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Two years ago, I was hittin' the gas on the "Asian" path to success.

Today, I'm poppin' a u-ey in the opposite direction.

Buckle up, homies. Du's taking you on a ride.

7:50 AM. June 30, 2016.

I scan my badge, adjust my tie, and take my first step into the elevator of a 577 foot skyscraper in the heart of downtown.

"This is it," I thought.

Growing up, I did everything I could to put myself in a position where I could experience that exact moment every single day for the rest of my life.

Straight A's? Yes sir.

Friday nights in the library? One hundo.

Learning how to analyze stocks and shit? Lol. It's ya boy!!!
In my mind, it was all very simple.

As long as I diligently followed a blueprint that would essentially guarantee a $300k salary and 4,000 sq. ft. house by 30, I would become the poster child of "success" and live happily ever after.
Within the Asian circle, this was standard, a secret competition to see who could make the most money, have the biggest house, and flex the hardest on the world.

Ask any Asian kid what he's majoring in and chances are, it'll have something to do with medicine, law, or finance.
Looking back, I had a couple moments where I questioned whether any of this actually made any sense.

But lo and behold, my parents assured me that administering rectal exams and laminating documents were tasks reserved for men of great honor and respect.

Alright. I feel that.
So for the next 8 years of school, I turned myself into an academic savage.

Everything I did was based upon whether it would increase my chances of eventually embodying this elusive vision of success.

Journalism? ASB? Sorry, but you're gonna have to miss me with that bullshit.
I absolutely, without a doubt, felt like I had my shit together.

But as history knows best, even Rome falls.
Within a year of stepping into that elevator, I started losing my motivation and energy.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I just got really, really sad.

Not just a couple bad days here and there.

We're talking perpetual darkness.
I've never had to struggle with mental health before in my life, so this came as a big surprise.

I knew I had to figure out what was up, but I ended up not doing anything about it.

Instead, I simply rationalized it as normal, a necessary price to pay on the path to success.
This was the logic I told myself on a daily basis:

Successful people don't get sad.

Weak people get sad.

I am successful.

Stop being sad.

For a lil' while, this actually worked.

But like an antibiotic, a quick-fix prescription is never not temporary.

Demons can learn how to swim.
Just when I thought all hope was lost, I serendipitously came across this homie @schm7dt while browsing through Twitter one afternoon.

Big Nate is a college dropout who started his own dropshipping biz and managed to scale it to 6 figs in a mere 6 months.

Cue intrigue.
Through him, I started finding other young guns like @StartSellingSSS, @kobegatsby, @ComedicBizman, @TJRicks_TSP, @slamcammm, and @Nappyb0yy.

Every day, this squad mob would give an inside look into how they were maximizing their time on this earth.
Whether it was creating a personal brand, selling products online, or securing fat freelance contracts, these dawggies were all living life on their own terms and doing the opposite of what the masses were doing.

And above all, they were clearly HIGH on life.
In desperate need of some vibes, I decided to follow these guys religiously.

They talk. 

I listen.

No further questions asked.
While I derived an insane amount of value from these gamechangers, one overarching principle ended up striking the biggest chord with me:

Defining what success means TO YOU, and unapologetically getting after it.
All my life, I was blindly chasing after the Asian marker of success, never stopping to think about what MY marker of success looked like.

Instead of figuring out what I wanted, I let fear of failure, looking stupid, and not living up to expectations tell me what to want.
That sadness was a direct side-effect of doing things I didn't fuck with to impress strangers I didn't fuck with.

10 hours a day, 5 days a week.
As soon as this clicked in my mind, the tides started to turn.

That night, I hopped on the keys and wrote a full-scale action plan figuring out exactly what I needed to do in order to "unfuck" myself.
Three months after writing that plan, here's what I've done so far:

- Networked into a new role within my firm to get after flexibility
- Started my own ecom biz to get after passion and freedom
- Shot my shot at some "out of my league" cuties to get after… well, cuties
Thus far, all of this has given me the following:

- Strong relationships with people I dig
- A relentless sense of personal growth
- The ability to help others by providing genuine value to the world

My, and only my, definition of success.
Alright Du, the golden question: why did you write this semi-narcissistic thread about yourself?

Excellent question, young grasshopper.
I want to be a living, breathing resource to other Asian-American millennials who are struggling to live their best lives.
So many of us have fallen victim to familial and societal expectations centered around achieving a certain level of success, prestige, and security to the point where living authentically can seem downright daunting and unrealistic.
From a young age, we are constantly told that stability will make us successful.

Prestige will give us respect.

Materialism will make us happy.
Then, when we inevitably get sad as shit from living in a way that is inherently meaningless to us, we are overcome with a crazy sense of guilt, as if straying from the status quo turns us into "bad" Asians that our parents won't brag about to their friends.
My goal isn't to tell you to stop doing "Asian" things.

If you want to be a rich lawyer, more power to you.

But YOU have to be the one wanting it.

Not your parents. Not society. You.
If I can inspire even one of you to have the courage to visualize your ideal self and start taking action towards it, it'll all be worth it to me.

With our level of work ethic, ambition, and talent, the sky is quite literally the limit.

Use it to your advantage.
Starting today, I will be dishing out daily thoughts, insights, and lessons learned on my personal journey.

All the highs. All the lows.

Some shitty jokes sprinkled in here and there.
If any of this resonates with you, regardless of race, don't be afraid to slide into my DMs or toss me a follow.

Life's a beaut.

Let's get after it.

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