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1) This is a topical #Qanon thread on General Mike Flynn.
In this thread, I'll share what Q has said about the General and include links to relevant news articles.

Q posts can be found here:
2) I would like to apologize to those who will be offended by this thread. I know there are many good people who are supporting the effort to help pay the expenses General Flynn and his family have incurred over the last 2 years. I mean no disrespect to these patriots.
3) However, #Qanon has provided a different narrative from the one being reported by friends and family. It is not my intent to cast doubt on them or their motives. My only intent is to convey the perspective on General Flynn that Q has provided.
4) General Flynn follows me on Twitter. I've never messaged him but he does have the ability to message me if anything I post needs to be corrected. I've posted about him in previous threads and he has not commented. (If he does contact me to correct anything, I'll let you know.)
5) A key post by #Qanon on General Flynn is this one from October 31st, 2017. Q said that President Trump found favor with a group of military leaders who've used military intelligence to keep him ahead of the moves of his enemies. One of those leaders is General Flynn.
6) #Qanon also said that Donald Trump was approached by military leaders to run for POTUS with assurances that they would mitigate election rigging to give him a fair shot at being elected.
7) On elections & the military: #Qanon posted this on March 27th saying there are many DOJ investigations underway involving election rigging.
8) #Qanon suggested that because the 3-letter agencies (FBI, DOJ, C_IA, etc.) have been compromised, President Trump relies heavily on military intelligence to keep him up to speed and to help ensure matters of National Security.
9) On April 27th, 2018, #Qanon posted this in response to people who are sick of seeing crooked politicians walking free. People want arrests. Q reminded them that if corruption in the courts, DOJ & FBI isn't addressed first, those crooked politicians won't be convicted.
10) General Flynn was investigated by the FBI and then by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team. The General pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

On October 31st, 2017, #Qanon asked why Mueller met with POTUS the day before he was appointed Special Counsel.
11) The question is relevant because months later, Mueller was interviewed by Trump for the top FBI spot—a job he could not be offered due to a 10-year term limit which Mueller had already exceeded.

If he was ineligible to be FBI Chief, why the interview?
12) #Qanon has suggested that it's possible Mueller was recruited by Trump to prosecute the swamp.

The problem?

Q has also said that he sometimes provides disinformation because the enemies of the President watch his board and plan their moves accordingly.
13) The previous post was part of a longer one. Here's more, including #Qanon's suggestion that General Flynn has the upper hand in this battle due to his background in military intelligence, his CURRENT ACCESS to that system and the knowledge he has of his enemies crimes.
14) On November 1st, 2017, #Qanon asked us to consider how many Generals with military intellignece backgrounds had visited the White House.

He suggested that General Flynn had a key role in the Trump administration, albeit a behind the scenes one.
15) In December, #Qanon said that contrary to what was being said on social media and in the news, General Flynn was safe.

(Please don't message me your objections to this statement. Contact Q. I'm only reporting what he said.)
16) Despite #Qanon's assurances that General Flynn was in no real danger, many people were still concerned.

Q said things would change within 30 days.
17) 30 days later, #Qanon posted a link to a news article explaining that FBI agents said they did not believe General Flynn lied to them.

Q suggested that Flynn's time with Mueller served a different purpose than what was being reported.…
18) What purpose?

What if Flynn testified to Mueller about corruption he knew about in the FBI & DOJ?

Or the corruption he witnessed in the Obama administration as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency?

Define "witness."
Define "on the record."
19) Spies are sneaky like that, you know.
20) In a criminal prosecution, a suspect may be given a plea bargain when they become a cooperating witness. They're charged with a minor offense (like lying to investigators) in exchange for telling everything they know about the crimes in question.
21) Rather than a position in the Trump administration, what if the General was their key witness in the prosecution of the swamp?

Think big.
What if General Flynn is a cooperating witness not just with Mueller, but with John Huber?

Who knows where the bodies are buried?
22) To hammer home the point, #Qanon posted a link to an article about General Flynn's plea agreement.

Why would he plead guilty to a crime the FBI said he didn't commit?

It doesn't add up.…
23) #Qanon suggested that the House Russia investigation final report clearing Flynn being released at the same time as texts by the FBI agents who investigated him was not a coincidence. It gave Congress a new target (laser pointer.)

Flynn took a rubber bullet for the team.
24) #Qanon suggested that the story regarding General Flynn is a carefully scripted movie. A disinformation campaign designed to keep his (and the President's) enemies in the dark.
25) Unfortunately, psychological warfare creates collateral damage. People are angry at perceived injustice. They're indignant at the idea they're being deceived, intentionally.

I understand the problems this narrative creates. But again, I'm just reporting what #Qanon has said
26) In May, #Qanon asked about the firing of Preet Bharara, the removal of AG Schneiderman in New York and the addition of Rudi Giuliani to the President's legal team. Cleaning out the Justice Department and adding key players is critical to draining the swamp.
27) The FBI obtained FISA warrants on Carter Page and Paul Manafort then found a way to get them inside the Trump campaign for the purpose of spying on the campaign.
28) People are upset over the treatment of Paul Manafort but I'm not concerned. Manafort is a shady lobbyist. Whether he knew it or not, (I suspect he knew) he was a tool of the deep state and he doesn't deserve a whole lot of sympathy.
29) Rather than an attempt to impeach a duly elected President, the Mueller investigation could be part of the larger plan to prosecute the criminals who hijacked our government and a massive distraction that's confused and confounded the media.
30) #Qanon has never asked us to trust Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein.
Those two figures have been left intentionally shrouded in suspicion (in both directions) for a reason. We aren't supposed to know the roles they're playing and neither are the enemies of the president.
31) FBI anon made this observation about then-candidate Trump and the people on his team.
32) #Qanon has a decent track record. I believe that if we consider his information along with other reliable sources, we'll have a better picture of what's really happening with General Flynn, our country, and the world.
The end.
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