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Reading and tweeting HMG's White Paper.…
Starting with the conclusions (always the best bit)
1 Principled and practical are TM's new adjectves for #Brexit, which sounds conciliatory and is the sort of thing the EU do want to hear.
a Frictionless trade at the border (specific border not stated)
b UK out CAP & Fisheries, but in on crime & terror & shared prosperity fund
c No hard Border between NI & I, but protect the Union
d End of CJEU in UK, return "accountability" to the various elected assemblies
e Independent foreign policy "alongside the EU"
3 Good words about delivery
4 UK will actually negotiate with the EU "at pace"
5 Withdrawal Agreement and Future Framework are a package and neither is agreed until both are agreed (this may surprise the EU)
6 October deadline for EU & UK Parliamentary sign off
7 Withdrawal agreement to bind both sides to legal sign off of both dcouments after withdrawal. This bit is a little hokey and has more than a hint of the scent "Eau d'Albion Perfide" coming off it.

Post and onto the sections
Going on the first section (NB never read the exec summary until the end, always read the conclusions first, then the meat of it, and only then Exec Summary, because all that tells you is what they want you to think.
1 Economic Partnership
1.1.1 UK is leaving EU (snore)
1.1.2 Except where it isn't
1.1.3 FTA for goods only
1.1.4 And services and digital
1.1.5 varying levels of access for each (will NOT fly)
1.1.6 UK will accept quid quo pro for this (presumably means they'll pay)
a Common rule book for goods & UK participates in agencies
b Services & investment - special rules here, particularly for investment
c End of free movement
d except for students and business and be free to offer that to anyone else the UK fancies (pensioners in Marbella?)
e Special rules on digital trade
f Competetion and State Aid rules in common
g Co-operation on civil law energy and transport
h Trade freedoms for deals, sanctions and WTO membership for the UK
1.1.8 Special rules for all those islands; won't go well for tax havens.
1.2 Goods
9 Trade deficit rubbish
10 Goods are not services, apparently
11 FTA, but legislated for on UK side by UK parliament
12 Phased (read long and slow) intoduction of reciprocal tarriff collection arrangement - UK's credit here is very low, after numerous violations.
1.2 12
b No tariffs between UK & EU
c Common rules for manufacturing
d Common rules for agriculture
e Enforcement of rules by UK & EU in cooperation
1.2.1 13 UK Leaving the customs union but staying in a customs union without the obligations of a customs union 🎂
14 UK Tariffs would only apply to stuff consumed in the UK, EU tariffs to stuff coming into the UK but going to the EU.
15 This should make the EU happy because the UK would collect its customs for it, apparently
a When we know where its from, we charge the apt tarriff
b When we don't we charge the higher tariff
17 How to do it
a mechanisms that will be agreed
b New trusted trader scheme
c repayments on appeal, lots of audit and risk management (Oh Joy!)
d UK to follow EU customs code
e Except if it doesn't want to
18 Common rules for cross border VAT & Excise
19 And it's all going to be done in a terribly modern way
20 and even more tremendously modern with third countries (so there) Tracks of a Blockchain enthusiast here.
21 We're going to do his all very, very slowly
22 Definitely no border checks
23 No rules of origin, so EU bits of UK goods are UK bits, and UK bits of EU goods are EU bits (China won't like this, neither will the EU)
24 We want to keep cross border Just in Time chains, please🍰
25 Waffle (presumably for slow MPs)
26 UK wants a place on the manufacturing rules committees in the EU🎂
27 More about that (BSO)
28 One test only for any goods (so UK stuff doesn't have to be tested again)
29 Mutual recognition of standards, ie pharma & cars (shout to IE & DE)
30 UK wants access to EU safety agencies & their data, and will pay, but not vote.🥦
31 wants all UK goods previously authorised in the EU to keep that authorisation🍰
32 Waffle on trade for MPs
33 Devolved assemblies will be in charge of agriculture (giving NI's status to all)
34 More education for MPs
35 No need for Border checks on agricultural goods🍰🍰
36 No need to check food for compliance either 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰
37 EU Precedents (which the EU have been trying very hard to leave behind)
38 Basics on Geographical Indicators for MPs
39 UK will run its very own Geographical Indicator scheme
40 UK will do its own agricultural and fisheries scheme
41 Uk can do what it likes on agri standards that don't cross borders (Massive hidden 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰 here. think of fodder)
42 NI can continue to make all Ireland deals with Ireland as it wishes
43 Waffle; slighly sinister to set up...
44 The UK can impose border checks anytime it likes 🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂!!!!!
45 can we please please please have access to the EU databases on this?🎂
46 And communication sytems too?
47 More waffle for MPs. seriously, the EU know this stuff, who else can it be for?
48 UK want regulatory flexibility and low levels of access to EU (how does this work in NI?)
49 Except
a that any new barrier wd have to be agreed upfront🎂
b mutual professional recognition
49 Except (cont)
c Additional goodies for prof & business services🍰
d Special arrangements for our friends in the City 🎂
50 Technical stuff about the WTO written in a large, friendly font
51 This is where cakeism is pushed out the WTO
52 UK want the absolute best WTO type deal
53 Basics on professional recognition (can a UK plumber mend Miss O'Reilly's pipes?)
54 UK thinks the Eu want this too
55 On this occasion the UK would like the precedents not to apply :). It basically wants full recognition for UK profrssions across the EU.
56 & 57 On Professional business services the UK wants much the same as being in the EU gives it, but assures the EU that it would be different
58 & 59 The UK is really, really important to the EU's financial stability (I'm far from sure this argument is convincing)
60 to 63 In which HMG proposes a regime that replicates the EU financial services regime almost point by point, includes co-operation on rule making, but doesn't accept EU supervision. Curiously doesn't mention the Money Laundering regs or ask for access to THOSE databases. 🙈🍰
64 Having said the financial markets are integrated now they say supervision should depend on each market itself.🎂
65 But we're very integrated 🙈
66 UK want "equivalence" regime for financial services🎂
67 Equivalence will be decided by each side on their own but there will be agreement on principles supervisory cooperation and processes. Not quite sure how this would work, but I don't like it very much. There's a feckin' cake in here somewhere... aha! see 68 & 69
68 The UK and Eu would agree not diverge. This is like giving the UK 27 votes in the EU Council in financial services. Very, very unlikely to happen. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
69 Explains how the UK would have a very strong say in EU financial services to underwrite those 27 equivalent votes they want in the EU Council. This is major cake!🎂🎂🎂
70 & 71 has more of the same, as well as a clause which would let the UK drop it all quickly.🎂
72 Freedom of movement both ways until 2020
73 The new Immigration Bill will cover immigration to the UK after 2020
74 That law will cover all parts of the UK (NI will be included - how will that work for Irish citizens there?)🍀
75 We need people to come and work here or our services will fall over
76 Very aspirational; students and businesspeople will be able to move around, and pensioners will still be able to live in the UK or EU with pensions and healthcare
77 UK and Ireland's common travel area to remain (but to be under UK legislation - interesting - not treaty) 🍀
78 Non-discrimination between EU MSs
79 to 81 No visa restrictions on business movement
82 & 83 No visas for tourists, either
So no visas at all, really, unless the purpose of your trip is terrorism or crime.
84 The UK wants to be able to keep the European health Card, too🎂
More tomorrow night
I'd have to correct my impression above - no visas unless you want to live somewhere. So if you want to move to the UK without a job, as a pensioner, you would need a visa.
85 & 86 Keeping the Erasmus student exchange and offering a "youth mobility scheme" - this is one of those British ideas that will almost certainly worm its way into the European process, and which Britain will decry in a generation.
87 Streamlining entrance and exit. Tourists and business travellers shouldn't face questions about the purpose of their visit; really? How is one to know that they are tourists or business travellers, then? Interesting that students aren't covered by this HO hates students.
88 Points out that lots of people cross the border at Gibraltar. Why, so they do.
89 This is an attempt to describe the EU Pensions regime (so you can getthe Social and live by the beach in Marbella) and a request to duplicate in full, with health benefits.
90 Request for onward movement rights for British citizens; not a big problem now once they're inside Schengen, but could be a problem later. If a Brit lives in Luxembourg, they'd need them just to go to IKEA.
91 A restatement of the need for recognition of UK prof qualifications
92 Digital - what it is (again for those British MPs who live under rocks)
93 Wants agreement to cover; e-commerce, telecoms and digital infrastructure, digital tech, broadcasting. UK doesn't say what it wants, though, except to be outside the SM and for it to be "ambitious".
94 UK wants to still to be part of the EU's personal data regime🎂
95 Disruption to data flows would be costly. This is a threat, the UK have leverage here. Have a look at a map of undersea cabling; they hold the key to transatlantic data flows.
96 Doubles down on the cabling leverage & somewhat sinisterly proposes internet identification across borders. We see TM's instincts on data from her time in the HO here, and which border on the totalitarian where intelligence is concerned. This will be a thorny one for the EU.🧐
97 Ladybird book on telecoms.
98 Appears to be a desription of a Single Market in telecoms, which the British would like to have, plus continued access to the EU's databases on cyber security 🎂🎂🎂
99 & 100 Straight request for 🎂 in AI development and AI ethics work with the EU.
101 & 102 Broadcasting; argues that British broadcasting is really great and people in the EU will miss it. Tries to use the Good Friday Agreement to argue that they will protect Irish & Gaeilge broadcasts in NI. Taking the mickey a bit here; they'd find it hard to stop.🍀
103 & 104 States that the European audivisual works and content rules are a separate agreement from the general EU rules and won't be affected by #Brexit Says the EU have confirmed this in the Notice to Stakeholders.
105 to 107 Competition; says the UK is prepared to go a good way past FTA rules here, as well they might since competition is now an international problem.
108 Uk is prepared to be a rule taker on competition, not to regress on environment, social employment protection. It gives vague assurances on consumer protection and global warming. 🧐
109 & 110 State Aid; The UK is happy to continue giving really low levels of state aid to business (no more a problem for Tories than it is for Fine Gael) and will enforce this itself on its regional authorities, including NI.
111 Common rules but won't apply them to agriculture
112 UK would be able to set its own tax rates, as it does now, except it's limited on VAT. VAT isn't mentioned here; funny that. 🧐🐘🐘🐘
113 to 116 More assertions on Competition, saying that they would bring EU competition law into national law and actually work with DG14.
117 Environment. UK would create its own body to regulate the envrionment, which would manage the regional governments, which implies that they would do the day to day stuff.
118 TM wants the EU to commit to non-regression on the environment!!!🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂. Cheeky as Hell.
119 & 120 Global Warming. The UK is a leader in this field. Who knew? Vague assurances here.
122 & 123 Social & employment protection. The UK want the EU not to regress here, and to commit to that!!! 1 nation wants 27 to give it a committment. Where would that go to law? EUCJ!
124 to 126 Consumer Protection. Apparently the UK are world leaders. Well I never. No committments offered, but they would like to access the EU's databases please. 🎂🎂🎂
127 & 128 The UK want specific 🎂🎂🎂on;
Aviation, road, rail and maritime transport, energy in Ireland 🍀 (What about the GB/France interconnectors, then?) Atomic energy, audit & accountancy, civil law, intellectual property, two pints of lager and a packet of crisps please.
129 Aviation for Dummies
130 Please don't force us to break up our airlines with ownership rules 🍰
131 Please let us continue to make wings and such for Airbus 🍰
132 We promise not to make a mess of air traffic control. This is a bt of a threat as the UK has a lot of overflights🐅, but not really, as it would annoy the rest of the world too much🐱
133 Most of our international haulage is run by outsiders, so you have to be nice about this 🐅
134 Will make it easy for Irish cross UK travel (no permits required)☘️🐅
This threat can be obviated (is being) by new ferry routes from Ireland.
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