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“My Boyfriend’s NSFW Account” [jikook crack au]

Where Jungkook and Jimin have been dating for almost a year when Jungkook accidentally comes across a soft nsfw acc that he’s convinced belongs to Jimin.

#jikookau #btsau #jikook
A/N: Before we start, there’s obviously going to be a small amount of nsfw in this, but my gf follows this acc, so we’re not doing that. Lol. Anyway, please don’t tag bts. This au is for fun. Remember to turn on post notifs :)
5- The Account
9 - Taehyung is asking for trouble
10- the gc without Jimin
13 - Jungkook creates another account to follow SweetPeach
15 - Jimin’s post
20 - Jungkook gets a notif
23 - Jk texts Jin
I made an error ?? This is 15 btw the thread’s all messed up for some reason
This as a heads up: if it seems like I haven’t updated in a long time, the thread might’ve broke, so just expand the last visible update and the rest should be there
31 - Jimin texts Jungkook
32- Jungkook panics
40 - the thread continues
42 - back again
43- Taehyung texts Jk
I’m so sorry it took so long to update :(( it sucks too so prepare yourself
48 - Jikook sleepy days
53 - he freaks out (as usual tho)
I’m so sorry i haven’t updated I’ve been sick 💘
59 - what just happened
63 - Jungkook and Namjoon talk
65 - old posts pt 2
It felt like he stared at the bathroom doorknob for years. His mind swirled chaotically with a million different things that could go wrong.

His thoughts were interrupted by insistent pounding on the door. “Jeon Jungkook!” Taehyung shouted impatiently.
Jungkook unlocked the door and swung it open so quickly that the older stumbled into the bathroom.

“Whattt,” he whined.

Taehyung quickly regained his balance, harshly shoving Jungkook out the bathroom door. “Be useful!”
“Comfort my bestie!” he shouted before he deadbolted the bathroom door, effectively ending their conversation.

Sighing, Jungkook turned away, facing his other four friends.

“It’ll be okay,” Namjoon reassured, smiling warmly at him. Jungkook looked down.
They gently encouraged their youngest in their own ways. Jin and Hobi patted his back, and Yoongi softly nodded at him.

Jungkook sighed, nervously tugging at the strings of his hoodie as he walked towards the entrance. He paused at the double doors, unsure.
Jimin sat a little away from the door on the curb, facing the road, so that Jungkook could only see his back and his fluffy blonde hair.

Jungkook swallowed, pocketing his phone in his pocket, and pushing the door open with wobbly hands.
He carefully sat down next to the other boy.

Jimin didn’t look up at him and continued anxiously twisting one of his rings on his fingers.

Jungkook tugged at his hoodie’s strings. “Hi,” he choked out, awkwardly ducking his head.
“Hey,” Jimin replied softly, still refusing to look at him.

Silence fell upon them and they sat eerily stiff.

Jungkook could hear the pounding of his heartbeat in his ears. “I’m sorry.”
“I know,” Jimin said softly.

“It’s my fault,” he blurted. “I got nosey. I didn’t respect your privacy-“

Jimin interrupted him. “What are you talking about?” he muttered, kicking a pebble away from his feet.

Jungkook stared at him, unimpressed. “Really?”
Exasperated, Jimin sighed, “Yes, really.”

The youngest blinked, “Uh, your account?”

Jimin tilted his head, confused, “My account?”

Jungkook scrunched his nose, tugging at his hoodie strings. “You know...” he trailed off, suddenly finding the floor more interesting.
Jungkook awkwardly looked up at his boyfriend, frowning. The other boy stared at him in confusion.

The dark haired boy sighed, gluing his eyes to the road rather than the other’s face. “Your... Your nsfw account?”

Jimin blinked, “What.”

“Your nsfw account...?”
“No, I know what you said, I just...” Jimin trailed off, unsure. “What’s the name of the account?” He finally asked him.

Jungkook nervously licked his lips. “Uh... sweet peach...?”

“Sweet peach...” he muttered, turning away, whispering the words to himself.
Jungkook watched his boyfriend anxiously, waiting for his angry reaction. It never came.

Instead, the blond burst into hysterical laughter. He clung onto Jungkook’s arm, shaking.

“Oh my g-god,” he laughed, “you think I’m-“ he wheezed, doubling over and shaking harder.
Jungkook stared at him, “Uh...”

Jimin wheezed, failing miserably to stop his laughter. “Oh, Jungkook-kookie... Jungkookie...” he trailed off, falling into another round of giggles. “T-that acc-account!” he laughed, “It doesn’t b-belong to me!”

Jungkook blinked. “It doesn’t?”
Jimin laughed, shaking his head. “N-no,” he confirmed, giggling.

The dark haired boy frowned. “Who does it belong to?”

“That ac-acc- “Jimin began to hysterically laugh again, “-it be-belongs to Yoongi hyung!”

“Wait, what??”
- yes the acc belongs to Yoongi
- Tae, Joon, and Jimin are the only ones who knew about the owner of acc
- there were subtle hints to Yoongi being the owner but they were very small
- if you have any other questions please feel free to ask :)
- end

Thank you for reading! This was probably my favorite au to write. I had a lot of fun making it. Thank you to every one who read, liked, and retweeted! Love you guys
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