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@RepGoodlatte opening statement = 🔥

Peter Strzok's face while listening to it =
Nadler's opening statement ---> IMMEDIATELY deflects to "children separated from their families". Literally the first sentence.

Idiocy is all they have left.
Nadler is now just outright lying, claiming Trump has "tried to fire Mueller" several times. 😂
Nadler's entire opening statement was deflection. Deflection from the real issues (the palace coup) to fake issues (separated children), deflection of ire from the FBI employees who attempted a coup (Page/Strzok) to @realDonaldTrump because he tweets mean things. They got nothing
@TGowdySC stepping to the plate...
Gowdy's opening =
"Agent Strzok had Hillary Clinton winning the White House before he finished investigating.

"Agent Strzok had @realDonaldTrump impeached before he even started investigating him.

That is bias."

@TGowdySC (closing his statement)
Out of respect for the intellectual capacity of those reading this thread, we will be skipping Mr. Cummings' opening statement. He's an embarrassment to Congress.
Now Cummings is going off on @GenFlynn and holding up "signs" of the guilty pleas so far... to which I say:
Those who have been paying attention to this account (and others) know that nearly all of the names being rattled off by Cummings aren't connected to Trump and Russian collusion in the manner in which Cummings wants you to believe.

They got nothing but lies and idiocy.
Strzok sworn in, about to give his opening statement.
Strzok's opening statement can be read here:…
"Not once did my personal opinions influence the actions I took."

(No, but the kickbacks from your handlers did)🕵️‍♂️
Strzok talking about how he did this all to stop Russia.

He committed sedition and treason to stop Russia.

Yup. That won't fly, Pete.
@TGowdySC up for 5 minutes. First question is about the start date of the investigation (the most important question)...
First question from Gowdy - Strzok won't even fucking answer.
Nadler and Strzok working together... Goodlatte shuts Nadler down and is trying to get Strzok to answer.
@RepGoodlatte is getting angry. You won't like Goodlatte when he's angry, Pete.
The question, by the way, which Gowdy asked was "how many witnesses did you (Strzok) interview in the first 8 days of the investigation into Trump."

Not names, not specifics. Just the number.

This caused a meltdown.

Now here's Jackson Lee... because we need more comedy in this travesty of justice.
The smug look on Strzok's face during this WHOLE exchange will bury him with the general public. They know a weasel when they see one.
LOVE how hard Goodlatte is fighting this.
The enemies of this country are making themselves VERY visible in this hearing. Pay attention. Then vote them out.
Swalwell was feeling left out - so he decides to speak up adding an extra scoop of stupid to the proceedings.
Gowdy back... answered Strzok's question for him (they didn't interview anyone). But on August 6th Strzok/Page texted about protecting the country from "that menace Donald Trump".
"If you want to have a debate over a two letter word (it), we will do it at another time."

Gowdy. 😂
Strzok showed his "respect" for the "American electorate" BY RUNNING A PALACE COUP AGAINST A LEGALLY ELECTED POTUS.

Gowdy is wearing Strzok down. He's fraying around the edges...

This is not going to go his way, today. No matter how much help he gets from the dais.
Strzok claiming he wasn't kicked off Mueller's team for bias but for the possible "appearance" of bias.
YES GOWDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He SLAMMED him at the end.
Stzok's anger is clear... but he's not biased or prone to acting on that outrage. 😆
Swalwell just jumped in to subpoena Bannon in the middle of this.
This call for a vote is all a stall tactic to make people tune out. Make us not watch it. That way, they can cut up all the clips for the news and provoke whatever outrage they wish to convey to their audience.
44 while watching Strzok crack under pressure, knowing we are just at the start of this kind of public exposure:
This expression, smug and arrogant, is hurting Strzok's perception in most people's minds.
@RepGoodlatte following up now on Gowdy's questioning after our Cummings' intermission...
... This is likely why Page delayed her hearing. To avoid tripping Strzok up on these types of questions @RepGoodlatte is asking.
Ross is 🔥🔥right now.

WOW. Love it.
Strzok keeps pawning this off on "conspiracy theorists". No, Strzok. There's no longer a conspiracy theory. Just a conspiracy.

One you helped perpetrate against the American people.
@RepGoodlatte just nailed him on parsing "personal" and "professional" emails/texts from Strzok.

Stzok asked to release all emails/texts - Stzok refused.
Jackson Lee up now. So it's time for...
Know your enemy.
@RepGoodlatte Pointing out the Strzok answered Jackson Lee's questions about the Russia investigation - the same investigation he says he can't answer when GOP members ask him about it.

Goodlatte is PISSED.
Official recess until 2pm EST (one hour).
recap of one of the better exchanges:
Part One clearly exposed who's a "cheerleader" (literally) for the palace coup plotters, providing them Congressional cover by eating up time with points of orders, objections, and applause. The enemies of this country in Congress are outting themselves. Take note. Vote them out.
What will Part Two of the hearing bring?

We're moments away from finding out.
@RepGoodlatte gavels the hearing back into session. Issa gets first crack...
Strzok tells Issa he's "not aware of any investigation which" he's a target of.

Issa fires back, "you're a target of our investigation".

Strzok takes a deep gulp.
Having Strzok read his own tweets is effective optics.
texts rather... sorry, doing this mobile.
"These texts represent a personal belief, what these texts do not represent is any act that 'we need to do this or that'."

Right, Pete. Right.
Norton wants to talk about the Senate Intel Committee's assessment. 😆

They've always been the swampiest committee on the Hill.
Cohen starts out by saying he wants to give Strzok a purple heart for the attacks he's weathered...
Cohen says Trump and Putin are "very good friends".

No agenda here.

(Learn your enemies. Vote them out.)
Cohen is an embarrassment.
He's quoting A Few Good Men now... and flubbing the line. 😆
@Jim_Jordan steps up to the plate... Should be fun.
Jordan drilling in on Strzok's media contacts re the Dossier. As well as the different documents.
@DavidCornDC being name checked now. But Strzok won't answer the question...

Corn's outburst yesterday starting to make sense to people now?
Strzok says no communication with: Nellie Ohr, Simpson, or Corn...
Strzok being evasive now on whether or not there are three dossiers or one. Jordan is not letting him up.
Gowdy up again to re-ask a question Strzok was approved to answer during the break.
Jordan swoops in and asks the big Simpson question! (Simpson says he never gave the dossier to the FBI but Strzok's email says Simpson gave it to the FBI).

Strzok will not answer it.
@TGowdySC re asks the question "how many interviews" did Strzok conduct between July 31st through August 8th. This was the question he refused to answer, then was cleared to answer during the break.

Strzok's answer: "I do not recall".

WHAT?! 😆😆😆
Democrats on the committee just want to distract, divide, and stall. It's clear as day in the hearing.
Gowdy ALL OVER him for using the word "impeachment" in his May '17 texts.

"That is letting your bias impact your professional judgment."
Now, Mr. Clay is saying Trump has done more damage to US national security than any Russian or Soviet leader has in history...

This is his opener! Where's he going to go with this... it's a mystery!
King yields back to Gowdy for more... here we go:
Five days after Mueller was appointed, Strzok was talking about impeachment...

(Gowdy's point)
Strzok says his texts do not represent a bias now, after admitting earlier he wanted Clinton to win and loathed Trump.

He's trying to parse his answer now saying the IG didn't find evidence of bias (wrong).
Johnson asking Strzok, "there's a lot more to your career than a couple emails"...

Yes, Mr. Johnson. There is. Like his role in a palace coup attempt to overthrow a legally elected POTUS.
Johnson called this a "damn republican Peter Strzok text message investigation".

That's not what this is, Mr. Johnson.
(but he knows that)
@replouiegohmert was just asked "if he needs his medication" by Jackson Lee for BRINGING UP A CHARACTER POINT ABOUT THE WITNESS.

This is a total clown show.
Strzok "I have always told the truth".

Just not to his wife...
Poe going hard after Strzok now after Connolly fellated him.
"Your words prove your bias, your attitude proves your bias..." Poe 🔥🔥
"You look at what I did."
Strzok just now.

... We are trying to do that, Pete, but you're being evasive, lying, and getting help from the cheerleading section on the dais.
Deutch up now... wonder what his five minutes will be spent on. If you guessed it would be spent on deflecting and protecting Strzok from oversight, you win!
Deutch is claiming that others haven't read the OIG report - yet when he tries to summarize what its findings were, he bungled it.

Who didn't read the report, Mr. Deutch? Or can we just spare the nonsense and admit you're running interference rather than doing your job.
"Political belief does not equate to bias". Strzok.

That dog just won't hunt.
Jordan back up...
Jordan asks whether Strzok knew Bruce Ohr's wife worked for Fusion... Strzok has to check with FBI attorneys before answering.
Strzok says not answering is more frustrating for him than it is for @Jim_Jordan

Strzok says he does not know Dan Jones. *
No time given by me to clearly crazy people like Gutierrez btw.
The public learned of the Russian investigation in October, it was leaked to the NYT. Gutierrez thinks you're stupid. He's lying to you, to help Strzok and his own narrative.
Strzok's lawyer keeps rolling his neck in the background behind Strzok in a "oh shit, will this ever end" type way. I wish I had image capture available, it's hilarious.
Mr. Jeffries says Strzok is only here as a distraction. He calls the Freedom Caucus the Cover Up Caucus because he has no sense of irony.
Jeffries is bringing up David Duke now, because he's relevant.
Jeffries entire five minutes is a monument to false equivalencies and obfuscation.
Gowdy back up to the plate...
Gowdy: "You wanted him to resign two months into his presidency? I thought you trusted the American people to stop him - then they didn't stop him. So you didn't trust the American people anymore."

Strzok: "Russians put their fingers on the scale of the election"
Gowdy (thankfully) cut him off before he could continue with that tired canard.
When Strzok gets nervous, he dances in his chair while speaking. It's a tell that's become more and more obvious the longer this hearing has gone on.
Gowdy now hammering Strzok on the "there's no there there" and that Strzok sounded despondent rather than pleased to learn there's nothing there.
Strzok just fucked up with this answer. And now he's rattled. Gowdy is going after him.
Just for the record: Mr. Cicilline from Rhode Island has been a colossal asshat throughout this entire hearing.
Ms. Coleman screams "This is not Benghazi!" and calling Gowdy out of order. Now she's at the plate and so upset she's shaking. She's not asking questions, she's just making statements in support of Strzok (shocker). Again, enemies of this country are making themselves known.

They're not hiding. They're flaunting how much they hate this country. How much they hate YOU. They hate you so much they'd rather help cover up a coup designed to rob you of your vote than PROTECT your right to have a say.
Update on Strzok's lawyer, I think he almost poked himself in the eye with his pen while Strzok was answering the question.

Could be an accident. Could have been an attempt at seppuku. Cant' be sure...😆
Watson Coleman just said @realDonaldTrump isn't a legitimate president.
Nadler just asked again to have Bannon subpoenaed again.
Strzok just asked if he failed or was out of scope on a polly. Stzok said he was "out of scope" on his polly January 2016.
Strzok still has TS with some SCI clearance.
And we're back, with Swalwell leading off so, hit the snooze bar.
Strzok says the first material from Steele came mid September 2016. (oops)
This (in part) explains the previous use of (oops)

Circling the wagons around the dossier coming to the FBI through Bruce Ohr. From his wife, Nellie, on behalf of Fusion GPS. It's how the intel product was "laundered".
"If I knew (my 50,000 texts and emails) would be made public record, I never would have written them."
Here comes @tedlieu to talk about this whole thing being "dumb". An investigation into a coup attempt led by the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and WH is "dumb" to @tedlieu.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

@tedlieu is trying REALLY hard to make a point, but all he's doing is exposing the shallowness of his own principles and the depth of his dishonesty.
Wow. @tedlieu was supposed to be at the start of that tweet but it disappeared when I hit "tweet".

I'm on to you, twitter.
Jordan back, asking about this... clarifying that Mr. Ohr didn't hand anything directly to Strzok but to the FBI, including "elements of reporting" that people are calling the dossier.
"Bruce Ohr gave the FBI documents which included" the dossier.
So quick to anger, this Strzok. He's insulted some Congressmen said he has an integrity issue... for pointing out he was cheating on his wife.

Not sure that's the hill you want to die on, Pete.
Raskin up now. More hysteria designed to deflect from the purpose of this hearing.
And as Raskin wastes our time... here's this:
@RepMattGaetz up now... should be a good five minutes.
@RepMattGaetz going through what Mueller did or did not ask Strzok when he was hired and then fired.
Ms. Demings now trying to say the OIG report was a disappointment to @realDonaldTrump . Clear sign she didn't read it.
Now she's talking about Manafort - and leaving out some crucial bits (like he was a plant). But when you're trying to deflect and stick to a long debunked narrative, you gotta do what you gotta do, right Ms. Demings?
Demings and Strzok talking about the morale at the FBI. Try talking to a few agents, Ms. Demings. To a person they'll tell you the actions taken by McCabe, Comey, and Strzok impacted their morale more than any of Trump's tweets ever could.
Mr. Hice and Strzok are going back and forth over the laptop.
Thank you, Mr. Hice.

"It's your (Strzok's) representation of the IG report that's inaccurate."
Strzok's lawyer just dismissively shook his head and repeated, "dentist?" when Mr. Gosar said he's really good at reading body language because he was a dentist. 😆
Mr. Johnson (LA) up now, hitting Strzok on his integrity again. Rightfully stating it's the entire point of the open hearing.
It's amazing how calm and civil the hearings are now that most of the opposing party have left and are not interrupting (because they're more interested in getting on camera for the news at the moment)
Mr. Johnson is doing a nice job here by maintaining his tone and composure.
(just good lawyering/court room presence on his part)
Mr. Russell (OK) up now... starting with the OIG report hammering Strzok.
Biggs (AZ) up now.
Biggs asks Strzok to confirm again that his "text messages are not indicative of bias". Strzok confirmed he stands by those words.
Biggs is letting LOOSE. Saying Cicilline "has been out of order all day". And he has. He's an asshat.
Cicilline just said @RepGoodlatte is out of order. 😂😂
8 hours(?) now... still going. The room is emptying out, but this is when someone slips and says something by accident.

Gomez (CA) up now... giving his time to Strzok to say what he wishes.
Strzok using his time to dispute the OIG report's findings about his bias.

And he does so by changing the topic. 😂
Gomez says @realDonaldTrump has "no moral authority to lead this country", and that this whole hearing is just "red meat for the base" to get voters to "turn out at the midterms and protect the president." Uh, no, Mr. Gomez. Voters will turn out because they see through this shit
Now Strzok is hedging on if Russia put their "fingers on the scale" (of the election), saying he feared they "might"...

(they still have nothing, it's obvious)
Jackson Lee with yet another "Parliamentary Inquiry".... 😑
"You have shown a disturbing degree of dishonesty..." 😮
Handel is spitting 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Strzok just admitted they found emails (including aliases) between Obama and Hillary on her servers.
Jackson Lee wrapping it up now with a closing statement.
And she starts by referencing 9/11. Because, why the fuck not.
Jackson Lee snuck in a (very misleading) dig at @GenFlynn because, again, why the fuck not.

@RepGoodlatte shut her down.

I don't know what Jackson Lee is saying, but that's what I'm hearing in my head right now. Funny...
@RepGoodlatte Is closing now.
"Many members on the other side of the aisle have tried to denigrate this investigation and this hearing... this is a much bigger matter (than just the 2016 election) but goes to a global existential question about equality under the law."
(That last bit was transcribed on the fly - not 100% quote but @RepGoodlatte is killing it with his closing)
@RepGoodlatte "...The American people have not received answers..."
And it's over....

Didn't anticipate live tweeting this all day, but damn. Despite the crazy, there were some bombs in there. Lots to unpack, will have more to say.

Thanks all! 🍻
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