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1) I've been asked why I don't comment more on the huge injustice that's been visited on Paul Manafort.


Here goes.

He's guilty.

The reason he's been charged with illegal lobbying & money laundering & tax evasion & attempted witness tampering?

Brace yourselves!
2) Because that's what he did. He did engage in illegal foreign lobbying. Evidence arose he did launder money & avoided paying taxes on it. It appears he did contact someone to try to coach them on how to testify at his upcoming trial.
I've added about 30,000 followers since I last went over this, but long ago I put forth a theory where Manafort was a plant sent to the Trump campaign to lead it to disaster. Trump was aware of this and USED Manafort for his own purposes.
In case you never knew this, or forgot since I explained it awhile back, Manafort was never the real Trump campaign manager. He was brought in to be a patsy, to be used and then discarded when his purpose was fulfilled.
The *official cover story* is that once he finally launched his campaign for President, Trump hired Manafor to be his real, honest-to-God campaign manager, the guy who would strategize how to get him into the White House.

Ha ha BS.
Manafort was NEVER the guy really running the Donald Trump campaign. And neither was KellyAnne Conway, who replaced him.

I respect the hell out of Kellyanne, but she's a Media/PR person. She too was a 'front woman' for the real campaign manager who stayed in the shadows.
Trump, having engaged for decades in the cut throat corporate spying scene in New York where business deals that won or lost millions or even billions depended on information, is well versed in the art of spotting people sent to him with ulterior motives.
A guy who spent 40 years getting ready to run President, we're supposed to believe after he announced he consulted trusted advisors who steered him to....Paul Manafort, a guy known to be unbelievably slimy and about as DC corrupt as a person can be.
Somebody tried to play Trump by steering him to Manafort. Trump only *APPEARED* to play along with this incredibly bad advice. In reality the real campaign manager worked quietly behind the scenes, away from the harsh limelight.
And once Manafort has served his purpose, and was discarded, then it became KellyAnne Conway's job to serve as a huge lightening rod/distraction by keeping all the media attention focused on her so the real campaign manager could work in the background.
Nobody ever managed to figure out who the guy really was who was coming up with and then implementing the vital strategies that made up the Trump campaign's bid for the White House.

Only after the election was OVER did the truth come out.
Who was the *real* Trump campaign manager, working behind the curtain, far from the media limelight, never having to deal with being relentlessly asked what he was doing, how he was going to pull off this miracle with Hillary so many miles ahead in the race?

It was HIM.

THIS guy.

Jared Kushner.…
And I don't even need any research or inside sources to know this because after the election was over they came right out and TOLD everybody how Kushner did it.

And since DNC Media was completely fooled by this, they quickly memory-holed this.
KellyAnne Conway did a brilliant job handling the media/PR side of things while Kushner was free to work in the background developing then implementing that key 'Blue Wall' electoral college strategy that put Trump where he is now: in the White House.
Trump often says it's great to be underestimated. Early on people were laughing at his Presidential campaign.

Think VERY CAREFULLY about what I'm about to say:


He presented a 'campaign in total chaos'.
What *better* way to show his enemies trying to put one over on him early by sending him a plant & urging him to make this spy his campaign manager that he was COMPLETELY FOOLED and he was going to be no threat whatsoever by doing exactly what they wanted him to do?
Make the slimy and unbelievably corrupt Paul Manafort his campaign manager? Hey sure, why not!? Let's do it!

And mere weeks later he suddenly drops Manafort - who never had any real power anyway - and replaces him with KellyAnne Conway, a PR flack. Still no real threat, right?
Instead of driving Trump's campaign into the ground like he was supposed to do, Manfort spends around 6 weeks spinning his wheels not having much of an effect on anything. Then he's shown the door.

So what was his purpose for those six weeks and after?
A lot of people view Trump as a neophyte, a guy who's literally learning about spying, espionage and campaign plants as he goes, and he's learning the hard way.

This is exactly backwards.
The Art of War, which is Trump's favorite book, is a treatise by a famed Chinese general about preparing the battlefield beforehand. A battle is won or lost before the first arrow is shot, based on your preparation, or lack thereof.
Trump is probably the most EXPERIENCED person to ever run for President who understands intelligence gathering, spying, and plants coming to you pretending to be your friend while actually pumping you for info they can hand over to your enemies.
So early on Trump wanted his enemies to think he was completely out of his depth and totally fooled and unable to spot any of the plants being sent to join his campaign.

Hiring Manafort as his campaign manager played a role is creating this impression.
One of the most vital lessons in The Art of War is understanding the enemy and how he will come at you. Understand yourself, understand the enemy, and you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles.
Trump is a billionaire businessman running for President who has business deals going on all over the world.

HOW would his enemies use that to attack him? What would they try to accuse him of?
Isn't it obvious? They would accuse Trump of setting up sweet sweet pay for play deals where foreign countries and corporations bribe him to facilitate fed. gov't deals that benefit them.

They fully expected him to be Hillary On Steroids when it came to pay-for-play shenanigans.
If you wanted to PLAY DIRECTLY INTO THE HANDS of that accusation, WHO would you hire to run your Presidential campaign?

Who would have the necessary connections to facilitate all those sweet pay for play deals for you?


This guy. You'd hire THIS guy.
Trump knows EXACTLY why Manfort is being sent to him and why he's being strongly urged to hire this guy to run his campaign.

So he plays along for as long as it suits him. He pretends he has no idea of the trap he's supposedly falling into .
I'll bet some people who thought they had Trump fooled sh*t bricks once the election happened and they found out Trump was onto them all along and Manafort was NEVER the real campaign manager, it was Jared Kushner all along.
So after a year of investigating, Bob Mueller and his team are no nearer to finding any real, actual Trump campaign/Russian election collusion, but he DID manage to find all kinds of corrupt, shady dealing by Manafort/Gates/Podesta/Cohen.
Trump has his own intelligence network and key intelligence advisors. Before he ever even officially announced his run for the Presidency.

His own intelligence experience was backed up by people like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Adm. Mike Rogers and Dan Coats.
The Trump campaign was birthed in disinformation. It deliberately presented a public story of a campaign in complete turmoil, Lewandowski/Manafort/Conway musical chairs, nobody knows what's going on, etc. etc.
The Trump WHITE HOUSE is run exactly the same way. How much of the stuff you see in public can you take at face value?

Very little of it. Maybe none of it.
Just like Trump didn't let the Democrats or DNC Media or even the RNC/GOP know what his campaign was REALLY doing, hiding it's actual strategy until the issue was decided, he's also playing a lot of the actual stuff going on today close to the vest.

It has to be this way.
Never, ever announce your real strategy, what you are really doing, openly to enemy. Or even people who consider themselves your friends.

They don't need to know.
Even people who consider themselves Trump friends, advisors, confidants didn't know Kushner was the real campaign manager.

Right now an awful lot of people who think they are 'clued in' as to what's really going on up there in DC have no real idea what Trump's doing
Right now, the past few weeks, I've had people incessantly tweeting at me how they think Jeff Sessions & Rod Rosenstein have tricked Trump, how they've played him, gotten one over on him, etc.

People who don't know what's really going on are throwing darts in the dark.
3 things are happening this week:

1) Trump announces his Supreme Court pick tonight

2) Gen Flynn hearing tomorrow in court

3) Peter Strzok testimony to Congress on the 12th.
The ball will keep moving, the plan will keep advancing. November, the big prize, is now just over 4 months away.

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