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1. Update on my efforts to get this Pacific Standard piece corrected:

6/20/18 - Emailed a more detailed email than the 2 threads I did fact checking/analyzing the piece. Didn't hear back.
7/5/18 - Tweeted to some of the editors.
2. (Timeline con’t)

7/6/18 - Was told they never got it.
7/9/18 - Tried to resend directly to editor. Not received. Resent to Gmail address. Received.
7/10/18 - Three corrections made.
3. Before I go over the corrections I want to say this: don’t bother tweeting at the author or the editors. At this point it won’t accomplish anything.
4. They clearly wanted to tell a story of David (POC student protesters with no power) v. Goliath (white (Jewish) tenured faculty member who went on Fox News) and they’re sticking to it. I think this ultimately harms the students but they don’t see it that way.
6. Will go over the three corrections they made first. More analysis at end. Here’s the version I’m looking at in case further updates are made.
Previous versions here:…
7. “White students” who were involved in an altercation has now been corrected to “non-black students’. All other sources I have found say there was only one mixed race student involved, not multiple students.
8. That student has written about his experience and spoken with public radio & YouTuber @BenjaminABoyce.
12. I didn’t address @BretWeinstein’s follower count in my previous threads. Original version of article read: “Weinstein's tweet went out to 123,000 Twitter followers…” referring to his retweet of @BenjaminABoyce’s tweet w/ 2018 Day of Absence flier.…
@BretWeinstein @BenjaminABoyce 14. PS has incorrectly updated the piece to reflect “Weinstein's tweet went out to around 13,000 Twitter followers” (his follower count at the time of the bat photo).

The correct number is 110K followers. (Thanks to a follower for pointing me at SB.)…
@BretWeinstein @BenjaminABoyce 15. The retweet, though embedded in the article, is still mischaracterized as “snarky” & @BretWeinstein’s motives for tweeting it are still said to be because he was “displeased” even though he never commented for the story.

“Fascinating” = “he apparently became displeased”.
@BretWeinstein @BenjaminABoyce 16. They did at least sort of correct this:

"Weinstein also tweeted several pictures of college students who he claimed were involved in violence."…


"Weinstein also tweeted a picture of college students who he claimed were involved in violence."
@BretWeinstein 18. I didn’t address this in either of my threads. I did some research later and could only find one photo (not “several”) of students who weren’t his own tweeted during the period between the protest at his classroom and commencement.…
@BretWeinstein 19. The piece still implies that these students weren’t protesters and weren’t engaged in violence. As I said before, they were interviewed by @VICE wearing the same outfits as in the bat photo. Watch @ 4:33.
@BretWeinstein @VICE 22. Also addressed in the previous thread that although @BretWeinstein didn’t provide “evidence”, some videos were already online.
@BretWeinstein @VICE 23. Since then, at least one of students in the photo, Noemi Sanchez, has been publicly named by the Wall Street Journal as having been accused of assaulting another student although the county declined to press charges against her.
@BretWeinstein @VICE 25. Several of the students in the bat photo are seen in a video chasing victims through campus. One student (not pictured in bat photo) pled guilty to misdemeanor assault, per @JillianKayM. Excerpt from my email to Pacific Standard:
@BretWeinstein 26. And the VP for Student Affairs, Wendy Endress, confirmed in an email sent to all on campus students that students with bats were intimidating others. Partial email from Ms. Endress published by The College Fix.
@BretWeinstein 27. An Evergreen source provided me with an email thread in which Ms. Endress’ email was the first email. Here are previously unpublished (I believe) excerpts from that thread that I sent to Pacific Standard:
@BretWeinstein 28. Something I only just noticed is that @BretWeinstein tweeted the photo at 7pm, 2 days (he says) after reports started circulating and about 5.5 hours after Ms. Endress’ email (sent at 1:26PM). So it took the college two days to address the bat-wielding students.
@BretWeinstein 29. Four students in the bat photo are visible in this nighttime altercation video – a person with short red hair (bottom center in bat photo), Ms. Sanchez (whose black and white striped skirt is visible despite the poor lighting), …
@BretWeinstein 30. … a person with pink hair (bottom left in bat photo), and a person with green hair (second from left on porch in bat photo).

2:06 raw footage beings
4:35 "Hey, uhh, one of them has a baton!"
4:51 "One of them has a baton - just heads up."
@BretWeinstein 31. This video was uploaded on June 2nd. Baseball bat appears at 1:39 being swung by one of the protest's primary leaders who featured prominently in many viral videos of the protests & is easily identified by their pink hair (bottom left in bat photo) .
@BretWeinstein 32. In her recent appearance on @RubinReport, @HeatherEHeying talked about the the general culture of fear at Evergreen & the demand for proof that some members of the community have made with regard to people who are too afraid to speak.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying 33. I noted the similarities between what @HeatherEHeying described and Dr. Arthur Deikman’s description of cult-like behavior.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying 34. @kittypurrzog published a piece yesterday pointing out the gaping holes (wormholes to another dimension, really) in some politicians’ statement on @jordanbpeterson.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 35. What she wrote here about Jordan also describes how Bret’s followers & reasonable people familiar with his story view these sorts of mischaracterizations of him.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 36. @kittpurrzog ends her piece by pointing out that when people find out how bad the mischaracterizations of Jordan by the left are, they’re going to turn away, not towards, the left. Same thing applies to mischaracterizations of @BretWeinstein, who I think is still on the left.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 37. Narratives like the one told in Pacific Standard may be a self-affirming narrative for some (oppressed POC students marginalized by white tenured faculty), but ultimately, it harms these very students, when the public figures out that the narrative isn’t based in reality.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 38. The author either manipulated facts to tell a story he wanted to tell or was sold a bill of goods by the students he spoke with. People who have looked at his tweets about @BretWeinstein & @HeatherEHeying can draw their own conclusions.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 39. But the people who will really suffer as a result of the publication of a story like this are the students who will continue to face harassment because we can’t control shitty people on the Internet.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog @jordanbpeterson 40. If the left truly believes in supporting POC students, they really need to get their act together and figure out that hounding white faculty who are actually support their POC students isn’t the way to go.
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog 41. Well, looks like at some point during the day they corrected their corrections. Though the update at the bottom still incorrectly states that multiple students were involved in the “cafeteria incident” (meaning the one mixed race student who was harassed).
@BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying @kittypurrzog 42. See tweet #6 for original corrections.
Current version archived here:
Previous versions here:…
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