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In response to an @ipb_media question on a training exercise from my frightening bestseller THE NINE LAWS:

#Survival is the First Law.

Look well, o wolves!

This is the exercise from THE NINE LAWS that @ipb_media asks about.

We will walk through this carefully together.

And you will see the Way that is walked by the Dark Triad Man.

"Look at each moment as potentially fatal."

This is the heart of the Law.

How does this work?

The ninja tumble and turn between the Diamond and the Womb.

This is esoteric knowledge, taught from teacher to student.

These are the 両界曼荼羅 or the Ryōkai Mandara.

I will simplify them.

The Kongokai, or Diamond Realm, represents Reality as Infinity.

It is a View.

The Taizokai, or Womb Realm, represents Reality as the Instant Moment.

It is also a View.

The ninja tumbles and turns his perspective, and from them gains insight into the momentum and trajectory of fate.

"Ivan, how does this relate to survival?"


You exist on the continuum of Infinity.

You live and die within the Singularity of the Moment.

Whenever your death comes,

And it will arrive as surely as it has been intended for you,

It will be in one of those moments.

You will have a last moment!

Which one will it be?

Therefore, I tell you "look at each moment as potentially fatal".

Because one of them will be.

Understand you have a death prepared for you.

In a moment, it will arrive, and you are complete.

Be intimately aware of each moment in life!

Savor it!

Survive it!

"Use your imagination to envision a deadly threat emerging from unexpected places."

How does this work?

Look at this picture.

This was taken at a party in the sunshine, celebrating my daughter's graduation.

I was looking across the green lawn at two men approaching.


They had sports jackets on, unbuttoned.

Minor fashion violation, acceptable in the hot weather.

They did not smile.

They walked roughly twenty feet apart even though they were together.

Why was that?

Thus the exercise:

"What if they were coming to kill me?"


This is not Paranoia.

This is Exercising the Mind.

This is Exercising the Heart.

This is Exercising the Body.

Had they been armed, would I have stood a chance?

Based on seating arrangements, doors, available tools, and so on... probably not.

Life is like that sometimes.

The point is not to berate oneself, or to array yourself with constant expectation of murder.

That is exhausting and silly.

The point is to LOOK.

The point is to SEE.

The point is to TRAIN.

And therefore KNOW.

With habitual exercise, small habits will lead to survival.

This is how you "continually work to sharpen your awareness of risk and take conscious steps to avoid being killed, even as you cross the street to work."

@PraetorianSwift is superb at this.

He sees! And remembers enormous detail.

A reason he is my training partner.

Now we will explore the training exercise itself.

"What were stark moments in which you realized you had been careless for your own survival?"

We will use the graduation luncheon example, as it is already before us.

The two men were not smiling.

Who were they?

How had I been careless?

Did I see them approaching the park behind the restaurant?

Did I observe them arrive separately or together?

These are gaps in Posture that interfere with Power.

Think about what you don't bother to notice.

Think about why you don't bother.

I picked my seat mostly for consideration of shade.

It was a hot day.

Thus I had my back to the wall, so that I could see everything. That is important to me as I cannot hear.

And it restricted my mobility. People to the sides of me, table in front of me, rail around me.

Risk management is a discipline all its own.

How real is the risk that two grim sicarios will appear to gun me down at my daughter's graduation party?

That day it was negligible, based on my life and what I knew of the guests.

"Why just that day, Ivan?"


The Womb Realm teaches us that there is no Staticity.

Nothing is Static.

Nothing is Permanent.

All Changes.


Just like your life.

Do you understand this?

Thus to observe, moment to moment, with care...

Is in accordance with the Way.

Let that be a lesson to you.

And in this lesson, we will examine the next question:

"Were your perceptions of threat more prominent with people, places, or in your own errors?"

Examine these.

Again, you must tumble and turn within the Way.

"Ivan, do you mean where did you perceive more threats arising?"

"Or did you mean which of them inflame your perceptions more?"

Of course I mean both.

Of course I mean both at once.

When I say Tumble and Turn,

I mean it!

Are you angrier at being threatened, or for being vulnerable to threat?

Do people arouse you, or do the places you encounter them push your button?

Are you more vulnerable in certain places?

Do specific people make you careless?

Are you certain?

Do you know?

Do they?

This brings us to the last exploration point in the teaching.

"How have you been contributing to your own moments of fatal vulnerability?"

Humans are habitual, ritualistic creatures.

We fall into habits, and we build rituals.

We build life, and fall into death.

To the extent that your habits are unthinking,

To the degree that you adhere to habit over ritual,

You are akin to the driver who closes his eyes while turning the corner.

Mindfulness is not merely "being aware of being aware".

Mindfulness is a tool of Survival.


Never fail to keep the truth of the Way directly before you:


This is the harshest truth many refuse to accept.

"God will save me!"


God made you an apex predator.

Fulfill His design!

Learn to see, to own, and live!

Now let us reflect on this lesson.

"Consider a primary adaptation that you will embody in the future to advance your own probability of survival."

What is a simple way to do this?

Identify poor habit and replace with useful ritual.

Begin with small things.

Before you enter a convenience store, look inside.

• Anyone visible behind the counter?


• Anyone visible at all in the store?


• Car parked outside with engine running?


• Facing out?


Are YOU going in?

When do you realize these indicators of risk?

If your hand is already on the door, you are leaving it just a little bit late.

Work to make awareness a constant.

Awareness is a sacred ritual of sorts.

Look often.

See early.

And live when others die.

It is a dark world.

"Develop continuous awareness of your mortality and protect your life in each moment. Do not allow yourself to become complacent in observation of the Law."

I refer you back to the Two Realms.


Each moment!

Tumble and turn!



When the human being lives consciously, with continuous attention to the moment and the vast flow of eternity, his tumbling turn of life through it all becomes something very important:

It becomes a beautiful experience.

There is so much to see!

There is so much to learn!

When you are attuned to things, and you are intimately and consciously aware and connected to all things, the full beauty of the dark world blossoms with infinite appreciation for the fleeting nature of it.

The sakura blossom, just before it drops.

That is you.

Live well!

Can you tumble and turn the Diamond and the Womb from a perspective of beauty?

Is not the infinity of Heaven impossibly beautiful?

Does not infinite beauty exist within fleeting moments?

Do you want more of it?

Then you must live!

Survival is the First Law.

Keep it!

We now come to the question from @ipb_media that sparked this teaching thread from @IvanThrone.

"Identify the three most dangerous current threats to your survival. Address them and take actual steps to change their potential impact."

The answer must come from YOU.

YOU have hidden parts of your heart I cannot see.

YOU have fettered aspects of your mind I cannot unlock.

YOU have limitations of your body I cannot repair.

This is where the student must absorb the lesson!

YOU are responsible for YOUR survival.

And that is always that.

This Teaching Thread has come full circle.

The question from @ipb_media has been answered.

"But we arrive at the same place, Ivan!"

Is it my responsibility to move you?

Or to lay out principles, methods, and techniques.

Then throw you naked into the howling darkness?

The dark world is what it is.

An apex predator is what you are.

The weaponized human being is impossibly lovely,

And your operating system is THE NINE LAWS.

If you would walk the Way,

then read it.

And train.

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