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People don't understand why legal systems exist and how they work. People understand simple moralist narratives, and they resist any side-channel information, anything slightly odd about their stories that might have woken them up to complexities they are choosing to ignore.
In the end, people as a whole live to reinforce their simple world narratives. That's why framing a political opponent as an "atheist" or "witch" in a theocracy works; why framing someone as a "socialist" in the US works and why framing someone as "corrupt" in Brazil works.
Witness the extensively Wikileaked professional organizations that run these propaganda/PR campaigns for the ruling powers.

Doesn't matter. People turn on the TV and they play to the soap opera.

Dominating an entire population by playing to their fears? Easy as pie.
Another funny trait of deeply propagandized and manipulated people is selective realism.

They can admit arbitrary levels of complexity on any issue -- except into the soap opera that is manipulating them.

When you're manipulated, realizing it hurts the ego a lot.
So you can talk with a random Brazilian about Realpolitik in a context where their simple world narratives don't apply. They will turn out to be fairly articulate.

But when it is time to be real about what's actually going on in Brazil, they will insist "Corruption" is evil.
So now you cannot reach them. You have an entire population brainwashed into thinking the Brazilian legal system is the Church and whatever it is that they do to banish "Sin" is correct. They can crucify whoever they want and they are immune to "Corruption."
The reality of it is that 95% of the Brazilian judiciary is manned by an assortment of conservative and fascist elements, and all of them are from the elite and work for the elite. The judiciary is the only institution in Brazil which is allowed to subjectively reject entrants.
The result is that leftie and human rights types in the Brazilian Judiciary are a rarity. And when you have 95% of an unchecked institution that has been professionally sold to the masses as the Home of Christ dominated by a political ideology, you can bet it becomes political.
So now we have a handful of heroes -- all of them leftie/human rights types, i.e. our people -- in the Brazilian judiciary trying to *stop* the terminal politicization of the institution, i.e. they are fighting actual *corruption* (i.e. deviation from intended behavior).
But can you guess which parcel of the judiciary is being internally persecuted and vilified by the brainwashed, TV-watching, newspaper-reading population which encompasses everyone but the minoritarian, enlightened leftie types? Yep, the 5%.
It is really sad to watch how deeply dumb the average Brazilian is.

You can tell them because they spread "funny" memes about Lula being a political prisoner.
Brazilians are completely ignorant about what the Left had to do to be able to govern with a deeply corrupt congress, judiciary, police, etc. from 2002 to 2016.

The left took the executive in 2002. In Brazil. A deeply conservative country. Of course that wasn't going to be free.
To be able to pass basic legislation and to start toning down the country's inequality, they had to purchase the corrupt centrist/right congresspeople. That's the only way the system was going to let them govern for the poor that elected them.
They had zero choice. Either they did that, or as soon as they rocked the boat too hard, they would have been removed. That's how the system works. That's what Michel Temer is doing. That's what any party from the Right will have to do to stay in power.
What happened then is that the elite, who controls the TVs, has sold to conservatives a narrative that the "Mensalao" (allowance, bribes) scheme was Leftist invention.
So that's what happens when you control the media: you choose which side in a corruption scandal "exists." Nobody will ever remember any one of the centrist/right *taking and demanding* bribes for votes. The camera focuses on the left, which are those who cannot ever govern.
To "centrists," the narrative sold is a little more complex: we have to "Expunge All Corruption"(TM). It's the same idea that allows for e.g. racist mass incarceration. You ignore the fact that the entities doing the selective "policing" are corrupt to the bone themselves.
Leftist Facebook for the past two years is littered with documented cases of the Holy Brazilian Judiciary (95% conservative/fascist) summarily ignoring corruption from the center/right (who work for the capitalist elite) and focusing only on destroying their political target (PT)
So, anyone in Brazil who is not propagandized can tell, easily, that the judiciary, the military, congress, federal police, etc. -- all overwhelmingly white-conservative institutions -- have bonded in a "Great National Accord" (that's an actual quote caught on a wire).
The objective of the Great National Accord is to eject people from power by politically and strategically deploying all Brazilian institutions (including unofficial ones, like the media) to persecute and destroy the Worker's Party (PT), and to STOP investigations on THEIR parties
And Brazilians fell for it. They fell for it like ducks. The Conservatives and Fascists applaud it. The "center" -- the people who think they know, but really don't -- was enraptured by a promise of "all corruption being wiped out."
So now what we had in the "War against Corruption" is a devastating blow to the integrity of core institutions, including the complete de-legitimization of the judiciary as a neutral entity (just like police forces everywhere, it never was, but now it is officially dead).
We also have lost sovereignty over our oil reserves, which was the primary target and economic motivator of the 2016 political coup. Multinational oil conglomerates used the US and its spying apparatus to orchestrate the coup, using the "Corruption" moral panic as a smoke screen.
The multinational corporations that used the US government apparatus for this coup have netted a cool 300,000,000,000 dollars just from "Pré-Sal" tax savings. That's just one of the things they stole. There's much more money to be made.
And here we are. All that "Cool Rational Centrists" have to say about the matter is memes about how "Criminals should be in jail, period, that's as far as I can think."

Brazil is in a permanent "State of Exception" (Estado de Exceção). There IS no law. There's only politics now.
And that's how a society is lost to fascism. It is because "centrists" cannot let go of their simpleton world models. They become "rational" people -- they want the TV to tell them that they are smart and informed citizens, and not ignorant political tools like "those leftists."
I have touched on about 0.1% of what is to say about the 2016-2018 political coup in Brazil -- about what happened. But what about what we could actually do to solve this?

There IS no way out. None whatsoever. I usually can think about pie-in-the-sky solutions. Not Brazil.
As an utopian and idealist that thinks nothing is impossible, I will admit I have zero faith in Brazil. Brazil is en route to communist revolution or fascist dictatorship, and in the long run to failed state or country bombed and invaded by the US.
What seemed impossible a few decades ago is now a clear possibility: it is possible capitalism will find a way to completely deplete and destroy Brazil's natural riches, which were and are massive. But somehow it is going to figure out a way to poison everything.
Give it a human lifetime (60+ years) and Brazil will be an unlivable desert and probably a failed state. That's where we are headed.
Also, it's possible it will become a theocratic state in some form or another, since Evangelicals are spreading like roaches.
And that, kids, is why having children for the foreseeable future is a bad idea.
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