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1) It hasn't even been a week, and the Dems are already humiliating themselves in going after Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's extremely well qualified Supreme Court nominee #BrettKavanaughScandals
2) I get it. The left is afraid that such a strong constitutionalist is replacing Anthony Kennedy. They should be afraid, very afraid.…
3) They have no path to stop him thanks to Harry Reid blowing up the fillibuster, and moderate GOP Sens Collins, Murkowski, and McCain all praising Kavanaugh. He will be confirmed…
4) So, all they have left is to smear and slander Judge Kavanaugh as Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden did in 1987 to Judge Robert Bork
5) Problem is, to paraphrase @realDonaldTrump, they're not sending their best. Ol' Cryin Chuck is accusing Kavanaugh of taking away health care for children - are these the same kids that were all killed when Net Neutrality was repealed?
6) 'Actress' (and that is a stretch) @DebraMessing again repeats the canard that Kavanaugh would "Let Trump off the hook." This is echoed among her equally low IQ Democrats
7) Messing's claim was debunked by noted conservative media outlet/Trump propaganda organ Washington Post (😎), which makes this her second biggest fail since "Will and Grace" was defeated by "Rosanne" in the ratings (It wasn't even close)…
8) And then the Washington Post brought this out: Brett Kavanaugh had credit card debt and then paid it off a year later - just like 99% of America…
9) No @CillizzaCNN, you should call your psychiatrist for putting out the most ratioed tweet of the month. I have an anonymous source that says Kavanaugh's loans were approved by Anthony Kennedy's son in Al Capone's Vault #BrettKavanaughScandals
11) As shocking as it may seem, this is just the beginning of the Democrats' failed attempt to smear Brett Kavanaugh. Apparently he shouldn't be a Supreme Court Justice because he's named "Brett." I'm not kidding
12) Although no one is surprised that Stephen Colbert is not funny, at least he was trying to make a joke. These folks seriously attacked Kavanaugh for his first name
13) And this was after the @womensmarch took a day off from defending Palestinian terrorists and cop killers to smear Kavanaugh... while forgetting to even mention his name
14) Another Democrat group didn't even know what Kavanaugh looks like, instead using a picture of 3rd Circuit Judge Thomas Hardiman. Have you ever heard of proofreading?
15) A bunch of Yale law school grads and students proved they are clearly deluded for criticizing Yale for commending Yale-grad Kavanaugh
16) Although in my opinion, the cake is topped by @HuffPost for saying Kavanaugh being a father to two adorable daughters makes him "anti-woman." Do these people realize how insane they sound?…
17) So this is all they have on Brett Kavanaugh. Womp Womp. Let's take a stroll through the rogue Gallery of Democrat Justices. We have Roger Taney, who wrote an opinion declaring blacks were not human
18) Here's FDR appointee Hugo Black, who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan and spent his career fighting anti-Lynching bills
19) Ah, here's FDR appointee James Byrnes. While running for Governor of South Carolina he made this statement: "Whatever is necessary to continue the separation of the races in the schools of South Carolina is going to be done by the white people of the state. That is my ticket"
20) FDR appointee William O. Douglas, apart from having the legal comprehension skills of a gopher, was a serial adulterer who openly flaunted his many mistresses in the Supreme Court Building
21) FDR appointees (I'm sensing a pattern here with FDR) Felix Frankfurter and Stanley Reed served as character witnesses for convicted communist spy Alger Hiss - remember, the Democrats were for Russian aggression before they were against it
22) Lyndon Johnson appointee Abe Fortas was forced to resign in disgrace after knowledge of improper payments to him by business interests and individuals that had cases before the court came to light
23) Obama nominee Sonia Sotomayor wrote that she was only a lawyer because of affirmative action. Not in the same league as the others, but still... really embarrassing for your race to be the sole reason you succeeded. Privileged much?
24) in the face of subpar, corrupt, communist, and Klan belonging Surpeme Court Judges, Brett Kavanaugh is disqualified because he likes baseball. He was found literally feeding the homeless in a charity soup kitchen 48 hours after being nominated…
25) Brett Kavanaugh is a good man. You can tell by his body language that he loves his family
26) Even when talking to Trump, he stays with his daughters, hands wrapped around them in a fatherly way. You can tell his priorities. Family first - a long way from Justice Douglas' adultery
27) Ignore the fake #BrettKavanaughScandals. The Democrats know they have nothing. @realDonaldTrump has brought back the Four Horsemen, and together they will give us back our Constitution. #MAGA #Winning #BrettKavanaughforSCOTUS
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