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YM AU || Kitten hybrid!Jimin enters the workforce under Seoul Games as the head of animation’s assistant. While Yoongi claims that he doesn’t need an assistant in the first place, Jimin doesn’t have any actual real world skills to service him with. That is, until one afternoon,
Jimin gets shy watching Yoongi develop an animation for a NSFW game, which Jimin’s given the task to test play.
Jimin darts out his tongue, wets his bottom lip, and opens the folder in his lap once more, examining his resume thoughtfully. If there are any typos, he wouldn’t actually know, hadn’t been the one to put the thing together, but, rather, received it from his career technical
school upon graduation.

It says, simply, the things that Jimin is qualified for. His skills, capabilities, and training.

But, upon reading the document whilst waiting to be called into his job interview, Jimin tilts his head interestedly, finding out that, apparently, he is
qualified for a lot more than he knows.

Jimin knows for a fact that he can’t type a hundred words a minute, when his little fingers poke around at keys and he searches for the ‘m’ button on a daily basis (it’s a little bit ridiculously hidden in plain sight — that silly key). He
can probably type twenty words tops in the span of sixty seconds, really.

However, Jimin doesn’t know what a Microsoft Word is. Sounds advanced, but he’s sure that there’s a youtube video to explain it to him.

Jimin definitely doesn’t know how to drive, but he thinks that he’ll
be safe, given that he’s applying for a job in the middle of Seoul. Who can afford cars in such a crowded city? He can, however, hail a taxi and scan his bus pass, has a one hundred percent success rate doing so on the daily.

In spite of all of this, Jimin isn’t too concerned
about the false information on his resume. Honestly, he isn’t all that sure as to what he did learn at the career technical school his parents sent him to for two years. What he does know is that, now that he’s graduated and lives alone with his roommate, Taehyung, in an
all-hybrid government housing building, he needs a job.

On the list of Jimin’s actual skills are his ability to communicate with others. He’s friendly and bubbly, often times too hyperactive that he even annoys Taehyung, who’s the definition of a crackhead despite his real world

Jimin’s just new: to being an adult, independence, and no longer being treated like a kitten.

Now, he’s just another kitten hybrid in the city. A kitten hybrid who needs employment, /bad/.

“Should I hide my tail?” Jimin holds up a pair of black dress pants to his waist and turns away from the mirror to show Taehyung, “Or do I just leave it? What do people normally do?”

“Uh,” Taehyung tilts his head, “babe, they already know you’re a kitten. Everyone does, why
would you hide it?”

“I dunno,” Jimin concedes, “it feels unprofessional.”

Jimin’s nervous for his first day of work and is starting to rethink a lot of things about himself in the process, because, while the hiring agency had accepted him and placed him at some gaming company
a few blocks from the hybrid apartments — convenient — he’s still intimidated.

He’s realized, quickly, that he knows nothing about gaming, let alone being someone’s assistant.

“As if you’re going to act professional, anyway,” Taehyung stands from where Jimin had dragged him
onto his bed and scoffs, “you’ll probably curl right up in your boss’ lap and then ask him to pet you.”

“Will not,” Jimin pouts and sets the dress pants down, deciding that he’ll wear them for his first day of work tomorrow, “I mean, maybe if he’s cute, but not on my first day.
That’s far too inappropriate.”

Taehyung hums. “Whatever, but I wouldn’t worry about it. They’re only going to ask of you tedious, maybe mildly boring tasks.”

“Ugh,” Jimin groans, “that’s the worst.” Though he knows that he can’t /actually/ complain, and neither can Taehyung,
who does a similar job and has for two years now.

They both have it good, whether they like to admit it or not. The quality of life standard for kittens is much lower than humans, and any other breed of hybrids.

But Jimin’s still nervous, all night and whilst getting ready the
following morning. He’s nervous on the bus ride to work, making sure that all of the wrinkles are smoothed out of his shirt, and then double checking a whole minute later. He wants to look presentable.

It’s the only thing he can control about the whole situation.

Jimin’s nimble
fingers hold a scrap of paper, something he’d quickly ripped off of Taehyung’s /word of the day/ calendar that he keeps hanging on the fridge, with the address to his location. He’d mapped it out beforehand, double checked the directions and everything.

He’s prepared.

He is
not, however, prepared for the man who waits for him behind the front desk of the animation department of Seoul Games on the third floor.

“Hi,” his desk plate reads /Kim Namjoon/ and Jimin thinks that he’s terribly cute, “can I help you with something?”

“Um,” Jimin smiles
politely, recites as rehearsed, “I’m Park Jimin. It’s my first day. I’m Min Yoongi-ssi’s new assistant.”

“Oh,” Namjoon’s eyes widen in realization and his smile becomes a bit more relaxed. Jimin feels a little soft just looking at him. “Let me get Jin-hyung for you. You can have
a seat.”

Jimin thanks Namjoon and finds a seat in the small waiting area. He sees that the building has a sleek aesthetic of its own — black leather chairs, a glass desk and small coffee table, a granite tiled floor. He expects nothing less from an animation department, but

Jimin is pretty certain, by the time that Namjoon tells Jimin he can proceed down the hall and into Jin’s office, that he is not qualified to be here.

But still.

He knocks politely, only entering Jin’s office once he’s told that he can come in, and proceeds to
internally gape in surprise. Because Jin is just as cute as Namjoon, incredibly handsome in a way that Jimin doesn’t typically think of non-hybrids.

Most of the non-hybrids that Jimin’s encountered are incredibly ugly, really.

“Hi, I’m Park Jimin.” Jimin enters the office,
closing the door behind himself. He approaches the seat in front of Jin's desk, but doesn't sit down quite yet, waiting to be instructed to do so.

Jin, however, stands and offers his hand to shake Jimin's.

"Jimin, I'm Jin. I’m the head of the animation department. So, I guess
you'll technically be working under me, but also not really."

"Oh," Jimin responds in understanding, "okay. Nice to meet you."

"You can sit down. We just have to do onboarding paperwork and then I can introduce you to Yoongi, who's actually your boss, I guess?"

Jimin nods.
"Sorry," Jin suddenly apologizes, "honestly, we got government funding for this and we're all a bit clueless."

Jimin tilts his head a little in confusion, though he already understands things completely. He knows that hybrids have been placed into jobs that were created for them
as a part of a cohesive initiative to get them into career roles, things they can, hopefully, eventually move up in.

"Yoongi's a bit more vocal with his confusion, but don't let him scare you off."

Which, honestly, isn't all that Jimin wants to hear about his new employer, the
man he's supposed to be working under, and it sets an awkward tone for Jimin, who'd entered Seoul Games ever the optimist.

He supposes that, worst case scenario, he's placed with a different job doing similar tasks. Seoul Games doesn't have to be his end destination.

don't worry, everyone here's excited to meet you. We're all happy to have another member on the team."

Jimin fiddles nervously as Jin looks through a mess of papers on his desk for the onboarding paperwork. He gives Jimin different documents as he locates them, explaining each
one and then asking for his signature and the occasional piece of personal information.

"It's just stuff the government wants as proof of employment." Jin explains half-heartedly, waving his hand dismissively as Jimin pens his signature once more.

Once there's an inked stack of
papers separating Jimin and Jin on the desk, Jin picks up his phone to call in Yoongi, whose office is down the hall, but Jin explains, "Honestly, I have no desire to get up from this desk and walk to him. Also, he's kind of scary to interrupt when he's in work mode, so."

doesn't know what to expect when he first sees Min Yoongi, head animator for Seoul Games, but he certainly doesn't think that it's likely for Yoongi to be as cute as Namjoon and Jin. He is, also, not a hybrid, not that Jimin was expecting anyone in his position to be one, but

Jimin thinks that Yoongi could almost pass as a kitten hybrid, without the tail and ears.

Yoongi parts his lips when he first enters Jin's office, not bothering to knock, and looks between Jimin and Jin with squinted eyes in suspicion.

"I told you that I don't need an
assistant, Jin." Yoongi leans against the open doorway and crosses his arms over his chest comfortably. "I don't even know what I'd have him do."

Jimin ensures that his posture is straightened and offers Yoongi his cutest smile, turning to face him more properly.

"I learned how
to make coffee off Youtube," Jimin explains, "I don't really like coffee, but my roommate says it tastes good."

Yoongi tilts his head inquisitively.

"Also," Jimin starts, "I have really neat handwriting."

"See?" Jin asks, "I'm sold, honestly. I wish Jimin was my assistant, but
the government did not consent to that and I'm already corrupt enough for hiring your sorry ass, so I can't handle anything else on my conscience."

"Why does hiring me make you corrupt?"

"Because I let you sleep in your office on the clock."

Yoongi smiles and hums
thoughtfully, in reminiscence, and Jimin has to hide his urge to giggle, picturing this man that he's just met curled up in a big cushioned swivel chair.

It's cute.

"Half the time I work from home. What's he gonna do on the days I don't come in?" Yoongi tries to argue.

don't live too far from here. He can just go to yours." Jin shrugs. "As long as he gets forty hours a week, I won't complain."

Yoongi face palms, and sighs.

"I'm Jimin, by the way."

Yoongi locks eyes with Jimin, momentarily, and Jimin feels a little frozen by the gaze. It has
him mute.

"Okay, fine," Yoongi groans, "let's go, kid."

Jimin smiles brightly, like he's just convinced Yoongi to hire him, which is basically the truth, and bows at Jin before following him out of the office, tail a little bouncy against his thigh as he goes.

“Don’t get me
wrong,” Yoongi begins as Jimin follows the back of his head down a carpeted hallway, a few doors on either side of them, “I was warned of this. Namjoon even put a desk for you in last week, but I’m serious when I say that I don’t have tasks for you.”

“That’s okay,” Jimin tries
to argue, because he needs this job, and it doesn’t look like Yoongi has much of a choice, anyway, “I’m good company. And I know how to clean.”

Jimin had to take /sanitation/ for all four of his career technical training semesters. His extensive knowledge on bleach and vacuums
is tedious and embarrassing, but sufficient.

Yoongi lets out a bit of a scoff combined with a laugh and, once they approach his office, opens the door for Jimin to enter first.

Jimin notices when he walks by that they’re nearly the same height, himself only shorter by maybe a
few centimeters, and ducks his head when their shoulders brush.

Though he’s relatively rambunctious, he can get shy around non-hybrids.

When Jimin does look up, however, he’s taken aback by the interior of Yoongi’s office. While Jin's had been much more minimalistic, it was
bright — big windows, white walls, and leather chairs, Yoongi's, on the other hand, looks much more slept in and domestic. There are windows, certainly, but the shades are drawn, and the lights aren't even turned on, only leaving in glimpses of sun light to brighten the room, yet
hardly. The walls are painted a dark grey, and Yoongi's desk is a cluttered mess.

The only thing that Jimin can pinpoint, for a certainty, is his large desktop monitor, which Jimin assumes is where Yoongi gets most of his work done, behind the large desk and in, as previously
imagined, his leather swivel chair.

On the opposing side of the office, however, is a smaller glass desk with a chair of its own.

"That's yours," Yoongi explains to Jimin, closing the office door behind the pair. Jimin approaches the desk hesitantly, thinking it nice that
they've given him a space of his own, too, even if it's merely in Yoongi's office.

He figures that this must make it official, if there's furniture moved in and everything.

The desk itself looks new, however. There's a mug full of pens and a pair of scissors, a stapler and tape
dispenser, and when Jimin opens the desk drawer, he lets his lips part in confusion.

"Um," Jimin begins, taking out a bag of cat knip and yarn.

"Oh," Yoongi quickly approaches Jimin's desk and snags the two items from his hands, before Jimin can examine them any closer. "That's
— I promise people here are nice." A look of concern flashes across Yoongi's face, and becomes even more evident in his tone of voice.

Jimin swallows and forces a smile and nods his head.

He doesn't know what he'd do with cat knip, and he's never even thought to play with yarn
before. Being a hybrid, for him, is all in the way that his physicality works, not his mentality. He has the ears and the tail, goes into a heat once a month where he bucks his hips desperately against his duvet for two days and searches hybrid porn on his computer a little
frantically, but.

That's it. There's not much else to it.

"Hey," Yoongi says, suddenly, "here, I'll — I have a few things that you could do."

Jimin's eyes widen and he nods his head a little eagerly, following Yoongi to his desk, where he takes out a sketchpad and rips out a
sheet of paper suddenly, exposing a brightly colored sketch beneath it that Jimin doesn't miss.

"I'll give you my card and you can get me something from the coffee shop around the corner, yeah?"

Jimin watches as Yoongi leans over his desk to sketch out a map for Jimin, drawing
a small doodle of a boy with cat ears to indicate Jimin, and then creating a trail for him to navigate, a few streets displayed between himself and where the sketch ends.

Jimin accepts the hand drawn map and Yoongi's credit card, which he takes out of his wallet, before writing
down on another slip of paper his order.

Jimin hums to himself as he takes the elevator downstairs and out of the building, thinking that, considerably, things could've gone much worse for his first day in the workforce so far. Like, for example, Yoongi could've told Jimin that
he didn't want him at all.

At least Yoongi's willing to show him some sort of kindness. Jimin appreciates that.

Upon arriving at the coffee shop, Jimin enters the line, seeing that Yoongi's led him to a small, intimate chain that specializes in coffees and boba tea.

happily reads off Yoongi’s order to the cashier, not thinking much about what he's ordering until he finds himself with a tray of two drinks and a small bag of pastries.

He figures that Yoongi must be buying for Jin, or maybe even Namjoon.

That is, until he returns to Yoongi's
office, politely knocking first, and entering with his order, only for Yoongi to grab his coffee off of the tray and tell Jimin, "The boba tea's for you."

"Oh, um," Jimin knows he can't refuse it, now that it's purchased, and figures that that must've been Yoongi's intention in
the first place, "Okay, thank you, Yoongi-ssi."

Yoongi rolls his eyes.

"You can just call me hyung. We don't really do professionalism here."

Which, Jimin is pretty sure was exactly what he was stressing over the night before. He smiles and sips his tea thoughtfully, watching
as Yoongi begins to organize his desk in the same way that Jin had, like having a second person in the room has awakened him to his mess.

"Here, I'll have you print photos out for me. The copy room's two doors down the hall." Yoongi locates his flash drive underneath a binder,
"There's a lot, so it may take you awhile. You know how to use a printer, right?"

Jimin hums and nods his head, accepting the flash drive.

"Thank you, hyung."

"Now leave me alone, I've gotten no work done in the past hour."

Jimin just giggles, thinking that that makes no
sense, since he was gone for half of that time and Yoongi could've done work then, but leaves Yoongi alone anyway, taking his tea with him.

Jimin trails down the hall, running his hand comfortably along the wall as he goes. He finds the copy room easily, realizing that this
floor of Seoul Games is merely offices along a single hallway, and, of course, the main lobby where Namjoon resides.

Jimin, however, is a little surprised to find someone already in the copy room, standing at the printer, which shoots out various pieces of paper quickly,

“Oh,” the man suddenly turns around, hearing Jimin enter, “Oh!” He exclaims. “You’re Jimin, yes?”

Jimin smiles a little shyly and lowers his boba tea straw from his lips, “Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you.”

“I’m Hoseok, you can call me hyung,” he approaches Jimin and
offers his hand, “sorry about the whole, um, kitten thing. Yoongi just yelled at, like, the entire office. I think it was a prank from a floor down, though, cause none of us would’ve done that.”

Jimin finds his cheeks flushing, realizing what Hoseok is talking about. Yoongi had
defended him in front of everyone when he’d gone to the coffee shop.

Yoongi had tried to advocate for him, and it makes Jimin feel a lot more comforted, to know that there’s someone looking out for him in the office.

“Seriously, though, it’s cool that you’re here. We’ve all
worked here for at least two years, so we never get new employees.” Hoseok runs his hand through his hair, and Jimin notices that he’s not dressed like everyone else. While Jin had been in a white dress shirt, and Yoongi, a black one, Hoseok is in a t-shirt and jeans.

however, doesn’t miss Jimin’s look over him.

“Oh, I’m, I guess, HR? Also, PR?” He says, a little questionably. “I communicate between the other departments and the animation department. Basically, I have to talk to everyone all day about everything. And if someone has a
complaint, they go to me. But because we’re so small, I was basically assigned HR upon hire.”

Hoseok grins and turns back to the printer, pressing a few buttons on it so that a fresh group of copies begin to spit out.

“I read this book about how to create a safe work
environment and it said to designate days for fun things so that coworkers have something to look forward to. Today is casual Monday.”

Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “Isn’t that normally on a Friday?”

“Yeah, but everyone loves Fridays anyway. That’s why I made it Monday.”
Jimin nods his head in thought. He figures that that is a good idea, but—

“But no one else is dressed casually.”

Hoseok groans, his eyes widening. “Ugh, I know. Those butts didn’t even read my fucking email.”

Jimin giggles. “That’s okay, hyung, I’ll be sure to dress casually
next Monday.”

“Good,” Hoseok grins, “for that, you can use the printer now.”

Jimin takes a sip of his tea and smiles, opening Yoongi’s flash drive and proceeding to navigate his assistant duties.

Jimin spends the remainder of his day at his desk, Yoongi giving him a list of video games to familiarize himself with and presenting him with a company laptop, telling him to study the art of the different games.

“I know nothing about art, hyung,” Jimin pouts, “seriously, I
can’t even draw a straight line. My fingers are too stubby to hold a pencil properly.” He holds out his hands to Yoongi, as if to make a point. They’re small, like paws, but still human fingers.

But Yoongi brushes this excuse aside, telling Jimin that he’s going to have him
test out his latest project soon for feedback, anyway, that anyone can tell when art is decent, and at least he won’t have to test run his simulations too closely anymore.

Yoongi’s finding ways to make Jimin’s presence at the company useful.

“If you stay here long enough,
you’ll want to know this stuff, trust me.” Yoongi then clicks open one of the applications, booting a simulation game about living during the Joseon era in Korea and fighting off the plague.

“What the—?” Jimin starts, confused. “Why is that the plot?”

“This is the competitor’s
game,” Yoongi laughs, “trust me, I asked the same thing.”

Jimin laughs softly in acknowledgement and spends the remainder of his shift ten feet away from Yoongi, who’s drawing on a fancy glass tablet and staring intently at his laptop the entire time.

And, when Jimin gets home
that night, he’s excited to tell Taehyung all about the kind humans he’s encountered, and how he’s optimistic for the job ahead of him. Taehyung tells him not to get too excited, that these jobs tend to fuck hybrids over — are meant to disguise the harsh conditions they’re forced
into as satisfactory — but Jimin … Jimin doesn’t know about that.

He’d like to think that Yoongi’s decent, at the least.
As a kitten hybrid, Jimin, sometimes, avoids looking /too cute/ because no one will take him seriously. It’s hard enough with a white set of ears on his head (which are absolutely useless and merely flicker at any mistouch) and long tail falling between his legs. He tries not to
feed into the stereotype of being soft, but.

He can’t help it that he is.

Jimin also can’t help it that he wants to look cute for work, can’t help it that he wears a white knitted sweater for his second day on the job. It’s still professional, it’s just not something that you’d
see on most human men.

It’s something you’d anticipate from a kitten hybrid, and, still, Namjoon gives him a heavy look over when he enters into the office.

“Good morning, Jimin,” he greets Jimin kindly, nonetheless, who smiles and waves and may or may not blush because he
still finds Namjoon incredibly cute.

It’s a little frustrating, to be surrounded by human men who he wants to hate by a default. He has Taehyung’s lingering voice in the back of his head, warning him from experience, “They’re greedy and they don’t care about us, Jimin. All we
have is each other.”

Maybe, Taehyung’s right, but Jimin hasn’t had any cause to hate his new hyungs quite yet.

“Hi, hyung,” Jimin doesn’t bother to knock on the door to Yoongi’s office, figuring that it’s /his/ now, too.

Except, Yoongi looks up lazily, a little disheveled,
like he hasn’t slept at all, and Jimin pouts concernedly, setting his messenger bag on one of the hooks next to the door, and approaching Yoongi at his desk.

“Are you, um,” Jimin tilts his head, as if to examine Yoongi closer, “hyung, you look how I do during my heats. Are you

Yoongi has his arms folded on his desk, hair sticking up in funny places, and there are noticeable dark spots underneath his eyes, as if charcoal has been rubbed there. He watches Jimin right back, using all of his energy to raise an eyebrow inquisitively.

“Yeah,” Yoongi
finally responds, “I just didn’t sleep that much.”

“Oh,” Jimin says, “why didn’t you stay home, then?” He knows that he’d mentioned working at home, anyway. Clearly, coming into the office wasn’t a requisite, but—

“I didn’t want to make you come to mine on your second day only
to hang around while I slept.” Yoongi smiles. “You look nice today, Jimin.”

Jimin feels the blush hit his cheeks, just as sudden as it had when Namjoon noticeably checked him out. Except, this time, Jimin has to respond back.

“Thank you, um,” he bites his lip and turns around
for a second, not realizing that his back is facing Yoongi until he hears him clear his throat.

Jimin turns back around suddenly, realizing that his bum is at eye level with Yoongi behind his desk.

“I can make you coffee?” Jimin offers. “How do you like it?”

“That’s okay, you
don’t have to.” Yoongi rubs underneath his right eye weakly. “I’ll probably just—”

“C’mon, hyung, let me make you coffee. I promise I’m good at it.” Jimin pleads, more so because he knows that there aren’t many other ways to prove himself useful to his new boss. He pouts, giving
Yoongi big eyes until he sighs.

“Fine, I like it black.”

“Okay,” Jimin bounces, far too enthusiastically for eight in the morning, “I’ll be back.”

Yoongi hums sleepily in acknowledgement whilst Jimin happily leaves the room.

Jimin knows what to do, had seen a coffee maker in
the breakroom yesterday and eyed it for a particularly long time during his lunch break. While he doesn’t have to grind any beans like one of the youtube instructions had warned him about, he does find that there are pre-ground packets of coffee next to the coffee maker, and that
he’s required to boil a certain amount of water to keep the proportions in check.

This is how Jimin ends up making coffee for Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jin, as well as Yoongi, filling the mugs that he’s found in one of the cabinets and transporting the full cups of coffee one by one
to their respective owners.

Namjoon looks surprised, if not pleased to find the mug that Jimin’s carrying to be for him.

“This is really kind of you. How do you normally take your coffee? I should probably know in case we do a coffee run later on.”

“Oh,” Jimin shakes his head,
“I don’t drink coffee. It makes my heart race too fast.” He has to be careful, as a hybrid, as to what human-made foods he consumes.

Namjoon, who looks a little flustered in realization, thanks Jimin regardless.

Jimin gives Yoongi his coffee last, who explains that he only took
so long because he’d made everyone else coffee, too.

“Oh,” Yoongi smirks, already looking significantly more awake by having the warm mug in his hands, “you’re the office’s little coffee maker, then?”

It comes out as more of a statement than a question, something rhetorical,
but that isn’t what Jimin’s paying attention to, when his cheeks are pink and he watches Yoongi take his first sip. Because what Yoongi says, if nothing else, is endearing, perhaps even a little flirty.

Except, humans don’t flirt with hybrids, so Jimin quickly erases that
thought from his mind.

“This is great, Jimin,” Yoongi commends, knowing that Jimin is waiting for some sort of seal of approval, “it’ll be better if it wakes me up. Otherwise we’ll have to have nap time.”

Jimin giggles, perhaps at Yoongi’s apparent lack of regard toward the
formalities that should be included in his job description, or because Yoongi is so blunt about it in general. Either way, he can’t help but smile as he retreats to his desk, where the company laptop from yesterday still resides.

He figures that he’ll just resume the simulated
game he had been working on yesterday. When he’d told Taehyung that defeating the Korean plague was his most challenging task during his first day of work, he’d given him a look like he was delusional.

When Taehyung learned that Jimin’s job was literally to play video games,
he’d scowled at him enviously because he’d gotten twelve paper cuts stuffing envelopes for the same, government-issued pay.

“Hyung,” Jimin begins, booting up the laptop, “why are you so tired, anyway?” He clicks open the same simulation, which pops up quickly.

Jimin waits a
moment, realizing that Yoongi hasn’t responded. When he looks over to his desk, Yoongi’s cheek is pressed against the glass.

He’s dead asleep.
Jimin does not do silence well, nor alone time. With Yoongi asleep, however, he has to do both.

So, the only really plausible answer is to bring the company laptop over to Yoongi’s desk and sit across from him. Even if they aren’t talking and Yoongi’s asleep, there’s still his

And, Jimin notices, that sitting two feet away from Yoongi means that he can hear his soft intakes of breath in his sleep. It’s enough to make Jimin feel like he isn’t really alone in the office.

Out of consideration, Jimin even gets up to close the shades, turning
down his computer brightness so that Yoongi can sleep softer, even if his position with his head in his arms can’t be too comfortable.

Except, the problem with Yoongi falling asleep, is that once Jimin’s finished the computer game, and has even typed up a few notes about the
things he liked and didn’t, he isn’t sure what else to do. So, he gets up, setting the computer back at his desk, and wanders out of the office, down the hall, and toward the bathroom.

Jimin does not like using public restrooms. He doesn’t like human men sizing him up, their
intimidating glares while they hold their dicks in their hands, the way they watch to see if he’ll go into a stall or approach a urinal.

Jimin doesn’t like that his cock isn’t very big, not that it’s ever been an expectation of a kitten hybrid, but it’s just small enough that he
doesn’t want a man to see it, is too embarrassed by comparison.

Jimin doesn’t like that when he enters the bathroom on the animation floor, there is a boy with dyed red hair using a urinal and he has to avoid all gazes and dart toward one of the stalls instead of taking a place
beside him.

The boy is gone before Jimin can finish using the toilet.

On his way back to Yoongi’s office, Jimin wanders by where Namjoon is scribbling something down at his desk. The waiting room is empty, so Jimin figures that he can bother him, even if for just a few.
“I think Yoongi died.” Jimin tells Namjoon. “Seriously, he knocked out an hour ago.”

Namjoon frowns, even though he must know that Jimin’s kidding.

“He was here all night, actually. I don’t know why he hasn’t just gone home.”

“He was?” Jimin doesn’t remember him leaving
yesterday, figures that he must’ve left first, but still. He’d assumed that Yoongi was going home around the same time that he was. “How come?”

“Deadline.” Namjoon shrugs. “Work here seems calm, but it’s intense. That’s why I’m surprised he didn’t want an assistant. He could
surely use one, even if it’s just menial tasks.”

Jimin hadn’t been able to grasp the difficulty of the workload, but also hasn’t seen any substantial work. He supposes that once he plays one of Yoongi’s games for himself, he’ll be able to grasp it better.

“I mean, I try to help
as much as I can. I do all of the scheduling and bring in new clients. But, yeah, a lot of it falls on Yoongi and Jungkook.”

“Jungkook?” Jimin asks, “I don’t think I’ve met him yet.”

Namjoon hums. “He’s Jin’s brother-in-law. Weirdly talented kid, kind of awkward and never
leaves his office. He also put up a janitor’s closet sign on his door for some reason. Keeps people away.”

Jimin faintly remembers seeing that earlier, but at the time had taken the sign for what it was — belonging to the janitor’s closet.

“Peculiar.” Jimin agrees. “Should I
wake up the sleeping beast?”

“Nah,” Namjoon shakes his head, “let him sleep. If you get bored, I give you permission to draw on his face.”

“I’ll give him whiskers.” Jimin winks before retreating, waving Namjoon goodbye as he heads back down the hall to Yoongi’s office.
Yoongi, however, is already awake and working by the time that Jimin gets back. He doesn’t ask where Jimin’s been, merely hums in acknowledgement while Jimin asks, “You want the light on, hyung?”

“No, that’s okay.”

Yoongi has the light from his tablet and desktop illuminating
his face, all sharp features illuminated by the brightness.

“I’m just finishing something. Then I’ll have you look at it.”

Jimin hums, pleased by the news of having something to do. Suddenly, and perhaps over comfortably, Jimin hops to the side of Yoongi’s desk.

“Can I watch?”
He asks, as if to catch himself in the moment of being overly ambitious. He doesn’t want to annoy his new boss, but he also tends to get into other people’s space without realizing it.

“Yeah, I’m only fixing one part of the simulation though.”

Jimin watches as Yoongi flips
between frames with his computer mouse, eyebrows pulled together in focus. He takes a seat on the corner of Yoongi’s desk, so that he’s technically facing him but also has a good view of the tablet and the computer screen.

Yoongi doesn’t pay any mind to this, merely accepting
the small hybrid’s new spot in the room.

As much as Jimin is interested to watch Yoongi work, he is also a little intrigued by the concept of watching Yoongi. He’s focused and determined, and knowing that he was here all night doubles Jimin’s curiosity.

Except, when Jimin looks
back to see what Yoongi is actually working on, to look at the art on his monitor, he audibly intakes a gasp, something soft but still heard. It’s loud enough to lead Yoongi to acknowledge him.

“Hyung, what are you drawing?” Jimin wants to look away, but he’s too embarrassed to
look at Yoongi.

“Babe, it’s a rated R game.”

If Jimin wasn’t already scandalized by seeing two naked characters on screen — a completely shirtless girl, her nipples erect and breasts protruding, straddling a man in only his boxers, this one frame depicting his hand in her
unbuttoned shorts — then he would likely linger over Yoongi calling him /babe/, but.

Jimin shakes his head in confusion.

“He’s— but— did…”

Jimin doesn’t know how to respond.

“C’mon, Chim, you’ve seen stuff like this before, no?”

Jimin doesn’t respond. He averts his gaze to
the computer mouse covered by Yoongi’s long fingers.

The video game, however, has his thoughts turning a little dirty. He tries not to think about Yoongi like that, even if he is handsome.

“How old are you, exactly?”

“I’m twenty.” Jimin responds, clearly. “But I don’t play
videogames so I haven’t seen things like that before.” He blushes.

“You don’t have to play videogames to see things like that, Jimin.” Yoongi’s tone is gentle, if not informative, a little condescending in the way that he tells him otherwise. “You know you can find stuff like
that elsewhere, right?”

“What do you mean?” Jimin asks, but it comes out as somewhat of a murmur, and he’s practically talking to the desk.

For this reason, Yoongi brings his hand to the back of Jimin’s neck and forces him to look up, keeping his palm cupping it and letting his
thumb rub the warm skin in circle. It’s — it’s something done to kitten hybrids, a well known tactic to get them to focus.

It’s something you do to a kitten to wrangle them in place, and forces Jimin to lock eyes with Yoongi.

Jimin isn’t sure as to what is happening, but he
feels like Yoongi knows something that he doesn’t.

“You’ve seen porn, haven’t you?” Yoongi asks. “C’mon, you don’t have to be shy about it, that’s only natural.”

And, “Oh,” Jimin is a little taken aback, “only during my heat. But I don’t — not with non-hybrids. I wouldn’t—”
Yoongi lets out a bit of a dry laugh and Jimin struggles to interpret it.

He doesn’t want his boss to think that he’s crossing a line, that he would watch something like humans and hybrids having sex.

It’s dirty.

At least, that’s what Jimin’s been told.

He blushes and his
cheeks are definitely beat red, when Yoongi lets go of his neck and pats his thigh dismissively.

“Why don’t you go on your lunch and I’ll finish this up so that when you get back I can have you play?”

Jimin nods, quickly, eager to have a break from Yoongi’s presence. He feels
overwhelmed, heated in a way that he doesn’t experience too often.

However, Jimin is so caught up in the moment that he doesn’t think about what playing the game will mean in his hurry to get his lunch and cool down.
Jimin manages to get Hoseok to tag along with him to get food at a cart downstairs. Conversation is easy — Jimin learns that everyone in the office are close friends outside of work, and that their department is the only one where people don’t hate each other due to constant
competition within the company. In return, Jimin shares with Hoseok his experience at his Career Tech school, that his parents were always down his throat about grades, and now that he’s moved out, he doesn’t even talk to them anymore.

“Sorry,” Jimin laughs, “that sounds
depressing. It’s fine, really.”

“That’s okay,” Hoseok smiles optimistically, holding his chopsticks in mid-air, “we can be your new family, now.”

It’s nice, Jimin thinks, theoretically, but he knows that they’re all just humans.

When Jimin returns upstairs and walks alone to
Yoongi’s office, he is, admittedly, a little nervous, if not embarrassed by his behavior. He worries that Yoongi must think of him as an inexperienced child now, someone who’s never had sex or even thought about it.

Jimin hasn’t had sex, that part’s true, but he does think about
it. He just doesn’t like the way it looks between kitten hybrids on his screen and finding a different breed to be interested in him is hard, especially when his own breed is at the bottom of the food chain.

“I’m just waiting for it to load.” Yoongi tells Jimin when he gets back
from lunch. “How was lunch?”

“It was good,” Jimin wanders to Yoongi’s desk and stands beside him so that he’s able to see the monitor properly, “I got sandwiches with Hoseok.”

Yoongi hums in acknowledgement and logs into something on his computer, before a vivid animation pops
up and music begins to play through the computer speakers.

Yoongi turns the volume down until it's just a soft background tune.

“Am I just playing the game and letting you know what I think?” Jimin asks, standing in front of the computer in a way that has him naively blocking
the screen from Yoongi’s viewing. He’s standing in between Yoongi’s chair and the desk.

“Yeah, but don’t block the screen.” Yoongi tells Jimin.

“Oh,” Jimin startles in realization and moves backward.

“You can sit,“ Yoongi begins, pausing to look around in thought, when Jimin
walks back just enough for his legs to hit Yoongi’s knees and, without much thought, he takes a seat in Yoongi’s lap.

“Oh,” Yoongi clears his throat, “or you could just sit here.”

Jimin, who really doesn’t know what personal space means for humans half the time, hums in
acknowledgment and grabs the computer mouse to begin playing.

The situation could be more inappropriate, as Jimin is merely sitting on Yoongi’s thighs, and he doesn’t piece this together for himself until it’s too late.

But, at that point, Jimin is already indulging himself in
the game.

“Yeah, so the plot,” Yoongi sets his hand on Jimin’s waist and points the other in a gesture toward the computer, “the main character has just robbed a bank and has a group of men and the police after him. There’s a bunch of side quests where he settles old debts and
meets old friends, but aside from that, the main goal is to not get caught and escape the city by midnight.”

Jimin is quickly able to piece together that the game is certainly Rated R, if the opening simulation of physically robbing the bank is anything to go by.

However, after
the bank heist, Jimin is given an option of where to go to hide.

Yoongi holds his hand over Jimin’s and clicks the option /strip club/ for him.

“This leads you to less initial conflict.” Yoongi explains, though Jimin feels like maybe he should be playing the game for himself.
He’s also a little shy at the idea of visiting a strip club in the game, and knows that he wouldn’t have chosen it for himself to begin with.

But Jimin tells himself that he isn’t going to shy away from it this time. He wants to prove to Yoongi that he’s just as adult as
everyone else in the office, and that he’ll fit in just fine with whatever mature activities they partake in.

For this reason, when Jimin’s character is offered a lap dance in exchange for one of the strippers agreeing to introduce him to the head of the club, who is willing to
hide the money from the robbery, Jimin says yes.

“Why is she offering me a lap dance, though?” Jimin tilts his head, confused. “Shouldn’t I be paying her for one?”

“Your character’s, like, incredibly attractive. Just watch.” Yoongi taps Jimin’s waist from where he’s still
holding it and hums.

Except, Jimin can’t just watch when he has so many question. Suddenly, the screen is nothing but cleavage.

“Um,” Jimin begins, confused.

“It’s a point of view shot.”

Yoongi’s voice is in Jimin’s ear and it makes him a little jumpy, scooting back in his
lap as he watches the female character on screen.

“She’s going to ask if you want to hang out with her for a bit longer and if you say yes then it becomes a sidequest. You get points for that.” Yoongi explains as the dialogue shows up on the screen. He’s really walking Jimin
through the game, even if it’s hardly necessary.

However, at the top of the screen, a small message pops up:

/Make character come./

“Make her come where?” Jimin clicks out of the message, confused.

“Come?” Yoongi asks, voice leading into, “The side quest is to make her

“Oh,” Jimin replies, quietly in realization, “will it be me just watching or do I have to make decisions.”

“You get to pick what they do.”

A menu bar pops up as Jimin asks this.
/Would you like to:

A_ Fuck character in missionary position

B_ Eat character out

C_ Let character suck your dick/

“Hyung,” Jimin starts, softly, “I don’t know how to do any of this.”

“That’s okay,” Yoongi replies, just as softly. He moves his hand from Jimin’s waist to his
thigh, where he rubs him through his slacks, “All you have to do is watch.”

Jimin can… he can do that, even if what he’s watching shocks him. He chooses /let character suck your dick/ and Yoongi tuts him.

“That’s a bit greedy.”

“Won’t she like it?” Jimin doesn’t understand.
“Is that gonna get her off?”

“I dunno,” Jimin replies thoughtfully, “I— it’d get me off, I think.”

Yoongi tenses, registering Jimin’s response. His fingers squeeze his thigh.

Jimin doesn’t think he said anything too wrong, especially given the fact that, on the screen, the
female character is huddled on her knees with Jimin’s character’s cock in her mouth.

The same line of questions repeats itself after a couple of moments, giving Jimin a chance to change the situation.

“Why isn’t there an option for her to be on top?”

Simply, Yoongi explains,
“That’s not how humans have sex. The guy is on top.”

Jimin selects /fuck character in missionary position/.

The problem is that this reminds Jimin too closely of the things that he watches (and hopes to happen to him) during his heats. It’s too close to reality that his little
dick starts to get hard underneath his slacks.

It’s nothing but a slight protrude in the front of his pants, and Jimin gasps upon realizing, sitting up on Yoongi’s lap and gripping the arms of the chair.

“Hyung, I have to stop playing,” Jimin tells Yoongi, very seriously.
“Why?” Yoongi sounds concerned, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m, um,” Jimin easily blurts out lots of inappropriate things, but this one feels to be a little too much, “I’m hard.”

“Are you?” Yoongi asks, “Let me feel, then.”

Jimin isn’t sure why Yoongi would need to feel this, but Jimin
opens his legs until he’s straddling Yoongi’s thighs, and Yoongi moves his hand in between Jimin’s legs until he’s properly cupping the entirety of his erection against his fingers.

“That’s good, then. Keep playing, though.” Yoongi tells Jimin, and his thumb begins to pet at
Jimin’s cock in a way that he /knows/ his boss shouldn’t.

Jimin can’t help that he likes it, wouldn’t mind for it to keep going.

So, Jimin finishes his business on screen with the stripper, who promises that her boss will be in touch with him, and Jimin’s given a screen of
places that he can now go to.

He feels like it’d only be natural for his character to go home after something like that.

Yoongi, however, laughs in his ear, still petting Jimin’s hardened cock. It’s small, even hard, but less embarrassingly so, and Yoongi seems to appreciate
the way that all he has to do is rub the tips of his fingers against the length of it.

Jimin’s getting wet from it, underneath his tail, which is flattened between his bum and Yoongi’s lap. He’s producing slick, but Yoongi really doesn’t need to know that.

When Jimin’s
character arrives home, he’s greeted by another female character who immediately greets him with a kiss.

“Wait, who is she?” Jimin asks, pretty certain that his character has just had sex with a stripper, and now he’s being kissed by—

“That’s your character’s girlfriend.”
“What? My character has a girlfriend? I didn’t know that.”

“It’s one of many twists.” Yoongi explains.

A dialogue pops up on the screen:
/The news plays in the background, reporting the robbery and depicting a figure that fits your description to a tee. Distract your girlfriend by:

A_ Offering to make her dinner

B_ Having sex with her

C_ Telling her the truth about the stripper/
“A is the only normal option.” Jimin hums, about to click on it, when Yoongi wraps his hand over Jimin’s once more and chooses for him: /B_ Having sex with her/.

He squeezes Jimin’s cock, and Jimin gasps, too distracted to complain about Yoongi making the decision for him.
Jimin, admittedly, is a little too distracted in general. He looks down to see Yoongi’s hand encompassing him, to see where his arm extends over his body, how his big, non-hybrid hand has no difficulty holding him in place by his cock.

Jimin wants to squirm, if only to test the

Except, Yoongi notices that Jimin’s attention is off the screen and he tells him, “Pay attention, kitten, I need you to watch the screen.”

Jimin swallows. Humans call him kitten all the time, condescendingly, but with Yoongi it just comes out as a pet name. He’s not
really condescending, more so in control.

When Jimin looks back up to the display monitor, there’s yet another simulated sex scene.

“Does watching these make you feel good?” Yoongi’s mouth is right next to Jimin’s ear, warm, and he thinks that Yoongi might kiss him there, but
he doesn’t.

“Yeah,” Jimin breathes, though it’s more Yoongi than anything else that has Jimin so overwhelmed. Yoongi, who has Jimin’s focus still averted from the game, even if he is physically watching the events on the screen.

Jimin’s character flips his girlfriend over on
the bed and pulls her shorts down with her underwear. She’s naked.

“Good.” Yoongi hums, then, seemingly out of nowhere, though Jimin logically knows that it isn’t, “Are you wet?”

Jimin, if he isn’t already wearing a permanent blush, feels hot all over. He shifts his thighs
against the leather chair, feeling the slick between his cheeks, and parts his lips to say something, but all that comes out is a whine as he gives his full weight against Yoongi’s chest.

“Hyung,” Jimin pleads, “I’m— I can’t talk about that with you.”

He says this as though a
line hasn’t already been crossed. They both know it has.

Yoongi continues to stroke Jimin, though his voice is certainly confused.

“Who told you that, Jimin?”

“Just—“ Jimin doesn’t know how to explain this quite right, “humans aren’t supposed to know about hybrids like that.”
“What if I want to know about you like that?” Yoongi moves his hand from Jimin’s cock, gives him a moment to breathe and /think/, and begins to stroke the inside of Jimin’s thigh. “I just want to make you feel good.”

“But you’re still— everyone knows that’s wrong, hyung.”
Jimin… Jimin is confused, because he knows that Yoongi has to know about this. It’s not that Jimin necessarily feels passionate toward it, but he’s been warned by his parents, his teachers, friends, and even /Taehyung/ to stay away from humans.

He says that they only want to
exploit him and his biology, however they can.

Humans, on the other hand, are told not to have sex with hybrids because they’re mere animals. The biology isn’t compatible. They’ll go wild during sex, they’ll take advantage and want more power afterwards.

But Yoongi doesn’t back
down yet.

“Jimin,” Yoongi starts again, softly, “I can feel how wet you are through your pants. I need to know what you want from me.” He’s still rubbing the inside of Jimin’s thigh, grazes his cock gently once more, but it’s so short, and Jimin can’t help it when his hips
physically buck up off of Yoongi’s lap for more, sinking back down, and—

He can feel the wetness too.

Something like a moan escapes Jimin’s throat.

“It’s wrong, hyung. I— I want to, but it’s wrong.”

“But you do want this?” Yoongi asks, spreading Jimin’s legs a little wider,
and it exposes where his hole hides between his bum cheeks just a little more.

“Yeah,” Jimin admits, a little ashamed by his own vulnerabilities. He’s never been attracted to a human before, so this has never been a problem of his.

But, now, Jimin wants Yoongi in the same way
that he wants to be fucked during his heats. It’s the most Jimin ever feels in terms of sexual need.

“Okay,” Yoongi concedes and undoes the button of Jimin’s slacks, much to Jimin’s immediate surprise, “then think about this as a work order from your boss, kitten.”
Jimin has never been touched by someone else before. In school, he was, admittedly, a bit of a wild card. He didn't always listen to his teachers and he didn't always attend class. He missed out on important lessons half of the time and never paid attention when he was supposed

But Jimin never got involved with the kind of people who wanted to have sex outside of their heats, and even when it came to be time for his, he never tried to find someone to help him through it.

Let alone a human who couldn’t possibly know what something like that is
like. Who experiences sex differently than him, doesn't understand the same amount of urgency, or how, even though he's a boy, he needs someone to fuck him.

Thus, Jimin startles in surprise at the feeling of his pants being unbuttoned by someone else for the first time in his
life, losing the security of the pressure of his waistband. And, when Yoongi reaches his hand inside of Jimin’s pants, theirs skin still separated by Jimin’s boxers, Jimin tries to sit up reflexively, letting out a small squawk in surprise.

“Hey,” Yoongi’s hand is big enough for
the tips of his fingers to press between Jimin’s cheeks and against the opening of his hole, and for his palm to enclose Jimin’s cock, holding Jimin in place by his most intimate parts. “Shh, c’mon,” Yoongi tries to get Jimin to settle down, “is it okay if I do this?”
Jimin doesn’t feel like he’s breathing properly, his hands gripping onto the arms of Yoongi’s chair to settle himself, knuckles white in tension.

“I’m— what’re you gonna do?” Jimin can already feel it, though, the way that Yoongi massages his erection in slow circles, that his
finger press down just enough to soak Jimin’s underwear with his own slick, to ensure that it absorbs it all for no particular reason other than to tease him with the rough fabric.

“I just want to play with you a little, kitten.” Yoongi kisses Jimin's neck and lets his mouth
drag against it.

It sounds nice, Jimin /feels/ nice, but he's still a little worried. He doesn’t know if he should trust a human to take care of him, especially since this is all that he's ever been warned against, seen horror stories on the news of humans kidnapping the weakest
hybrids and making them nothing but pets.

Jimin doesn't want to be a pet, but he also wants Yoongi more than he's used to wanting a person. He doesn't want to be a pet, but he knows that he wants whatever Yoongi will give him, bucks his hips a few times just to feel how tight
Yoongi's palm strokes him, and thinks that he'd do whatever Yoongi asks if it means being able to get off soon.

Jimin doesn't know what any of this means.
Yoongi lets out a gentle laugh inspired by Jimin's desperate whines, the way that he squirms all small on top of him.

“Sit up a little, though, okay? You’re gonna slide off of my lap if you stay like that.” Yoongi tuts.

Jimin uses his grip on the chair to sit up. His back is
once again flat to Yoongi’s chest, except, this time, he can feel Yoongi’s erection pressing into his bum.

Jimin gasps, recognizing that it’s much bigger than his own.

He’s never seen human porn, but he knows that human men have big cocks. They aren't meant to go inside of
kitten hybrids, maybe dogs, but—

“Hyung,” Jimin whispers, voice broken, “you can’t put that in me.”

And he says this very seriously, doesn’t even want to consider such a possibility. It's a weak warning.

“Why not?” Yoongi's mouth continues to press to the warm skin of Jimin's
neck as he asks this, continuing to palm Jimin. He teases his fingers around his hole, and as much as Jimin wants to tell him that he absolutely cannot fuck him, he likewise wants something inside.

He's nothing but weak and soft, a vulnerable kitten in Yoongi's lap.

“It won’t
fit,” Jimin lowers his voice meekly. He’s scared of the confession and how the words might taste on his tongue. “I’m not— I’m too small.”

Yoongi sounds as though he’s considering this.

“I wasn’t going to fuck you, but,” Yoongi starts, and Jimin bucks his hips with the feeling
of Yoongi rubbing him until he's close, “it sounds like you want me to, if you were thinking about it.”

“No,” Jimin replies, so fast because he knows that something like that would be wrong, “I’m just— I’m making sure you know.”

Yoongi hums teasingly, his hand picking up its
pace, and it's then that Jimin realizes that the computer game has been long since abandoned. His mind is too fuzzy to pick up the mouse again, even if he knows that he could.

"Hyung," Jimin breaks, he's so close, "I can't come in my pants."

"They're already ruined." Yoongi
supplies, though Jimin already knows that that's true. It's unavoidable when he's horny and there's slick leaking out of him. It's supposed to be enough to be knotted by another kitten, and it's slimy and gross, hardens and doesn't come off until his pants are washed.

Jimin realizes insecurely, "I don't want you to see my cock."

"Why not?" Yoongi laughs, though he doesn't jump to take off Jimin's pants respectfully. "Think it's something I've never seen before?"

"Um," Jimin's flustered, hadn't considered that Yoongi has done something like
this with a kitten hybrid before. He doesn't think that this is something other hybrids do, seems too taboo, but—

"I know it's small, baby, you don't have to be embarrassed. I'm just trying to take care of you." Yoongi explains, "But I don't have to take your pants off if you
don't want me to. I'm going home to sleep after you come, so you can go home, too. Don't worry about the mess."

Admittedly, that does make Jimin feel a little better, is exactly what he needs to fuck into Yoongi's hand desperately, angle his hips in a way that forces Yoongi's
fingers to press against his hole just a little more, and begins to purr with his orgasm, can't help the way it's all reflexive, the soft vibration and the moans that he releases.

All the while, Yoongi pets Jimin through it, kissing his neck and whispering, "That's it, kitten,
good boy."

Jimin doesn't — he doesn't exactly feel like a good boy, knowing how wrong all of this must be, but he can't help but enjoy it anyway, even when he's soft in his underwear and Yoongi still has his hand down his pants.

The aftermath is Jimin coming to terms with the
situation. That Yoongi is his boss, who is also a human, and that they've both just made a complete mess of Jimin's slacks.

That Yoongi is still hard, with his human cock that presses against Jimin's bum, and Jimin still hasn't been fucked in the way that his body tends to beg
for when slick starts to leak out of him.

"Oh," Jimin parts his lips and tries to sit up, perhaps in reaction to this, combined with realization, but Yoongi holds him back down in place.

"You don't have to be so eager to get up, calm down, kitten," Yoongi says comfortingly,
"you just came, relax."

Jimin tries to, at least. He visually takes in where Yoongi's wrist comes out of his waistband, how he's locked in place, and he suddenly gets this idea that he—

Jimin really wants to see Yoongi's cock.

He spreads his legs a little wider reflexively.
"Hyung," Jimin starts, "are you— you have to come, too. What're you gonna...?"

He realizes, quickly, that it's unlikely his boss isn't going to get off, too. That this wasn't all necessarily a selfless peruse. His legs feel weak, at the thought of Yoongi using his body to get
off, too.

There's a thrill in such a thought.

Rather than answer Jimin's question, Yoongi tightens his arm around Jimin’s waist and bucks his hips upwards in a way that creates friction between his bum and Yoongi's cock. Because of his size, Jimin's entire body rocks from the
movement, something controlled by the security of Yoongi's arm, locking him in place.

And, still, Jimin feels his entire body being used, when Yoongi's thrusts become more consistent.

"I, um," Jimin tries to squirm around in Yoongi's lap, but he's kept securely in place, "I
want to /see/, let me see your cock, please." He sucks on his bottom lip desperately, ignoring the vibration of Yoongi laughing at him.

"Ah, you do?" Yoongi asks. "You'll have to work harder for something like that."

"What do you mean?" Jimin feels his voice grow small. "I just
want... I've never seen a human cock. I just want to know how big it really is."

It's innocent, Yoongi must know, that Jimin isn't experienced by any means, is willing to sit still on Yoongi's lap for however long it takes him to come by bucking his hips.

Yoongi wants more,
when he takes his hand out of Jimin's pants, /finally/, because Jimin knows that he could get hard again if he's touched for too long.

"You really want to see?" Yoongi teases.

"I do."

"Well, I want something in return."

Jimin should know better than to nod his head in

"Okay, anything."

"Let me see yours."

As if on reflex, Jimin goes to close his legs, but Yoongi quickly puts his hand in between where they part, locking them open like a wooden block fitted underneath a door.

It's not that Jimin's opposed to the idea of Yoongi
seeing it, he's just opposed to any human man seeing how small he is in general, to seeing where he's most vulnerable.

"I can promise you it's bigger than anything you've ever seen in your hybrid porn." Yoongi presses his mouth temptingly to Jimin's neck once again, making him
soft and compliant as he lets Yoongi play with the waistband of his slacks, as if to preemptively gesture toward removing them.

"Just go ahead and take off your pants for me."

Jimin doesn't know what inspires him to sit on Yoongi's lap in only his sweater, to having his bare
bum sitting on top of Yoongi's clothed erection, for his cock to be so well-exposed that Yoongi can see it when he looks down at Jimin's lap, sitting there cutely and bouncing every time that Yoongi bucks his hips forward.

But now, Jimin's waiting to be able to see Yoongi's in
return, knowing that his own cock, still sticky with his come, is catching air, and Jimin is living off of nothing but adrenaline.

"Such a good kitty," Yoongi commends him, though it sounds distracted, between needy thrusts and a tight grip on Jimin's thigh for leverage.
Jimin's waiting to be able to see Yoongi's cock, though he really had wanted to see it hard, when he feels the quick bucks of Yoongi reaching his orgasm, when his forehead is resting in the crook of Jimin's neck from behind, and he's panting just a bit from coming so hard.
And Jimin wonders, vaguely, if this really isn't the first time that Yoongi's gotten off with a kitten hybrid, or any breed, before.

"Hyung," Jimin whines and looks down, more embarrassed now than when Yoongi was about to come about how exposed his dick is, "you told me that I'd
get to see."

Yoongi laughs and taps Jimin's hip, his grip loosening.

"Baby, put your pants back on."

Jimin flushes and nods his head obediently, getting up from Yoongi's lap with his bare bum completely on display for Yoongi's eyes.
Ultimately, Jimin knows better than to think that Yoongi isn't watching him as he bends down to pick up his clothes off of the office floor.

Jimin is nothing but a squirming, embarrassed mess, his pants stained with come and slick, as he trails behind Yoongi, down the hall, and toward the waiting room of the animation department of Seoul Games.

“We’re heading out,” Yoongi tells Namjoon, who looks up from his
desk, “tell Jin we’ll be in tomorrow.”

“...Jimin?” Namjoon begins, noticing how flustered he looks, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi answers easily on his behalf, “he’s fine.”

Jimin forces what he hopes is a convincing smile and nods his head.

“Bye, Namjoon,” he waves, though all
that he gets in return is an unconvinced squint.

Jimin is certainly prepared to take the bus home, but when Yoongi sees him press the first-floor button in the elevator after he clicks the one for the garage, he shakes his head.

“I can give you a ride. You don’t have to take
the bus.”

“Oh,” Jimin doesn’t know how he feels about being in a car all alone with Yoongi, “that’s okay.”

It’s not that Jimin doesn’t trust Yoongi, it’s just that he’s always been warned against getting into a car with a human, been told that there are locks on the doors and
anyone can easily take advantage of having him alone.

“C’mon, you don’t live far. Let me take you.”

Jimin agrees, if not because Yoongi’s his boss and he trusts him enough not to do anything bad, then because he really doesn’t want to have to face public transportation with
slick still leaking out of his bum.

That probably isn’t a good idea, anyway, when other hybrids will be able to smell him and think that he’s in heat -- that he’d be vulnerable enough to be easy.

And, truthfully, Jimin does still feel a little easy, standing closer to Yoongi
than necessary in the elevator so that their sides are pressed together. Yoongi doesn’t act on this, but he certainly could and Jimin would certainly let him do whatever he wanted.

If Yoongi wanted to stop the elevator and touch Jimin some more, he could.
But Yoongi doesn’t, and he doesn’t care that Jimin sits in the passenger seat of his car with his legs spread a little wider than usual. He doesn’t care that he could touch Jimin’s thigh or tilt his seat back and get on top of him. If he wanted.

It’s not that Jimin wants it
necessarily, but...there’s still slick leaking out of him and his body is still anticipating the one thing that Yoongi's refused him.

Yet, at some point, Jimin sighs to himself, losing all hope of leaving Yoongi completely satisfied, as he thinks that things are coming to an
end, even if his need isn’t. He doesn't tell Yoongi where he lives, but they still end up in front of the long road of hybrid government housing, much to Jimin’s confusion.

"Which building is yours?" Yoongi asks, acknowledging Jimin for the first time during the car ride, and
Jimin hums and tells him to keep going, that it's only a little ways down.

When Yoongi pulls over to the side of the road in front of Jimin's building, Jimin doesn't expect to see Taehyung about to leave.

He realizes, however, that he's been caught. Everything he's done in the
past hour is likely to be exposed.

"Who's that?" Yoongi asks, a little sourly, recognizing the hybrid and the way that Taehyung doesn't stop staring at Jimin through the window, still on the doorstep as though he's waiting for him to come out of the car.
"Just my roommate," Jimin swallows and unbuckles his seat belt. He's about to reach for the door handle, when Yoongi makes a tutting noise.

"Kitten, you aren't going to say goodbye?" Yoongi places his hand on Jimin's thigh, heavily, as if to root him in place.
"Um," Jimin swallows, "thank you for the ride, hyung. I'll see you tomorrow?" Though, his confusion is not in the probability of seeing Yoongi tomorrow, rather, in his behavior.

He seems a little jealous, if not spiteful, and Jimin is desperate to get out of the car, even if
that means facing Taehyung. Jimin can certainly lie, that Yoongi is just his boss driving him (which is true, but there's more to the story than that). Jimin can lie, until Yoongi rubs his thigh, higher than moments ago, and Jimin can feel the same amount of adrenaline that he
had when he was on Yoongi's lap.

"Don't I get a kiss goodbye?" Yoongi asks, though he's smirking. Jimin thinks that this might be a little condescending, and surely he wants to kiss Yoongi, but Taehyung is watching.

Jimin wants, desperately, to say, /hyung, my roommates
watching us/, but, still. He still wants to kiss Yoongi, wants to know what it's like and he worries that he won't have another chance for something like this, so.

With his cheeks burning, Jimin leans into Yoongi's mouth and turns his head, slowly in a way that gives Yoongi time
to prepare and take control.

Except, he doesn't, is still when Jimin presses his lips to his.

"Good boy," Yoongi pats Jimin's thigh and pulls away, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Jimin doesn't have time to linger over kissing Yoongi, the feeling of his lips against his or anything,
other than the fact that Taehyung is waiting for him by the front door of their apartment building, and that he's immediately greeted with a, "Who was that?" as Yoongi pulls away.

Jimin hasn't known Taehyung for longer than a month, but they've grown closer than Jimin thinks
he's been with anyone. And, in a sense, Taehyung has taken Jimin under his wing.

Jimin avoids eye contact and enters the lobby, striding toward the elevator with Taehyung still at his side.

"Um," Jimin explains, "just my boss."

"Wait, what?" Taehyung sounds to be a little in
disbelief, "That was your boss? He just kissed you, Jimin."

"Oh, yeah." Jimin agrees, shy because he's never had to talk about any of this before. And, honestly, he's a little overwhelmed.

"Why do you smell like you're in heat?" Taehyung squints as they enter the elevator, an
enclosed space that certainly doesn't do anything but enhance Jimin's scent.

Jimin squeezes his thighs together.

"I'm not in heat." Jimin frowns. "I couldn't help it, it's just slick."

"Jimin," Taehyung restarts, much gentler than before, and Jimin looks up, willing to face
the confrontation, "did something happen with your boss?"

"Maybe," Jimin swallows, "he's not like other humans, though. He's really nice to me."

"Jimin," Taehyung sighs, nothing but concerned, but Jimin really doesn't want to have this conversation. He hates that being a hybrid
is always marking everything he does, doesn't know why he can't have this without the difference between himself and Yoongi being pointed out.

Yoongi's a human. He can't possibly want Jimin for Jimin, is what that’s supposed to mean.

"Please, Jimin, be safe." Taehyung must
realize that Jimin doesn't want to be having this conversation. He lets it go, for the time being, likely because Jimin is leaking slick and he looks well fucked out.

Jimin is relieved to finally get into his apartment. He hurries toward his bedroom and immediately strips off
his work pants. When he looks at them, it’s not too obvious, visually, that he’d been leaking slick, but Jimin can feel the wetness there.

And, Jimin can feel how a puddle has collected in the back of his underwear, his cock hard all over again, and when he looks down at
himself, even all alone in his bedroom, he feels nothing but ashamed and embarrassed.

Jimin squeezes his thighs together and pulls his underwear up, making it tighter around his cock, making his bulge look bigger through the fabric, but also feeding pressure against his hole.
Jimin is desperate and alone — he doesn’t know what to do.

Until, Jimin realizes that slick has begun to leak down his thigh and he doesn’t understand how this could be happening. Surely, he leaks a bit of slick on the occasion, depending, but this is alarming. Jimin doesn’t
know what to do, when he wishes someone would just press him into the mattress and fuck him.

He blames Yoongi. Because all he can think about is how /big/ he must be.

He still wants to see. He’s practically gagging for it.

But, for right now, Jimin does all that he can. He
goes to the bathroom to try and clean himself, thinking about how and where Yoongi had touched him, and then back into his bedroom where he sets a towel down over his pillow.

And Jimin just feels /worse/, at the painfulness of how pathetic he is, pressing a pillow in between his
legs and humping it because he doesn’t have anyone to help him with this.

It’s not a heat, he tells himself, he’s just horny.
But Jimin whines and pants and bucks his hips, legs open and /waiting/ for Yoongi or anyone with a cock to press into him.

It’s not a heat, Jimin tells himself, but he’s just as desperate and, well, he’s beginning to think that it is.
When Jimin wakes up the next morning, his cheeks are stained a hot red, there is a pull in his stomach that tells him to find someone to fuck him /now/, and his sheets are soaked with slick.

This may be a heat, Jimin realizes, but it is not a normal one. Because, normally, it’s
just being horny for a little while, but this is something tenfold.

Jimin’s phone begins to ring immediately, following his alarm for work.

“Hello?” Jimin manages to sound normal, despite how he’s feeling.

“Hey Jimin, it’s Namjoon from the office. How are you?”

“I’m good,”
Jimin lies, “how are you?” for the sake of formalities and professionalism.

He doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but he also knows that he really can’t be going into work in this state.

“I’m good, thanks. I just wanted to let you know that Yoongi-hyung’s gonna be working from
home today so you can go there instead of the office. I can give you the address. Don’t worry, though, it’s not too far.”

Mentally processing this, Jimin’s hole, still leaking with slick, immediately twitches at the idea of being inside of Yoongi’s home, with him and all alone.
“Oh, um, okay,” Jimin swallows and puts Namjoon on speaker phone so that he can type the address into his maps app, “Do you think that I could also get his phone number, just in case?”

“Right, sure,” Namjoon hurries, like he feels bad that Jimin hasn’t gotten it sooner, “of
course. Let me just pull up his file for you.”

Once Jimin has all of the information that he needs and is off the phone with Namjoon, he immediately calls Yoongi, nervously, because not only is he still thinking about the events of yesterday, the way that he’d been touched, but
also, what he plans to ask.

“Hyung?” Jimin asks when Yoongi picks up the phone, “It’s Jimin.”

“Oh, hi, Jimin.” He sounds amused to be hearing from him. “Did Namjoon call and tell you about today?”

“Yeah, but,” Jimin starts, “I can’t go. I think I’m in heat.”

“Oh,” Yoongi
clears his throat, taken aback, “so soon?”

“I don’t know,” Jimin frowns, “I can’t control when they happen. I also, um, hyung, I shouldn’t really be talking to you about this. I’m sorry. It’ll be gone in two days or so, though.”

Though, there is a voice in Jimin’s head telling
him to beg Yoongi to come over and hold him down into the mattress. It’s telling him that a human cock would be so much better than another kitten’s, not that Jimin’s ever really tried that, anyway, but still.

“If I let you stay home, what’re you gonna do all by yourself?”
Yoongi inquires.

“Hyung,” Jimin whispers into the phone, especially since he still doesn’t know if Taehyung is home. He’s probably getting ready for work, and can likely smell that Jimin’s started his heat, “I— I can’t talk about that.”
“Well, you can’t go on the bus like this, kitten, it’s not safe,” Jimin fears but also hopes for what Yoongi will say next, “so I can come and pick you up and bring you to mine.”

Jimin doesn’t think that this is a good idea, but it’s the idea that he wants. There’s a voice in
his head telling him that if he goes to Yoongi’s, he’ll get fucked and that’s exactly what he needs.

There’s a voice in Jimin’s head yelling back, this one different, that Yoongi is human and not safe.

Jimin manages to dodge Taehyung, who texts him, telling him to call if he
needs anything and to please be safe. He takes a shower, cleans up all of the slick from in between his legs, and gets a pad out from the drawer before more can stain his underwear. It’s merely a cotton layering between his bum and his underwear, but it’ll hopefully do the job.
Jimin dresses in normal work pants, but the tip of his cock pokes against the front of the fabric inappropriately. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that he can do about it, and before he even has the chance to consider changing clothes, he receives a text from Yoongi telling him
that he’s arrived.

Jimin hurries through the halls of his building and downstairs, hoping not to run into anyone.

“Hi, Jimin,” he’s greeted by Yoongi, despite the obvious dilemma hanging over them, “you feeling okay?”

Jimin hums in confirmation, even if it’s mutual knowledge
that that’s not really true. Yoongi can likely tell just by looking at Jimin how weak he is and, thankfully, Yoongi keeps his hands to himself, because one small stroke of Jimin’s cock might just lead him to cave.

“I didn’t mean to make you go into heat.” Yoongi says suddenly,

“What do you mean?”

“Just, human pheromones tend to have their own effect on hybrids. But most hybrids have at least somewhat of a tolerance to it.”

Jimin swallows, unsure if what Yoongi is saying is true.

“If I would’ve… you were still hard and leaking when you
left. Your body thinks you’re about to be mated.”

Jimin doesn’t know how Yoongi would know this, but it sounds true, paired with everything else that he knows about hybrids and their heats.

“I’m— I’m really desperate, hyung.” Jimin confesses, voice a little broken, and he
chances a glance at him from where he’s been looking out the window.

Yoongi laughs.

“I know, kitten, but we’re almost at mine.”
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