your room is on the top floor, of course."

Their bags were ushered to their room by a bell boy as Yoongi wrapped an arm around Jimin's waist to keep everyone away from him.

"Here." Yoongi put the key in Jimin's hands.
"So we're checked-in?" Jimin asked, examining the key with a grin on his lips.

"Yup. That means that's one down on your list and only two more to go."

They walked through the hall with Yoongi pressing Jimin as close to him as possible.

The onega was certainly not up for grabs.
The elevator ride took forever since they had to go to the highest floor. Yoongi had both arms wrapped around Jimin the whole duration of the ride, they watched people come in and get out, all obviously aware that there was an Omega on the brink of his heat inside.
When they got to the their floor, there were only five doors in the hallway, unlike those at the lower floors hich had around a dozen.

"It's because the rooms here are bigger than all the others." Yoongi explained as they walked through the hall.

"Where are our bags?"
Jimin asked when they got to the door which had the same number as their keycard, 101D.

"They're already inside. The employee had brought them in." He let Jimin be the one to tap he card on the door, hearing the locks all open up. He pushed it open, leading them inside.
"Looks like your house." Was the first thing Jimin said when he ran to the big glass wall showing the entirety of the city in this hour.

The lights where colorful buildings looked tiny from up there.

Yoongi moved to stand next to Jimin who was pressed against the glass.
The omega removed the cap and the mask, putting the hood down and ruffling his hair, eyes never leaving the glimmering city.

Yoongi would pay any price if it meant to see the smile on Jimin's face right now all the time for te rest of his life.
"We're so high up, can they see us?"

"Well, no." Yoongi laughed, tapping the glass. "It's actually a one way mirror. You can see everyone and everything but they can only see their reflection."

Yoongi was surprised that Jimin forgot about his heat but at the same time
he understood that nobody could take their eyes off of such a view.

"I'm the prince-" Jimin spoke. "But this is the only time i've actually felt Seoul beneath my feet."

Yoongi felt calm inside, as if the waves of his life decided to stop crashing even just for tonight.
The alpha moved behind Jimin, wrapping his arms around the omega's waist before resting hi chin on his shoulder. "I'm just a man, and i never realized that some day my whole world would be able to fit right in my arms."

Jimin was silent but smiling. "Will you stop being cheesy?"
"Never ever." He placed a kiss onto Jimin's neck

The omega's knees instantly gave in, holding onto the wall for support.

Slick oozed from his hole as his heat finally kicked in fully. The omega felt warmth spread all throughout his body, he couldn't bear being in his clothes.
"Fuck, this soon?" Yoongi guided the omega to the bed, a few meters away from the glass wall.

"Yoongi- Yoo-" Jimin whined, unable to wait for the alpha to undress him because of the heat. He kicked his shoes off, removing his socks and unbottons his shorts.

"Baby, calm down."
"So hot." Jimin took both of Yoongi's hands, making them hold onto the hem of the hoodie.

The alpha took the hint and lifted the hoodie off of Jimin, placing it aside on the bed.

"Holy fucking shit." Yoongi's jaw dropped when he saw what was under the hoodie.
Jimin was wearing a white off- shoulder short sleeved top that hugged his form.

Yoongi crawled on the bed in between Jimin's legs before leaning forward, making the omega's head hit the pillows. "You're really going to ruin me, you know that?"

"A-all I know is I want you."
"You dressed up so pretty, is all of this for me? You wanted to tease me even more?" Yoongi's lips where trailing down Jimin's neck, his tongue grazing the area just above his collarbone before pressing his lips on it, sucking a hickey straight onto the flesh.
Jimin nodded before his hands went to Yoongi's hair, tugging gently on the locks as he kept his bottom lip in between his teeth, not daring to emit any sound.

That went on for a minute before Jimin got impatient. "Yoongi- Alpha, now. Want you now." He was tugging on the
fabric of Yoongi's shirt.

Yoongi pulled away to admire the row of hickeys he'd made along Jimin's collarbone.

The alpha sat up, hooking his fingers around Jimin's shorts before pulling them down.

"You're going to kill me." Yoongi bit his lip when he saw the
black lace lingerie the omega was wearing underneath it.

"'s all for you." Jimin spoke before sitting up as well, tugging on the hem of Yoongi's shirt, wanting it off.

Yoongi would be such a shitty alpha if he were to deny Jimin of such a request. He stood on the bed before
pulling the shirt off in one swift motion, throwing it to an unknown side of the room.

He looked back down to see that Jimin had given himself the honor of taking off the belt around his pants.

Jimin seemed to know his way around when he threw the belt aside,
looking up at Yoongi through his lashes as he undid the button of his jeans before moving closer to pull the zipper down with his teeth.

Both their hearts were racing, more of excitement than of nervousness for what was to come.

Yoongi kicked his jeans off,
letting them fall of the bed

"Alpha, i've been wanting this since forever." Jimin turned around, hugging a pillow under him before putting his ass in the air, letting him do what he wants

"A million other alphas would die to be in my place." He kneeled behind Jimin on the bed.
"You're saying that like a million other omegas won't die to be in mine." Jimin's breath hitched when he felt Yoongi tug down the band of his lingerie very slowly.

"Oh my fucking god."

The statement made Jimin look back at Yoongi, wondering what was wrong.
"You have Venus' Dimples."

"What?" The omega asked.

"You're literally so fucking cute. You have dimples on your lower back just before your bum." Yoongi leaned down, pressing hip lips against each one.

Jimin hummed when he felt it, head falling and eyes fluttering ring shut.
"You're so beautiful you have the trait of a goddess." Yoongi moved back up, one finger hooked in the middle of the band of Jimin's lace underwear.

He saw the black lace dampen even more, Jimin's ass never stopping from producing slick.

"Alpha.." Jimin whined,
he was still going slower that Jimin would want.

Yoongi slowly tugged the band down, seeing Jimin's ass bounce freely once it was off.

Jimin bit the pillow he was hugging to not make a noise as soon as the air hit the naked flesh.

"Baby." Yoongi took Jimin's left cheek
in his palm, squeezing the flesh before doing the same to the other. He used both hands to spread the cheeks, revealing Jimin's hole which leaked out slick as soon as he did so. "Don't hold back, i want to hear you. We didn't wait this long for some silent sex."
Yoongi didn't have to say that, there was no way Jimin would manage to hold it all in when he felt the alpha's tongue lap on his hole, licking around the pink puckered entrance.

"More-" Jimin didn't have to say that, as Yoongi continued to savor the taste of him.
The slurping sounds together with Jimin's whines echoed through the walls, both music to Yoongi's ears.

The alpha sucked on the puckered hole, placing a kiss on it before entering his tongue. It lapped against's Jimin's walls.

Jimin was pushing back on the alpha's tongue
loving the feeling of it in him but still wanting more and more.

"W-where did you learn h-how to do that?" Jimin was panting by the time Yoongi pulled away.

Yoongi chuckled. "Would you laugh if i said i researched on everything about this?"

Jimin laughed, completely
breaking the sensual mood. "Is that why you know about the wanting to wear the alpha's clothes thing?"

"Yeah. That ticked you off, it was obvious." Yoongi took off Jimin's lace underwear completely, placing it aside on the bed.

Jimin turned around, laying on his back
Yoongi moved to support Jimin's head before placing a pillow underneath it.

When the alpha moved back up, Jimin couldn't keep his eyes on the obvious tent inside Yoongi's boxers.

The omega licked his lips, eyes going wide when it seemed to grow even more.
"It doesn't bite, y'know." Yoongi chuckled, seeing what Jimin was doing. "You can touch it, it won't kill you."

Jimin didn't have to be told twice. He reached to pull down the waistband of the black boxers, watching Yoongi's cock spring up and slap against his stomach.
"You don't have to," Yoongi spoke. "I wanted tonight to be all about you, you can do this for me next time."

With that in mind, Jimin let himself lay back down. Yoongi moved back in between his legs.

The omega was so aroused he was literally leaking on the sheets.
Yoongi kicked his boxers off, stroking himself a fee times before a thought came into mind, making him get off the bed.

"Wha-" Jimin's eyes followed his form.

Yoongi went to the duffel bag, retrieving something from it before coming back onto the bed.
"I told you i stole this for fun." He spoke, opening the box of condoms before taking one out.

Jimin giggled, watching Yoongi tear the foil with his teeth, opening it and taking the condom out.

Yoongi got in between Jimin's legs as he rolled it on his cock,
never breaking eye contact with Jimin as he did.

The alpha leaned down, propping himself up on one arm as he hovered on top of Jimin.

"Are you sure you want this?"

Jimin nodded, licking his lips as his heart felt like it was about to butts from the excitement.
"One hundred percent sure?"

It was hard to answer when Jimin could literally feel the tip of his cock pressing against his hole. "I want you."

"Really? Would you not regret this?"

"I would regret not doing this." Jimin's arms snaked around his neck.
"If you're sure, say 'she sells sea shells by the sea shore' ten times fast."

"She sells-" Jimin started before hitting Yoongi's chest. "Yoongi." He whined, urging the alpha to go on.

Yoongi laughed, kissing Jimin's nose. "Okay, okay." He moved press his
length on Jimin's hole.

"Wait, wait-" Jimin held onto the alpha's shoulders.

Yoongi turned back to Jimin again. "Why- What, do you change your mind?"

Jimin giggled, shaking his head. "Shouldn't the kiss come first?"

How could Yoongi deny such a request?
Yoongi put two fingers under Jimin's chin, raising his head slowly.

"I'm not going to kiss you because you asked me to." Yoongi spoke, voice deep and sincere.

There was a feeling Jimin got every time Yoongi would look into his eyes like this. It was a drowning feeling,
like how the sea swallows something slowly, how water fills every single part that surrounds you, how there's nothing else but water. You couldn't pay attention to anything else but the water.

"I'm not going to kiss you just because I can't deny your request."
It completely consumed him.

Jimin looked at Yoongi like he thought the alpha was the moon and he was just a star.

But Yoongi looks at him like he knows he was the moon and Jimin was the sun.

"I'm not going to kiss you just because I want to."
Yoongi looked at him like even if he was out of his mind,

the alpha wouldn't find anything more beautiful than insanity.

"I'm not going to kiss you just because you'll let me."

Yoongi looked at him like he was special.

He looked at him like he just found
a pearl in the sand,

like he just found a rose in the desert,

like he was a five leaf clover,

like he was that one whisper in a world where everyone shouts,

like he was that one line in a piece of poetry where you feel every single emotion hit you at once.
He looked at Jimin like he loved him.

"I'm going to kiss you because our world is falling apart, and we are the only ones keeping it together." He leaned down to seal the distance and that was it.

The first breath of air after you thought the water had consumed you,
It was the eclipse.

Madness and insanity.

It was finding a pear in the sand, a rose in the desert, a five leaf clover.

it was the whisper in the loud world,

every single emotion hitting you all at once,

and it was the only power that could stop a world from falling apart.
Yoongi pushed in the same time their lips met, Jimin didn't know what he should may more attention to.

The omega's body seemed to heat up more and more of the feeling of Yoongi inside him. He pushed in slowly, getting as deep as he could.

The heat got to the kiss too,
what was just contact at first had ended up in Yoongi guiding Jimin's lips to open up for him.

Jimin's loud moan when Yoongi was entirely inside of him was music as their tongues danced. Yoongi had one hand propping him up and the other going under Jimin's head.
Eventually Yoongi pulled up for air, leaving Jimin gasping as his tongue licked across the omega's bottom lip before completely pulling away.

"Alpha-" Jimin's chest was heaving, and Yoongi wasn't even moving yet.

"You okay?" Yoongi asked, not quite sure if Jimin had adjusted.
Jimin nodded rather enthusiastically.

"Can i move?" Yoongi asked, searching Jimin's eyes for any doubt or second thoughts, but there were none.

Yoongi recieved another nod before he moved one hand to hold onto Jimin's waist as he pulled out just as gently as he pushed in.
He thrusted back in before reaching a constant pace, moving in deep thrusts.

"How do you feel?" He asked, not stoping his movements as he turned to Jimin.

He didn't have to ask that, it was obvious by how the omega whimpered and quivered that he was enjoying
every moment of it.

"Y-you're good ah- at th-this. I can feel ah- all of you." Jimin held onto the arm propping the alpha up, nails digging into the flesh.

Yoongi sped up gradually, trying to control himself from absolutely wrecking Jimin right at that moment.
It was when Jimin's moans turned more whiny and needy that Yoongi pulled out. The omega opened his eyes turning to Yoongi, whimpering the feeling of emptiness.

"Turn around, baby." Yoongi requested.

Jimin obediently did so, unsure of how to position himself before
getting on all fours.

"You good?" Yoongi asked, placing a hand on Jimin's hips before thrusting his whole length in abruptly.


Yoongi let all self control leave his body as he thrusted as fast as he could, letting the desire and lust take over his body.
Jimin screamed, hands gripping onto the sheets as he let Yoongi do with him what he pleases.

The omega panted and his legs shook as he tried to push back on Yoongi's cock to meet him at every thrust.

"Yoo-Yoongi!" Jimin moaned at Yoongi's name like it was the last word
that would ever leave his lips.

The alpha's hips ached as he slowed down his pace, giving them both time to catch their breaths. "You know what's surprising yet expected?" He spoke as he reached forward to push back the omega's hair that was sticking to his
forehead because of the sweat.

"W-what?" Jimin swallowed, breathing heavily while enjoying the feeling of Yoongi thrusting in slowly. He could feel how every inch of him moved in and out.

"How you still look breathtaking even when you're all fucked out and out of breath."
Jimin had no time to blush when Yoongi started with the fast pace again, fucking into him just as quickly as earlier but trying to get himself deeper and deeper in each thrust.

Jimin's knuckled turned white as his legs shook, making Yoongi hold onto his hips to keep him up.
"You're so tight-" Yoongi growled, filled with the lust and desire as his pace didn't slow down one bit.

Jimin's arms gave in, his face ending up in the pillows with his ass held in the air by Yoongi. "A-alpha-" The feeling was overwhelming, he could feel himself
loosing control of his own body as his eyes fluttered shut, saliva drooling down the side of his mouth because he couldn't keep it shut.

"Use your words, baby. Tell me what you want." Yoongi continued to drill Jimin into the bed, thoughts clouded.
"I l-love this!" Jimin screamed, mind no longer in charge of what comes out of his own mouth.

"What do you want? Tell me. Tell your alpha, Jimin." Yoongi could feel his climax coming. He reached forward, a hand on each of Jimin's shoulders and raising him up.
"Call me y-yours!" Jimin felt something build up in the pit of his stomach.

"Mine." Yoongi moved, lips going to Jimin's neck, sucking on the spot. "All mine, just mine. You're my omega."

"Knot me, knot me alpha!"

Yoongi's hands went to cover Jimin's, inserting
his fingers in the spaces between Jimin's.

Jimin let out a broken scream when Yoongi sucked on a certain spot on his neck as a string of white emitted from his own cock, spilling all over the bed. Yoongi fucked him through it, up to the point when Jimin could no longer speak.
Yoongi moved quickly, moaning as he pulled out of Jimin, taking the condom off. He stroked himself, seed spilling all over the omega's plump cheeks that has turned red from all the grabbing.

Jimin's legs gave up, making him lay flat on the bed. "Fuck."
Yoongi, even in his exhaustion chuckled, pushing his hair back before leaning down to nip on Jimin's left cheek. He stood from the bed, walking to the bathroom.

He got a cloth from the bathroom, wiping the white off of Jimin's ass gently.

"Turn around, princess."
Jimin already had his eyes shut, half asleep. The omega groaned before turning to the other side of the bed so Yoongi would wipe off the cum from the bed and his belly.

The tiredness only settled on Yoongi when he walked back to the bed from the bathroom.

They would have
to do this over again, it was just the first wave of Jimin's heat and certainly more would come.

He put on his boxers, about to get in the bed before seeing Jimin's black lace lingerie on the floor.

"Can i put this back on you?" Yoongi chuckled.

Jimin cracked one
eye open to see what Yoongi was talking about. "Why?"

"It's cute." Yoongi laughed, helping Jimin put it on before laying next to the omega.

Jimin instantly curled up into him, letting Yoongi pull him closer before he sighed in contentment.
They fell asleep like that.

Jimin lost count of how many times he'd dreamt of falling asleep caught up in Yoongi's scent and snuggling into Yoongi's arms. He hoped Yoongi would hold him tight.

So tonight was literally all his hopes and dreams coming true.
The omega woke up literally on top of Yoongi. He knew he moved a lot in his sleep but he didn't realize that it was to that extent.

Jimin lay there for a few minutes, listening to the thumping of Yoongi's heart in his chest.

Jimin couldn't help but wonder if it beats for him.
It was when he saw the yellow glow shine through the window and spread across the floor that Jimin gently got off of Yoongi.

There was no way he was going to miss out on witnessing a sunrise on the highest point of Seoul.

He crawled off of the bed, skipping over
in front of the glass wall. It was a one way mirror anyways, so he had no shame in standing on front of it in just the lace lingerie and his white off shoulder top.

He was completely hypnotized as he watched the sun crawl out from the horizon. He watched the glow
slowly spread through the buildings, the streets, the houses, and the people until his kingdom was bright and alive.

He couldn't help but think of his mother. This brightness that symbolized a new hope for many couldn't remind him of anyone else.

Jimin was so invested
in the view that he jumped in surprise when he felt arms snaking around his waist.

"You gave me a heart attack." He spoke to the alpha who rested his chin on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, if your heart gives up, you can always have mine." Yoongi retrieved his hands
only to show Jimin that there was something in his palm.

Jimin gasped. "I thought i'd never see it again."

Yoongi smiled, moving to put the necklace with the golden crow on it around Jimin's neck.

"The same way i thought i'd never see you again." The omega said.
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