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1) This is my #Qanon proofs thread—a series of posts by Q with related news articles and Twitter posts.

This thread will allow you to compare selected posts by Q to see if his (or her) claims are true.
2) #Qanon posts can be found here:
3) I've done my best to research #Qanon posts, relevant articles and twitter posts for accuracy. In preparing this thread, I discarded posts that others claimed as proofs because, under close inspection, the claims made by the posters were found to be incorrect.
4) That's not to say that any post itself was invalid or that #QAnon was proven to be wrong.

It means that I found claims by individuals that certain posts by Q were said to pre-empt tweets or news articles when that was not the case,
5) Here's an example:
I said in my previous thread that It seemed as if #Qanon had posted several weeks ahead of major news outlets about Jeff Sessions' appointment of John Huber instead of a second Special Counsel.
6) #Qanon didn't actually claim to have the scoop on that story. In fact, Q said the appointment of Huber had been announced publicly. My mistake was not finding the news article Q mentioned.
7) @_ImperatorRex_ and @themarketswork informed me that there were news reports prior to #Qanon's post on that story.

Lesson learned. Be sure to do your research before making claims about Q.
8) In this thread, you'll find tweets with timestamps. A word of caution is in order.

Twitter timestamps are not universal. The timestamp a person sees on an original tweet on the Twitter website is determined by their time zone setting.
9) If you search for an image of a particular tweet on the internet, you'll find many different timestamps. Each one captured in a different time zone.
10) Which means that when you research Twitter posts and compare timestamps of other people's images, you have to know what time zone the tweet was viewed in to know if the timestamp is correct as a reference point.
11) If you take a screen capture of a tweet from the Twitter website, it will display the timestamp in your selected time zone.

Researchers should take their your own screen captures so they know the time zone and can properly reference tweets with other posts.
12) This website is a handy way to find tweets by the President. It has an archive of his tweets and a calendar tool that allows you to find the tweets from that day. Timestamps are displayed in your local time zone.
13) No post by itself would be a compelling argument proving the claims of #Qanon.

I would ask you to objectively and thoughtfully consider them as a whole and ask yourself what their relevance might be.
14) #Qanon has echoed the President's view of the mainstream media. Part of Q's mission is to provide valid information that counters the often false information of the mainstream media.

Trump wants to empower average people to become creators and distributors of information.
15) Let's examine this post by #Qanon from November 2, 2017.
(Note: Early posts by Q on 4chan did not have a tripcode.)

Q asked a series of questions about Saudi Arabia (SA), Barack Obama (BO) and Hillary Clinton (HRC).
16) #Qanon suggested that Saudi Arabi has an important role to play in a global game of RISK.

(RISK is a board game where players try to gain control of the entire world.)
17) The following day, November 3rd, #Qanon again mentioned Saudi Arabia and this time, Jared Kushner who had recently traveled there.

Q suggested the Saudis were a source of funding for politicians.
18) Here's the story on Kushner's unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia that was mentioned by #QAnon…
19) The following day, on November 4th, members of the Saudi royal family, including Alwaleed Bin Talal, were arrested.

(Bin Talal was known to have been a long time donor to US politicians.)…
20) On November 2nd, two days prior to the arrests, #Qanon asked why Kushner traveled to Saudi Arabia in person to have a face to face (f2f) meeting instead of making a phone call.
21) 4 months later, The Intercept broke a story about why Kushner went to Saudi Arabia in person. He spent several nights hanging out with Muhammed bin Salman providing intelligence about people who were plotting against him.
22) On November 4th, the day of the arrests, #Qanon asked about the law regarding political detainees in Saudi Arabia, what information might be obtained from them and what force might be deployed there to assist in the operation.
23) Weeks later, it was disclosed that American mercenaries had been deployed to assist in the detention and questioning of the Saudi Princes.
(This article from the UK Daily Mail was published on November 22nd.)
24) I would like to thank @jasonawright7 for his #Qanon proof thread, which encouraged me to do one of my own.
25) On November 8th, 2017, the President tweeted this picture of members of his staff on Air Force 1.


Link to original tweet:
26) If you inspect the source code of the tweet you'll find something interesting.

To view the source code, go to the original tweet (linked above) and click on the image.
27) Next, right click on the image and in the dropdown menu, select "inspect."
28) If you're using a desktop PC, a new sidebar will open revealing the source code. The information for the image file should be highlighted.
29) Here's a closer look. The file name for the image is: "DOITQJ8UIAAowsQ"

Assuming that Twitter image filenames are randomly assigned, what are the odds that this one would begin with "DO IT Q?"

30) #Qanon
31) January 7, 2018, was a busy day for #Qanon. Many of the proofs in this thread are connected to that date.

On the 7th, Q posted this. I'd like to look at the 'Fire and Fury' reference.
32) On the same day, Wikileaks tweeted a link to a free PDF version of the book "Fire and Fury."
(The book file has since been removed due to copyright infringement.)
33) The book file provided by Wikileaks had altered Chapter title pages. This was the title page for chapter 6.

Note the substitution of the letter "Q" for the letter "O."
34) Chapter 10 also had an altered title page.
35) #Qanon responded.
36) On December 22nd, 2017, one of the anons expressed frustration to #Qanon about the way the space program had been neglected by recent Presidents.
37) #Qanon responded, saying that the space program would make a huge comeback.
38) In June, the President announced his bold, new plan for the space program.
39) On November 14, 2017, #Qanon responded to suggestions that Jeff Sessions should appoint a second Special Counsel to handle allegations of corruption inside the FBI & DOJ.
40) #Qanon pointed out that Sessions was perceived by DC to be a threat, that DC had problems with leaking information and that it would be hard to empanel objective Grand Juries. He suggested that a better plan would be to use a US attorney outside of DC to indict the swamp.
41) In March of 2018, Sessions public announced that he had appointed a US Attorney outside of Washington DC to work with Inspector General Mike Horowitz to handle allegations of corruption inside the FBI & DOJ.
42) A careful examination of the article reveals that Stephen Boyd, in a November 13, 2017 letter to Bod Goodlatte, informed Congress that additional US attorneys were working with Horowitz, but at the time, it was not clear if a second Special Counsel would be appointed.
43) It's interesting to note that #Qanon's post came the day after Boyd's letter to Goodlatte.
44) In posts from 2017, #Qanon occasionally referenced the Pope and the Vatican, suggesting they had trouble coming.

In this post from November 14, after talking politics and terrorism, Q posted the version of the Lord's prayer found in the Catholic Bible.
45) A few weeks later, the Pope announced that he was considering making changes to the Lord's prayer.
46) On April 3rd, 2018, #Qanon gave information about things to expect in the coming months including a prediction that the Pope would have a terrible month of May.
47) In May, the Bishops from Chile offered to resign en masse over the coverup of the church's sexual abuse scandal.
48) On May 9th, it was reported that a high ranking Vatican official would face two separate trials for allegations of sexual abuse.
49) Also on May 9th, this article was published reporting that the Vatican had paid $4 billion dollars to settle cases of sexual abuse.
50) In this article from May 2nd, the Pope admitted privately that he was a part of the problem regarding the sex scandal in the church.
51) Evidently, the stress is getting to the Pope as he confessed in May that he was considering retirement.
52) On the eve of the President's State of the Union (SOTU) address, one of the anons asked if #Qanon could get the President to work the phrase "tip top" into his speech as a shout out to the board.
53) #Qanon was not able to get the phrase worked into the State of the Union address but he did get the President to say it in his address on Easter Weekend (April 2nd.)
54) The anons caught the President's shout out to them.
55) On December 10th, 2017, #Qanon posted this.
I would like to draw your attention to "Blunt and Direct Time."

Note the capitalization of the words: Blunt, Direct, Time (BDT)
56) Three minutes later, #Qanon posted this.
57) The following day, a man from Bangladesh detonated an explosive device in a New York City tunnel.

(Other news stories report that he had been heard making anti-Trump remarks shortly before the incident.)
58) #Qanon posted this.
59) The currency of Bangladesh is the Taka.
60) On January 19th, 2018, #Qanon noted that there were 13 people in the Obama administration or Congress who used private email addresses for government business.
61) When the DOJ Inspector General's report came out in June, a footnote revealed that 13 people used private email addresses to communicate with Hillary Clinton.
62) On the eve of the release of the DOJ Inspector General's report, #Qanon said there were several versions of the report and that the one that would be made public was a modified version.
63) Members of Congress agreed and after the OIG report was released, they asked for all versions to be made available to them.
64) #Qanon said on April 27th, 2018, that Peter Strzok was a cooperating witness for the Justice Department.
65) On June 16th, 2018, Peter Strzok's attorney confirmed to House Judiciary chair Bob Goodlatte that Peter Strzok was cooperating with DOJ investigators.
66) On June 27th, 2018, Peter Strzok testified in a closed Congressional hearing.
#Qanon posted what seemed to be quotes from Strzok's hearing. (A hearing that was open only to members of Congress and staff.)
67) Later that day, Bob Goodlatte was interviewed on Fox News. He confirmed what #Qanon had said—that Strzok refused to answer many questions on the advice of FBI counsel.
68) #Qanon has had much to say about North Korea. We'll begin the next section of the thread with a tweet by the President on November 14, 2017, after returning from his trip to Asia.

Link to tweet:
69) An anon asked if #Qanon saw the tweet and the video.
70) #Qanon asked what was below Air Force 1 in the image.
71) An anon responded to #Qanon guessing that perhaps North Korea (NK) was below.
72) During the first week of March 2018, #Qanon started posting again about North Korea. An anon posted the picture of Kim Jong-un and Q responded.
73) An anon asked #Qanon to confirm that the picture from November was related to North Korea.
74) #Qanon responded.
75) After a visit to Pyongyang by a South Korean envoy, North Korea said it was willing to discuss denuclearization with South Korea and the US. Speculation included the possibility of the President meeting with Kim Jong-un.
75) An anon got excited when he heard that the President might meet with Kim.
76) #Qanon dropped this bombshell suggesting Trump had already met with Kim during his trip to Asia.
77) #Qanon reposted the picture from the President's November tweet and suggested that rogue CIA operators (Clowns_In_America) had been removed and a denuclearization deal had been made with Kim.
78) When the anons asked when and where POTUS met with Kim, #Qanon said it was when the President visited the Forbidden City with China's President Xi.
79) Media pundits gave the Trump-Kim summit zero chance of succeeding. It must have irritated them when the two leaders quickly signed an agreement to denuclearize North Korea.

(#Qanon followers knew it was a done deal.)…
80) On June 3rd, 2018, #Qanon posted this.
81) At a little after 9am on June 12th, 2018, #Qanon reposted the "Dark to Light" post and added a link to a Youtube video drawing our attention to the 1 minute, 7-second mark.
82) Here's the video, #Qanon posted cued to 1 minute, 6-second mark.
83) At 2:23 in the afternoon, the President Tweeted a link to... the same video.
(The President's link pointed to a Facebook version of the video.)
Here's the link:…
85) June 12th, 2018 was a busy day for #Qanon, who posted this coded message.

Some of Q's posts seem to have messages not intended for us but this one has two phrases that are recognizable which I highlighted.
86) The following day, the @POTUS_Schedule twitter account tweeted this.

That would explain the Castle reference. The President had just returned from Singapore to the White House (the castle.)

But what about blue metal?
87) Blue metal?
88) In his post about the Inspector General's report from June 13, 2018, #Qanon mentioned the "stage being set."
89) In two posts from March 5th and 6th, 2018, #QAnon mentioned the stage being set.
90) A few days later, on March 8th, 2018, the President gave a speech on his plan to impose reciprocal taxes on foreign goods.
91) At one point in his speech, the President's mentioned "setting the stage." Pay attention to his right hand as he says those words.
92) Here's another look.
93) On February 18th, 2018, #Qanon posted this scripture verse along with the word "protect" and President trump's date of birth.
94) The following day, February 19th, a driver in the press motorcade was detained when a handgun was found in his baggage.
95) On January 21st, 2018, #Qanon wrote: "The flood is coming."
The context was missing FBI texts and emails between Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Andrew McCabe.
96) In May of 2018, it was revealed that in an email with the subject line "The flood is coming" FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discussed the Steele Dossier with CNN.
97) On December 18th, 2017, #Qanon posted this.
Q has peculiar naming conventions. Senator John McCain is usually called "no name" or "we don't say his name."
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is often referred to as "#2."

What would "Term" refer to?
What about "19?"
98) On March 16th, 2018, Fox News reported that Andrew McCabe and 19 other FBI employees had been terminated.
99) On April 20th, 2018, Allison Mack was arrested in connection to the Hollywood-based NXIVM sex cult. This article contains a transcript of her arraignment on the day she was arrested.
100) The last thing the Judge mentioned before concluding the hearing was a standard recommendation that Mack might consider cooperating with prosecutors.

The news reports from that day make no mention of a plea deal. Only that she was arrested and pled not guilty.
101) At 5:30 pm the night Mack was arrested, #Qanon said she was cooperating with prosecutors and giving up names of people in Hollywood and government connected to the sex cult.
102) When you search new articles about Mack's arrest and plea deal, it isn't until April 23rd that news outlets began reporting that Mack had negotiated a plea deal.

Yet somehow, #QAnon knew about the plea deal the night she was arrested.
103) On November 25th, 2017, #Qanon posted this coded message.

Note the timestamp: 12:35
104) Here's a possible interpretation of #Qanon's post.
105) At 12:40, (5 minutes after #Qanon's post) the President tweeted this.

Note there are 3 hashtags that begin with #Small
106) On December 12th, 2017 at 3:03 pm, #Qanon posted this.
(It appears to be a photo of White House stationery and the President's pen.)
107) Exactly 10 minutes later, at 3:13 pm, the President tweeted this.
Link to tweet:
108) On December 18th, 2017, #Qanon posted this.

I would draw your attention to: "Shall we play a game," "splash," and "Fox three." These are terms that relate to warfare.

Note: Learn double meanings.
109) A few weeks later, on January 7th, 2018, #Qanon posted this.

Set aside the previous connection to the "Fast and Furious" book link tweeted by Wikileaks.

This post has more than one meaning.
110) 9 minutes later, #Qanon posted this.
Think about what a "Sky Fortress" might be.
111) 6 days later, the State of Hawaii was panicked when an incoming missile alert was activated.
112) On April 13th, 2018, the eve of the air strike on Syria, #Qanon posted this.
113) A few hours later, #Qanon posted this.

Note: "Auth B19-2"
114) Two days later, on April 15th, the Department of Defense Twitter account confirmed that 2 B1 bombers used 19 JASSM-ER missiles in the air strike.
Link to tweet:
115) There are more proofs of #Qanon out there waiting to be discovered.
I'll leave you with this one.

Happy hunting!

116) The latest #Qanon proof is this tweet from the White House Twitter account.
117) #Qanon
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