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Live stream of the Peter Strzok professional hearing can be found here, free and legal:

I will be live tweeting in this thread as well.

Also, freaking twitter, they intentionally put typos into tweets it feels like sometime lol. Literally no way I mispelled "congressional" as "professional". Also, i hope the hearing starts about 15 minutes late because I will be listening but unable to tweet for the first 15 min
Gowdy sighting! Oh boy, he is gonna get after Strzok. He has been railing on him since the "we will stop it" text came out and railed on him in the other recent hearings too
Chairman Goodlatte calls out the Democrats and Peter Strzok saying this is an unnecessary investigation and the product of "conspiracy theories" tells them to replace Trump's name in those texts with theirs, Obamas, or Clintons. Boom.
Rep Nadler starts off by talking about border separations OF COURSE HE DOES!
The DNC strategy is to attack the GOP and their credibility. He is going after that only, nothing about Strzok here so far except in relation to them questioning him
Rep Nadler said that Republicans asked Strzok "do you love Lisa Page" in his closed door hearing 😂😂
Rep Nadler is heavily forshadowing that the GOP will ask a ton of questions about Mueller/Russia and Strzok will refuse to answer them.
A slightly bearded Trey Gowdy is speaking very loudly right off the bat about the awesome powers of the government
"He thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn't even begun to investigate isn't bias" Trey Gowdy is killing it
Trey Gowdy said it was a "year and a half too late" when Mueller fired Peter Strzok for his texts. "It wasn't the discovery of the text's that got him fired" says Gowdy, it was his bias for the previous time period. Get him!
"Strzok even talked about impeachment the day special counsel was appointed. That is prejudging guilt, it's prejudging punishment, and that is textbook bias"
Rep Cummings is about to say some really insane stuff no doubt, most of which won't make sense. This guy was incoherent at the last hearing.
Same move as Rep Nadler, attacking the GOP, this time Trey Gowdy, saying that they are trying to impede on Bob Mueller's investigation.

Yes, their opinions have changed, we found a text saying Strzok would "stop" Trump from being President. This is so lame lol. Not gonna work
Rep Cummings specifically quotes Trey Gowdy telling Rod Rosenstein to "finish it the hell up, unquote"

"What has changed?" he asks, why has his views changed?

The freaking Strzok "we will stop it" text. Cummings says its cuz Mueller is indicting people 😂😂 wow
Rep Cummings is calling out General Flynn for lying to the FBI in front of the FBI agent that may very well have FALSIFIED HIS 302 FORMS about the interview! UNREAL
There was an uproar but Rep Cummings is doubling down on it. "These are not allegations, these are admissions" so freaking bs
Now Rep Cummings is going down the list of Mueller's trophies, all of which have nothing to do with Trump/Russia or his campaign (Gates, troll farms, etc) but ironically show that Strzok had freaking nothing at all when he spied on Trump.
Rep Cummings just said that Michael Cohen right now "may be considering" whether or not to cooperate with the Special Counsel. This is just dangerous and false! Wow. He is done, thank goodness.
Peter Strzok, UNDER OATH and about to lie to Congress :)
First time i'm hearing this man speak, he sounds so freaking BORING. This is the most boring voice. Is this man an android? What an asshole. Also he is just going to be lying and reading his lies in his opening statement.

I love this. This guy is the worst liar. He is trying to be forceful but he just sounds like he is lying and an idiot. Wow! "There's simply no evidence of bias in my professional actions" 😂
Peter Strzok, now lecturing America, on an attack on our electoral process. Says it's something all Americans should be alarmed by. There is literally no one listening to this thinking he is credible. That's why the Dems attacked the GOP and didn't prop him up. This'll be good
Peter Strzok said basically "when I can't answer questions, I want to, and if I could, they would ruin the GOP conspiracy" that is so much BS.

This guy is the worst. This hearing is gonna be so terrible for him.
Trey Gowdy asks Strzok about the Trump/Russia origination. The GOP has had time to reframe their questions that he refused to ask before. This will be a good dance. Strzok refers to counsel behind him, starts refusing to answer.
"CONGRessMAN as you KNOW, I am Not ABLE to answer on advice of counsel" in the GOOFIEST voice

Goodlatte goes OFF and says he is UNDER SUBPOENA

This is a fight right off the bat! Get in here!

Strzok said he believes he is NOT under subpoena and won't answer the question on advice of counsel
WOW. Sounds like he is about to hold him in contempt. "I am specifically directing you to answer the question in response to our subpoena" WOW

Rep Nadler is challenging but Goodlate is disagreeing with his points of order.
While they are doing point of order arguing which I don't understand, I'd like to point out that it appeared Strzok tried to use his current status as an FBI employee to protect him as well from answering questions. Missed exactly how.
Goodlatte is saying he is saying the FBI won't let him answer not his lawyer, the Dems are saying the FBI lawyers are saying that, this is all very confusing because I specialize in bird law

"are we just gonna make up rules as we go along?"


this is insanity 😂
WOW Rep Goodlatte just said that Strzok can NOT consult with FBI counsel, only his OWN counsel

"The FBI is not his attorney, his attorney is sititng behind him"

Rep Goodlatte confirms that at the end of session Strzok will have a proceeding to determine if he will be held in contempt based on him not answering!!
Gowdy wants to know about the "We will stop it" text meant. What "it" meant.

"I don't recall writing that text" SURE LOL

"That text, in no way, suggested that I or the FBI would take any action to influence the.." and Gowdy interrupts him!? What? LOL

This is madness
"The American electorate I respect and their decisions and their right to vote" said Peter Strzok, with a straight face and goofy voice, completely lying to Congress
Trey Gowdy is saying that Peter Strzok claimed that the "We will stop it" means "we" as in "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE"

NO, NO, NO that's not true. That is just not even freaking believable. Why would Peter Strzok and the FBI LOSE THE TEXT that says "we will stop it" until May of 2018 if it was so innocent! So much bs!

Peter Strzok just said "not at all" when asked if he should have been kicked off the Mueller probe. "I do not have bias" he says.

Peter Strzok just said his understanding of being fired by Mueller was only because of the PERCEPTION of bias and not because of bias. WOW!!

The Democrats, CNN, everyone says Mueller is clean and fair because he fired Strzok for his bias but Strzok says no bias at all lol

"I don't give a damn what you appreciate" says Trey Gowdy FREAKING DONE!
We will stop it was written late at night, off the cuff, and was in response to President Trump referencing the Khan family attacking him at the DNC convention says Strzok. He loudly claims "We" is the American people and says a lot more but, earlier, he said he didn't remember?
I'm going to need to back over this entire, insane, rant by Strzok later and I'm sure every single news network will too. This is unhinged lies, this is bs, and it's also throwing people above and below him in the FBI and DOJ under the bus. Horowitz contradicts all of this btw



Freaking astounding. They literally have no freaking clue. These are the #Resistance and the #Resistance is finished. I'm going to go over that entire thing again later or tomorrow. Astounding nonsense.
Some weird procedural stuff,, people were talking about calling out Bannon for not answering questions and referencing counsel like Strzok is trying and it's nuts and now they are calling roll and Trey Gowdy passed lol
Rep Cummings is about to ramble about garbage, we are back, but you got a few minutes left before anything real will happen lol

That unhinged egomaniac just gave the game away a bit. Keep him rattled and let him talk as long as he wants
Peter Strzok understands our concerns guys and gals 😂😂.

"I like everyone watching has a political opinion" "I leave those behind" at the door of the FBI he says. Based on his FBI and culture.

Earlier: "We'll stop it"
He is now using the FBI and DOJ as cover for his BS. Look at everyone else in the FBI making sure he doesn't overthrow the President he says. What a freaking dummy. His freaking VOICE too lol. Am I the only one?
Rep Cummings is rambling and almost at the same time helping the GOP I think just like when he questioned Horowitz so this is weird but irrelevant ultimately lol.
Nevermind lol.

Rep Cummings asks if Strzok disputes IG Horowitz assumption that Strzok sat on the Weiner laptop. Cummings says Strzok assigned FBI agents to follow up on it.


Whenever Peter Strzok waxes on and on about the integrity of our electoral system, the love he has for this country and our electoral system, I want to smash my computer in half so if I stop tweeting that is what happened
One thing is for sure, with all the members of the GOP and DNC that are explicitly referencing questions and answers in his closed door testimony we will get it soon
"What does Trump support smell like sir?"

"Sir, that's just an expression of speech" "what I meant by that was" oh my freaking goodness LOL He is saying he was "struck by the difference" Peter Strzoks default setting is LIE like a weirdo!
"Did you consider Trump supporters to be hillbillies"
"What did you mean by that?" *literally calling them Hillbillies

"That was a flippant" long winded answer LOL

Imagine Horowitz face watching this guy lie to him for hours
Goodlatte asking about imessage and gmail messages he refused to turn over to Horowitz on advice of counsel. Saying they were personal. So much bs. He also claimed Horowitz was cool with it, I don't' think that's true at all lol. I think Horowitz said he couldn't demand them
Goodlatte: "You never expected your texts to become public"
Strzok, with a grin, "No sir"
Goodlatte: So that means you can express your true feelings?
Strzok: But, well, yes, I guess,

This line of questioning is huge and I don't know what he said to start it! Strzok was "reassigned" back to the Russia investigation and there were statements by Preistap and Goodlatte asked him about MCABE

If someone caught that, please help. Strzok looked up (lie indication)
LOL Strzok is right now, repeatedly lying, "My impression, not stated by him" IE Mueller, was that the appearance of the message (not the bias in the messages) was why he was let go. AGAIN!

This is lie after lie and stutter after stutter. This is why this testimony is huge
Strzok says his understanding is he isn't under subpoena, again
Goodlatte again said a subpoena was issued and accepted
Strzok again says his understanding is different

Strzok is a liar, Strzok is a manica, Strzok is a dummy lol
AW how cute! Peter Strzok is now mentioning the Hatch Act and saying he is protected by the 1st amendment

Naw bud, Naw. Naw. You are literally lying to congress right now and that's the least of your legal worries 😂😂. Literally sedition is on the table.

Rep Nadler and Strzok just agreed with each other that there is no perception of bias if the texts were never made public

There's a BIG problem with that, that Goodlatte hit a few minutes ago

If they were meant to always be private, then why did Mueller fire him for bias?
I think this is REALLY interesting. Strzok as far as I can tell hasn't consulted his lawyer since Goodlatte threatened to hold him in contempt.
Peter Strzok just said "we don't do that" when asked about confirming ongoing FBI investigations

Which is a lie, to Congress 😂😂😂
Why do Comey, McCabe, and Strzok always put on the biggest WEASEL grin when falsely claiming to defend the United States of America? Disgusting.


Nadler is defending Rosenstein now, saying the GOP is harrassing him.
Rep Nadler is calling for the full release of the Strzok transcript from his closed door hearing. This is gonna happen people. The DEMS WANT IT so be skeptical
Goodlatte said "not today" lol what

Dems are saying he is evading, it'll be released, soon.
Someone just said "Is there any reason this afternoon I can't just release it?" based on the fact that they keep ASKING STRZOK ABOUT IT lol

Yeah man, it's comin out
This is really dumb I think. Goodlatte says he is refusing to allow it to be released. That's his reason.
Goodlatte should just say "Yes, I'll release his testimony, and it's BS" and release it.
Barking Dog Cicilline says they have by 5pm today to give him a reason not to release them lol.
All my SMART FOLLOWERS said that Goodlatte didn't want Page to see it. They are SMART!

Goodlatte just said he didn't want other potential witnesses to see it before they testify!

I dunno if I agree, this hearing alone is enough for me, but great call!
This guy brings up leak investigations in the DOJ and that being the reason that people can't see this stuff in Congress. He hopes members of the media get looked at too. Nice!
This gentleman is asking him about Clinton and the MYE but that's not my jam so I won't be providing my commentary about that much. My main focus is the Trump/Russia/FusionGPS/Media nonsense.
Peter Strzok may be a jack o lantern come to life
Strzok: "She didn't get a get out jail free card"
This FOOKING LEGEND: "She got a get out of the White House free card when the American people voted for Trump"
This LIAR just lied

"none of that information came out" before the election. Said the FBI appropriately didn't comment on an ongoing investigation before the election.

The Shem Detector determined, that this is a lie.

From the NYT! Law enforcement agents confirmed it! UH OH
"Judges that have even minimum bias are required to recuse themselves from a case" asks Strzok if FBI agents are special people that shouldn't be held to such a high standards.

Strzok says that the FBI are noble and he should not have recused. F this pos in his stupid A.
Any regrets for asking if "Trump supporters smell, or things of that nature" says a man that is now my hero.

Strzok lies to him. "Those were not intended as animus" towards Trump voters. LOL literal BS
Ms. Lofgren, irrelevant dummy, is reading a list of Mueller's Trophies. 13 indictments! blah blah blah, literally Trump's name not mentioned at all. What a rube.

32 accounts against Manafort!! (nothing about Trump) 😂
She has been talking about manafort for 3 minutes now so this is pretty much weird af.

She JUST asked Strzok a question though. wow. What does he say about Manafort?

"Can you think of anyone that would want" the Manafort trial to not go forward.

Srzok: "I can not"

lol this person is literally irrelevant
"we need to open this case we have been waiting on" is Andy meaning Andrew McCabe?

"yes it is" says Strzok

"We need to lock in (redacted) in a formal chargebale way" who's name is that?
Strzok: "I don't know who's name that is"


Mr. Ross had people yeild time to him and he is destroying Peter Strzok right now. He is directly mentioning the closed door hearing last week too. I need to rewatch this one as well. This seems important but I just don't get it!
Peter Strzok just said the IG report showed there was "no bias anywhere" because Peter Strzok just LIED AGAIN TO CONGRESS
Mr. Ross just taunted Strzok "Oh...they did?" *sarcasm intensifies* he is RATTLING Strzok again!


"I'll let you answer at the end"

I want his answer!! He keeps railing him!! TROLL HIM GET HIM!

Peter Strzok: "Sir if I can have time to respond"

and then he gears up for another BIG SPEECH :)
Grinning like a dummy, talking like a weirdo, and throwing Comey under the bus, Peter Strzok gives a long and insane and winding answer that will surely damn him in no time at all and probably Lisa Page literally tomorrow lol.

Goodlate tries to stop him, he persists.
Strzok AGAIN tries to use the IG as cover for his personal messages.

Goodlatte says that Congress operates under different rules than the IG.

Ms. Maloney is no joke. What she is about to say is most likely skewed truth but she is really forceful and effective.
Separated families, Trump meeting with Putin while offending NATO allies, she is talking about things that are real but in a way that makes it all a dogpile and obscures the truth but very effective. Thank goodness the rest of the DNC isn't this smart.
My questions only require Yes or No's is the smartest freaking thing you can do if all you want to do is push propaganda.

Strzok is right on board with this nonsense.
Jackson Lee, my apologies lol. The skewed plackards get me
"The urgency for us to understand what was going on before the election and certainly before the inauguration" BOOM


It accelerated after he won and all your lies were about to be exposed DIDN'T IT!!

dang. This has been nuts stuff. Everyone is going to reload and retool too.
Poll, if I just start referencing myself as a Congressional Reporter doesn't that make it true at this point? I may be able to get a blue checkmark and then I'd be immune to the shadowbans.
I have no idea who half these people are and their placards are skewed lol. Thank you!
I type 100 words per minute and also thats why I tweet bad a lot
I think they said we will be back in 5 minutes!!
I'm just saying the last time a hearing was delayed coming back, Jim Jordan and Rod Rosenstein got in a steel cage match right out the gate so buckle up buds
Congressman says that Strzok is a target of an investigation.
Strzok says he isn't.
Congressman says "you're a target of our investigation" Right off the bat!
"I would say it has similar expressions of personal belief" Strzok is answering HYPOTHETICAL questions about his own personal texts he won't turn over to Congress LOL

This guy is such an idiot

"This is a rhetorical question and you need not answer"
Strzok: "May I answer?"

Goodlatte shuts him down after Strzok babbles

this is great stuff
Pictured below, Peter Strzoks attorney
Grandpa America standing up for us deplorables!! "I'd submit it was you and her smug view of Trump supporters was truly deplorable!"
@ThomasWictor he lies AGAIN

"I dispute your view" that he disparaged Trump supporters. He has repeatedly said he doesn't hate us. Why not just say he hates us? WHY not just say that? He clearly hates us! Unreal!
This Congressman is my hero. "The vast majority of America would agree on you with that" when Strzok tries to give himself cover by saying America doesn't trust Congress lol.

The best TV is Congress TV
Peter Strzok is giving a long speech about how fair and balanced the Mueller Probe is 😃😃😃

Great endorsement bud!
This maniac just said "If I could give you a Purple Heart, I would" to Peter Strzok
Mr. Cohen said that he is APPALLED that Strzok is up here today, and then he said there was NO BIAS by Strzok

because he is lying. Because he is a liar. "No reason for this hearing, no reason at all" he said 😂

"The Russians are wanting it" hey @k_ovfefe did Obama ask for this?
HE IS ASKING ABOUT @jsolomonReports REPORTS PIECE @tracybeanz
He is asking about his media contacts and then asks about the memo they got from McCain Simpson etc. Freaking awesome
Strzok "You know why I'd want to answer that information" with his LIE smile

and for the first time in a LONG time, he refuses to answer a question. Wow. Big.

Did you ever communicate with David Corn, (no) did you ever communicate with Glenn Simpson (no) WOW
Are there 3 copies of the Dossier Jordan asks

Strzok says only that there are "multiple copies" wow
If Simpson never spoke to the FBI, how is that you got a copy for Mr. Simpson?

Strzok: I can only say that I never talked to (Mr. Simpson?)

this isn't direct quotes but this is a huge exchange here

and Strzok AGAIN wants to go on a long diatribe lol. Egomaniac!
Jim Jordan asks him to clarify too. "Which means where?" meaning where did they get it from Simpson.
Gowdy is re-asking his question that he threatened to hold Strzok in contempt for. Strzok says "I don't recall" and Gowdy is pissed
Strzok says he "doesn't know" if any interview took place before August 11th, but he can answer that none took place before July 31st, 2016. I don't know enough about timelines to connect these dots!
Gowdy is asking him specific timeline questions about witness interviews during his timeline on Mueller's probe.


Strzok says "I don't recall"
May 18th, 2017
May 22nd, 2017

Strzok used the word impeachment on those dates according to Gowdy
Says he is prejudging the outcome of the interview before he interviewed anyone
"Impeachment for WHAT Mr. Strzok? Impeachment for what?"
"When I used the term impeachment" i didn't know "what this would lead to"

Gowdy "oh please"

There's a growing danger guys, it's the Russians lol. BREAKING NEWS
"Someones in control of Russia, and it's not Germany" says this weirdo lol. Time for a bathroom break if anyone needs one
He is asking about the Trump Tower meeting WHAT

Asks a hypothetical to Strzok about why that could be concerning.

Strzok ANSWERS "not relating it to anything, the hypothetical would be" and then goes on why it's bad lol what a freaking idiot. Does this guy have a lawyer?
Gowdy is back lol 😂
Gowdy keeps asking him to "guess the word"

The word is "impeachment" 😂

Strzok: "you know what the word is"
The derogatory texts don't indicate bias?

Strzok starts yelling at him again! Gowdy got him! Gowdy baited him and yelled his time back to this guy and Stroked ego is flipping!
Strzoks on tilt, taking notes, dumb seditious weasel
He is asking about 302 reports, he is saying "we must know" who was in that room. Strzok said he briefed Comey on the that interview. Who was in the room on the date that Hillary Clinton was Interview.

I don't know what that's about
Peter Strzok the giant idiot says "look at my later texts which contradict you" says his texts saying he had fears there was "no there there" proves he wasn't biased


Those were well after he started an illegal investigation, found nothing, Hillary lost and Trump fired Comey
So his fears were he was screwed, his bias was going to be exposed, etc lol. He did confirm one thing though. THERE WAS NO THERE THERE
This gentleman is painting Peter Strzok as a great Russian spy hunter 😂😂😂
Fake dossier, Rolling Stone Song insurance policy secret society highschool bs, texting on his work phone about a coup peter strzok is an unsuccessful donkey
"He's lying, he knows we know he's lying, and he could probably pass a polygraph" BOOM

Someone asks him to withdraw

"I do not withdraw it" BOOM!!!

"I see you looking there, with your little smirk. How many times did you look so innocent into your wifes eyes and lie to her about Lisa Page"


The rules of the house only apply to members and the President LOL dummies!
"The gentleman can respond"

Strzok tries to, and is interrupted!

Rile this dummy up!
He responds with a demon smile! Much shouting. Best hearing ever! We are still live folks lol
This guy is here to give us all a breather lol.
If I was Joe Rogan right now I would be screaming at this Congressman for giving Peter Strzok too much time to much time to recover.
Yep, Peter Strzok got his boring second wind back lol. Someone please yield your time back to Jim Jordan to rattle this dummy again.

"The attacks on Rod Rosenstein" this guy didn't get the memo that Lightning Rod is out in DC. Some of these dudes don't get the talking point memos i think 😂
Now he is trying to be Stroked friend, talking to him like a CNN reporter talks to Obama, this is embarrassing lol. Gross 😂
"And Mr. Strzok, you are under oath right?"
"I am"
"What are you doing on Saturday?"
"No plans"
"Would you like to go to the ballgame?"
"I'm busy"
"You just said you had no plans"

That was what that exchange was all about lol.
Peter Strzok says that the Hatch Acts says he is encouraged to express his political opinions. This idiot thinks he can use that as his defense. This dummy keeps using the IG as a shield too and says "not a single act" shows bias. He is SO FULL OF HIMSELF. Let him talk for hours
"At the time you were" talking with Bruce Ohr, did he know Bruce Ohr was working with Fusion GPS


"You sure can" Jordan says
Strzok says he can't answer on advice of counsel, Jordan let's it go.
*Strzok said on the advice of FBI not counsel
Daniel Jones, PQG, Fusion GPS

Oh yeah this is the good stuff
"Have you ever spoke with Daniel Jones"
Strzok repeatedly says he has "not spoke" to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, but @jsolomonReports notes that Strzok claimed Simpson provided "us" (the FBI) a copy of the dossier.

Lot of lies and misleading statements going on by Strzok, obviously lol…
This guy says no one is investigating the attack by Russian on our election, like an idiot
Oooh this idiot just tricked Peter Strzok into likely committing perjury! He asked him specifically if he ever told a reporter about the Trump/Russia investigation, Strzok said no.

I'm sure Horowitz asked him too, but now we have it on video :)
"You don't like Donald Trump do you?"
"Fair to say I'm not a fan sir" says Peter Strzok, absolute POS
It was clear he says, the "we will stop it" text just mean "oh no big deal, America would never elect him"

Why aren't any of these Congressman asking him why his text disappeared until May of 2018 then!! How come it was deleted!!! LIAR
Trey Gowdy points out that Strzok never used the word impeach regarding Clinton lol. HMMM
The GOP keeps trying to not let him answer them lol

This is a crazy game to rile him up and I love it.
They know this maniac is a talker LOL
The Dems are back to attacking Trey Gowdy personally for changing his mind about Mueller
lol now Peter Strzok says it's "difficult to answer a hypothetical" when it's not about Trump/Russia! No fooling.
lol this guy is calling him a liar, Peter Strzoks response is to lie a bunch about how he didn't mean that we were all hillbillies
A statement by the GOP. "The IG said they didn't exclude the possibility of bias"

Peter Strzok tries to answer about giving the Weiner laptop to subordinates and that they reached out to NEW YORK FBI and would get back to him within 24 hours. Nice try Strzok!!
You don't just forget a laptop like that when you give it to someone that works for you. Not when you keep texting Lisa Page about it, dummy!
lol this guy is saying that Peter Strzok is being painted as a villain by Republicans.

"Kim Jong Un murders his people" he is now saying.....ok.
Gowdy is back!
"You wanted President Trump to resign two months into his Presidency"
"No I read that as a snarky comment"

"God that we should be so lucky"
"my gut sense and concern, that there's no big there there"

"In addition to disappointing the hell out of my Democrat colleagues" why would you not be ecstatic that there was no there there?

"I'm either convinced there's impeachment or there's no there there"
*dummy evil grin*

Trey Gowdy: "That's not the one I'd pick" he reads it that Strzok had no interest in participating in a counter intel investigation that wasn't going to lead to impeachment.
The Democrats keep interrupting Gowdy and yelling to save Strzok.
This person said this isn't important. Someone tell President Obama and the Democrats the demanded the investigation
This maniac calls him Mr. Strozak and then rants about Ivanka Trump and China and Fashion lines and then says that President Trump is unfit lol. No, she is unfit
This freaking sociopath is now doing his best Comey impression in response. "When America and blah blah and the institutions of this blah blah"

Then this lady interrupts him and says she is pissed at him for not telling the public about the Trump investigation (they did though)
"When was the last time you were subject to a polygraph"
"I was out of scope prior to my last polygraph, 2 or 3 years ago"
They get down to it. January 2016
He was out of scope, I think that means he hadn't taken one and needed to if he wanted access to secure information. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Then he took one to correct it.
I didn't understand that, they don't want Strzok to answer

Strzok is disputing it but this is all really technical.
This guy is literally sitting here asking Peter Strzok about the Trump Tower meeting between @DonaldJTrumpJr and the Russian Laywer with the guy that knows full well that Fusion GPS set that meeting UP!!!

These Democrats are freaking blatant
"When did you learn the dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party"
"I don't' believe that's an accurate representation"

That's HUGE. The FBI directed him not to answer that.

Comey told Bret Baier that same thing when he asked that same question. WHY!?
At the time I thought it was insane that Comey would not know that Hillary Clinton and the DNC funded the dossier but if Strzok is saying the same exact thing does that mean someone else funded it? Or are they both just telling lies about it in a specific and technical way? Weird
"Leaks are terrible" says Peter Strzok, a liar that loves leaks
They are back after the NYC FBI field office and saying they blew the whistle on Strzok sitting on the Wiener laptop for too long and trying to run out the clock before the election.

The Dems tried this during IG Horowitz hearing too and it's a terrible line of attack. So dumb
Thank goodness for the NYC FBI for not allowing Strzok/Comey/McCabe/et al to sit on the Weiner laptop for a month and bury it!
Jim Jordan is back! Strzok met with Bruce Ohr before, he confirms, but won't get into specefic details.

"Did Bruce Ohr give you any document?"
Strzok can't answer that question though :)

Why can he answer the one or the other? "Did he ever hand you documents" not WHAT
Strzok can say he met with Bruce Ohr, can say basically (but not specifically) what they met about, but can't say if he got any documents from him (the FBI won't let him say)

Bruce Ohr 100 percent gave Strzok the dossier lol that's where this is going
"Glenn Simpson to Nellie Ohr to her Husband to You" he wants Strzok to answer if that's how the dossier got there. Strzok said he wants to answer but it'd disappoint him. I'm thinking it wouldn't lol
WAIT now Strzok can answer!!!
"Yes at some point we received materials from Bruce Ohr"

"We received, not me"

Here we go!
"Not me, the FBI, received documents and materials from Mr. Ohr"

"Did they get the dossier from Bruce Ohr"

"The FBI received material from Mr. Ohr"

I misread this, Peter Strzok really wants to throw others under the bus bit the FBI won't let him
And we're at recess lol

freaking aye, that's like 7 hours now.
Peter Strzok is trending and that is not good for him or the witch hunt lol
Comey about the dossier:"Yes, I still don't know that for a fact. I knew it was funded first by Republicans"

Jordan: "When did you learn the dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party?"

Strzok said "I don't' believe that's an accurate representation"

Is it possible for McCain or another person in the GOP to have started funding the dossier at some point? We know the Conservative Free Beacon stopped funding Fusion GPS before Steele came on but what if McCain or someone else jumped in after that? After the FBI fired Steele?
With no warning we are back lol
"I'm sorry for these texts" but he spent 7 hours saying that he didn't mean that we are all trash and he was going to stop Trump, so no he isn't sorry, he is a liar and a seditious weasel and he should be in jail.
This dummy has his props and he is talking about the Trump Tower meeting. He is asking Strzok questions about it and Strzok is careful with his answers. He is asking BS questions though "did you set up the Trump tower meeting" but he doesn't realize Fusion GPS did or doesn't care
Peter Strzok says he never spoke to a "member of the media" about the Trump/Russia investigation

Strzok says he has talked to the "US intelligence community"

"The CIA?"

"I can't answer that" but we know he did, NYT reported it, BBC reported it, CH hurricane worked with CIA
How much do you want to bet that he doesn't consider Fusion GPS to be "members of the media" even though it was founded by reporters
And don't forget, like his man Comey, Comey also said he never leaked to the media, but he did, just through his Professor friends.
This is a circus, says this guy. They all hate this but the Democrats demanded it until it turned up their own crimes.
Now he is saying that the MEDIA will drive this anti-Mueller narrative and hearing that is worthless 😂😂😂😂😂
This could be it. They funded it after, so they could be trying to use that as a technicality.

Peter Strzok told the truth. He said that his conduct was detrimental to the FBI
Peter Strzok said he doesn't feel like the American people have lost faith in the FBI, "at all" 😂😂😂
Ted Lieu yelling about Hillary Clinton's emails, which literally almost nobody is talking about.
Ted Lieu crazily says he trusts Jeff Sessions and then leads Peter Strzok into answering that he also trusts Jeff Sessions 😂 wild stuff
"stop is an action verb" an English lesson from his 8th grade English teacher 😂 after asking him what action plan he took to stop Trump
Jim Jordan is back!

Bruce Ohr:

"He provided some elements of reporting that to my understanding originated to Mr. Steele" meaning he gave the dossier and other stuff to the FBI but it sounded to me like he wasn't the originator the FBI, someone else gave them the dossier 1st
"It was not Mr. Ohr that provided the initial documents that I became aware of in mid September" i rewound it, yep!
This guy said that the AG found no bias so easily dismiss whatever he says lol
"America is strong" *evil weasel grin*

freaking hate this guy
Gaetz: "Did Robert Mueller ever ask you if you were biased against Donald Trump" when he was hired

Strzok: "He did not" WHAT. BOMBSHELL

And he never asked when he fired him either!! WHAT!? Shut it down!
Strzok is answering a ton of questions about Mueller this will be a great one to go back to as well
lol Peter Strzoks actually arguing that "I told people that work for me to look at the Weiner laptop, they went to the NY FBI, then like, I dunno man, what do you want from me" 😂 that's basically the gist of it.
*evil weasel grin* "What you see is a passion for the United States of America!" about his responses. Every single time he pretends to be patriotic.
There's like a creepy meekness to Strzok that I can't put my finger on but he may be a bunch of snakes wearing a human suit with McCabe talking through a microphone where his voice box should be?
People keep saying that they are getting near the end, I hope so lol. This has been a great hearing but Strzok isn't giving us much anything new since Jordan and Gaetz got him to admit some big stuff
This is why the GOP don't let him answer so much, he starts rambling about how he did nothing wrong, the IG said he wasn't biased, and lies and lies and lies like he is stuck on lie mode. I bet the close door transcript has long rambling answers.
Lol, in the IG report chapter I read IG Horowitz also points out that Peter Strzok gives "long winded explanations" for all of this stuff
Peter Strzok said that he doesn't know that McCabe was in the office referred to in the "insurance policy" text. "He may have been there, he may not have been there, I don't recall"
"Possibly Mr. Baker" was in the meeting he said!
Watching his body language and his reactions "It's almost like you enjoy this" YEP he is a freaking super egomaniac. He loves this. This is his time in the sun. He is going to get on twitter and see he isn't some #Resistance legend he is a freaking weasel in the eyes of America
Peter Strzok responds by flipping out on him a little bit then pulls back, seems he realized he was doing it again,
People are now lecturing him on how much of a psychopath he is lol. This is fun.
Big stuff, they threatened to hold him in contempt but it seems they cleared that up because he started answering questions about the dossier (Bruce Ohr gave it and other materials to the FBI, but wasn't the first one to) Strzok is evil and sounds evil 1/

Mueller never asked him about his bias before he hired him and not even when he fired him. That's huge.

This was freaking awesome and hilarious. Took that smug weasel down a notch.…
HUGE was Strzoks excuse. He is saying "We'll stop it" We = America, not him and Lisa Page. That's so freaking stupid. He constantly said he doesn't hate Trump voters, he constantly said he didn't mean his negative texts about us, he constantly lied. That's the major takeaway
He just said Baker may have been in the "insurance policy meeting.

I think those are the major highlights. The main story though is Strzok is going to come out of this looking completely and totally awful, even worse, this is why attorneys don't put their clients on the stand
It seemed like the Republicans didn't ask him very many questions he couldn't answer, so I don't think I heard them ask him about Flynns 302, but they should have. The Dems mentioned General Flynn a lot in a negative way about how he pled guilty

Strzok explains that they shouldn't put their intelligence source in danger, that was the "insurance policy" WOW. I had a different view.

I wonder if they were talking about a CI? Is Halper the insurance policy?
"and some people were saying, hey look, this sensitive source of information, that's so sensitive, so vulnerable, we shouldn't put it in danger." then he starts filibustering and saying he disagreed and wanted to put it in play. Then the Rep moves on. That's some news there
Goodlatte is now calling out Strzok for refusing to answer questions again, and now he is calling out Rosenstein and saying the buck stops with him, not the FBI, when it comes to preventing him from answering questions.
"This is not over" and he and future witnesses are on notice about not answering questions.

And with that, this hearing is adjourned.
What intelligence source is so big and sensitive that Strzok and Page and the rest didn't know if they should risk it going after Trump.

August 15th, 2016: Insurance Policy Text
August 18th, 2016: Manafort Daily Beast Ukraine article
November 10th, 2016: SCRUB ALL THE NAMES
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