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a yoonmin abo au where the king's only son, jimin, is an omega. and while there is no trouble in those news, there is some in the others. for, prince jimin has no sense of smell. as long as he can remember, he has never smelled a thing, doesn't even know what it could be like.
he couldn't smell when he visited the lavender fields with his mother, couldn't smell when ran through the kitchen as a child, knocking over a shelf of spices.

and the problem is, that the way you find your true mate, is indeed by their scent.
for most of his childhood, people speculated that maybe the prince was cursed. but the rumors that made jimin's heart ache and bile rise up in his throat, was the ones that he could sometimes hear whispered - imagined or not - when he walked among the city streets.
"maybe prince jimin's true mate is dead."

"maybe prince jimin's true mate found someone else."

"maybe prince jimin never had a true mate at all."
when jimin came of age, it was no surprise that his parents started desperate searches for alphas and betas with a noble status among the kingdom, hoping that one among them would be jimin's mate, recognizing the prince by his scent.
people told jimin that he smelled like a fresh breath of air, mingled with a delicate undertone of jasmine.

he wouldn't know.
as the weeks came and left, so did the nobles among them. it left jimin hollow and miserable, after every single apologetic smile and an "i'm sorry, your highness. we are not each others to love."

he'd cry alone in his chambers at night, aching for something that wasn't there.
he was the twelfth one of the nobles to come. the tall man with strikingly green eyes, a confusing scar traveling across the knuckles of his left hand.

when he had leaned over to nose at jimin's neck while his parents watched from the side, jimin had felt something.
it was a pull at the end of his spine, as if someone was tugging a tail that was not there. it wasn't very pleasant, it felt like a warning.

but the foreign alpha had leaned back with a grin on his face, taking jimin's hand and pressing a kiss against it.
"i am honoured to be your true mate, your highness."

jimin's mother had started weeping, holding the hand of the king tightly. his parents were so full of joy.

why didn't jimin feel anything?
from there, started a long process of courting. the queen had wanted for them to get married by the end of fall, but jimin had insisted for the spring.

"because it's my favorite season, mother."

because something didn't feel right.
he was kind the alpha, sweet and smart, too. seonghun was his name, jimin learned that same night they met, as the alpha escorted him to his chambers that evening.

at the door seonghun had kissed jimin's hand again, smooth lips pressing against his knuckles.
but his cupid's bow didn't curve the right way, jimin furrowed his brows at the thought.

that night, he was relieved to get to his bed, expecting that the ache would be gone by now. his mate had found him after all.

jimin fell asleep peacefully.
when jimin woke, it was while sitting up, covered in sweat and an echo of a yell ringing in his ears.

he had yelled someone's name.

he tried to find the name from his mind, tried to make his mouth trace the syllables.

he couldn't remember.
seonghun brought him flowers every morning. and while their colors were beautiful, it made jimin sad because even though he nuzzled against the petals, he couldn't smell a thing.

seonghun would take him walks along the river and hold his hand.
the alpha's hand were too smooth, his fingers too short, not much bigger than jimin's.

he was too tall, too. making jimin feel like he was towering over him, like he was too far to reach.
as winter came, so did their first kiss. it was while they were at the top of the highest tower of the castle, as the first snow was falling.

jimin had felt cold, cold even though he was wearing the furs that seonghun had gifted him.
and when the alpha cupped his cheeks and leaned down to press his lips against jimin's, it felt like ice. ice slithering down his throat, settling in the pit of his stomach.

that night, jimin cried until he passed out, shivering under the heavy blankets of his bed.

he knew.
after that, it was hard. it was hard to not flinch when seonghun reached out to touch him, it was hard to give an approving smile when he was presented with a gift.

when his instincts screamed louder than ever 'not him, not him! wrong, wrong!'

every day jimin felt colder.
when jimin finally broke, the snow covering the grounds of the castle had started to melt, the sun gently revealing the ground and giving it a chance to breathe and to grow.
jimin couldn't feel it. when a sunshine peeked through his window and kissed the skin of his bare arm, it felt like nothing.

how long had all the warmth been gone from him? he couldn't remember.
he still had the nightmares, still woke up sweating and yelling, aching so bad that it was hard to breathe.

one morning in front of the mirror, jimin noticed the faint scratches on his chest.

a barely there, shape of an Y.
it happened when seonghun escorted him to his chambers, just like every evening. by now, it was nothing but unsettling.

this time, instead of kissing jimin's hand or his cheek, the alpha had backed him up against the door. the breath jimin took in then, felt like drinking ice.
"why haven't you asked me to share your bed yet, my prince?"

jimin had to fight off a shiver. it felt like he was slowly freezing against the door, his muscles as heavy as stones.

seonghun had leaned to nuzzle jimin's neck, his breath raising jimin's skin to goosebumps.
"answer me, flower."

jimin had closed his eyes then, his instincts screaming for the one who could relieve his ache. when seonghun had placed his hands on his hips, the hands that felt so wrong and resentful, jimin couldn't take it anymore.
through gritted teeth, he hissed, "because i know. i know it isn't you."

seonghun had leaned back than, eyebrows raised, but eyes lacking emotion. they were so green, so dark, it reminded jimin of poison.
seonghun's lips split into a wicked grin as he stepped back. he did a bow towards jimin, and the mockery in it was clear. "i cannot wait to marry you, my prince."

there was something dangerous in his eyes when he straightened up. "in five weeks."
jimin should've told someone, should've gone up to his parents a long time ago.

but he found out that he couldn't. when he tried, his body just froze in place, like a spell had been put on him.
a week before the wedding, jimin wasn't able to remember what hoping felt like.

the Y on his chest had become a permanent scratch.

his mother thought he was stressing about the wedding because he had become so pale, his skin too cold.

jimin couldn't tell her.
it was two night's before the wedding that jimin felt something. a spark chest, tingles going up his spine.

he was having dinner with his parents and seonghun, the alpha had charmed his mother over this first week at the castle.
jimin let out a stuttering breath, just as the doors opened and two knights walked into the room.

"we are sorry to disturb your dinner, your highnesses. there is someone with an urgent message, and he refuses to leave until meeting the prince."
jimin moved before even realising it, standing up from his stool. seonghun tried to reach for his wrist but the prince didn't even notice.

"let him in," jimin commanded, his voice hoarse.
the knights bowed before turning and opening the door. inside stepped a man, almost as short as jimin, the hood of his green cape covering his face with shadows.

jimin breathed in and it didn't feel cold. the man held his hands up, long fingers, calloused and just right.
he pulled back his hood and jimin's world turned.

black hair, slightly covering dark and sharp eyes. a soft nose, a swirling tattoo on the right cheek, beautiful.

and lips, with a perfectly curled cupid's bow.
tears started traveling down jimin's cheeks. they were warm, so warm it almost hurt.


the name echoed in the room before jimin even realized it had came out of his mouth.

the man breathed in then, longing in his eyes as he stepped forward. "it's me, love."
a loud crack filled the room then, making jimin's ears ring. he turned towards the dinner table where the noise had come from.

his parents were sitting, frozen in their places, horror in their eyes. seonghun was standing on top of the marble table, his eyes filled with fury.
there was a green, glimmering bow in his hand, an arrowed knocked on it, it's sharp end dripping with poison. "if you'd been here two days later, weakling, all this would've been easier."

seonghun's voice filled jimin with dread.
but when he tried to turn towards yoongi, to yell at him to watch out, to do anything to get out of the way, jimin found that he couldn't move a muscle.

the only thing he could do was to watch as seonghun let the arrow fly.
oof, gotta go eat something and update my other au! i'll continue this unless i get very sleepy. send me feedback uwu
have you ever felt completely powerless? like you wrack through your brain to find some kind of way, but you find out there's nothing you can do?

time seemed to slow down when the arrow flew through the air.
jimin couldn't even scream, not vocally at least. the wolf inside him was howling, scratching against his ribcage frantically, bringing with it immense pain that jimin knew wasn't real but felt it all the same.
jimin heard the swoosh the arrow made when it pierces the air and he couldn't bear the thought of that deep, soothing voice yelling out in pain.
it didn't happen, there was no voice of pain. just a hard thud of the arrow burying itself into wood.

jimin could see seonghun's eyes widening, the bow in his arms slowly melting away into the air.

and then a black web slithered along the floor, as swift as a lightning.
it climbed on the table and before seonghun even tried to move, it had wrapped itself around his body, so tightly jimin thought the man's bones might break.

jimin found out that he didn't care if that happened.

"i might have been weak, once. but not anymore."
the voice spoke from beside jimin, closer than before.

after a few seconds, a hand was placed on his shoulder, and the prince's knees gave in at the warmth that traveled through his body, making his heart beat quickly, singing out in joy.
"yoongi," he gasped, the name feeling so precious and dear on his tongue.

the man kneeled before him, cupping his cheeks and making them bloom into a shade of pink that hadn't been seen for so long.

his eyes were full of adoration and jimin felt like he was melting.
the ice in him was melting. spring had come, the birds in his stomach fluttering their wings, the branches of his veins pulsing with warmth and wonder.

"you're my mate. my true mate," jimin whispered, couldn't bring himself to speak louder.
the man's smile was gorgeous, so wide that jimin could see his gums. he didn't realize he was crying again until yoongi was wiping the tears away from his cheeks, his own eyes watering up.

"i'm so sorry, love, that it took me so long to find you."
jimin finally was able to move his body then, and he pretty much jumped on the other man, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck and making him stumble back and sit down on the floor.

this is how it really feels. tingles dancing up and down your body.
the air of comfort and safety around the person that it just made your instincts scream, 'this is my home, this is the chest i will bury myself in, this is the heart i will make my imprint on!'

this is what i was aching for all along.
"thank you for finding me before the endless winter took over," jimin whispered, finally finding solace in the arms that held him just right.
might make an epilogue tomorrow if i still feel inspired! going to sleep now since it's almost midnight and i gotta wake up early 😴

tell me how you feel ~
~ a start of a love, so pure that it was cleansing all the darkness that dared to approach it ~

days spent wrapped around each other, basking in the warmth of a bond, born of two kind of aches that fulfilled each other.
jimin had always liked colors, the way they could bring life into something that looked so dull to begin with, the way they could fix something broken and make it even more beautiful.

yoongi made him love colors even more.
first, it was with the silly idea of painting the walls of the alpha's intended chambers, bringing warmth to the empty room with a mix of pale yellow and fierce orange.

a sunrise. a new begging.

painting the walls ended up to a silly play of tag, marking each other with colors.
love, and warmth. laying on the floor and sharing soft kisses as the sun said its goodbye and let then have that moment of intimacy just for themselves.
the first time jimin saw yoongi's bare chest, he started crying. yoongi seemed to understand the overwhelming feeling that had stolen jimin's breath, for he let jimin stare patiently.

a tattoo.
it started pitch black from the spot where yoongi's heart was, spreading out into an universe of colours, so vivid and downright ethereal.

jimin loved colors, but he loved them the most on yoongi.
it was hard for jimin's parent's to accept yoongi at first. they had very much liked seonghun and thought of him as a man fit for their son, but finding out about his true nature made their protective instincts kick in.
it didn't help that yoongi was as far from a noble as one could be.

and he was a mage. wielding powers that most wouldn't dare to even dream about.

and it was illegal for one to let magic flow through their veins.

the punishment was imprisonment for life.
but of course, the laws had to be chanced once yoongi showed the royal family that there was no evil in magic.

only people who used magic for evil.
yoongi's first courting gift for jimin was not a material one, like all of them often were.

it was something the prince could never had experienced without the alpha.
aurora borealis. the dancing lights in the sky. yoongi had a gift from them inside him, a child of darkness and colour.

the ballroom was almost pitch black, only one candle was lid on a tall candlestick, its shivering light illuminating yoongi's features while jimin watched,
holding his breath.

and when the mage whispered secret words that jimin couldn't understand and threw his hands towards the ceiling, colours flied from them, different one from every single fingertip.
jimin wasn't able to hold in his amazed gasp, tingles running up his whole body, his veins vibrating with joy.

"yoongi," he let out with breathy laughter, watching his mate like he held the whole universe in his hands.
the lights in the air seemed to move at the beat of their love.

yoongi grinned then, something glimmering in his eyes. "the lights want to dance with you, love."
mayhaps consider giving me some feedback 😔👉👈
sealing their bond was something that jimin still couldn't find any words to describe. it was something even yoongi himself hadn't expected.

when people asked him about it, jimin just shook his head, looking down with an amazed smile on his face, cheeks coloring.
he'd always just end up pulling down the collar of his shirt and just showing.

showing people the bite mark in between his shoulder and neck, the bite mark that had bloomed into a blossom of colours.

part of what made yoongi who he was, had crowned jimin as his.
have you ever loved someone so much that you couldn't breathe?

jimin loved yoongi so much that he could feel it in every breath he took.

walking down the aisle towards his alpha, his alpha who would rule the country beside him, it felt like a dream to jimin.
gone was the ice that had threatened to take him over, gone were the nightmares that left him in agony and longing.

jimin was warm now, he was peaceful.

he was so full of love that it radiated out of him to the people around him.
when jimin stepped on the aisle and faced yoongi, intertwining their fingers, he noticed that his alpha was crying.

"yoongi?" jimin whispered quietly, squeezing his hands gently.

yoongi smiled wide, the tears glistening on his cheeks making him even more beautiful to jimin.
"this is it, love. the start of our own colourful universe."

~ The End
here we go! this au was a sudden thing that came up to me and i'm so glad that you liked it ❤

penny for your thoughts?
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