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There's two main reasons you're seeing SEX WORK equated with 'human trafficking'.

Come with me...this is more than one tweet's worth of thoughts and lessons here.
The first and primary reason are anti-sex worker activists, also called prohibitionists.

They used to claim they spoke for sex workers because ...well we didn't have a public platform to speak from BEFORE social media. And in claiming to speak for us (they never did) they lied.
So then sex workers...being able to speak for ourselves, called out the lies. We demanded they STOP claiming they spoke for us in any capacity.

Prohibitionists then claimed that we (SEX WORKERS) didn't represent the 'real' sex workers...that we had 'privilege'
NOW that some of us do have more privilege is often the result of whorephobia, whorearchy, systematic racism and a whole lot of other factors...but it IS true that some of us do indeed have more privilege than others. Of course.

But even survival sex workers are here.
So then they'd demand info on what is criminal acts in various countries which of course they're not getting so they scream FAAAAKE or whatever. Anything to discredit and again claim our voices.

Talking over ACTUAL SEX WORKERS like me.


Oh. The money of course.
Yes, being a prohibitionist is their livelihood in many instances, which makes them really no better than a pimp...but I digress. They're doing it for profit.
NOW when the people you claim you're trying to 'save' are telling everyone that you're not only NOT HELPING US but are actively doing things that are getting sex workers KILLED...well their audience and people who give them money 'to help' didn't like that.

No siree bob.
So they swapped it into HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Now let's be clear. I am a sex worker. I have been a sex worker as my primary source of income (My only job, my only income) for over 15 years of my life.

So, I am what you would call 'an expert'.

Sex work is like being a chef.
Some chefs are high end. Some make burgers. We're all chefs tho.

But we don't do it all. I've never been a stripper for instance. Am I an expert on stripping? No. No I am not. But being in the industry I know a lot about it, but I wouldn't speak for them. I know many SWers
And I can tell you how rare trafficking is; most of us have never seen it. Those of us who have, have acted.


I mean...duh. Right?
But prohibitionists switched to 'human trafficking' because it IS so rare that they now had a group that they could once again claim to speak for. And they just equate sex work with trafficking and continually use their media platforms to promote it and get celebs on board.
Because who doesn't care about CHILDREN BEING RAPED. I care. I hope to whatever god you believe in that *you* would care. And so they've pushed the change to where muggles equate sex work with human trafficking and even use the latter term to describe the former.

Win for them.
So're thinking...but what about the cops then.

Well my dear sweet child of summer, police depts require funding and they have to JUSTIFY their funds. You have to spend your budget or it gets cut. And people want to see that happening!

Except Backpage happened.
Now look here's where I'm going to probably piss off some sex workers.

I DO NOT SPEAK FOR THEM. I speak only for we're real clear.

I completely understand why the average muggle does not want sex work outside their front door on in the street.

Many of our reasons are different...but the one we agree on dear muggles of that it's unsafe.

Backpage took many sex workers off the street. It allowed them to advert safely and screen clients.

It was super win-win-win.

And so did prosecutors. THEY DID! Many even said so as the fuckshit with backpage was going down.

Why? It made people safer and therefore less violent crime. Fewer dead sex workers makes homicide happy, they're the only ones happy to do less work.
It also made it MUCH EASIER for them to catch people actually being forced into sex work...which is called rape and slavery btw.

And you know what else? Liberals were starting to say 'Well...why not just decriminalize it'

Ruh ro raggy.
And vice depts were getting cut.

Vice cops looooove working vice and you should research why that is. It's pretty terrible but ...another digression.

Sooo, the prohibitions started literally paying the police to persecute us.

Sooo, the prohibitions started literally paying the police to persecute us.
Here's one link ripped from google because I know some of you muggles are going 'they...did...what?'…

Now I want you to think about every movie you've ever seen with cops harassing hookers. Are the cops noble? Are they portrayed as caring, or even bright?

That's the perception of vice cops ~ but saving people from HUMAN TRAFFICKING, well that's goddamned noble eh?
And they care about that perception. They care oh so very much for it, except for you know fixing the actual problems that cause people to view the police so poorly BUT ONCE AGAIN I DIGRESS.

Calling sex work human trafficking gets them positive attention and overtime and money.
I could say more but ...I've already used too many words. Oh so many words if you're still here huzzah.

Now that you have an idea, next time you see HUMAN TRAFFICKING look closer and look for what it really is. And speak up.

We're literally dying out here.
PS: All sex workers without exception that I have ever known (and it's a high number) hate pimps. HAAAAATE.

You know what actually solves that problem and would be a huge blow to actual trafficking?

Decriminalizing sex work.
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