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[yoonmin thread fic] dark(ish) snow white + abo AU

Jimin runs away from his stepmother after finding out she wants him dead out of jealousy and fear of him taking the throne; he goes to the woods, where he luckily finds a refuge with a pack of shifters led by alpha Yoongi.
It all happened thanks to that hunter who was kind enough to let Jimin escape.

However, he wouldn’t have to decide whether Jimin was worthy to live or not if it wasn’t for the prince’s stepmother, the Queen.
It began years ago when Jimin’s father – the King then – passed away and left him with his stepmother and his equally awful stepbrothers. The ill treatment they reserved just for Jimin was present at all times now, so the prince to started to avoid them as much as possible.
He would stay in his room for as long as he could without food, and when he felt too hungry he’d go directly to the castle’s kitchens instead of sitting down in the dining hall to eat his meals with them.

The only days he truly enjoyed were the ones when he visited the village.
Their people adored Jimin; they invited him for feasts, gave him simple but meaningful gifts that filled his heart with joy, and didn’t ever stop complimenting his looks. They said he looked like a doll, petite and pretty, and told him he was too kind.
Jimin knew his stepmother and her sons never stepped into the village, so he treasured these happy moments with their people more than anything.

However, he didn’t know the Queen was aware of these visits, or that she knew what the people said about Jimin.
He only found out one fateful evening, when he was strolling near the woods surrounding the castle to collect berries and flowers, and suddenly heard heavy footsteps behind him.
It was a hunter, judging by the furs around his body and the dirty boots. He tried to attack Jimin with a large knife at first, but then suddenly stopped and simply held the prince close with shaking arms when he tried to run away with a terrified scream.
“She sent me,” he admitted after a few moments. “The Queen. She wants to get rid of you.”

Jimin felt goosebumps arise all over his skin. While he knew the Queen disliked him, he never thought she’d want to actually kill him. “W-Why?”
“She’s afraid and jealous,” the hunter said. “Afraid that the people will want you as a new ruler, and jealous of your beauty and kindness. She wants you gone.”

Jimin’s body tensed and he tried to escape once again, but the man’s strength was nothing compared to his own.
”P-Please, don’t–”

“I won’t kill you.”


”I won’t kill you,” the hunter repeated, and finally let him go. Jimin’s arms ached by the force the man had held him. “But she will kill me if you come back, and so... You will have to run away, my prince.”
Jimin widened his eyes, looking between the hunter and the dark forest behind him. He shivered at the sight. ”T-To where? I don’t–”
“Avoid the village, she’d find you easily enough there,” the man advised. “Just find somewhere else, and as quickly as you can,” he looked behind him to the castle. “I must go now. She’ll be waiting for me.”

“B-But how– how will you trick her?”
“I’ve killed a deer this morning,” the hunter answered. “I’ll give her its heart instead of yours.”

And after saying these words, the man turned away and quickly started to walk back to the castle, not giving Jimin enough time to react.
He felt sick thinking the hunter almost killed him and collected his heart, the fear making his shaking legs guide him towards the woods.

Jimin started to run; his only plan in mind was getting away as far as he could from the castle, and as soon as possible.
He didn’t know for how long he ran, but his legs were burning from scratches caused by thin and tall branches he didn’t notice on his hurry, and his feet and head were aching with exhaustion.
Jimin stopped and leaned against a tree to catch his breath, looking around and not recognizing where he was.

His vision got blurry and he felt a sob building up on the back of his throat, but before he could start crying he heard the clear sound of footsteps and froze.
Jimin instantly thought it would be another hunter or even the same one from before looking for him after changing his mind, but when he turned around he found something completely different.
Three wolves were staring right back at him, their eyes shining in the dark forest.

Jimin didn’t even think of running away. His heart clenched painfully and his head spun, and before either of them could move the prince fell to the ground, his vision turning completely black.

The first thing Jimin noticed when he woke up was that he was warm and comfortable.

His last memory was being in the woods, freezing as the sun set behind the trees, so he was definitely somewhere else now.
Jimin sat up but regretted it as his head spun. He groaned, closing his eyes for a few moments, waiting for the dizziness to pass.

When he opened them again, he noticed he was inside a small cabin. The walls were made of wood, and there was a lit fireplace in the corner.
He was sitting down on the only bed in there, which was quite big for him. With a frown, he looked at the other pieces of furniture, noticing all of them were made of wood.

There were also furs hanging next to the door, which suddenly opened causing Jimin to gasp in surprise.
“Oh, you’re awake!”

The door closed again and Jimin focused on a tall brown-haired man who came in carrying a bowl which smelled like good food.

Even though Jimin heard his stomach rumble at the sight, he ignored his hunger in order to try and find out where he was.
“W-Who are you?”

The stranger smiled. “I’m Taehyung,” he simply answered. “What about you?”

Jimin hesitated. “I’m... Jimin,” he then replied. “Where– where am I?”

“Oh, you’re in my... village?” Taehyung said. ”I’m not sure if I can call it that. It’s pretty small, you see.”
Jimin frowned. “B-But I was in the woods– there were wolves–”

“Don’t worry, you’re safe,” Taehyung reassured him, approaching the bed to sit on its edge. He offered the bowl to Jimin with a wooden spoon. “Here. I bet you’re hungry.”
Jimin accepted it, but he didn’t start eating right away. He asked, “How did I arrive here?”

“We found you in the woods, unconscious,” Taehyung answered. He didn’t seem to mind Jimin’s questions, and the prince felt more at ease since he didn’t seem to know who he really was.
“What were you doing there?”

“I ran away from home,” Jimin answered quietly, looking down at the bowl. It was filled with vegetable soup. “I’m trying to find a new place to live.”

Taehyung nodded, looking quite interested.
“Oh, I see,” he said. “Well, we won’t mind having you with us for a while. Once you’re finished, I can show you around.”

“Thank you,” Jimin smiled faintly but gratefully before diving right in. The soup was delicious, and he couldn’t hold back a hum of appreciation.
Taehyung chuckled. “Seokjin made this, his food is the best. I’ll introduce him to you in a while.”

Jimin nodded, but occupied his mouth with the spoon and more food.

Once he was done, Taehyung took the bowl from him and guided him outside. +
Jimin stepped out nervously as if expecting those wolves to appear at any second, but everything seemed peaceful.

The cabin was located in the middle of a clearing, and there were other five small cabins surrouding it, all different from each other but about the same size.
It was morning now, so Jimin must have stayed unconscious for the entire night. After eating he was feeling more energized, and his head didn’t spin anymore as he followed Taehyung around.
The taller boy introduced him to Seokin, another man who was kind enough to give Jimin some clean clothes, and also Namjoon who appeared to be his husband – Jimin thought it wouldn’t be respectful to ask about it, so he kept quiet.
He greeted a few other villagers next, including a boy who seemed to be Taehyung’s significant other – husband? lover? Both of them looked quite young so Jimin wasn’t sure – by the way they greeted each other.
Jimin spent the rest of the morning talking to the people in a shared area between the six cabins, answering their questions while trying to hide his identity as best as he could. They were very kind and polite though, and he felt extremely lucky to have been found by them.
He didn’t understand how they could be so welcoming before even knowing him that well, but Jimin didn’t want to question his luck either and ask, so he just went along with it.
He had lunch with Seokjin and Taehyung a few hours later after a nap; Taehyung told him he could sleep inside that same cabin, which was still empty. He then listened to the two men as they talked about a bit about themselves and their routine around the tiny village.
Suddenly, there were excited gasps all around him, and Jimin raised his head just in time to see three wolves entering the clearing.

He gasped and stood up, feeling his legs shake beneath him. “T-Taehyung, you said it w-was safe–”
The other boy was suddenly right by his side, grasping his arm. “It /is/, don’t worry. I promise they won’t hurt you.”

“But w-what–”
He watched with wide eyes as the wolves disappeared behind one of the cabins. A few moments later three men appeared from the same spot, still buttoning their shirts as they walked.
Jimin couldn’t speak, his whole body frozen with shock. The wolves didn’t appear again, and all he could do was stare helplessly as the three men suddenly looked at him and Taehyung and started to approach them.
One of them was walking right in the middle and a few steps ahead, instantly grabbing Jimin’s attention. His hair was black, matching with his eyes, and his skin extremely pale but marked by dark scars, including one on his right cheekbone.
He stopped right in front of Jimin, his gaze unwavering.

“You don’t need to be scared,” he finally said, his deep voice sending shivers down Jimin’s spine. “I’m Yoongi, their leader – we’re all shifters here.”
Jimin’s legs gave out and he would’ve fallen onto the ground if it wasn’t for Taehyung’s grip on him, his body weak after all the stress it had been put through.
Of course he’d heard about shifters, but Jimin was sure that was an extinct species. The Queen used to talk about them with disgust whenever the topic was brought up, saying how glad she was they were gone.

It looked like she was wrong. Very, very wrong.
Jimin didn’t know what to think. Shifters were described as dangerous people both in their human and wolf form, that only cared about their own pack. Why would they be so nice to Jimin, then? So they could kill him more easily afterwards while he slept?
But wouldn’t they have done so already, while he was still unconscious?

Jimin felt himself being lowered to sit on the bench he was sitting on before Yoongi appeared, and suddenly another pair of warm hands touched him on his shoulders.
Looking up, his gaze met with the black-haired leader. “I know you have a lot of questions,” he said, his voice gentle. “But I want to make one thing clear – we won’t hurt you.”

He said that looking directly at Jimin’s eyes, and for some reason that made the prince believe him.
Hesitantly, he said, “B-But I’m not a shifter.”

Yoongi paused for a second, but then his expression changed and he looked quite amused. “Don’t worry about that, pup,” he said, squeezing Jimin’s shoulders gently. “We still have a place for you.”
Jimin felt his cheeks burn under the leader’s eyes, his hands getting sweaty. In a rush of courage that suddenly overtook him, he asked, “Can- can I see it?”

“What? The shift?”

Jimin nodded timidly. “If that’s alright.”
“It is,” Yoongi nodded. He took a sit on a bench in front of Jimin, and turned to look at one of the men that had shifted back into his human form with him a few minutes ago. “Hoseok. Show him.”

“But I just got dressed!”

“Just do it,” Yoongi insisted.
The man named Hoseok, a man with hair as black as Yoongi’s but of a skin tone not as pale, rolled his eyes but soon started doing as his leader had said.
He took off his shirt, then walked towards a nearby tree, hiding behind it. Jimin heard some noises but not even five minutes later a wolf stepped from behind the tree.
The prince tensed, gripping the fabric of his shirt so tightly his knuckles turned white, but suddenly a pair of calloused hands were easing his grip, taking them on his.

“It’s okay,” Yoongi gestured, holding his hands firmly as the wolf approached the both of them.
“It’s just Hoseok. He won’t hurt you.”

The wolf sat down right in front of Jimin, who tried to make himself as small as possible with a scared whimper. Yoongi guided his hands to touch the top of Hoseok’s head, not letting go for a second.
“See?” he muttered as Jimin felt the soft fur under his fingers. “He won’t bite your hand off. Right, Seok?”

The wolf huffed, approaching even further to nudge at Jimin’s knee softly. The sensation was quite ticklish and Jimin felt himself giggling before he could help himself.
Yoongi’s large hands let go of his much smaller ones, and when Jimin looked up the leader was staring at him with warm eyes. He didn’t seem like the person who smiled a lot, but his lips were slightly turned up as if he was amused.

“Told you so,” he said.
Jimin felt embarrassed, looking down as Hoseok turned away to find a spot to get dressed once again.

He hesitated, hands shaking when he looked back at Yoongi again. “I ran away from the palace.”
Yoongi blinked, visibly surprised at the sudden revelation. “You– what?”

“I w-was running away from the Queen,” he continued. “She wants me dead.”

“Jimin,” Taehyung said softly behind him, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder, but Jimin didn’t stop.
They had told him the truth and had been kind to him, so the least he could do was tell them about himself as well.

“I don’t r-really know where I’m going, but I would be forever thankful if I could stay for a while,” he said, looking down again.
He didn’t speak again, and for a second everyone around him were quiet. Suddenly he saw Yoongi’s feet moving, and his vision tilted up when the leader placed a hand under his chin to lift his face gently.
“We’re not friends of the Queen here,” he said. His expression was hard, his brows furrowed. “We’ll keep you safe, Jimin. You don’t have to worry.”

Eventually the leader had to go after answering some other questions of his, leaving behind some valuable information for the prince.
Yoongi told Jimin they had found him in the forest, in an area near the castle while they were hunting. He then reassured the prince by saying the clearing was far away and hidden from the castle and other villages, so it was very unlikely that they’d be able to find him.
Jimin still had many other questions, but he decided he’d have plenty of time to ask them later.

Taehyung told him to come with him right after Yoongi left, and they headed towards the largest of the six cabins.
“This is where you’ll sleep from now on,” Taehyung explained, guiding him into one of the few rooms. It was small, with two beds and some simple furniture. “You’ll get to share a room with me, too!”
Jimin smiled, a bit relieved it was Taehyung and not someone else. The tall boy was very friendly, and seemed to truly like Jimin as well even though they’ve met not long ago.
“Alright,” Jimin said. “But what about the other cabin I was sleeping in?”

“Oh. That’s Yoongi’s,” Taehyung explained.

Jimin paused, and felt himself blush. “What? Why was I sleeping there? Didn’t he–”
“He was the one who told us to put you there,” Taehyung laughed at his reaction, crouching down in front of a large trunk to pull out some furs and blankets for Jimin’s bed.

The other boy nodded. “He was the one who found you in the woods, with Hoseok and Jungkook.”

Jimin hummed, starting to put the pieces of his journey so far together. “Jungkook... is he that boy you introduced to me? Your...?”
“He’s my alpha,” Taehyung informed him with a bright smile. “But we’re not mated yet.”

Jimin frowned and sat down on his bed; none of the words made any sense to him. “Your... alpha?”
“Yeah. We shifters are born with different status, that’s what makes us differ from humans. Other than our ability to shift, of course,” Taehyung explained while handing him some soft furs. “You’re either born an alpha or an omega.”
Jimin nodded hesitantly. “And... what’s the difference, exactly?”

“Alphas are usually protective, possessive... stronger, too,” Taehyung told him. “That’s why they’re our pack leaders.”

“So... Yoongi’s an alpha?”
“Yes. The alphas mate with us omegas; it can happen that two shifters of the same status mate, but it’s /very/ rare.”

Jimin nodded slowly, taking in the information. It seemed like there was a whole new world in front of him, and he knew nothing about it. “I see.”
“But don’t worry too much,” Taehyung reassured him with a smile. “You’ll get used to it soon.”

Jimin surely hoped so.
That night they had a delicious dinner around a fire and under the starts. Jimin caught himself chancing glances at Yoongi a few times, feeling embarrassed every time he remembered the alpha calling him “pup” so tenderly.
Much to his surprise, the leader approached him after the meal.

Jimin had brought his plate to the smallest of the cabins where he found out was where Seokjin and two other omegas prepared the meals, and when he stepped out he found the alpha standing there, waiting for him.
“Did Taehyung show you where you will sleep?" he asked.

“Yes, I really like it. Thank you.”

Yoongi nodded, looking pleased. He then had a look at Jimin’s clothes, and for a second he seemed a bit upset. “Seokjin gave you his clothes?”
Jimin looked down at them in surprise. How did he even know it was Seokjin’s? They were clean but quite plain clothes, similar to the ones Jimin saw everyone around wearing.
“Y-Yes, how did you–”

“You’ll need more for the next days,” Yoongi suddenly said, gesturing towards his own cabin. “Come with me.”
Although surprised, Jimin followed Yoongi and eventually fell into step beside him as they walked towards his cabin across the small village.

He held the door open to Jimin once they got there, gesturing him to enter first.

“Thank you,” Jimin murmured, biting back a smile.
The cabin still looked as cozy as Jimin remembered, but embarrassingly enough the bed was still exactly as he left that afternoon after his nap.
Yoongi didn’t seem to mind the slightest, though. He approached a trunk similar to the one in Taehyung’s bedroom as started to look through the insides.
“I have some clean, plain clothes for the day, but also some warm clothing for the evening,” he said, taking out some shirts, pants, sweaters and socks from the trunk. He stood up and gave it to Jimin, all of them in a neat pile.

“Oh, a-are you sure? Aren’t there too–”
Yoongi suddenly snapped his fingers, looking like he remembered something important. “Right.”

He walked to the furs hanging next to the door Jimin had spotted that morning, and after a few moments looking at them he grabbed two of a dark brown color.
“Here,” he said, approaching Jimin once again.

The prince looked between the pile of clothes on his arms and the thick furs Yoongi was offering him. “I- um, I don’t think I can carry them all,” he chuckled nervously.
Yoongi then seemed flustered, noticing how Jimin’s arms were full. “Oh, I’m so sorry,” he said, leaning over to take the clothes from him. He stood back, carrying both things in his arms.

Jimin could feel his face burning at the gesture. “Oh wait– isn’t this heavy? I can help.”
“It’s alright,” Yoongi told him. “I don’t mind.”

“O-Oh, in that case,” Jimin nodded, still feeling a bit uneasy at letting him do all the work.
He held the door open for Yoongi this time, and they walked across the shared area in between the cabins to the largest one Taehyung showed him.

When they step inside the room and Jimin pointed to Yoongi his bed, the alpha put all the clothes and furs on top of it carefully.
“Thank you so much,” Jimin said. “W-Well, not only for the clothes but for being so welcoming and kind. I truly mean it. I’ll try my best to repay you once I can.”

Yoongi was giving him that warm stare again, making Jimin’s skin arise in goosebumps.
“I want to make you feel at home here,” he finally answered. “I just– um, I feel that I have to make sure you’re comfortable and safe.”

Jimin nodded. “Is it... because of the Queen?”

Yoongi seemed to be taken back by the question. “The Queen? Why?”
“Well, you– I mean, didn’t you say you disliked her?”

The alpha’s expression suddenly hardened, and Jimin wondered if touching the topic was a good idea.
”I do,” he said. “And you’re right – if I can protect you from being hurt by her, than I’ll do whatever I can to make it possible. But, well, it’s not just because of her.”

Jimin tilted his head to the side, confused. “What do you mean?”
Yoongi looked flustered again, and he cleared his throat while avoiding Jimin’s eyes. “Uh– don’t worry too much about it. I should go now. You’re probably very tired.”

“Oh... alright,” Jimin said, understanding Yoongi didn’t want to talk about it but still rather confused.
“Goodnight, Yoongi.”

The alpha finally showed him a little smile, and he walked towards the door.

“Goodnight, pup,” he said before stepping out, closing the door behind him.
Jimin stood for a few seconds by himself there, the leader’s words sinking in. When he finally moved again, it was with red cheeks and a barely contained smile.

Taehyung woke him up the next day, asking if Jimin wanted to go bathe in the river nearby before breakfast.

Jimin agreed with enthusiasm, eager to scrub the dirt off his body from his adventures through the woods the previous day.
It was still very early, the sky pink and the sun still rising in the horizion when they stepped out, still no one in sight.

They walked through a path into the woods behind the cabins, and a few minutes later they arrived at the river.
It was still early autumn so it wasn’t that cold yet, but the absence of the sun in such an early hour made both the temperature of the water and of the air around them low to the point Jimin shivered while removing his clothing.
Taehyung didn’t have the same problem. After undressing, he quickly shifted into his wolf form, the fur protecting him from the cold. He got into the river quickly, splashing water around.
Jimin giggled at the sight, wrapping his arms around his body as he sat down near the shore, the water reaching up to his hips.

While Taehyung played around, the prince rubbed his skin with the handmade soap they had brought with them, making sure not to forget his hair.
When he was done Taehyung shifted back into his human form and did the same while Jimin made his way out to sit down in the sun which had finally appeared on top of the trees, casting warm sunlight on the prince’s skin.
To quicken the process Jimin patted the shirt he using to sleep against his body, and when he was finally dry enough he started slipping into clean clothes, the ones Yoongi gave him the night before.
Jimin put on a thick sweater, pants and soft socks before stepping into the boots Taehyung had given him – they were quite large on his feet, but there wasn’t really anyone with feet as small as Jimin’s to give him a pair, so he had to deal with it.
When they came back to the village, most people had woken up already and were eating around the fire, basking in the sun.

Jimin spotted Yoongi talking to Hoseok and Namjoon next to his cabin, the three alphas – as Taehyung had informed him – sporting serious expressions.
“They’re organizing today’s hunt,” Seokjin informed him once he noticed Jimin staring while they ate breakfast. “They’ll probably bring as many people as they can.”

Jimin listened with interest. “Are you going?”
Seokjin made a face. “I don’t like hunting,” he said. “Most of our omegas are pretty good, though, even if we usually don’t need them to go with the alphas to hunt. But we have to stock for winter, and Yoongi likes to start early.”
Jimin felt a bit sick all at once – talking about hunting reminded him of the man who spared his life that day, the reason why he was living among these kind shifters now.

“Are you okay?” Seokjin suddenly asked.

Jimin startled. “Uh– yes.”
The omega smiled knowingly. “I can smell your distress in your scent, you know,” he said, and then looked to something behind Jimin. “I’m not the only one, too.”
Jimin looked at him questioningly, but his wordless question was answered when someone suddenly sat down next to him, their leg pressing against Jimin’s.

"Are you alright?”
Yoongi was looking at him with concern in his eyes, a frown between his eyebrows. Jimin’s heart skipped a beat; was his scent this strong for the alpha to pick it up from where he was standing before?

“Y-Yes, don’t worry,” he replied, but neither shifter seemed convinced.
They thankfully dropped the topic, and Yoongi’s gaze went from his face to the prince’s clothes, a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.

“Are these comfortable?”

“Oh, yes,” Jimin nodded, wrapping his arms around his body with a smile. “They’re really warm and soft.”
“Good,” Yoongi said, pleased.

“It’s just the boots that are a problem,” Jimin chuckled, looking down at his feet. “I half walk, half trip whenever I want to go somewhere.”

Yoongi stared at them, too. “I’ll make sure to get you a smaller pair as soon as I can.”
“Oh,” Jimin looked up at him, alarmed. “I-I didn’t mean to sound I was complaining, t-they’re actually pretty comfortable–”

“It’s not a problem at all,” Yoongi shook his head, reassuring him. “It’s better than having you tripping and hurting yourself by accident.”
Jimin blushed, but right at that moment Hoseok called Yoongi from across the village. Seokjin gave Jimim a teasing smirk, then focused back on his food when the leader turned around.

“We’ll go hunting soon,” he told Jimin.
“Most of us will be gone, so I need you to be careful. Seokjin and some other omegas will stay, so go to them if you need anything, alright?”

“Y-Yes,” Jimin nodded, a bit overwhelmed by Yoongi’s care for him. Did he treat all his guests like this?
A small voice inside his head answered probably not, but Jimin couldn’t possibly be sure of that.

“Alright,” Yoongi said, standing up but not taking his eyes off Jimin just yet. “It will– well, it’ll probably take the entire day. You’ll still be here, right?”
Jimin squinted his eyes at the question, trying to figure out what it meant, when it suddenly hit him. Was Yoongi afraid he was going to leave?

“Oh,” he said, blinking up at the alpha. He then smiled gently. “Of course I will.”
‼️ i’ll stop here because this thread fic will become a full ao3 fic since it’s too long ,, pls stay tuned for more updates!!! i’ll share a link very soon :’)
chapter one is already up!…
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